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tv   Good Morning Cleveland  ABC  January 31, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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prescription drug abuse is leading to a spike in heroin use. now it's leading to an increase in burglaries. we'll show you how the drugs are impacting some crime rates in our state. the clock is ticking. less than 24 hours to sign up for health insurance through the federal market place or you'll face some steep fines. first we start with a live look of downtown cleveland. take a look at that shot this morning as we begin your day. temperatures still pretty obamay as we start -- as we continue our weekend. balmy for winter standards anyway.
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sunday edition of good morning cleveland. i'm nick foley alongside meteorologist janessa webb. this is an amazing run of weather. now in the 50s. >> you can see it already says 50 degrees. can't believe that. last day of january and we are stepping out of it on the nice side here. we'll see a fall in our temperatures. i hope you didn't go get the car washed yesterday. >> we may be getting rain, is that what you're saying? >> i hope you didn't. the clouds are going to start to roll in here. we'll go from sunny skies for your saturday to mostly cloudy conditions and tracking rain into late evening. temperatures right now. slightly cooler towards elyria, norwalk area. greater cleveland. we're sitting at 50 degrees with this warmer air continuing to stream in from the south stark county.
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cloud coverage, definitely full effect out towards the west. that's where it's coming from. you can see that's our next front. that's what we're going to track in here as we head into the rest of the day. also very gusty weather going to be picking up as that front starts to make its way through. it's coming out of the south. that's what's allowing if for the warming trend. 15 to 20 miles per hour throughout your sunday afternoon. showing you our hour by hour. i think this model is on the low side. temperature wise forecasting 56 degrees for the greater cleveland area. some areas. thank you. we start with developing news here from the live desk. cleveland police investigating the case involving an infant right now. they tell us their sex crimes and child abuse departments were notified of a baby night. the child was taken to rainbow babies and childrens hospital.
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it. also this morning, police are now investigating this crash that ended on cleveland's east side. it happened around 5:00 last night at nottingham. officials tell us the suspects then jumped out of the car after hitting a house and after away. no word yet on any arrests. willoughby police are investigating a fatal crash involving pedestrians. it happened last night just before 7:00 at lost nation and felton roads. a 73-year-old man hit two pedestrians with his truck. the two people were a 50-year- old man and a 57-year-old female. both from east lake. they were taken to a hospital where the woman later died. the man has life threatening injuries. the driver was not injured but has been arrested for vehicular homicide and ovi. today is the last day you can sign up for health insurance through the federal market place. and if you aren't already
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taxes if you don't sign up by today's deadline. meg shaw now has everything you need to know about this deadline and signing up before it comes later today. meg. >> good morning. federal officials say something new this year, they will not be extending that deadline to sign up. if you want to avoid paying a fine of nearly $700, you should sign up as soon as possible. right now nearly more than 226 ohioans have already enrolled or had their coverage automatically renewed with more than 80,000 of those people being from the akron cleveland area. just this past week the number of people trying to enroll on the federal health market place jumped by 50%. officials say signing up using is faster. however, you can call the 1-800 number on your screen. if you sign up by today your coverage will begin on march 1st. if you miss the deadline you'll face the fines and being uninsured for the year. you have until midnight tonight to enroll.
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visit our app for a list of centers in the cleveland area. >> thank you. across ohio now. police are blaming the state's heroin epidemic for a recent up tick in burglaries. authorities in columbus and in suburbs are urging car owners to hide their valuables. this after several people who live in a normally quiet apartment complex had their windows smashed in. the police chief say miss people arrested for crimes like burglary are heroin addicts. nearly 1200 people died of heroin overdoses in ohio in 2014. that was the most ever. 2015 numbers have not yet been released. in elyria, several churches are stepping up to help the homeless community. that's because the city does not have a permanent shelter for those in need. the chronicle telegram reports st. andrew's first united methodist are working together to make sure everyone has a place to stay during the cold winter months. from 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. from now until april the churches are now open as
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the ohio department of transportation is testing out some new technology that helps keep drivers informed on road conditions. right now wood county plows are equipped with modems, gps and cameras. trucks are able to be tracked back at headquarters. >> i would say this would benefit greatly as far as the positioning of our trucks. being able to see the roadways and what they look like, if one of our drivers would radio in and say the roads are looking bad or need some assistance, we can try to reposition the trucks. >> eventually all odot plow trucks could have this equipment and in the future the public could access the information as well. the test period will wrap up in september. after that if deemed successful it will expand to the rest of ohio. well, if you couldn't stay up late to watch the cavs versus the spurs, we have good news. they took on the spurs last night at the q and they actually dominated from start to finish.
