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tv   News Channel 5 at 11pm  ABC  January 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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we're not there yet. still have a lot to do. >> have to get our legs under
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pace. we start things off with our liberty ford play of the game. pretty easy for us. we talked about it early on, the liberty ford play of the game. >> absolutely. second quarter. kevin love has been very acttive recently. great thing to see. >> we will well to our post- game cavs coverage. brad, you're initial thoughts on tonight's game? >> well, it was a great showing
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cavaliers. they played well, played hard. came out and i think gave the people of cleveland something to see what is upcoming in the future for us. if we continue to play like this, i think it could bode well for us down the stretch. >> you look at this game tonight, and they were able to distribute the wealth tonight, the big three coming up with three points apiece. >> all right. we're going back to the q right now. lauren is standing by. had a chance to catch up with tristan thompson. >> [ inaudible ]. >> kevin love with another big game tonight.
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early on to set the tone some? when he gets going early, him coming out and being aggressive, making shots. >> andrew: all right, thanks so much. we'll have more live from the q a little later on. back to you. >> all right, nice job, lauren, thank you. let's look at these stats. clearly a different team than a week ago. >> listen, they've really picked it up, and i think tyronn lue really has them playing on the same page. >> bill: let's go through the big three tonight, and night. but you go back and look at lebron james, he ends up with 29 points, quiet in the first half. i mean, real by it, and then explodes in the third and fourth quarter. >> well, that's what you want, you want to get everybody involved. and sometimes the best player everybody involved. we saw it in detroit, and followed it up tonight against san antonio, and he has enough ability within himself to turn
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think that's what you saw in the second half. >> in the week that we've seen him take over this team, we have not seen the pound, pound, pound from lebron james. >> well, listen, you have to get ball movement, you really do. you view to believe and trust in your teammates that they're going to deliver when it time for them to do just that. and i think the more that is right we move the beautiful around, andy, think it's just a better flowing team than it does when we just pound the bomb and become a one- dimensional basketball team. >> why is kevin love a better player today than perhaps even a week ago? >> steps what happens in a shake-up and a change, there's a new lease on life. kevin has pride in his ability, and i just believe that he believes he was playing beneath himself, and now he's given a new lease any life and an opportunity to capitalize on that, and the guys are actually going to him, involving him, and keeping him in the flow. >> all right, brad, kyrie
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he was able to do this thing-he was another catalyst in the second half of the game. >> well, listen, he was, but the thing about it, when you spread the wealth around, you have three players that can give you big numbers, and when you keep them all involved, the flames can take off much easier. >> let's talk about the conference on defense tonight, as well, brad, because good defense led to good offense. >> listen, we got involved. the only way you can win championships in this league is to play solid defense, and we have really picked it up over the last couple of games. if you're going to be a real championship contender, you have to to be able to get stops defensively night-in and night out. >> and dellavedova got hot during the game, too. >> it's night and day. everybody thought it was a
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this is a kid who comes out, has worked hard in the off- season, has put in the time to get better, and when you see that, it does the soul warm, because he is going to give you everything you have night-in and night out. >> brian, it's got to see you. i haven't seen you since the nba finals. your authorities on this team tonight, and how different they looked from one week ago. >> well, there's a big thing i have to point out right away. tim duncan didn't play, and ramirez raleigh obviously was in foul trouble in -- and ramirez alonzo obviously was in -- lamar cushion aldridge obviously was in foul trouble early. a very high level of offensive basketball. you definitely saw a nice game
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getting kevin love involved early. and then they kept kawhi leonard off of lebron james. tyronn shroves studying what the game is, and the -- lue is studying what the game is, and the cavs good morning out and doing it. while i will never overreact to one game if january, you certainly have to recognize that the cavs are following a new game plan. >> do the players actually believe now that there's an opportunity for this team to really get better defensively as we go into the second half of the season? because i think that's where the statement needs to be made if weir going to really make ground against anybody we're going to face in a play-off run. >> you're so right, because,
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it's not going to be up and down, not going to be up and down like this. it's going to be more half court. so i think improving defensively is important. blustery say this, if you can't take advantage of kevin love offensively, you have to take him off the floor, and the cavs were able to take advantage obviously him offensively. last week when they played the spurs, they attacked kevin love on the defensive end, and he did nothing offenseively. completely different game plan. so, yes, you are going to have to be better defensively. the cavs ebb and flow. sometimes they're great defensively, sometimes they're average, but die tink they can improve there, but right now, you can really tell they are focusing on kevin love. back to getting him 20 points. he really looks good. >> trade deadline coming numb a couple of weeks. are the cavs go be to be active? what do you think is going to happen with this roster, especially with one spot open?
