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tv   Good Morning Cleveland  ABC  January 9, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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good morning cleveland saturday is brought to you by window nation. >> live, always investigating. always on your side. news channel 5 now at 6:00, a mystery unfolding in akron this morning. human bones, even a skull, discovered on the sidewalk. plus, a would be robber picked the wrong bar der to target with a rolling pin. how she and a customer fought back. but first, we begin with breaking news overnight. an officer involved shooting in line of duty. police say they were responding to a burglary at the fisher food store on harrison was off his leash.
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officers then returned fire. the suspect took off running firing shots at police. he was found hiding in a yard e. the suspect was taken to the hospital and is in police custody. police say the k-9, good news, is expected to make it. we have a crew on the way and we'll bring you mo you get them. >> a live look outside right now. this is interstate 77. on your roads this morning, a cool and damp start to your january 9. it is warming up and welcome to this saturday edition of good morning cleveland. i'm nick foley along with jah janessa webb. >> a cool, crisp 22 degrees. we are on that upward trend today. we'll see highs back into the for january 9, that's pretty -- >> that roller coaster continues. g you know, we're going to feel spring.
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we're also going to feel winter up and down roller coaster. morning. what we're dealing with is that moisture, but the ground level is definitely with allowing for that fog. morning. that will start to burn off as we head into your mid afternoon. let's talk about those toasty is morning. good morning, aleria currently at 46 degrees. out towards the south 47, out toward dover in new philly. we are dealing with at tracked it more toward the north and that's allowing for the warmer air to turn in hlinn, that is moving east fairly quickly. what will happen behind that, we start to see a partial clearing throughout the day. we'll stay under mostly we're going to start to lose that moisture as afternoon.
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conditions out into stark and summit county. lodi, let's show you your hour by hour. we'll start to lose moisture as we head going into the noon hour. so just, maybe a light coat handy throughout the day. nick. >> thank secret revealed in an abandoned home leaves a neighborhood on edge that has investigators headed to northeast ohio. a human skull among the bones discovered on this lot in akron the story last night. police say the remains were found on marcey street just after 3:00 yesterday afternoon. the remains, which included a human skull were found on the sidewalk >> the head was in the middle of the sidewalk and the jaw part was a foot away from the skull. and i just started screaming. >> what a sight, the neighbor recalls transients living in the vacant house when it caught fire in 2012. the medical examiner's office
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anthropologist process the crime scene today during daylight hours. not far from where those bones were found, a man accused of trying to rob an akron bar had the tables turn on him thanks to a feisty, quick- thinking bartender. trouble. a man wearing a mask, a hat, and sunglasses, then he suddenly burst in. >> he come in and i was puzzled because he held up a rolling pin and said give me the money out of the cash register. i said seriously? >> the bar's policy is to give up the money, but vicki wasn't forking it over, not over a rolling pin. she and a customer hit the man with bar glasses, pulling the knife out of his pocket. the kitchen staff jumped in, dragging foster ball outside and holding him down until police arrived. ball is charged with aggravated robbery, and carrying a concealed weapon. cleveland police made three
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series of smash and grab burglaries, now they are searching for one more. female splashed a car. she stole a mac book, ipad, and multiple credit cards. she then racked up thousands in bogus guys at several area stores. if you know who she is, call cleveland second district police department. and we are learning new information about the young mother who will never see her twin babies grow up and their father, who police say confessed to her murder. court records show that 24-year- old, emily young, filed a motion to dismiss her divorce case saying simply they had reconciled. that was in august, two months after she filed for divorce and marriage. in october, she filed an emergency protective order against him, making it illegal for him to go near her or possess a firearm. she was back in court a week later, claiming he violated that order and another protective order was issued. >> so the persons being told
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go around the person that is to be protected, but we have found that oftentimes they disregard these orders and do exactly what the orders are designed to prevent. >> it seems that is exactly what happened in this case. woods now accused of shooting young, killing her right in front of their six month old twins and a teen last night. he turned himself minutes in later and now behind bars on a million dollars bond. right now, the fbi is talking exclusively to news channel 5 about the investigation into the death mcginnty. fliers have been posted, kill. the fbi says is the posters originated online and first learned about the threat a few days ago from a similar posting on social media. the fdi says the or says the origin of posters is traceable. if they find the person or persons responsible, they could
