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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 5am  ABC  January 13, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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. now at 5, gas up the snow blowers. several areas getting slammed with lake affect snow. where the squall line is now and how much inches you can get. >> and a child sledding in north ridgeville hit by a car and rushed to the hospital. the latest on his condition. >> and want to is the night the jackpot drawing, $1.5 billion. the big question is lump sum or a newts? i will have the best option for you coming up. >> and before we get to the top stories there, a winter weather
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and let's start our live team coverage with power of 5 meteorologist tera blake who is tracking the squalls. >> up to 10 new delays or closings on more coming out of lake county where we have had several snowfall over the past few hours. ery, you picked up as much as two inches per hour here recently. you can see three different areas. i start first on the east side of cuyahoga and this is where we have the lightest snow currently, making driving a little bit more doable. as you move north, it's very heavy on menner on the lakes through painesville and impacting 20 and 90. we're hearing from somara that there are a lot of semis lined up on the highway. it's too slick to drive-thru. this is where i am finding the heaviest snow. again, two inches per hour coming down on 90 and in between north perry and south madison. some heavy snow continues to be
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our second problem is the extreme cold. huron and richland counties under a windchill advisory. numbers putting us with a negative or below zero marker in front of everyone. 13 below to report in mansfield. four below for what it feels like in cleveland. time to check in with somara who is checking out the roads where you have to and where the problem is at, somara. >> oh, my goodness. >> reporter: we're on 90 westbound. look for the right of the camera screen and check it out. i am telling you, i counted over 50 semis on eastbound and 50 semis on the westbound. westbound is filled and it's a really difficult commute. you can see on the road it's not just slick, more so thick. we're driving through actual snow. down now to about one lane on the eastbound side of 90. two lanes managing to stay open on west side. i wouldn't call them lanes. really, just some,maaings in the ground that were making it hard to differentiate. and this is the location for
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start the early morning commute. if you live near kurtland hills, leave early. this is what you're expecting. we'll have more updates soon on the road. for now, corrina, how's it on the traffic map? >> we're seeing plenty of green and it's still early out, 5:02. no issues or accidents to report. that is the same story out east on 90. for now, we're accident free and lots of slowdowns. speeds crawling down to about 20 miles per hour and the average speeds we're seeing really the bulk of the system morning. now, not too bad. ninety eastbound, crocker to the inner belt, 8 minutes, 77 and rock side to downtown and this is a live look outside. this is the only odot camera i can show you on the eastern side there and this is 90 at state route 91. lots of slick spots and certainly where somara was, more snow covering the roadways. terrence and jackie. >> all right. and another round of snow squalls making driving
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>> overnight, sudden conditions hitting the east suburbs and that is where we find nick foley. he's keeping an eye on conditions for you this morning. i know you're cold out there, nick. >> reporter: it is very cold, jackie. that is the correct statement for sure. we're near the busy intersection of 91 and ridge road here in willoughby hills. they have seen a substantial snowfall about four to five inches and continues to come down. the roads are messy for drivers heading out for their morning commute. we want to show you video we have seen coming out to this point in the overnight hours. odot crews busy on the interstates and highways all morning long. we're told there were about 12 trucks initially in lake county and they had to pull trucks from other counties because of the snow and in this area, a lot more than other areas. about 80 total in geauga, cuyahoga and lake counties from odot as well and drivers getting on the roads this morning. you can see from some of the video, the visibility is extremely limited and very low.
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especially in this area as we mentioned, guys, as we said and alluded to earlier. cold as well and so bundle up when you get ready for the commutes. nick foley for newschannel 5. back to you. >> thank you and stay warm out there. 5:04 right now and wanting to have fun in this snow and in the hospital. >> hit by a car after sledding on a hill in north ridgeville. sarah phinney joins us live from the newsroom. what do we know so far? >> reporter: i checked in with north ridgeville police. they're not releasing much information now, but the 9-year- old has life-threatening injuries. the collision happened at a poplar hill near the intersection of hunter lake drive and medo lakes boulevard. -- meadow lakes boulevard. the boy slid into the road colliding with a car. we were there as investigators reconstructed the scene and as the car involved was taken away, we spoke with a neighbor who ran over to help the young boy. he said sledders are usually on the hill whenever there is enough snow.
