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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 6am  ABC  January 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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at a local elementary school putting parents on edge. what they're vowing to do today and what school officials are saying about this threat. >> and searching for suspects in a deadly shooting right downtown. two people killed inside an upscale apartment complex. what police say they found inside the apartment. >> and a man wrongfully accuseed of murder, locked away for 11 years and now ied handle -- now owed millions for this injustice. >> and first, a monster snowstorm setting its sights on washington, d.c. here's corrina desk. >> reporter: hard to believe and bracing for a blizzard. tips of millions of americans right now in the path of the first major winter storm of the season. it's moving east and it will slam d.c., baltimore, philly, new york -- this is a live look at what looks like arkansas here from our affiliate. d.c. is expecting the worst of it, two feet of snow, schools, and businesses shut down and
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>> well, i already hit the grocery store, but i mean, honestly, when we're being truthful, the most important thing is wine and whiskey. >> okay. what do you think about that? also, the threat of widespread power outages and coastal flooding with the storm. thousands of flights cancelled or delayed. at least a dozen here at hopkins. check the flight status, by the way, on the news 5 app. if you're heading out, a good idea to give that a check. tera, we're looking okay, though. almost like a vacation getaway in comparison. >> and unbelievable we're here. extremes not expected in northeast ohio. we have a little bit of lake affect snow off of the top and we may see the snow for southern locations. it's creeping in closer and closer to ohio, but minimal impact, i think the clouds will be the biggest thing we're going to notice for the friday forecast. this is the lake affect snow. it's light and scattered, but
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was into summit a bit and into eerie and geauga as well. some very light snow not contributing to additional issues on the roadways. remember, we have had a lot of snow and we're looking at bridges and overpasses at times icing over because of the cold air in place. 24 for us in cleveland; 20, ashtabula. , 23, akron and 19 mansfield. a lot of us seeing drier conditions rather than wet and that is the story into the weekend and for the start of next week. flures off of the top, the day time high under extra clouds in the upper 20s and let's look at the warm-up in a few minutes and check back in with corrina. and you know, things are looking great. a nice smooth ride for you. we look at the maps here, 77 looking good. 71 and 90 is looking great as well. i do want to put out one issue, though. coventry road at u.s. 322. we're getting reports of a disabled truck that is causing slowdowns. a little bit of red there, you see, on the screen. the drive times overall looking good. eight minutes, 77 northbound
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the speeds are moving along just fine and this is a look from the odot cam, i-90 at state route 2. volume is picking up and things are moving freely out there. 6:02 is the time now. the lorain county elementary school opened after a hit-list was found. some parents vowing to keep their kids home today. sarah phinney joins us live from firelands elementary. sarah, what are skewed officials saying? >> reporter: jackie, the superintendent said that he has seen the list and called it disturbing, but he's insisting that students are safe. this came to light yesterday when a parent contacted school officials. we're told that one or two students may have penned the threat. the fireland school district contacted parents thursday afternoon to let them know what was going on and at the -- that the county sheriff is investigating. the superintendent mike von gutten said students will face discipline suspension at the very least. >> and they're safe.
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grade and he will be in attendance tomorrow. >> i don't feel comfortable sending my child to school. i'm not given the same information he's given. he is able to make that decision. for me, i don't feel safe. >> reporter: again, school administrators saying there is no threat, no credible threat, based on the investigation and based on the students' histories and the age of those students involved. live in oberland, sarah phinney, newschannel 5. >> thank you. and also today, honoring a police officer killed in an ambush in danville. the officer thomas cottrell's body was found shot to death outside of a municipal building late sunday night. calling hours are from 2-4 this afternoon and again from 6-8 at brockner funeral home in newark. the funeral is set for 11 a.m. tomorrow on the newark campus technical college. right now, the man suspected of killing him, herschel jones is in custody and expected to be charged with murder.