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it and go type of basketball they've been playing since ty taking over as coach. lebron scoring 29. the 117-103 win caps off a successful first week for coach. he's now 4-1 at the helm. we'll have a full break down from the game ahead in our next half hour. thank you so much for starting your sunday here with us on good morning cleveland. when we come back on this final day of january, how are you doing on that new year's resolution to lose some weight? if you need extra motivation, we'll show you how you can get paid to drop the pounds. ladies and gentlemen, welcome to diverse tv. >> diversity was the word of the night last night at the sag awards. we'll have all the big winners when we return. and janessa has your weather. starting off the morning with cloud coverage. i'm tracking this storm front
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head into next week from 50s to 30s.
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as promised yesterday when we looked that the shot i was telling you there was snow on the ground, look at this green grass. as our temperatures yesterday off the charts, folks. 56 degrees was our official high for the greater cleveland area.
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better as we head into today. we'll lose the sunshine that we saw. we'll see some more cloud coverage working its way in. but as we head into your mid afternoon, definitely going to see our daytime highs into the upper 50s flirting with 60 degrees in some spots. please soak this in. this is that storm system that we're tracking. it's going to bring us rain going into about the 8:00 hour. let's show you our future cast real quick. the clouds sticking around most of the day. by 3:00 we're at 54. across the board we'll be sitting into the lower 50s. that's when that rain starts to move through around 8:00 p.m. starts to be widespread. it will remain on the light side. weather. 15 to 20 miles per hour. event. then the temperatures tumble >> thank you. well the oscars may have a diversity problem, according to many.
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were another story. idris elba won two awards. other winners include uz o latifah. the need to tell diverse tambor. >> and i would just like to dedicate this award to the -- who don't have a lot of cash, for their operations, for their medicine, for their freedom. thank you very much. >> the sag awards are one of the highest regarded awards because they are chosen by their peers instead of critics on war academy. if you see news happening, let us know. text or e-mail us. or tweet us. as we head to break, here's a look at last night's winning
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8:15 on your sunday. denver police on scene at an expo center where one person was killed and another seven wounded yesterday. the violence broke out at the colorado motorcycle expo. four of the victims were shot. another was stabbed.
