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tv   PBS News Hour  PBS  December 20, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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the house today said the clock ticking toward that new year's day punch in the pocketbook when it turned down a bill that has been passed by the senate. that bill would have extended the 2% cut in the social security payroll tax and kept job benefits flowing. what happens now? congressional correspondent nancy cordes is on capitol hill, nancy? >> reporter: scott, we are now official in a total stalemate and tonight most lawmakers are heading home for the holidays. >> reporter: the motion is adopted. >> reporter: house republicans doubled down on their risky strategy today voting to reject a two-month tax cut and to establish negotiations with a resistant senate. >> come back to washington! do your work! give the american people a year, not two months. >> reporter: democrats said house republicans were ensuring the payroll tax cut would expire all together in 12 days, causing the rate to return to 6.2% from
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4.2%. >> what is happening here today is shameful, it is a disgrace, it is unreal, it's unbelievable. >> reporter: the senate passed the two-month tax cut overwhelmingly over the weekend after failing to reach agreement on how to pay for a one-year plan. then they left town giving house speaker john boehner one option-- take it or leave it. senate democrats say they're not coming back. does this mean the tax cuts are going to lapse? >> we have done our job. all we need now is to resolve our differences. a two-month extension is nothing more than kicking the can down the road. >> reporter: the payroll tax cut is not the only measure caught up in this fight. if congress doesn't act unemployment benefits for newly jobless americans will revert from 99 weeks to 26 weeks and doctors who care for medicare patients will see their reimbursement slashed. republican charles boustany is a
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doctor himself. >> to put physicians in a position of seeing a 27% cut in reimburse system untenable. >> reporter: it's not as if any of these deadlines snuck up on congress. but they put off negotiating until the last minute, scott, which is why they found themselves in this embarrassing standoff. >> pelley: nancy, you've been talking to members all day. what's one potential way out of this impasse? >> well, there really are two, scott. the first would be that republicans back down and pass this two-month deal. the other would be that senate democrats back down and come back to negotiate. but i'll tell you, at this point, we aren't getting any inclination that either of those is going to happen. >> pelley: nancy, thank you very much. it has been a dismal year on capitol hill. we asked our capitol producers john nolan and jill jackson to give us some perspective us and they remind us that on april 8 congress at the last minute narrowly avoided a government shutdown. on july 31 congress dithered so
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long over the debt ceiling debate that it caused a u.s. debt rating downgrade for the first time in history. and on november 21, the so-called supercommittee created to solve the deficit problem disbanded in failure. 0-3. president obama stepped into the white house briefing room after the house vote today and called on the speaker of the house to reconsider and bring the senate bill up for a vote. >> we have more important things to worry about than politics right now. we have more important things to worry about than saving face or figuring out internal caucus politics. we have people who are counting on us to make their lives just a little bit easier. >> pelley: to make understanding this a little bit easier, we turn now to chief washington correspondent and anchor of "face the nation" bob schieffer. bob? >> scott, if you ever needed any
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proof that the congress is totally dysfunctional and unable to do anything, you saw it today. forget who's at fault, they all are for let it go this far, both sides are so determined to undermine the other they can't even figure out how to do something they both want-- extend the payroll tax cut. if this gridlock continues, it will be a fitting end to a year in which congress accomplished absolutely nothing. nothing unless you want to give them credit for not allowing the government to shut down. i give them no credit for that, because i think it's the least we should expect of the people we send to washington. yet that was what they spent most of their time arguing about. what made this latest episode more odious than usual is that by sending the legislation to a conversation committee, house republicans kill the senate legislation but did not have to go on record as saying they have voted to give people a tax increase. but make no mistake, this is exactly what they have done if
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this stands. there is a reason that congress has a 9% approval rating and today's antics are like putting up a neon sign to remind people of it. >> pelley: thank you, bob. of course, the unemployed don't need to be reminded, and later in this broadcast ben tracy will introduce us to those who can't afford to lose those unemployment benefits. in the race for the republican presidential nomination we have a new cbs news poll out tonight. it finds essentially a three-way tie: newt gingrich and mitt romney with 20% each and almost as many g.o.p. primary voters-- 19%-- who would like to see someone else get into the race. we have two reports. first, dean reynolds in iowa where newt gingrich is facing sharply hostile advertising. dean? >> reporter: scott, under relentless attack from rival campaigns and unaffiliated groups, newt gingrich is asking for help.