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a shooting in an upscale apartment complex in the heart of downtown cleveland is sending shock waves throughout the area this morning. two people murdered inside an apartment and this morning, the gunmen are still out there. let's bring in nick foley live with the latest on the situation. good morning, nick. >> reporter: good morning, terrence. the shooting took place here at the archer building behind me on west 9th street and this building has upscale apartments with secured entrances to the building. we want to show you video from the scene last night. because it was hectic late last night. the police responded to reports of a shooting around 8:30. when officers arrived, they found one man dead on scene inside an apartment. another with a gunshot wound to the head was taken to the metro health medical center where he later died. the cleveland police source tells us a large amount of drugs were removed from the apartment after the shooting as well. cleveland police tell us that two suspects were seen running from this area. no word on the identity of the
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to one another, but we spoke to several people living inside, obviously, very understandably shaken at the news of the shooting in this area. we have several employees living in this area as well. a scary situation, to say the least. nick foley for newschannel 5. back to you. >> thank you for that update. and cleveland police involving a body found yesterday on columbus road. when officers arrived, they found the 56-year-old man with the gunshot wound to the head. police have not said if there is -- this is a homicide or suicide. and three suspects arrested in a parma home invasion will be in court today. the incident happened here at the home on friar drive. the suspects used a frying pan to beat the homeowner and then tied him up and left him in the attic. that homeowner is able to get away to a neighbor's house to call the police and then they say the suspect stole a van, taking police on a chase through three cities. it ended after arrests were made and the van crashed into carrie mckinley's brooklyn home. >> it's amazing that nothing happened. amazing.
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>> the home owner is still in serious condition at metro health with multiple injuries. only at 5, a cleveland man wrongly imprisoned for more than a decade -- decade wants retribution. he knows he's never getting back the 11 years he was locked up n.2011, his wrongful conviction was overturned and he became a free man. two years later, he was awarded a multimillion settlement for the wrongful conviction but has not seen any of the money. >> they keep saying that we're broke, we're not going to pay. i am staying positive. i'm going to keep on praying that they give me my money. >> david is also fighting for an apology. he said he never received one the state. and this morning, a call system. we're learning a new committee will review cuyahoga county's grand jury process. the judge john russo said recent cases like rice's didn't have a role in this decision. he wants to just make sure the
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and affectively as possible. and right now, an elyria mother is facing endangerment charges. one of tina carol's children was found wandering outside without a winter coat. the police say the child was standing at the corner of prospect street and garfield avenue. when they went to the home, the two-year-old was found sleeping in the crib but no adult was home. officers say she said she left to pick up other children from school. and good and bad news for ohio schools this morning. fewer college freshmen are entering ohio colleges, needing remedial english or math. that is the good news; however, 1/3 of the students are still not ready for college-level courses. this comes from the 2015 ohio remediation report. if you are looking for something fun to do this weekend, we got you covered. >> check out the second annual cleveland winter boar fest with live music and more than 350 -- beer fest with live music and there are than 350 kraft beers. ticket information, you can
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>> cleveland knows how to do beers, for sure. >> yeah. and time now, 6:08. i'm terrence lee. >> and i'm jackie fernandez. tgif. coming up for you, flint fallout. the water crisis in michigan costing people their jobs and a local restaurant checking in to help. >> and football players putting a lot of work on the grid iron. but off of the field, some have other talents. you don't want to miss how one green bay packer player spins his day off.
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wake up in your first home. wake up in a home you've made a bit bigger. wake up in a home with a new address. wake up in a home that doesn't even have an address. as your life evolves, your dream home evolves too, and protecting it takes committed support. at american family insurance we support your dreams. see how you can save with ring video doorbell at . good morning and welcome back. it's that time of the morning to check in with rock creek. temperatures, 21 degrees. winds are fairly calm out there and you're picking up some of the flurries that we have been seeing just off of lake erie. the good news is that no accumulation expected but only
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dry conditions in the future cast and noticing the time stamp throughout the day. highs in rock creek at 26 degrees. still very chilly. cloudy conditions into the afternoon. that is a look at your neighborhood tracker forecast. over to you, corrina. >> and thank you. breaking from the live diddesque and the heels of this week's deadly terror attack from a university in pakistan, the taliban is vowing, quote, this is just the beginning. the terror group promising to carry out more similar attacks on schools and universities across the country. islamic militants stormed the school on wednesday. 21 people killed and bringing back memories of the 2014 attack on the school that left 150 dead, mostly children. parents. and corrina heads are rolling at the epa in response to the water crisis in michigan. the regional director covering the area is stepping down. susan heedman is out of a job affective february 1st. critics are slamming the city, state, and federal response to the problem. the video surfacing online as
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you see it in the bottle, varying shades of brown. >> and sometime magazine releasing new cover showing you the true faith of the -- face of the water crisis. what you're seeing on your screen is two-year-old sincere smith. the headline, the poisoning of an american city. he's one of more than 40 kids with high levels of lead in their bodies and his mom said the severe rashes you see all over his body, he got them from bagging in that lead- contaminateed water for months. >> and look at this picture here. imagine this coming out of your faucet. that is what the water looks like there. nearly 100,000 people are seeing this coming out of their singes. >> unbelievable. -- sinks. >> unbelievable. and residents relying on bottle water because of the crisis in flint. >> they need it desperately and more businesses from our area are helping. these stacks of water at bubba's q, the result of a facebook campaign. the national guard distributed 90,000 cases of water in flynt.
