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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 6am  ABC  January 18, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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of us out on area roadways. the heaviest snowfall, 20, 90, 84, even 6 seeing an increase of snowfall when driving. there's willoughby, kirtland and kirtland hills. your darkest purple is where you're going to have some major problems. some real dark purple on 90 as you're driving on the east side of lakes. that's going to be a major point of concern and spotty moderate to light snowfall in ashtabula as well. it all feels so much heavier because the winds are so strong. we've got gus as high as -- gusts as high as 30, 35 miles per hour which is why your windchills are so painful. the arctic blast hitting us hard. 13 below here in cleveland but you have the same story in canton and around wooster and mansfield as well. so be careful out there as well. let's check in with corrina. somara actually who is making sure your morning commute is okay. how is it? >> well, not going to be a good one if you're headed out anywhere in ashtabula county
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right now here's our location. we're actually past ashtabula headed towards -- [indiscernible] we're getting ready to head up there. we're on 90 eastbound. here is a look at the roads. not pretty at all. we aren't seeing many snow plow trucks up this way. we're also seeing road conditions deteriorating as we get farther and farther in towards ashtabula county. we're seeing roads completely whited out on the ground and coming from the sky visibility is low. that blowing snow that she was talking about is what's causing the visibility out here to be so, so bad. it's one of those mornings if you can stay indoors. you definitely are going to want to because it's going to be a rough morning commute. that's a look at your storm tracker update. over to you. definitely a tough ride for anybody in geauga, lake, ashtabula counties where you are right now. major delays in both directions because of just really poor conditions and low visibility.
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also 20 experiencing some issues. i want to view in to a couple of trouble spots. the first one, an accident, a vehicle in a ditch at 88. also reports of a vehicle spun out on 168. so use caution. we're seeing again all that snow creating for some very messy and slick conditions. checking out drive times, not really affected around the greater cleveland area but certainly going to abslow ride for you. here's a live look outside now. this is i-90 at 271. you cannot see very well at all. just a few cars out there. volume is reduced because of the holiday. terence and jackie. it's going to be a messy commute for sure for many people near the snowbelt. whiteout conditions. our live team coverage continues with sarah phinney in mayfield heights. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jackie and terence. we're on mayfield road where there are a lot of businesses. plows are working to clear the parking lots here behind me.
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covered. as you can see there's a good pile behind me. so it shows that the know is accumulating. it's not just blowing around but it is very brutal out here. if you're still inside and haven't glanced at your car in the driveway, i want to show what you it might look like. we have footage from a car dealership where you can see inches of snow on the cars. that was taken a coup of hours ago so it might be even worse now. you might want to give yourself a coup extra minutes to scrape all of that off. take it slow if you're on the roads, not just the side roads but the interstates. we saw a car spun out on 271 and 90 early this morning. crews in addition to clearing the parking lots they're also working hard to clear the roads. dozens of odot drivers and private plows are across several counties. odot is using calcium chloride to prevent freezing. several cities have parking bans including chesterlands. the moral of the story is take it slow if you're out and about but if you can stay inside,
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is brutally cold out here. live in mayfield heights, news channel 5. the snow may be focusing in on the the east side but the bitter cold temperatures are affecting just about everyone. a windchill advisory in effect till noon. >> take a look behind us here if you can. single digits in some places. the windchill not helping. taking us some -- taking some of us below zero. meg shaw is in one of the coldest spots. tell us how you feel? >> reporter: you said negative 11. i feel even colder than negative 11 because when this wind kind of hits you in the face, it cuts right through you. this temperature right behind us says 5 degrees. again i feel like that negative 11. again, i know a lot of people have the day off with the holiday but if you're heading out, make sure you are bundled up. you have several layers on because in temperatures like
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risk for frostbite and hypothermia. frostbite can actually start setting in within 30 minutes. so if you're heading out, make sure you are headed up. loose layers really help. on the outer layer of your coat, make sure it is water resistant. you don't want things wet and keeping you cold for even longer. be safe if you are heading out today and stay warm. live in brunswick, meg shaw, new channel 5. breaking overnight from the live desk, an ohio police officer shot and killed in the line of duty. a male and female reportedly now in custody. this all started around midnight in danville just northeast of mount vernon as a statewide search for a missing cruiser. the state highway patrol saying the officer's hat was found with blood on it. found. the officer later found shot outside the danville municipal building. this marks ohio's second fallen canine jethrow.