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and likely jail time. thank you so much for starting your saturday here with us, coming up this morning, health and fitness. a hot topic at this year's consumer electronics show. the latest greatest gadgets that we found could help you stay fit this year. plus, planning out how you will spend that $800 million power ball jackpot. not so fast. where you live could determine how much of the pot you take home. and janessa has your weather. >> i'm tracking a few spotty showers, and a few warmer temperatures. i'll et will you know when you need to break out that heavy
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good morning, everyone, i'm janessa webb, waking up to the second weekend of january, the temperatures into the upper 40s. nearly 25 degrees different from our normal. you can see that wet pavement also a little bit of dense fog out here. ground. that's what is allowing for that fog. 47 at the airport this morning. a little bit cooler, wayne county, all the way into macklin, lower 40s. we are forecasting our highs today into the mid 50s out towards stark and summit county, greater cleveland will go with 53 degrees. you can see that moisture continues to shift more towards the east, but it's going to be
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still dealing with a few spotty showers toward chester, but moving out fairly quickly. i do want to tell you about this warmer air that is tracking in here from cincinnati into the charleston area. that's what is allowing for warmer temperatures. enjoy today. look at that, 41 to 16 mix. as we head into sunday and a little bit of snow. >> that's a lot of change. janessa, do you have your tickets yet? >> she does. did you pick up your power ball tickets yet? we all know the winner won't walk away with $800 million to spend, thanks to varying taxes. how much you do end up, that depends on where you live. everyone will pay federal tax. just under 40%. if you pick the lump sum, you'll still have $450 million left after you pay uncle sam, then there's state income taxes. unless you live in one of the seven states that don't have those taxes. and pennsylvania, exempt lottery winnings from state
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in the state. depending on the state tax rate, there could be a $44 million difference in what the winner takes home. if you do win, please remember us here at news channel 5. while we head to break, last look at last night's winning lottery numbers.
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welcome back. 6:14 on your saturday.
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broke out just blocks away from the chicago mayor's house. two others wounded in the city's north center neighborhood last night. allegedly during an argument. the two injured victims were hospitalized in critical condition. the shooting scene is less than a mile from mayor rahm emanuel's home and remains under investigation. right now, the u.s. drug enforcement agency is congratulating mexico for capturing the man known as chicago's public enemy number one. the mexican drug kingpin el chapo was recaptured yesterday, six months after he escaped in mexico. his take downturned into a shootout. five drug suspects were killed and six others were arrested. authorities have not said if el chapo will be extradited back to the u.s. gunman who unleashed a hail of bullets on a philadelphia police officer says he did it for isis. the 30-year-old suspect confessed saying police bend indivisible are contrary to the
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the police officer underwent surgery earlier yesterday and expected to make a full recovery. neighboring police departments, nypd, is encouraging vigilance for officers on those streets. it's a bizarre source of bar fare. pointed north and blasting pot music, take a listen. [ music ] >> that is one of several k-pop songs the south is serenading the north with, along with propaganda messages. it works, mostly because north koreaens can only tune into government controlled radio and tv. >> the most dangerous virus that could destroy north koreaen regime or the foundations, ideological
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the truth about north korea. truth about the outside world. >> some defectors say hearing helped them to decide to escape. the speakers were turned back on this week after north korea claimed it had successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. that claim has not been verified. and despite that, there were massive celebrations for that alleged successful hydrogen bomb test. it was also believed to be north koreaen leader, kim jong- un's birthday. and fireworks. ceremonies happen several times a year. any time leaders want to emphasize important poll policies or events. >> tornadoes might not be on your mind right now, but the state is accepting applications to help protect yourself. the emergency management agency is offering a grant program through fema that could help safe room. a 5 on your side investigation
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the safe room rebait program went unused. to date, the agency says 127 rooms have been built. you have until february 10 to apply for those funds. tornadoes, not something that you every day, but they are sometimes common. >> you want to be safe, and i like that. i like that a lot. >> giving people a chance to be safe. >> right now, up and down weather pattern. what we're really tracking this weekend is this next system that is moving in overnight tonight into tomorrow. so tomorrow morning, we're going to be pretty busy here as we will see our temperatures into the 40s, plummet back down to the upper teens. right now, 47 for the airport. all the way into dover, new philly, almost hitting 50 degrees. going into the 60:00 hour, you can see this moisture, it is tracking more towards the east and it is on the spotty side.
