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tv   News Channel 5 at Noon  ABC  January 19, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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every day is snow day in pure michigan. your snow day begins at good afternoon, everybody. i am mike brookbank for leon a snowy start to the workweek and looks like we might get a tiny break. jason nicholas has a first look at the forecast. when is the break >> things are looking good, mike. we're starting to improve things as we head through our morning hours. notice now, a live look into the afternoon. notice a live look, the sky y skyings, a few
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and a few snow showers. 14 degrees, though, and it's chilly here in downtown eve it or not, though, we're going to slowly begin our warming trend as we go through the rest of the afternoon today. and also into the day tomorrow. and really feel the into the end of the week. ten right now in strongsville; 13, hopkins; 14 farther down to the south. and have lake affect snow showers into the far heastern areas of cuyahoga county, bratanol and shaker heights, mayfield heights to pepper pike and 90. as we go east, same deal for rin falls, and same deal towards munson and central portions of geauga county. drier air moving in, though, from the north and west. in fact, we have sunshine here as you go from sandusky to and staying cold, though, warmer air and some snow will tomorrow. hour-by-hour today, mostly cloudy, lake affect snow
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all right, jason. right now police in akron car accident. this scene is playing out on north portage r-old woman was driving alone at a high rate of speed when her car left the road and crashed into the tree you see there. firefighters using the jaws of life to free her. she was taken to ere she later died. right now, several fire departments are on the scene of a massive fire. a rubber plant in jackson employees at tristan rubber in the wall. by the time the firefighters got there, the fire spread through the building and through yone was able to get out and fire officials believed the building is a total loss. and firefighters in cleveland battling the elements to help save one financially -- they were forced in after flames from a burning vacant home spread to theirs. all of them made it out safely.
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believed to be connected to a string of robberies in little italy in court this morning. david harrison was in cleveland munion felony aggravated robbery. the 20-year-old harrison with phillips is accused of pistol whipping a priest in december. and the man accused of a danville police officer is today. police say herschel jones shot ll late sunday night outside of a municipal building. the officers received a 911 call from the ex-boyfriend of jones that he left the home with the intent of killing a icer. >> and my ex-boyfriend is looking to kill a cop. he's got my house keys, he's got my truck keys, he's got he's already beaten me and threatened to kill me. >> you want me to send the cops to your house? >> he'll kill me. >> reporter: after shooting cottrell, jones took off with the officer's service weapon
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them in the woods a short distance away. jones has been charged with tampering evidence and is expected to be charged with murder today. cleveland police are investigating gunshots outside of the family home of major howard. three-year-old howard was shot and killed while sitting in a car on east 113th street in september. his grandfather said no bullets hit the home, but they believe they're being targeted. police arrested one person in connection with major's murder earlier this month, and they're still looking for another suspect. and developing at this hour, the u.s. supreme court president obama's executive order on -- and that would allow up to 5 million immigrants to legally work in the united states and be brought to the court this session. president obama's plan would allow undocumented immigrants to apply for programs that would make them eligible for work authorization. the justices could argue the move in april and issue a decision by late june. and here at home without
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shuts its doors. more than a dozen locations, including two here in northeast ohio. max and irma's restaurant in westlake are two of the 13 not opening for business today. the company said the closing of the restaurants is just the first part of a major restructuring plan. and it's another day on the campaign trail and the race for the white house. barbs between donald trump and ted cruz are intensifying as they target each other's past. here's more. >> reporter: conservatives are issuing a warning to gop front runner donald trump to change your tone. >> there are a lot of conservatives who think he is a wolf in sheep's clothing. that he's a traditional lifetime new yorker and that means something. >> reporter: after attacking his nearest rival ted cruz on his citizenship, the authenticity of his evangelical roots and the latest attack on his personality. >> he's a nasty guy. nobody likes him. >> reporter: the trump campaign
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from attacking cruz directly on the trail on monday, bringing out instead their secret weapon, trump's daughter ivanka, who is eight months pregnant. >> i am so incredibly proud of my father. i know he will make america great again. >> reporter: on the democratic side, bernie sanders telling abc news he doesn't do personal attacks, but continues to pound hillary clinton for taking money from wall street banks. >> she's received $600,000 in one year from goldman sachs. if that is not true, i will apologize. it's true. >> reporter: according to clinton campaign document, sanders is right. clinton received $675,000 in speakers' fees from the bank in 2013. according to the latest polls, sanders is within striking distance of clinton in iowa and ted cruz and donald trump are neck-in-neck. trump is promising a big endorsement later today. governor john kasich continues his campaign stops in