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>> seemed chaotic. everybody started taking off. couple of the motorcycle clubs took off already. police say they are interviewing a person of interest but they believe there was more than one shooter. they would not confirm if any of motorcycle gangs. investigators have found girl from virginia. nicole lavell was last seen at virginia tech freshman david eisenhower is charged with her murder and abduction. they identified him through tips on social media. and just one day from the iowa caucuses. a new poll is shedding light on where voters in the hawkeye state stand right now. the des moines register poll shows the democratic race is a dead heat. hillary clinton is just 3 points ahead of bernie sanders. that's within the margin of error. donald trump is 5 points ahead
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marco rubio is third. 15 points behind trump. the poll was conducted among likely caucus goers. the candidates trying to get the poll numbers to move to their favor. donald trump fired up a crowd. even before trump took the stage he was a topic. >> as a result of the disastrous citizens united supreme court decision -- as we speak right now this moment on your television sets billionaires are trying to buy elections. >> but the business mogul trump getting attacked. towards hillary clinton. >> there is a reason why hillary clinton spent more in her super pac spent more time republican. me. i can't wait to run against her. >> meanwhile hillary clinton tried to keep the focus away from her e-mail controversy
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the people of iowa about the issues that really ma effort to them. news channel 5 is committed to bringing you complete coverage of this year's elections. john kosich is in iowa right now bringing you live coverage of the final push to the first votes. we'll hear from him in the next half hour about why you won't be seeing governor kasich campaigning in iowa. in other political news, the daughter of former vice president dick cheney is running for his old congressional seat. liz cheney filed paperwork. she ran for the senate on the republican ticket two years ago but she later dropped out. liz cheney was hammeredburg that campaign by her own sister. mary cheney claimed that liz privately supported mary's same- sex relationship but opposed same-sex marriage in public. the u.s. defense department announcing it will not take any additional action against retired general david petraeus
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defense secretary ashton carter petraeus. the move would have affected his retirement salary. president obama is about to make his first visit to a u.s. mosque. he will visit the islamic wednesday. he's expected to hold a round table and deliver remarks. the president will celebrate the contribution of muslim americans to the nation. mr. obama has visited mosques the u.s. during his presidency. now. really unlike anything we've seen this time of year. >> don't you love when the weather makes a statement?
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going to be extreme. there's no in between. i love that. today is going to be another one of those days where the weather wants to dominate. we'll step out of january with temperatures well above normal. you're waking up to a few more clouds though than yesterday. i promise all my friends in lake county. today. on the roof. on the grass. look out towards the right. green georgia on the last day of january. pretty unreal. weather bug. that says 50 degrees this morning. now friday we saw a high of 29 degrees. yesterday at 57 degrees.
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this contour map should be in lighter pinks. we're in the darker blues. upper 40s to lower 50s. taking a look at the power of 5. the moisture is well towards our north preponderance well towards our west. want to show you where this warm air is coming from out towards memphis. into indianapolis. into the lower 60s. that warmer air continues to track in here. soak it in. as we head through the rest of your afternoon, looking a-okay. p.m. have plenty of time through your afternoon. winds going to pick up out of hour. there's that front already in denver area. it's going to track in here and produce us with a little bit of rain. going into about the 8:00 hour.
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now the bigger story is this pacific storm. just last weekend we saw that major storm for the east coast. this will be the major storm for the west coast affecting a lot of states and even possibly severe weather towards the south. for northeast ohio, we'll see our highs in the upper 40s, lower 50s. we see a tumble in our temperatures late week as that through. so 56 degrees for today. rain and wind really start to pick up around 8:00 p.m. tonight. then that fall in our temperatures just a tad bit. still in the lower 40s. can't complain too much. seven day forecast here. we'll dry out tuesday afternoon. before that pacific storm starts to make its way into northeast ohio. we are not forecasting a lot of heavy duty rain. but that area of low pressure will continue to track in here. want to show you our major
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wednesday afternoon, that's when we start to see a tumble in our temperatures. it has really been nice; right? but as we head into thursday, friday, we get back into reality into the lower 30s. >> still no complaints from this guy for sure. this winter. we've been very fortunate, to say the least. how happy and healthy do you think ohio is? the annual rankings are out for well being. we feel better about our lives than we ever have. that's since gallup started asking us about it in 2008. the index is based on sense of economic security, taking pride in your community and maintaining good health. you may want to head to the aloha state, hawaii comes in at number one. followed by alaska, montana, colorado and wyoming. not as good for us here in ohio as we came in at 47th. west virginia and kentucky rank last for health and happiness. now there are some overall trends nationwide. for the positive.
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finances, more of us have insurance, not as many of us are smoking and more of us are exercising. now the negative. obesity rates continue to go up and a lot of people are still having a hard time getting a full time job. january is almost over and a lot of you have resolutions about living that healthier lifestyle. but do you need motivation? how about if you made money for losing weight? laura harris tries to find out if it's too good to be true. >> three, two, one. >> reporter: here's your end of january spot check if losing weight was part of your whole new year new you resolution. but if you're like 88% of americans, forbes magazine stays you've already ruined your resolution to lose weight. there are three apps out there right now promising not to, shall we say, hang your sweat out to dry.