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on the back hill, right behind our house, sledding and playing together. and the family's in our thoughts and prayers. >> the 9-year-old was taken to saint john's medical center and life flighted to metro health. no word on his condition in the hospital. sarah phinney, newschannel 5. all right, sarah, thank you. we have breaking news coming into the live desk. ten u.s. navy sailors have been released by iran, according to the french press agency. drifting into iranian waters. we were also just learning the sailors had problems with their this. now, initially, iran said it didn't consider the violation innocent passage. again, they have new been the developing story and we'll jackie. >> thank you, corrina. a community coming together to mourn the loss of a young soon. emily young's funeral is this afternoon at the spencer united
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she was shot to death in front of her children last week. the gunmen, her estranged husband maurice woods is in jail under a million dollar bond. and newschannel 5 learned that woods was out on a $500 bond for a recent rape case when he allegedly killed his wife in oroville last week. the woman he raped last june spoke exclusively with us but didn't want to identify herself by name. she tells us months later, she received a message, a text message from woods' estranged >> and she told me who she was if i had a gun. i, you know, yes, i do live firearm. i said yes. he had been to me house for a party. don't stay there. it's not safe for you there. >> and after a history with his wife, the medina county court record show a extensive history of problems between the two of them, but the upcounty prosecutor's assistant tell us the criminal history in medina
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bond decision for the rape case. new information this morning about the family killed county. the gas company saying, though, it was not a gas leak. we now know that jeffrey mather and his wife cindy were killed. next to her, two children were found and it's believed they are the couple's 8- and 12-year- allison. the neighbors heard the explosion and treed to help. >> we ran. he had his socks on and jamies on. we -- judge, mmies on. it brew the whole section of the house off. it was not right and the fire. a lot of fire and then we ran to the front and started kicking the door open. >> investigators are still going through all of the debris out there searching for clues right now. and remember when we told but this guy here who didn't like his mug shot, so he sent cops a selfie?
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get him arrested. the police say donald chip pugh was arrested in florida. he was a person of interest in one in ohio and another in georgia. there. time now, it's 5:09 and thank you for starting your i'm jackie fernandez. >> i'm terrence lee. start. coming up, more drama with the hit "making a murderer." what the key suspect is claiming police did. >> and the powerball jackpot, a record 1.5 billion. if you're lucky enough to win, we will tell you the stuff you need to take to keep the money. that is next after the break. our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn' t need a loan.
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. good morning and welcome back. i'm power of 5 meteorologist somara theodore. right now on the roads, here is a look outside. you can see right up on the
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you're looking at a rest area and, again, we have been saying it throughout the morning, a lot of semi trucks lining the side of 90 eastbound and westbound just in this area. this location here. look on the map. you will notice we're north of kurtland hills. we're seeing semis lining 90 east and westbound. one thing i want to let you know is the snow is pretty thick, so you're going to want to go slow while traversing the roads. it could cause a loss of traction and you could have issues with control. be careful out on 90. >> all right, somara, be careful out there. what that means. another powerball drawing. >> yes and the record-breaking jackpot sits at $1.5 billion grabs. the question is do you take the lump sum and walk away, or do you opt for all of the annual payment here? we sent meg shaw to one of the
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meg, you got your ticket already, don't you? >> reporter: i already have my ticket. i have a couple of tickets. who is not fantasizing about winning the jackpot and going off to a tropical place and not having's worry in the world. let's talk about if you are tonight's lucky winner, what you should do. first thing's first, let's remember, if you win, you won't take home the entire $1.5 billion jackpot. now, it's time to decide lump sum or annuity. unfortunately, there is no right answer. having that much money quickly, of course, in a lump sum, obviously a dream come true. on the other hand, a risk of blowing it all so much higher. annuity could be a better choice and this is why. the payout is larger in the end. taking the winnings in 30 and you'll end up getting over $1 billion after taxes. and that is just opposed to 900
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we're going to win here if you are the winner. the next drawing is tonight, 10:59. you can watch it here on newschannel 5. i'm wishing everyone the best of luck. i am sure we're going to have a winner tonight. we shall see. meg shaw, newschannel 5. >> thank you, meg. >> and time now, 5:15. president obama kicks off the post state of the union address tour today. he will make stops in nebraska and louisiana to highlight some of the progress made during the seven years in office. it bears the message in the final state of the union address last night. instead of giving congress a honey do list, this speech was about inspiring us, the american people. >> i believe in change because i believe in you. the american people. and that is why i stand here as confident as i have ever been that the state of our union is strong. >> well, the president and the governor are giving the gop
