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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 7, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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a miss by dragic and the fans start to foul out of american airlines arena with the clippers leading by ten and just outside of 1:00 to go. >> hubie: you have to like the execution here in the last 3:00 by the clippers. the ball movement.n of getting the screen and roll switches. oh, pick and roll. >> david: and paul. from redick. >> hubie: pass and cut. chris paul with 22 points a game high. 7 assists for paul and the clippers are going to get their 34th r is good by dragic. tonight after super bowl 50 join us for "sportscenter" at night from the bay area. steve levy, john butch ccigross.
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hethis one down. wade in transition. and paul will let him have well enjoy the super bowl everybody. it's been fun here in miami. the clippers, an impressive road win against the hot miami team. l.a., er a 193-point win. >> hubie: just have to give a ton of credit to the team. their execution. also, the coaching staff did a in putting together five guys out on the floor where they got the type of explosion they were hoping for. the second unit in that secondught the clippers and gave them a ton of contribution. >> david: heather with chris : chris, congrats on the win. you started 0-9 and heated things up in the fourth quarter. how did offturn it around? >> just kept shooting it.
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my teammates were on me and sooner or later got to go in right? >> heather: not only did you have two threes, but also two now that you needed to do something in order to get this w? >> just trieched to stay aggress aggressive to start stepping up. dj is the best at rolling like that. that was big time. >> heather: you have now won 11-13 road games as a team. what's been the key off? >> may having together. we have got to hold it down until the big fella gets back. that's what we're trying to do. a team thing. >> heather: you guys are fine during twho do you want to win? >> i'm from north carolina. we already know what time it is. all right. >> heather: enjoy, thanks 1234g they're in philly tomorrow one heather. his fourth straight 20-point game as the clippers win in miami. the final score, hall-of-famer hubie brown
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coming up next, local programming. so long from miami where ther 22 from chris paul. 20 from crawford, 14 from redick, beat wade, bosh and the heat by 7. bout seizing opportunity. and i' d like to... cut. so i' m gonna take this opportunity to direct. thank you, we' ll call you. smoke, atmosphere... bob... d and e trade is your cow. milk it. seizing opportunity. how you doing? ready for day one? oooh, nice.
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y... and i forgot to say good morning. thank you!!! mcdonald's all day breakfast makes any time of day a good morning. crispy m&m's are baaaack. what are you doing? you said to tell our fans crispy m&m's are back. not those fans!s fan? no. z(annoyed grumbles) what about that one? there's a fan in the break room, oh! and in the....(trails off)
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sfx: car driving. g. ngine. sfx: car speeding away. sfx: car engine. super market in mexico. didn't you see that? a moving glare in aisle 2, by the oh, is that where you find ghosts?
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the scariest of all the condiments. >> you can clearly see it moving aisle. it's distorting the images around it. that's how you know it's there. this is where it gets really, really scary. >> mayonnaise has spilled on the floor. >> that was a little bit weird. finally saw something. now play it again? we're trying to figure out somebody goofed with theause that's not hard to do. >> it looked like a hand was scooping them out because a whole bunch went and then a all right. i'm weirded out now. as far as i'm concerned, not doctors. people on the internet are incredibly puzzled by the series by how i would do if i wanted to make it. i'd have someone on the other aisle because you know you can
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people of course are going to bene out. >> clean up in aisle 2. >> a relaxing moment on the patio. >> this dog just sniffed out a snake. >> see how his pooch saves him from a poisonous situation. >> and one of the best action sports back. what happens when he partakes in some epic downhill ice skating. >> we speculate about what the ice looks like. all of those consumptions for us. when you order now you get a free pizza after super bowl 50! free pizza? we get it after the super bowl. order now through super bowl sunday and get a free pizza starting monday. use promo code superbowl50. papa john' ah? we've got allstate, right? uh-huh. yes. well, i found this new thing called allstate quickfoto claim. it's an app.hat? you just take photos of the damage
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from eczema, i feel like i'm in t >> closed captioning provided by. relieves five frustrating symptoms of eczema.
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uy is look at his phone and the dog has snifd out fed out a snake. and then he backs himself and the dog uphat is a brown snake. >> look how quickly it moves. time. >> i don't need to know. look dangerous. >> i think we all agree the dog gets an extra treat for this one. m australia is making me want to reconsider my vacation in a couple of flying cockroach. a lot of guys in the house. they're looking for said cockroach and they find her. >> there she is. >> whoa that. >> what do you do?
