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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 6am  ABC  January 19, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> and baby it's cold outside. >> very good. >> singing that. lake affect snow warnings, windchill advisories and school closings. we have live team coverage breaking down bitter cold temps. let's start with meteorologist tera blake. >> despite that wonderful -- wonderful singing, i am calling it a tuesday georgia. we have extremely cold temperatures and snowfall causing problems right here in cleveland with downed visibilities. i want to start you first with what you can expect when stepping outside here in and around kuai hog a. a very busy morning for us into work. a lot of -- cuyahoga and a very busy morning for us into work. the school closings at the bottom of the screen. eight degrees currently in cleveland. winds out of the southwest, 11 miles an hour and feels like 7 below. so, the windchill advisory for a lot of us here this morning. cold as 15 below. ten below wooster; 9 below canton; sunbelow cleveland -- 7 below cleveland; 8 below in
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we have the on-and-off again lake affect snow and has been on since saturday night, causing major problems and driving on the east side. i want to focus enough of the heavy snowfall for you quickly. downtown, you have your moderate to heavy snowfall and parts near peg corner, heavy snowfall and mullberry road and 306 going to be dangerous. the wind driving as very heavy snow is in place. corrina, how are the roads? >> somara. >> sorry. light go to somara. that. along 90 eastbound. i want to go ahead and show you where we're at. so that intersection where 92- 71 cross, what are the roads actually, a lot better than chardin -- chardon. for now, roads are okay and we
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deployed over 80 vehicles throughout geauga county, kuai hogga and lake county to -- cuyahoga and lake county to alleviate the lake affect snow warning. the snow is starting to come down. as you look ahead of us, people are taking their time going slow. earlier, we saw a spinoff on 90. please, please take your time while you're driving on some of the more treacherous roads. sarah, i know you're dealing with more windy conditions there. >> reporter: wind and cold, somara. it's still 9 degrees here in downtown akron and still feels colder than that. but if you want to be out in the car like somara, make sure you have a blanket and extra food, water and that your cell phone is charged in case something happens. when temperatures are this low, hypothermia, frostbite, those are real concerns. your fingers and toes, the tip of your nose, the earlobes, risk. it can happen in about a half hour when it is this cold.
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or see a loss of color, you need to get checked out. the chilly weather keeps fire departments and police departments busy. many calls come in for wellness checks. >> the elderly should stay inside and they do. the neighbors get worried with them because they haven't seen them. there are a couple of days of newspapers piled up. the police will go knock on the door and see if they're okay and check on them if someone calls. >> reporter: and fire departments encourage people to go check on the neighbors if you do feel comfortable with that. if you're going outside, make sure to bundle up. i have the snow pants, the gloves, a couple of jackets on and, of course, the hat, which is important. if you're heading -- hitting the roads today, let's check in they're looking. >> you need to be bundled up and starting off with a light look outside. we're seeing some delays. yes, we're experiencing snow in and around the city and some icy conditions out on the roads. maps. i am showing you the slowdowns.
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twenty also and volume is increasing. we're dealing with the weather and earlier spinouts on 90 and disabled vehicles for you east siders. it's another difficult day. i want to talk about an accident. breaking news that we're talking about here in akron. a car, it slammed into a tree overnight. pass. akron firefighters saying they had to extricate the driver from his vehicle. he was taken to the hospital. right now, an accident reconstruction team still on pass. my ex-boyfriend is out looking to kill a cop. he has my house keys. he's got my truck keys. he's got guns on him. he already beat me and threatened to kill me. >> you want me to send the cops to your house.
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>> that is just part of a chilling 911 call police are reviewing right now. made by the ex-girlfriend of herschel ray jones. she called 20 minutes before danville police officer thomas cottrell's body was found behind the town's municipal building. the weapon is missing. jones is accused of ambushing and killing cottre well, l and is expected to be charged with murder. summit county deputies recently started specialized training to prepare for ambush shootings like that in danville. it's based on real life situations like a gunman opening fire on officers in a cruisers. a scenario here is an officer being lured to a home for an identity theft case. [ gunshots ] >> reduce as much stress as we can on officers to see how they will perform under the stress. >> instructors are thinking about offering the training to law enforcement agencies throughout ohio and even in other states.
