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tv   Live on 5  ABC  January 28, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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about where he was around the time of sherman's murder on march 14th, 2014 he stated that television in his office. but phone records tell a different story the indictment indicates that he was not in his office before the murder and did not return to an hour after she was killed. sherman was a cleveland clinic nurse and stabbed 11 times on hamilton avenue. and this grainy video was released a month after sherman murdered. and the shadowy figure remains a person of interest and there's still a $50,000 reward for information that leads to her killer. and now we have something that we can relate to.
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flops over a reporting process for pot poles. they rejected twice as many approved in 20 15. there was a whopper of a pothole at 14th and carnegie. >> if the one that you called in is not getting done. thousands in cleveland are not unacceptable. >> reporter: it is over therein the corner after i made the call nearly three weeks ago. not only did i want this pothole fixed for all drivers, i did not want to have to pay for any repairs if i hit it again and it damaged my car. here is the catch. the city will not reimburse for any damage if it is not notified about the pothole.
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pothole complaint that i made. it is wide and deep and dangerous. this pothole at 14th and carnegie is a deceiving trap to my car and hundreds of others every day. as the temperatures dropped and the potholes like these started popping up, the councilmembers praised the reporting process and asked the drivers to report them to the 911 hotline. i think you have a requirement to make a phone call if you see one like that. stance. >> reporter: they stay is a failed system -- people say it
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>> people will be paying more and more money for something that we could have repaired way back then. >> reporter: when i checked on the status of my complaint on the pothole. the caller told me that it would be fixed by february 8th, more than a week away. and the city did not respond to our request for and on camera interview. but the official told me there's no specific time frame in which the crews must patch made. this is a case-by-case basis. and the street crews are out here working on know removal instead of potholes. let's check in with chief meteorologist mark johnson. we're beginning to see rain
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changing over to snow. seerry county and -- erie the west. we have a good area of scattered to light to moderate snow. scattered rain and snow showers. and then a little better organization to the snow. so if you're traveling this evening out and about, it could be some wet highways and buy ways. i'll tell you how long the snow will last and if your morning commute will be interrupted, that is coming up. >> you can find out how much
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you can look for in the apple app store. drama inside a cleveland courtroom. this woman sent in this video. three men are accused of setting this fire and caused and explosion. the police said that -- hired -- to set the fire at west 33rd street. and he asked him to help him. and the fire started on february 10th. and it quickly spread to two neighboring homes. and one woman was inside one of them and she barely made it out.
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huron lungs and voice -- lungs and voice box and had to spend months on a feeding tube. >> this is too much to bare, the financial and physical pain is immeasurable. >> reporter: and the woman gave an impact statement and he was sentenced to ten years in prison. he pleaded guilty in his role in that crime. the other two are awaiting trial. the jury deadlocked in the case against a man accused of killing a woman more than 33 years ago. russell atkins is accused of murdering a woman in 1982 her death was only ruled a homicide after they had her body exhumed. students will go back to
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on social media forces leaders a mayfield high school to go home. someone posted a morning instan gram. and the district leaders said it went viral came from out of state. a driver was killed after crash into a school bus and five students hurt. you can see it hit the bus head on. and all the students are expected to be okay. but they are shaken up by that experience. it has been more than a year since the cleveland police department began the road to reform. we learned that the
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with the process. it is called is a spectacular job. and a monitoring plan will be done next week. and since mid-december, the descent committee has been trying to find out about our community. media pages. by the end of this year, there will be a new use of force trained. today the state's medical marijuana task force kicked off the mission of the pros and cons of bringing pot to our state. and the panel was created by the statehouse speaker and business representatives and medical associations. lawmakers took action after a 2015 ballot initiative failed to bring marijuana to ohio. but it made clear that ohioans
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this will take on a new tone. donald trump said that will skip the stage. >> reporter: it is the final republican face-off before the iowa caucuses. and front-runner donald trump is boycotting the econvenient, spelling bill o'reilly that the fox news network treated him badly. i have zero respect for megyn kelly. >> reporter: she sparred with trump in the first showdown five months ago. >> you call women that you don't like fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals. your twitter account -- >> only rosie o'donnell. >> reporter: the latest poll shows donald trump leading cruz by 7 points. with truck out, cruz is now center stage that could also make him a target. >> marco rubio is starting to
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he could come up and finish second. it will be an earlier undercard delay. and there is a lot of money to the vets that is what we're going to do. >> he will be pushing hard for face time. a warning tonight about a common mistake. and a big red flag. >> unsettled reports coming in from paris for what a man was
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and the reporter that spent 18 months prison has a harrowing tail. we want to hear from you if you see news happening. you can text or e-mail us or
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police arrested a man that was carrying a handgun and ter ran and with a woman. the country is still under a people dead. and the man was arrested at the park hotel and they're still working why he was armed. "washington post" reporter that recently freed from iranian prison made a triumphant return to his company today. a ceremony featured guests like secretary of state john kerry river during his 18 months in prison. iranian terror interrogators
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bring him home. in fact, the government was home. >> he and four other americans were freed from iran as part of a prisoner swap in a deal that finalize. we see how easy it is to get hooked in and ripped off. >> reporter: many of us put used items on sale for craigslist, hoping to find a buyer. and one man did that with his car. but instead of making some money, he got scammed for more than $2,000. harry is trying to sell his 2001 honda prelude and he did what many of us do, taking out an ad on craigslist.
