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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 6am  ABC  January 20, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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processor -- professor recruiting for isis? the investigation that is underway. >> and a local boy sidelined. how his team is rallying around him. >> and first, we have to start with breaking news from overnight. we're learning two people were killed in a house fire. >> and it started near east 147 and bartlet avenue where nick foley is live for us now and you're learning new information. what is it? >> reporter: we learned there were four people in this home at the time of the fire. two others that we have identified to us as two men. one younger man was transported by ems and another man was treated and released on scene. we can tell you that two people are confirmed dead in this fire. cleveland fire tell us there were two sisters, elderly women. one was 85 and one was 90. this is a two-structure, two- duplex-type structure. there was one on the bottom where one sister lived and the other on top where the other lived.
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this morning. when officials arrived on scene, they actually heard a loud boom and saw an explosion and that is when they called some of the firefighters back out of the structure when they could re-enter the structure and when they determined there were twoitallities and two women inside and to confirm, there were two in the fire and one man was transported and a younger man transported there and another treated and released. that is the latest we will have and as more information is available to us, we'll pass it to you. reporting from cleveland's east side, nick foley for newschannel 5 and back to you. >> thank you. >> and it's time for a check of traffic and weather together. corrina pysa and tera blake here for you. >> and still cold and cloudy for wednesday. we're getting a break from the snowfall, currently. and look at what you can expect as you step outside.
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the air and ashtabula, you're seeing snow littering the ground and in the parking lot on the sidewalks. no current snowfall making its way and adding to the totals from the skies. we have temperatures at 13 and wins out the southwest at 8 miles per hour. the windchill at 2 and none below zero and the light snow is likely. you can see it from the south and west. the snow chance hitting the west side first and the east side second into the afternoon. 11 for you, cleveland; 12, millersburg, excuse me, and 12 in mansfield. seven, ravena and youngstown. the daytime high in the low 20s. and snow chances not impressive at less than an inch. and you want to heat up the cars and you don't have to clear them off. and roads are looking nice and clear as well. a couple of minor slowdowns for you as we look at the maps and
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we heard from nick. a deadly house fire, east 147th street is closed between kinsman and bartlet avenue because of that and a couple of other closures to tell you about due to electrical issues, affecting old mill road and gatings mill -- gates mills boulevard. drive time is looking great now. 13-minute ride, 90 eastbound, crocker to the inner belt. the speeds are moving along just fine as well. and this is a live look outside from our odot cam at kennelworth. the volume is starting to pick up. no issues to report or accidents out there either. and we have to get now the serious allegations against a kept state professor. >> julio pino is being looked at by the fine accused of trying to recruit students from isis and say ira finney has more. will he condition to teach while the investigation is underway? >> reporter: he began teaching his spring semester classes yesterday when the allegations began to surface.
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media he has never talked about isis in class to students. according to kent, he is facing allegations of ties to isis and trying to recruit students. agents interviewed several faculty members and students including the editor of the on- campus paper, emily mills. she said the fbi is interested in speaking with her because she wrote several articles about him the in past. she reports a joint task force has been investigating the teacher for a year and a half. she spoke with him on camera yesterday and this is what he told her. >> he said they are not true and that he doesn't have any ties to the islamic state and doesn't support the organization. >> reporter: the 55-year-old is no stranger to controversy. in 2011, he was in trouble for shouting death to israel during a speech. kent state releasing a statement saying the fbi has reassured the university that there is no threat.