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about a local boy killed in a sledding accident. over the weekend friends, neighbors and complete straipgers gathered in two cities -- strangers gathered in two cities to support his parents. he was an only child. he was sledsing last tuesday when he cool slided with a passing car -- collided with a passing car at the bottom of the hill. firefighters, police officers, family friends huddled together for prayer and song. >> i just couldn't imagine the devastation and what the family is feeling, what the family is going through. he was just a little boy, excited about the snow. >> it was a similar scene in amherst saturday night. police do not intend to charge the driver. right now lorain police are saying a driver involved in a deadly crash is like -- was likely drunk. this is the photo from the scene saturday nye at 23rd a 20-year-old woman ran a stop car. the woman's car then spun and hit two pedestrians killing 62-
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the other person injured. charges against that driver now pending. also in lorain, this man now charged with murder after he was captured by police yesterday. anthony wayne davis is accused of fatally shooting 59-year-old corrina charlton at a home on west 7th court saturday. witnesses told police they saw davis leaving the house right after those shots were fired. a reminder for you today. most barpgs, government offices and many -- banks, government offices and many schools are closed for mlk day. there's also no mail delivery and several cities will not have garbage pickup today. a number of attractions will be open offering free or discounted admission, including the great lakes science center. le the rock 'n' roll hall of fame. some are hosting fun events as well. we have a full list on our website and you can check out the news net 5 app for those details, too. the cavs hitting the hardwood back at home. >> there will be a black heritage celebration during
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the team is ready to host the top ranked team. the golden state warriors, they've already played them once this season and lost. irving was just returning from his knee injury back then. now he says they're not the same team and they are ready for this rematch. cannot wait to see that. thanks so much for starting your cold monday morning with us. i'm jessica fehr -- jackie fernandez. i'm terence lee. what to do if your car is damaged and how not to get stuck with the repair bill. >> do you think our weather is extreme? we have new video out of florida showing the latest on the cleanup after a string of deadly tornadoes. those stories and more right
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good morning. welcome back. i'm somara theodore in the storm tracker.
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exiting just outside of -- [ inaudible ] it's really bad in this part of ashtabula county. we're seeing whiteout conditions for the past five minutes. we are crossing over that overpass on route 7. we aren't seeing any snowplow trucks. i probably can count on one hand how many i have seen out. it's a holiday. a lot of people are in. roads might take longer to get cleared so i would highly recommend you staying indoors, especially if you live in parts of north ashtabula county. that's a look at your update. jackie, over to you. >> thank you, somara. now to democracy 2016 where the final democratic debate wrapped up before the iowa caucuses. the gloves, they came off in charleston, south carolina with hillary clinton and bernie sanders in a dead heat in the iowa poll. and one of the issues they clashed on, gun control. >> i think secretary clinton knows that what she says is very disingenuous.
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from the nra. >> i am pleased to hear that senator sanders has reversed his position on immunity and i look forward to him joining with those members of congress who have already introduced legislation. >> the candidates also discussed police brutality, concerns over sanders' electability and health care reform. meantime three new hampshire newspapers are throwing their support behind ohio governor john kasich. the newspapers say he is the best qualified for president because of his effective leadership as a congressman and now governor. those endorsements come at a time when he is struggling to gain traction and name recognition in a crowded g.o.p. presidential field. breaking from the live desk, a desperate search under way for several americans missing in iraq. the u.s. embassy in baghdad kidnapped. local media there reporting three americans and an iraqi translator were taken.
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officials are working in cooperation with iraqi authorities to find and recover the missing people. of course we'll keep you updated. corrina, happening right now, four americans released in a prisoner swap deal between the u.s. and iran are now at a military base in germany. but it's unclear when they'll continue the george any home. their family and friend anxious to see the faces they haven't seen for a long while. but even as they celebrate, one american who disappeared in iran years ago is still missing. not included in that swap former f.b.i. agent robert levinson. the 67-year-old disappeared in 2007. >> even as we revoice in the safe return of others, we will never forget about bob. >> in exchange the u.s. released seven people from iran convicted of sanction violations and agreed to pay the country $1.7 billion in order to settle a more than 30- year-old debt. also happening across the nation, a family in virginia mourning its loved ones who were killed in a house fire yesterday.
