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tv   News Channel 5 at 11pm  ABC  January 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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house in an unstoppable fire. the neighbors say the city is to blame. >> find out what happens when newschannel 5 starts to ask the tough questions. the unbelievable way a woman survives a life and death situation. >> taking a vacation. we have a spring life warmup. >> late breaking a serial rapist on the run in ohio. what we have just learned. >> a fire in an abandoned home catching a neighboring home on fire. tonight it is in ruins. neighbors are demanding answers and saying the complaints went unheard and the councilman they spoke with.
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and solving it is a balancing act. fixing one problem and then another. >> reporter: neighbors look out consequence and repeat. folks complained about this house for months when it was still standing. >> you just got to adapt. >> anthony anderson says ward 9 homes. >> on one street you might have i would say five to six houses. >> my ward is over one hundred houses that is vacant. >> councilman conwell says demolishing a house costs up to ten thousand dollars and all dangerous. >> i categorize my houses to the worse to the least worse. >> reporter: this house was low on his list. just another abandoned home until someone makes it more. >> turned to a crack house.
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conwell says spending the grant money of $400,000 of abandoning homes does not make sense. >> if they need other services we have to use the money for that as well. >> reporter: some thought the fire at this abandoned home was out but an amber rekindled concerns. flames nearly melted down another house where people are moving out. >> and the councilman says he just handed over another list of 12 homes he wants demolished. live downtown. newschannel 5. and frank we are digging deeper into the abandon the homes that have plagued the city of cleveland for years. the city currently has 6100 abandoned homes. that number is down from three years ago. of 7700 homes. the demolition doesn't come cheap. it would cost well over $60 million to knock them all down. a beloved businessman is being
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dead after a fire at the prince shack in menner. the company's website says it was founded from his father 30 years ago but he was running it for the last few years. friends say he was always happy. firefighters found jim under debris that had collapsed during the fire. they believe that the fire was an accident but they are still investigating. the man accused of killing his estranged wife says he is not guilty. dragon sagulick was arraigned. he shot his wife last month it is alleged after charges of trying to run her over with his car. >> a jury found an akron woman guilty in connection with the murder of a father of her five children. prosecutors say that tiffany powell and james harris were in a custody battle.
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reed is serving a life sentence. only on five a woman rescued by cleveland firefighters after an evening drive turned terrifying and not the only one that needed rescuing. chris flanagan like at east 82nd street and hansal. >> a woman tried to drive her car down the woods. take a look. her car remains stuck here teetering on the sinkhole, 8 to 10 feet deep and a harrowing night. >> stella's car sits alone in the middle of a make shift river. >> i thought i was going in the home with the car. >> bibbens was picking up her daughter and drove in the 8- inch main and got stuck. finally rescued by the cleveland fire department. >> it is very deep. it went over the fireman's head. >> slipped on ice trying to push the car free and he had to be rescued after going under.
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hoping he would be okay but i thought i would be going in there next. >> bibbens was terrified and considers that firefighter a hero. >> he tried to save me and he yeah. he did real good. i was happy that they got me out of the car. that's all i'm saying. >> reporter: and three firefighters ended up rescuing that firefighter who fell in the giant sinkhole we are told he is doing fine. as for the water company, as you can see they have shut off the water. a tow truck is coming to take the car out. the car teetering on the edge of the giant sinkhole of hansal avenue. a lot happening in the city. weatherwise a quiet start to the city. >> cold. the temperatures are bottoming out at 21 in cleveland and 19
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youngstown. that is as cold as we will get. temperatures will be warming up thanks to a southerly breeze. good nice for stargazing. all in all it is all about a weekend warmup as we get a surge of air coming in. let's talk about what has me concerned as we go looking ahead through the weekend and beyond. a week warmup. that's not bad and we are tracking rain and i will tell you when it will arrive. a big winter storm taking shape for early next week. i'm going to tell you how this is going to affect you and i and this is going to be pretty significant. when we come back. to a news channel 5 exclusive. growing parking problems for thousands who have to visit or work at the justice center. >> the new convention center hotel will open in the summer but the city of cleveland and the county is allowing it to open without any additional parking.