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phinney, newschannel 5. >> thank you, sarah. and new overnight from the live desk, an emotional farewell to a fallen hero. hundreds paying tribute to danville police officer thomas cottre well, l and a vig it in a parking lot where she was shot. the deputies started searching for officer cottrell late sunday night after getting a 911 call from a woman claiming the ex-boyfriend, herschel jones, wanted to kill an officer. cottrell found dead at the danville municipal building. the gun and police cruiser nowhere to be found. jones is arrested and is in jail waiting to be charged. and corrina, akron police now investigating the city's fourth homicide of the year. a man was found dead with a gunshot wound on grove street yesterday morning. the other three homicides in 2016, include the two men killed in separate bars. one beaten to death at the zodiac club and another shot lounge. akron had 26 homicides in all
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committed in the u.s. are on the rise. the fbi released new information showing a nearly 2% increase in murders, rapes, and assaults during the first six months of 2015. and that is compared to the same time in 2049. burglary -- 2014. burglary and arsons dropped the first half year. and in other news, the former ohio state marching band director jonathan waters said his lawyers are seen on the case as he fights to get his job back. not pay. after a hearing, they volunteered to defend him until it's decided if a federal case goes to trial. waters was fired two years ago over allegedly ignoring the sexualized culture of the band. another hot talker in the buckeye state, the cincinnati reds, are inducting pete rose into the team's hall of fame. they will be retiring his jersey, number 14. the 74-year-old all-time hits leader is still banned from baseball and the baseball hall of fame for life.
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rejected. betting on games. >> and we when you play on the sports team, it can provide -- with see many benefits. >> a local group of hockey players are truly learning at a part of the team. the heartbeat of the hockey team is going strong but their goalie can't play right now. his doctor discovered he had high blood pressure also his aorta is not connected. it's in two pieces. so his team start a go fund me account to pay for his open heart surgery. >> and he's been a trooper. doesn't seem like it's stable that much. >> a big part of the team and being back. >> and nicky just got out of surgery after 11 last night. he is with the family and we are happy to be able to tell you he's doing well this morning. and time now is 6:07. thanks for being with us on this wednesday morning. i'm terrence lee.
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you made it halfway through the week. congratulations. coming up, when you think big city, you might think l.a., new york and miami. there is a reason why millennials are adding cleveland to the list. >> and plus, none of the people fried in a prisoner swap went back to iran. why they are choosing to stay
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welcome back, 6:11 and live desk. an attack on a university in northwest pakistan over. several hurt. the gunmen stormed the university after it opened for classes this morning. the police, military forces sent in, the taliban claiming responsibility for the attack. we are also hearing at least four taliban militants were killed in the gun battle, which, again, is now over. are you ready for a
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our warriors do their job and go kick isiss ass. >> yeah! >> that is an endorsement for donald trump from the woman who once ran for vice president. the former alaska governor sarah palin is officially backing trump in iowa last night. the endorsement could potentially give him a significant boost just 12 days before the iowa caucuses there. he's in a dead heat with texas senator ted cruz and she is the highest profile backing for a republican contender so far. and in the meantime, governor kasich is showing good numbers in new hampshire weeks before the primary there. an american research group poll of likely republican primary voters, kasi consider, h got 20%, in second place. a week ago, at 14%. donald trump is leading with 27%, marco rubio, 17%. and new information shows presidential candidate bernie sanders is expanding his lead
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a new cnn poll shows sanders has a 27-point lead, 60% of voters support him, compared to 33% for clinton. and thanks to a new ohio law, republicans, democrats, and whoever else is in town to watch the rnc this summer can party into the night. bar and restaurant owners in northeast ohio with liquor permits can access a waiver allowing alcohol service until 4:00 a.m. during major events. they have to apply to the city before march 21st to qualify. and in case that is too much partying for you, maybe they can get this alcohol. a north korean company claims to have invented hangover-free booze. it's called coroyal liquor and made from gypsing. the state -- ginsing. the state korean media is known tomblish or sensor their stories. >> and we cleveland is starting out 2016 with great news. >> a new study put cleveland in
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country for the number of millennials getting a college education. this after decades of millennials leaving the area. >> meg shaw is here with us. where does cleveland fall on the list? >> we did very well. the city is 8th in the nation for the number of young college age professionals. i wish i could say we hold the title solely, but cleveland is tied with miami and seattle. the growth of millenials took off between 2011 and 2013 and factoring out the education piece, the overall number of residents aged 18-34 jumped in greater cleveland, 4% from 2006- 2013, with downtown seeing the biggest payoff. the number of downtown residents aged 25-34 zoomed 76% from 2000-2012; however, one of the folks behind the study saidta one area that needs improvement is the lack of diversity.