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children, were trapped inside this hope in chesterfield. fire crews were not able to rescue them in time. investigators are still trying to figure out what started this fire here. residents in florida are starting the cleanup process after an scout break of violent and deadly tornadoes. the storms ripped through the state's west coast just before dawn yesterday can iing two people and injuring at least seven others. dozens of homes as you can see here collapsed, had their roofs torn off. a lot of damage there. and thousands still do not have power right now. our january weather here in cleveland quite the opposite taking a live look outside this morning. this is in mayfield heights. you see all the snow on the ground. it's blowing because of those winds. we are in for another lake effect morning that will put you hopefully stuck in the house rather than out on area roadways. allow for a lot of extra time as we do have upwards of 4 to 6 inches already found across northeast ohio. we were hearing from somara
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are extremely hard to drive through. and that is not even where we found the heaviest snow. at this points of the morning lake county has really noticed the extremes when it comes to heavy snow faw. i want -- snowfall. southern sections of lake county stretching into geauga. willoughby through kirtland hills, you can see the increase of moderate to heavy snowfall. thompson seeing heavier pockets of snow. where you see the dark purple, that means visibilities are going to be very low. strong winds in place and heavy snowfall. so the combination of it all probably whiteout conditions where you're seeing the darker purple. moderate pockets here in ashtabula, too. want to focus back on the east side of cuyahoga because we have a lot of people trying to
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so 6:16, colinwood you have light, moderate snow. euclid and richmond heights as well. it's lighter over cleveland heights. we have pockets in broad view heights and into avon. avon lake area. so snow not really causing major concerns everywhere but east siders we expect major problems until tomorrow afternoon. your snow warning, lake geauga, ashtabula upward as foot or more. the advisory about 3 to 7 inches in total. we also have a windchill advisory. if one thing isn't enough, now we have to be battling with something else. the bitter arctic air in place. some of us cold as 15 below so far. 10 below mansfield. canton to wooster at 14 below. on this martin luther king, jr. day, you may be heading to area libraries.
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you venture out. indoors. it will feel as cold as 5 below. we'll take another look at your seven-day forecast in a few roadways with corrina. we're starting you off with a live look outside with the odot cam. state route 91, we're seeing poor visibility. traffic moving very slowly as we're dealing with some really rough conditions for those of you that have to commute this morning on this holiday. traffic maps for you. we're starting to see a couple of issues, some disabled vehicles. this is on 90 eastbound at west 41st street. keep that in mind. that could slow you down. for you east siders another disabled vehicle. this is blocking the right lane i-90 westbound at eddie road. let's take you out east where we are seeing major delays and really bad conditions for you as you're headed on 90 in both directions as well as 20, lake
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-- lake eking on ga, as buhl -- lake geauga, ashtabula counties. a spinout for you on route 168. so lots of mess out there this morning. take it easy. along with the bitter cold temperatures, this can do a number on your car. >> your car could end up on the back of a tow truck at some point. what happens if your car is damaged while towing? that's what this man wanted to know. his dream harley davidson fell off the flat bed. >> all i wanted them to do is make it look like it did when they picked it up. fix the tank, the instrument panel. let harley look at it and make sure nothing is wrong. >> if your car is danged during towing, they want you to take damage and the tow truck. do not accept cash on the spot. that could make it harder to collect later. ask the company to pay for repairs. if they refuse, contact the better business bureau and the state attorney general. despite the bitter temperatures, winter warriors, they braved some icy waters for
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>> it was all worth it, too. we learned the organizer ended up raising more than $6500. 70 people took part as a polar plunge to support landry cole. she was diagnosed with brain cancer back in 2014. since then she's had surgery after surgery and multiple rounds of chemo. proceeds from that event will help pay for a special machine used to monitor her societyup levels. -- >> her sodium levels. >> this is a game changer this machine because it's going to keep her out of the hospital more because we can see when she's trending up or down with this machine. we can stop it in its tracks. >> the family told us they're overwhelmed with the support they received and want to say thank you to all who have helped. coming up next, too cold to go outside. ready to hunker down with your netflix. we just learned when some of your favorite shows are coming back. >> plus, a live update from our storm tracker. the latest conditions before