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pagonakis has been digging into the story. how serious is the problem? >> reporter: well, according to the judges i talked to the huntington park garage located across the street could be 200 parks short and it could have an impact on the justice. >> the opening of the new convention center hotel on lakeside for the rnc is sure to cause nothing but parking headaches for nearly everyone trying to get to the justice center next door. an event at the convention center last week gave some justice center judges a sneak peek of what is to come. plenty of docket delays. >> attorneys weren't there. defendants weren't there. prosecutors unable to get in. witnesses. >> bailiff matthew cappadonna says some employees are in for
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>> i have been told there is a possibility of moving some of the disabled spots. i am told that employees will have to move their cars. >> judge patton says it is poor planning by the city and county. >> it would have been adequate before the hotel was built. i don't know why they didn't anticipate this problem. >> but i see that as the only viable option is to have at least a shuttle service, a regular shuttle service in the morning and regular shuttle service in the afternoon to be able to take especially employees if they have to park at the muni lots to take them back and forth in the morning. >> and there are concerns about big parking price hikes here at the hunting ton park garage. judge patton expects them to be announced sometime next week. reporting live in cleveland i'm 5 on your side investigator joe pagonakis. police in athens say this man is a serial rapist. he is on the prowl in the college town. take a good look at the sketch. dna evidence linked the same
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the first one back in 2006. and the other two last year. the attacks are similar. all of the victims young women walking home in the early morning hours in the same part of town. clearly the city of athens has a predator amongst us. and that person needs to turn himself in. >> athens is of course home to ohio university. investigators say that a majority of rapes go unreported. so there may be more victims. police are looking for these two men that robbed a woman at gunpoint targeting her as she left great northern mall wednesday night. they took her wallet and used her credit cards at a cleveland target. and this is a look at the license plate on the suspect's car which is believed to be a
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if you know who the guys are, call police. you can't say that in the courtroom. repeating what she said in a arrest. the alleged victim in a domestic violence case went off during a hearing yelling at the judge and threatening to stab the prosecutor. officers tracked her down after she left the barberton she did in fact have a three inch knife. >> a lot of times people make threats but they don't have the means to carry it out. it's just idle. she could have pulled that out and started cutting. >> backer was charged with inducing panic and retaliation and carrying a concealed weapon. the barberton municipal building has security cameras but no metal detectors. the city is applying for grants to get them. >> from chagrin falls to sebring to flint. a health alert about toxic lead
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contaminated poisoning is not the main source in our area. >> a listeria outbreak has cleared bags of lettuce from store shelves but that potentially contaminated produce may be in your fridge. what you need to look for. >> a big old winter storm brewing next week and headed towards the great lakes. i will tell you how it may slow you down. >> if you don't use an apple product chances you you may know someone that does. on a recall. we want to hear from you,
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tweet us at w ews. the chagrin fall district will test the water levels after there could be contaminated fountain. let's talk about it. the levels at gurney elementary school. we told you these concerns last night at 11. the district has switched to bottled water until test results come back on wednesday. and in sebring the state's epa director is admitting his agency should have moved more quickly and sent stronger warnings about the lead in the water.
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before people found out about the contaminated water and congressman rye be is calling on the epa director to be resigning. >> it shows the water lead levels are too high. michigan director under father after suggesting that the bottled water put in the state building was for workers and flint residents and when the concerns arose. water is not the only source of lead. poisoning from old homes with lead paint is still a much bigger concern. the cuyahoga county board of health see about 2,000 new child lead poisoning cases every year. half of all of the cases in ohio. and while doctors are trained to ask about possible lead poisoning blood testing is only
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lead can actually be damaging to any organ in the body. in september the feds gave $7 million in grants to cleveland and cuyahoga county to reduce the number of homes with toxic levels of lead. >> from lead to listeria. bags of lettuce recalls. an ohio plant is shut down. the health experts say you shouldn't put your guard down let. pulling the lettuce off of the shelves and to be sure you don't have the lettuce in your refrigerator. it is sold under the bags dole, for example selections simple truth. market side president's choice and the little salad bar. check for the letter "a" at the beginning of the manufacturing code. usually it is associated with raw meats unpass your rised dairy products but because this is found in soil any fresh food could have it.
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with listeria it is stomach problems but one person has died and another 12 were hospitalized in this outbreak. listeria has the greatest threat to pregnant women and their unborn babies. >> columbia and venezuela have a case in a rare syndrome that may be linked to the zika virus. it can lead people temporarily paralyzed. investigators are trying to figure out if the mosquito born virus is linked to that syndrome and as well as dangerous birth defect. held officials are trying to deter travelers who visited one of the regions impacted to donate blood. a possible link to autism to children born from obese mothers. it shows that obesity is not
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impact the children as well. the charges are staying in san diego. at least for now. the team's chairman say they will play in san diego this year as they work with the community to end a battle over a new stadium. that statement came after a report claimed that the chargers had reached a deal to share a stadium with the now los angeles rams in 2019. a recall that impacts emergency rooms of people. am recalling millions of power adapters because they could break and shock people. the two prong adapters met for overseas, sold last year with macks and apple devices and in the travel world kit. apple will exchange it for free or refund people that bought new plugs because of the problem. okay. shocking. it is shocking. very chilly outside but the warmup is just a few hours away.
