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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 5am  ABC  January 29, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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awkward moment for this woman a purchase match the ridgeville hotel. photo. but first you'll expect flurries when you walk out the door this morning and meteorologist tracking that snow. >> and maybe more than flurries if you live in the snow belt. here is a look in geauga county especially portions eastern you're seeing heavier snow in purple there if traveling along 90 in lake county you'll see that snow coming down. this is moving from the lake shore through youngstown, so moving here. it's coming in and it's moving out. we're going to talk more about the timing on that for now though take a look at the temperatures 28 to start in cleveland, 27 waking up to in elyria good morning ashland 29 degrees, but throw in the wind and it's going to feel so much cooler out there more like the teens. here is what you can expect. it is cold, we are going to see a little bit of sunshine this afternoon, the 50s are returning this weekend so we'll have your weekend forecast coming up i'd say in about 10 minutes you'll want to stick around for that but for now
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>> our east ciders moving a little slower on 20 and 90 thanks to that light snowfall out there. we do have an accident to report blocking a lane 71 north bound right before the inner belt bridge and then we also still have that closure affecting west 106th street at madison avenue because of that water main break from yesterday morning that we were telling you about. a 14 minute ride 90 eastbound crocker to the inner belt average speeding moving along 11 minutes 271 north bound richmond to 90 and here is a live look from our odot cam 71 at the 94-90 split. i've tried to zoom in it looks like we can see police activity in the area this is where the accident is, so we're monitoring that for you and we'll keep you updated. jackie and terrence over to you. corrina school in the chagrin falls district taking precautions this morning after the ohio epa says children should not drink the water there because of a possible lead contaminations. >> sarah fin it live this morning where district
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contradicts previous reports from the agency. sarah? >> reporter: terrence, jackie the superintendent sent out this timeline of events to parents yesterday saying there's an obvious discrepancy between what the ohio epa told them a couple months ago and what the agency is telling them now. despite the warning gurnee elementary is open today. i want to show you footage of what it looks like inside because you'll see water fountains and sinks covered up with plastic bags. water in the restrooms can still be used for hand washing, bottled water will be provided today out of an abundance of caution. school officials say the o io epa told them in november the monitoring was no longer required and the water was safe for consumption. a week ago the agency let the district know two additional copper samples were needed . those results are expected on february 3rd. the ohio epa told school leaders changes are being made to the possible lead exposure policy because of recent national events like what's
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what is happening in sebring, ohio. school begins here at 8:35 and bottled water will be provided to students and staff. live at gurnee elementary, news chain 5. >> sarah thank you. now to news breaking overnight. a fire rekindels at a vacant home on parkwood avenue. crews first dispatched to this house before 8:30 last night. it caught fire again early this morning damaging and also collapsing on to a neighboring home which was occupied. this fire a few blocks away from a fire at another vacant home in the 1100 block of east 113th vote. not clear if the two were related we can tell you nobody was hurt. well corrina now to a shocking development involving the murder of a cleveland clinic nurse. her divorce attorney indicted in connection with this case a grand jury indicted gregory moore for lying to police during the investigation of nick foley has been looking into this. >> reporter: its been a little
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sherman was stabbed to death in downtown cleveland and while police are still looking for her killer this indictment against her attorney includes nine pages worth of counts and among those counsel's perhaps the most significant, moore charged with tampering with evidence after sherman was killed outside his downtown office in march 2013 and also accused of sending sherman false text messages before and after she was killed. he claimed he was inside his office the day sherman was murdered but prosecutors say phone records prove otherwise and moore was not prepared for sherman's divorce trial scheduled to begin the day after she was killed. shermans friends had been waiting for a long time for movement on her case and say this is a start. >> i just have had to be patient. it's not easy but i know that this is all part of the process. >> thursdays charges against moore are the first made in connection with this case and will be moving forward as well look forward.