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you're watching good morning
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good morning. welcome back. from lake county all the way to the farthest corners of ashtabula county, we have arrived. here to look at our location at the intersection of 70 and route 20, looking at the roads you can see snow coming down in
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pretty bad. we came off the main highway but we are seeing a ton of snow on the ground. on a lot of side highways, you're going to be seeing this type of road conditions. whiteout conditions at times. we're heading back to 20 where we're expecting to see more whiteout conditions. we'll check back with you soon but for now over to you. >> we're glad you're staying safe. keep it slow as you venture out on to the smaller roadways especially. secondary roads, remember they get hit last with trying to clear them off so a major concern this morning on the east side when it comes to lake effect snow. we're kind of in the thick of it now expecting to find the big totals remaining in place today until tomorrow afternoon. focus in on 306 here if kirtland to pecks corners, you're going to find moderate snow, potentially whiteout situations with the strong wind in place. 84 is going to be difficult for you as well as 90. as we stretch a little farther
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to be impacted for driving this morning. shoreland to paynesville and south madison and thompson. want to get in real close for you and show one of the heaviest concentrations for us here. you have had major problems. so be extra, extra cautious and bundle up. make sure the warm car is ready leave. you have to be in to warm it. [indiscernible] windchills well below zero. trending this morning, david bowie's final album "blackstar" is debuting number one on the billboard chart." >> this gives the late music legend his first number one album ever. bowie died january 10 of cancer of that album. clearly music fans have been moved by the news of his passing. not only did the album perform strong, he has nine previous albums that either just
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charts as well. on a cold day like today, you just want to chill out and check out netflix for new episodes. >> netflix and chill. we have release dates for some of your favorite shows. mark down june 17. that is when the ladies from "orange is the new black" come back out. and the unbreakable -- [indiscernible] jessica jones will get a second season. you can see the full list on our news net 5 app. let us know what your favorite show is on twitter. coming up next for you, an ohio officer fatally shot in the line of duty overnight. his cruiser stolen by a suspect and the breaking new details coming out of columbus. >> several winter weather alerts across northeast ohio. how long you can expect them to
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now at 6:30, a winter weather warning. lake effect snow blowing in on the east side. then bitter cold temperatures are moving into the southwest. >> our team is spread out across the area. sarah phinney live in maple -- mayfield heights. and somara theodore is checking on road conditions. sad news here. an ohio police officer shot and killed in the line of duty. we are just learning his name is thomas katrel, this picture provided by the danville police
6:26 am
a male and female reportedly now in custody. this all started around midnight in danville just northeast of mount vernon as a statewide search for a missing danville officer and his stolen cruiser. the ohio state highway control saying the officer's hat was found with blood on t. his cruiser nowhere to -- on it. found. that officer later found shot building. officer of the year. now let's head over to power 5 meteorologist tera blake for a check on that forecast. we take a look at the heaviest snowfall. just to the south of perry picking up now. we're about an inch per every three hours. we're now 2 inches per three hours in the northern kind of tier of lake county for you from fair port harbor, paynesville east through perry towards thompson is where we currently have the heaviest snow.
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is currently. for the most part here it's been in lake county. thankfully a lot of people not having to deal with this because we are not in school and a lot of us not heading to the workplace today. look at the dark purple right here for us on 90. certainly going to be slow. there's the lane for you and leroy. at this point of the morning south madison to thompson, shoreland and paynesville showing heavy snow. it all feels heavy because we have such extreme winds. 30 to 35 mile per hour gusts in some spots. so willoughby, willoughby hills, kirtland heavy snow, too. ashtabula -- somara said as she was driving it felt like they hadn't been plowed yet. be very careful and watch out when it comes to temperatures.