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divide between democrats and republicans. governor nicky haley said she hopes we won't fall, quote, the -- follow the angriest voices. and starting at 10 this morning, the white house will be taking your questions. it's the third annual big block of cheese day. so the title inspired by president andrew jackson -- the house in 1837. and he had a 1400-pound cheese block to feed guests. today, a little bit different. the senior white house officials cabinet members and members of congress will take your questions on social media and you can use the #big block of cheese day. they encourage you to send your best gouda cheese puns and i posted a link to the entire scheduled schedule on my faceboover a proposal that would let you register to vote online. it would be up to the state elections chief to create a process. this bill already passed by the state senate and now the house
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and for a lot of us, we're snow this winter. >> and if you thought we had it bad, think again and look here. western new york buried under three feet of snow and this midwest to 30 below zero. >> i slid down the hill, i sled everywhere. >> you can't see across the street. >> big northeast cities like new york and boston are preparing for first snow of the season, too, but they will likely be spared this time. next week could be a different story. another storm expected this weekend and early next week. take a look at this video. this is out of buffalo here. the storm creating whiteout conditions there. you can't see anything there, really. the lake affect snow is not letting up there or here. we want to check in with tera blake and tell us what is in store for you here. >> and lake affect snow and
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you're finding the bulk of it. reports as much as 8 and 10 inches estimated on my radar. you can see it's near roadways on our cars and sidewalks. very, very slick on the east side. west siders, you have had a chance to dry out a bit. a flake or two flying around. let's drive into the radar. we have had a merging of squalls. we did have three though the second squall is really the problematic one. the east side of cuyahoga, moderate snowfalls here in euclid and impacting driving on 20 and 90. better driving conditions in cuyahoga and that is why much of o dot has been shifted to lake county because we have had heavier snow here. you find out -- he's in willoughby hills and near willoughby. we have had estimates about six to eight inches. you have moderate snow coming down on the roadways where the heaviest snow now, shoreland to painsville. the darker purple saw big, heavy flakes, lowered
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driving on 24. here as well as 90 and into leroy. it's lighter and looks to the north. the dark purple in place over north madison as well and we're waiting for your high to shift east, your warm front to move closer, that is expected towards the afternoon hours and we're going to see a shift and finally we'll get a break from the snow. some of the estimates so far, you know, they're hard to see, but grand river about six inches. painesville, four; perry, four. look south, northern geauga. curtland hills, 10-inches and that is the biggest number i found. a lot of 8s there more than geauga and southern lake. you have that 8 there, more so near willoughby hills b8-6 and a quick look around 6 or so. we're talking about another two or three as you can see here on the snowfall cast. and still obviously an issue, but the cold is, too. you have to wear the layers and a lot of them this morning. west siders, this is the work
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we have huron and richland county under a windchill advisory. you will notice the lowest numbers for wind chills. feels like 13 below. definitely the coldest long time. cuyahoga feeling like 4 below. extreme temperatures. the last time i looked on the news on net 5 app, we were over -- newsnet 5 app, we were over not canceling anything as of now and more snow to come, corrina. >> very chilly out there and for all of you east siders, a whole lot of snow. for now, though, the main roads are on cleveland and looking good. 71-77, a smooth ride. up 490 and 90 on the west side is looking good. again, a different story out east. we have the weather overlay here showing you what it's looking like now over 90. somara's out there on the roads and seeing lots of semis parked on the side of the road.
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you see the red there. the speed is crawling along. and 14 minutes, 90 eastbound speeds moving fine. rock side to downtown and this is a live look outside. odot trues out there working hard and -- crews out there working hard and having's tough time with the active snow. i want to get to breaking news overnight from the live south korea's news agency reporting it has fired warning korean drone. a military official said it was an unidentified flying object over the border with north korea, but whatever it was, officials say the object then returned to the northern side after the warning shots. meantime, the u.s. house just voted late last night to pass legislation to broaden sanctions on north korea's nuclear program. jackie. -- the convicted killer at the center of "the making of a murderer" series is launching a
5:21 am
steven avery filed a new appeal claiming the police used an improper search warrant they found -- to go through his home and that all the evidence found captain be used on against him. he's behind bars for killing a woman decades ago. coming up, what many of you are doing now, but in most cases it's illegal and can leave you without a ride. one driver tells the story of what happened when he wanted to warm up his car. >> and plus the rnc now less than 6 months away. how you're going to start paying for it now when you go downtown. you're watching good morning cleveland on newschannel 5.
