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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 430am  ABC  January 20, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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. we begin with breaking news. a deadly house fire on the city's east side. >> two people are dead and we're working to get the latest information on this. we have a reporter on scene who will update us the minute he gets there. right now, we want a check on the forecast with tera blake. no snow today. >> and we're getting a i brack from the snow this morning. we have that in the forecast. yes, here it is.
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look at indianapolis. nothing compared to what we have had the last few days and look at the numbers. 29 inches in ki, it tland; mayfield heights -- kirtland euclid, too. and again this morning, an easier ride because we don't have the snow and still going to have the cold. all of these had a negative ahead of them. so, below zero, only here in elyria at 1 below, feeling like 9, cleveland; 8, wooster. eight ravena and two, ashtabula. hour-by-hour today, we have that small snow chance. it's likely but not a lot as temperatures warm into the lower 20s. we'll take a look at a big low that is trying to impact the east coast and how it impacts
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too. it's wednesday. we have to do that and let's check in with corrina to make sure the roads are safe. >> and it is. we have no accidents to report looking at the bigger picture everything is looking a-okay and i do want to zoom you in and talk about the breaking the show. police telling us that two people were killed overnight in a structure fire and this is at east 147th and bartlet avenue. the area is shut down and nick feely will have much more later in the show. and farther south, it's looking good. cracker to the uninner belt and from our odot cam i-90 and to kennethworth. a professor accused of
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>> and sarah finney is live with us this morning. and what is the professor saying? >> reporter: they questioned julio pino if he was a supporter and he responded i wouldn't say that. this comes as he began teaching the spring semester classes yesterday. meanwhile, kept state is reassuring the thousands of students and parents all across northeast ohio that the university is not the subject of a threat. according to kent, he is facing allegations of ties to isis and trying to recruit students. they zood -- interviewed them, including the editor of the on- campus newspaper. and she reports it's been investigating pino the last 18 months. this is why she said the fbi was interested in speaking with her. >> and i wrote a couple of articles. a couple of semesters ago and
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talked about and tried to get more information on them. >> reporter: mills diddaon- camera interview with him. this is what he has to say. >> everything i have done, as far as i know, including what the lawyers and others have told me is perfectly legal. i have not broken the law. and i don't advocate to anyone else to break the law. >> reporter: this is not the first time he's been in the spotlight. in 2011, he got in trouble for shouting death to israel at a speech. this investigation is ongoing. we'll be sure to keep you updated. sarah phinney, newschannel 5. >> and looks like kent state university avoided a professor strike. >> kent state and the faculty union reached a tentative agreement on a new contract. a vote on the three-year deal
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and members agreed to strike if negotiations failed. both sides are at an impasse over medical and salary benefits. >> and we overnight, an emotional farewell to a fallen hero. hundreds gathering to pay tribute to danville police officer thomas cottrell in the vigil of a parkinglo where he was shot to death. the sheriff's deputies started looking for him late sunday night after a 911 call from a woman claiming her ex- boyfriend, herschel jones, wanted to kill an officer. he was found dead outside of the danville municipal building. the gun and police cruiser nowhere to be found. jones was arrested and is in jail waiting to be charged and terrence, right now, there are new calls for a stiffer punishment for the man accused of killing canton k9 officer jethro. >> and thousands have signed many petitions demanding a change to ohio state law. it's on the website wants the maximum killing for a penalty of a prison to life.