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across our states are reacting to the ambush on social media and one post in particular is raising eyebrows here. >> captain doug hunter with the wayne county sheriff's deputy posted a photo of the electric chair on the department's facebook page. take a look. as a caption, time to bring back consequences and shared more than 3,000 times, too. he makes no apologies for it and said the sheriff supports this post. and to a new scare for the family of major howard, the three-year-old killed in a drive-by shooting last year. >> cleveland police tell newschannel 5 that someone fired shots near the family's hope. he was shot while sitting in a car on east 113th street in september. major's grandfather said no bullets hit his home, but he believes the shooter was still targeting the family. place arrest -- police arrested one person in connection with the murder this month and they're still looking -- this month and they're still looking for another suspect. cleveland firefighters on scene of this house fire. this is on the city's east
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it all started at a vacant home in the 11,000 block -- excuse me, 11800 block of dev avenue. the fire spreading to a neighboring house, forcing a family to evacuate. everyone, though, made it out safely. right now, crews struggling to put out the flames because of heavy winds there. you see the snow coming down, too. at this point, no information on what sparked the fire. jackie and terrence. and 6:07 right now. it was a final style rematch that we hoped would end in a different way. but, no luck this time. >> the cavs fans were certainly fired up, but that was not enough to pull a win for the team against the golden state warriors. the warriors seth curry nailed seven 3-pointers before sitting out the fifth corner, leaving the team to a two-game season series. final score is 132-98. >> 132-98? >> yes. >> oh, my gosh.
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it came during the game's halftime show. newschannel 5s dani it, a harris helping honor dr. martin luther king jr.. she and others read part of the speech that he gave here in cleveland in 1967. the tribute was part of the annual black heritage celebration. another bright spot for our city, our very own personalized cleveland p aczek. people spoke and at a recent paczek convention, they voted for a new flavor called the breakfast of champion's paczek. made with dough infused with maple beer and we have bacon and eggs from local sources and rudy's strudel and bakery in parma, they will start selling the pastries today. looks so good. 6:08 right now on your tuesday morning and thanks for starting your day with us. i'm jackie fernandez. >> and i'm terrence lee. hope your morning is off to a great start. this is what we're working on for you this morning. a local home with no heat in
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a 5 on your side investigation reveals why the newly replaced furnace was not warm enough. >> and healthy eating, a new program launched the one cleveland school today that help students improve their diets.
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. good morning and welcome back. i'm storm tracker meteorologist somara theodore live on the road. go ahead and give you an update on our location. i wanted to show you that. 271 right now just outside of mayfield heights and lynnhurst. this is also another major artery a lot of commuters use in the morning, especially as we head back from the holiday weekend. you can see on the roads here, not very good and not much congestion in the express lanes; however, in the local lanes, we're seeing more cars taking their times and one of the things you are noticing is not just visibility as an issue, but the actual road is continuing to deteriorate this morning.
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into the afternoon. and that is a look at the storm tracker update. how's traffic! >> and getting traffic first. and the search continues this morning for three americans kidnapped over the weekend and iraq. they're going house-to-house trying to find them. an iraqi intelligence official said they were kidnapped from the home of their interpreter in southern baghdad and taken to sadr city where all communications and contact stopped. the local police tell a different story saying the three were taken from their car along a highway while driving to the airport. and the u.s. said that it's working with authorities in iraq to find them. terrence. and right now, new developments as the search for 12 missing marines continues. the crews searching found life rafts on board the two helicopters that crashed and collided on thursday. the coast guard said that some were inflated and they're not sure how. there has been an around-the- clock urgent crash and they're
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and this health alert for you, lyme disease-carrying ticks are being reported across half of the country. the highest number is in a handful of states including ohio. lyme disease is transmitted to humans through tick bites and symptoms include fever, headache, fatigue and a rash. if left untreated, it can lead to chronic joint inflammation and neurological problems. the senate may make it easier for schools to find meals. they would ease requirements on whole grains and a looming deadline to cut sodium levels and school lunches. it worked with the white house and the usda to come up with the new agreement. and speaking of healthy lunches, one cleveland school is about to take on a new challenge. >> the school is selected as one of five across the nation to participate in a 90-day program. the goal is to help students increase their intake of fruit and veggies. megshow is on top of the story for us. -- meg shaw is on top of the story for us.