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overall, that study, a thumbs up for our city. terrence? meg, thank you. right now, the military has suspended the search for 12 marines who disappeared after the helicopters collided off of the coast of hawaii. after five days of searching, no signs of the marines. officials say the decision to suspend the search was difficult. the marine corps will now change to a recovery effort. and also happening right now, a deep freeze is settling in on much of the midwest and northeast. i don't have to tell you that. you can feel it. fifty states are currently under winter weather advisories. major cities are preparing to get socked with snow. d.c., philly, new york, and boston. they could give more than a foot of snow later this week. and i guess i shouldn't laugh at that either, tera. our turn could come. >> and we have had two feet of snow in some areas the past few days. we're getting a break. a great shot of kent state university. the snow on the ground for us here.
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of additional snowfall. about an inch or less. i will talk timing in a few minutes. you're quiet and currently in cleveland, the temperature of 11 degrees. the winds backed off. we turned off the lake affect snow machine and winds have dialed down to southeast at 5 miles an hour. i am expecting light throughout the day and no extremes when it comes to windchills. three is cold. snowfall west of home, you can see it an inch east and impacting toledo at this point. and seeing heavier snow amounts into places like sinceinaly. for us -- cincinnati, for us, we're seeing the snow chances increase toward the noon hour in cleveland. the winter weather advisories and warnings south is not in our forecast today. here we go for timing, quiet for the morning commute. starting to see the snow and doesn't hold together as nicely, which is why our numbers will be smaller. ten, 11, certainly in place for the west side. central parts of home seeing that snow by the noon hour and into the early afternoon.
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that does pick up into the evening hours plus, it's just not the right kind of situation for us to see much. some still going on the lighter side from the system and we're dry for your thursday forecast. it's not ongoing for days either, also something we get used to in the winter mothers. this is senates, as far as totals for you -- estimates as far as details for you. you see it creep out and that is for a major low expecting to cause problems south and east. for us, minimal issues. the morning temperatures, cold. and we'll look at the power-of- 5 seven-day forecast in minutes and show you a warm-up and dry weather that continues coming up. right now, corrina how are the roads? >> you want to leave extra time to heat up the cars this morning. once you hit the main roads, they're nice and clear, free of snow. we're looking live outside from the odot cam i-480 at warrensville center road. typical to see this kind of volume now at 6:17. i want to show you the maps. we're seeing normal slowdowns, 71 northbound and no real
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we have been following the breaking news. the deadly house fire that nick is on the scene of. east 147th street remains closed between kinsman and bartlet avenue. we have some electrical issues causing troubles, too, and closing down gates mills boulevard and old mill road. keep that in mind. the drive time is not looking bad at all. the 12-minute ride for your i- 90 eastbound, the average speeds are moving along just fine, too. terrence and jackie. and people some new developments on immigration law. there could be a political bomb dropped in the middle of the presidential race. >> the supreme court will consider president obama's executive action on immigration with a decision expected in june. the plan allows 4 million undocumented immigrants whose children are u.s. citizens to apply for work permits and temporarily avoid detortation. it has -- deportation. it's not been implemented just yet. if a supreme court sides with the white house, there will be seven months left in president obama's term to implement the action. either way, the next president
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and for the first time, one of the four americans set free in a prisoner swap with iran is talking about his experiences overseas. the former marina, mir he did, mami spent more than four years in an iranian prison. >> as past of -- part of a deal to bring him and four others home, the u.s. agreed to release four others. he was arrested during a visit to see his grandmother in the country and charged with espionage in 2011. >> even the i rannian officials who are captor -- iranian officials were amazed and had asked us why is it that they're, you know, working so hard for you and i just said that is america. they love their citizens. even the other iranian prisoners were moved, you know, by all of the support. >> we have just learned so far that none of the seven iranians freed in that swap have gone back to iran. the attorneys for three ex- inmates confirm they are