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channel 5, terrence? nick, thank you. now to drama inside a cleveland courtroom as a woman left with life long injuries after a house fire confront arsonist . this was the scene along cleveland's west 33rd street back in february of 2015. three men are accused of setting that fire and causing an explosion. the flames quickly spreading to two other homes. a woman was inside one of them as she barely made it out. the woman now telling the court she has permanent damage to her lungs and voice box. >> as a result of this, so much financial and physical pain in measurable. >> her statement coming before ismael camacho was sentenced to 10 years in prison. he plead guilty for his role in the crime.
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three former rta transit dispatch turpitudes accused of abusing the service by providing rides to their family and friends. 61 year old pamela mason, 64 year old linda williams were each indicted on a theft of office charge. the peri- transit service is federally subsidized to provide public transportation to the disabled and elderly. it's believed they started abuse the service in 2008 and some riders were prevented f service. all three no longer work for rta. a maintenance man who worked at cleveland hopkins for more than a decade is out of a job this morning and he was let go after he drove on to an active runway during snow removal last week. airport officials call it a serious incident and they are reviewing air field driving protocol and more training because of it. this morning many questions around the popular shop with a cop program. two officers still on leave right now and the state is examining bank accounts. shop with a cop is an event
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together and smiles all around. officers help children in need pick out christmas gifts, but everything that didn't seem right with the programs money trail. the police chief sent a letter to bci noting there may be discrepancies in the shop with a cop financial account. >> the last thing we want is for the shop with a cop program to have a black eye because of the police department. >> right now it's not known if those two officers will face charges. that will depend on the outcome of the bci investigation. the bill for free botox and executives. >> that's what former employee alleges in a lawsuit filed last month but metrohealth says a month long external investigation proves that its executives did nothing of the sort. an audits firm looked over newly reclosed expense reports and says everything checks out. >> kpmg found no support for
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in the lawsuit, none. these allegations. >> the whistleblower has been fired and his lawyer tells news channel 5 they are adding complaint. well metro health says the lawsuit. at least five national law firms have filed notices and first merit shareholders for potential lawsuits and the suits would be seeking to block huntington bank shares. according to the akron beacon journal such lawsuits are common place and expected. first merit is headquartered in akron. well this next story could be the ultimate who wore it best or stole my look. check this out from right here in north ridgeville and this photo is going viral. >> this is lauren clark. you can see here there she literally blends into the wall though. she's at the super 8 in north ridge develop and her shirt which she says she got from ross blends in perfectly.
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than 5 million times on facebook and people are asking has this ever happened to you? >> that has never happened to me where you blend perfectly into the wall but man she nailed that shot. >> the width of the stripes are the same, colors are identical. unbelievable. >> so north ridgeville getting a lot of love from the rest of the country. time is 5:09. so glad you could be with us this morning i'm terrence lee. >> i'm jackie fernandez. coming up on good morning cleveland sitting out. donald trump skipped list nights debate but that doesn't stop other candidates from talking about him. >> plus barbie gets a makeover. why these changes are the most dramatic changes made to the iconic doll.
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it's 5:12 and we have breaking news to pass your way from the live desk. our sister station in columbus reporting a police chase resulting in a deadly crash this is just outside of chilicothe. one person was killed in the crash. the westbound lanes of state route 35 closed. we'll keep you up dated as we learn more. well donald trump was the
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>> and the candidates made sure to take their shots at the republican front runner in the gop debate. >> and everyone on this stage is stupid, fat and ugly and ben >> [laughter] >> now that we've gotten the >> [laughter] >> did you see ben carson, he was not having that. >> but with trump's absence ted cruz became the guy to beat. his rivals accusing him of being a flip flopper on subjects like amnesty for illegal immigrants. >> although donald trump did not take in last nights debate he did hit the stage somewhere else in iowa at the same time in the same town. he spoke at des moines' drake university for an event would benefit veteran organizations. the real estate developer says he raised more than $5 million for the cause and trump joking that he was getting more coverage than the gop. news channel 5 will follow the primaries every step of the way.
