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tv   News Channel 5 at 6pm  ABC  January 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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newschannel5 at 6:00. newschannel5s now with breaking news. >> we are following breaking news. denver police are on the scene of a deadly shooting and stabbing at a motorcycle show. a news conference was held in a moments ago. and someone opened fire inside the denver coliseum. and there was also a stabbing. >> we do have one deceased party and multiple other victims. at this time we do not have anyone in custody. >> denver health tweeted that nine people were taken to the
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the hospital was put on lockdown as a precaution. we'll continue to monitor the situation. check your news app for updates tonight. johnny manziel involved in another alsoer indication with his girlfriend. it happened in texas. lauren-- >> a domestic disturbance around 2 a.m. and the woman was identified as manziel's former girlfriend. officers located him and questioned him and determined he was not in danger. no arrests were made. it's the second time he has been questioned about an altercation with his go i have and not arrested. this is dash cam video from avon police. he was pulled over in october following a road rage incident. right now the browns are trying
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earlier this week, the owner hinted that his relationship with the team could be saved. >> i mean we talked to johnny before he left. and i know a big deal was made. we have 53 players on the active and 10 more. and there were a couple of other player that is just talked to him. >> the browns declined to comment about the incident in texas. if they want to release him the earliest is february 8th, the day after the super bowl. and back at home. we are in the middle of a weekend warmup. plenty of people were outside today enjoying the sunshine. and we spotted long lines at area car washes. you were tracking warmer temperatures for tomorrow. >> all morning along, today, spring like temperatures in the 50s. don't want to leave the today behind if you're going out and about.
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the lows will be falling down to the lower 40s. at the airport we're calling it 50 degrees. milliersburg, in the upper 50s. official says for the greater cleveland area, 57 degrees. a few clouds modifying through. and well to the west from chicago to kansas city, they're dealing with a lot of cloud cover. and this will continue to move our way the rest of the evening. we've been dealing with the south breeze and that's what is allowing for gradual warmup. this will continue 15 to 20 miles per hour as we head into the rest of the evening, extending into your sunday. look at my bar graph. it's off the charts. going into the rest of the evening, get outside. 42 as we head into the 58 hour. not budging too much. and look at this.
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afternoon, sitting back in the 50s. >> okay, thanks so much. a cleveland road remains closed after a woman drove her car into a sinkhole. crews fixed the break but more work is needed. a fight at a local bar ends with a man shot in the head. we were first to report the story. garfield heights police say the 22-year-old victim was at the bar on broadway avenue when shot in the parking lot around 2:00 this morning. he was taken to the hospital in critical condition. police do not have a suspect. now to the race for 2016. in just about 48 hours, the first presidential contest gets underway in iowa. candidates are crisscrossing the state trying to convince undecided voters they should be in the white house a year from now.
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scored the endorsement of the new york times. and it also endorsed hillary clinton on the democratic side. he touted all his other endorsements including the boston globe and a new hampshire newspaper. he's polling in the low single digits and polling better in new hampshire which votes on february ninth. >> when you get seven out of eight endorsements in this great state and something like the times and the globe, it just shows that you have an ability to reach out. and win a general election so you can begin to bring about the conservative principles i've always governed after. compromise with democrats. the paper picks clinton go due to her experience and policy ideas.
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be in iowa when the votes are cast. and the performance in new hampshire's primary could make or break his campaign. and newschannel5 is committed to bringing you complete coverage of the election. we'll have live coverage starting tomorrow. also tomorrow is the deadline to sign up for health insurance through the federal marketplace. those who failed to enroll could be without medical coverage for the rest of the year and will face fines. the penalty for not buying insurance is $695 per adult. the u.s. department of health and human services says 220,000 iowans have enrolled or had coverage automatically renewed. two dangerous inmates on the run are now behind bars. new details just released about the capture.
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the growing effort to help an iowa police officer keep his k- 9 companion. and it may be winter, but indian fans have spring fever. you're watching newschannel5 at
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tonight. the remaining two men who escaped a california jail are now back in custody. the first fugitive was captured
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and he provided police with crucial details about his fellow inmates. the getaway van was spotted in san francisco and a woman called police. >> they approached the van and hossein nayeri escaped on foot. the other inmate, jonathan tieu was hiding in the van. >> an english teacher has been arrested in connection to the escape. facebook and inista gram are cracking down on online gun sales. licensed gun dealer retailers can still advertise on facebook but they are not allowed to accept orders or do business sales on the site. coming up next. a monster sinkhole takes over a busy highway. we're getting a bird's-eye view of the damage.