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>> what is going on right now is really heart wrenching. we want to reach out and get the surrounding cities to help us out with the water drive and gas cards to go up. >> baker went on to tell us they will take as many trips as possible up to flint to take whatever supplies and water they can collect. 6:15. this is an idea for you the next time we get a winter storm here. maybe you can try this out. >> okay. >> and it was created by a college hockey player. it took about two days to build a -- 500 bread tins, froze each brick of ice there and colored it request with food coloring, too, why did he do it? he was trying to pass the time. >> and looks really cool. i like that, tera what, do you think? >> i love it. looks cool. somara wants to know how you get the curve just right on an igloo. >> yeah. >> and hopefully he's watching and -- that is somara theodore. all right, here we go. the look at cleveland is chilly out there.
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snow at this point of the morning as you're noticing, and there is a flake. yeah, it's nottime pressive. nothing like the major snowstorm that is really unfolding down south and east. and it's not just a major winter storm, we have severe weather tornado warnings with this system as well and expecting to dump ice and heeled areas, beach erosion and they're expecting to find high surf like what they found with sandy, unbelievable problems. if you're worried about northeast ohio, you don't have to be. we're sitting pretty quiet other than overcast skies for today and a little snow for our southern locations. i will show you that coming up from the system. we have lake affect snow shifting the winds out of the northeast. and so, scattered and light over cuyahoga, lorain and medip
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little bit in lake geauga and ashtabula, too. on the right side. 21 elyria and wooster. 23 for you in akron and this is a nice warm-up in comparison to yesterday at this time. ten degrees warmer in akron; 12 degrees warmer in cleveland and 9 degrees warmer in wooster for us here. warmer is warmer but it's not warm. you're going to need the heavy jackets for sure. the morning readings in the 20s and a few dropping down to 14 degrees in coshockton. impacts on us as far as the system goes. i mentioned that little bit of snow. we're going to get wraparound cold air as well. for us, the biggest, noticeable change is going to be the added clouds. a little bit of snow trying to push north here late tonight into early saturday. also, notice the shift in the winds around the system and pushing out of the northeast so that is the lake affect snow, where it comes from. the chances this morning as well into your saturday and then we're done. we have some sunshine for your sunday and a bounce back of temperatures towards monday.
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totals, they're minimal and i am thinking about an interest. is any a little bit showing off the lake affect and point three, as much as an inch and places to remember that you're going to see that late snow tonight will be carol county, tuscaroras county and coshockton and maybe houma, that is about the -- maybe huma. 28 today, 28 tomorrow and 35 for sunday. no real weather issues moving back until tuesday. before we get there, 40s for monday. corrina. and tera, you mentioned this. worth another mention that the bridges and overpasses could be slick. overall, the roads are free and clear. the volume is picking up as we look outside from our odot cam, i-90 at kenilworth and starting to get more trafficky out there. okay. and check out the mountains. things are looking great this morning. a couple of slowdowns as the volume building as you head into the city. right now, 42 and 71 with some slow spots. nothing major or no accidents to report.