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the caucus next week and his reports begin sunday morning on good morning cleveland. new this morning, video here to show you of a traffic stop that ended with a shooting death of a member of the group occupying an oregon wildlife refuge. the video is from an fbi airplane that shows vehicles stopped by police taking off and the driver hits a snow bank when it comes up to a roadblock and gets out of the truck. first with his hands up and then he reaches into his pocket and falls in the snow. five other leaders were arrested. well airlines and cruise liners are helping travelers change their flights after reports say the zika virus is spreading. united, american, delta, jet blue and spirit along with carnival and royal caribbean cruise lines are offering refunds or changes for trips to places dealing with the zika outbreak including latin america and caribbean. the world health organization now warning we could see up to 4 million cases in the americas over the next year.
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whatever we can do in terms of environmental control. >> the mosquito born illness is linked to baby born with small or deformed heads in the u.s. there are at least 31 cases in 11 states, all people who traveled to those affected areas. there is no vaccine or treatment for the illness. new details this morning about a possible listeria outbreak tied to an ohio dole plant. newly released inspection reports show the proper procedures were in place at the plant near dayton. the springfield sun news looked years and dole stopped production at the plant after bad salads. state officials found listeria in one of those bags. today the infamous affluenza teen is set to appear in texas court. ethan couch made it back to the u.s. yesterday after dropping his fight in mexico. this is a look at the process it takes to be deported. last month he and his mother
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investigation was opened on if he violated probation. well first, it was the snow piling up and now for washington d.c. it is the money. the district enacted a parking ban when the big snowstorm hit and says that its handed out more than $1.3 million in fines and more than 5,000 tickets at $250 a piece, plus they towed nearly 700 cars. people did not heed that ban obviously. >> yeah. let's go over to somara theodore because we're getting snow here this morning. >> yes we are but not so bad depending on where you live, just flurries if you're in new castle, mount vernon, if you don't really have a big issue but if you did see rain yesterday, be extra vigilant because more than likely it's ice this morning so let's head up towards canton and akron. not so much flurries coming down a little heavier. you all have visibility pretty
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talking between two and five miles visibility. the critical point is down towards a quarter of a mile and as we move into this snow belt my favorite, geauga, lake, ashtabula snow will end before lunch time but you'll see one to three inches out of all of this. let's talk another weather headline that we have. 27 degrees in elyria right now, 28 degrees in cleveland, 31 down towards new philadelphia, here is the thing. we are seeing it feel much cooler because of that wind chill. the weather set up that we have in place, this cold front is passing through that's why temperatures are dropping but then, a warm front moves through and it's going to stick around that allows for some of that warmer air they are feeling down in alabama. down in the gulf to make its way up to northeast ohio so we aren't in the 20s. degrees. notice that time stamp in the snow ends around lunch time and here it is just around lunch time you'll start to see the snow dissipating and we'll have
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we head through friday. on that power of 5 seven day forecast a few things i'd like you to note is saturday and sunday temperatures are above average nearing 50 we get another cool down though as we enter february. corrina? we're going to start you off with a live look outside this is 71 at the 94-90 split we're getting reports of an accident before the inner belt bridge so we'll get to that in just a moment keep in mind those bridges and overpasses could be icy this morning. as for the bigger picture, east ciders you'll deal with some slowdown today as we do have is slick spots because of the weather so slowdowns potentially 20, 90 as well as far as overall things are looking okay it's still early so not a lot going on but again that accident just before the inner belt bridge if headed 71 north bound that could slow you down and we still that closure affecting west 106th street and madison avenue because of that water main break we were telling you about all morning drive times not looking too bad eight minute ride 77 north
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average speeds all across-the- board looking great this morning. jackie? 5:18 now corrina. women they come in all shapes and sizes and colors and guess what barbie does too now. matel rolling out a new improved version of the doll in three body types, tall, curvy and petite and she also comes in seven different skin tones, 22 eye colors, and 24 hair styles. i'm looking at this barbie thinking which one is the curvy one? check out this cute little baby here and these chubby, she is gerber's into its face and she's asian i love it. the seven month old beat out more than 170,000 entries to become the 2016 gerber back it of the year and this little girl is from troy, michigan the winner of the sixth annual photo search. >> she is so adorable there.