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what's with him? he's happy. your family's finally eating vegetables voila skillet meals. and they only take 15 minutes to make. ahh! birds eye voila
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. good morning and welcome back. i'm somara theodore on the roads this morning. check it out, this is our location. ninety eastbound we're heading more and more into lake county and passing painesville and this is a look at the roads and we're still seeing a good amount of snow on the ground and 90 eastbound opened up into two lanes, thanks to snow plow trucks that proceeded us and -- preceded us and moved ahead of us. they happened to clear the roads but still difficult to gape traction if you're going over 40 miles per hour and be careful and drive slowly. that is a look at the road conditions and we're going to keep tracking it here.
5:24 am
and park your way is going up in downtown cleveland. the number of spaces going down. huntington parking garage will raise rates by $2 a day in march and they will take away 500 public spaces. the spots will be set aside for new hilton hotel and cleveland convention center. the changes are part of the project to repair the parking garage before the rnc. with the cold temps this morning, many of you are probably running outside to get the car started and warmed up, right? >> yes, you are. you could be attracting thieves here. there is a state law making it illegal to leave your cars running in the ignition if you're not there. that doesn't stop a lot of us. a shaker heights man learned the lesson a hard way. >> basically, he said when i do this, i still expect to come back out to my car, a warm car
5:25 am
that is what a lot of us expect. he left his 2012 range rover running outside of the house. when he went out 15 minutes later, it was gone. two similar cases reported in rocky river. so, unless you're in a protected space, make sure that your car, you have to be careful. >> definitely.
5:26 am
. new at 5:30, a 9-year-old boy clinging to life after his
5:27 am
the latest on his condition coming up. >> and 1.5 billion, the world's large of the lottery jacko pot in history and one of the luckiest places in the buckeye state to get a ticket before tonight's big drawing. >> and first, another messy morning drive, prepare for it. a heavy line of snowfall is rolling in across the snowbelt. >> and some areas in the snowbelt could see up to 10 inches of snow right now. there are more than 50 school closings and delays running at the bottom of the screen. we have team coverage for you this morning from who is getting hit the hardest to what you can expect for your morning ride and those problem spots and the snow are one of the problems here. you're waking up to single digit temperatures and whipping winds causing whiteouts on the roads. >> and you're looking at what we're talking about. and this is 90 and 271 in willoughby. look at the snowflakes laying there.
5:28 am
in front of you. let's go to sarah -- tera blake for the latest. >> it's difficult on the east side. this is a lake affect event, causing major problems in lake county currently. though geauga, ashtabula, you're under a warning. we have advisories for lake and northern ashtabula. let's get to the heaviest snowfall. the darkest purples are going to indicate where we're going to see problems with visibility, big flakes and major road issues. we have moderate snow to show you, but it's decided to look a little bit better there and -- there in euclid, helpful for eastern cuyahoga drivers. and you have been dumped on in the overnight hours. shoreland, heavy snow and that is still in place, impacting driving on 20 from painesville to north perry. i am expecting major problems on the roads. fairport harbor, you also have some pretty heavy snow.
5:29 am
geneva on the lake towards geneva and east of harper's field and driving on 90, toward munson hill, you're looking at moderate snow as well. we expect -- expect the snow showers to be in place through the morning and taper off into the early afternoon. as you heard at the start of the show, it's not just a snow but it's the bitter cold. and those whipping winds, making driving difficult, too and how are the roads, somara? >> they're not good at all and we're seeing it coming out here and this is a look at our location. the little blue dot heading 90 eastbound and getting ready to pass madison soon. again, it's completely white on the ground and i said earlier, it's impossible to differentiate between the lanes. and you can't see that anymore and following the car in front of you and there are a lot of brake lights on the roads. you want to take your time.