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tip-off is two hours away. we have a preview of tonight's game. and 50s and sunshine today. i'll let you know in my 7-day forecast when winter starts to
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the indians are gearing up for spring training, the team leaves for good year, arizona. meg shaw has more from tribe fest. >> reporter: it may not feel like baseball weather just yet but tribe fans are warming up for the season. thousands made their way to the fourth annual tribe fest. this year's soldout event. >> it pumps everybody up. >> it's about connecting the players with the fans and gearing up for opening day, 75 days away. >> this man made the drive from west virginia to get autographs for his grandfather who recent
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>> and for these ladies, it's a family tradition. >> baseball is our sport. it's true. when we're here and the team is out and it's a -- it brings us closer to the city and it feels like we're all part of a big family in cleveland. >> in cleveland, meg shaw, newschannel5. >> it's usually held at progressive field but was moved because of the ongoing renovations. and we could be playing baseball today. i'm sure some kids were outside playing. >> i heard about it and wished it would be outside. unreal. great conditions for northeast ohio and this streak will continue as we head into tomorrow afternoon. a great sunset right there. the sun is starting to move out of the area. a few clouds tracking in as we head into tonight. yesterday this time folks i was talking about 29 degrees. look at that big jump.
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greater cleveland area, 57. didn't see 60s today. but akron-canton saw the high of 56. right now the temperatures are starting to cool off. just a tad bit at the airport, into the lower 50s. akron all the way to ashtabula county, lake geauga, you're at 47 degrees. taking a look at the power of 5, lots of sunshine. and dealing the high clouds throughout the afternoon. going to continue as we head into the rest of the evening. partly cloudy conditions. where is the warm air coming from? from the south from jackson to alabama, you can see there in the lower 70s and so we've seen that shift in the winds out of the south. and that's what is allowing for gradual warmup. if you're headed to the q tonight, still at 45 degrees at 8:00. the clouds will be in effect. and a pretty uneventful weekend as we head into the sunday
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it's still well towards the west in the rockies. it's causing heavy snow. this is going to be kind of a weak cold front that starts to track in. sunday evening about 6:00 tomorrow we deal with a little bit of rain into the early morning commute all the way to monday. the bigger weather story is a system well offshore. it's a pacific storm and it will start to make its way in tuesday. we are forecasting severe weather for the south. and you know that big east coast storm that we dealt with yesterday. this is going to be the 2016 west coast storm of the season here. affecting northeast ohio it will bring us cooler temperatures as we step into your thursday, friday, and into next weekend. so please soak up the next three to four days with the temperatures well above normal. 41 as we head into tonight. we are back in the 50s with
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this is a great five to 7-day forecast. now for my winter fans, we'll make a comeback as we head into late wednesday. you can see the temperature drop. it's due to the storm system. we are not forecasting a lot of snow. it's just purely rain with this event. but the cooler temperatures along with winds definitely going to be an issue for tuesday evening on the way to wednesday. look at this. as we head to thursday, friday, saturday, that's more like it >> all right, janessa. thank you so much. away. the broncos and panthers will and once again, ohio is playing a big part in the game. the wilson sporting goods factory an hour south of toledo is responsible for making the super bowl footballs. the plant makes thousands of pittsburgh skin footballs a day for leagues of all sizes. wilson will begin making
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monday after the super bowl. and lebron james is expanding his pizza business. it opened at the university of connecticut. customers scored a free pie by following the restaurant on social media. they plan to add locations in northeast ohio later this year. the cavs have a big game tonight, hosting the san antonio spurs. the spurs are the second best team in the west behind the warriors. the cavs are 33-12. the two teams met in san antonio not long ago, january 14th. the cavs lost 99-95. they played them while under their former head coach. the cavs are now playing a faster brand of basketball and
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the team and the new head coach. they are still trying to prove they can play with the best of the best in the league. and don't forget the cavs game against the spurs on newschannel5. tip-off is 8:30. plenty of post game coverage, including live coverage from the q. check it out after the game on newschannel5. our post game show will be more than just about the game. i caught up with the dancers. they're leader -- the story is one of hope and inspiration. she opened up to me about an unfortunate -- how tragedy impacted him and how he bounced back on the dance floor and in life. he motivates them to be happy and try for greatest. his whole story after the game.
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life for what it is. and not take things for granted. live life to the fullest. and be as happy as you can be. there's always someone worse off in life. and i try to influence positivity in everybody's life. meanwhile in the college ranks, visiting ball state. and jeremy tyler, oh, my wow. that got everyone on their feet. and akron playing well. and reggie mcadams from downtown down the three. and mcadams with a team high 15 points. from the corner, buries the three. and 56-49. ten three pointers on the day. and akron wins 73-64. johnny manziel continues to make headlines.
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on him today. much of the front office is focused on the upand coming draft. they are at the senior bowl checking out the best tall innocent the draft. today the south won. 27-16. five ohio state players on the north team. nick vannett had 58 yards. carson wentz went six of 10 throwing for 50 yards. no touchdowns from him. and we're back right after
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a huge skoal that won't stop growing has shut down a stretch of highway in oregon. a drone captured the aerial view of the massive crater. the highway collapsed after a storm dumped several inches of rain in that area. it could take months to repair that road. and trending tonight.
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ohio police officer keep his former k-9 companion. he was told he could buy the dog for $3500. but under ohio law, the dog must be auctioned off. a go fund me account has been set up to help hickey. the leftover money from the auction will be used to purchase bulletproof vests for k-9s. and we're back after this. provided the neighborhood with expert eye care. that was dr. stanley pearle's vision and we still proudly carry on
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lisa hamilton perform eye exams that can help because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood.
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