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high school will belly up to the bar. this smoothy bar, that is, as part of the 90-day challenge, the school will receive 35 brand new smoothy makers to give students a hands-on experience for fresh produce. the goal is to improve the diets and encourage healthy eating while outside of the lunchroom. the company is donating more than 700 pounds of vegetables, 1600 pounds of fruit, and more than 100 pounds of nuts and seeds during the three-month run. while healthy eating is top-of- mind here in cleveland, it's also being discussed with the presidential candidates on the campaign trail. and this is what the governor chris christie had to say on the current lunches. >> let's let the government protect us from terrorism and not worry about what we're doing with you eating lunch at school. >> health stats will be taken from each student today and then again at the end of the program to track the progress. good luck to all of the students. meg shaw, newschannel 5,
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and turning back to our weather and at least it's not as bad as this new video here do you see this? and they're use kills taken over a power line after the car crashed into a fire hydrant. the driver is okay and informs an incredible ice sculpture that you can see around the poll and power lines. mother nature playing picasso there, tera blake, and we can make ice sculptures here. >> and let's not. and light stay inside instead. our storm tracker is out again with somara theodore. and you can see the roadways are snow covered. travel is a little better this morning than it was yesterday as they continue to see plows out making sure their drive in is safe and i am seeing plows ahead of them, which is good.
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additional snowfall predicted for us. until the noon hour and we're going to see the snow squalls take a break. the visibility increased to four miles and which just means we have the snow and it's not as heavy. darker purples over here near detroit avenue and that is the moderate snow with the window, you're blowing, drifting snow and not much of an issue in downtown but outlying areas is a problem for us. we have seen a shift in the no ban pushing south now into northern sections of geauga. western sections here, too, and for the most part, when driving on six and 322, you will have problems here. 306 is also an issue with the heaviest snow now on top of mu in, son. -- on top of munson. it's shifted south and still, kuai -- cuyahoga, geauga and ashtabula until noon. as much as two feet of snow.
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this is quite a snowstorm for us. at this point of the morning, just a few counties impacted by the snow. the cold is impacting everyone. a windchill advisory as low as 15 below and seven below cleveland and 8 below in mansfield and exposed skin can get frostbite. nine below ravena and can to know. the biggest problem is the winds out of the west at 12 miles an hour and the dew point at 2 and we can see the morning readings drop more. and the snow takes a break and the sun comes out. a better power ofative seven- day forecast. we need a break from the mess on the roads, right? >> and we do. and this is 71 at west 25th. bump ur-to-bumper morning traffic and traffic is
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with the weather on top of it. you see the red on the screen for drivers heading 71 northbound and we're also having issues on 20. and 90 with slowdowns, too, and for you east siders, again, another rough commute for you. checking out the drive times right now, 14 minutes 90 eastbound, a nine-minute ride, south side to downtown. and drivers are not avoiding the roads in michigan. in fact, the lin -- they lined up at these two goings after a price war led to costs falling below a dollar a gallon, folks. one station, 47 cents a gallon and the one across the street, 54 cents a gallon. but, it does not last long. the prices, they went back to their normal rates the next day and hopefully they took advantage and tilled -- filled up the tanks. for one woman, gas turned out to be the reason why her house was not heating up, natural gas. >> the landlord replaced the furnace, the gas pressure was not holding up.