5:30 am
closer to madison, we're starting to see the snow come down heavier out here. a lot of issues on the road and please allow yourself more time before leaving for work this morning. we'll check back in soon. over to you. o dot crews hard at work and certainly a difficult morning for everybody. as we look around the greater cleveland area, lots of things are looking good and we're accident free everywhere. i want to zoom you in here on 90, where you saw somara on the east side and there is plenty of red. speeds reduced to 20 miles an hour in some spots as people are taking it easy this morning and this is a look at drive times, taking you about 11 minutes to 71 northbound, and speeds are moving along just fine and this is farther west from where we saw somara and not as much snow coverage, but this is i-90 and 271. jackie and terrence. and 33 minutes after 5. you are waking up to whiteout
5:31 am
forcing many schools to delay or cancel school this morning. you can see at the bottom of the screen. >> and the one of the hit areas are over the snowbelt where they could see a foot of snow on the ground. nick foley is live in willoughby hills for us. tell us what the conditions are like where you are? >> reporter: we are the the intersection -- we are at the intersection here. traffic is picking up this morning as the commute gets more butty this morning. the snow continues lighter than what we have seen the last half hour, 45 minutes and it continues to come down and guessing about five to six inches at this point from overnight here in willoughby hills and we want to show you some of the video we saw when we were out here. we're at the pine ridge plaza and folks are clearing out the parking lot and city plows we have seen, also local plows and parking lots and some of these
5:32 am
trying to work the roads as well and slow going is the name of the game this morning. the roads are very, very messy and with this snow continuing to fall, it's likely not to get better any time soon and that is very, very cold as well. the roads are staying messy and have been messy since we have been here for about a couple of hours now and nick foley for newschannel 5. back to you. >> thank you. and don't get caught in the snow again and you can download our new app and attract -- track how much snow is expected to fall in your area the next 48 hours. download the snowcast app now on apple's app store. avoid having fun in the snow -- a boy having fun in the snow is in the hospital. >> he was hit by a car after sledding on this hill. sarah phinney has more. >> reporter: the police tell us the 9-year-old has life- threatening injuries. it happened near the
5:33 am
meadow lakes boulevard. the bottom of the slope is close to the street. he slid on to the road colliding with a car. we were there as investigators reconstructed the scene and as the car involved was taken away. the speed limit in that area is 25 miles per hour and one neighbor tells us, this happened about hind his house as the family was cooking dinner. >> i ran out of the house as quick as possible to help respond and lend a helping hand. before i knew it, the local police and fire department and ems was on scene and they responded faster than one can imagine. >> and the boy was taken to september john west shore hospital and life life flighted to metro health. we'll be sure to keep you updated. >> and thank you. this morning, we're learning about the family of 4 killed in an explosion at their northfield home. mom, dad, and the two girls
5:34 am
jeffrey mather was a deacon there and his wife a volunteer at the daughter's elementary school. and the sisters were killed in the explosion as well and those touched by the lives are trying to deal with the tragic news. >> and it was a really sad scene this morning as the staff gathered in her room and the teachers and classmates loved her. >> and the explosion at the home is still under investigation. corrina. breaking news into the live desk. ten u.s. navy sailors have been released by iran. the iran state-run media said they were taken back out to international waters and freed there about you we're waiting on confirmation from the u.s. i have some pictures to show you that were tweeted out of the soldiers by iran media and you see them here. they were detained after drifting into iranian waters. we were just learning they had problems with their navigation system leading to this and we're following the developing story and we'll keep you updated. terrence.
5:35 am
be laid to rest this afternoon. emily young was allegedly shot by her estranged husband in front of two of her children. today's services will be held in medina county. larisse woods confessed to killing her last week and is behind bars on a million dollars bond. and up next, reflecting on the past and looking forward the future -- toward the future. president obama delivers his last state of the union address speech. >> and it's crazy. >> the powerball fiver is on. who wants to be a billionaire? we'll take you to the luckiest spot to buy a ticket. you're watching good morning cleveland on newschannel 5. vitamin.
5:36 am
. good morning and welcome back. we are down now to nearly whiteout conditions. and taking exit 212 off of 90 east, westbound. i am sorry, eastbound. and you can see here it's becoming treacherous. and this is not slick roads. they're sick roads. we're seeing a ton of snow on the ground and very difficult to traverse through this right now. as we take the exit ramps, there that is where we're seeing the thicker snow. be careful leaving and getting on to the highways. again, nearly whiteout conditions, the visibility is
5:37 am
lot of the snow and it's coming down heavier. before i leave, i want to show you our location. and right now, we're on 90 at madison getting ready to exit towards 20. and that is a look at the road updates. keep it here for more. back to you guys for now. and. thank you. yes, coming up, you saw there. she shot whiteout conditions to the east and this is a live look outside at willoughby hills right now. the winter storm rolling in overnight, and bringing with it a foot of snow. >> and tera blake working on the forecast. and corrina pysa checking on the roads to prepare you for what could be a dangerous commute. more from our team in just a
5:38 am
. the cleveland browns. >> and that is what that guy would do if he won tonight's powerball jackpot. what would you do? >> and from buying the browns to purchasing a play boy mansion? >> yes. >> and options are endless with $1.5 billion up for grabs. meg shaw is live with more. and they feeling lucky, meg?
