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tv   Live on 5  ABC  January 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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what is it and how do you catch it. >> newschannel 5 is investigating. today taking a hard look at the wave of water contamination making headlines across america with two cases right here in ohio. >> we have close to 2,000 children that are poisoned annually. >> we find out what it is like to live with lead poisoning. all new at five. a scary incident inside a courtroom. a woman under arrest after threatening to stab a prosecutor. fortunately no one was hurt. but it turns out the woman did have a knife and bob jones is live in barberton and this raises security questions. >> reporter: there are no metal detectors inside barberton municipal court so it is easy for a knife to go undetected. the police chief tells me that whatever happened here yesterday could have ended tragically. >> this booking of baker after her arrest and after police found this knife with a three inch blade in her purse.
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violence case went off during a hearing in this courtroom. yelled at the judge and threatened a prosecutor. something she repeated in booking. >> after the courtroom outburst baker left the building but officers tracked her down and charged with inducing panic and charged with carrying a concealed weapon. >> a lot of times people make threats but don't have the means to carry it out. it is just idle but she could have pulled it out and started to cut. >> it raises security worries in a building that has cameras but no metal detectors. >> why don't you have metal detectors. >> i don't know. we have never -- we have never had them here. part of it is the cost and where do you put them.
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technology grants hoping to get the metal detectors. the chief says the incident with baker highlights how serious the need is. >> we don't have people every day. >> this building was built in the 1950s and the police chief needed. looking at four years now. bob jones, newschannel 5. new information about the series of events that ended up costing danville police officer thomas cottrel his life. found dead after a woman called to warn her x was looking to kill a cop. unless officer cottrel was in his patrol car he likely did not hear the warning. herschel jones was arrested. he was charged with rape and
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arrested in november from drunk driving and told to stay out of the village but when the police chief saw him back he was only legally able to tell him to meet with his probation officer. the head of epa admits his office did not move fast enough to warn people about lead water in sebring. craig butler says officials missed several deadlines to notify the public about the problem and the state epa dragged its feet on the issue. today some 600 more water testing kids are being handed out and a blood test clinic set up for monday. water testing expanded in chagrin falls after concerns of elevated levels. lead poisoning is far from a new problem in northeast ohio. derrick waller is learning more about the problem. most lead poisoning is not from drinking water. >> reporter: yes especially
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old homes with lead and paint is the concern. 200 children are diagnosed in cuyahoga and that is the ones we know about because many are not tested. >> concern from parents about ways in the water. >> you know, they should be checking it. that is not good. >> reporter: after the state epa says there could be elevated lead levels thin drinking fountain. school officials taped it off and now testing water sources. >> we are waiting for the results on february 3rd. we will take the course of action and staying with bottled back. >> and northeast ohio is no stranger to the lead and with the homes built before 1978 when lead paint was standard. >> brandon watson worries that lead paint in the east 83rd home could be poisoning its newborn daughter.
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>> it is a tragedy because it is preventible. >> pedestrian michelle dina says doctors are trained but critical testing is not required. >> lead can actually be damaging to any organ in the body. and what we are worried about is the developing brain. >> why watson and his children are moving. >> we are moving out of here. >> reporter: testing your children is the only way to know if they have been exposed. we saw the water samples being tested. we will have the brand new results at six. derrick waller. news channel 5. the people sickened in flint, michigan are seeing more action. the governor approved $28 million to address crisis and the water is for bottle water and filters and test kids and it is not allocated for new pipes.