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newschannel 5 and we got answers for veronica williams. she had all four burners going on her stove and space heaters in a lot of the rooms, too. >> and in this house, like outside. if you turn the stove off, it would be colder. >> so, we called domile per hourian gas. within a couple of hours, the company responded with an emergency crew. the lesson here, folks, if the gas account is in your name, you have to contact the company yourself not your landlord. the gas now flowing in veronica's home, by the way, but doninnian gas warns never to ever use a stove to heat the home. and if that doesn't warm your heart, how about warm, fuzzy hugs from pooches. >> and i love this. a woman in canada trained her dog how to hug. this is a two-year-old border collie makings the round says on social need -- social media this morning. are you watching? yes, she's hugging her besty
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shepherd who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks. look at them hugging there. and coming up next, if the cold weather has you down, we have summer dreams to warm you up. you see that video there? that looks good. a new brew boat is coming to cleveland. >> and bridging you back to reality. the latest on the road conditions. you're watching good morning cleveland. we're coming back in 2 1/2
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. good morning and welcome back. somara theodore here in the weather tracker. we're off of chagrin boulevard. we had to make a pit stop. you can see in the parking lot, look at the mounds of snow. we have the snow plow truck drivers going at it and if you're stopping for the morning coffee, you are looking at a dicey road situation. you might want to keep on moving and head to work this morning. and take your time. these roads are getting cleared slowly but surely and still, we're seeing treacherous conditions out here and that is a look at the the latest update and back to you. >> and we're seeing situations
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major slowdowns, 71 northbound and 42. speeds as low as 12 miles per hour. 12 miles per hour speeds on 422 as well and 20. experiencing delays for you. east siders, it's another snowy commute for you just remember to take it easy out there and checking out the drive times, 50 minutes, 90 eastbound and crocker to the uninner belt. speeds reduced overall in terms of average speeds and light show you outside here. a live look from our odot cam, i-71 at clark avenue. volume is definitely education inning, but you'll have issues because of the weather. back to you. and new this morning, corrina, a water-petal bug is coming to cleveland -- pug is coming to cleveland this spry. >> you have something to look forward to. cycle tour. it will be on the cuyahoga river and on lake erie. so, the 31-foot paddleboat fits 14 adults and a byob tours allow each person to bring a
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then because, you know, water, alcohol, maybe not those combos and brew boat cle will operate memorial day through labor day and weather permitting weekends like home browns games. in case prefer to stay on dry land to drench, cleveland experience. you know this place. >> and we're talking about hofstra house. they're opening up the once private her it cluck to the public with an upscale menu and it will open every day but mondays. and time check, 6:26 on your -- what is today, tuesday? >> yes. >> and you're looking live at snow and bitter cold temps. >> and school closings and delays are pouring in 140 as of 6:26. we have a weather update for
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. new on good morning cleveland, a chilling 911 call warning police about a dangerous man, minutes before an ohio officer shot and killed. >> and then improving school lunches. >> a cleveland high school is tackling the healthy challenge and meg shaw is looking into the new program. first, our team is tracking more cold and snow for your tuesday morning.
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the east side in storm tracker 5. sarah funny is live with more on the bone-chilling temperatures. first, we have to get a big look at the picture with tera blake. >> and i want to show you we have had a shift in the recent setup of the squalls. it's mainly been over lake and geauga and that is pushing south and impacting eastern downtown cleveland seeing some heavy snow as well. i want to focus in for you and show you where we see the heaviest. we have east 93rd street, 43 and 14 fleet avenue to tourney road there and you're seeing heavy snowfall, potential whiteout for a moment. and whirl world, mulberry road, the cemetary on 306 where the heaviest snow is. we're trying to pinpoint where you need to avoid as we have heavy snow in place.
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again for us this morning and highs yesterday in the teens. you feel like you're at 7 below cleveland. and 8 below in mansfield; 10 below in wooster, canton and varen -- ravena and 7 below in carrollton and extra layers are a must. thankfully a lot of kids out of school today. mom and dad still have to venture into work. how are the roads, somara? >> reporter: not so good, tera. let's look at the location right now along 271. a lot of commuters starting to hit the road outside of beechwood. we're battling two different elements on the road. the first one being visibility. on 271, we're not yet at whiteout conditions but close to it. we got the blowing snow taking place and that is really being a hindrance in terms of visibility. the second element is the actual road conditions. at some spots, things get better and then, other spots
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traction is very difficult for many drivers. they're things you want to consider while hitting the roads leaving extra time for that morning commute. that is a look at the road updates. sarah, over to you. i know you're dealing with different weather. >> a very different kind of weather. no whiteout conditions here. boy, is it cold. we have a couple of flakes now with the breeze and that is picking up, making it feel colder. sun behind me said at 9-degrees and that is in the negatives and frostbite is a risk and most at-risk areas are your fingers, toes and earlobes and nose. bundle up and stay inside if you can. and this type of the year, it's cold and 80% of the fire station runs are ems-related and many are concerned about neighbors or family members. they encourage people to go over and check themselves if possible.
