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tv   News Channel 5 Sunday 6pm  ABC  January 31, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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only at your lincoln dealer. right now, cleveland police are trying to track down two men accused of crashing a stolen car into a home. hello everybody and thanks for joining us. i'm tracy carlist. it happened after a brief chase on the city's east side. news channel 5 was the only station there and meg schott spoke with the homeowner about what happened. >> i thank god i wasn't home. >> it was terrifying. we didn't flow what we were coming home too. >> reporter: this is what they were referring to. >> it is so devastating to see.
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jeep liberty crashed into this rental home after a short chase before 5:00 saturday. we are told the trooper tried to pull the car over after discovering it was reported as stolen. that's when the chase began. it ended just after one minute with the executive in twila's off on foot. worried. you never know whether it would begun play or anything. they hit the corner of the house here. >> reporter: tony says the damage doesn't look significant but it rocked the foundation. you can see where it just lifted everything up. all the way down. >> reporter: both tell me they are just thankful it wasn't worse. >> the house can be repaired. injury to a body, it is totally different. >> thankful that we still can live here. still livable. >> reporter: in cleveland, meg shaw, news channel 5. >> now, police tell us they do not have descriptions of the suspects involved and they are
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something to come forward. we are learning more about a deadly accident involving two pedestrians in willow by. police believe the driver 73- year-old rudolph bate was drunk when he hit a man and a woman on loft nation road saturday night. the woman died. the man suffered life- threatening injuries. bate was charged with aggravated vehicular homicide and is due in court tomorrow. the city of lind hurts says the deer population is so out of control, they have to do something about it. and some people living in that city are protesting a controversial way of culling the herd. news channel 5 investigator jonathan walsh joins us live in lindhurst and the message is called trap and bolt. >> as a matter of fact, starting tomorrow and the next several week, the city of lind hurst is planning to catch deer
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put a crew, they put a four inch bolt into their head to put them down. some who are against the method are speaking out today. >> we don't know what kind of trap they are using. >> about 50 people, men, women and children, included, got together with those who don't want the trap and bolt method used in lindhurst. >> jill walker is one of those protesters. >> it is cruel and barbaric and in human and probably the worst pop choice imaginable. >> we contacted the mayer who sent us information on the city's research in the last few months and lindhurst has the go- ahead to use trap and bolt. and others say it is unsafe for people's properties and a 500% increase in deer accidents in the last three years. initially, the city was able to catch five deer but may request up to 20. there is a plan for those against the program to go
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7:30 meeting tomorrow and let their concerns to be heard. >> the only way to stop this is to put political pressure on the mayor and council at this point. >> reporter: the city of lindhurst, where we're at right now, the city's plan is to have the deer management plan going through march 31, and the beam against this idea, they are -- the people against this idea, they are hoping to change council and the mayor's mind, and that is the meeting happening tomorrow. and once again during a peaceful protest that is scheduled for february 15. we will stay on top of it for you. live in lindhurst, investigator jonathan walsh, news channel 5. it certainly feels like spring rather than the middle of winter. veterans memorial park in parma, people were enjoying the day. and golfers hit the links at the golf course. >> and were you playing golf today? >> no, no golf. a little walk. a little run.
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dogs being walked. a lot of car washes were packed over the week. and you're right, you mention wood reed reed in middle of winter. we are smack dab in the middle. six weeks behind, six weeks ahead of us, as far as the calendar goes. now, meteorologically speaking, winter officially ends the end of february. but take a look right now. there is a live picture, it is pleasant. temperatures well into the 50s, we hit 58 after a 56 yesterday. and just to give you an idea, no records were broken in cleveland or in akron but the normal high this time of the year, 35. so some 20, 25 degrees warmer than average. right now, still in the upper 50s, in downtown cleveland. there are rain showers moving in. the temperatures across the region, again, mid to mainly upper 50s. akron 57. we are dry right now, the power of five, tracking a little bit of wet weather here. take a look, it is moving in. this all along the cold front here and it it should cool us down and bring rain showers. we will break down when they will arrive, hour by hour, and
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all that coming up. >> thank you very much. and it is the last mad dash in iowa. presidential candidates from both parties are chris-crossing that state hours ahead of the caucuses. news channel 5 is live tonight in iowa, and chris-crossing the state with those politicians. john? >> reporter: yes, tracy, we have been logging our own fair share of miles across the state today. as we went along with the candidates. they made their closing arguments to the people of iowa. in addition to the hopefuls, you have their surrogates here. for bernie sanders, that includes a well-known clevelander. the rise of bernie sanders has changed demands on television and events across the country. filling in for him more and more often, is former state senator nina turner. >> i have been traveling the country as a national surrogate for him. i have been with him many places from chicago to baltimore, to iowa, to birmingham. to south carolina. to see him in action. >> reporter: turner initially
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but -- >> my husband one day said to him. this is you. >> she did. she was soon sold on him and he on her. >> this is righteous indignation about all that is wrong in this country and how he believes we the people can make it right. and that's how i roll. that's me. that's how i feel, too. >> you can expect turner's role to continue to grow, after iowa and new hampshire, 45% of the democratic party in the remaining states are made up of minorities. >> no one is delusionle for what is necessary for senator african-american community. no one owns the african- american vote. you have to earn that vote. and that is very important. and because senator sanders comes from a state that is not as diverse as ohio, or new york, or illinois, he knows vote.