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volume. it's about that time, 6:18 now and we're seeing more cars on the roads. for drive times looking good, 10 minutes for you, 271 northbound, richmond to 90 and average speeds are moving along just fine. 64 miles an hour and 77 northbound, rock side to downtown. and shocking new video to show you this morning. a two-year-old on a deputy's dash cam seen running down a look at this. the kid running down the middle of the busy road and the deputy was able to stop him and picks him up and gets him out of harm's way there. the family said the guy slipped out of the door at the community center while they were cleaning up there. and you see crazy stuff in new york city, i don't think you would expect to see a cow on the loose in queens after escaping from the slaughter house and only getting moments of that freedom there. so, this cow trotting down the city streets but was eventually caught by the nypd and then taken back to the slaughter house and eventually ended up,
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>> you know. we were looking at it on the left over there. >> and -- . >> i was reached. >> you were what? yeah, you heard that right. reading was the answer that this driver gave for doing that. a minnesota man pulled over by an officer after he sees him driving like a maniac. >> and that driver telling the cop he was reading a james patterson novel the officer knew the man made a mistake and so he ended up giving him a citation. >> okay. >> and you can get away with some, when you talk to the police officer. maybe not getting a ticket but that is where he should have gotten the book throne at him. >> and -- thrown at him. >> definitely. and pam and jim from the "office" are the ultimate in relationship goals. >> i love this show and i love pam and jim, air high 5. that is what they do. jenna fisher who played pam said what you saw was real. she said a part of her is pam
6:19 am
and those parts of each other were genuinely in love. but she said those were only parts of them multifaceted and that is why they could never work in real life and ended up marrying other people. >> and jim is great on that show. at 6, during the nfl season, football stars, they put in a lot of work to come home with a w every week. >> what happens when you're sidelined with an injury? well, if your name is joey nelson from the green bay packers, you become a >> oh. he volunteered to help with his five-year-old son's teacher. he had to go in for cancer treatment and it was a pretty full filling thing to work with them and missed the regular season after tearing his acl during the offseason. kansas. imagine how cool that had to have been for the kids to see him walk in. >> yeah. >> and he's already there, right? >> yes, i am pretty sure he's got a lot of apples, you know what i mean.
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cars, we'll show you the new self-driving unvention coming soon to a store near you. -- invention coming soon to a stor near you. >> and this maybe not so much. what the coaster junkies have been waiting for. we're going to give you -- give you a look at cedar point's newest coaster and when you
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. well, good morning and happy friday much the last
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doesn't that sound nice? what we're seeing is normal volume starting to build. slow spots on 71 northbound. no accidents or incidents to report. the drive times are looking good. average speeds are moving along just fine andly look at the volume from the odot cam and this is 71 at clark avenue. the traffic is starting to pick up. fortunately, weather is cooperating with us today, somara. >> and that is right. we are going to see that continuing cooperation and this is a live shot outside. as i said earlier, it's not coming out of the sky for most of us and we are seeing a little bit of lake affect snow picking up there and the west side and for now, current temperature is 16 degrees and visibility is good, winds are dry and cam. the major system is after of the northeast coast and we're not worried about that but hitting parts of unlawful philadelphia -- new
6:23 am
or less of snow and over to you. the excitement is red-hot and at cedar point for the newest roller coaster. >> and the theme park releasing this video of the val raven and what it's going to look like and it will be the tallest, longest, fastest coasty -- coaster in the world and travel 75 miles per hour and hold you at the top for four seconds at the edge of a 90 degrees drop and you will plummet face first toward the ground. >> and -- toward the ground. you sit on the ride 8 across and that he vertical drop is the fifth and you can't get that anywhere else. >> and on the val raven, the construction started on labor day and that is on traffic for the big premier. >> and i think you should do it. >> and that is on that bench.
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>> waiting for you and te, a. it's 6:26 right now. -- tera. it's 6:26 right now. it's hard sometimes getting out of bed. >> and move over, catch up, a new fan favorite coming new in a single-serving package.
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. right now, concern over
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the disturbing discovery that has parents demanding answers. >> and two people shot dead in cleveland's busy warehouse district. the search for the suspects and what police found inside that apartment. >> and right now, millions of people are in the path of a big storm. more than two feet of snow are expected to paralyze the east coast. and how your travel out of the tle could be affected. >> and maybe a few counties south could see an inch or less from this system. and we're going to have added clout clouds and a shift in our wind. all of the problems like south and east of hope and it's getting started. for us here at home, watching lake affect in the -- and northeast winds shifted and we have that little bit of flurry action around cuyahoga, and ashtabula, too, and nowhere sections of medina into lorain. the morning temperatures better
6:28 am
for the kids at the bus stop, going to be chilly for us and sunrise, 7:48 and the afternoon looking dry and breezy. >> and no accidents or issues there and we're seeing traffic build as the commute picks up and volume is education inning for you, 71 northbound and then 90 as well with some slowdowns. looking good, rock side to downtown and a live look outside showing you that the traffic is picking up. 71 at clark avenue and again, no accidents or incidents to report. and now here at the live desk, more than 4,000 flights across the country cancelled or delayed in anticipation of the big storm. we're keeping an eye on the situation at hopkins. and so far, about a dozen cancellations there. if you want to check your flight status, we have a link on our news net 5 app. and the storm is on the move.