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today to replace every lead pipe under the city, that work would last until 2030. for now, flint has reconnected to detroit's water system. and more health news now on 5. federal regulators urging people who visited a country struggling with the zika virus. the u.s. wants to prevent anyone from getting this it comes from the caribbean and latin america and may be learned to a deformity that heads. right now there are 31 cases of the virus in 11 states. pregnant. so today, we wanted to bring you an in-depth understanding of what the zika virus is and what it would take for you and your loved ones to catch it. we wept to the experts at the cuyahoga county board of
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expect to see millions of cases of the zika virus. unless you travel to central or south america you are not to be one of them. the virus does not spread to one person, a mosquito has to bite a person with the zika virus and bite someone else to ineffect them. it is a low population here in ohio and even if one of them does bite you. you could still be fine. >> most people that are even bit by a mosquito with the zika virus does not become ill, only one in five that become ill. the low infection rate with people and they feel run down and get a rash fever and not causing totalities but the biggest findings are the birth defects. >> let's talk about that because scary for a lot of people. if a pregnant woman catches the virus it could pass through the
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with how the brain is developing. that link has yet to be proven. for pregnant women or women trying to get pregnant, if you don't have to travel to an impacted country. central america, don't. >> if you have a trip booked and are worried about traveling to affected areas. airlines are making it easier. united and delta will let concerned travelers cancel or postpone trips and american airlines will let the pregnant women change the plans if they have a doctor's excuse. we have more links on our app. now we want to talk about something new in our newschannel 5 toolbox. air tracker 5. this brand new, news gathering helicopter will help us do a better job keeping you save and in
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air tracker 5 debut's flight on a beautiful friday. let's go to john rutter flying high above our area. >> hello everybody. we are zipping over here and checking out 480 and gave you a couple of shots on the city and right now checking in on a traffic backup here along i-90 westbound. now this is a little south of the dead man's curve turn. traffic starting to backup. any of you guys may be headed downtown be aware that this may be backing up. having a great time at air tracker 5 and working out kinks throughout the learning curve. no pun intended. a little to the north. the real beauty of air tracker 5 is that we are able to show you beautiful shots of this. downtown cleveland. and that's one of the things that you might not be familiar with if you are an out of towner. a scenic scene.
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this beautiful view now going back to the studio. thanks, john. >> yes. there's not much ice on lake erie at this time so it is more lake-effect snow squall. maybe later on next week. in the meantime, look at this sun going down. we are capturing that big old glow right there. that ball of fire going down in the west. should be a decent sunset everywhere you go. right now drying out. we had quite a bit of light snow activity lake-effect snow. not much to worry about as far as accumulations go. as i told you drying out. all right. temperatures, chilling down. 28 in cleveland and 29 akron and 29 in canton. here is the evening. if you are planning on going out and about. the temperatures will bottom out in the 20s before midnight
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should clear it out as well. quiet and wear the coats. >> well the countdown is on. yes. just three more days until the first votes are cast in the candidates pulling out the claws to climb to the top. new evidence about the alleged hydrogen bomb test in north korea. it has the u.s. backing off claims that test was unlikely. >> one down and two to go. how one of the escaped inmates in california found himself back inside a cell today coming up at 5:30. at 555, the affluenza teen faces an american judge after fleeing his probation from mexico.
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bumped up to an adult detention center. exciting time at news channel 5. we are welcoming i should say the newest member to our team. air tracker 5. >> a busy couple of weeks getting our ship ready to fly and now air tracker 5 is like. here is danita harris with more.
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gathering tool. on the launch pad. ready to take off. this is air tracker 5. and will be crisscrossing northeast ohio scanning the skies for breaking news. air tracker 5 is a bell jet ranger 3. a versatile and safe aircraft that makes this helicopter a popular choice for many stations. >> it can be used for utility work and fire fighting. >> people are finding new use for helicopters. >> and this pilot and greg bartle are using this to take you onboard and to the scene and giving you the view that you want and the news that you need right here on newschannel 5. air tracker 5 tracking down breaking news during good
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as keep going you updated on traffic conditions for your drive home on the now cleveland and live on 5. and whenever news is happening air tracker 5 will be flying first. >> all right. let's take a look at this stunning aerial view of our city. we are looking forward to bringing you better coverage of what is happening in and around cleveland with air tracker 5. now to democracy 2016, most candidate are crisscrossing iowa donald trump is in new hampshire. >> he has no regrets about skipping the debate. >> the united states -- >> it is all hand in deck in iowa. >> i will stand up and fight for you. >> the democratic and republican candidate are crisscrossing the state three
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the only one not in iowa, donald trump, the go p front- runner went to new hampshire after boycotting the fox news debate. >> i did something that was very risky and i think i turned out great because i am on the front page of the paper. >> this is on the front page of the iowa paper i don't think ted can have it both ways. >> cruz becoming the target of the debate. >> you have a better picture and that did not do well for ted cruz. >> marco rubio had more time. >> i think there was somebody missing. >> on the democratic side a race between sanders and clinton. clinton is three points ahead in iowa. >> on the national poll she beat trump by 7 point and we beam hit by 13. bill clinton campaigning alongside her and her daughter
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there is an estimated 30,000 voters in iowa still undecided. the candidate need to convince them to show up monday evening to caucus. and the nominations starts in iowa but ends in cleveland. newschannel 5 is committed to bringing you complete coverage of the elections and sends john kassic to iowa to bring you the coverage. go in and tune in for his live reports sunday. going to get more interesting. uh-huh. yes. these pictures from air tracker 5. >> i can wait. >> during the severe weather season. we will have on the ground and in the air storm tracking and chasing and it should be quite a thing. >> a a pretty day for the debut.