5:39 am
everybody feeling lucky? we all have to cross our fingers, hoping we win and let's talk about our chances of winning. we're now just 1 in 292.2 million. excuse me, 292 million. remember, you won't walk, away with the -- walking away with the entire jackpot. if you take 1.5 billion in a lump sum, you will have somewhere in the ballpark of $930 million that is a lot of money. the best advise from lawyers if you're lucky enough to win, remain a none mouse. there is only -- anonymous. there are only six states not requiring anyone to come forward. you will see a lot of out of towners buying the tickets here. and professionals recommend if you have to make a public appearance for your winnings, ware a disguise. and we talked about that earlier. may be you go as manziel here in cleveland. and here in brook park, there
5:40 am
they say this is the luckiest place in ohio. and that is pretty early. we have seen a ton of people anywhere in the ballpark between 60 and 75 people this morning. the next storm tonight, 10:59 and watch it on newschannel 5. good luck, everybody. and all of you procrastinators, you have until an hour before the drawing to get your ticket. stay hopeful in the middle of political hot air. >> that was president obama's message to the american people in his final state of the union address last night and he pushed his accomplishments in office and highlights, education, a cure for cancer and his commitment to fighting isis, calling america more powerful than ever. >> if you doubt america's commitment, or mine to see that justice is done, just ask osama
5:41 am
ask the leader of al qaeda in yemen who was taken out last year or the perpetrator of the benghazi attacks who sits in a prison cell. when you come after americans, we go after you. >> president obama's comments appeared aimed at republican presidential candidate senator ted cruz who warned he would carpet bomb isis and fellow republican candidate marco rubio who said america is waging a fight against radical islamic terrorism. and breaking from the live desk, a rescue operation underway in like-and, california, where a worker has been trapped in a sewer for more than 13 hours. fire crews say that he was working on a service line when a trench collapsed on him and he was burred up to his -- buried up to his chest in dirt. and crews are lowly is removing the dirt and firefighters say this is going to be a slow
5:42 am
updated and let you happen they get the worker out. and closer to home here's a live look outside. lots of snow out there and, tera, it's causing major messes. >> right. we typically talk about major roadways being cleared, but we have had a lot of snow in the overnight hours and major roads hard to pass through in lake county, especially we'll check in with somara. we knows what it's feeling like and give you a step outside and make your way on to the roads. in cleveland, a better picture on the west side in central sections and lowered visibilities, a few flakes and the heaviest snowfall has shifted out of cuyahoga and still on top of us in lake and now northern sections of ashtabula. and so, the moderate snow at this point over chagrin harbor, east lake, willoughby, reynolds and menner on the lake. we watched it in and around willoughby with nick and where's a reporter out live
5:43 am
have on the ground and that is what you can expect. very, very eastern cuyahoga and western lake. this is the heyiest snow. at one point this morning, i was. >>ing two inches per hour and we have dialed that back to about an inch an hours which is good. the -- an inch an hour which is good. heavy snow on 20 from north perry to painesville and this is -- that is where we would find somara driving on. and moving toward ashtabula, you had a bits of a break and it's picking up now. saybrooke and ashtabula. twenty/90, the critical location where you have to allow a lot of extra time until this takes a break and that is expected here through the morning and early afternoon as your high shifts east and a warm front, warm air moves back in to northeast ohio and if you're expecting to have the kids all from home and make it
5:44 am
of snow we're seeing, but we have a lot of it and 8 inches or so, southern sections of lake and northern geauga had the biggest numbers and kurtland hills, an estimated 10 inches and lake, you're anywhere from 4 to 8 and we're talking over the next several hours. still the potential of another two to three inches. all right, east side, i covered a lot of you. and west siders, we have very, very cold air in place and windchills, a lot of us below zero and marking the coldest morning of the year. the power of 5 seven-day forecast, showing another chance for everyone to see snow again tonight. east siders dealing with the major issues this morning for your morning commute. as we look at the bigger picture here in the cleveland metro area, i want to talk about one issue. we're seeing a disabled vehicle on i-90 westbound at dead man's curve.
