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tv   Worldfocus  PBS  September 25, 2009 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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madeossible in part by the iran admits it's been secretly billing a second uranium enrichment plt. we'll ta you to germany where the economy's recoving but anxiety unemployment runs high on the ev of nationa electionses from kenya, the consequenc of a severe drought. from east jerulem a celebratn of children and dance, their footwork taking these youngsters althe way to washgton. om the world's leading reporters and analystshere's what's hpening from around the world. this is "worldfocus."
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major support has been provided by roslyn p. walter anthe peter g. person foundation, dedicated to promoting fisca responsibility a addressing key economic challges facing america'future. additional funding is provided by the following supports -- hello and goodvening. i'm dait dhaliwal. just s ds before iran the united states and the world's her leading powers hold lks on in's nclear program a potential shdown over the ise emerged today. at the g-20 summit i pittsburgh, president obma, primminister grdon brown of eat britain, and the french present, nicolas sarkozy, disclosed that iran is building a new ur raanium enrichment
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facility. they warned iran to ce clean abouthe secret plant or face harsher xct2sanctions. theacilities near qom, 100 miles southwes of hran. is afternoon iranian president mahmoud ahmadined held a news conference of his own. he said that the new facity willot be operatnal for 18 mohs, and he insisted iranas complied wh uted nations disclosure rules. today's extrrdinary events o iran are o lead focu tonigh in remarks that were bri and to the point, presidentbama with french presidt nicola sarkozy and british prime minister gordon bro at h side address the revelation. the president said that t iranianacility seemed clearly designed for mility se, a violation of secury council resolutions, calling on iran to enthe enrichment of the uranium for military purposes.
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ofy underscores iran's continuing unwillingness to meet obligations under u.n.ecurity council solutions and iaea requirements. >> today on iranan state televion, iran publicly acknowledged the existee of the facity. e plant is built near the ly cityome 160 kilometers south of tehran. earlier in the week iran privately informe the international atomic energy agency ofhe pla's existence but saidit was not operational and only be use for nuclear energy. esident obama was skeptil. >> the iternational community knows that this is not the first me that iran s concealed infoation about its nucle program. iran had a right to peaceful nuclear powerthat mes the energy needs of its people. butthe size andconfiguration theacility is inconsistent with a peacel proam. >> later, iranianresident
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mahmouahmadinejad responded -- >> tnslator: iran's actvities are cpletely within the framework of iaea rules. i waquite surpred. whate did was complely legal. we inrmed the agency, agency ll come and take a loo is nothing. >> reporter: this latt news rais the stakes the talks scheduled for next week between the united tates, several major powers an ira at those talk the memrs of the security council an germany hope to convice iran to abdon s nuclear ambitions, once and for all. if it doe not, british prime minister gdon brown said that the world wld have no choice but to furnish iran with tougher sanctions. confronted by the serial deceptn of many years,he internatiol community has no choice today bu to draw a line in the sand. and we a prepare implement
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further, andore stringent, sations so. >> the lelihood of harsh sanctions took atep forward en predent medvedev suggested he would sport them. he reiteratethose remarks to a grp of studes yesterday in pittsbur. ssia's coopation is considered eential given its ading relationship with iran. we want to tak a cser ok at this latest revlatn abt iran's nuclear ambitions and the response by the united stat and its jor european allies. and to d that we are joined from washington by a senior adviser at the center for strategiand international studies and also arofessor at penn state unersity. what is the possible military significance of th newly discoved uraniu enrichment plan in iran? >> well, the scopend theide of it, 3,000 senty f tenter fuj
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esn't make it for power genetion. therefore become suspious this may haveilitary implations. >> how dyou this the disclosure isoing to affect next week'stalks about trng to cuiran's nuclear ambions. >> it will make aus a lotore aggressive, demding a mch more serious checking ou of the new operation because up now, we've been takg baby steps moving forwd. but in fac what's happening w is this vlation is basically pour water on the whole relaonship. >> how do you envision the talks panning out, y know, when these tw nations come face-to-face at the table? >> right. i think i strengens our had. ey've been caught with the hand in the cookie jar and they've people saying ty have e right to do ts, they have the right to do that and now they've been doing thgs that, yo know, und the tble. and so they have to comeclean and sort of strengthens ithink
