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tv   WESH 2 News Sunrise  NBC  March 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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you are going to take i-95 southbound to state road 404, 404 two u.s. one southbound, and u.s. one southbound to oak alley boulevard. that is your way around. amy: we will have sunshine as we get through sunrise. look what happens as we had through the day. s by noon, we keep climbing. some hit 80 degrees today. 51 daytona beach and 43 ocala. it is cool this morning but it is warmer than yesterday. some of us warmer than we were 24 hours ago. lower 80' inland areas the coast. few minutes.
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suicide bombers have been identified as belgian brothers. >> three have been named. claudio lavonia is live in brussels with the information. >> the major break in the investigation looking into the terror attacks that shook russell to the core yesterday, here behind me in the airport and the metro station downtown, the investigation has identified two people that were seen pushing a trolley on which they put what they believed was luggage containing explosive devices. those two men that detonated those devices, killing at least 10 people in the airport behind me. the authorities believe these
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they were known to the authorities in the past for their criminal record. one was sentenced to prison in 2010 for having shot a police officer during an attempted robbery. his brother was sentenced to five years in prison for having attempted a carjacking with an assault rifle. they were not linked to terrorism until march 15 when the police raided an apartment north of brussels where it was believed they could find traces linked to the paris attacks in november. when they raided that apartment, they were met with gunfire. some police were wounded. the brothers escaped and they found their fingerprints and the
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salon -- salah ab delslam. they walked into the airport, pushing those devices, not even concealing their identities, and then detonated the explosives, killing many people. the third man in that picture, they believe that is -- he is still on the run. brett: amy: the department of homeland security said there is no known plot against the u.s. airports around the nation and in central florida are taking aggressive precautions. jazmin walker with what you can expect. jazmin: moore police. that is the biggest change travelers are going to see as they make their way through oia. our cruises is
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units. despite the increased security, it does not look like there were especially long lines. homeland security says there is no known plot against the u.s. that officials are reviewing whether additional screening may be necessary for travelers coming from belgium. along with the increased security at oia, officials are asking if you see something, say something. brett: we saw a heavy police presence in sanford when a flight from belgium landed. armed officers escorted passengers off that plane and him sniffing dogs were brought in. passengers were in the dark about the attack in the entire flight over. >> my family told me what happened. >> when i finally got to talk to
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" >> the flight left brussels just moments before the attack. the today show will have continuing coverage. a team of reporters will be live in brussels along with matt lauer. we will have eyewitness accounts on wesh 2 starting at 7:00. the search is on for a shooting suspect in maitland. >> a helicopter spent the night circling an area off of maitland boulevard. the shooting happened at a hotel and the victim ended up down the road at a gas station. what can you tell us? alex: police say the victim told them that he was sitting in his car in the parking lot of the extended-stay you see across from us across maitland boulevard. he said he was sitting there in his car when he was shot and he
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police say he was uncooperative, so their information is limited. they described the suspect as a 30-year-old man believed to of run from the scene. 10:30 last night. somebody else drove the victim to a nearby 7-eleven for help. he was rushed into surgery with a total of three gunshot wounds to his torso and legs. >> it was possibly a known suspect that shot him while he was sitting in his car. we have other conflicting statements saying other people were there. we don' t know the circumstances surrounding why he was shot or the suspect he possibly knows. alex: the most unusual thing about this shooting is where it happened. maitland is not a place where
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crime and this extended-stay is actually just down the road from the maitland and. this investigation will continue to follow and police are asking if you know anything about what happened, contact the maitland police department. new results overnight primaries. all of the candidates picked up another win. in arizona, voters favored hillary clinton. on the republican side, donald trump. in idaho, bernie sanders won by a landslide. republicans voted they' re just a couple of weeks ago. in utah, sanders dominated clinton. for republicans, an easy win for ted cruz. john kasich is the only candidate who did not win a contest. a twitter feud between the two
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this time, the candidates wives were dragged in. trump says "ted cruz just used a picture from a gq shoot in his ad. be careful or i will spill the beans on your wife." cruz responded the picture was not from his camp. "you are more than a coward than i thought." it is not known what dean' s trump was threatening to spill about cruise -- cruz' s w ife. >> barack obama will hold a press conference. the president plans to visit the metro cathedral in when osiris before a state dinner -- of windows aris -- buenos aires
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jason: that suspect walking out of the store on state road 100 in palm coast yesterday morning carrying a duffel bag. authorities say 41 phones. he had the typical outfit that a target employee wears and was able to get someone to give him the keys to his where the phones were being stored. investigators have identified him as 26-year-old jamaal brown but he has not been caught. in flagler county, deputies have arrested a man who was shot over a tax refund. this 19-year-old in jail over a $6,000 bond he owed a $28 tax refund to his girlfriend. >> a man with local ties who killed two sheriff deputies in maryland may have been plotting to hurt his ex-wife and family.
