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tv   News Channel 5 at Noon  ABC  January 18, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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news channel 5 at noon brought to you by unique tions. >> live always on your side. news channel 5 starts now. >> we begin with a weather alert, our meteorologist tracking are take air air. and you see the snow totals are going up. the snowmachine already chomping several inches -- dropping several inches an feel as cold as 10 below. we have coverage on the roads and in your backyard. we build -- we begin with
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of the clear if you are on the west side inland locations. what you're dealing with is that biting bitter cold. ting slammed right now, over 10" of the cumulate -- accumulation for the you could area. and from south areas , southern portions of geneva county nearing 13 inches of snow in some locations continue for the next 24 hours here. you can see from the power of 5 that squall that continues to set up is associated with i mean that is bringing our temperatures down. euclid area, currently seeing a slight break.siders definitely seeing a good abundance of snow. the darker blues into the lighter blues, you can see those are heavier bands y into north madison.
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southeastern portions of shaka county, even ce coating of snow. that lake effect snow warning still in effect. it's were that lake effect snow could see another one" to 2" --ing an eye on road conditions, this is a live look just about to cross over into east ashtabula county. getting hit with the heavier snow right now. we saw cars that had spun out early this morning so of course meanwhile crews working hard to clear the roads. dozens of drivers and plows were out there to clear the they are trying to prevent freezing. melt is
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some places could get up to a foot. megan, what's happening there right now? >> reporter: the bit but it is frigid and slippery. hopefully those of you who have martin luther king day off are celebrating inside. the biggest concern right now is the roadways. portions of state road 2 slow due to slide offs. arned state road 2 is open but state road 82, portions of macedonia closed.ese reports come as police here and there are asking folks to stay off the roads. unless they absolutely need to. as you can see the slippery conditions are going to be unavoidable. we will be keeping you updated throughout the day at the road conditions and i will have a full report from -- for you tonight. tion to our team of meteorologists, you can see how much snow will fall with our new snow cast app.
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apples app store -- apple's app store. >> and the deadly shooting of an ohio police officer. court records show the man who pulled the trigger had a lengthy record and in one case tried to claim he was legally police arrested herschel ray thomas cottrell. his body was found behind a building in his weapon was missing. girlfriend reportedly told police he wanted to kill an officer. new at noon, ohio will still recognize concealed handgun permits in virginia even after the state stops recognizing ohio permits. starting january 1 virginia won't recognize permits in states that have less stringent laws. nonresidents -- will need a license to carry in virginia. january is human trafficking awareness month and today we are learning residence in ohio are getting a financial boost.
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force awarded $90,000 to nine counties in kidding -- including cuyahoga and some took the money will be used to provide prevention resources in the exploitation of children. take a look. this is imani wright, last seen home in cleveland. police tell us they think she might be in the area of east 200 and euclid avenue. in the race for 2016, presidential candidates are out in full force spreading campaigns across iowa and new hampshire. the iowa caucus, the attacks republican versus republican at last night's final democratic debate before voting exchanged between clinton and >> you've received over $600,000 in speaking fees from goldman sachs in one year. >> he voted to let guns going to amtrak, guns going to
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figure out how we can save lives. >> meantime, the view between the two top private -- presidential candidates, cruz saying he will employ donald trump to build a wall on the southern border. and should donald trump be banned from the uk? that's what the british -- with the british parliament is debating. more than 500,000 people signed an online petition to keep up republican presidential candidate out of the united kingdom under british law, any petition backed by 100,000 people is considered for parliamentary debate. a reminder for you today, most banks, government offices and many schools are closed for martin luther king jr. day. there's also no mail delivery and several cities will not have trash pickup today. however a number of try -- attractions will be open. offering free or discounted admission, including the great lakes science center and the rock-and-roll hall of fame.
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our app. the cavaliers are back in cleveland tonight after a long news channel 5 max tenisha harris will be here. they are looking for their first win warriors. tip off is at 8:00. turns out -- dramatic video exploding. itunes radio. what the company plans to do at
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and major setback for the latest spacex mission. this video released overnight shows the falcon 9 rocket landing on a floating ocean barge. but the rocket then tipped over and exploded. spaces officials say one of the legs -- spikes ex--- heavy fog at liftoff may be to blame. itunes radio users listen up, the company is no longer offering the service for free at the end of the month. to continue listening to your favorite stations you will have to start paying a monthly subscription of $9.99. they say with subscriptions, streaming will be ad-free. beats one will still be
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anyone still using windows 8 on the computers may one to consider in a grade. they've ended technical support for the operating system, suggesting users upgrade to 8.1 or windows 10. windows 8 users can upgrade for free. the company says about 50 million users still use windows 8 across the world. next on news at noon, gas for less than $1.00 a gallon? we'll explain why that might not be so far off. and squalls persisting for eastern locations but tower 5 tracking windchills down to
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storm tracker 5 putting you in the drivers seat, showing queue what drivers -- showing you what the roads look like now. you can see just wheel marks right there, a lot of the pavement covered but take a look at the major highways in and out of downtown cleveland. you can see a much different story. asphalt base looking clear for
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maybe to the east -- mainly to the east. we're tracking the snowfall hour by hour and we will check in in a few minutes. gas for below $1.00 per gallon? it's a price that one northern michigan town over the weekend as the result of a price war. another when selling for $.78 per gallon. unfortunately prices are not that low in ohio, right now the price isn't that bad. 1 gallon will cost you $1.70 according to investors are bracing for iran's global return. to the oil market. they will begin exporting oil. iran is expected to quickly boost exports by 500,000 barrels per day, which could drop prices even further. right now a barrel is $29, the lowest we've seen since 23 --
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in the release of five americans, the youngest rt back as we learn more about the secret negotiations that set them free, elizabeth hur has the story. >> reporter: five americans are free at last. >> we are overjoyed that he's out. >> reporter: a boston university graduate student, he's the first to return home arriving in massachusetts after being detained for 40 days in meanwhile three of these prisoners are now getting much needed medical treatment at a us military base. there first opt out of iran was geneva switzerland where jason who helped negotiate his release -- release. he was held on charges of espionage. >> i think he's doing okay. he's mostly been neglected for a long time. >> another spent more than four years in the notorious prison, his sister beaming with joy at the news that he was freed. seeing him soon.