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southern portions of kiahoga county, well towards our east, portions of giaga into madison, out towards ashtabula, north walk, erie into huron county, dealing with a few left overs as this system continues to track more towards the east. you can see, i think going about the 10:00 hour, we're going to lose this moisture completely and sit under mostly cloudy conditions as we head into the rest of the day. this is that next storm system that we are tracking. it's called a panhandle hook and what is going to save us here is not a typical scene. when you hear panhandle hook, you're thinking a lot of snowfall for northeast ohio. this is tracking more towards the west instead of east and so that is going to allow us only accumulation. now, this starts off as rain over night tonight.
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48 degrees going into 3:00 a.m. and that pretty much sticks around. here comes that dividing line and also cooler air by 11:00 tomorrow, you start to see from worchester. that is transitioning into peer snow. this is not like a lake effects snow event where it is restricted toward eastern location. this is going to be widespread across the area. so taking a look at some of our models, you can see by tomorrow evening, we could see an inch of accumulation. 1 to 3 inches forecasted as we head into your monday. so today is the day you need to be outside. 50 degrees, go ahead and lose that big winter coat. even as we head into tonight, you can lose the heater. i know you've been having it on full throttle all week long. 40 degrees, south breeze, 5 to 10 miles per hour.
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here it comes. 41 for tomorrow afternoon. 16. wow, as the kids are going back to school and most of you are headed back to work. look at that big-time temperature drop. then we have our next clipper that starts to move in here tuesday and that's when we'll start to get a nice slice of snow, 28, 11 degrees. the big-time cooldown, here comes winter as we step into next week. nick. >> back much more like the january we know around here. the cavs make it six straight wins in minnesota. and the coaching search continues for the browns. lauren has the details in this morning's sports report. >> last night, they took on the timber wolves in minnesota, cavs looking to get their sixth straight win. taking on andrew, remember him? former cavs, first overall pick. does a dance on him, the cavs
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for the cavs to pull ahead. having a great night, especially from long range. he knocks down the three. cavs go up 55-44. smith with 27 points on the night, indeluding five three's, cavs win this one, 125-99. the browns going near and far as they search for their next head coach. yesterday the browns interview former defensive back, and now cowboys secondary coach, jerome henderson. he was the coach from 2009 to 2011. he's the fourth candidate to interview for the job. the browns have not fired their current coordinators, but that does not mean those guys have not started looking elsewhere. brown's offensive coordinator interviewing for the san francisco 49ers head coaching job. he is scheduled to meet with the st. louis rams for their offensive coordinator opening. there have been rumblings that
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him if the new coach wants in. morning. lauren, thank you. no surprise fitness and technology are coming together in a big way. reporter, andrew is taking full advantage of the latest in tech tools to get in shape. >> if there's one thing we can't keep up with here, it's the exexplosion in health and try. >> running for smart shoe. we have throughout the sole of the shoe, and it can detect several things. so toe strike, heel strike, mid soul strike. >> the quality of your strides is selling this machine here. >> i hope i'm doing a good job. >> heart rate is coming up. >> yup. >> your respiratory rate is staying steady and your heart rate continues to climb. so now you can test yourself over time to see how much more efficient your body has gotten at using less oxygen to do the