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died in that shootout last month at a panera restaurant. evans was stalking his ex-wife on the internet and set up a fake social media account to monitor family members. evans was wanted on a series of traffic violations. brett: a major accident on i-95 causing some problems this morning. ted: still closed on i-95 southbound in brevard county at mile marker 187. state road 404. we know this accident was involving a frito-lay cargo truck. also a budweiser truck as well. while southbound remains blocked , if hp is putting traffic onto because way extension. take 404 eastbound until you get to u.s. one. take that south 20 gallie boulevard and that is going to
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we do have a chopper flying east right now to get to the accident scene. we will have more info. amy: it is 10 after six and we are going to see lots of sunshine to start the day. a little cloud cover today compared to the last few days but not a lot. our temperatures are much warmer today. closer to normal, and 80 in many of our inland areas, so one normal day and we get back to warmer than average tomorrow. 43 ocala, 52 orlando, and 57 in melbourne. we have got a warm start compared to yesterday, closer to where we are supposed to be. we will be at 61 at noon and most of our inland
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minutes. aimed at prescription pills. michelle: the warning you soon see on certain painkillers. brett: daytona police are launching a new strategy to
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this morning. beer and chips are scattered all over that interstate. a frito-lay truck and a budweiser truck involved in an accident. it has already been an issue for three hours. the troopers have not said when that road might be open. >> three bombers who carried out s attack in brussels have been identified. the suicide bombers were brothers and the other man is still on the run. all three have ties to the expected paris bomber arrested last week.
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overnight shooting. in nearby 7-eleven for help. he told police he think he knows he shot him. daytona beach police are calling on the public to help solve a murder mystery. >> jazmin walker is here with the new effort. jazmin: a new billboard with this woman' s picture is going to go up in daytona beach. she was killed in april of last week -- last year . crime stoppers have partnered to sponsor. it goes up at the section of congress and which road -- ridgewood avenue. her body was found along kingston avenue. she was wearing only a pink sweater. she died from trauma. her family says she struggled with drug addiction and since
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nearly a year has passed since her death. police are looking for answers. police chief mike chitwood will unveil the build -- billboard at 11:30 this morning. michelle: deputies are recommending a misdemeanor woman accidentally shot by her four-year-old son. jamie gilt advocating for guns, still advocating her injury. -- recovering for her injury. the prosecutor will decide whether to file that charge or seek a new one. the gun was underneath the seat of guilt' s truck but slid to the back. brett: prescription painkillers will carry the fda' s strongest warning label.
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warnings about abuse, addiction, overdose, and even death. the drugs should only be used when other medications and therapies do not work. michelle: a powerful new pill in the st. petersburg area is packing a deadly punch. nine people have died from taking the super pill. it is xanax mixed with the painkiller fentanyl. the pill is selling for five dollars. >> it is 80-100 times as strong as morphine and 40-50 times as strong as heroine. michelle: the sheriff is worried about spring breakers buying the pills before realizing what is in them. brett: biologists think they know what is causing that huge fish kill we have been telling you about all week. and algae called brown tide is
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biologists have yet to scientifically confirmed that. they say if brown tide is the culprit, they are powerless to stop it. michelle: a big mess is happening on i-95, this has been happening for a few hours this morning. brett: what you can expect. ted: we still have 95 southbound closed off. the accident happened one mile south of state road 404. s hp is forcing traffic off at 404 and you can take that east two u.s. one southbound to ocala boulevard west bound to get back to i-95. this accident involving a truck. they are still working on cleaning up the mess.
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amy: most kids are on spring few that are headed to the bus stop. sunrise happens in an hour and start today. it is warmer this morning compared to yesterday. there is still a chill in the air, but it is 10-15 degrees warmer in some spots compared to where we work 24 hours ago. we have dropped to 46 in palm coast. daytona beach is at 51. in melbourne, 57. this high-pressure continues to the southeast, so that means we will have warm air coming in and more moisture. we won' t have that crystal clear blue sky that we have seen in the last few days. it won' t be a lot of cloud cover. just a little bit. we are going to have plenty of sun for today.