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three in the top list. the first is fit studio. linking to your fitbit or other wearable technology. >> if you can walk or run 14- miles in a week they'll give you enough points you can redeem for a $5 gift card to sears or kmart or land's end. >> that's only 3000 steps a day. on this app you can earn up to $400 a year in gift cards. post mates is another. described a as an uber-like service. >> it's an independent contractor type of situation. you get to decide how much you want to work. and they give you 80% of the delivery fee. >> some claiming they make $25 an hour on this one. and finally -- >> there's blood pressure machines you see at your local pharmacy. company called higi. and they will pay you to stay active, stay fit and to check your blood pressure. >> none of the apps will pay you in cash depose dits, but
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to saving money during the year. >> all the apps are free and if you see other apps in the app store that are asking for money, that's something i would stay away from. >> not a bad idea. if you stay healthy anyway. in other health news, every surgical patient's nightmare. the doctor leaves an instrument behind after sewing you up. it's rare, but it happened to one california man. an unidentified patient had surgery at a fresno hospital, after the procedure the man lost 43 outside, he had no surgery and felt awful. he returned to the doctor, they learned a surgical towel had been left inside him. it was left there for much longer it could have caused serious infection. the hospital was fined $86,000 and could be on the hook for much more depending on the results of the patient's pending lawsuit. good morning cleveland. ohio man captured trying to cross the border into mexico. what he's accused of trying to
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more troubles for johnny manziel. we have details of his latest run in with law enforcement. cleveland returns. lease a 2016 lincoln mkx for $399 a month
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with a live look at downtown cleveland. the sky is light outside. sun is coming up as well. a good start on your sunday. a good start for the cavs. they are looking good after a week under coach lue. we'll take a closer look at the performance and the change on the floor for the wine and gold. there is a bond between us and it's very special. >> that retiring k9 officer fights to keep a partner who has served loyally at his side for years. welcome back to this sunday edition of good morning cleveland. i'm nick foley. we'll start with a check on that weather. we showed you those live pictures. this mild weekend continues. >> we are finishing out the weekend with temperatures into the upper 50s. you remember the start of january we saw some bitter cold weather. not about the start. it is about the finish. we're ending january quite well.
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that as cleared up after seeing temperatures into the upper 50s yesterday. i know you enjoyed all that bright sunshine. storm systems well towards our north. this is the game changer that i'm keeping my eye on as it tracks in here around 8:00 p.m. tonight. extends into your overnight hours. i told you yesterday morning do not go get that car washed. talking about our temperatures right now. downtown cleveland. at 52 degrees. we'll see the thermometer go up a few more clicks. i do think this model degree-
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we have new details about an ohio man being held by the department of homeland security in san diego. joel wright is charged with trying to travel to mexico in order to adopt or buy a child under 3 years old and have intercourse with them. wright thought he was speaking with a tour guide. agents. wright is expected to be arraigned in federal court tomorrow. new this morning, ohio police officer hoping to retire with his k9 partner. the problem is while the officer is old enough to leave the dog is still in his working prime. meg shaw has more on this story getting a lot of attention. >> yeah, this story is really taking off on social media. officer matthew hickey retired after more than 30 years with the department. and he planned to pay for the
8:29 am
city property. his partner of three years for appraised for $3500. they are under strict rules with ajax because state and federal funds may have been used to purchase him. also ohio state law says hickey technically forfeited his right to buy ajax when he decided to retire. >> we need to start and get legislation passed to where officers that retire in good standing gets the k9. >> a go fund me account was started to help him keep his partner. more than $33,000 have been raised for them. any money left over after the auction will be donated to purchase bullet proof vests for k9s in the department. the bidding process is set to start this week. nick. >> lots of support online for that officer this morning. thank you so much. moving to the hardwood.