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we got teens out there on the thermometer. let's look outside at beautiful downtown akron. quiet weather there. mainly clear skies. pretty much area wide. we will stay clear to partly cloudy. for most of you through the day tomorrow. although a few clouds will work in. all in all it is a dry weather pattern. we got a warmup coming in as winds shift around in the south. later on that should effectively take the temperatures here very cold and warm them up by sunrise. we should be closer to 30 degrees. so right now it is 19, euclid. and 19 solen and peninsula at 16. 23 north royalton and west lake 19, canton and akron, kent, 15 degrees. it is cold for now. let's show you 12 in medina. 23 ashland. fremont already beginning to show signs of warming. 27 and everyone beginning to
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i think we have reached the low temperatures for the night. the winds have shifted to the south. 8 miles per hour. southerly breezes will take the temperatures and take them up for the overnight. 78% humidity. pressure 30 dot 01. watch them go up. 7, 9:00, 30, 34. almost off the scale. middle and upper 40s for the afternoon. that will be refreshing. and it will be a hint of spring. your daffodils will go should i come up? i wouldn't. storm system here pulling away. not worried about that. a nice flow coming in outside of the south. but here is the problem with that. and this is what we are watching for for early next week. this is going to be a major winter storm for the great lakes now right now and this is early, we are going to be on the warm side of this thing. the way it is going. heavy snow up around chicago, minneapolis into michigan and for us.
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i think the main threat is going to be some pretty significant winds here. so here is what we are doing. showing this weather alert for high winds and rain tuesday night and wednesday morning. winds, a primary threat. 30 and who miles per hour gusts and maybe some closer to 50. rain will be likely tonight and wednesday morning and power outages due to the high winds. keep that in mind. early now and we will watch the computer models as they bring the storm closer and it could change a little bit. stay up-to-date with the latest forecast. tonight warming up to 30 by sunrise and temperatures going up for everybody. no cheers. partly cloudy and milder. akron and canton. warming up again in the upper 20s to near 30. 46 to 48 tomorrow. seven day quickly and let's show you the showers. 50 and 39 monday and here is
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47 tuesday and falling temperatures wednesday with rain to snow changeover. got a brand new edition of academic challenge. teams from kirkland and laughenville and western reserve compete for $20,000. academic challenge hosted by jason nicklas and response ared by westfield insurance airs tomorrow night at 7 right here on newschannel 5. coming up next in sports. the cavs looking good in detroit but not perfect. i will show you some of the ups
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that and more at the break. stay with us. now five on your side sports brought to you by brunswick auto mark. >> another test for the cavs coach lou. the first road game at the helm the cavs taking on the pistons.
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first quarter cavs up by four and that is not good enough. lebron james head to the basket kicks it out and nice ball movement and kevin love fires one from downtown. love was 29 points on the night. but not all rainbows and butterflies. not happy about the rotation. the team to the half and back to the upside of the game for cleveland. love not the only one having a good night. fast forward to the 3rd quarter. cavs up 78-69. irvin to the basket and making it look easy. ky rewas 28 points apt cavs for the most part playing nice team basketball. getting stuck. lebron james finding kay love that throws it up for tmo and finishes with 12 points and 8 rebounds off of the bench.
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also don't forget. the cavs against the san antonio spurs right here on newschannel 5. tip off at 8:30 and have plenty of post-game coverage including live coverage from the cue and post-game reaction and a breakdown of game. make sure you stick around after the game and check it out. the browns head coach hugh jackson is in mobile, alabama for this week's senior bowl. showcases some of the best talent in the upcoming draft and teams from around the league have a presence at the senior bowl throughout the week and as for the browns it is a family affair. jackson not the only one in alabama this week. that much brown is also there with the browns scouts and besides challenge and opportunity for jackson to meet and work with many of his co- workers. that is probably the biggest part to be around and the guys do all of the work. they have seen a lot of the guys at their college campuses and they have seen them on the road. they spent a lot of time working to do the job and i
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and for advice about the player and what they have seen and what they think they are. and again it gave me a chance to see the guys. what a terrific group. >> the indians training cam starts up in a few week. members of the team visiting rainbow babies and children's hospital. children at the hospital excited to see some of the favorite players, pictures and gifts and signed autographs and the players have more going on. try fest tomorrow. there will meet and greet fans and should be a lot of fun. we are back right after this. tonight's news brought to you
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call 1800 elk and elk ohio. for serious attorneys. akron and canton seven-day forecast.
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50 and sunday 52 and we are worried about tuesday night into wednesday for rain and wind. falling temperatures wednesday and it looks like some snow arriving again on thursday. that's two different seasons. >> it is. it is spring and winter. all rolled into one. it is called el nino in northern ohio. yes. all right. well tomorrow may be get out the grill. >> get out the grill and listen to the birds singing and enjoy some sunshine. get some vitamin d. >> and watch the cavs game. >> and our post-game show. >> closed captioning of newschannel 5 at 11 is sponsored by serpentini. if you are chinking about chevy, think serpentini. energize your mornings. with traffic updates from the akron canton airport traffic
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