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>> just think what if something happens or you slip and fall. and what if you get locked out of your own house? doesn't take long to get hypothermic when it's this cold. >> if you're hitting the roads this morning, put an extra blanket in your car and extra food. make sure your phone is charged just in case something happens. you want to be prepared. as for how the roads are this morning, let's go inside to corrina. >> and as somara mentioned, we're seeing reduced visibility and poor conditions on the roadways and because of that and the fact that volume is increasing, we're seeing major slowdowns, 71 northbound. twenty affected, 90 as well and 322. taking you over to the east side and, yes, the system is moving farther south. we're seeing more of an impact on the roads headed farther south that way and i want to talk about this overnight. breaking news and this is
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a man killed, the crash new fatal and the individual crashed into a tree is in akron and this is overnight. the 1100 block of north portage in akron and he was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead. and thank you, of course, odot is out there clearing the snow for the morning commute. they have extra plows in the snowbelt and trues are out there. the crews are working -- and crews are out there working 12- hour shifts. as long as the lake affect snow warnings are in place. the east side has been a mess for about 24 hours now. the crews got a number of spinouts on route 2 yesterday morning, a semi crash shut down a portion of the highway in menner. on 90, we saw more than a dozen cars slide into a dish near concord. the moral of the story here, don't make any unnecessary journeys. wait it out, folks.
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corrina. and thank you, terrence. breaking news. cleveland firefighters on scene of the house fire. this is on the city's east side and started at a vacant home in the 11,800 block of dev avenue. the fire spread to a neighboring house forcing a family to evacuate but likely, everyone made -- but luckily everyone made it out safely. the crews having a hard time with the flames. they're dealing with the snow and heavy wins. no information on what sparked them. and 911. >> yes, i am in danger. >> okay, where are you at? >> sixty washington street but the cops in danville are in danger, too. >> that is the start of an eerie 911 call made just 20 minutes before danville officer thomas cottrell was found dead. the suspect's ex-girlfriend told dispatchers herschel ray jones had guns and was looking to kill a cop.
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and took his cruiser and gun. the police found him two hours later. the prosecutor expecting him to be charged with murder. and this tragedy sending waves of sadness and fear throughout police departments across the country. willoughby using technology to keep their police officers safe. and that i have a so50icateed gps -- sophisticated gps system to track all police cruisers and what officers might fate when responsing to a -- responding to a call. they attend several training sessions a year, learning everything from street survival to firearm safety. and then police departments are reacting to this ambush on social media. >> and one post in particular has a lot of people talking this morning. captain doug hunter with the wayne county sheriff's department posted a photo of an e liquid -- electric chair. consequences. the post has been shared more than 3,000 times even after backlash. the captain is not backing down.
6:31 am
about a picture like that. it's posted to draw attention to the fact that i believe that in the united states we no longer have fear of consequences. the criminals simply do not care. i hope you understand if you got offended, you will have to get a little bit thicker skin because that is the way i feel about it. >> captain hunter said the sheriff supports the post. and next on your tuesday morning, protests heating up in flint. new calls to arrest the governor. we have the latest from michigan. >> and not so hot in cleveland. betty white taking a jab at johnny manziel. what he had -- she had to say in a new ad. >> and we're continuing to monitor the bitter cold windchills. that is ahead for you on good
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welcome back, time now is 6:40 on your tuesday. astronauts aboard the international space station are stoked about this. new video of flowers that came into bloom after nearly two years of work. this is not the first thing to grow in space, though. you may remember they grow red remain lettuce last year. up next, tomatoes, actually. they're looking to send seeds to the iss in 2018. and earth is getting a rare celestial show starting this week. five planets will line up perfectly before dawn the next month. you can see this starting tomorrow morning. it should be visible each
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we have great news here for amateur stargazers. the planet should be visible to the naked eye, so you won't need a telescope. johnny manziel's future with the browns may not be clear, but there is one person who wants nothing to do with him. >> get ready to laugh. check it out. >> who is this? johnny manziel? oh, no habla ingles. no trabajo. lo siento a dios. i'm not touching that one. >> that is golden girl betty white there making fake phone calls to nfl stars for a segment for fox pregame show. and she does not hold back. >> she really doesn't. the carolina panthers are banned from riding hoverboards. the pa knower thiss head coach ron rivera caught players using them to race each other in the hallways, so he banned them because he doesn't want something crazy to happen to any players, especially before a sunday's game against arizona where a ticket to the super