6:29 am
in its path. d.c., baltimore, philly, new here. the nation's capital expecting the worse of it and possibly, more than two feet of snow. the federal offices and schools closed and in an unprecedented weekend suspended. nearly 10 inches of snow fell in parts of kansas, snow and ice overnight into arkansas. and 6:32. an elementary school in horape county is on high alert. the police investigating what they call a hit-list. sarah phinney has more. parents are concerned, sarah. >> reporter: we just spoke with a superintendent and he expects attendant to -- attendance to be lower because some parents are vowing to keep their children at home. his fourth grader will be in attendant here's and he is encouraging others to send the students to school because he said it's safe. the district notifies parents
6:30 am
them that the lorain county sheriff's office is investigating. and the superintendent said a parent contacted the school about the threat. he saw the note and called it disturbing. he believes one or two students were involved and that they are very young, k-5 students here at the school. the district has a zero tolerance policy and that those involved will face discipline. and parents are concerned and wanting more information. >> i want to know if my daughter's name is on the list or if all of the children, one or multiple children are, were involved or if they are out of school and not sitting next to my daughter. >> reporter: again, we spoke with the superintendent and he reiterates that there is no credible threat here. school begins at 8:40. sarah phinney, newschannel 5. thank you. and right now, police are searching for two gunmen involved in another deadly shooting downtown.
6:31 am
inside in an upscale apartment building. this morning, residents are understandably on edge. nick foley is on west 9th at the archer building where it what is the latest? >> reporter: the investigation continues this morning. so many of us look at the warehouse district as a fun, happening part of downtown cleveland and a lot of people live in this area. you have shops and restaurants and places to go out. and this morning, it's the site of the brutal double murder. we want to show you video of the scene last night. it was hectic as police arrive -- arrived and reports of shooting at 8:30 yesterday at the archer building here on west 9th. they found one man dead on scene. another with a gunshot wound to the head and was taken to metro later died. we spoke to one resident who was one floor down and he was understandably shaken up. >> and i have seen the area
6:32 am
to find out there was a robbery or a possible homicide one floor above where i live is disheartening and scary. >> reporter: cleveland police tell us that two male suspects were seen fleeing the scene. and a police source tells us a large amount of drugs was removed from that apartment as well. nick foley for newschannel 5 and back to the studio. >> and thank you. this morning, the former police chief is expected to enter a plea next week. it's unclear what charges he faces or what he will plea. our partnerships are running this has to do with incidents involving a female officer. and he will face a judge on monday afternoon. he received a lot of attention for rants and posts on the police department's facebook page. and there is growing concern about card skimmers installed in gas pumps in ohio. the ohio troopers believe a
6:33 am
other states. they can be installed inside the pump or over the card slot on the outside. if anything looks strange to you, tell a gas attendant and you can prepay inside. coming up on good morning cleveland, a westering for pregnant women. the countries doctors say to avoid. >> and move over uber. an auto maker is looking to take a chunk of your profits. somara. >> and let's get a check of the forecast. the temperatures this morning, 21 degrees to start. the calm winds and we were seeing flurries, though, off of the lake and you're pretty okay, most of the time and keeping itself into northeast parts of lake county and dry into the day. kirtland, you will see highs about 25 degrees. a few flurries and cloudy. that is a look at the neighborhood forecast.
6:34 am
. good morning to you, 6:39 uber and lift. they have major competition in the ride-sharing business. >> general motors saying it will create an on-demand car sharing service called maven. the automaker plans to test the service in michigan, the home of the university of michigan and it said they expect to launching additional programs in major u.s. cities this year, too. check this out here. the smart stroller using motion
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now, you never have to worry about being -- being without the good stuff. >> the sauce is going to start coming in single-serving packets. you can take it on the go. >> uh-huh. >> and the call falling started back in the 80s when it was first introduced. history for you here and that is available in key chain size bottles. >> yeah. >> and i have one of those. this is the first time you can get it. a 50 pack will cost you under $15. >> wow, and so if you pull those out of your bag, it's the coolest person. >> shocking around the airports and here. >> and scary moments on the highway, a police officer
6:37 am
. time now, 6:44. welcome to the morning sprint. 15 minutes of everything you need to know to start your day. developing stories for you. nick feely on a deadly shooting -- nick foley on a deadly shooting downtown and two suspects still at large. corrina pysa.