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>> this is revolutionary now, a nation baby i'm impressed by this. also trending this morning can you really lose weight by only eating fast food? well intended or not chick-fil- a seems to be making that implication. >> they have a new campaign called great ideas for healthier living take a look at the one of the suggestions her that says eat smaller meals like an eight pack of grilled chicken nuggets every three to four hours and if you did that you'd eat about five nugget meals each day and wouldn't go overboard on calories but you'd have a lot of sodium. >> i looked into this because i'm interested this. okay so they say the grilled chicken nuggets have 140- calories for every eight so if you ate that five times a day you'd be eating only 700- calories. you'd be getting a lot of protein. >> i don't even want to know the calories for the fried nuggets but those are all worth eating en my opinion. this morning we're getting a look at even more super bowl commercials. >> running commercials during
5:19 am
bucks, but this one didn't cost anything. had you fooled for aid second. they won a contest beating out 15,000 other companies and it will be the only small business to have a commercial air during the game and what a great opportunity for them. >> and by the way if you're looking for a new brew this stuff has double the amount of caffeine as other brands and you drink that what do you think? >> it's amazing stuff and you will feel like the commercial when you take your first sip. the first sip you feel it. >> yeah when you come in you drink that you're a viking basically. >> support those small businesses folks. still a ed this friday morning for you, war on cancer, president obama makes good on his promise. it's got to be huge. >> huge. >> huge. >> yeah it's got to be. going crazy for a chance to be like mike.
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good friday morning we're off to a pretty good start east ciders you could be in for a slower ride because of light snow activity out there. couple issues to talk about for you. 71 northbound an accident right before the inner belt bridge so that is causing some minor delays that's still early so not having a major impact on your traffic and also still that water main break affecting west 106th street and still closed at madison avenue we'll keep you updated on that.
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14 minute ride for you 90 eastbound crocker to the inner belt average speeds moving along without any trouble here is a live look from odot cam 271 at chagrin boulevard and it could be a little slick out on the roads today right? >> most definitely had the rain last night, temperatures dropping thankfully some of the roads have been treated you're looking at cleveland ontario road and a few cars out on the road but you'll notice they're slick and you'll want to be careful for icing out there so let's get straight to your weather forecast. there's two topics we're talking about this morning, one hand we're talking about the snow but on the secondhand we're talking about temperatures so i want you to find your city up here at 26 in medina, 28 in cleveland, i'll choose 28 incant, now let's go ahead and see what it feels like. notice how it feels like the teens in my city. canton 16 degrees there this morning feeling like 14 in elyria, 22 in new philadelphia, it's very windy out there. todays highs not much hope, going up to 28 degrees. jackie? trending this morning
5:22 am
get their hands-on a new pair of air jordans. >> folks around the country are already lining up even though these kicks don't go on sale until tomorrow. look at these group of people outside the michael jordan store in chicago. fans started lining up wednesday, three days before they go on sale. by the way, the retail price for those shoes is $650. >> well those folks are going to sell them on ebay for double that. >> $650. no thank you. >> worth it. be like mike. just kidding. the countdown is going to the academy awards. now they are unveiling who will be on stage. the exclusive details coming up. plus the secret life of pets the new movie attempting answer that question what do your pets do when you leave the house. as we head to break let's take a lock at last nights winning
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now at 5:30 shocking new details in a three year old murder case. aliza sherman's lawyer now facing charges, what police say he's been hiding. and lead concerns at a local elementary school, a warning sent home to parents what the school is now doing to keep students safe. snow out there this morning, somara theodore tracking just flurries. >> that's right for some of us a little heavier when you move to the snow belt so here is what's next as you wake um and head out the door. we've got ice on the windshield
