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tv   News Channel 5 at 6pm  ABC  January 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> we checked out the complaints and you can see the stretches of busy fairmount boulevard dark. what is going on? >> reporter: i have been talking to people that want to shine a spotlight on this issue because the lights are out on fairmount and northwood land and they are asking questions because they don't want to be in the dark. >> reporter: helen lives where the street lights are out. >> i know that i lived closer to fairmount i would not feel safe. i walk and almost get hit. it can be tough. >> reporter: a viewer says that this area is so dangerously dark that a neighbor was walking the door and so tough to see the woman almost got hit by a car. helen is a professional dog walk er.
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hoping that leaders could enlighten me and they called the illuminating company january 7th and 11th trying to get it fix. the company said it only had one call and i said that there were only several on in the middle of the day. illuminating the issues and crews would pinpoint the issue and by saturday they should be fixed. for living around here, they want this incident to flip a switch for a different approach to street lighting. >> i hope it promotings change. the illuminating company says anytime you need a light out you need the call to the 800 number. there is an app called access cleveland heights and you can report these incidents and pot
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is sent directly to city leaders. shedding light on this topic. investigator on jonathan walsh. >> two men robbed a woman. these men targeted the woman leaking the mall after taking her wallet, they used her credit card at a store in cleveland. anyone that can identify these men are asked to call police. we are loving the clearing skies coming our way. a beautiful sunset on our live tower cam, excellent weather to go out and about. snow inching out of here and all but go and see you later and won't return for several days. it is cold outside. 25 in cleveland and 27 akron and 26 in wooster. we got 20s everyone you go. 23 in youngstown a cool spot and the hour by hour shows the lows will be reached between 9 and 11:00 and temperatures begin to warm up.
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here is what we are going to talk about in about 7 minutes. it is going to be cold overnight but a warm month moving in, in time for the weekend. we could see impressive temperatures and i will tell you how long it will last. lasting to next week and tell when you the artic cold returns. cleveland city council man is getting tough on suburban police departments facing criminals in its limits. they want outside officers pursuing criminals to follow the chase policy or suspend the pursuit. cleveland reformed the policy after the 2012 chase and deadly shooting. persons accused of miner misdemeanors are not to be chased and where police are pursuing, the suspects must be involved in felonies. if you are walked away from your television set i want you to take a look.
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police say while in court she threatened to stab a prosecutor and continued the threat during the booking. bob jones has been following the story and bob the footage is not scaring but highlights a safety concern. >> well it is clear that court is taking the case seriously. the woman accused of threatening a prosecutor is facing several charges. including felony retaliation and carrying a concealed weapon. this is booking video of 47- year-old terrel baker that followed her frightening court appearance. backer an alleged victim of domestic violence yelled at a judge and threatened to stab a prosecutor. she never displayed the knife but the police found her with a three inch blade in her purse. arrested and repeated the threat to an officer. >> the police chief says the
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people and the fact that the weapon went undetected was not surprising. there is no met al detectors in the building. the city is going after grant money for the detectors. there is a problem this is a very worrisome. >> we had a lady in the courtroom with a weapon. we read about the bad things happening and it could happen here. we need a new building and to have better security measures. >> according to the police -- [ no audio] all right, that was bob jones reporting. brandy, the woman accused of hitting another woman on fulton road and driving away made her first court appearance. she was arraigned on two felony counts this morning. one on aggravated vehicular assault and the other for accident.