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location of the other four is not known. the former inmates did not show up for a flight to switzerland and six of the seven have dual citizenship and a lot of them have family living here in the states. coming up next, arctic blasts are extremely dangerous but they can be beautiful. we're going to show you mother nature's best on lake erie. >> and plus, the company that makes oreos is add -- at it again. the new flavor that i think could substitute for breakfast. >> oh. and you're watching good morning cleveland on
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. we're approaching 6:23 and the wednesday morning commute is off to a great start. let's look at the maps here. you see a couple of slowdowns that is typical, 71 northbound and we do have some issues we're following breaking news around east 147th street. that fatal house fire. so, east 147th is closed between kinsman and bartlet avenue. electrical problems. gate says mills boulevard and old mill road affected by this. checking out the drive times. looking good. eight-minute ride, 77 northbound rock side to downtown and let's move you here and show you the live look on i-71 at clark avenue. volume is building and no accidents or incidents to report. over to you. and weather cooperating for us. helping out the morning commute. as you can see in your power of 5 doppler network, not picking
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that will change as we head throughout the morning hours. the snow is moving back into the picture. i am thinking less than an inch. nothing like we have had over the past few days. i have to show you the numbers, though. unbelievable and we're still digging out your sidewalks and side roads, secondary roads, parking lot is going to be slick. so we have that occurring, right? chardon at 29 inches over two feet of snow. south madison, 20 inches; 18 in conneaut and chester, big numbers and final that storm or the lake affect of it done. light snow and lower 20s. over to you. and these cold temperatures have given us something beautiful to look at along the shores of lake erie. >> and this looks incredible. the freezing waves created beautiful works of art. something to see. some back to your tv screen. check it out. call it mother nature's version of ice sculptures. instead of a block of ice and a chainsaw, she's using lake
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and frigid temperatures. this is how it works. the arctic air blows across lake erie which has not frozen over just yet. >> when the wind comes through, the waves get bag and -- big and splashes into the air. which goats the wonderful light posts we have and we get the nice ice sculptures. >> and so many people who have been out there getting some cool photos of the ice sculptures, too. keep this in mine, a number of areas on the shore closed because of concerns of falling ice. so, if you go out there, be careful. we would like to see your pictures. >> and never stand underneath an icicle. >> yes. and turning today, actor matt -- is starting a new craze and talking about jimmy kimmell's reaction. he wore giant fake eyebrows acting like it was normal. some of us don't need fake ones. when asked about it, he said
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>> and you have been on trend for awhile, my friend. >> and always. thank you, mom and pop. and this news is something a lot of people are excited about. a new oreo flavor finally hitting store shelfs. >> are you ready for this? it's cinnamon bun flavored cookies, featuring cinammon flavored cookies and cream cheese flavored frosting. keep an eye out for the return of red velvet oreos. the filling is also cream cheese flavored. coming up next, hardly anyone hates hearing free chipotle, unless it's associated with e. coli. big announcements from the restaurant chain. >> and fighting for justice. how the death of a police dog could help protect other k9 ess. >> and we're -- k9s. and we're following breaking news on the city's east side. two sisters found dead.
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. now, we're staying on top of breaking news on cleveland's east side. >> we learned that two people were killed in a house fire overnight. our nick foley is live on the scene this morning. nick, this is such a devastating story. >> reporter: yeah, jackie. very sad this morning.
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behind me is east 447th street. the 3700 block of the street is where this fire took place. cleveland firefighters and fire officials on scene tell us that there are two confirmed fatalities. there were two elderly sisters. we want to show you video of the fire when we first arrived. the firefighters responded just after two 30:00 this morning. -- 2:30 this morning. when they did arrive, they already a loud boom. several people we spoke to who are on scene identified themselves as a family member of the two women. they tell us there was a 90- year-old woman and an 85-year- old woman both sisters that lived in two pardon mes on this home. one in the downstairs apartment and another in the upstairs. there were also, according to cleveland fire, two other men in this house at the time of the fire. one was transported to the hospital with injuries. another man was treated and released on the scene. this is larry greg, a cleveland fire. >> and we ended up having two fatalities as a result of the loud boom.