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penalty should be an option, too. a group of state senators plan to introduce a bill to increase the penalties. jackie. >> thank you, terrence. some of cleveland's fineet are getting prepared in less than ideal concerns. the fire union said it's a major safety concern. several old boilers are not working now. until they're fixed, firefighters are working and sleeping in temperatures of 50 degrees. and so right now, this affects three fire houses. station 33 on west 117th; station 11 on broadway and station 7 on woodland. according to the fire union president, safety is the main issue here and he fears these conditions could threaten the firefighters'. ance. >> you want to have -- performance. >> you want to have the first responders and firefighters. the community wants them ready. they want them in the absolute best possible condition to be able to go out and respond. >> it's not over and we are told the cleveland's assistant
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the dpw today and start working on this problem. people dead in the fire and let's go to nick foley. he's there this morning. what can you tell us. good morning, we're at partlet avenue right now and i can tell you the fire was on the 3700 block over the left shoulder on east 147th street. several people we spoke to on scene identified themselves as family members, and they tell us there were two elderly women and sisters who lived inside. one woman was 90 and the other in the mid-80s. the firefighters responded to a call before 3 this morning. apparently from the people we talked to, one sister lived upstairs and another downstairs and they did not make it out after the fire. the fire for the most past, is out -- most part is out, with several hotspots remaining. firefighters are on scene working and we're waiting to
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this is told to us by folks who identified themselves as family members. it's not confirmed by anyone from the cleveland fire department as of yet. we're going to remain on scene. as of now, reports that two women died in this fire and that was a duplex in this home. nick feely for newschannel 5 and let's go back. >> thank you. and people judgist this month, 200 lorain workers laid off from public steel. >> and he's holding a round table at noon today. steel workers and community members are invited. lawmakers introduced a
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3.5 million dollars. going through the plains dealer, it would give 17 million to cleveland state to help build an edition to fin hall. a cleveland chef wins guys grocery games on food network. >> he did. eric williams won the latest episode with a mexican pork chop dish. >> sounds great. >> he took home $16,000 for charity and will get to compete on sunday, january 31st, and he owns mucho road mexican restaurant in cleveland and que el casanero. >> congrats to him. 4:39 is the time. glad you could be with us this morning. >> and i'm jackie fernandez. coming up on good morning cleveland, the mass protests by teachers in detroit and how many schools will be forced to close today. >> and plus, a millennial magnet. the new rankings released showing how many young professionals are flocking to
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. all right, welcome back. time now, 4:42. and looking at headlines around ohio. starting with two fate is senators who plan to go around the state to see what all of you think of marijuana. they will be at cleveland state university next week. >> the tour will help lawmakers decide how to move forward on this issue, and they're looking forward to hearing your input -- input on this. >> and the state is showing you new guidelines for pain killers like oxycodone and spenta nil. and they're suggesting other alternate stuff like pain therapy. it will show if patients are
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pain medication. and 4:42 on a wednesday morning, next on good morning cleveland, it sounds like a movie script. the drama is very real here. why neighbors in l.a. are calling actor jamie foxx a hero. >> and plus, someone's loving it. the new unique venue item mcdonald's is releasing and where you can get it. keep it here. we're back in two minutes. that's a big bull. i think that's old cyrus. 1800 pounds of do whatever the heck i want. take the long way, huh? thank you cyrus. lease a 2016 lincoln mkc for $289 a month
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. let's talk about something good new at 4:45. cleveland is one of the top cities for millennials and a college education. >> and meg shaw is look at the study for you. for years, people were leaving cleveland and we're experiencing the renaissance, as we call it, and a stay. >> absolutely. the big influx of millennials in cleveland didn't start until 2008. since then, we have seen a
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number of college-educated 20 somethings making their way to downtown and the surrounding neighborhoods. according to the study from the cleveland foundation, the growth tied cleveland for 8th place for the number of college- educated millennials. between 2011 and 2013, we saw a gain of 7,000 young professionals. that is a lot of people. and downtown is reaping the benefits. the number of downtown residents aimed 25 to 34 sky rocketed fix% from -- 76% from 2000-2012. and one of the biggest reasons our city is a magnet for young professionals, the cost of living. cleveland is nearly 10% below the national average cost-of- living. in the newsroom, meg shaw, newschannel 5. >> thank you. and let's take a live look
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tera, a small break from the snow? we have snow in the forecast. and morning, right about 10 degrees on average for us. the snowfall is oughty miles away from cleveland. and into the morning hours, it will be lighter as we look at this upper level disturbance and high pressure is dominating us. and punishing in through indiana and southern sections and western sections of ohio and we'll be here today. maybe a little lack affect and not much and talk of numbers here either. winds are just not strong enough. and not the right temperature either. on average, maybe an inch, many models showing west and a little dusting in comparison to 29 inches that we had in some places to the north and east
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the temperatures cold, though and this is a look at the snow creeping into the western communities by 9, 10. we'll go off and on again for snow chances and lingers into the afternoon hours before turning into the lake affect chance on the east side this evening. the temperatures dropping back down and we'll lose the snowfall for your thursday. some minimal snow today. nothing for your thursday and then we get a chance to start warming up towards the weekend. not yet warm, though. the current readings for medina, 9, ashland; 49, ashtabula and winds are dialed down. that helps. we don't have the extremes for windchills, though it's still cold out there. one below for what it feels like in elyria; 2, ashtabula wooster, coshockton and mansfield. daytime high today, 23 degrees with the light snow and extra clouds keeping it on the better weather to come. the power of 5 seven-day forecast, showing a bump up in temperatures tomorrow.
