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tv   News Channel 5 at 6pm  ABC  January 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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we begin with the power of 5 radar network. you can see it is cleared out now the but changes are coming. here is the good new, the snow held off to allow most of you to get home for the afternoon rush and now is beginning to set up. and the west siders beginning to see light precip. and we have the live doppler radar. and i've got to walk over here and greens and whites would indicate a wintry mix so let's network. we got green and the white. the ground and we'll zoom in. and legitimate rain showers already rain. and that yellow area is what we call a bright band. meaning it starts.
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ground downtown cleveland. it should transition to snow rather quickly through the light. and here is 8:00. we're in the 30s. and watch as we head towards the 11:00 hour. we get a better organized ban through akron and greater cleveland. this is not a major winter storm. overnight and tomorrow morning some slick spots on the highway. 41 in akron. and we had a little sunshine today and that warmed us up a few extra degrees and the precip is beginning as a tiny bit of light rain. and the evening, notice scattered light snow as we head to the 7:00 hour and the same for the akron and canton area with the temperatures hovering
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that is next. the roads, you can see that the traffic is moving, a lot of headlights there. and that is i-480 in warrensville center road. on the go and want to know how much snow you'll get. you can download your snow cast app. you can see how much snow you'll get. and tonight in richfield, many questions are swirling around a popular shop way cop program. two officers remain on leave and they examine bank accounts. they are wondering if money is missing or stolen. and richfield police chief investigation. >> reporter: he asked di to investigate. investigate.
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>> we don't want the shop with a cop to have a black eye. >> reporter: they help children in need pick out christmas gifts. richfield's version has been around for about a dozen years. >> if the police in show up it is because something goes wrong. it is nice to have thing goes right. >> reporter: and the police chief send this letter noting there might be a shop with the cop accounts. is there money missing? >> i have not been made aware of that. >> reporter: two officers that are on leave. residents and businesses donate thousands of dollars year to shop with the cop. people hope that the money is managed properly. >> when you can help the less fortunate, that is a good idea.
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they should look into it. >> i would like to see this resolved and let us know. what is going on? >> what is going on. >> reporter: the public is very generous supporting the holiday program and deserves transparency. >> we want this program to run at the highest standard as possible. >> reporter: and i asked lieutenant davis if the police officer will be disciplined. the police are investigating the case of a body found in the backyard of air home. they were at the home searching the property in connection with a missing person's case when a dog led them to the body the body has been taken to the medical examiner to be identified. and there's no word if the body delonged to the person that the police were -- belong to the person that the police were looking for. a 34-year-old man was taken to the hospital with a gunshot
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it happened at 2:30. and a car with bullet holes at the scene did have some suspected drugs inside of it. and charges have been filed against a 24-year-old woman caught on camera in this hit- skip this month. and the police said this woman, brandy -- has been charged with aggravated vehicular assault and felony charge of hit exit. he is accused of -- hit-skip. she is charged much hitting a woman and pull nothing ing into this gas station and then taking off. now one group wants the head of the police union to resign one of its posts. we're live at the cuyahoga county justice center. and they are upset about his public statements.
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they have been very vocal to try to get officers jobs back and now the naacp demand that he resign in the police commission. will you step down? >> no. >> reporter: she's on this community police commission. i'm disappointed in wake nelson because he could have called me. >> president, michael in son sent this two page letter to him today calling for his resignation on the cleveland community policing commission. it was created after the u.s. department of justice began investigating the cleveland police department last year. he said that you cannot advocate for police reform and defend individuals for all intents and purposes violated every part of their training. matthew barge said that he
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>> i would need to hear a lot more from them and the union about how steve was selected versus someone else in the organization. >> reporter: he is not backing down. pat trollpatrolman's association began this on line fundraiser for the officers. they got $18,000 in one day. it is made up of ten civilians and three representatives of the police. and i reached out to the naacp this afternoon. nobody was available. with the news that the state established a task force to oversee how the grand jury system operates, cuyahoga district attorney sent lawmakers his suggestions. in the letter, he encourages the help of the attorney general's office when it comes to sending use of force cases to a garage whether or not the local prosecutor -- to the
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prosecutor requests it. three former rta dispatchers have been accused of abusing the service by providing rides to their family and friends. >> they each were indicted and a theft of office charge. and it is federally subsidized to provide public transportation to the elderly. some riders were prevented from service. and all three no longer work for rta. an employee with hopkins international airport has been fired after driving on and active runway clyde dunham that worked for the airport for 13 years passed out and the runway last week. a men that set a west 33rd
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winter, will spend the next ten years in prison. he pled guilty to arson when he was hired by a neighbor to start the fire. the neighbor that hired him and another man charged in connection with the case are still awaiting trial. the victim inside the home that exploded on tuesday has been identified. 77-year-old dean taylor was the only one inside of the home. the medical examiner has not determined the cause of death. the investigators said that natural gas was a factor and they are unsure what happened in the moments before the explosion. a former central ohio teacher could spend the rest of his life in prison for molesting several of his students. 40 years -- was sentenced to 106 years to life in delaware county court this morning. he is a second and third grade teacher and convicted on more that than 40 counts when more than nine of his students