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many layers. let's talk about the roadways. we'll be sitting in our cars with two coats on. >> reporter: it's a little bit cold. we're starting to see some issues because of the snowfall. zooming in here, i want to talk about a disabled vehicle. this is i-90 eastbound at west 41st street. we have another disabled vehicle over on the east side blocking the right lane at eddie road. it is a rough commute for you in geauga, ashtabula, lake counties. look at all the red on your screen affecting 90 and 20. major slowdowns, lots of visibility issues. an accident reported old state road at ohio 88, a vehicle in a ditch. last but not least a vehicle spinout, highway 168 at claireen troy road -- children don -- claren don troy road. you see very poor visibility out there. snow has been fawing hard all night long certainly across
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i just tweeted out several cities have parking bans in place. >> our sarah phinney is continuing our team coverage for us this morning. how are road conditions currently where you are some. >> reporter: jackie, this is the worst it's felt all morning. i'm not sure if the wind is picking up or i'm just geag weak but it's -- getting weak but it's really nasty. we have a lot of plows going by. looks like city plows from what i can see. they're working to clear mayfield road. a lot of private plows out and about clearing the businesses. lots of businesses up and down mayfield road. as far as odot, they're working 24/7 to try and clear the interstate. they are using calcium chloride in an effort to prevent freezing. road conditions are dangerous in some spots. cars spun out along 271 and 90 this morning so you don't want to end up like that. go slow.
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important to note several cities have parking bans this morning including chesterland and d -- and odot tweeted to not crowd the plows. something good to remember when morning. back to you guys. >> get warm, my friend. >> get some sustenance. mother nature definitely morning. >> our southern counties are dealing with bitter cold windchills. meg shaw, you're dealing with behind you. >> reporter: yes, thankfully there is no snow but the cold temperatures are really brutal this morning. i'm not sure how well you can see my breath here but it is very cold. when that wind picks up, it just cuts right through you. so even though this temperature gauge might say 5 degrees, it feels well below zero with those windchills.
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heading outside today, cover up as much as you can. you don't want to put yourself at risk for frostbite. the more exposed skin you have, the more risk you are at. the frostbite can start setting in at 30 minutes. wear several layers today if you are heading out. we all wabts to stay safe -- want to stay safe. >> great tips there. another way to stay safe is see is expected to get. snowcast app. you can download it now from apple's app store. let's look at two of the morning's top stories. friends, neighbors and even perfect strangers gathered to remember a 9-year-old boy killed in a sledding accident. more than 50 people turned out last night, firefighters, police officers, family friends praying for drew hayden and his parents. the service was held on the hill where drew went sledding tuesday. he collided with a passing car at the bottom of the hill. he later died from his injuries. ridgefield police say the
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a second man is charged with robbing a priest in little italy. david harrison is charged with armed robbery. harrison and sanchez philips are accused of assaulting a priest december 5. it's one of four robberies police believe the pair are involved in. the presidential candidates calling on michigan's governor responding. to the browns? we look at some of the rumors swirling around the team this morning. >> plus, we continue to track through. it's all ahead for you on good morning cleveland.
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. a musical celebration for a civil rights pioneer. the music at university circle held a free concert in honor of dr. martin luther king, jr. students showcased some of his favorite songs and poems. cleveland's youth orchestra will also perform today in honor of mlk part of the open house. it runs from noon to 5:00. admission is free. a march and rally for tamir rice also planned for this afternoon. organizers say today's event is about supporting the rice family. after a grand jury decided two
6:34 am
not face charges in his death. the rally begins at 2:30 on the steps of the justice center. a reminder for you today that most banks, government offices and many schools will be closed for the holiday. there's also no mail delivery and several cities will not have trash pickup today. now to the browns where rumors are running rampant. the first report saying the browns could bring back the cied natter -- coordinator -- [ inaudible ] the rumors swirling about johnny manziel. the coach saying in short if johnny football did go to vegas the final week of the season, that would make him a nonstarter in his book. so this could be the end for johnny here if cleveland. -- here in cleveland. while the browns are at home watching the playoffs continue this weekend, this is a tough moment here. >> one of the big games besides
6:35 am
featured the saddle sea -- seattle seahawks and the panthers. before the game -- [ inaudible ] -- can we fast forward to the inevitable. seahawks-pats super bowl. >> the panthers knocked off the seahawks 31-24. the team had some fun with dwight after n. they tweeted -- after this. they tweeted this is why dwight was the assistant to the regional manager instead of stnt regional -- assistant regional manager. several stores. now the fbi is getting voffed. >> we're watching -- involved. >> we're watching a one-two punch from mother nature. lake effect snow and bitter cold. we have the latest on
6:36 am
we have 15 minutes with everything you need to know before you head out the door. our team is spread out across the northeast ohio tracking two curveballs from mother fate. lake effect snow for the east side and then bitter cold windchills to the south. so let's take a look at the big picture first with power 5 meteorologist tera blake.