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a major low causing problems on the east coast. it's going to miss us, some of us south and breezy and trying to be warmer for next week. the time now to check in with corrina and make sure the roads are nice and safe. certainly looking better out there. >> and everyone is in for a treat this morning as they hit commute. about. no accidents. the roads are nice and clear. 77, 480 and everything is looking great. i want to talk about the breaks news. this is east 147th on bartlet avenue. the fatal fire through this area of road is closed down and crews remain on scene there. farther south is a smooth ride as well. no accidents to tell you about and a look at drive times showing you no issues whatsoever and take a live look outside. this is e-271 at chagrin boulevard. you still see snow out there but the roadways, fortunately not affected. and now breaking overnight
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teachers calling for another secout for the district. >> they're protesting cut -- sickout for the district. they're protesting. five schools are closed for the day because of many teachers calling out. some estimate 60 will close today and teachers rallying this morning in support of fired union president steve kahn. the water crisis in michigan has new developments this morning. >> and that is -- the governor of michigan taking all the blame for that water crisis in flint now. >> and during the state-of-the- state address last night, he apologized and said all of the blame lays on the government. and some elected leaders called for a resignation over the issue. the crisis started in 2049, when the city switched the water source to the flynt river. jamie fox playing a new role offscreen. the role of hero. >> yes. he helped save a man from a burning truck in front of his
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the 32-year-old victim was speeding when he lost control. foxx heard the crash and jumped into action telling the victim, quote, you have to help me get you out. i don't want to leave you here. you have angels all around you. he cut the seatbelt off and dragged him out of the burning truck. they arrested kyle. he's accused of drinking and driving and mains in the hospital with multiple injuries. after the scene, all of the newscrews were there and the victim's father hugged jamie foxx for much is a long embrace. >> way to go, jamie. way to go. she's a noble peace prize winner and fights for the rights for all girls to get an education and now she's taking on a new venture. >> pakistani teen malala is dipping her toes in the fashion world. she designed a scarf for a company that helps someone in need with every product purchased. 100% of the sales from this scarf sold will benefit her foundation.
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like anna farris and sarah michelle geller. if it gives will women any semblance of courage she has, that is a win-win. >> and they're beautifully made. and we have more to get to this morning. we're going to break and a look at how wall street opens today.
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. the lake affect snow machine has been turned off, though it's still littering our sidewalks. and certainly our parking lots this fall. we're talking about a little bit of additional snowfall for your wednesday forecast high.
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and ashtabula, you're at 49. the southwest winds at 9 miles an hour and your windchill factor is above sme row and feeling like 2 degrees and better. we're going to find clouds through the morning hours and a chance of snowfall in the morning on the west side and daytime high of 21 degrees and with a snow opportunity for everyone farther east into the afternoon hours. severe light snow and we'll talk about the next bigger snowchance in just a bit. for right now, let's check in with corrina and how the roads are. >> you want to bundle up this morning. overall, it's a great ride for you so far and there are no accidents or major incidents to report. everything is looking nice and green. i want to zoom in and we're talking about the breaking news. nick foley on scene and we're seeing closures in this area and checking out the drivetimes, no issues to report
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odot cam, i-480 and at warrensville center road and you see some traffic out there. and you likely heard your parents say this all of the time. new the key to a successful life change is getting your spouse to join the effort. >> if you don't have a spouse, it's your partner like a best friend. this is according to a new study out of the university college london. researchers say men and women were more likely to succeed at quitting smoking and losing weight and being more physically active when their partners shared the same goal. it's not clear why, but the study suggests that having a little healthy competition doesn't hurt and i am pretty sure that that support system is helpful, too. and mcdonald's is announcing a unique new menu item. >> and reminiscent of dipping frys into a chocolate shake. here it is. this is mcchoco potato french
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milk chocolate, and white chocolate sauces. starting next week, the frys will be available only in japan. >> and when you see this picture, you think ew, that sounds gross, maybe. milk chocolate and light chocolate sauces. think of it as nutella. this is delicious. >> i will try anything twice. and let's stick on the food theme here. chipotle trying to get customers back with free food. you heard right. the chain reportedly doubling the amount of free food locations can give away and there is no word when you can score a free burrito, though. next month, all chipotle restaurants will shut down for part of the day, and they hope to prevent any future e. coli outbreaks and footed scares there. >> will you go. that is the question. time now, 4:57. ahead at 5, a longer night out in ohio could be a reality. the new law that collects your -- keeps your favorite bar and
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do to qualify. >> and into the hall. the all-time hits leader from the cincinnati reds is finally getting recognition. it's not what pete rose is aiming for. and we're following breaking news on a deadly fire in cleveland. nick foley is live with the
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