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afternoon and then the sun winning out. akron is glowing downtown. >> glowing. >> the sun is setting around summit county and portage county and canton and dover and new philly and everyone seeing the sun. the west siders have seen it. 27 degrees downtown with a sunny sky for the most part. let me show you the clouds. watch these go bye-bye. push off towards the east and snow goes away and a little bit of snow and watch the clearing coming in and that clearing will continue and we get warm front action coming in over the next 24 hours or so and that warm front will allow for temperatures to respond and the clearing skies. 28 downtown and 26 bedford and 24 orange to chardin and 28 for brunswick and north royal ton and lake peninsula 28 and 28 down 77 and jackson and clinton
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coldest air will settle in before midnight tonight. so we will reach the overnight lows before midnight. generally middle 20s. between 23 and 26 degrees for the low. after midnight, something happens. what happens? well, the high begins to shift east. this warm front edges closer and some of these warmer temperatures that you see here depicted in greens and yellows, begin to move our way. we'll bottom out temperature- wise midnight and warm you up and let's show you. 24,9 p.m., 25, 26, here is sunrise time. 30 and we are off of the charts. 46 to 48 degrees. a good bet for highs tomorrow. once again. warm front. stays dry. and surge of moisture and surge of warmth coming in. i think the rains hold off until sunday afternoon. saturday should be dry.
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that's a good round number or two there and then we will see rain. 24 overnight and that will occur before midnight and rising temperatures and partly to mostly cloudy skies. tomorrow mainly cloudy and breezy and mild. how about 46 to 48 degrees. thumbs up there for those winter weary. say that three times fast. winter weary. 23 tonight for akron. canton, before midnight, and then rising temperatures. 28 to 30 by sunrise. 46 for a high tomorrow. staying mild and i will show you the seven-day forecast. sunday, we got 45 to 50 and monday, 52 and watch, temperatures, i think we are going to see falling temperatures during the day on wednesday with a few rain showers. we got a lot of rain here through next week. back to the news desk. thanks, mark. still ahead all new at five,
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blowing smoke when it said to have tested a hydrogen bomb. doing backtracking. the new evidence next. all new at six, a warning for salad lovers.
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ohio that has sent a dozen people to the hospital. new information about north korea's claim to test a hydrogen bomb. >> the north could have tried to test components of hydrogen bomb this month. the white house says the evidence was not consistent with a successful h bomb test. >> the new assessment comes after new test data but appears
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some components with the hydrogen bomb. the main opposition group in syria announced negotiations to test the seriousness of the other side. united nations negotiators said they were ready for talks without the opposition and hoping to pave the way for face to face negotiations. >> a community of boutique stores hit by smash and grab month.
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videos of the brazen heist. live on 5 continues brought
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we are learning more about the zika virus. the breed of suite mosquito that carries the virus is rare and since it is spread by mosquito bites the best way to protect yourself is by repellent. >> two ohio cities following flint, michigan in testing waters. we found it is more common than thought. a woman arrested in barberton after she brought a knife to court threatening a prosecutor. >> there are no metal detectors at the barberton building. police are investigating a smash and grab.
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>> we had two armed robberies on this street and this morning equally as brazen. it is this large deli where thieves smashed the front window and used a vehicle to take off. >> getting up at 5:30 in the morning is never good. >> the deli owner came into find the place looking line a bomb went off. >> a lot of damage but we will get it back to normal. >> in december, the cvs in chagrin was hit in smash and >> it is a new fab. i guess it is bad to have an atm in your building. i am glad i don't have one. >> this spread quickly in cleveland off of shakier square. shop owners were shocked. >> i am disheartened.