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he is seeing a couple of town halls with constituents, as well as visiting a brewery, a a crisis center. usa today bumped up governor today. 12th candidates. and today, hillary clinton received an endorsement from the human rights campaign. the organization which is the largest civil rights group for the lgbt community made anno up this morning. they believe that clinton is the candidate that can best advocate for lgbt rights. and coming up at noon, healthy habits. a cleveland high school rolling out a new program today to make nutrition a way of life for teens. >> and get more zs. how extra sleep this weekend bay. >> and pete rose making headlines again. this time around, less celebration. the honor on the way for the
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. happening at this noon hour, a group of cleveland high school students having a healthy lunch. the students at garrett morgan high school are able to make smoothies for lunch, one of five schools taking part in a 90-day challenge to increase the student's intake of fruits and veggies. the goal of the programs to encourage healthier eating and improve their diets. more than 700 pounds of vegetables, 1600 pounds of fruit, and 100 pounds of nuts and seeds were donated for the program. while healthy eating is top of mind for those students, it's being discussed with
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campaign trail. >> and let's let the government take care of our national security, protecting us from terrorism and not worry about what we're doing with you eating lunch at school. >> back at garrett morgan, the students will be taken from them today and at the end of progress. and we all hear a good night's sleep is great for your health. prevent diabetes? a short-term study suggests catching up on sleep over the weekend can reduce developing the condition. the university of chicago followed 19 healthy young men who ate in a controlled diet for their study. it pound that those who got less than five hours of -- found that those who got less than five hours of sleep at night increased their chance of diabetes by 16%. chronically deprived people are likely to have other problems like weight gain and high blood pressure. and accusations of some of jason.
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the power-of-5 tracking lake affect snow and continuing. we'll break it down and, of course, our pet-of-the-week is here.
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. new details this afternoon on the match-fixing scandal that is rocking the professional tennis world. some of the sport's biggest demanding answers. elizabeth has more. >> reporter: this week's australian open overshadowed, making headlines instead are reports from the bbc and buzz feed. a legend that tennis officials suppressed evidence of match fixing by players and failed to investigate some 26,000 suspicious matches. >> as an athlete, i do everything i can to be not only great but, you know, historic and if that is going on, i don't know about it. >> reporter: many of the top stars know nothing about it but details. >> and i would love to hear names, you know. at least it's concrete stuff that you can debate about.
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want to be made aware of the people that are potentially involved in this. >> reporter: according to the defending champion jokovich, someone on his team was approached in 2007. also $200,000 for him to lose a first-round match. >> i was not approached directly. of course, we threw it away right away. it didn't get to me. >> reporter: he and others question why the players are being scrutinized when william hill, a british betting agency where you can bet on the winners of match games is a major sponsor of the australian open. that agency william hill is not implicated -- implicated in the scandal. while the association of tennis professionals is denying the allegations, buzz feed is standing by their report claiming they text messages to prove it. baseball legend pete rose
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and it's not just the hall of fame. they announced he will be of fame in june. rose was banned from baseball for life in 1989, for betting on that sport. forecast with jason. and we're stuck in this pattern snow. >> lake affect snow, really. several days. >> yeah. >> and that is because of the warm november and december we had with the lake where it didn't freeze. when that doesn't occur, we with now. >> yeah. >> and let's take a look outside and show what you is happening here. this is a live look over downtown cleveland. overall, the clouds, a cloudy day. oh, my gosh, we have a pet-of- the-weekend. i don't know if i can get a shot of that. if we can, throw it up. that is bear right now, which we'll look at here. he's a nice three-year-old german shepherd. there he s. look at that dog just -- he is. look at that dog. oh, my gosh. bring it back and this is what is going on now. the temperatures are in the teens. middle teens in downtown
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to near 20 degrees. twenty, that is the warming trend for us and we're tapping into the warmer air again, so to speak, considering where we have been the last few days. and, in fact, the weather service about 15 minutes ago, issued i lake affect snow advisory through 7:00 through county. you can see the snow showers here continue. again, this is all lake affect. mostly in northeastern cuyahoga under key, euclid and pepper pike, swollen, south russell, chagrin falls, munson -- you name it here into central geauga, this area is getting hammered with snow and things break up a bit into far eastern geauga county and eastern lake and ashtabula. this is the advisory for this afternoon. the lake snow advisory, some areas could see an additional four inches of snow. for the most part, i think we're talking about one to two but, again, under the ban here that we zoomd into, that is where you can see the additional couple of inches.