6:34 am
the things are catching on fire and people are breaking bones, too. and time now, coming up next, oscar's controversy. two hollywood stars boycotting the awards. the academy, rather s responding. >> and we're tracking another morning with lake affect snow. we're checking in with te, a blake after the -- tera blake after the break. you're watching good morning
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. 6:45. top of the morning sprint. i'm terrence lee. >> i'm jackie fernandez. we have 15 minutes of everything you need to know to start your morning. >> we start with bitter cold and lake affect snow right now. we have so many school closings and delays. check the bottom of the screen right now. you. blake. >> and visibilities reduced in cleveland. this is where the major highways and biways are a major concern. we have the snow, the wind blowing snow and lowered visibilities. for a moment. there we go. you can see the visibilities are down for us. put this into action. we'll see the clouds really move in and it's because of a snowfall. for the most part here this morning, we have had light snow in cuyahoga and recently within
6:36 am
had pretty consistent heavy snow at times and shifted to the east side where i focused at under 271. cleveland heights, mayfield heights, shaker heights, pepper pike. we've got hunting valley, mooreland hills, warrensville heights with some moderate morning. could be dangerous for driving. whiteout conditions with the blowing snow extremely cold as well. also in northern geauga, we have had some very heavy snowfall for us here, too, and we have wilson mill road and driving. but, the big picture is still looking at on and off again hour. we're looking at totals in our feet. days. else. problem. this.
6:37 am
the numbers, here we go. ten below wooster. extra layers needed in richland county, 7 below in mansfield. three below in new philadelphia winds. if you notice the wind by your problem. hour-by-hour here today, snow will start to take a break this afternoon. the sun will come out. the temperatures warming to a high of 18-degrees. minutes. i showed you the negatives and below zero readings. >> it is so cold out here. the sign behind me said 9 degrees and the breeze and the winds is making it feel in the negatives. the frostbite is a concern when tells are low. and these are the areas most at risk.
6:38 am
and frostbite can happen in a half hour and many calls going on and spirit of responders here. if they are comfortable with it, again, if you're outside, bundle up. we're not seeing too many flakes here in akron but somara theodore is in storm tracker 5 and she's seeing near whiteout conditions. isn't that right? >> yeah. it's intermittent. they come and go, nonetheless, they're here in northeast ohio. if you're not battling the subzero feel of temperatures, you are seeing a good amount of snow and we're travelling along 90 eastbound just outside of willoughby and there looks to be a spinout in the left lane. i don't think you can see the lights heading westbound and we have a traffic backup. if i can take an alternate
6:39 am
might be the better option and willoughby. pretty clear for the most part. odot has done a great job and there are areas like chardon seeing the whiteout conditions. allow the extra time for the morning commute. that is a look at the storm tracker update. over to you, corrina. >> reports of spinouts and disabled vehicles across 90 and route 2. i am sure that is what you saw causing the backups. we look around the greater cleveland area, you will need extra time to heat up the cars and clear them off but when you hit the roads, it will take you longer this morning. slowdown, 71 northbound at 490. 77, 90, 422 and really, it's a rough ride this morning. i want to talk about an accident popping up here and this is i-480 westbound at northfield road causing major delays. backups all the way to 271. and for you east siders, it's another tough ride out there for you. the system is talking about
6:40 am
322 more impacted than 90 was earlier today. still, a low is ride for you. checking out the drive times, things are slowing down a bit. i want to show you a look outside the area, 480 at wurrensville center road. we're seeing the slowdowns and poor visibility as well. jackie and terrence. in a few hours, students here in cleveland will embark on a 90-day healthy eating program and this is selecting one of five in the entire country. >> let's bring in meg shaw. hey, meg. >> reporter: and good morning. the idea is to introduce the kids to fresh fruits and veggies they may not be eating at home and that is because it's around the garrett high school here in cleveland. at nutri bullet for the program. students will make and create their very own smoothies using 35 brand-new blenders. as a hands-on experience with healthy foods. as part of the program, the
6:41 am