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hitting 80 in a lot of our inland areas. 81 today in webster. we will hit 80 in saint cloud and kissimmee. 79 in longwood, oviedo, and bithlo. with that southeast breeze coming off the ocean, 77 merritt island and 76 today in cocoa beach. if you are headed to the beach, most of our clouds will be inland. the beaches should say mostly sunny. there is a moderate risk for recurrence. that starts to increase yesterday. keep in mind, the reps are strongest as the tide goes out. the rips are strongest at the tide goes out. we will have clouds and a couple of showers. i don' t expect very much rain on thursday but late in the day
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isolated showers or storms farther south. on friday, we start to see more rain off to the north, close to this front that will be making its approach. that is going to bring in scattered showers and storms for friday and that continues into saturday and sunday as that front stalls out. it me enders back-and-forth. it won' t rain all day every day, but there will be sometimes where we have rain for a while. brett: a third brush with terror. michelle: the american teenager
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for 99 cents today. america runs on dunkin'. >> symbols of solidarity after the terror attacks in brussels. look at a few of the landmarks in the colors of the belgian flag. brett: the eiffel tower and the orlando eye work in black, yellow, and red. an american survivor is recovering after experiencing his third terror attack in three years. michelle: the teenager
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boston and paris and he was among the mormon missionaries hurt yesterday during the airport coming. he had surgery to repair damage to his foot. >> he was very close to the bomb. it is a miracle he made it through as easily as he did with lower leg injuries and some shrapnel burns. michelle: another man had similar injuries. a third missionary is in a medically induced,. -- medically induced coma. michelle: david the tray is called his affair dishonorable. joe kelly says in one of them, he admits he resigned from the caa so he could not be blackmailed.
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brett: before you watch this, understand this girl is ok. this is from china. a van running over a teenage girl and then you can see these high standards start to rush in here to help pull her out from underneath that van. michelle: the entire rescue took 48 seconds. a doctor at a local hospital says she has broken bones but no serious injuries. 6:27 right now. investigators released the names of the brussels terrorists. also this morning, a major traffic mess of the ear and chips on i-95. you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing...
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announcer: local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. michelle: overnight, brussels terrorists aspects identified. the new details on how the group carried out the attacks in the urgent u.s. warning against traveling to europe.
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brett: speaking against hate. the message from local muslim leaders in response to the attacks. michelle: chips and beer collide on i-95. two trucks in brevard county. brett: in -- great to have you with us. we are dealing with all morning long for people on the morning commute. ted: you can see the closure right now. this is on scene at i-95 southbound at mile marker 187. the crash is a mile south of the pioneer a extension. -- pianet da extension period the frito-lay truck was on its side and has been turned up right.
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in melbourne at mile marker 180 seven, traffic is getting off at 187 state road 404. highway patrol has people getting off and detouring onto state road 4042 u.s. one. u.s. 120 gallie boulevard, back to i-95. amy: more sunshine to start the day. we are an hour away from sunrise. it is dark and clear. as the sun gets going, it is going to bring our temperatures into the upper 70' s. back to normal for one day and tomorrow we just keep on cruising back into the mid-80' s. a couple of clouds this afternoon compared to the last few days. this morning, our temperatures are cooler but not as cold as yesterday. we have dropped to 43 in ocala
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that means, we are anywhere from three up to 12-14 degrees warmer than yesterday. 43 in ocala, 46 in palm coast and 55 in kissimmee. we will climb to 80 in most of our airplanes spots -- inland spots. we will be in the mid-upper 70' s thanks to that southeast breeze. michelle: breaking news on the brussels terror attacks. belgian media says two brothers were the suicide bombers. brett: data five them as khalid and rahim. the brothers here, you are looking at. this man right here they believe is still on the run. cnn reporting another arrest has been made what it is unclear if it is that third man on the run
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nikole killion is in washington following the developments. >> according to belgian media, two suspects have now been identified. brothers khalid and rahim are two of the suicide bombers who carried out the attack. a third is on the loose as isis carnage. more evidence as u.s. officials investigation. >> we will do whatever is necessary to support our friend and ally belgium in bringing to justice those responsible. >> president obama has ordered flags at half staff out of respect. brett: because of the bombings, the state department has issued a travel alert for all of europe . the agency is alerting u.s.