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>> if you see one of these candidates who's running negative ads ask them to stop it. just look them in the eye and say "it's unworthy of iowa and it's unworthy of america." >> newt has more baggage than the airlines. >> reporter: the iowa airwaves are full of attacks, the vast majority on the former speaker whose past positions and statements are being used against him in ways he calls reprehensible. >> he's demonstrating himself to be the very essence of the washington insiders. >> reporter: it's the most pointed and personal that come from superpacs. >> newt is the only speaker in history to be reprimanded. >> reporter: political action committees that can spend unlimited money to further a point of view without technically working for any candidate. ron paul and rick perry are attacking gingrich in their ads but gingrich appeared most upset with mitt romney whose campaign and the "restore our future" superpac are spending nearly a million dollars this week on attack ads in iowa's six t.v. markets. >> he appears unable to
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transform or even govern himself. >> reporter: today a clearly exasperated gingrich fired back. >> i don't object to being outspent, i object to lies. >> reporter: he said those behind the attacks are disgraceful and insulting and he suggested romney is, too. >> understand these are his people running his ads doing his dirty work while he pretends to be above it. >> reporter: do they work? >> the short run, sure. unanswered negative ads work in the short run. >> reporter: unfortunately for gingrich, scott, with two weeks to go before the caucuses, the short run is the only run there is. >> pelley: dean, thanks very much. this is something else that's interesting from our cbs news poll. we asked republican voters which candidate is best prepared for the presidency. they picked gingrich over romney better than 2-1, 45% to 22%. but when we asked which candidate has the best chance of beating president obama, romney
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beat gingrich by six points, 37% to 31%. romney also leads gingrich somewhere else-- new hampshire, where the first primary in the nation is three weeks from today. wyatt andrews is in bedford. wyatt? >> reporter: scott, new hampshire is not one of those places where this is close between gingrich and romney. right now, romney is ahead by far, most say in the double digits. and he's campaigning hard right now in order to keep it this way. nationwide, romney is also changing the way he is running for president, revealing much more of himself in the media. all of a sudden mitt romney is everywhere on national t.v., a more accessible mitt romney speaking more about himself and his history. in one interview, he grew emotional about his wife ann and the day the couple learned she had multiple sclerosis. >> probably the toughest time in my life was sanding there with ann as we hugged each other and the diagnosis came. >> reporter: the campaign says it had always planned to reveal
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romney's personal side but with voting just weeks away and with romney never quite breaking from the field there's a new image to project, one beyond the candidate's smiling at his opponents during debates or hiding as democrats joked in the mittness protection program. this romney is talking about his mormon faith and admitting total failure as a mormon missionary in france. >> we didn't convert one person in five months so you understand rejection you know that that's a pretty high level of rejection and you get used to it. >> reporter: romney even tried comedy monday night, gamely appearing with david letterman for a top ten list of what he'd like to say to the american people. there were plenty of jabs at himself and one aimed at newt gingrich. >> number two... >> newt gingrich? really? >> yeah, that's right. (applause) >> reporter: romney is starting his new hampshire tour tonight with a speech on how to reform social security and medicare. but his larger mission here is
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to win new hampshire and big if possible because, scott, if he can't win a state with so many moderate republicans, he has very little chance at the nomination. >> pelley: three weeks to election day there, thank you, wyatt. the number-one issue, of course, is jobs, and there are some early signs of improvement and that helped the mood on wall street today. the dow rose more than 300 poi points. for the full year, it's up 4.5%. also helping the rally today was a report showing that housing construction in november was up more than 9% over the previous month and more than 24% over the previous year. in egypt, women protesters say stop the violence. a high school football team losing to malnutrition makes a comeback. and a deadly blizzard strands 100 drivers when the "cbs evening news" continues.