5:25 am
snow during the morning commute if you live in areas like ashtabula especially geauga this morning seeing it come down and it's a cold wait for the bus stop, but do not fret. i have hope. saturday and sunday temperatures will be topping off at 50 degrees, and may i remind you all the norm for this time of the year 35 degrees who digging it over to you. >> thanks for spreading the home on this friday morning i love it. so looking at our map here things are looking good. no real issues to talk about but east ciders lake county could be in for a slippery commute. we also do have reports of an accident 71 northbound before the inner belt bridge and causing some minor slowdowns still early yet and then of course you've got that water main break affecting west 106th street at madison avenue it's still closed, and checking out those drive times looking good 13 minutes 90 eastbound crocker to the inner belt average speeds moving along without any trouble and here is a live look from our odot cam a little
5:26 am
morning think is at 90 at state route 2. terrence? lead concerns at a local elementary school, a warning going home to parents saying their children may have been exposed. gurnee elementary school says their pipes are corroding but the district is shutting down all drinking fountains and sinks. bottled water will be handed out to students and staff and there's some confusion because the ohio epa posted on the website the schools water could be hazardous to children and pregnant women. chagrin falls exempted village school officials and say that contradicts what the agency told them in the past. new test results on the school wart system is expected on february 3rd jackie? terrence students at mayfield high school will be back at school after a threat on instagram shut the school down yesterday. police and trained canines swept the school but they found school leaders believe this threat came from out of state. two charter schools on cleveland's west side were also put on lockdown. a student reportedly found a
5:27 am
stall at west park community elementary. reports parents were not notified about the lockdown while it was happening. the school just sent students home with a letter to their parents. corrina? breaking overnight from the live desk a fire rekindels at a vacant home on parkwood avenue. crews actually first dispatched to the house just before 8:30 last night. it cause fire again early this morning damaging and collapsing right on to a neighboring home which was occupied by the way. this fire just a few blocks away from a fire at another vacant home in the 1100 block of east 113th street. not clear if the two are related. no one was hurt. jackie? well shocking new developments in a three year old murder case. a beachwood mother and cleveland clinic nurse killed downtown in the middle of the day. now aliza sherman's divorce attorney is being indicted. police say he lied about where he was when sherman was killed. nick foley following this developing story for you. >> reporter: jackie the charge oflying to authorities is just
5:28 am
counts in the nine page indictment against gregory moore. some others include three counts of terroristic threats and making bomb threats to avoid court dates. moore who was sherman's defense attorney is charged with tampering with evidence after sherman was killed outside his downtown office in march of 2013. he claims he was inside his office the day sherman was murdered but prosecutors say phone records prove other wise. aliza sherman's friends have not given up on finding her killer and hope this indictment will be a step closer to uncovering the truth surrounding her death. >> i never understood why her lawyer never made a statement saying my god, my client was brutally murdered outside my office. my condolences, something. how could he not have said anything? >> gregory moore is not charged with her murder. he's been indicted for tampering with evidence and lying to police. there's still a $50,000 reward
5:29 am
arrest of sherman's killer. news channel 5 terrence, jackie? nick thank you so much. we are so happy that you have made it to friday and that you're here waking up with us, team gmc. well still ahead we've got to get to another bomb shell in the flint water crierses just how long did the state know about the poisoned water and fighting fire with fire. how scientists want to use mosquitoes to battle mosquitoes carrying the zika virus. those stories when we return on good morning cleveland and don't forget folks, we're all tweeting right now and we want to talk to you.