6:37 am
now finding as much as 8 inches close to kirtland hills and willoughby hill. that's the biggest number found. this is over the past 24 hours. already picking up 8 inches. we expect snowfall to be in the picture until i think tomorrow afternoon, maybe starting to shut off tomorrow morning. so another day to go. that's why we have those warnings and advisory in place. i want to start out with the heaviest snowfall. we've had pretty much lake showing the biggest totals of the morning. squalls persisting in the same area so those numbers are really starting to pile up. willoughby hills, kirtland and pecks corners, you're going to see driving difficulties, especially there on 90 and 6. also noticing heavy snowfall pushing close to leroy and 90, south madison and thompson stretching into geauga and ashtabula also heavy snowfall. but i do want to focus in on the heaviest spot at this point
6:38 am
seally road, i think you'll have whiteout conditions when driving on that and 90. that is the heaviest pocket currently. it's lighter in ashtabula but as we found out from somara theodore, she said she didn't see a ton of trucks out and instead saw very snow covered roads. difficulty driving in ashtabula county, lake and geauga, too. and even east siders you're seeing snowfall to richmond heights. it's a lot lighter over cleveland heights and universe heights but light snow feels winds. we've got gusts 20 to 30 miles per hour. so we still have problems with your snow. cold. so no worries about that. snow warning lake geauga, ashtabula till tomorrow afternoon. snow advisory in cuyahoga. as much as 7 inches in total. we also have the windchill advisory until noon today. 13 below for what it feels like in cleveland.
6:39 am
wayne county residents extra layers is a must. 10 below in mansfield. 8 below in ashtabula and youngstown. hour by hour today, it will remain very cold. i think even with a high of 15 it will feel like 5 below. corrina? the holiday helping us out in terms of less volume out on the roads but we are starting to see slowdowns as we take a look at the big picture here. a couple of issues. i want to zoom in on here. we're seeing reports of disabled vehicles. this one i-90 eastbound at west 41st street and over on the east side reports after disabled vehicle blocking the right lane i-90 westbound at eddie road. for you east siders, as tera has been mentioning, it is a rough commute. if you can avoid the road, you definitely want to do that. heavy snowfall affecting your commute in both directions on 90, 20 and all those back roads issues as well. drive times not too bad at the moment. things are looking pretty good overall.
6:40 am
our odot cam at i-90 and bishop road. slick conditions. poor visibility. take it easy out there. good news for your morning commute. let's talk about this. chester avenue and east 40th street reopened. the area of course was closed for two weeks after the massive water main break. the cleveland water department saying all repairs were finished yesterday afternoon. terence? now let's check in with the rest of our team. meg shaw live in brunswick getting us ready for the bitter cold to the south. first let's check in with sarah phinn ye. >> good morning-- >> phinney. >> good morning. >> it is bitterly cold. we're off mayfield road where fine. we've seen city plows and private plows working to clear the parking lots of businesses and here. as far as odot, they're working interstates. we saw some of the plows on 90 mayfield heights. crews are using calcium chloride.
6:41 am
cars spun out along the two interstates and others across northeast ohio. you don't want to end up like that. make sure to go slow and give yourself a few extra minutes. several cities have parking bans this morning, including chesterland, odot tweeting not too long ago to not crowd the plow which means to stay behind behind it. that is the safest spot when out on the roads. overall just be careful and be sure to bundle up. meg shaw is talking about those cold temperatures if in another part of northeast ohio. >> reporter: bundle up no doubt. it's bruleally cold. it says 5 degrees but it feels well below zero in a widespread of areas. if you have to head out, let's talk about what you should do to stay safe. wear several layers, loose fitting layers keep you a lot warmer on the inside.