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>> and pastor syed abidin he is grateful. >> i said daddy is released from prison and you will see him soon. >> the fifth american chose to stay in iran. abc news confirmed, in the exchange the obama administration agreed to release seven iranians charged with violating us sanctions and to drop arrest warrants for 14 others. this is on top of paying $1.7 billion to settle an old financial dispute with the iranian government. these americans were released just after that nuclear deal with iran went into effect but the white house maintains the two deals are separate adding diplomatic efforts over that nuclear deal actually paves the way for his release to happen. elizabeth hur, abc news new york . happening today, steve harvey finally speaking out on camera for the first time about
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-- in a two-part special, he comes face-to-face with the winner and the woman he accidentally crowned. >> i felt horrible for both of you. there's so much i want to say. i am truly sorry. >> really, i wish we all could have gotten it right that night. i want you to know that. >> harvey says he and his family received death threats and he credits his wife for getting him through many sleepless nights. his two-part special begins today at 3:00 here on news channel 5. let's get a ticket the forecast, the snow is really coming down on the east side. >> yes this is squalls are starting to -- the squalls are starting to persist and will continue for the next 36 hours. our team and staff will be during the holidays we were just seeing nice pavement and
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even yesterday, i was talking about -- look at this in ashtabula county, you can see the green grass. this is on i-271 getting pounded right now. i do want to mention, our own., -- our odot doing a great job of clearing roadways quickly but you can see just the abundance of snow , it's really pounding on that area. a different story, i wanted to show you this camera from wayne county. you can still see the football field, a good dusting came through yesterday afternoon, but kind of a quieter weather pattern throughout the weekend i showed you guys this and the snow wasn't a really big issue. it was an equal opportunity for everyone to see scattered snowfall. now it's just confined towards eastern locations. another big concern, today in tonight back -- night is windchills, getting down to
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in the single digits, from akron into summit county but west wind. look at the squall starting to really pick up toward lake county, garfield heights, definitely seemed flurries right now. the wider view, willoughby and geneva, ashtabula already picking up about a foot of snow just in the last 12 hours. tonight into tomorrow afternoon, it will definitely continue. i want to show you where this arctic air is coming from, the cold front has shifted towards the east but from minneapolis all the way to green bay, single-digit territory. the arctic air continues to move to northeast ohio. advisories in effect for the whole area. we have the potential for some delays and possible school closings tomorrow and towards lake gionta in ashtabula county.
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with us through tonight. taking you hour by hour, inland areas out towards richland county, you could see a few cloudy skies. this is heavier bands of moisture moving out towards eastern suffered -- suburb areas. taking a look at futurecast, by 4:30 another long area of moisture continues to move through, this continues all the way to about nine a clock p.m. taking a look at futurecast, by 4:30 another long area of moisture continues to move through, this continues all the -- 9:00 p.m. -- 9:00 p.m. and finally starts to get a break as we head into tuesday afternoon. i need you to bundle up, tonight we are tracking it on the power of five and remember we are also on the radio at 98.5 wncn next. -- when we come back i will show you the 7-day forecast
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i wish i could say this not. 15 degrees squalls are really starting to reverend up and will continue into tuesday, hopefully getting a break into tuesday afternoon. >> thanks for watching news at noon, see you at 4:00 and let's give you a live look at storm tracker on the move heading westbound cleveland. stay safe if you are heading
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take care. furniture for spotlight 5 provided by fish furniture. hello, ohio distance an electronic academy offers classes to students in kindergarten through the 12th grade and chief academic officer superintendent dr. thanks for being here. tells about the curriculum . the curriculum. it's engaged, comprehensive and very personalized. we take a lot of pride in infiltrating that into the students days, every day through the school year. >> as a parent, why choose
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>>there are a lot of reasons but i think a lot of it has to do with the way students learn in today's world. if you've ever seen a kid quantum gaming platform, they certainly allow that to happen easily sell online learning is an easy transition for them in the learning process. >> speaking about how students learn, what makes a student successful at an online school? >> one word is engagement. one of the things we have is highly qualified teachers that focus on engagement and i think that's what really makes the student successful. >> what age group do you enroll? >>o.d.e.l.a. is a full program kindergarten through 12th grade . >> i understand you are also redefining how students learn. tell me about that. >> we've enveloped this concept referred to as amp and that stands for autonomy, mastery and purpose. what we try to do is create autonomous learners, learners that are masters at what they do and certainly we drive learning with a purpose.
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that is in the online environment. >> as a parent, what are your parents think? >>i think they are excited. i think we've brought information to them about why ohdela is so critical in the learning process so it's been a great opportunity. >> thank you. to enroll your child to learn
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