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see how you can save with ring video doorbell
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good morning, we're talking snow if you didn't know. we are seeing about an inch to three inches falling right now in parts of geauga county, hard on in the purposes there a little heavier, hundredsburg seeing it come down, a little bit lighter just flurries there so you don't have to worry too much and then we move farther south and start hitting areas like augusta, new harrisburg, brown, carroll county you guys are seeing a good amount of snow as well, a little heavier than they are actually in the snow belt right now. again this is not major accumulation. we are literally just talking about an inch to three inches at most but could cause a problem though on the road with the blowing snow, 25-mile per hour wind gusts incant and 20- mile per hour wind gusts up in
5:33 am
that's a look at the power of five forecast we'll talk more later but for now over to you. scary new statistics on the zika virus this morning. the world health organization is saying three to 4 million people could be infected in the americas over the next year and that includes here in the u.s.. so what is being done to stop it? the virus is transmitted through mosquitoes and some scientists say the only way to beat the zika virus is to fight fire with fire. a company in england trying to fight the disease with more mosquitoes. >> this is pretty incredible so these are genetically modified mosquitoes they produce so the offsprings die before they grow into mature adults since only female insects can bite and transmit the zika virus the inflicted males from this lab are released into the wild. >> what we can do is look at the proportion of the mosquitoes we get back from the field and see what proportion it has a gene which means they
5:34 am
opposed to the proportion of wild type ones and based on that ratio, we can adjust the release rate of our males. >> well so far the study has shown an 82% reduction in mosquitoes in one test city in brazil. the white house is starting a war on cancer. president obama making good on his state of the union promise just created a task force to take on the task of curing cancer. vice president joe biden will lead the panel and he just lost his son to brain cancer last year. the panel holds its first meeting monday. well good news now, if you're looking to buy a home mortgage rates, they're dropping. the 30 year rate is at 3.79% and freddie mac says it's the fourth straight week of declines comes a month after the federal reserve raised rates for the first time in nearly a decade leaving many to believe that was the end of record rates. that good news will hopefully soften the blow of this bad news. wages are down in 80 of the 100
5:35 am
the study looked at economic conditions between 2009 and 2014 while almost every metro area saw improvement in one area like employment or productivity, most saw lower pay for workers and this impacted minorities more than white people. workers at two local ford plants getting a big surprise eligible employees at the assembly plants in avon lake and brook park could get a $9300 bonus, ford just arounded a $7.4 billion profit for 2015 and now sharing that profit with their employees and expected to get the bonus next month. well uber could soon be known for more than just giving you a ride. the company going to expand its delivery service. get this, uber will soon offer same day delivery for retailers like nordstroms, and one way, 1- 800-flowers and google express. the service will only be available in select u.s. cities to begin with and is expected to be rolled out nationwide soon after.
5:36 am
well, coming up next a gop debate without damage trump we have the highlights from both stations. and gary washington gets roasted and toasted plus what she had to say about the oscars
5:37 am
breaking overnight from the live desk now at 5:43 japan's military on alert for a possible north korean ballistic missle launch. this after increased activity at the north missle site leading officials to believe it is getting ready for a test firing. japan's minister of defense ordering destroyers to be ready to target any north korean projections headed for japan. well earlier this month you might remember north korea tested what it claimed was a hydrogen bomb raising tension in east asia. terrence? how do you show off your political rivals without actually showing up? that's what donald trump tried to do last night skipping out on the final gop debate. it was an advantage for his closest competitor ted cruz. he was moved to the center of the stage but he also became the center of attacks. especially over immigration. >> i was for legalization and so was ted but he says it wasn't so and that's not true.
5:38 am
amnesty. >> the truth is ted through out this campaign you've been willing to say or do anything in order to get votes. >> stop the washington bull and let's get things done. >> governor john kasich didn't make much of a splash but his campaign says that it's not concerned about iowa instead they are putting all their efforts into new hampshire jackie. well terrence just down the road donald trump held his own rally, a fundraiser for veterans. he says the event raised millions of dollars. >> we raised over $5 million in one day. donald trump gave $1 million, okay? >> and the battle between trump and fox news continues this morning. donald trump told reporters that fox news apologized to him and will still trying to get him to that debate. meanwhile fox says trump wanted them to pay $5 million to his charities but the news organization refused. and news channel 5 staying on top of the race for the oval office. our political reporter will be in iowa for the caucus next
5:39 am
sunday morning on good morning cleveland. now let's get a check of the forecast as power of 5 meteorologist somara theodore and we are taking a live look at some grin falls. >> it's coming down out there. you can see a nice coating on the ground a light to moderate up there in the snow belt. let's get a look at what's going on in some other neighborhoods so you move just south of new castle, talking about this throughout the morning just a few flurries, not much coming down at all and then we start to transition a little bit more to akron. the visibility is still low talking about three to five miles so that's not bad, not critical but i want to let you know you might have some issues especially where you'll see the darker purple over 76 taking 77 into akron. now let's head into the snow belt. we are seeing snow ending before lunch so that's good news but not before dropping one to three inches of snow in areas like geauga county, lake and ashtabula county. here is what it's looking like in terms of timing.