700 pounds of vegetables, 1600 pounds of fruit and more than 100 pounds of nuts and seeds. health stats will be taken from each student. at the end of the 90-day program, they can track their progress. good luck to those is students. in the newsroom, meg shaw, newschannel 5. thank you, meg. breaking news into the live desk with no warning. max and irma's is shutting down more than a dozen restaurants across the midwest, including two right here in northeast ohio. the chain is closing the restaurants in bell don village and westlake. those two, a part of 13 total locations shutting down across michigan, indiana, and here in ohio. parent company american blue ribbon holding said this is just a first part of a major restructuring plan. jackie. and happening today, corrina, an accused drug dealer due in court to face murder charges. darien mingo is accused of killing hunt later last month. it happened during a drug deal. according to the plain dealer,
6:42 am
police, saying he shot hunt out of self-defense. he's being ahead in the summit county jail. and also new developments in the brutal weekend murder of a lorain woman. the police have arrested 57- year-old anthony wayne davis. he is accused of shooting and killing his girlfriend corrinna charle it, on. police believe a domestic argument prompted the shooting. he was convicted of rape in 1989 and attempted murder in 1999 but was released from jail in 2004. a new scare for the family of major howard. the three-year-old shot and killed in a drive by last year. cleveland police saying someone fired shots near the family's home. major was shot while sitting in the chair on east 113th street in september. his grandfather said the bullets hit the home, but he believes the shooter was targeting the family. police arrested one person in connection earlier this month and they are still looking for
6:43 am
new this morning, cleveland czek. the clevelanders voted for a new flavor of the year, the winner, the break fast of champions paczek. it's made with key enus -- dough infused with maple and beer and eggs. rudy's strudel and pastry will make it starting today and we can't wait to try it. a pedal pub on lake erie. >> the 31-foot platoon paddleboats fits 14 passengers. the tours allows each person to bring 36-ounces of beer and 18 ounces of wine with them. important to remember that. cle will operate between memorial day and labor day plus select weather permitting weekends such as home browns games. and if you prefer to stay on dry land to drink,
6:44 am
offing a finer dining experience. >> they're opening up the once private hermit club to the public. it's going to have a upscale menu and it will be open every day but monday. >> and let's get a check with somara. hey, girl. >> reporter: hey, girl. we're seeing some interesting conditions out here. right now, we're on 615 heading to menner and on route 2. this is the view of the roads. you can see the snow is calming down a about the. we're not in the whiteout situation in terms of visibility. it's better but the roads have snow on the ground. you're looking at traction issues, especially if you don't have all four wheel drives. take your time out there. we have odot crews on the road situation. the things should be getting better towards the afternoon and we're expecting the snow to slow down. that is a look at road conditions. stick around, we have more news
6:45 am
wake up in your first home. wake up in a home you've made a bit bigger. wake up in a home with a new address. wake up in a home that doesn't even have an address. as your life evolves, your dream home evolves too, and protecting it takes committed support. at american family insurance we support your dreams. see how you can save with ring video doorbell
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. breaking news into the live desk on a crash we're learning. a 51-year-old woman is dead after crashing her car into a tree in akron. this happened on the 1100 block of north portage pass. they had to extricate her from the vehicle. she was taken from the hospital where she later died. an accident reconstruction team is still on the scene. we'll keep you updated. the search continues for 12 missing marines. >> the crews searching in hawaii found life rafts on board the two helicopters that crashed on thursday. some were inflated but they're not sure how. there has been an around-the- clock search for the marines since the crash. they're also looking for the helicopter's black boxes. michigan's governor is to give his state-of-the-state address tonight calling as protestors make arrests. they were outside of the home yesterday afternoon. they're questioning when he knew flint's water was contaminated with lead. in the meantime, residents
6:47 am
cook, or drink water from the taps. instead, they're offered a free case of bottled water every day. about 70 members of the national guard are handing out water filters and testing kits. >> and this year's oscars will be missing two big stars. jada pinket smith and spike lee are skipping out of it out of protests because no african- americans were nominated in the best acting or directing categories. smith posted a video on social media encouraging people of color to recognize the power acknowledgment. spike lee thanked the academy for his honorary oscar last year but he and his wife won't 6:57 and we have temperatures on the cold side for us here. this is your windchill values at 8 below and cleveland, 11 below in mansfield, 10 below and wooster. the snow is still a problem for us. it's gotten better here, especially in comparison to yesterday. the heaviest snow in place in northern geauga.
6:48 am
the commute is picking up and people are taking it slower this morning. >> the weather and traffic continues, our coverage continues on
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