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make me angry that people would be so disrespectful. >> davitta will celebrate 20 years. >> my grandfather had a store and my father had a store so it has been okay. a good thing and we enjoy the neighborhood. >> it is busy even at 530 and police want to know if you saw going to give them a call at shakier police. two people behind bars after police say they dragged a in canton. the guard was chasing after from a kohl's. brad dine was the get-away driver and the guard got caught in the passenger door. he had to climb onto the vehicle to free himself as the couple drove away dragging him. he is recovering. bond.
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are on alert as police search for a suspected serial rapist. this is the sketch. dna has linked the same as opposed to three separate assaults. two happened last year and one in 2006. all of the victims, young women walking home near uptown in the middle of the night. police have not said whether the women were ou students but they were college age. i'm here at the live desk with late breaking developments about three violent inmates from a sanna anna jail. one of the men stopped the person on a santa ana street and wanted to turn himself in. he was arrested without problems but there is no signs of the other two escapes. meantime the police made another arrest in the case. a woman here, you can see her mug shot worked at the maximum jail that the men escaped from.
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information. the f.b.i. believes the google map might have better understand them the buildings. >> we don't know her mindset her. >> it has been a week since the three convicts made a run after rappeling down the jail wall with bed sheets. right now they are believed to be driving inside of a utility van stolen from south los angeles on saturday. all right. mark. sunshine is good. you got anymore? >> i do. a live look of the sun going down in lake county. saint gabe's school in concord looking west. a great shot as clouds clear out. let's show you the clearing trend and start off with the satellite. no worry about snow. fading away and look at this.
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if you like stargazing you got a few hours to do that. the first half of of the overnight. current temperatures cold. 28 cleveland and 29 akron and 24 already in ashtabula. we will see the lows tonight. right around 11:00 p.m. midnight and then temperatures will begin to rise towards sunrise. watch. notice mid-20s here and ten p.m. 26 at midnight. 29 to 30 degrees as we head towards sunrise tomorrow morning. with clear to partly cloudy overnight skies. not bad. we will track in rain as well. frank and lee. still ahead. live on 5. a staple of cleveland continues to grow. in his mile high series. leon bibb gives us a tour of
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look at our winning lottery numbers. not too early to talk baseball. what is happening your world. this girl got to meet endian cleveland baseball players at the hospital. big week to meet tribe players. dennis sent this shot in. he noticed this wave blasting up through the ice and help investigated this sinkhole. there's like a geyser and finally sam i am. this is an albino deer.
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can post great stuff like this. we'll be right back. it's time for a stroll around ohio. a sweetness on cleveland's west side. >> leon wants to track down the source of the aroma in ohio cities finding something that millions celebrate.
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underneath. what workers in the building are making takes time and care and much to care about when the beer. this is the pub at cleveland's are the family families mostly emphasis on beer but the story does not begin here. it begins here. >> in the cleveland area called ohio city. brewing takes place. great lakes is a craft brewery and that means its brewers interpret styles and introducing new styles. as a craft brewery it makes less than 6 million-barrels of beer. small when compared to the big boys but it has one followery. >> this is 75-barrel brew house and everything that you have found in a bottle or keg comes out of this room. >> spokeswoman carolyn mcdonald
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patrick conway that started this, the little brewery that could and this does spree we brewed about one thousand bottles in this first year and now 165,000 a year. a lot of beer and a lot of attention on producing. water, malt, hops blends together but we are fortunate because there is something else. >> what is that sweetness that i smell in the air right now? >> right now we are brewing christmas ale. we add cinnamon and ginger. >> destined to go down the hatch requires attention. and so what dot workers do when their work is done? >> we like to go and have a few beers at the bar across the street. >> understandable. >> across the way at the pub.