5:40 am
lunch time we should be clearing out the models do agree that's never a bad thing, or i agree with the models as we push through time friday night staying quiet take a look at the cloud coverage it's a mostly cloudy day but we should get breaks of sun that will be a nice change of pace. temperatures 28 degrees right now in mentor, 28 in cleveland, 27 in elyria we're talking below freeze everywhere in northeast ohio and it's feeling even colder when you factor in that wind chill but things are going to change and the atmosphere is showing that what i want you to be very mindful of is this warm front moving through. it's going to move through but it will stick around and allow a lot of that southern air to start pushing into north east ohio. what does that mean for us? that means temperatures reaching 50 degrees in january on a sunday. here is a look at the power of five seven day forecast if planning ahead. notice the temps now when will we go back to winter, we're looking at temps back in the 20s, snow returning into the
5:41 am
week. corrina? well as you mentioned we could see icy spots out there it could get a little slick especially for you east ciders lake county slowdowns, 20 as well as 90 and route 6, elsewhere on the map though we're looking pretty good just a couple minor slowdowns route 42 there and an earlier accident cleared 71 before the inner belt bridge but we have this closure affecting west 106th street at madison avenue remember that water main break we were telling you about all morning yesterday so that closure still is in effect. drive times not bad right now 11 minutes for you, 271 northbound richmond to 90 those average speeds looking great at this early hour and here is a live look outside for you at i90 at kennelworth. traffic picking up just a little bit and it could be a little slippery so just take it easy. yeah, do you see how cute they are that pug there? so when you have pets you often ask yourself what do they do
5:42 am
well now that question gets answered in a new movie. >> it's called the secret life of pets and they have plenty of interesting theories about what goes down when you aren't around. well the movie has some big names behind it including kevin heart and eric stonestreet and it comes out this summer. >> love it. and this one is for you 50 shades of gray fans out there. >> a new cast member is revealed for the second movie. kim bassinger will be in 50 shades darker and will play christian gray's former love interest and current business partner. production is expected to start this spring, and kim has some experience in those kind of movies just nine and a half weeks do you know what i mean? well every year the men of harvard university they select a woman of the year.
5:43 am
to kerrie washington, aka the fixer. it's handled they are looking down harvard square for the scandal star. she was the target of a few jokes too, pies were thrown as well and she accepted the pudding pot, tradition there. the group says she chose washington because she continues to break barriers intines el town. >> we need more voices at the table. we need for hour art to reflect all of us. >> by the way the man of the year is joseph gordon levitt, and he will be honored next week. the presenters at this years oscars will be a much more diverse group than the nominees. >> they got to do it somehow right? well kevin heart, whoopie goldberg are just a few of the names and this comes after some entertainers including will smith and spike lee vowed they wouldn't attend the ceremony due to the lack of black nominee and remember the only place to see the oscars is live right here on news channel 5 sunday, february 28 at 7:00
5:44 am
that chris rock who is hosting this is going to have quite the monologue i hope they are ready for kevin heart to go off script there. >> oh, look my indians cup in the back. someone is excited for opening day. awhile away though right? anyway next on this friday for you a shocking arrest after three inmates escape a california jail why a teacher is now behind bars. and a chicken nugget diet, chick-fil-a with a crazy new plan that they say might help you shed those holiday pounds. don't go anywhere good morning cleveland back in 60 seconds.
5:45 am
looking ahead to this weekend ohio is beginning it medical marijuana tour in cleveland. yesterday the task force held their first meeting looking at the pros and cons of bringing medical marijuana to our state.