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campaigning this weekend in nev dark and here in iowa tomorrow -- nevada, and here in iowa tomorrow. and sanders will be here tonight, holding a rally as will bill clinton, and ted cruz and chris kristy. the only candidate not in iowa this weekend, ohio's john kasich, planning to focus on new hampshire instead. and you have time to sign up for health insurance through the federal marketplace but the deadline will not be extended and if you don't get coverage, you could get fined up to $7700. a major drugstore chain is helping to fight ohio's growing heroin epidemic. cvs tomorrow is expected to make an announcement of antidote for heroin overdoses across the state. the drug known as norcan can
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new developments in the teenager. where investigators are searching right now and who police have in custody tonight. >> a retired police officer could lose his canine partner. what is being done to keep them together no matter the course. >> you're watching news channel
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police in virginia are searching a pond on the campus of virginia tech in connection with the death of a 13-year-old girl.
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north carolina. she was missing since last week. just hours ago, police arrested a second virginia tech student in connection with this case. the first suspect is charged with murder. colorado's motorcycle expo was canceled today following a deadly the cation between rival biker -- altercation between rival biker clubs. denver police say one person has died and several others were injured yesterday during the event. it is unclear how the fight started. no arrests have been made. police are still questioning possible suspects. and tomorrow, the world health organization will hold an emergency meeting monday, to get a handle on the spread of the zika virus. the group will decide if the outbreak should be declared an international health crisis. they say it is spreading at an explosive pace according to the cdc. it is spread by mosquitoes in more than 20 countries, including here in the u.s. coming up next, countdown to kickoff. super bowl l, still a week away. but tonight, we are getting a
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donations are borrowing in by the thousands, to help a retired ohio police officer keep his long-time canine partner. a go fund me page set up for former marietta officer matthew hickey has raised nearly $55,000 in two days. hick yes recently retired and was prepared to buy ajax but because the canine is considered to be property, it must be auctioned and the donations for the dog. >> there is a bond and i would hate to lose my buddy. >> the bidding process is set to start next week. any money left over following the auction will be donated to canines. canton's newest police dog is expected to start training with the department tomorrow.
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department after the the can done officer lost his teammate. after 14 weeks of training he will patrol with davis on the midnight shift. it might feel like spring outside, but it is not stopping o-dot from testing new technology to help drivers stay safe this winter. right now, snowplows in one northwest ohio county are equipped with modems, gps and cameras, to keep an eye on the changing road conditions. the truck's locations, speed, pictures, and video, are then collected and able for o-dot officials to use. >> and if one of our drivers would radio in and say that the roads are looking bad, or need some assistance, we can try to reposition the truck. >> eventually, all o-dot plow trucks could have this equipment. and the test period is expected to wrap up in september. and how much snow do you think they will have by that time? >> i am sure they will have their fair share but we have been snow-free and we are one
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the big storm out east last weekend. early this week, areas to the west, covering the iowa caucuses tomorrow, they are going to get slammed big time, late tomorrow. >> and we are right in the middle. >> yes. we are the oreo filling in between, right? [ laughter ] >> show you what is going on right now. outside, this is nice. well in the 50s today. 58 the high at hopkins airport. only four off of a record of 62 set back in 1989. and currently, it is still 59 degrees. and this is unusual warmth. what a weekend, we had both days well into the 50s. and the good news was, folks were out and about, and really enjoying it, understanding that we are here, not even into february yet, so really enjoying it, and take all of this in, as you can. 57 in downtown akron. fairlawn, montrose, barberton in the mid-50s. cloudy but mild. well into the 50s. any rain is off to the north and west. we will see the rain come in, especially through the
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after 10:00, 9:00, 10:00, off to the west and we will start to track this rain, and notice the snow, not all that far behind. it is the cold front coming in. and as it does, it will drop the temperatures through the overnight hours and see the highs set early tomorrow and much cooler air coming in. right now, a few light showers, mainly interstate 75 and west. southern michigan, raining a little harder there. grand rapids, over to kalamazoo. behind it, much colder air. here we go. the blizzard watch. the area in green, that includes western iowa. now the good news for caucus- goers, i like that phrase, caucus-goer, it luxes -- looks like the snow won't come in until late tomorrow, and morning hours tuesday and tuesday afternoon. with the blizzard watch in effect. they are getting very lose to almost having a huge weather issue out there. for us, we are dry. any time after 9:00, we will start to track some rain in here. here we go, hour by hour and notice we will cloud things up. temperatures stay warm. here is the main line of rain. this is 10, 10:15 tonight. notice the temperatures in the 50s.