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>> can you get me a water or something? i'm sick of moving with my own legs. >> i can't, don't let me go. i'm relaxed. >> here we go. >> is it more of a game or treadmill? >> it's a game controller. and there's no fancy set up. all you have to do is plug it in usb. >> you like that? >> you are using your legs to chase a monster, it feels more real. >> how long have you been walking? >> about eight hours. >> people want to exercise and people want to have fun. >> i might just walk, not really working out for me. don't let me go. i'm so sorry. >> okay, so i'm not a world class athlete, but here at ces, i have the world class tools. but there's got to be a robot that can do this for me. in las vegas, i'm andy choi. on ward. >> certainly lots of ways to get you motivated for working out. this is the time of year where
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losing weight, but did you know that even when you lose weight, researchers say that those who were once obese but lost the weight were still at a higher risk of dying early compared to those who had been at a normal weight all their lives. if you're trying to get healthy, it's not just about gym. the people you hang out with may be just as important. that's according to a study. the size and quality of your social life can impact things like high blood pressure and obesity. the study shows older adults get high blood pressure from social isolation. having a big social network is important for teens and older adults. the quality matters more in your mid 30s to 50s. >> coming up, new developments at the airport. why id laws have many travelers they might have trouble flying.
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saved not once, not twice, but three times. the teamwork and technology it took to save a life. that's next when good morning cleveland returns after this
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the news continues on your side. >> the time now is 6:28 6:28 outside. the puddles were the norm
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a cool start to your weekend. but snow could soon be on the way. we'll get to your weather in just one moment. first, we begin with breaking news overnight. an officer involved shooting sends one to the hospital and a k-9 officer to the emergency veterinary clinic. it happened as officers were responding to an active burglary. we just got the details and megan shaw is live in canton. meg, what do you have for us? >> nick, i'm down here at the stark county emergency vet clinic where k-9 is currently working to be stabilized by the vet. they tell me, the police told me that k-9 jethro was hit several times. it all happened just after 1:00 a.m. at this fisher foods. police tell me k-9 was off of his lead, searching his the restaurant. officers then returned fire at that suspect.
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firing off several more rounds at police. shortly after fleeing on foot, that person was found hiding in the yard near a store with one gun shot wound to the leg. canton police tell me that suspect was transported to altman hospital. his injuries are nonlife threatening. he's expected to be okay. i just spoke with the k-9 association here a couple minutes ago. they tell me they are working to stabilize jethro. he has brain bleeding, but he has not undergone surgery yet. he's been with the department two years next month. we'll bring do you any new developments once we get them. channel 5. meg, thank you so much. our hearts and prayers for that little guy. janessa webb joins us for a look at the weather. it's like having two seasons all in one in three days. >> spot on. i mean, today will feel like we're in march. maybe a little bit of fall as
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transition into tomorrow, it's like winter once again. so, we'll be tracking our temperatures on the warmer side today into the upper 40s already. we should be at about 22 degrees, but we are nearly 20 to 25 degrees above our normal this morning. still tracking moisture that started to move in overnight. it is definitely nothing that is going to stop you this morning. out towards the west into sandusky, huron county, a little ban of moisture that continued to shift more toward the east. waking up to fog, that should burn off as we head into mid afternoon. also winds out of the south. this is what is helping us warm up. about 15 to 20 miles per hour. that's pretty prevalent throughout the day. hour by hour, if you want to be out and about today for a january night, the second weekend of january, 47 degrees.