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you get the largest shoe in the house and smash it. >> but the method they use to get that thing out of there approved but they have to get it into a position where they can get it out of there and one thing to remember, this thing has wings. eventually do catch up with it and that's when they break out the big guns. >> is that a nerf gun? >> yeah. >> oh, they got a direct hit but it had no effectr. >> looked like they didn't really want to kill him. >> but after all that trouble, really, just a nerf gun? you have to take care of the proble though. they got rid of it out of the front door. they didn't step on it. they didn't crunch it. >> mission accomplished folks. it's out of ther was slammed. >> did they hand their man card in? >> when the flying cockroach ed.
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show is what we like to call play by play. telling people what we're seeing in the video and one of the best in the business at that his guy. he is one of the action sports best commentators. we had him on the show before. you may remember a video like okay. landing on the right spot. oh! >> he has just natural ability to not only compete in extreme sports like this. also to tell us what it feels like in such a raw emotional way. this time, though, in for what they call crashed ice. downhill, ice skating. >> and just to make sure i wouldn't take it too easy. they put for champion on track. >> he has a champion along side. >> the longest track we ever had. >> why don't they call this
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>> well, called that if not for all the padding and armor they're wearing. you see the guys look like helien men. >> we speculate what it looks. >> and really careful.>> okay. now what is he doing. >> to me he sounds a little like the muppets. watch and fun to listen to. every time he puts out a video like this he gets lots of hits. wow! >> just how precious our babies can be. we start with a baby still in the womb.
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very sudden there. i think it's -- >> it's a foot. >> totally. >> and you wonder why mom is always disgruntled and in son because they're doing sommer sommersalts. >> they're able to actually capture that in the video and >> now this is little judah. he is four months old when this video was recorded a fewut it was just recently posted. was him. >> no, that was the baby. >> ah. >> it's so adorable. i can't stand it. it's so dad are loving it. they find this so cute. apparently he had never done this before. >> and if they didn't get it on
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just doting parents. everybody thinks their kid is so great. got it. >> when it comes to this guy will pump you up. >> look at him go. he's a beast. >> why his moves are seriously technology can get complicated. >> this is somebody's grandmother that's having apps described to her. it's rather entertaining. >> when grandma gets snapchat. >> he's a comedian. become especially important. from the makers of one a day fifty-plus. one a day proactive sixty-five plus. with high potency vitamin b12 vitamin d. now you can create your own tour of italy from olive garden' s most mouthwatering dishes, choose 3 of 10 classic favorites to enjoy on one plate. like our delicious new shrimp ravioli with lobster alfredo, resistible tortellini al forno,
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>> i'm going to show you a that's not only going to impress you but it's going to make you drop your jaw in awe. >> come on. >> yeah.oesn't shock you. >> it doesn't shock me. it makes my arms and my shoulders feel like -- >> my triceps are hat big rope at the gym you're supposed to pull yourself up on, watch him go. >> that's incredible strength and core. >> look at him go. he's a beast. >> he has been a double he was 2 years old. he's also a fitness instructor. this was a special wheelchair that he uses in his fitness video put together by the official stars they interview him and they talk about his passion for fitness. >> i like being strong. i like being active. and i like being you kidding me? >> and you get to see just a
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>> he is balancing on thatchair. >> that's amazing. >> who can do something like that? except this guy, right? >> i know all of us at the table have at one point to a gym. one or another. some more regularly. just keep that in mind next time you go and you think of this guy. oh, i'm tired. i don't want to do another >> the video this is full of amazing things these guys can do. head over to right this and click on tv show p. >> none of us have got it. you started it youes and they would delete and now
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try explaining it to your grandma. this is his grandma. him before with this video. but this time around they're trying to explain snapchat to grandma and all kinds of things >> a little closer? >> yeah. >> am i a cook? >> >> grandma is really not impressed. she's like what's the point? >> she sees some things in her life. >> not exactly the moon landing. >> she has a bit of put the old person filter on her. >> you don't have to use that. >> i'm an>> he doesn't have a bad connection. >> oh. >> that's cute. >> see i do have the app. i never use it and now that do these things, i might. >> let's see if you look this shocked.
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for years. >> >>. >> stop that. >> these newlyweds are having fun but see why their moves take
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lamp has never ever really released. >> it's just like wax from a candle. >> puffy versus shovel. >> wedding are incredibly beautiful but most of us are just waiting for the metimes they can be hazardous. this newly wed couple is getting
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>> oops. >> learned a good lesson that day. the groom picks up his bride and swings her around and foot loose. >> and most people are familiar with this scene from dirty dancing and most people try to recreate it at any ou're in water. >> and you see them standing in front of the table getting y. >> it's sitting there.
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take off. straight on her face and forehead. >> they're like wow are you of them laughing because they're family and that's what family does. the older guy walks in and he's like i don't know why you need to try it's time to put baby in the corner. >> that's all for see you on the next "right
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