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>> pelley: as we mentioned at the top of the broadcast, the stalemate in washington could mean the end of jobless benefits for millions of the unemployed. we asked ben tracy to show us what that means in just one household. >> all those senses of accomplishment i had from doing my job are... they just chemoseem like ancient history. >> reporter: bonnie ornitz has been out of work for six months. she spent 30 years in the information technology field and was laid off by i.b.m. in june. >> i was somewhere where i had never been before. >> reporter: how much tougher
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is it than you thought it would be. >> exponentially more difficult. >> reporter: and you strike me as someone who is proud of the fact you've worked your whole life. >> absolutely. not working is not an option. i come from a family that people worked until they either retire or dead. >> reporter: she applied for 30 jobs near los angeles and has had just two interviews. she's collected 24 unemployment checks, $450 each week. basically your unemployment is covering half your monthly expenses. >> it's still a god send. it's a lifeline for me and to take that away is going to be devastating. >> reporter: if congress does not extend the unemployment benefit program ornitz's checks stop coming january 7. does it frustrate you to see what goes on in washington? >> it does because they don't face the same things we face. i don't exist to them because they just... they don't want to see it. we are not... we're not important to them. >> reporter: you don't think they care? >> i don't think they care one bit on either party. >> reporter: 1.8 million
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americans will lose their federal unemployment benefits in january. as many as six million will lose them during 2012. california would be hardest hit-- 714,000 people will be cut off. >> i'm not someone who's looking to take advantage of the system. i just want to get on with my life and i want to work. >> reporter: bonnie ornitz is now planning to use her life savings to pay her bills. she may have to sell her house if she can't find work. ben tracy, cbs news, los angel angeles. >> pelley: nasa is reporting tonight a milestone in space exparticular ration. the first two earth-sized planets ever found outside our own solar system. they orbit a distance star called keppler 20. one is a bit smaller than venus, the other slightly larger than the earth. they're probably very hot, maybe too hot for life. but nasa now expects to find many more planets, some perhaps like the earth. whiteouts on the highway. a deadly blizzard in the plains brings visibility to near zero
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>> pelley: a blizzard hit parts of the southwest and the plains and is being blame tonight for at least six deaths. the storm dumped as much as two feet of snow and strong winds created drifts ten feet high over the wide-open landscape. from kansas tonight, cynthia bowers reports this blizzard changed a lot of travel plans. >> reporter: the estrada family from florida was supposed to be in denver today. instead, three generations were
7:19 pm
stranded in salina, kansas. >> we were only able to drive 25 miles west from here and we saw ten cars in the ditches. >> reporter: 200 miles to the west near the colorado border, a foot of snow and 40 mile per hour winds created whiteouts. abandoned cars and trucks littered roads across the great plains. >> i slid off in the median, was there for several hours waiting for help and took me three hours to get 30 miles. >> reporter: the blizzard closed more than 150 miles of i 25 from santa fe north into colorado. texas authorities say they've rescued at least 100 stranded motorists. as the storm pushed off to the east, that snow turned to rain. the only good news about this system, scott, is that it brought much-needed moisture to drought-ridden parts of oklahoma and texas. >> pelley: cynthia, how are the roads now? >> reporter: the roads in central kansas are fine, now the west near the colorado border
7:20 pm
the interstates are now opening but a lot of the u.s. highways are still closed due to that heavy snowfall you talked about. >> pelley: cynthia, thank you. overseas thousands of women took to the streets of cairo today in what may have been the biggest women's demonstration in egypt's history sparked by recent attacks on women by egyptian soldiers. in one attack, a woman in muslim dress was half stripped, beaten and kicked. late tonight, egypt's ruling military council put out an apology. as north korea mourned today, its new leader appeared in public for the first time since his father's sudden death. kim jong-un paid his respects at a mausoleum where kim jong-il lies in a glass coffin. his son, said to be in his late 20s, seemed choked we motion as he bowed before his father's body. a state funeral is planned next week. we had a mistake in this broadcast last night that we want to tell you about.
7:21 pm
in our coverage of the death of kim jong-il we made a mention of a north korean torpedo attack last year on a south korean vessel. we showed a ship being hit by a torpedo but we had the wrong ship. the attack we showed was actually an australian naval exercise. we work all day to prevent mistakes on this broadcast, but when we make a mistake, we want you to hear it from us first. a high school coach changes the play book. how he made sure his team could compete on a level playing field next.