5:45 am
that is slowing things down and taking us east here with the weather overlay. the weather is impacting your commute on 20 and 90 if you're heading into the city. really, in both directions, we're seeing slowdowns and this is a look at drive times, taking you 14 minutes to 90 eastbound and crocker to the inner belt and average speeds are moving along just fine and this is i-90 at 271 and where crews are working hard to keep the roadways nice and clear for your morning commute. terrence. and to the browns who mean closer to hiring the next head coach. and they interviewed seven candidates and hue jackson is emerging as a front runner. the browns have not offered him the job yet, but he's the only coach to get a second interview. and happy news for leah still. she's going home from the hospital today. her dad tweeted that her cancer treatments are complete and doctors say she's new cancer free.
5:46 am
for everyone who supported the family and leah saying it's crazy to know that after she's discharged, we're done with this chapter in our lives. he went on to say she really beat cancer and beyond thankful for the sent you have showed us. >> and we new overnight, the most humbling awards she announces nominees. >> and we're talking about the razzies here. they honor hollywood's worse of the worse. the big winners are 50 shades of gray and pixels. both have six nominations each. and winners will be announced february 25th, the day before the oscars. and the cleveland international film festival is getting an honor from the oscars. it's now a qualifying festival for the documentary short subject award at the academy awards. and that means it wins the category at ciff is automatically entered into the oscar category for the same
5:47 am
and up next, rebuilding lolita,ings celebrity chef michael simon plans to get inside again to his beloved restaurant and what happens to employees out of a job. >> and snowed under. parts of our viewing area pelted to nearly a foot of snow. prepare for a dicey commute this morning. somara theodore in storm tracker 5 driving on the roads for you and we'll get an update in 60 seconds. dear fellow citizen, i know what it' s like to buy a house. i know how it feels to be stressed about money.
5:48 am
because i' m not just a fellow dad, fellow mom, fellow saver, i' m a fellow citizen. who gets up every day and tries her best. just like you. sincerely, elizabeth trackler samantha parke robert kennedy deanna morrison jared duemling alex payne . back. i'm somara theodore and this is a look at what a lot of you will be taking. if you're in madison, opt for 90 and say you want to take 20, going on 20 now. >> and that is not looking pretty as well. twenty, we're seeing some whiteout conditions. the only luck is because of the street lights that are helping us and as you get to the darker spots, it's not looking good.
5:49 am
leave early if you're going to take 20 from madison. tera, over to you. >> and thank you for keying us safe out there, somara. we appreciate it, guys. drive slow and we'll get that picture. 5:55 now. the morning temperatures a major concern along with that snowfall on the east side and we have 76 and probably additional now that i am going on air, school closings. so, your power of 5 school closings on at the bottom of the screen. the numbers for you, as far as what it feels like outside, 7 below in elyria; 5 below, cleveland; 13 below, mansfield and richland and norwalk and in huron county, you're under a winter advisory until 9 a.m. the heavier is thattously to the north of willoughby and 20. the heavy yesterday snow over perry and north perry, 20 as we were hearing from somara is a major problem area. corrina?
5:50 am
accident free this morning. i want to zoom you in to one issue at 90 westbound at dead man's curb and that is disabled vehicle that could cause troubles. and again, for you east siders, 90 and lake county seeing major delays and route 20 and this is a live look outside at state route 2, and this is in willowwi consider, k and volume is picking up. take it easy. over to you. a garfield heights couple turning themselves in to police, fulfill -- for stealing more than $2,000 worth of copier. in july, train year -- for copper in jewel, that were accused of stealing copper. thomas was a construction worker when he was caught bracking into the electrical room. and cleveland celebrity chef michael simon waiting to get back into his restaurant lolita.
5:51 am
the plains dealer said it started near or in a pizza oven. simon said the main concern is his employees. they will all be offered work at his other restaurant. and then he will start planning renovations for lolita. and next at 6, a young american woman murdered overseas. new photos that could be the key to finding her killer. >>. and whiteout conditions in parts of our viewing area. our good morning cleveland team working hard to prepare you for your morning commute.
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