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the cavs are really starting to get aggressive, looking for a defensive wing player. basically an upgrade on richard jefferson, so that when they play guys like cuyahoga leonard or kevin durant, or steph curry, they have nor defenders. here is the problem, the whole league look for that. i think a couple of teams that are in contention in the eastern conference need to sort of take a step back, make then for sellers. but do i think the cavs going to be active. think they're going to add some payroll to their teams, but don't look for any blockbuster moves. >> outstanding. thank you so much for your coverage tonight, down at the q. we'll make sure you watch you on espn, and read you on air tracker live over "the q." we'll go into the press conference and hear from ty lue, and we'll go back to
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>> let's head to the press conference room and check out ty lucia who just stepped to the podium. >> do you file a win against a team that's universally respected around the league can change the perception of your guys team around the league? >> as far as respect, again, the same idea with disrespect of only getting one all-star, versus haven't beat turn the top talent that joe was getting at earlier. >> well, i think it's just good for our guys opinion kevin definitely deserved to be an all-star, kyrie is an all-star, just hasn't played enough games. so to me, we have three all stars. but you just have to move forward. if you're going to get mad and punish guys like this, i'll take it. >> tail end of the press
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think one of the other story lines from this week, too, was the fact that the cavaliers only have one all-star going to the all-star game. >> which i think is ironic, with them leading the eastern conference. you have one all-star who had not played a lot of games, and the other, for whatever reasons, there are are a lot of guys playing well, and kevin did not get out of the gate good enough to draw their attention. think he's showing them now exactly why he is an all-star. >> is that a motivator? >> it definitely is a motivator. i think he came out in detroit last night, and played so hard, and then followed it up wait back to back game tonight. think he may be trying to show them something down the stretch here. >> with kyrie irving, it's understandable. he's only played 19 or 20 games since his break. >> yeah, and, listen, there are some quality layers in this league, a lot of quality play next eastern conference, so you have to get to the requisite number of games to be considered, but for us, it's not about the all-star game, wire putting it to a team
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championship, so that's where our focus needs to be. i know as pa player, you wants to be in all-star games, seen, but wire about championships around here right now. >> we are just getting started with our cavaliers post-game coverage. we have so much more coming up for you. again, the castro, a 1007-103 winner. coming up, we'll go off the court and show you the remarkable story of a member of the scream team. are you kidding?
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look at the crowd pouring out. great night to be downtown. cavaliers helping out the economy, as well. here we go, time for the bounce back player. after a 6-point effort on friday night against detroit.