6:42 am
you need protection. make sure you have as much of your exposed skin covered as much as possible because in dangerous temperatures like this, you are at a much higher risk for frostbite and that frostbite can set in in just 30 minutes. don't forget about our four- legged friends. bringing those guys inside because in these temperatures, it is not good for them either. so again if you are heading out, make sure you are bundled up because we want everyone to stay safe on this holiday. live in brunswick, meg shaw, news channel 5. >> thank you. our other big story this morning breaking from the live desk, an ohio police officer shot and killed in the line of duty. we are just learning his name is thomas cottrell. this picture here provided to us by the danville police department. and we are just learning the name of the suspects. police telling us it is this man herschel jones iii. jones and another female now in custody. it all started around midnight in danville northeast of mount vernon as a statewide search for a missing danville officer and his stolen cruiser. the ohio state highway patrol
6:43 am
cottrell's hat was found with -- on it. found. he was later found shot outside building. this marks ohio's second fallen canine jethrow. an investigation into a county. over the weekend several stars were evacuated and shut down including the village target and canton walmart. but no bombs were found. parts of state route 212 were also shut down early yesterday morning. police found a suspicious device but now they say it was a false alarm. right now lorain police are saying a driver involved in a deadly crash was likely drunk. this is the morning journal photo from the scene saturday night at 23rd street and oakdale avenue. a 20-yard woman ran a stop sign and was hit by another car. the woman's car then spun and hit two pedestrians killing 62- year-old mel rush and leaving the other injured. also in lorain this man now
6:44 am
was captured by police yesterday. anthony davis is accused of fatally shooting corrina charlton saturday. witnesses say they saw davis leaving the house right after the shots were fired. hoverboards banned at ohio university. the school just announced the two-wheel scooters are prohibbed inside all -- prohibited inside all campus buildings after reports of fires. a number of museums over northeast ohio will be open. discounted the mission. the rock 'n' roll hall of fame, part. some are hosting fun events, educational, too. you can find a full list on our website the cavs are back home. tonight they will celebrate mlk day. >> yes, they will.
6:45 am
celebration. the golden state warriors, we lost to them back on christmas day but now they are ready for this rematch. let's get another check of those conditions outside with sow mara theodore. -- somara theodore. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jackie. right now here's our location. we were on 20. that's a road that's heavily traversed for a lot of commuters as an alternate to 90. pretty bad out there. in fact, while we were riding along the road, kenny who's driving looked over to me and said i think we're over some ice right now. so a lot of snow on the ground. you're seeing all sorts of stuff. visibility low. some spots like lake county where we're headed to now expecting upwards after foot of snow lieu this lake effect snow period. this will last all the way through tomorrow as we're under a lake effect snow warning for ashtabula, geauga and lake county. looking at the roads right now, in and out of whiteout conditions as the blowing snow starts to pick up. that's when visibility
6:46 am
we are seeing grounds pretty visible. that's a look at your storm stick around. we have more news and weather
6:47 am
happening now from the live desk a desperate search under way for several americans missing in iraq. the u.s. embassy in baghdad confirming they have been kidnapped. local media is reporting three americans and also an iraq can translator were -- iraqi translator were taken. officials are working in cooperation with iraqi authorities to find and recover these missing people. of course we'll keep you updated. happening now, four americans released in a prisoner swap deal with the u.s. and iran are now at a military base in germany. >> it's unclear when they will continue their journey home. their family and friends are anxious to see the faces they haven't seen for so long.
6:48 am
seven iranians convicted of sanctions violations and agreed to pay iran $1.7 billion in order to settle a more than 30- year-old debt. right now florida is cleaning up after an outbreak of violent and deadly tornadoes. the storms ripped through florida's west coast killing two people and injuring at least seven. dozens of homes collapsed or had their roofs torn off and thousands remain without power. now to the race for the white house. the democratic candidates face off in the final debate before the iowa caucuses. hillary clinton's closing statements. she brought up the water crisis in flint, michigan. of lead. >> we have a city in the united states of america where the population which is poor in many ways and majority african- american has been drinking and water.
6:49 am
acted as they he didn't really care. >> bernie sanders also said michigan's governor should step down. other big names getting involved in this. film maker and flint native michael moore accusing the city of knowing and then ignoring the poison water. civil rights leader jesse jackson also calling for an investigation here and the city's water was contaminated after switching from the detroit water system to the flint river as a cost cutting move. this morning looking at heavy snowfall and our lake effect locations, the heaviest for you right now in willoughby hills. you can see fair port harbor, leroy to trumble seeing extreme visibilities down to nothing in some places. if you don't have the snow like the east side, you have the very cold air in place. how about those roads? volume picking up just a bit but significantly reduced because of the holiday but we've been getting reports of spinouts all morning long.
6:50 am
do not forget to stay warm. we'll have another check on the
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