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highs today in the lower 50s. nick. >> thank you. disturbing story now only on five. cleveland police conducted an all-out search for someone who shot a 59-year-old man who is out riding a bike. the victim took a bullet to the face and as 5 on your side investigator reports, it's a miracle he even survived. >> we heard two shots and then we see the man stagger off into the fields. >> roon atwater and his girlfriend proved to be lifesavers. after he had been shot in the face while riding his bike at 116th and miles. they called police and did everything they could to stop the bleeding. >> it was scary. he was coughing up a lot of blood. he was bleeding like crazy. i was worried, she was worried, we were worried about him. >> but just a few minutes later, it was cleveland police who made all the difference. putting into action these emergency kits.
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throughout the city. >> the first aid kids we have gotten are proving to be absolutely invaluable. >> sergeant jennifer says expanded police training was also critical in saving mr. terel at the scene. >> during the course of the training, we were taught to use tourniquets and things like that. beyond that, we were taught cpr. >> atwater says they gave ems a much better chance to save the patient because police are almost always the first to get to the scene. >> it's a lifesaver. it's quicker. it helps them out with the ambulance. it stabilizes the man a little better. >> that was joe reporting. and at this hour, 59-year-old, lloyd terrell remains in critical condition. the bullet pierced his jawbone. police are exploring leads in the search for the person who shot him. happening now, a one-two punch for a local community
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one day after republic steel announced it will lay off 200 workers when it idles. u.s. steel announcing they will be laying off about 300 workers during a temporary shut down. those layoffs -- which is facing a more than $2 million budget deficit. mayor chase are telling us he is now facing a 20% cut in police, fire, and safety forces. we're also learning new information about the closing of fire stations. station five was stationed 6 on harmon avenue. are shutting down because of both budget and staffing problems. >> we've been as high as 180, so we are definitely under staffed right now. >> those working in the stations that are shutting down will be moved to other departments and this might not be the last of the closures. station 2 may also shut down because there simply isn't enough money.
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a hunting trip turned tragic for one man after he died from an accidental gun shot wound. authorities found the man's body thursday in a field. the sheriff's office isn't releasing the man's name until everyone in his family has been notified. another tragic story, this time in cincinnati. where police are investigating a drug overdose of a mother and father at cincinnati children's hospital. hospital staff found the couple on the floor of their 7 month old child's hospital bathroom with heroin syringes. the mother died. the lit girl's father is under arrest. according to a go fund me panel, the couple's daughter it surgery wednesday. she's said to be doing okay. still ahead this saturday morning, leon bibb taking us up, up, and away. we're giving you a closer look at our aviation history. plus, we saw fuel prices drop in 2015, but what will prices do st year? when you can expect gas to be
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janessa. >> and odot was picking up snow earlier this week. we are tracking rain on the power of five today. along with a cooldown, i'll give you exact timing when that snow starts to enter tomorrow
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good morning, everyone, we are off to a warm start this morning. our temperatures already sitting into the upper 40s. we saw that warm front track towards the north and that's
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we're going to lose the moisture if you are waking up to a few puddles. by mid afternoon, sitting under cloudy skies, richland, mansfield, a high of 47 degrees. the greater cleveland area will be sitting into the lower 50s. beachwood, 46 with those clouds. even warmer out towards akron into summit county. 47. alliance, 47 degrees cooler out towards the east side into shardon. let's show you this. please enjoy today into the lower 50s. 41 for an overnight low. look at that transition as we head into sunday as we track our next front that starts to enter here. it's going to make a plummet in our temperatures. as we head into tomorrow evening, look at that, 16. wow. >> thank you, big change there for sure. new developments on the new id
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fliers to have the latest types of driver's license to get through airport security and some states don't have them yet. homeland security announced passengers can keep using their current id's for another two years without problems and some for almost four. after that, will need the proper driver's license or use other types of approved id's, like a passport. you may want to pack your bags and hit the skies. the average price to fly out of cleveland hopkins dropped $100 in a year. the department of transportation released new numbers that we paid $178 in the first quarter of 2015. $465. fares out of akron, canton, have dropped $40. and nationally, we're down about $10. >> if you see news happening, let us know. text or e-mail us, or tweet us.