6:38 am
tell you about now. center middle school in strongsville closed because they have no heat. and meantime, more than 85 million americans are in the path of a massive winter storm. d.c., baltimore, philly and new york. bracing to get pounded with heavy snow and strong winds. our nation's capital expecting the worst of it, possibly more than two feet of snow. federal offices, schools they're closed and an unprecedented move. metro service over the weekend suspended. nearly 10 inches of snow fell in parts of kansas. the snow and ice overnight across arkansas. and at this point, more than 4,000 flights across the country cancelled or delays. and we're keeping a close eye on the situation at hopkins. so far, though, about a dozen cancellations there. and now for a check on the forecast. a few flurries and light snow for us. >> that is a much easier commute and they're talking about complete shutdowns for
6:39 am
nicer to the north and we're going to dodge a snowstorm, something we're not used to saying for sure. our thoughts are with them and if you know anyone travelling, they decided in the to try yet. so, as far as the morning goes, overcast skies, a great look at the city. 24 in cleveland and 20, ashtabula. we have lake-affect snow and it will be a possibility in the morning hours. again towards the weekend as well, the winds are shifting out of the northeast rather than the northwest. and so we do have a little bit more on the west side than we're used to seeing. we're watching for the potential of snowfall from this major crippling storm to even muff into the southern sections of ohio -- move into the southern sections of ohio. it will mainly be coshockton county, tuscaroras county, carol county. the real problems staying away from houma. we'll get a shift of wind and cold air behind it. minimal problems for sure and just added overcast skies. there is the shift to the wind
6:40 am
a little bit of snow creeping into the south. into sunday, some beautiful sunshine and eventually warmer temperatures, too and this morning, looking warmer. 12 for us and 12 degrees in addition to yesterday's start and -- 24, cleveland. 17 in coshockton and 19, mansfield and 19 in ravena. as far as the day goes, the clouds are sticking around and getting breezy into the afternoon, which will make it feel colder and a high of 28. 28 for your saturday. dry on sunday and warm. and time now to check back in with corrina and the morning traffic. >> and it's a happy friday on the roads. no major issues to talk about. just normal volume building as the commute picks up here. 71 northbound with slowdowns for you and also, 20, 90 having delays and nothing major to talk about. what was that? that was kind of weird. we saw some clouds and akron
6:41 am
and we check out the drive times, it's looking good. 13 minutes, 90 eastbound and crocker to theup inner belt. average speeds moving along with problems at all and looking good, too and no incidents or accidentings there either. 76 westbound market to the ken moore leg and let's look live from the odot cam and you see the traffic is picking up and moving along without major troubles to report. >> and now to sarah phinney. and thank you, corrina. i'm at the elementary school in lorain county where some parents are vowing to keep student at home after a kit list -- hit-list was discovered. they're reiterating the threat is not credible and that students should come to school today. his own child will be in school today. this threat came to light yesterday when a parent notified school officials. the superintendent saw the note and calls it disturbing and believes one or two students are involved and they're young.
6:42 am
tolerance policy and that those involved will face discipline. parents, though, still information. school begins at 8:40. and let's go to nick in downtown cleveland. >> thank you, sarah. >> residents are on edge this morning after a double murder here at the archer apartment building. two people shot and killed the gunman still, should say, still at large this morning. we want to show you video from people responded just around building. the officers arrived and found one man dead on scene inside an 8th floor apartment and another with a gunshot wound to the head taken to the metro health medical center where he later died. the cleveland police source tells us a lot of drugs were removed from the apartment after the shooting. the cleveland police tell us that two men were seen fleeing from the scene and there is no identity of the two victims or their relationship at this time. reporting from the warehouse,
6:43 am
only on 5 now, a cleveland man wrongfully imprisoned for more than a decade wanting retribution. david airs knows he's never getting back the 11 years he lost when he was locked up. two years after that happened, he hasn't seen a peppy from's multimillion settlement. >> and they keep saying that we're broke. we're not going to pay. >> i am staying positive. i'm going to keep on praying that they give me my money. >> and another thing he's fighting for and wanting, an apology. he never got one from the officers. the city or the state. >> and realty notice, an elyria mother facing endangerment charges after one of the children was found outside without a winter coat. a two-year-old was found sleeping in the crib and there was no adult at the home. the officers say the mother, tina carol, told them she left to pick up other children from school. and changes could be coming soon to cuyahoga county's grand jury process.