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sunshine here. lorain-wooster, you're under the clouds now. notice the sun breaking out, sandusky to mansfield. more sunshine out of youngstown and that clump of snow hanging on. the lake is still open for business. this is going to be something we'll have to deal with here. every shot of cold air. here's tomorrow's snow. this is why it's not going to be a big deal but it will impact the afternoon tomorrow. hour-by-hour, the temperatures stuck in the teens. the snow showers move out, and i would expect them to allow that advisory to expire early. earlier than 7, i would suspect, and through tonight, and teens. not tomorrow morning, it's more during the lunch hour tomorrow and into the afternoon. i think we'll have snow on the not a lot. temperatures near 20. we could see maybe up to an inch, inch and a half tops. not going to be a big deal, but if it lingers into the afternoon, that could impact the evening commute a bit. 18 today, cloudy and cold with the lake snow and up to an inch or so?
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with the advisories in eastern cuyahoga, lake, and geauga. lingering flakes tonight, not as cold. the seven-day forecast, we try to climb out of things. the temperatures do recover a bit, especially through thursday. upper 20s into the 30s for friday and saturday and the upcoming weekend looks like no big snow is in the forecast. big storm for the east coast and that should miss us on friday. all right, cleveland's 102ent 95, nc -- 102.95, ncx. and he's great. he's one of my favorite breeds. >> he is such a sweet boy. we don't have much history on him, unfortunately. he came to us from another i believe he was a stray and he's put on a couple of pounds here, but he's just a doll. i was standing there watching the news and i looked down. he's sitting at my feet and giving me the brown ice. he's wedged his -- brown eyes. he's wedged his nose into my hands.
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fantastic companion. >> and incredible, you know, temperament on him. >> a good boy. >> and he is certainly -- has a nice just demeanor here. he's sitting here relaxed and enjoying newschannel 5 at noon which we like to do. three years old and he's entering the prime of his life. >> yeah. >> and we're going to be there this week. it's the first through 24th and we'll be there all four days and we'll have dogs and cats available. that event tends to be fun. you can visit us in tremont and parma or come on down to the home show. we'll help find you guys. >> that is at the ix center. this weekend, thursday to sunday and bear is great. go visit bear. 216-771-4616 or just go to the apl in tremont. >> thank you so much for coming by. look at how he's curled up. >> he's leaping against him -- leaning against me and loves
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. all right, thank you for watching newschannel 5 at noon. the latest at 4 on the now cleveland. we'll see you with that and there is bear available at the cleveland atl. what a cutie, available for adoption. check him out.
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. he is here to show us how to take years off of your appearance in five minutes. if your teeth are yellow from coffee, tea, red wine or smoking, scott said a whiter smile will help you look 13 i am in. >> yes of the yes. >> do you have proof of that? >> the studies show you can look up to 13 years younger with a whiter, brighter smile. they make you look older and unhealthy. >> and i can't go without a cup of coffee in the morning. how can power swabs help? people. technology.
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in less than five minutes and six shades in seven days. incredible. [ indiscernible ] >> for example, there are three differences. you will get results in less than five minutes. the only product that will restore your caps, crowns and veneers to their original color. major problem for people with cosmetic dental procedures and the biggest thing is minimal to no sensitivity, a make or break for a lot of people. >> absolutely and have some of the overcounty things for sensitive teeth. do you have to use them every day? how does it work k you show us? >> sure. first up is the stain. you rub it on your teeth like this. >> all right. >> and we're lifting the stains off of our teeth and the product is out there stripping the strays and -- trays and they cover them up and we're hydrating our enamel. the other products dehydrate it and that is why you have the sensitivity. and do that for a minute and a half to two minutes and we'll take your whitening swab, same process. >> okay. >> and i'm going to the gum line. >> and you have a special offer
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>> yes, i do. call the 1-800 number on your screen or go to my, and tell them you saw scott on the show with sally. get a chance to buy two kits and get one free. we'll give you three free on the go and daily shipping.
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