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this spring of text messages that he was in south carolina and was very interested. so the buyer said he would send a check for five grand to cover the price of the car and shipping. >> he said he would send a check for 5350, and 2450 of that would go for shipping. >> reporter: when the check showed up, he deposited it into his bank account. and then wired $2,400 who he thought was the shipper. he said that everything looked great till he logged on to his account the next day, and the funds were no good. >> reporter: he is out $2,400 and $130 in overdraft fees. so our advice. when using craigslist, deal with local people only and never accept a check for more
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wire anyone monday for shipping. and harry's family lost a year's worth of savings. >> it takes it out of my hands, it takes it out of my families. >> reporter: and he's still trying to sell his old prelewd. overdraft fees. but there noes there's no way to refund money overline. >> i found out that i won $5 million yesterday. >> party on mark. >> scams are all over. internet and phone. the best to carry cash, which i have none of. take a look at what is going on outside right now. how about akron, a live look. and we got clouds overahead and
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so far dry weather and it looks like akron and canton, most of you are going to escape the afternoon rush on the dry side. and last night we were a little concerned that we had some snow moving. and the snow is holding back. gets off. in downtown cleveland. temperatures. 42 degrees and 39 in parma, 39 in richfield and 30 in solon, chagrin falls and westlake and avon lake and we got 41 in jackson and condition ton and downtown akron -- and canton and downtown akron. there's medina at 39. let's bring up medina. 40 at the courthouse on the square and southwest wind at 3 miles an hour.
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this is in the lower 40s. and it will change some of our earlier precip and sprinkle and light rain showers. we have some sprinkles and light rain showers there into the lake erie islands. and we get the changeover after that. so the snow has been canceled. and we're talking basically anywhere from a quarter of an inch to one inch of snow overnight tonight and the majority of that snow will be east of cleveland through the overnight hours so we'll go 26 degrees tonight and snow likely, a trace to one inch, blustery and colder. codes again today. feeder today. five blue birds showed up.
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again the morning commute could get a little slick in spots. just a half an inch and maybe an inch of snow before it is all said and done tomorrow morning. akron breezy tonight and light snow and mid-20s. tomorrow not much of a warmup. and we have a little morning snow. we have a couple of isolated showers and sunday scattered rain and 52 the blue birds might be right. mid-40s monday with rain. and 55 and then the bottom falls out t is early february. february is normally cold. so let's enjoy 50, 54, 52. play the numbers for the lottery maybe you'll win the powerball this week. next, we're learning new information about the elaborate
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from a maximum security prison. why two officers involved in one city's program are off the job tonight. the forecast is in. "a chance of snow." and for those of us
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these words mean so much more. they mean a chance to conquer new hills. and explore new trails. a chance for first steps. a chance to leave the world behind. it's our chance to bundle up, get outside and laugh with the ones we love. welcome to the winter wonderland of pure michigan. your snow day begins
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there's no word that the body belongs to the person that the place were looking for. developing outwest, the police have arrested several people in connection with the escape of the three prisoners. but the huge fugitives are still on the run tonight. the police said that the men saw through a door to access the plumbing system and fashioned a rope with slings to pull themselves into the
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and once outside, they cut away barbed wire and row appealed -- repelled down the side of the building. how did they pull all of that off unnoticed. >> they had to have tools to do that. that is not something they manufactured inside the jail. >> and all three of the men are accused of murder and have gang ties. there is a $200,000 reward to bring them back in. the widow of and of a disgraced illinois police officer that staged his murder is now indicted. the prosecutor said that she helped her husbands embezzle money. her husband was found dead last
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triggering a massive manhunt for three suspects. his widow's attorneys claims that she was also betrayed that their dinner out and hawaiian vacations were fund canned -- funded with stolen money. we're live with the late breaking developments in this story. a scary virus has world health officials operating emergency mode right now.