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type of cylinder or something, but we had to pull a person out. >> reporter: again, the firefighters were pulled out of the scene momentarily. you can see they're still on scene now working hotspots. for the most part, the fire is completely out. again, to confirm, two fatalities at this fire on east 147th street on the 3700 block, two women, a 90-year-old woman and an 85-year-old both sisters dead in this fire this morning. that is it if the east side of cleveland. nick feely for -- nick foley for newschannel 5. back to you in the studio. >> thank you for the update. and let's get a check on the power-of-5 forecast. is ex31:00 now, and we're cold. 11 degrees in cleveland; 11, wooster; 12 in mansfield. we await the next batch of snowfall. lake affect not coming into play until tonight, but even then, it's not impressive. we don't have the right kind of conditions. the snow making its way into the forecast as it slowly -- slowly creeps east and looking
6:26 am
no big worries as far as the snow goes. this is an upper level disturbance that is here and gone. it does mean we're going to keep it cold and cloudy today. the daytime high in the low 20s. and time to check in request with corrina who is making sure the roads are nice and safe for the start of the wednesday morning. >> it's nice. the main roads looking great. watch out for slipper spots on the back roads. -- slippery spots. 71 northbound experiencing normal slowdowns. the commute picks up. ninety as well with some issues that we saw nick out of the scene at the breaking news, the deadly house fire, east 147th street is closed between kinsman and bartlet avenue. because of that, electrical issues causing closures. gatesville boulevard and old mill road. i want to take you outside. you can see the volume building on 71 and this is live from our odot cam, 71 at clark avenue. over to you, terrence. and people this morning, the fbi investigating a kent state professor accused of trying to recruit students for isis and he's speaking out.
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what is he saying? >> reporter: terrence, julio pino told a student reporter he doesn't support the islamic state. these allegations surfacing as he began teaching the spring semester classes yesterday. and meanwhile, kent state reassuring thousands of students and parents across northeast ohio that the university is not under a threat. he's under investigation for alleged ties to isis and trying to recruit students. and agents introduced several faculty members and students. the online editor reports a joint task force has been investigating him the last 18 months and why the fbi was interested in speaking with her. >> and i wrote a couple of arms about him and they wanted to see what we talked about in the interviews and get more information on him. >> and mills did an on-camera
6:28 am
afternoon and this is what he had to say. >> everything that i have done, as far as i know and including what the lawyers and others have told me is perfectly legal. i have not broken the law enforcement i don't advocate that anyone else break the law. >> this is not the first time the history professor has been in the spotlight. we're told that he was in trouble a couple of years ago for saying death to israel during a speech. and fbi said this investigation is ongoing. sarah phinney, newschannel 5. >> and thank you. new overnight from the live desk, an emotional farewell to a fallen hero. mondays gathering to pay tribute to danville police officer thomas cottrell at a vigil in the parking lot where he was shot to death. the knox county sheriff's deputies started searching for officer cottrell late sunday night after a 911 call from a woman claiming her ex-
6:29 am
wanted to kill an officer. and co it, tre well, l was later found dead. the gun, police cruiser nowhere to be found. jones was arrested and he's in jackie. and corrina, this morning, thousands are signing petitions for another fallen officer. canton k-9 jethro. there are multiple petitions online demanding a change to ohio law. and within -- one on wants the maximum penalty for the killing of a police dog to go from three year to life and another said the death penalty should be an option. and a professor tells us the death penalty has been reserved for those convicted of killing people and not animals but he said a few other changes are possible. >> and that i have a lot of discretion and they could increase the possible punishment motor killing of a police dog if they wanted to. >> a group of state senators, including the state senator from tire mark discount --
6:30 am