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a steady stream of customers keeps the bar jumping and the brewery work ends up here in bottles and on top and 13 other columbia. of those that belly to the bar there is beer banter about what they have lots of talk from the walls, tells of cleveland beer making history when there were many breweries. >> by 1832 there were plenty of brewery. >> in 1901 they put the bar in a and then prohibition and that's when the salvation army
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repealed and then the bar came back. >> impressive stuff. >> it is. >> and equally impressive is that what else does the brewery inspire. other companies moved in, too. yes, the new kid on the block brought new business although it was an old idea. in the early days of the 20th century there were 30 breweries in cleveland and this city has a long history with beer. great lakes brewing company builds on that long history. and at the same time, builds in this cleveland's west side community becoming a key foundation. this is leon bibbs telling the story of the ohio city brewery growing and helping cleveland grow. >> and you can drink to that. >> absolutely. >> which leads us to understand that there is something brewing here in more ways than one. thank you leon. all of this could be considered part of the revitalization of
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there are 230 people work at great lakes brewing happily employed at a cleveland landmark. >> go to the west side market and the corner for ice cream and tacos and burritos. >> i know. >> all right. it is friday and things are looking up. we have cleared the skies up and albeit chilly and cold but a nice warmup for the week. i want to show you how the sky has changed in mentor. clouds, even less than i showed you ten minutes ago. this is saint gabe's in concord. here is the latest pick of cleveland. wow/beautiful. sun is going down. here is akron and wooster. incredible stuff. you can see a jet trail right about there. all right. so improvement, the snow has ended and we won't see any snow
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clearing skies indeed and this is what we are watching for. boom, there you go. we got a warm front. i keep drawing it the wrong way. warm front and that should set the stage for pleasant warmer temperatures for january. for late january. we are not talking 60s or 70s but 40s coming our way. here we are. power of five watching the final flakes skedaddling. snowfall totals .4 of an inch and that takes the snowfall up to a whopping 8.8 for the season. i mean where do we put it all? so many problems out there. is where to put 8.8-inches of snow for the last three months. 28 cleveland and 29 akron and 28 canton and we got 24 in ashtabula and ravenna. as i mentioned before, the
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days will settle in before midnight tonight. you can see the cool blues here. that's 20 plus degree temperatures. we will reach the low right around ten or 11:00 before midnight and then some of this warmer air here begins to creep in as the warm front begins to move and shift towards the east and the high pressure moves this way and a wind shift around to the south. tomorrow afternoon. we are looking at 45 to 48 degrees and one more time i want to show you this. here are the temperatures. first of all the low, right around 9 or 10:00 and then temperatures going up and sunrise time near 30 and by 3:00 p.m. you are in the upper 40s. incredible stuff. your hour by hour. let's focus in that. 6:00 p.m., 27. you got clear skies. just a few clouds coming in as we head after midnight as temperatures begin to rise slowly but surely.
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all it requires is a warm coat and that is really about it. now as far as our weather very quiet weather. snow in the extreme northeast and a little bit of snow towards indianapolis pulling up. a lot of wet weather and high mountain snows thanks to el nino. northern california to oregon and for us. we want this. not quite going to get that warm but how about this? nashville at 50 and by sunday that is doable. the chance for rain increases sunday evening. notice here are the showers. so the majority of your weekend is dry. good news there. warm it up tomorrow through the sunday. tonight 25 degrees early partly cloudy and temperatures rise. let's go back to frank and lee. six. new information in the news rom on a fire in menner that left a person dead. >> and new video tonight of how time really matters.
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>> first when live on 5 returns. the 18-year-old called the
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is next for ethan couch that is straight ahead. back with new developments. ethan couch, the so-called affluenza teen is back in texas remain in mexico. >> for now the 18-year-old is being held in a juvenile detention center following his first u.s. court appearance since fleeing new mexico. marsha gonzalez is following the latest developments. so-called affluenza teen ethan couch back in the u.s. facing a judge in texas today after being deported from mexico today. >> he is relieved to be home. i can tell you that. but certainly he is like
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>> the 18-year-old wept into hiding with the his mother in mexico after this video showed couch at a party. a possible violation of his ten year probation sentence for 2013 drunk-driving crash that kill four people. couch that avoided a jail sentence with the controversial defense claim that he was too smiled to know right from wrong could now spend time behind bars if his case is transfer to the adult system. and until that decision is made. he is being held in a juvenile detention center. >> the important thing is that he is here. he is not going anywhere. he is not going to mexico again. >> while couch's attorney claims he is sorry. the victim's family says they are still waiting for an apology and justice. >> no hesitation, no remorse no care. that's why i am here, man. i'm not leaking until i can see something until i get an
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and couch's much reminds on house arrest charged with hindering the apprehension after felon. marcy gonzalez, new york. that's it for live on five. what is going on at six. >> what is going on, shining a light where it doesn't shine. >> a local road left in the dark where the lights should be on. a health warning for
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news five at 6 starts next. newschannel 5 at six brought to you by mr. hero anytime live. always investigating. always on your side, newschannel 5 starts now. tonight all new at six, people in one cleveland suburb
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