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signature win from lebron james and the cavs for some time. the wine and gold took down the san antonio spurs at the q. andy baskin and brad sellers break it down for us. >> good morning. northeast ohio talking cavaliers basketball. nice win over the spurs. what did we learn about the cavs? >> we learned we might be headed in the right direction. four straight wins together. we're making incremental growth. the things that tyronn lue may be starting to take hold. >> lebron with 29. kevin love with 21 points. look, the guys -- the big three did what they needed to do. >> they've done that for a couple games now. good to see back to back performance. the big three are performing at a high level. we want to take this one game at a time and see if we can continue that trend and build everybody's confidence. >> talking about last night's
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love was in the zone early and often. not only on offense but on defense. >> listen, we -- concerted effort to get him involved. he's making an effort to get himself involved. play demonstrating to others he can be counted on and trusted. we just want to take that, keep him involved and see if we can make things happen. >> the big word of the week was flow. are we seeing the no that ty lue wants? >> yeah. it's moving around the horn. giving people opportunities to contribute. when you do that you build confidence and continuity. >> looking forward to talking more cavaliers basketball throughout the season as we try to charge towards the playoffs. history it for morning sports. >> thank you. while the cavs clicked on all cylinders, it wasn't all smooth sailing.
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james was wearing the cavs standard issue gold shorts while the rest of the team was wearing classic uniform shorts. the equipment staff gave him the right shorts to change into midway through the first quarter. the team says an attendant put the wrong shorts in lebron's locker. browns news. quarterback johnny manziel in the news once again. this time involved in another altercation with his girlfriend. it's the second time manziel has been questioned about an altercation with his girlfriend but not arrested. this is dash cam video from avon police following a roadway incident last year. in this latest incident fort worth police were called to an apartment complex for a domestic disturbance. manziel's former girlfriend told police she was concerned about him. officers questioned manziel but did not arrest him. the browns are trying to determine his future in cleveland. >> we talked to johnny before he left and i know a big deal was made. but we have 53 players on the
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know, there were a couple other prominent players in the last day or two. >> the browns declined to comment about this specific incident in texas. if they want to release manziel, the earliest they can do so is february 8th. the day after the super bowl. a traffic alert between 10:00 a.m. this morning, portions of interstate 271 northbound will be closed. time warner cable needs to do some work in that area. the closures will last about 10 minutes or so. if you aren't in a hurry, you can wait it out. otherwise you're advised to avoid that area. a cleveland road will remain closed after a woman drove her car into a sink hole. crews fixed the break yesterday but we are told more work is needed. an ohio co company is stepping away from its role in the daily fantasy sports industry. a new initiative in iowa
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school in fewer than four years. you'll love the weather today.
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good morning, i'm power of 5 meteorologist janessa webb. finishing up the month of january. hook at this with green grass. you can see that nice football
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continue to see our daytime highs off the charts today into the mid to upper 50s. right now the power of 5 not picking up anything my live 5 radars well towards the knot. causing cloud coverage than we saw yesterday afternoon. 53 degrees from dover new philly. 46, lake, geauga. slightly cooler this morning. this is a okay. we are well above normal. we should be sitting at a crisp 22 degrees. 16 you can see winds picking up 15 to 20 miles per hour. they'll be continuous throughout the day coming out of the south. that's allowing for the gradual warm up. need to get rid of this bar graph this morning. i'm forecasting 56 degrees. we won't be setting any records. we start to cool off a tad bit, nick. 8:00 that rain starts to flow through.
8:37 am
jr.over night into your early morning commute. >> no records. we'll take it. developing an ohio company that processes payments if for daily fantasy sports sites saying they're done. pulling away from the $2 billion industry this month. according to the new york times. fanduel, draftkings and other fantasy sports sites have been under fire as several states have ruled the games illegal. now a lawyer for draft kings said in a statement they must continue to fulfill contractual obligations to the site. if it you see news happening, let us know. text or e-mail us. or tweet us.