a -- pass a bill to increase the penalties. in november, a man might be on the loose. if it was mot for a couple of quick-thinking citizens. they are being honored. and the father and son are both dead. they were in the gas station during the robbery. dad grabbed the gun while dodging bullets and junior grabbed the man's wrist twisting it until the gun fell. last night, they received a commodation from the parma police chief. inabilities to detect the surroundings that night, they saw what was happening and did what came to them naturally. without their help, that gentlemen, that suspect would have gotten clean away. >> and a third man gregory car. he was able to give officers a partial plate number. the accused killer is behind bars charged with aggravated murder. and first responders are times. >> we have learned some are living in less than irk deal
6:31 am
broken boilers at three fire houses. until they're fixed, firefighters are working and sleeping in 50 degrees temperatures, folks. safety is the main concern here because he fears the their performance. >> and i have your first responders. you want to have the firefighters. the community wants them ready and they want them in the absolute best possible condition to be able to go out and respond. >> and many of the stations are older so it's not the easiest to find parts for dated boilers. >> and we're told the cleveland assistant safety committee will contact the dpw today and start working on the problem. >> coming up next for you, taking the blame. michigan's gover neigh -- governor saying the buck stopped with him. what he's promising to do now. >> and millions -- a spending bill and could be a big boost for the city before the rnc.
6:32 am
. good morning to you, 6:40 right now. we want to look at news-making headlines around ohio. >> starting with new funding that can help finish public square renovations before the rnc. the lawmakers introduced a capital projects bill including $3.5 million for public square. according to the plain dealer, they will give $17 million to cleveland state to help build an edition to finn hall. the bill includes millions for the cleveland museum of natural history.
6:33 am
guidelines for opiate pain killers. ohio doctors being encouraged to consider other options here like alternative therapy. if pain killers must be predescribed, doctors must check a now prescription reporting system and it will show if patients are going to multiple doctors for pain meds. the new guidelines are meant to curb opiate addiction and accidental overdoses. a cleveland chef named the winner of guy's grocery games on food network. a shout out toric williams. he won the latest episode with a mexican pork chop dish. >> way to go, eric. he took home $16,000 for charity and he will get to compete on the show's finally on sunday, january 31st. he's the owner of momocho mexican restaurant in cleveland and el carnicero in lakewood. >> congrats and good luck to him. and next in the morning sprint, another sickout in detroit. five schools closed as teachers protest classroom conditions. >> and coming to cleveland,
6:34 am
the new study that puts us head- to-head with miami and seattle.
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. welcome to the morning sprint.
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we're going to check in with everyone in just a moment. we have to start with an update on breaking news. two people killed in a house fire in cleveland's east side. nick foley was the first on scene this morning. he's here with the latest now. nick? >> yeah, terrence. cleveland fire officials confirm that there were two fatalities in this fire. they say they were both elderly sisters living in this residence. it's basically a duplex. an apartment on the bottom and one on top. we want to show you video of the home. when firefighters responded to the scene around 2:30, they actually heard a boom or a loud explosion. that were not able to go into the fire right away. several people we spoke to on scene identified themselves as family members and told us the two women were 90 and 85 years old. there were also two others in this home or this building at the time of the fire. one man was transported with injuries to a hospital. the other was treated and released on scene. now, for the most part, as you look over my shoulder there,
6:38 am
working on some hotspots. but the fire for the most part, is out this morning. to confirm, two women both said this morning, the fire 90s and 85-year-old sisters dead in the fire on east 147th street. reporting from cleveland's east side, nick polyfor newschannel 5. back to the studio. >> and that is sad news. thank you, nick. and 6:46 now. let's get a check of the forecast with tera blake. >> and this is a look at the current conditions in ashtabula. you can see the parents driving over what are new clear roadways. the parking lot is filled with snow. sidewalks as well as we start in the teens this morning. southwest winds up for us here in ashtabula and you're feeling like 2 degrees. the extra layers needed. the winds will die back. no lake affect snow for the most part and a better driving condition kind of day for sure. and i have to talk totals for a moment, though.