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and notice we drop about 10 degrees between 11:00 tonight and 2:00 a.m. that is the just the beginning. tomorrow morning in the 30s. by then, all of the moisture is out of here. so i am not forecasting any snow, any flurries, just cloudy and cooler for the day tomorrow. and highs tomorrow, only will make it into the mid and maybe upper 30s. and drop through the day. and 58 right now. we are not going to see the temperatures any time soon, once we get through the next several days. so upper 30s, tonight. and as the temperatures fall. these are morning temperatures. when you go to bed, likely in the 50s with rain showers. a few morning sprinkles south and east tomorrow. and notice the high temperature, it is going to be set just after midnight. mainly, or at least during the morning hours. >> mid-50s again for tuesday. we will warm things back up. low to mid. and a wintry mix is possible for the day on wednesday. especially in the afternoon. the week. but notice, no big storms. a little bit on sunday, with the moisture around, with the 20s.
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evening ahead. lauren? >> thank you. the cavs were all smiles after last night's 117-103 win over the known san antonio spurs. it must be noted that the spurs team did not have tim duncan. the team has picked up the pace with the new head coach. 90 points per game was the average and now 100 and kevin love, looking good last night, especially early on. set the tone of the game. scoring 14 points in just the first quarter. i had 21 on the night. and the players saying the quick pace appears to be benefiting everyone on their roster. not to mention the final score of the games as well. >> i think our team responded well. playing fast. getting easy shots. lebron attacking early. and making the jump posts and
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we want to play and the guys are executing it. >> i think it is benefiting everybody. kyree, i think he is getting back into his rhythm. he had injuries for so long. and also, lebron is finding guys like he has done all season long. i think it is really helping a lot of people out. >> you don't hear too often a media talking about a player's wardrobe, at least not what they're wearing on the court during an actual game. last night lebron james became the subject of chatter when he was seen wearing the wrong shorts early in the game. with the standard gold sports and the rest of the team with the hardwood classic uniform. they said it was a mistake of a locker room attendant. and lebron changed during a time-out. last time these two plays it was in college park and not even close. the buck ice lost to the terps on january 16, 100-65. today at value city arena, the game a bit closer. fast forward to the second half.
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weaving to the drive. getting the lay-in. the buckeyes up by six. under 15 in the half. and williams drains the straight-away three. and williams with 9 points off the bench. later in the alf, half ohio state down by one. and williams with the jumper to take the lead. maryland not letting this one go. over two minutes to go. terps up by two. and they extend their lead and maryland win the nail-biter 66- 61. two several browns players taking the field in hawaii with the annual pro bowl. the pro bowl is an nfl all-star game, tight end gary bryant along with the offensive lineman joe thomas, and alex max, participating in the event. thomas is playing with team jerry rice. and mack is on team michael irving. the game time is 7:00 p.m. at owe -- a low ha stadium.
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a star wars hanging taken from a ohio pizza shop has been returned but who brought it back has workers shaking their heads. the man was dressed as a storm trooper and leaving the painting on the counter.
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behind from darth vader. employees plan to frame the note and lang it right next to the painting. -- hang it right next to the painting. super bowl week is officially under way now. this new video of the vince lombardi trophy now on disblay display of san francisco. it is made of sterling silver
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the seven-day forecast, we cool things off, after a 56 and a 58 this weekend. a little reality check as we head to monday. upper 30s. i don't think we will get any rain, though. better chance of rain coming up for tuesday. with the warm weather this weekend, so many folks were out and about enjoying northern ohio, with temperatures well above average. we want to see your pictures. >> your nice pictures. >> what you did this weekend. >> yes. >> it is tonight at 11:00, if you tweet us or facebook us, we will pick some and show at 11:00. >> thanks for watching.
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