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feel the beat? it's amazing what soup can do. >> pelley: a lot of things can cause a football team to have a bad season-- a lack of good players or a lack of good coaching. those weren't problems for the high school team seth doane found in georgia. it lacked something most teams take for granted. >> reporter: it seemed that half of tiny burke county turned out to cheer on the bears. against the odds, their high school football team had finally made it to the georgia state championships. 17-year-old defensive lineman jesse bush remembers how different things were four years ago. >> a lot of people that was
7:25 pm
hungry, tired, sleepy. >> reporter: signs that his coach eric parker recognized as the dangerous symptoms of dehydration and malnutrition. >> we kids that literally by tuesday had to be removed from from practice because of the intensity and the amount of energy that they was having to expend. >> reporter: they just weren't getting enough food, weren't getting the right food. >> correct. >> reporter: in burke county, family income is so low that 85% of students already qualified for free breakfast and lunch in school. but many were going without any other meals at home. >> we're probably like most small towns in america right now, we're struggling. so bringing food home and putting it on the table for a lot of our people, that's a big deal. >> reporter: the idea that some students might be going to school or practice hungry probably wouldn't surprise anyone who knows burke county, georgia, one of the poorest counties in the country. where 48% of kids live below the
7:26 pm
poverty line. coach parker knew the school needed to do something. so he met with donna martin, the school nutritionist. >> he was saying, donna, our kids need more calories. they are falling out by the end of the fourth quarter and we need more calories. what can we do? he said wouldn't it be great if we could feed them is upper? >> reporter: it turned out after doing research they could. martin applied for federal funding through the healthy kids act. one year later at the cost of $3 per meal they provide dinner to 500 lower-income students. jesse bush and coach parker say that's paid off on the field. >> we started getting better, you didn't hear nobody coming out saying they were tired or hungry. >> we were finishing games strong. we really had situations where big games we got stronger as the game went along. >> reporter: leading the bears to the biggest game of all. winning the state championship. >> number one, baby!
7:27 pm
number one in the state, baby! >> i'm not going to cut the nutrition program and what it did for us short at all. i thought it was a big part of our success. >> reporter: really? you attribute some of this big win to the nutrition program? >> no doubt. >> reporter: no doubt a sweet victory both on and off the field. seth doane, cbs news, burke county, georgia. >> pelley: and that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh man: that moment. woman: it was a moment that changed my life. i'd been training with my team for months and, now, we had been called up for the first time -- the real deal.
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the most watched entertainment news magazine in the world. the tale of two kates. duchess kate in a daring black dress. was it an homage to the dress worn by bianna. and katie holmes, wearing her own creation. >> i am living the dream. >> justin bieber's christmas concert. >> sorry, wrong room. >> and punking his fans backstage. >> and then, we showed you the
7:30 pm
kardashian's christmas card. see what it took to get made. >> mckenzie phillips. >> i spent a year in the closet. >> finding stashes of pills. how she is facing her demons now. >> and the weddings of 2011. will and kate and the most lavish celebrity i dos. now, in-depth on the biggest entertainment stories from brnd the world. >> hello and welcome to "entertainment tonight." nancy o'dell is on assignment. christina is co-hosting in new york. >> it's beginning to look a lot like the holidays in new york. the twinkling lights, and ice skater. but everyone here in new york city on the arms of their
7:31 pm
princes, kate middleton and katie holmes. today, the tale of two kates. the duchess dazzled. at an award ceremony awarding soldiers. kate was all smiles as she walked the red carpet. stunning in a dress designed by alexeneder mcqueen. a strapless gown that showed off her figure. >> you have to look they designs of the designer of the bridesmaid dress. she know house to access her best asserts. >> with a ruffles an homage to princess diana. >> there were elements of the dress that were similar. the jewelry bore a resemblance
7:32 pm
and of course, the same ring. >> tom and katie on the red carpet. towers in heels, 5'9" katie in her own krea united nations and black stockings. is she brings back on ald style. and the stars of "mission impossible" all smiles before it guys in theaters tomorrow. >> are you doing anything here in new york city? >> we want to the nut crack interwent to rockefeller center and saw the rockettes. suri loves that stuff. it's a family tradition here in new york. it's beautiful and we will go home and hang out and relax. >> also on the carpet, another star of the movie, a sports car that onlily a handful of lucky people have been in. >> you got to check out my cool wheels. what's up? >> i got check it out. i don't get to drive it like you did. and yes, that is the coolest bmw
7:33 pm