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wake of yesterday' s attack. terrorist groups plan to take dust make an attack on tourist events, and transportation. michelle: muslim leaders continue to stress that isis does not represent islam. jazmin walker is here in studio. central florida say these attacks are not what their plan to publicly condemn these. director the american muslim leadership council. the moment isis took responsibility for the attacks, he felt he had to do something to show that the local muslim american community stands in brussels. >> i want to send out our prayers to the people -- the
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brussels, turkey a few days ago. members of the community condemn such acts and islam does not condone such violence. >> he also says political candidates portraying muslim americans as the candidate -- as problems is harmful and hurtful. he will speak to the media contending -- condemning what -- heinous attacks on innocent people. michelle: coming up in just coverage of this story. matt lauer is live in belgium and a team of reporters across the globe are working to get updates at 7:00. the lookout for a shooting suspect. the victim was shot outside the extended stay on pembroke drive. he was able to drive to a nearby 7-eleven for help. alex villereal is live this morning.
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alex: police don' t have a whole lot to go on. the victim was uncooperative last night. even though he told them he thinks he knows who shot him and it happened here at the extended-stay across maitland boulevard in the parking lot where he says he was sitting in his car. the suspect has been identified as a 30-year-old man but the victim would not say much more than that. police say that makes this investigation daunting. police say someone else drove the victim nearby for help. he was rushed into surgery with three gunshot wounds. police say the shooter was believed to of run from the scene and they used a helicopter to find him by no luck. >> it was an argument over another acquaintance. he was pretty uncooperative. we get more insulation --
6:38 am
the location. maitland is not a place where we crimes. the road from the maitland police department and that is have any information on what happened. live in maitland. t know why a vacant home burned in brevard county. firefighters sent us this picture from hardluck road in melbourne. you see the flames shooting through the roof. a fire inspector was called to the scene once the fire was under control. brett: on the campaign trail, former presidential candidate jim washed has made an
6:39 am
"i am endorsing ted cruz for president. he has demonstrated the ability to appeal to voters and -- win primary contests." "we must overcome the divisiveness and full garrity donald trump has brought into the arena or we will lose our chance to reverse president obama' s failed policies." that came after last night' s primary votes out west. the leading candidates all celebrating wins this morning in the biggest race. hillary clinton swept two big victories. in the utah caucus, ted cruz and bernie sanders were the winners. sanders beat clinton in idaho but his wins only got him does the -- two more delegates. michelle: it didn' t take long
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basketball hope -- coach. ted: we have a mess on i-95 southbound. we are going to talk about what
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>> we have a breaking news situation on i-95 southbound. this is 95 southbound, just south of the extension. look at our live pictures. this involving a frito-lay transport truck. that truck had flipped over at one point. the driver was not injured. what they are dealing with is a mess on the roadway. you can see the cruiser getting the debris up from the roadway. if you drive on 95 southbound, use the alternate. get off at the pioneer causeway extension at state road 404. take state road 404 eastbound until you get to u.s. one southbound.
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boulevard and get yourself -- you will take that to a gallie boulevard and get yourself back to 95. amy: it is not as windy as the last couple of mornings and it is warmer than it was yesterday. 40' s and 50' s for most of us instead of 30' s and 40' s. we are at 43 in ocala, 51 in daytona beach. 52 in orlando and 57 in melbourne. lots of sun early today. our temperatures are going to climb faster today. by late morning, upper 60' s and we keep climbing past the mid-70' s which is what we did yesterday for highs. we are going to make it near 80 degrees. 78-81, but at the coast we will stay cooler. we will be in the mid-70' s in
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we will talk more about the rain for the upcoming weekend when i come back inside. brett: we have got some late breaking sports news. michelle: just a few weeks after firing its basketball coach, ucf has named a successor. many fans will recognize this name. jazmin: ucf has named former sanford basketball coach johnny dawkins. dawkins is now 52 years old. he was just released from his coaching job in sanford last week. dawkins was the cardinals head coach for eight seasons. he now steps in at ucf for the departed donnie jones. jones was let go by the nights after another disappointing season. he won 88 games with 100 losses.
6:46 am
s head coach -- seventh head coach. at stanford, dawkins led the cardinals to two championships and qualified for the ncaa tournament just once. michelle: covering brevard county, the international space station' s next delivery is on its way. look at the striking view of the atlas five rocket. the launch lit up the sky. as we told you yesterday, that rocket blasted off with a ucf experiment on board. scientists are trying to simulate an asteroid landing and its challenges. >> we are trying to understand what is it like on the surface of a very small asteroid, that the gravity is so weak it would take minutes for something to fall to the ground. michelle: asteroids are a gold
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we want to show you one of the great photos of you are shared a bus of the launch. -- and shared with us of the launch. you can share your pictures and maybe we will show them on the air. brett: a great viewing day yesterday. michelle: your top stories next. brett: the today show has continuous coverage of the terror attacks in belgium. >> i am at lower in brussels. a city that is still trying to come to terms with the terror attacks just one day ago. 31 people killed at the airport and the metro stop just down the road behind me. there were still people missing after those explosions and now there is a massive manhunt underway not only in brussels but all throughout europe for an accomplice who is said to of left the airport after those attacks.