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break. dear fellow citizen, i know what it' s like to buy a house. i know how it feels to be stressed about money. i understand what a scary word "retirement" is, and i can help. because i' m not just a fellow dad, fellow mom, fellow saver, i' m a fellow citizen. who gets up every day and tries her best. just like you. sincerely, elizabeth trackler samantha parke robert kennedy deanna morrison jared duemling
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welcome back. it is 6:43. no big surprise as the ohio republican party has officially thrown its support behind our governor. the party gave its endorsement during the first meeting of the year yesterday afternoon. kasich's name was the only name that was up for consideration and a 44-9 vote. kasich spent the day campaigning in new hampshire. in the meantime, former
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expectedded to be in i independence this weekend. he'll be there for a fundraiser. tickets range from $500 to $5400. moving to consumer news, where for the fourth year in a row, what you pay at the pump is expected to keep dropping. and the savings for americans could add up to billions. reporter, todd walker is breaking down what the experts predict for this year. >> with falling oil prices, we have seen gas prices drop for years. that's a trend we are likely to see continue this year. released its prediction survey and for the fourth straight year, gas prices will drop. they're expecting a yearly average around $2.25 a gallon and the peek price just below $2.70. but there are a ton of factors that play into making the price you see at the pump. how reliable is a study like this?
6:39 am
>> there are things we can't predict, international situations, weather, supply disruptions. a lot of it, the old supply and demand we learned about in school. >> for you diesel drivers, this year is expected to be the first time the yearly average is lower than 2004. >> if these predictions could hold true, it could save americans $17 billion this year. >> that was todd walker reporting. and drivers, while they are saving billions on gas, general motors is making plans to invest dollars giving a big lift to lyft. term rental hubs where you can pick up a car if you don't have one and work as a lyft driver. the money will be used to develop an on demand app for self-driving cars. gm thinks that when that technology first becomes available, people will purchase
6:40 am
cars, rather than buying one outright. >> it's amazing how quickly we are coming along with nay technology where we'll be seeing self-driving cars next to us on the roads. we are seeing changes in the weather. >> up and down weather roller coaster. today will feel like we stepped into march. maybe even fall. our temperatures this morning, look at our weather bug. 47 degrees. man. >> hello, january. >> who would have thought? going into next week, one of our coldest weeks for january, it is headed for a cooldown. so please enjoy it if you're a warm weather fan. mild conditions all the way into stark and summit county, into the upper 40s this morning. still tracking rain that started overnight once again, but it remains on the light side. it will start to taper off as we head into this 10:00 hour, touching down out towards
6:41 am
it's on the isolated side towards southeastern portions area. well, out towards avon lake all the way into nor works but moving out quickly. you can see hour by hour, we'll be sitting under mostly cloudy conditions. not going to see too much sun today as that warm front tracked toward the north. it is keeping us under cloudy skies, but our temperatures well above normal. what i'm tracking here as we transition into late tonight, all the way into early morning hours, tomorrow, is a panhandle hook. typically we see a lot of snowfall when you hear this classic panhandle hook moving into northeast ohio. this is sagging more towards the west. we're only going to forecast about 1 to 3 inches of accumulation. let's show you our future cast
6:42 am
with rainy conditions. our temperatures into the upper 40s. look at this band of moisture tomorrow. there's that dividing line. we are still in the 40s well towards the west. cooldown. mansfield to worchester. inches of accumulation. i want to show you our models going into sunday evening. should see a nice dusting in most locations. so today degrees well above normal sitting under mostly cloudy conditions. you can turn off that heater tonight, lower 40s, but let's crank it up once again, as we head into tomorrow, nearly a 25- degree temperature change from sunday daytime highs to low 16. then we start to track in our first clipper of the season.