ever made. there are only two in the world and i got sit it in. >> what are the keys? >> this futuristic baby which goes in production in 2014 goes from a stop to 60 miles an hour in 4.5 seconds. that is flying. it will be priced in the six figures. it's a hybrid that will get about 78 miles a gallon. >> they love that car. they would not give me the keys. and tom and katie, can't wait to get your christmas card. yesterday, we showed you the kardashian christmas card. and check it out. kim checking out mason. kendall and kylie look cool. and celebrity shared cash dashan outtakes as they
7:34 pm
strike their pop star poses. the generation of kris and bruce look elegant and khloe through a veil. the card looks perfect. justin bieber has the holiday spirit. "under the mistletoe" is a hit. naughty and nice. >> sorry, wrong room. just kidding. >> he surprises two fans with hugs and tickets to a sold out london show. it's captured for tlc's this is justin bieber, premiering wednesday. >> have a good time at the show. scream lots. >> he makes wishes come true. ♪ my very own christmas love". >> justin has been spreading
7:35 pm
holiday here. if you haven't seen him go to the eye doctor. he has been on tv, and macy's commercials. he is not the only star working for macy's. >> macy's most famous store here in new york city. and using star power to get cash registers ringing. >> justin shot this video in a macy's and their herald square store is decked out for the season. martha, the donald and diddy. and plus, jessica simpson. >> i got it! >> thanks. >> justin has everyone screaming for macy's. and both generations of the trump with madonna and lourdes. their earnings growth is up,
7:36 pm
130%. online, up nearly 40%. dorothy of forbes says the profits doubles. and for one reason. >> they have a lot of fans and they see them and they want to go to macy's and buy their stuff. >> macyes in 45 states are reaping. macy's can claim 13% of all u.s. apparel sales. >> everything is going well for the company right now. >> jessica simpson shows how to strike gold. in one here, her line earlied $750 million. over all, her fashion topped the $1 billion sales mark. customers trust her. >> it gives them a sense of safety. it's okay because it's jessica simpson clothing. >> she is doing retail therapy
7:37 pm
herself. at a wedding dress shop. perhaps getting ready for her big day with the father of her baby. >> let's go to samantha harris. >> award season is in full swing and you can bet oscar is keeping a close high on the new drama "war horse." tonight, how steven spielberg made it so special. dozen of horses charging at full speed. a spielberg trademark. "war horse" based on the book and play stars the farm horse purchased to fight in world war i. >> joey did his job. he carried the film. he was supported by great actors who loved him. loved working with him and being around him. >> but there was more than one joey. some of the animals had to under go makeup to get that white star on his forehead.
7:38 pm
>> there were eight horses, some of them specialty horses. come could run without a ride interothers could jump. there. >> reporter: certain horses for certain requirements. >> jeremy irvine was in awu when he met speegberg. >>dy what any young actor would do and freaked out. >> and another set secret. >> i foolishly stepped in a hole and i felt this humiliation, what it's like to really fall on on your face, right in front of the entire crew. >> thank you, stephen, for making us laugh. stephen will be competing against himself at the box office. the adventures of tin tin opens tomorrow. and mckenzie phillips cleebs out
7:39 pm
her closet and finds razors and pills. and it's rachael ray and guy fieri. all that and more when "e.t." rolls on. first, the "glee" cast sings "all i want from christmas is you." ♪ all i want for christmas is you ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] this time of year you have a lot of festive meals. and safeway helps make every holiday meal a special occasion. so you can make all of your gatherings, just as merry as can be. get a boneless beef loin ny strip roast for just $5.99 a pound. plus save on gift card multipacks. right now get 15% off of $40 itunes multipack.
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now, nor it is more "entertainment tonight" in new york city. >> the holidays sound great. that is more from the "glee" christmas album two. sings let it snow. darryn is about to ring in the new year not far from the times studio dancing and singing on broadway and we are behind the
7:42 pm
scenes of his photo shoot. >> i'm going to be singing with slicked back hair and a jacket and tie. >> okay, it's not different from his role on jt "glean" but he is psyched to be forming on broadway. >> i'm proud. >> he is taking on daniel radcliffe's role in how to succeed in business starting january 3rd. he said that rehearsals are dreamy. >> i have about three weeks to rehearse and i normally have two hours on "glee". >> it won't impact his "glee" gig. >> don't miss the jackson episode. and right now, guy fieri and rash el ray mp.
7:43 pm
>> if the first celebrity cookoff. >> rachael versus guy cookoff. >> a pile of parsley -- look at me. >> this she is like my sister from another mister. >> it's a friendly rivalry. they coach eight dlebts, lou diamond philips v phillips, joey fatone and aaron cotter and afternoon miss usa. >> we got pick four and battle it out. >> it's just a crime against food. >> no! >> oh zblmplt. >> it's a competition. >> the "e.t." family is excited about the show because we mentioned guy's big heart at our cookoff. >> i am the head chef. >> he promises good food and good feeling with his new show. >> i like to do shows with a lot of heart. >> it premiers starting sunday, january 1st on the food network. still to come, mckenzie phillips
7:44 pm
as she tries to clean out her closet. inside the biggest star weddings of 2011. >> when "e.t." rolls on.