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brett: in brevard county, a major crash has shut down the
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just south of the pie need a -- of the causeway extension. what we know is this accident was involving a frito-lay transport truck and also a budweiser truck. choppers are right where the accident is here on southbound. we do note that the interstate is completely blocked off. the accident was reported to be happening -- having injuries. the frito-lay truck has flipped over and was on its side for a while. going through that area, take the alternate off i-95 southbound and take state road 4042 u.s. one south. u.s. one south 20 gallie boulevard, back to 95. brett: no serious injuries but it resembles the aftermath of the super bowl party. >> it is a bizarre story.
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today. amy: more blue sky, more sunshine, and warmer temperatures. look where we are starting off. full moon in central florida. a: 02, the official full moon time. some of you saw the full moon along with the rocket launch, so that was a cool thing to view. once the sun starts shining in a half hour, we are going to climb. this is our normal day-to-day. we are going to be warmer despite the fact that we have power -- flowers -- showers and rain coming back in. 43 in ocala, 46 palm coast. . we are warmer this morning that we were yesterday morning.
6:53 am
mid-50' s is our average. we will get that southeast breeze things that ridge -- thanks to that ridge of high pressure. we will get a couple of clouds and temperatures around 80 degrees. a lot of our inland spots will. 80 in eustis and mount dora and 81 in arsenal. 81 in winter haven and 80 in kissimmee and saint cloud. 80 altamonte springs. 80 degrees in ocoee and notice coast the close -- coast, slightly cooler. remember, water temperatures are in the upper 60' s and lower 70' s. tomorrow, still some sunshine, a couple of clouds. we may get a few showers late in the day tomorrow. the best
6:54 am
but friday, that is one we will start to see some showers and storms moving in, especially to the north. depending on where this front ends up stalling out, it is going to mean showers and storms for saturday and sunday. it won' t be a complete and total washout but it will be several different rounds of rain and storms right through early next week. michelle: the today show takes over with live reports from brussels. brett: we want to give a recap of the overnight developments. belgian media are reporting a suspect has been arrested. no word if that was the surviving suicide bomber. the other two were identified as brothers. they had ties to the paris terror suspects arrested last week. the u.s. state department has issued a travel warning for all of europe and that expires in
6:55 am
michelle: jeb bush has endorsed ted cruz for president. he says qqq is the only president -- he says cruz is the only president that can handle foreign policy. brett: an overnight shooting. the victim was hit outside the hotel on pembroke drive and went to a nearby 7-eleven for help. michelle: daytona beach police will unveil a new billboard in order to solve a nearly-year-old merthyr. the build -- murder.
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every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. it's what makes a subaru,
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ted: you are looking at our chopper over i-95 just south of mile marker 187. major crashes shut the interstate down. traffic is being detoured onto the causeway extension. you are going to take that east two u.s. one southbound. take that to i-95 to get around
6:59 am
the crash happened involving a frito-lay truck and a budweiser truck. turnpike northbound , you can see that caution sign. turnpike northbound is blocked off completely. amy: it is warmer this morning compared to yesterday but we are still in the 40' s and 50' s. 58 in daytona beach, 53 in orlando and 43 in ocala. warmer than yesterday, a few more clouds, lots of morning sun. 78 in melbourne. tomorrow, we are in the mid-80' s with a slight chance of rain. michelle: the today show is next with matt lauer live in brussels. brett: local coverage continues when jazmin joins me on cw18. our version of march madness
7:00 am
jazmin: we are going to show you the two semifinal ma h ups. michelle: look for news updates inside the wesh two mobile app. >> thank you for choosing wesh 2 news. thanks for watching. good morning. breaking news. reports this morning the man in white seen at the brussels airport with those two suicide bombers has just been arrested. he's believed to be a bomb maker with ties to the paris massacre. his capture coming after a massive man hunt, including raids throughout the city. today, wednesday, march 23rd, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is a special edition of "today," terror in brussels, with matt lauer in brussels, belgium, and savannah guthrie,


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