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smith with a strong game tonight. >> listen, he's been carrying us at times throughout the season. glad to see him pack in the flow. >> ten points, all of them in the first half. part of that quick start for your cavaliers tonight. all right. let's talk a little bit more about tonight's game, a albers we kind of break things down. you're heading towards the all- star break. tonight was a key win, i think, because you lost the two games to gold were state, you lost to san antonio. i know san antonio wasn't lookings a close at this being a big game as it was for the cavaliers. >> well, we're not playing against our oh 0 moneyn't, we're -- opponent, we're playing against ourselves. today, a big game for us. i'm glad to see us come off the lane in detroit, focused, and be ready to play today, and i
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effort today, so kudos to the cavaliers. >> let's talk about bench play. we thought the bench might be more than influential than what we're seeing coming into the season. butyls did get in there, and we got some things from -- but delaware did get in there and got some things from him. >> the thick is as we get better and more act -- the thing is, as we get better and more acclimated to tyronn lue's
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the bench some more minutes. >> tonight when they're distributing the ball, and kevin can get into different areas on the floor, it's not a three-pointer. >> kevin is getting his within the flow of the offense, and i think that gives him a spark defensively, on the glass, and everything else, and the way
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is involved, and it looks so much more natural. >> lebron james again tonight, looking really naturalle, and really natural over the last three or four games. i think a lebron james out there that doesn't feel the weight of the word on him, that says i have to come back out and do everything for this team. it lessens the load, and gives you longevity throughout the season, so that you can really turn it on in the second half. >> as you look towards the
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where do you see the growth spurts happening. >> i see the meshing of talent together, think you're going to kevin love. healthier. i think that's why it has translated into four straight wins for the cavaliers. >> we're going to head back moments. cavaliers a winner tonight, 117-
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welcome back. another look from high atop the q. looking got a on air track arer five. live over the q. we get ready summer. big night, air tracker five all "the q," as the cavaliers were
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time for our 0pitzer quick start. >> kevin love has been hot the last week, and he has really gotten himself involved, and i think not being named to the all-star team has given him extra motivation, you see some great performances back-to-back by kevin love. >> charles barkley said this week he has to get himself involved, rather than the team getting him involved by himself. >> right. he has to find his way. you can't depend on people to come to you all the time. there are many ways to get involved in the basketball game. tip-ins, run the floor. he has a number of ways to do it. i think you've seen over the last two days, he's trying to figure that out. >> let's find somebody who can scream. we go back to lauren, who is over that "the q." lauren has a little bit more of an inspirational story of a member of the scream team. what do you have for us? >> reporter: if you've been to
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the scream team. their leader is mitch. while you've probably seen his dance, you likely don't know his story. recently i caught up with him and the rest of the team to find out why their leader is so inspiring. >> the scream team! >> reporter: believe it or not, in the leader of the cavs scream team is a quiet guy. >> being extremely shy, i never participated in -- >> i'm on my way home. >> it did not stop him from losing to the melody, but did change the beat of his drum. >> it changed my life. it made me appreciate life.
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for granted. >> that's how he dances through life. he tries to teach others that same choreography. he could be saying something different to me. >> he taught me to take the punches how they roll and just go with it with a smile on your face. >> reporter: meet the leader of the scream team perform he may be quiet in sound, but it's clear no one has any trouble hearing his message. >> he accepts the challenge, and that's what makes him better. >> try to lead by example, and
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i had so much fun working with them on this story. he's obviously a very inspirationalle and positive person. so a perfect guy to lead the scream team, to lead a team that's all about having fun and making other people smile. back to you. >> let's talk about the castro uniforms for second. those '70s uniform's they wore tonight, to me, that means cavaliers basketball, especially growing up here. i love those. >> that's my favorite cavalier basketball of all time. dating my age, i guess, but that's a classic. >> i love those. >> let's take a look at this upcoming schedule. indians, charlotte, boston, and
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what do you see on that -- morales. what do you see -- new orleans, what do you see that's of interest to you? >> well, this stretch shear going to be some teams that will probably insure the play- offs ahead of us, so we just want to continue doing what we have been doing for four games. so just want to continue the momentum. >> you look at these games over the last couple of nights, and you say can i gauge where they are on this team? can you gauge this team where it is when they played detroit last night? i think putting on an impressive performance, whether duncan is playing i'll >> the only 0 thing i'm focused sunday taking one game at a time. and then we'll look back over the next 030 days. think it's too early to call right now. but what i've seen so far, i drool like. >> brad, just any other thoughts on this team as we move forward? i'm not going to see you for a couple of weeks now, because our next games are on saturday
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