6:43 am
a few lingering snow showers wednesday all the way into thursday. the weather roller coaster continues. the next time you get on an airplane, you can thank the pioneers who paveed the way for you with their adventures in the sky. these achievements made by trend setters in more ways than one. in this addition, leon takes to the sky with a special emphasis on the women who led the way. >> aviation pulls us in, whether we fly ourselves or watch others who do so. sometimes surprise comes upon us as we learn of those in it or have gone before as pioneers. this cleveland museum pays tribute to a group of fliers and the flight minded who looked to the sky.
6:44 am
women, astronauts and coz moo case moe casmonauts. whether they flew the burning blue of the sky or labored on the ground, these women were pioneers. >> not only as pilots, but also mechanics, engineers, flight testers. any woman that has anything to do with air aviation. astronauts, air traffic controllers, mission controllers. >> heather alexander is executive director of the international women's air and space museum. it is in a wing of cleveland's front airport. inspiration abounds here, especially for the young who might find something excites them and pushes their own of grabbing pieces of the sky. >> they learned about amelia earhart, who they weren't familiar with. >> amelia earhart was a pioneering pilot who set aviation records in the 30s, but disappeared in @ pacific on
6:45 am
her story is here, as are the overalls she wore to service her airplane. >> so standing here being able to see her memorabilia and hold it in my hands is quite the moment. >> throughout cleveland's berk lake front airport, are exhibits highlighting females who knew or know the sky or who worked in space technology. >> flown by margaret, who was a teacher from the school district. and she took a little time off from teaching to go fly. >> millions of years ago when our ancestral man first looked to the birds in the sky and dreamed of flight, there was probably a woman right next to him who had the same desire to fly. this museum is dedicated to those women pioneers who looked to the sky and went out and found it. no item is too unmentionable. if it's all the woman's
6:46 am
story t even unmentionables are here. >> this is what she wore under the dress. >> these were her bloomers. >> yup. you can't get anymore personal than that. >> her underwear is on display. >> early days when pilots had few navigational aids and flying was on a pilot's intuition. from the early days to those of today, those stories are here. there's always been something special about aviation and space exploration, which has called me. i can envision myself on a space mission coming through on a nasa mission control council, like the one you're looking at. i would say this is leon calling from deep space. i would say. if only i could get to space. these women did get there. space women. their stories and those of others who went before are told at the international women's air and space museum. there is something more here. >> just how they can inspire young children today to see
6:47 am
having two young daughters, it was great. it was such a fun surprise to find somewhere that really honored just girls, in particular. >> along with men, women have also eyed the skies. longing for contraptions which could fly. at cleveland's burke airport, dotted overhead and on the ground for women who helped pioneer flight. >> all right, leon, thank you. at cleveland's burke lake front airport, the international women's air and space museum have exhibits open every day. the gift shop open 9:00 to 4:00 monday through friday. we're back with one more look at your weather right after
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trending this morning, a local man surprises his fiance, the event took place in downtown cleveland at play house square beneath the chandelier last night. how romantic is that? he had the saxophone playing. he dropped to his knee right there, surprising his girl, and asking her for her hand in marriage. and with a few tears, she responded yes. congratulations to the happy couple. how do you say no to that set up? >> take note. everyone take note.
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for us to learn from for sure. joining us for that final look at weather. >> temperatures into the 50s. well above normal temperature wise. we'll have a cooldown. we're tracking snow once again. this is not lake effect snow. this is going to be an equal opportunity for everyone to get a good dusting as we head into tomorrow. that continues as we head into tuesday and wednesday. tuesday a clipper starts to slide through and 1 to 3 inches possible across the area. but look at our highs. they are on a downward trend, upper teens to lower teens for overnight lows. so definitely a cooler weather pattern moving back in here. >> maybe seeing significant snowfall, we haven't seen yet this year. thank you, janessa. the news continues next on good morning america. we'll be following developments all day long. you can get updates on our app.
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