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e five plu one's hand. >>n terms of the infoation, how does- does it mak it easier now for nations like china and russia to join the united states and s allies in supporting the idea of a much harsher sanctions regi again an if indeed it comes to that? >> it does. it gives them some cover to be a little bit harsh. you already saw that wi medvedev, withhe russians saying thesay ing ey would be more aminable in looking athis mightdpr be a possibility of sanctions wh regard to petroleum, for example. >> the united states gornment has appartly known about this builng, this enrichment pln, for quite some time. why do youthink we are only heing about it now? >> a coup aspect of it. one they run u toit b we've got a suation where we're
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goin for anctober meeting and the g-20 are there altogethe by making this on and parent rit now, we get a lot more ng for our buck. >> all rht. thank you. >> a pleasure. and all of this brings us night's question -- does this n revelation out iran demonstrate that the unite states and its allies ed to take an even tgher line towd iran? tell us at you thinky ining the conversation at the ho you see it second o our website u.s. military oficials said day five more american trps have been lled in southern afghanistan. all of them died yesterday, three whenheir vehicle hit a bomb, two ot and killed parate insurgent attacks. the united states wll have 68,000 troops in afghanistan by year's end. the amican commander, gener stanley mcchrystal, is expecte to ask for 40,00 more.
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alaeda leade bin laden, issu a new warning about afghistan. in an audiota posted today on ismic websits, bin laden warns that al qaa could retaliatagainst europe forits alliance with the ited states in afghanist. he say european countries should pull out of their coalition th the united states. the world's leade meeting in pitburgh announce they'd would permanently expand their oversit of the global economy to a mch bigger grp from eight nationsto 20, incling major emerging economies su as india, china, a bral. the group of0 will serve as the boarof dirtors on t globalconomy. supporters of e larger grou say the world has changed and
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that theemerging countries deserve a seat at table to dete not only economic issubut as climatehange. gmany's chancellor angela merk was in pittsburgh today, but she's clearly looking beyond the summit to the sund's elections in germany, where onomic concerns have dominated the debate. the cntry tes the mmbers of s lowerouse ofparliament, who in turn choose the head of the government. polls show tight race with merkel's center right coition holding alead of jst one to two points. as inhis couny, there are signs revery in the german ecomy but many are working scared, wondering how secure the jobs are. we want to take a look the german eerience tonight as that country, like ours, struggles out of recession. jazeera english los where germany stands. >> reporter: geany's factories
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e manufacturing heartbeatf europe, an they're starti to move again. six monthsag this carpare parts factory nar frankfurt was quiet. now, it's humming but recovery has come at a cost. one of many ge has had to accept what they call reduced hours and reced pay as an alternative tobeing laid off. he fears there may be worse t come >> translator: i, personally, n't think will get better next year. we depend on the automole industry, which nids a global crisis. i wrong but ion't ink so. the measures m not be enough. i worry th after the elections, my colleagues and i could lose our jobs. >> rorter: the frank further motor show is e bigge in the world. this year, as ever, auzz aroundew german cars. the buyo of op should save
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many german jobs. there are hybrids and electric cars but it's a diicult year for the industr germany's carmars will have to rry on innovatingo stay on top. is is hburg, germany's biggest por and the city that thrivuring geany's export boom. during this recession, the rst of the world h run ou of moneyo payor german goods. an a a result, ts cityhas been hit very hd. in the fir half of ts year, trade fl by one quarter in the hamburg port. now, things look a little bit beer here. a covery fueled by therowing power of asian economies >> tradesick up a ltle bit, es especially china, a sharp rise in india. we believe there is aupward