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8:45 now. the iowa caucuses finally upon us. voters will spread out across the state tonight. awarding the first delegates in the race for the white house. news channel 5's john kosich is in iowa this morning and has more from des moines. >> reporter: from the land of the buckeyes to the land of the hawkeye eyes. tomorrow night the first votes in this race for the white house will be cast and no matter where you live in this 99 county state of just over 3 million people you will likely be getting a visit from one or more of the candidates to your community this weekend. the only candidate not come
8:39 am
when he ran for president in iowa. this time he's again all in on new hampshire. the campaign proudly boasting he's receiving the endorsement of eight of ten. yesterday's big store, landing times. while new hampshire is traditional, iowa is not. polls aren't open all day. you have to show up tomorrow night 7:00 at one of the nearly 1700 precincts set up around the state and cast your vote in public. as a result, only 1 in 5 iowa voters actually votes. >> turnout is not that high and you win precinct by precinct. those delegates you have to add them up. they have heavy concentration but only in a few precincts of support. this is bernie sanders big challenge. whereas others like ted cruz and his organizing has a more evenly distributed support. >> one of those hoping for a
8:40 am
is relying more and more on the support of a prominent clevelander. reporting in iowa, john kosich. right now elections officials in the buckeye state are starting to send ohio military and overseas voters their absentee ballots. just over a month away, set for march 15th. early voting beginning february 17th. meaning residents who aren't registered must do so by february 16th in order to vote for the primary election. military voters and overseas voters will have time to register and can do so online. new this morning out of italy. after eluding authorities for years, two major mafia bosses have been arrested. they were found in an underground bunker full of weapons. the two men are part of a dangerous criminal network known to be involved in kidnappings, corruption. it has between 100 and 200 members in the united states as well.
8:41 am
flight 370 expected to ramp up today. a chinese ship will join the search for the plane. the malaysian airlines flight disappeared with 239 people on board in 2014. the ship scheduled to leave today and join the search by late february. trending this morning. hungry for a bite to eat? yep. check that out. this video shows a female sand tiger shark gnawing the head off a smaller hound shark. this happened at an aquarium in south korea. aquarium officials say the male shark likely -- she will likely regurgitate the shark in about a week because she can't fully digest him. thankfully no sharks out in lake erie as you take a look at that skyline shot. might be warm enough in that water for them if they wanted to be swimming around. but no, nothing to worry about for us.
8:42 am
janessa joins us. mild for a little bit. >> yeah, definitely mild. now that you say that i want to check the water temperatures. i believe we're probably above average for lake erie. you know going into february we start to see that lake freeze over and i think we're above average for this time of year. you saw that downtown greater cleveland area, look at at county. i just love our cams. they paint the picture very well. we still have snow on the ground. lake county, we saw temperatures in it the 50s. that snow faded away. at, you've seen a lot of accumulation for the month of january already compared to most of us. you can still see that snow on the pavement there. temperatures right now out towards ashtabula county compared to the rest of us, slightly cooler. 46 degrees. at the airport, we're in the lower 50s. we're going to continue to climb as we head into the rest of the day. taking a look at our power of 5. you can see that the cloud
8:43 am
we do have a lot of moisture that is moving throughout michigan. that's allowing for us to sit under mostly cloudy conditions this morning. the warmer air is tracking in from the south. and i mean it's taking over much of the southern states. and it's moving into northeast ohio. that's what's allowing for the warm up that we continue to see. i think some of our models, they're on the light side this morning. temperaturewise. i am forecasting upper 50s for at least downtown cleveland today. but what you can really count on is the cloud coverage. you enjoyed all that sunshine yesterday. and we continue to see clouds working its way in. due to the system that is continuing to be well towards our west in omaha, denver area, and it's producing a good batch of snow right now. as it makes its way into our area, it'll transition into rain. this is the big talker. this will be the thing you're speaking about all week long.