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a grand jury has indicted gregory moore on multiple charges, cluttering tampering with evidence, and terroristic threats. moore had an appointment with
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outside his law office building march 2013. he sent her text messages claiming he was at his evidence. but evidence shows he was not there. they also say that moore lied to the police about his whereabouts. a woman was seriously hurt after three men set a fire to her home. one was sentenced to ten years in prison. and two others are still awaiting trial. a cleveland councilman is calling the city's pothole remaker process flawed after we called in about this pothole at east 14th and carnegie two fixed. zack reed said that reported potholes need to be fixed quickly or the city will be liable for more damages. a does the county foot the
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or personal trips for top executives. >> that is what one former employee alleges in a lawsuit last month. but a long month external investigation said that the executives did nothing of the sort. and we have more on this investigation. and we learned that whistleblower was fired. >> reporter: they would not explain why. and the hospital has released two and a half years of the ceo's expense reports. metrohealth ceo spent more than $109,000. $43,000 in travel expenses, including flights and hotel rooms and $13,000 in business meetings and meals. but today he said that his spending has been prudent. >> you will have the detail. 325 transactions from the day i was announced. >> reporter: and auditing firm
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business purpose in each investigation. >> they found no sport for the lawsuit, none. there's no truth to all of the allegations. >> reporter: the alleges by an employee by -- the illegal is now fired. >> reporter: and the metrohealth said that the firing was not concerning the lawsuit. his lawyer tells me that the termination letter cites his activities in the case. sparking worries for
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>> reporter: the explosive spread of the zika virus impacting families and expectant mothers. >> nobody is completely safe. >> reporter: this baby was born with a birth defect because it is believed that his mother can tracked zika virus. it is sparking an emergency health response from the world health organization. >> we need to do what we can do. >> reporter: in the u.s., more than 20 people have been diagnosed in several states. 19 cases in puerto rico coast and president obama met with cdc officials. >> we spent an hour and a half with the president talking about the plans of the cdc for the control and the research agenda. >> reporter: they believe that
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broad and now there's advisory for the women in these 24 hours where it was detect. and they were asked not to have babies till 2018. >> there was a concern a possible death of a future baby. >> reporter: long island resident said that he and his pregnant wife are getting a hard time getting a refund on their caribbean cruise. >> that is unacceptable. >> reporter: officials said that the virus that is not contagious is less serious for others, usually with mild systems of fever and rash. >> there's some hope on one front. the only way to beat the zika virus is to fight fire with fire. they are working to fight the disease with more mosquitoes. a company in england has been genetically modify them to kill
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the inflicted males from the lab are released into the wild. once the modified male mate with a wild female, he passes on the deadly gene that spreads to the larva. >> what we can do is look at the proportion of the mosquitos that we get from the field and see what proportion of the gene and that means they're not going adult as adults. and based on that ratio we can adjust the release rate of our males. >> so far the study has shown an 82% reduction in mosquito lar larvae in one test? i in brazil. >> wouldn't that be great if they would wipe out mosquitos. so there are a lot of animals that feet on them. here we have the -- feed on them.
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you notice the white. and we're beginning to see the scattered snow and the pink is a little rain/snow mix and the green will be generally light rain showers moving into the vermilion area into fremont and notice we got a lot of snow rapping in on the backside. and the actual low is back here. this is right here this is dragging in this little spoke of energy overnight tonight. and i think everyone is going to see snow. it could be briefly steady and moderate on you through the evening and in the overnight. but we're expecting a half inch and maybe an inch by midnight tonight so 40 degrees cleveland, 41 in akron to canton. 42 in dover and new philly. and the temperatures are filed and notice the snow. scattered snow invading the area t is enough to wet down the highways so drive with care overnight tonight. still ahead, does this look like something that your teen
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it is another viral social media challenge and it can be a lot more dangerous than it looks. so the so-called affluenza seen back on u.s. soil. right now here are your
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we only have three days. so fingers crossed. weekend. and we'll give you those
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a warning for all of your parents, we have details of the duct tape challenge. >> is the latest unfortunate
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and is looks innocent enough but it could put your child in danger. one teenager was almost killed. >> reporter: this is affecting many of clicks back dangerous. the duck tape challenge, they wrap them up in duct claim and they challenge them to escape from the chair. 14-year-old skylar fish took the challenge with his friends this month standing up. >> i wanted to try it i thought, it might be fun. but now i know it is not a good idea. >> reporter: but skylar's head hit the concrete, causing a brain and aneurysm. he got 48 staples and he may loss an eye.