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getting out of the car to check out what happened and then leak leaving. she turned herself earlier to police. >> mentor police have identified the person whose body was found inside a home in an early morning fire. the body of 43-year-old james o'mersa found underneath debris in the fire. investigators believe that the cause of the fire was accidental. now at six. two different health dangers and sets of concerns. tonight parents wonder if lead is lurking in our drinking water. >> it's a tragedy because it is definitely preventible. >> we are all being warned to check our refrigerators for tainted food. >> first a concern over lead in the water. first flint and sebring and now chagrin falls. >> it centers around lead and the news has left us wondering
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derrick waller, you told us about this test that homeowners can perform and we are ready for the results. >> reporter: we are here in the breakroom and the results weren't all that surprising. you know when lead in someone's drinking water makes news it is because it is not that common. we got three different sources of water from a library and city hall and a justice center. we went to home depot and got this $28 home testing kit. anyone can buy one and use one in their home. it came with a test tube and a little strip. all of the strips came back negative for lead. all three sources were negative for lead. not all of that surprising but it does not mean lead poisoning is a huge issue. it is. held experts said that there is 2,000 children diagnosed with lead poisoning every year just in cuyahoga county but that is probably from lead from the older homes. that is why it is so important
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home-built before 1978 to get your children tested for lead poisoning. the latest from the breakroom and we will send it back to you. derrick, listen up. if you rely on grabbing bagged lettuce check your fridge. more from the newsroom and what you should be looking out for. dole began to pull the lettuce off of the shelves. the contaminated lettuce was bagged in ohio and production has stopped. one person died and another 12 were hospitalized with complications from listeria and now people are urged to make sure they don't have the lettuce in the refrigerator. >> in most cases listeria doesn't have effect. maybe gastrointestinal problems and usually the symptoms are miner but for elderly people or pregnant moms sometimes they can be more severe.
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fresh selections and simple truth and market side and president's choice and little salad bar. consumers can determine if their bag is bad by checking for the letter "a" at the beginning of the manufacturing code. the listeria poses the greatest threat to pregnant women and their unborn babies. first responders with narcan, we are getting a look at how the minutes before medical personnel arrive can save a life. >> you want me to give him narcan? i got it. >> police in hamilton county were able to revive a man that overdosed on prescription drugs and he was dumped there by another person. >> all systems go as the iowa caucuses are around the corner. taking a look at where the candidate stand including governor kaisch on monday.
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columbus zoo needs your help. how your vote could change her future. that is coming up at 6. if you
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wews. it was a move that had everyone wondering last night. was donald trump going to skip out on the debate. as you know now, he actually stood by his word holding a rival event down the street. >> but he admitted that skipping out of the debate was a bit risky and the iowa caucuses coming out. he believes that it worked out better. >> what happened last night was amazing because i did something that was risky and i think it turned out great because i'm on the front page of every paper. well early reports back on how many people watched the debate list it as 6:00 out of all 7 debates. the full-court press on and on in iowa and the only candidate not campaigning in he was in new hampshire. john kossic has more. >> cleveland share as bond with
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republican race for the white house starts there and finishes here. we pledge to give you a front- row seat for the 168 days in between and beyond. those vying for the nomination made the push for iowa voters. governor john kaisch included but his pitch geared towards new hampshire. iowa is stubborn and unpredictable. we will be breaking down the nuances from iowa and introduce you to folks from the buckeye from the buckeye state. and on the day, president obama made another push for equal pay for women. democratic candidate hillary clinton got an endorsement from
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supreme court case bringing equal pay to light. lilly leadbetter lead to legislation bearing her name made the announcement. the endorsement and the president's renewed push came on the 7th anniversary of the signing of the lilly leadbetter fair pay act. ahead of the election. ohio's secretary of state is ballots. >> 800 were ruled ineligible last year because they did not have a postmark. in ohio they are allowed as long as they are postmarked before election date. to address the issue a mail insert will be included with every absentee ballot. giving directions on how to ensure how the vote is counted. did you ever want to add a name to a new baby. the columbus zoo is giving you a chance to name the little polar beer.
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after she was born and that was eight weeks ago. tonight this polar bear weighs 15 pounds and drinks up to 6 gallons of milk a day. name that beer. that's the end of the contest and the winner gets a pass to the zoo. you can call that bear snowflakes. i like that. >> your outif it was stunning. >> i am getting emails like hey snowflake. >> catch her name. only her name online. let's look at what is going on outside. right now here we go. alike look at downtown. akron the sun has gone down. it is twilight outside. shooting daggers at me.