8:44 am
the south as we head into about tuesday, wednesday afternoon. what does it mean for northeast ohio? we're going to see temperatures continue to climb but we'll see that fall as that front moves through tuesday into wednesday. we'll see a tumble in our temperatures from the 50s back down to reality into the 30s. so 56 for today. still kind of a mild evening. 8:00, 9:00, that's when we'll start to see that rain moving through. early morning commute, you could see a few rain drops. we dry out fairly quickly. mostly cloudy for most of the day tuesday. it's pm hour all the way into wednesday morning. we'll start to track that rain. could possibly see a little bit of snow all the way into wednesday afternoon. let's talk about our snow totals. this is not the lowest at all, nick. we are going to continue to see our temperatures and snow
8:45 am
into the month of february. >> thank you. teachers in central ohio are starting to use a new app. it's helping parents and guardians stay connected. some teachers in central ohio are testing a free mobile app called class dojo. it sends customized reports, letting teachers instantly share with their classes how they're doing and how each child is faring as well. parents can use that platform to communicate with the class as well. they can ask their class or child questions and share pictures. senioritis. you know when you had that itch to graduate high school as soon as possible. more and more students in our state are graduating early. reporter lauren wilson tells us about the new statewide initiatives to get kids further faster. >> we take students, top students and students with potential. >> when lawmakers created the
8:46 am
the idea was to make sure high schoolers knew about it. >> the program allows for greater access. increase in enrollment in ap courses. how we offer additional supports. >> they required every school district to explain the free college opportunity in a public meeting. as they suspected, participation increased. >> we've seen about a 20% increase in student enrollment. >> nearly 32,000 students have participated since its inception. that's doubled from the state's previous post secondary program. >> our goal is to provide all of our students with college experiences and exposures. >> jonathon is a senior at cleveland heights high school but is a full time college student. >> it's overwhelming at first but like after the first year you'd be like, that's it? >> he's part of the first graduating class, a function of college credit plus that starts kids off in ninth grade. >> i felt prepared to be an
8:47 am
students. >> so in the fall he'll be stepping into college as a junior, giving him only two years left to complete his undergrad. >> it feels pretty great. it makes me feel all my hard work has paid off. >> and that was lauren wilson reporting. college credit plus is set to see even more growth this year as it has expanded to include summer classes. coming up after the break,
8:48 am
hot on the web this weekend, everyone talking about news from netflix.
8:49 am
the tv series ran from 2000 to 2007. netflix confirming that both rory and lorelai along with four other top cast members will be returning for that series as well as the original director as well. you're excited? so many people are excited that netflix. >> hopefully. i'm going to catch it. >> you're excited a in the >> i am. 56 degrees. tracking rain. then the big storm front tuesday evening into wednesday. we're going to continue to see temperatures on the downward hope of you enjoyed it. >> it'll be a reality check.
8:50 am
hi, if you're in the market for high quality furniture or mattress, even kitsch. cabinets you have to check out northeast factory direct. i'm here with the owner. we're in the giant warehouse you have on west 140th. tell me everything you have to offer. >> bedroom furniture, dining room sitsets, mattresses, hot tubs, kitchen cabinets, theater seating. anything for your home we have here. >> it sounds like it. now the deals here are unbelievable. how do you do it? >> the main thing is we buy everything by the truckload. we don't have a fancy place. our rent here is a tenth of what it would be in a high rent retail area. >> i was perusing around earlier. checking things out. brands. >> we stick be some of the highest end stuff out there. that's really important to us. >> give me some of the price
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what can people expect? >> you can get a ten pistachey slate bedroom set here for like $1599 which would normally be like $5000. you can get a six person hot tub for $3900 which would normally be in the $7000 range. and our kitchen cabinets are a home run. they're solid wood, dove tailed, soft close drawsers. a 10 by 10 kitchen starts about $1700. >> wow. is there a membership fee? >> there's no membership fees. you can just come right in. >> well that's great. how about a website? >> if you go to air website. you can check out a lot of our products there. we can answer a lot of your questions when you're in the showroom as well.
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