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need to stay warm. you played by the rules, but who changed them? even though oil prices are soaring to record levels, in washington, fuel aid for the poor was cut in half. citizens energy asked big oil companies and oil producing nations to help. they all said 'no,' expect for citgo and the people of venezuela. for the last 7 years, citgo has helped struggling families in the united states in good times and in bad. so if you need help staying warm this winter, give me a call. because no one should be left out in the cold. "entertainment tonight" in new york rolls on. >> i love his voice. that is michael buble off his new album titled christmas. this year in new york city, it's the most wonderful time. the year.
7:48 pm
everyone is in the holiday spirit. it's festive. a lot of couples will be spending their first christmas together as husband and wife. we are looking at all the big celebrity weddings of 2011 including the wedding across the pond. chris? >> was there a wedding in london? of course i'm kidding. the royal wedding. it was a huge year for i dos and one ceremony captured the hearts of the entire world. >> that incredible kiss. about 2 billion saw that moment of prince william and kate middleton's wedding. >> will and kate just arrived in a vintage ason martin. what a cool car. >> i was there as the prince prove his bribe with a "just wed" license plate and later, at the reception.
7:49 pm
the beatle and his bride. paul mccarney and nancy with a five carat ring for the i dos. >> i'm feeling married. >> the couple wed at a town hall in london. the same place he married linda eastman in 1969. >> nick lachey and vanessa m manillo exchanged vows. >> he got down on both knees. >> both knees. >> i figured one was not enough. i had to go to the full begging position. >> it was perfect. >> they put a ring on it at necker island. reese witherspoon and agent jim toth had a ceremony on her
7:50 pm
ranch. stunning on the cover of "people." her daughter interson shared the special day. the dege o'legendary front man of kiss sealed their vows with a kiss on gene simmons family jewels. >> that is my power ring. eat your heart out, green lantern. >> it's an eternity band. >> no tv cameras for valley bertinelli and tom. they had a top secret redding at their malibu home. she told to us about her gown. >> i wore blue, i love it. >> i don't feel appropriate wearing white. i have been around the block a few times. >> something olgdd, new, borrow
7:51 pm
and blue. hustle up. >> back to samantha harris in the "e.t." control room. >> one celebrity booking for a fresh star in 2012 is mckenzie phillips. the star has been open with "e.t." about her battles with drug abuse notch now, she is face to face with her troubled past and inside her cluttered home. >> i was looking inside my close et for a match to a show. and i find a needle. a syringe. >> she is crying as she confronts her innermost demons. >> i am do sis pushed right out in. part shame and gratitude for being alive. >> once a rebellious teen, she spent a lifetime battling addiction and now facing the
7:52 pm
ghost of her past. >> how embarrassing. >> what do you see? >> the nearn i was would spend hours and hours in there using drugs. you know, i spent a year in that closet with heroin and cocaine. i'm scared. >> it represents everything dark and evil. >> peter walsh hosts extreme clutter on open pa's own network. he is helping her clean out a closet that holds painful memories. >> the last time i went in there looking for something, i found a needle. >> so it's possible in this case there are -- there's drugs. >> drug paraphernalia. >> get rid of that. >> there is a syringe. >> there is another cap there. >> what do we have here? >> that's weird. >> what is that? >> pill bottles. >> what kind of pills?
7:53 pm
>> i don't want to know. i want to throw them away. >> you okay? >> i'm embarrassed. i'm embarrassed. it's like i'm naked and all my failings in the past are here for toempb see. i'm ashamed right now. >> despite her on going struggles, she is still acting. the pet lover stars in hercules saves christmas on animal planet. don't go away. we'll be right back. >> in tonight's "entertainment tonight" birthdays, which funny people's star's father was an accountant for guns and roses? your ans is next in the "e.t." birthday.
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in tonight's "entertainment tonight" birthdays, david cook is 29. and which star's father was an cohn tant for guns and roses. sna that is jonah hill. >> that is going to do it for us. we are working on news tor you tomorrow. join us for the latest from your
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