6:39 am
the biggest for you in chardon; south madison, 20 inches. ashtabula, you picked up 18. conneaut, 18; mayfield heights at 12. euclid at 12 and just unbelievable numbers because of our beloved lake erie. this system is not from the lake. it's actually an upper level disturbance. let's bring in snowfalls and that heads east. we expect west to east to see the snow chances. no advisorys or warnings for us. this is a low snow maker for us. though i do expect, here we go, about the noon hour for us to find the most significant push before it breaks up into the afternoon hours. we're going to see a little lake affect there with the shift of the wind behind the system. but it's gone quickly. the thursday forecast is nice and quiet, as far as totals go. it's moving fast. there is not a lot of moisture, so when we're looking at a half an inch and maybe an inch, especially for the eastern locations and watching from the south for the friday opportunity for snowfall. morning temperatures here,
6:40 am
time now to check in with corrina and see how the roads are on this wednesday morning. >> and so glad, tee -- tera. we don't have to spend time clearing snow and we need extra time to heat them up. the main roads clear and free of snow. the back roads could give you trouble and we're seeing normal slowdowns now, 71 northbound 490 and 90 as well. a couple of issues to talk about. we saw nick on the scene of breaking news that we're telling you b the deadly house fire, east 147th still closed between kinsman and bartlet avenue. farther east, we have some other issues, electrical problems causing closures. gates mill boulevard, old mill road. the drive times not too bad. ten minutes for you, 271 northbound; richmond to 90 and let's look outside live now. showing you our odot cam and you see that traffic is starting to pick up. this is a look on i-71 at clark avenue. guys? good morning cleveland reporters following two developing storg.
6:41 am
study about millennials in cleveland. first, let's go to sarah phinney live at kent state. >> reporter: terrence, a kent state university professor is being investigated by the fbi for his alleged ties to isis. he denies the accusations to student media here at kent. julio pino is a tenured professor here and plans to continue teaching throughout the semester. the editor of the student newspaper emily mills said the agents interviewed faculty members and including students and her. is any they have been investigating him the last 18 months. the fbi was interested in speaking with her because she's done several stories with him in the past. in an interview with him yesterday, pino told her he never talked about isis in class. meanwhile, kent state releasing a statement to parents and students telling them that there are no threats to the campus. live at kent state, sarah phinney, newschannel 5. and good news, cleveland. we're becoming a millennial magnet.
6:42 am
foundation said that our city is ranked 8th number of millenials with a college degree. between 2011 and 2013, we saw a gain of 7,000 young professionals in downtown and it's reaping the benefits. the number of downtown residents aged 25 to 34 sky rocketed 76% from 2000-2012. one of the biggest reasons our city is a magnet for young professionals, on our cost-of- living. the cost-of-living is 20% lower than in new york; however, one of the folks behind the study said one area needing improvement is the lack of diversity among millennials. nearly 70% of cleveland millennials are white. overall, a thumbs up for our city. terrence. and we have to get to troubling news out of akron. the police are investigating the city's fourth homicide of the year. >> a man found dead with a gunshot wound on grove shoot earlier yesterday morn -- yesterday morning. the other homicides include the
6:43 am
on the same night. one beaten to death at a seed zodiac club and the other shot and killed at the heidi ho lounge. akron had 26 homicides in all of 2015. unfortunately, though, violent crimes committed in the u.s. are on the rise. the fbi releasing new data showing a nearly 2% increase in murders, rapes, and assaults during the first six months of 2015. compare this to the same time in 2014. burglary and arsons, however, dropped in the first six months of last year. and jury selection begins for an akron woman charged in connection with the senior citizens death. tiffany powell is charged with aggravated murder. she arranged for 69-year-old james harris to come to her home to buy a car back in april of 2014. paul reid attacked and killed him when he got there. reid plead guilty last year. tonight, euclid is talking gangs. cuyahoga county councilwoman sonny simon is hosting an international forum gang violence.