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to the east and now look at this. skies are clearing out from west to east and we should enjoy several hours of clear skies. several hours of star shine if you will. if you are a stargazer, this is going to be pleasant stargazing weather for you as long as you are bundled up with a coat. 24 in medina and 25 in cleveland and 27 in akron and 23 in ravenna and we got 20s with one or two, 30-degree readings out there. 25 downtown and a 15-degree dew point and a northwest wind at 6 miles per hour. the win is not strong but we are getting some wind chill readings in the teens. 18 is what it feels like in akron and 18 in cleveland and canton and 19 in the akron area and if we showed you the hour by hour, the good news is that the cold is not going to linger.
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overnight lows occurring between nine and 11:00 p.m. begin to rise. 29 degrees by six a.m. some areas hitting 30s and we are talking the 40s tomorrow. 33 for the high today. 35 is where we should be and temperatures below normal and .4 in hopkins takes the snow total up to a staggering 8.8- inches. believe it or not. that's 27-inches below normal for this time of year. thank you el nino. a little swirl, an upper level low bringing us cold weather and look at this warm front shifting towards the east and the warm air invades tomorrow and everyone in the 40s and a lot of you will touch the 50s and maybe a degree or two above that. tonight the temperatures going up after midnight. a click of a time.
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tomorrow i am thinking 47 and maybely cloudy skies. it will be mild. it will be dry. akron and canton overnight tonight. let's show you 23. that will be before midnight tomorrow. nice and mild 46 with a cloud/sun mix. here is the seven-day forecast. late showers sunday evening. 51 and 39 on monday. a chilly day temporarily and then tuesday rainy and windy we will have daytime highs in the 40s with temperatures going up in the lower and middle 50s tuesday night before the cold front arrives. rain to snow on wednesday. falling temperatures wednesday afternoon through the 30s. back to some lake-effect snow by thursday. we will go 29 and friday a chilly one, 32 degrees. this warmup will last four to five days. we will take it late january.
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kirkland and western reserve and one more school will compete. sponsored by westfield insurance. airs tomorrow night at 7:00 on newschannel 5. that's a great show and good luck to the teams. lauren is here and the cavs about to tip it off in awhile. >> on the road and another first for the head coach. his first team on the road and up next in sports. he lets us know that he believes the team is adjusting
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that and more after the break. the cavs on the road in detroit take on the pistons. and it is another first for coach lou. today is his first road game. the cavs are first in the east and only one player lebron is on the all-star team. this team seemingly more important on the task which is adjusting to changes. lou telling the media that the team in a transition period. will it feel are not there yet clearly. we still got a lot of work to do.
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doing the best we can do and get practice time to kind of implement the system we want to run. guys will try to play the right way. also don't forget the cavs game against the san diego spurs is on newschannel 5. tip- off is at 8:30 and we will have plenty of post-game coverage. the senior bowl is tomorrow. browns coach hugh jackson is among the coaches in mobile, alabama to to see the best nfl prospects. he had the opportunity to meet and talk to some of the athletes this week. the new browns coach revealing what he is looking for in players. you really zero in on particular positions and you try to see if they have the characters that you are looking for and we have characters that we talk about at every position. there's things that i zero in on exactly and make sure that i am seeing them.
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to look at the tape as i get back to cleveland. the indians are back in town and the schedule full. members of the team visiting ramo babies in children's hospital. and children excited to see their favorite place. it should be on fun day at meet and greet. >> try fest is awesome. players are great and it is a fun atmosphere. got to love them. it is almost like baseball weather this weekend. >> pretty close. >> three weeks until they report. pitchers and catchers. this is a incredible to see. we get a spring-like day you will be out throwing the ball around. 47 saturday, dry and partly to
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late showers, 51 and we get a little wet and windy by tuesday and winds could gust up to tuesday night and wednesday morning. before we go, mark -- on twitter i said rename the snowflake era and rick tweeted your name should be mark el nino johnson because of all your hot air. thank you rick wright you are on my side. >> i didn't have enough time to respond. >> brought to you by the ohio
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