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health officials in ohio said that the zika virus is similar to the west nile and only contrasted through mosquito bites. and the mosquito born disease is in 23 countries and said it was spreading explosively around the americas. the question of what a republican debate might look like without donald trump is about to be answered. the top things to look for in tonight's gop debate from iowa. and what we've learned about trump's big side event tonight. and john kasich is live with the detail next. if you're thinking about buying a new home, there's one important piece of information that you need to know. the one thing that could save you big money. >> want to hear your favorite musicians inducted into the
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everything that you need to
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truck donald trump is sticking to his stance that he will not attend the debate gauze of his feud with fox. the question it will trump show? >> reporter: a lot of people don't know this. but donald trump is in the world wrestling hall of fame and nothing would provide more of a wwe flare than to have him show up at the last minute tonight. but trump has committed to a benefit to help wounded veterans. the main debate will feature 7 republicans between ran paul joining the main stage and ted cruz will be on center stage. >> i think ted cruz is more disappointed than fox news that donald trump is not at the debate. ted cruz needs to start
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he is starting to gain mow men -- momentum in iowa. >> and the absence of trump leaves a little more air in the room to get their message out. and john will be here watching the debate and breaking down how it feels without trump. we'll look at an in-depth look how the candidates performed. and our editors will work all night long to fact check the debate. are you in the market for a new house? if you say yes, i have good news for you. the 30 year mortgage rate has fall thrown 3.79%. and the ray for a 15 years fix is a 3.7. the records have been on a decline for a mother of the federal reserve -- for a month
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her not the only reason for the rate. ford employees could receive $9,300 after ford announced a net income of $7.3 billion for 2015. the rock and roll hall of fame announcing who will be joining the stage with this year's inductees in new york. the black keys and former match box rob thomas will be performing and help celebrate this year's inductees. chicago, cheap trick,
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steven viler. we had some sound today and now the precipitation is beginning as rain. let's show you what is going on outside. here is the first little wave coming in. it is light, a lot of this not coming in this is in green in light snow. let me show you this and we'll zoom in. cleveland has legitimate sprinkle in wellington and new london and we have reports of legitimate light rain showers here. and that is reaching the
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burton. we have a front and this in and in the 20s. to start your weekend, it is like this and to end your weekend it is a different story. we have a couple hours of sunshine and 40 in millersburg. and you look at the temperatures. 39 in norwalk to mansfield to fremont and we're starting to see the precip as rain. and winds out of the south and west. and the front has not reached us yet and 14 miles an hour and it has been breezy all day long and it will remain breezy tonight and the first half of tomorrow. hit 43 today and the average is 45. and the seasonable snow still stands at 8.4. the top ten least snowy januaries had ten or less. this is the snow and rain mix
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transition to snow at 8:00 and then wildly scattered snow morning's rush. i think tomorrow morning's rush there could be a few delays and a few problems with the travel due to some slippery spots and wet spots on the roadways. and cold air here but it is only temporary. why? 50s. that is nashville and that will going turn our way. and the front comes our way. and your sun arrives saturday into sunday. and then it gets stuck and goes back north. and that should allow for spring-like weather into early next week. tonight 26 and snow likely starting off as a little rain, trace to an inch by dawn tomorrow morning. blustery and cold.
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snowbelt, chardon and burton, up to two inches. that will be in. 27 tomorrow and morning flakes and drying out for the afternoon. and breezy and cold akron and canton overnight. and the 7-day. springtime. 45 saturday. sunday 52. 44 on monday with rain. tuesday, wednesday, lower and middle 50s and we're not going to worry about thursday. >> spring in february. >> spring to begin february. >> i love that no complaints. and now you're talking football. >> we're talking browns. the withhold world is talking about the super bowl. not us, we're thinking about the draft. and the cavaliers seem to be handing out a helping hand on the floor.
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both head coaches we'll hear from at 11:00. and the man to the keys of the 53 man roster are in alabama looking to what they will do with the number.
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executive vice president of football operations. >> what has been the thing that stood out to the most, not just the game on the field, but do you do behind the scenes? >> so tremendous week and get together with our scout. and great to see them as a group. number of guys on the road. they come down here and see the talented seniors in this year's class. really talented guys, particularly impressed by some of the guys up front on the defensive line and really stat to chat. and they were able to chat with us about what they could see about our position. so good week. >> reporter: what have you learned in regard to that? is that coming together than you might have anticipated? >> no, especially short time period. we don't feel like we got enough time. we wish we could extend it a little bit. but we have been able to make real progress this week in terms of getting on the same
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players out here from our scout and how they feel about about it. the ability it find the open man has been a big deal in the last two nights. 34 assists in last night's game against phoenix and 64 in the last two games. >> i think the way we want to play is fun and everybody gets involved. lebron had 28 shots. and that will take a lot of court sets. >> are you looking for a date saturday night? i have a good thing for you. we'll have brent will be here.
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>> he's not calling me. >> call me. barry. i loved last night's game. speedy offense. thanks for watching.
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