6:44 am
ask questions and talk to the officers and attorneys working to curb crime here. this meeting is tonight at 6:30 at the euclid public library. and former ohio governor ted strictland will be in the rain -- in lorain today. he's hosting a round table with steel workers and local officials. they will talk about the massive layoffs at republic steel and u.s. steel. that talk starts at noon today, by the way. and 6:52 right now. don't go anywhere.
6:45 am
. wax, 6:53. and breaking from the live desk, an attack on the university in northwest pakistan is over. at least 20 people dead, several hurt. a gunman reportedly stormed the university soon after it opened for classes this morning. the police and military forces sent in. a taliban leader claiming
6:46 am
it was not behind the attack. an army spokesperson saying at least four taliban militants were killed in the gun battle, which, again, is now over. terrence and jackie. >> another secout for detroit today. more than -- sickout for detroit today. more than 60 schools are closed. >> teachers are calling out sick to protest classroom conditions and budget issues. shelly childers from our sister station in detroit has the latest. >> reporter: students are waking up to a massive teacher sickout. at least 67 schools in the detroit public school system are already closed. this is happening as president obama is also expected to touch down in detroit later this morning. teachers are holding the sickout as protests to building conditions, crowded classrooms and waging. -- wages. the school district is operating under a state appointed emergency managing. and they'reis -- manager and facing a debt of $515 million. the governor spoke about the dps problems in his state-of- the-state last night.
6:47 am
mean nothing without a plan of action. a union-planned rally is scheduled for later this afternoon in downtown detroit. that is going to be in the stage area -- the same area where president obama is scheduled to tour the north american international auto show. in detroit, shelly childers. >> thank you. and michigan also dealing with the flynt water crisis. >> the state's governor is taking all of the blame for the lead poisoned h.2o there. during the state-of-the-state address last night, he apologized for what happened, saying all of the blame lays on the government. the government will release all of his e-mails related to the crisis and it started when the city switched its water source to the flint river. and right now, the military is suspending the search for 12 marines who disappeared after the helicopters collided off of the coast of hawaii. after five days of searching, no signs of the marines. officials say that the discussion to suspend the search was difficult. the marine corps will change to a recovery effort.
6:48 am
temporarily suspends hadding campaign life one of the vol-- suspends his campaign after one of the volunteers was in a car crash. that i hit a patch of ice in iowa and the van flipped over, hit by another vehicle. the other people in the van were treated and released from the hospital of the. -- from the hospital. >> and new polls show bernie sanders is expanding his lead over hillary clinton. the poll shows that 60% of voters support him compared to 33% for clinton. and the governor kasich is showing good numbers in new hampshire weeks before the primary there. a research group poll of likely republican primary voters, kasick got 20% in second place. a week ago, he was at 14%. donald trump is leading with 27%, marco rubio in third with 10. and thanks to a new ohio law, republicans, democrat, and everyone else in between here to watch the rnc and can party into the night. bar and restaurant owners in northeast ohio with liquor
6:49 am
allowing alcohol service until 4:00 a.m. during major events. they have to apply to their city before march 21st to qualify. and look here. this amazing video. the ways of lake erie have created these beautiful works of art. ice sculptures along the shore with help from the prison. if you're one of the photographers making way out there, take a photo and keep this in mine. a number of areas on the shore closed because of concerns of falling ice. do be careful if you head out there. we would like to see a photo. we have a full galley on the news net 5 app. >> and nice to look at. i don't know that i want to be close to that. today, 23 year high, cold and cloudy for the day, light snow and less than an inch predicted. high on thursday, and 30 by friday. and a weekend warm-up as well. >> and the main roadways clear of snow. we're seeing the typical slowdowns, 71-77, 490. >> and coming up on gma, i
6:50 am
spike lee. a must watch. >> and thank you so much for joining us. have a great day.
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