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trend, not remarkable b acknowledgeable. >> reporter: many germans feel they've come out of theeconomic crisis relatively well. perhaps that's why the election has been low y. but they've also learned that, when global dand for german goods fal, their country pays aheavy price. barnaby phillips, al jeera, germany. we turn to africa for a ory that is not gtting much attention heren th united states. seve drought in east africa tff0 million peopletowards severe hunger, according to the aid ganization. the hardest hit counies are keny ethiopia, somal,
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uganda some people are survivg on as little as two quas of watt air day, les war than a toilet flush, as one official put it. d kenya alone, 4 million people are surviving on food handouts. and there is another aspect to this crisis, the toll on z the report. >> reporter: little ow is left on mt.kilimanjaro. now the unusuawater is affectg the wildlife par at foot of the mountain. the grass isdry, and many anals have starved to death >> we've seen more th a hundred ccasses in two hours. i mean, tey're all over the place. it's really, really sa >> reporter: safariguides sa it hasn't been like this in decades. one in three haanimals has alwa died. >> we fe possibly the government should do sething about it, maybe gray hayo the animals, supply wer. >> reporter:lephant remas
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are quickly emoved, due to the value of their tusks. survivorsave troue finding enough to eat. the game warden ist a loss. >> how many toeed ,000 elephant 15,000 wilder beast and zebra. the problem i immense. it . >>eporter: there's not even enough for kenya's cale. live stock prices have tumbled, and it's feared the country's traditional know math m maddic d be in dager. >> officialof the enronmental group are concerned about theffects that drout and flooding may have on the river rion of soutast asia. they eressed that concern after announcng the discovery of 163 new animal and plant spies in the region. the newly discovered animals include a fanged progress from easter thailand, leopard gecko in northernietnam and the
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snake, a tiger-siped pit viper, also found in vietnam te for our frid roundtable discuss)ídá some of the wees top stories. we will look the debat over next steps in e war in afghantan, as top u.s. military commands are call f yet more amerin troops. and weill examine the global on wh the leader accomplished as their ranks increased fr a group of eight to a group o 20. and joining us, once again, gideon rose, managing editor of foign afairs magazine, and rana foroohar,senior etorf "newsweek's" intnational editions. welcome to both you. nice to see you. >> thankyou. >> l's staith afghanistan and it ses that everythi is really kind of un the air. gideon, your thoghts on what do
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you make of th debe? >> well,t's fainating because ebate over troop levels, how much force t united stes should send, is segueing into a debate on strategy, what strategies t se, which is segueingn turn to debate over is the war necessa in the first place? it's fascinating, becae everything see to be up in t air. so you pull one thread and the whole sweater unravels. no one knows which wa this is going to go. at t end of the day it's going to look like where i was aew mohs ago than dratically differenbecause the costs are too high politically for the administration to bear. i think you'l muddle through, but that may not be the most on malsubstantive sategy. >> do yothink in some ways it's aost become radioactive? >> i absolutel agree with that. you've got a situation that almost unwinnableor the u.s., any successful couerinsurgency needs one legitimate partner, an that's the problem. wì don't have that afghanisn right now. karzai lost legitimacy bcause of the vote riing issues, both
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within his own polation and the world at large. you seehe eu coming out and think half of the votes f car disease were fraudulent. thiss a bigmess. i think the+u% talibanill ue to get stronger, thin will get more chaotic and yo have a suation which the u.s. has to think about, d we have to negotiate with e taliban. >> all questions, is this conflict winnae without sending more trps. >> the conflict frkly, probably isn't winnable in a simple sense, no matter wt we do because the real end game, in terms of winning, a stable afghanistan th can survi on its n and not be a threat when foreign oops aren't here. th's not going to happen any time soon. th question is, how much cost and how much ris are yo prepared to bearor halfwa outcome. soe're going to be with this debate for aong time. frankly, everody's gument ainst their opponents are better than their argumes in vor of their o strategy
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which is amusing to watch but makes it hd to come to fixed end poinfor the debateo it cycles around. >> are we seeing a rift openi up here ben obama and top military commander whetheor not to send more troo? they suggest, yes, that is exactly what we need to do, t the president saying he doesn't want to put the horse before the ct. >> i think y're seeing a greater plitization oliticizati. the general saying wre ing to lose the war if we don't expand forces and bden and others saying the opposite, we need t reocus, scale back, target al qaedanstead of the taliban. clearlthere's chaos on the strategy front. agree wh gidn, everyone's better a criticizing oosition than coming up with real soluons. >> do you sea rift opening up betwn the president and top coanders? >> the mitary's uncomfortable th halfway pocies, they wan to b really big and do the job