6:44 am
the cress of about it made headlines in the tamir rice case. a committee will be formed to look into the system and make sure it's running smoothly and efficiently as possible. and danville officer thomas cottrell was shot late sunday night. the calling hours whyer from 2- 4 this afternoon and 6-8 in newark. that funeral is set for 11:00 a.m. tomorrow at ohio state's newark campus. the kent state professor under investigation by the fbi now returning to the classroom. julio pino denies any wrong doing here and said he learned about the federal investigation from the news. >> do you support isis? >> no, absolutely not. >> are you recruiting students for isis? >> absolutely not. >> pino made headlines for his outspoken political views before and he believes that is causing false rumors about him. he doesn't think he will be charged with a crime.
6:45 am
number of guns in 2015. more than 2600 were found in carry-on bags last year. and four out of the five guns were loaded. 12 found at checkpoints at cleveland hopkins last year and that is compared to 6-2 the year before. and a close call at cleveland hopkins, too. sunday night, a maintenance worker drove across an active runway and passed under a plane taking off. officials say this was poor safety was never compromised and the worker has been on the site for 13 years and is on administrative leave. and now in the race for the white house, ohio governor john kasich picking up steam here and he snagged a highly coveted endorsement in new hampshire. the state's former gop chairman said he thinks kasich has the best chance of winning the granite state and he appreciates our governor's positive and consistent tone. and now to some good and
6:46 am
fewer college freshmen are entering ohio colleges needing remedial english or math; how far, only 1/3 of the students are not ready for college-level courses and comes from the 2015 ohio remediation report. and to someone who aced all of the science and math courses, let's go to somara. >> and let's look now and it was a struggle. in millersburg, 23 degrees and that is chilly. dry for now and into the evening. you're one of the lucky counties that could be seeing some snowfall, some system that is moving into the northeast right now and getting ready to plague much of the areas like d.c. and charlotte and into the day, you will be dry and cloudy. temperatures around 26 degrees and that is a look at the neighborhood forecast.
6:47 am
. breaking overnight from the live desk, north korea has arrested an american college student for allegedly committing antistate acts. auto frederick is from the university of virginia. we're just learning he's a native of cincinnati. north korea's state news agency said he came in as a tourist and also alleges the student plotted to undermine the north system and has links to the u.s. government. well, he's the third foreigner being held by kim jong-un's regime. and 6:55 now. we have shocking new video. >> a two-year-old seen on a deputy's dash cam running down a busy highway in oregon. the child is running down the middle of the busy road here until the deputy is able to stop him. the deputy picks up the child and takes him out of harm's way. the family said he slipped out of the door of a community center while they were cleaning up. and weird things can happen
6:48 am
in queens after escaping a slaughter house. the cow was eventually roped by slaughterhouse. and a health -- health alert for moms to be. you should not travel to several countries in the caribbean and latin america, including puerto rico, brazil, and mexico. the countries are linked to the zi can, a virus that is carried by mosquitoes and can cause fetus. it's been found in five people in the said this month. and -- in the u.s. this month. a vacation for the obama family but not honolulu police. >> the department released the total cost of overtime in the first family's holiday vacation. this year's trip cost hpd $341,000 that is the highest amount since president obama was first elected in 2008. and northeast ohio stepping up to help flynt, michigan. several businesses, including
6:49 am
the owners will take as many trips as possible. the national guard is already handed out 90,000 cases of water and. weather for us in northeast ohio, rather quiet today. furry out there and light and chilly owl day long. we're staying quiet in comparison to the major winter storm. south like tuscaroras county, carol county, coshockton county could see late snowfall. elsewhere, dry and we warm up towards the beginning of next week. corrina. >> and the minor flury activity is not having an affect on the roads. volume is starting to build. you will run into slow spots, 71 northbound for 80, volume is picking up as well. no major accidents or issues to report right now. and coming up on "good morning america," they're going to give you the lowdown on everything you need to know about spare tiresle that save you time and money. -- tires that will save you time and mean. i don't know how to use mine in the back of my trunk. >> and in 25 minutes, we'll have an update on the situation in downtown cleveland overnight. and that is a double shooting
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