5:46 am
at cleveland state university and it will be the first of several around ohio. the task force hoping to have a recommendation by april. well tickets go on sale next week for the next rock and roll hall of fame induction. we just learned who will be performing at this years ceremony ohio's own black keith and also rob thomas, the former front ran of match box 20 and me tally extra's lars ulrich. they will help celebrate chicago, cheap trick, steve miller, mwa and deep purple and this years ceremony is in new york city. let's get a check on the forecast closer to home. >> with regoing? >> okay i'm down. i've got to see ice cube. >> let's take a look at the radar. so a few things you'll want to notice here. we've got lake effect snow pushing on to lake county geauga, ashtabula that's where the thick of it is seeing one to three inches and that's what we are expecting as we head throughout the morning should be donna round lunch time and
5:47 am
akron getting ready to cross into canton. you're going to see snowfalling as well. we're talking about the same impact there light snow just under an inch to about two inches there so keep that in mind as you hit the roads and if you're standing at the bus stop it's going to be cold temperatures 27 degrees in cleveland to start but it's feeling more like the teens, 28 to start in wooster. here is what you need to know there's ice on the windshield so give yourself extra time to scrape it off. snow during the morning commute and again please bundle up if you're standing at the bus stop. >> break out those ice scrapers it's a little chilly and the roads could be slick as well so keep that in mind especially for you east ciders. overall things not looking too bad just a couple slowdowns on pretty good. just want to let you know we still do have that closure west 106th vote and madison avenue because of that water main break we've been talking about since yesterday morning. minutes 90 eastbound crocker to the inner belt if headed 77 north bound rock side to downtown that's going to be
5:48 am
you speeds overall are looking great. let's show you a live look outside from our odot cam at i77 at harvard avenue where traffic is starting to pick up here but it's flowing freely, no issues to report terrence and jackie? let's get you caught up on developing stories we're following this morning. >> leaked e-mails show government workers in flint michigan were concerned about dirty water in 2015 and when they expressed that concern, they got purified water cool earls a full year before residents got water bottles. progress, michigan uncovered these e-mails from the michigan department of environmental quality in 2015 but governor schneider didn't call a state of emergency until 2016. the state legislature unanimously approved a bill to give flint another $28 million. governor schneider now needs to aprove all. so far no one has seen the three inmates who escaped from a california jail last week but a woman who police believe helped the men break out is now facing charges. she taught english at the jail
5:49 am
investigators say she gave the inmates google maps to help with their plan. at these point police have arrested 10 people connected to this a terror scare at one of europe's busiest tourist attractions. disneyland paris arrested a man koran. france is still on edge and under a state of emergency after november's terrorists attacks in paris. strange boxes are showing up in san francisco just about a week before the city hosts the super bowl. it turns out there's sensors that can detect biological attacks. the devises and air sampling unit is part of homeland security's biowatch program. taxpayers have already spent more than a billion dollars on the program. the u.s. military is becoming more family friendly in hopes of becoming a more appealing career path. >> for it's fits step defense secretary ash carter is making maternity loaf that doubled the length of paid loaf in the army
5:50 am
new moms get 12 weeks but it cuts the leave for navy moms who get 18 weeks. he also wants to increase paternity leave from just 10 days to 14. next at 6:00, blocking the buyout, lawsuits to stop the hundreding ton deal are in the works. and mysterous rumbles on the east coast many thinking they just experienced an earthquake. but the real reason is high in the sky. it is next for you on good morning cleveland but before we go, let's take a look at downtown cleveland where you'll see terminal tower looking really beautiful today.
5:51 am
now at 6:00, high lead levels in the water concerning a one local school here in our area, the alert issued for children this morning. and a perfect match, talk about an awkward moment for north ridgeville woman as she walks into that hotel. we'll tell you the incredible story behind the photograph. but first that snow coming down in parts of our viewing area, you are looking at south russel right now where you can see a few snow flurries but somara theodore you got the hash tag trending on twitter it is hash tag snow flurries. >> in some spots but as you saw seeing a light coating heavier in other neighborhoods. if you're traveling 90 or in the traditional snow belt you seen it come down a little heavier than elsewhere. we're seeing 1-3 inches in the
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