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properly, or not be pastwith it at palm they're frustrated with the political leadership givi them a mddle of the roadolicy thatoesn't get anywhere. realisticall the obama ministration hasevere political costs and problemsin either gng big or geing out, so i tnk the answer is, ther is a rift that's developing but neither side wll get everying it wants, and you'llcontinue along the lines of current policy in which nobody is happen with but betterthan al tern tevs. >>-20 summit in pittsbuh a club of eigh an elitist cl ofight, broadening out to a club of 20. your thoughts on,ou know, wh this suit was ab to accompsh, but also what does this shiftignal for the united stes and for what kind o world we seemo be kind of moving towards? >> well i think, as you point ou the very fact athe g20
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has become the place to work o the wor'sproblem is vy important. and it's good news bause it's a more inclusive a diverse group of nation terms ofhat was) it was great there was agreent upon bks are' pay, how to relate that going forward, catal requirements. i think banke' pay is where you'll s the most agreent, the avage person on the street in the.s. and eupe can derstand. the ise of global imbalances is problematic. 's great client na and the 8á) emerging nations are getting a bigger seatt table toiscuss that, becau that's the key iue, it'sunresolved. >> what do you thi about the fact thatit has -- it's now a grouof 20 nations as opsed to 8 nations? what does that mea for the news >> i think this a very good ing. what this i institution recognitio of what fareed za carra call the pt elections world. it not nato, it's not a small group of big countries.
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you need a larger group of to t table in order t haveny kind of real buy-in among the essential players for glal economic policy. unlike, let's say, pitical issues of th security council, economic issues are too imrtant not to deal with, so the institution reform has happened everyone's beetalking about it, an the secity council it sn't happened ther he it did happen. d it's going to make things unwieldy because tre's much more diffilt to come to a consensus among20, especily wi widely diverted interes, than a smaller grp, which was always hard here, too. but it cessary. it's apopriate. united stes will have less leverage, not beuse they've moved the sphere to a larger group but because s role in the wod is not as large as it once was. >>e're out of time for now. thank you very much for--both of you joining us for th roundtable discuion. >> thank you
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line finally toniht aroup of palestinian school children is heading to walk this wekend for at may be the performance of theilives. dancers, w specialize in a aditional palestinian danc they're comi here under the sponsorship of a nonofit group called american near east regeed a aid. lice friedson has their stor >> reporter: dance compitions, dang tango, waltz, fotret ttrot are rage. buthe dubka. stents 9 to 11 at the elemenry school competed with their peers from 17 other arabic schools in jerusalem and t west bank, dancing traditional palestinian dubka, which means amps of the feet.
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this man has been teaching studentseekly the dka is the dae of the palestinian people, it express is heritage and i didn't es expeationly the jerulem and duality of the i didn't here. w to teach children abt the identity and affiliatio >> reporter: the boys and girlare on their way to the united states to bring differt kind of palestinian message, a cultural e. >> i want to see thehite house. i want to see all the ings in amica. >> i want to see the white house and washington monent. >> >> translator: ias ppy, i've en waiting to st white house r a long me, especiallyhe inside if we n go in. >> reporter: forore than 35 years, pncipal of the school established in 1952 by elizeth sser, as a home for destitute girls. it began with 20 girls, and by 19 was coed incation and
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today but udent body o >> it means house of flowers. she wanted thiseautiful name to sw howhe place sho be, happiness. and e insisted on music, singin dancing. she feels that it helps you from inde when you sing anddance, you rget all your problems and all your difficulty. that'shy we follow her steps >> reporter: thi is felice iedson for the mediline from jerusam. >> and that is "worldfos" for this friday evening and for this week but don't forgetget much more glal news and perective on our website, and join the conversation online. m daljit dhaliwal in new yor for mend the rest ofhe team ha a great weekend.
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