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dangerous challenge to become a fad. do you remember the cinnamon challenge. consuming a tablespoon ground cinnamon in 60 seconds without fluid can cause long-term and even permanent lung damage. and the kylely jenner challenge, in bottles. skylar hopes that his near death experience will prevent others from putting themselves in a sticky situation. >> we've been following stories like that for years. a quick search turned up hundreds of articles warning about challenges. in one on a salt lake city tv station website. it does not matter how many
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brains are not came to grasp the risk. these are stacks and stacks of counterfeit hover boards shipped here from china and ceased by u.s. custom agents. as many of 40,000 of them are from samsung. >> they're smugglers. so corners were cut and safety was sacrificed. >> and we've seen many videos of hover boards catching fire. and there have been 28 hoover board fires in 19 states. the boy known as the affluenza teen is back in the u.s. tonight. this is video of the car carrying ethan couch at the texas detention center today. and that is video of him leaving mexico city international airport before that and the sheriff said that couch was calm and only asked for food. the prosecutors are
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trip to mexico violated his ten year probation for a drunk people. as if getting buried in this weekend's blizzard was not enough, thousands of people are getting parking tickets. as of yesterday, washington d.c. had issued more than a million dollars in fines that is more than 5,000 tickets of $250 a piece. and the city also towed nearly 700 vehicles. and washington d.c. enacted a parking ban when the snowstorm hit so the plow could get through. >> how much? >> $450? >> are you kidding? >> that is a way to make some money for the city. >> all of that overtime they have to pay for. we get a little snow. and this is the kind of winter this is where you get.
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this is a blazing fast flurry of flurries. akron dry on our tower cam. it is cloudy there and no snow for the akron and canton area yesterday. let me show you your radar. notice we got some green here. easily could be some light rain showers beginning to transition to some snowflakes. and the leading edge is not likely reaching the ground and light snow transitioning to snow as we moved to the 7:00 hour. this is the little spoke of energy coming our way chicago into detroit and flint, coming in. and it could drop fire in of a half an inch to an inch of snow. so we'll put out a little weather alert for this evening tonight through friday morning's rush for scattered
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it could be slippery. and up to an inch of snow tonight and you may get another half inch or so tomorrow. and the exception will be in the snowbelt in chardon and burton and hampden township. we could see upwards of two inches noon tomorrow. but that is not a major winter storm here. watch the temperatures going down. if we warm up a degree or two tomorrow. this is chilly air coming in. and scattered snow and the leading edge and then the chillier air beginning to slide our way. front. as we move into saturday we begin to see a warmer air regime slide n so good news there. so we got scattered snow tonight from the alberta clipper. a few morning snow showers and
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briefly for the morning commute. and here the highs tomorrow, sticking in the 20s area wide. 27, 28 tomorrow and upper 20s for highs. much colder day tomorrow. snow likely a trace to an inch. blustery. so the windchills will be in the teens by tomorrow morning. 27 tomorrow and morning flakes and we dry it out and breezy and cold. akron and canton, we'll show you again. the 7-day, you want the warmup, 27 tomorrow and that is cold. but saturday forget about it and the cold goes away, 45. sunday a few showers and 52.
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>> stand in front of that last one. time for a look what the is coming up at 6:00. the cleveland police went to a home to investigate a missing person and found a body buried in the backyard. and the woman that the police were looking for has been found and now charged.
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three more protesters arrested and the leader bundy speaking out from jail through
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>> my message remains, turn yourself in. do not use physical force. >> reporter: bundy and 7 others were taken into the hallway. >> it did not have to happen. we all make choices in life. >> today conflicting accounts are emerge emerging about how he died. >> he had his hands in the air and they shot him. >> he charged at law enforcement. he was not on his knees. that was a miscommunication. >> reporter: with remaining militants surrounded by federal agents, local residents echo his plea . it is time to go home. >> i'm upset when they did not listen to the majority of the people when we said go home.
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and sources, the video shows the man reaching for a gun multiple 250eu78z times and the officers opened fire because they felt threatened. and that is it for live on 5:00. >> we have a lot going on. coming up next on newschannel5 at 6:00. >> we have new details into the investigation of a shop with a cop program. two police officers are accompliced on leave and the involved. we'll have the latest. the naacp calling for the resignation of the head of the cleveland police union after vowing to get the recently six fired officers back on job. good morning, cleveland at 6:00
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