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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 19, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, caught on tape. a helicopter with five tourists on board plummeting into pearl harbor. new video of witnesses diving in to rescue the victims. 15-year-old free from the wreckage. those heroes are going to join us live only on "gma." donald trump versus the pope. those stunning remarks sayingr is not christian. trump fires back all through the night. >> no leader, especially a
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the right to question another or faith. >> and donald trump joining us live this morning. record heat. building across much of the country for the weekend. blazes sparking wind warnings and advisories spread from california to new york. that big warm-up right now baby love we have a bigfrom ginger zee and little adrian training for this moment for months. now they're joining us live with news you don't want to miss. it's right here on "gma." come on. ah! you did too when you saw baby adrian. oh, we can't wait to check in with ginger and sweet little and big day for adrian. today is his two-month birthday. >> two months. >> happy birthday. >> we're going to check in with the family a littlether big headlines. the race for the white house now reaching the vatican.
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war of words. our terry moran was on the plane with the pope andall that in a moment. >> an electrifying moment. we'll begin with that terrifying chopper crash in hawaii. it went down with five tourists on is in critical condition this morning. we'll talk with two men who jumped into action on the scene after this report from our kayna whitworth in honolulu. good morning, r: yeah, george, good morning to you. that tour helicopter, i want to show you where it crashed, right behind me in that murky water re this morning. this is an area visited by nearly 2 million people every year and helicopter tours are very popular. but once you see this video, it's hard to imagine anyone made it out alive. a ent caught on camera. this helicopter carrying tourists near pearl harbor suddenly plummeting into the ocean just 20 feet from shore. >> a family of four including a 15-year-old boy and
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the chopper falling from the sky, then crashing into the ear the popular pearl harbor visitors center. witnesses frantically jumping in to help. >> we all jumped the wall and ran overi pulled everything out of my pocket pockets. >> reporter: almost immediately three people swam to the surface but the 15-year-old reportedly trapped underwater for severalwas finally pulled out of the wreckage. >> we got him. >> oh, god. yay. [ applause ] >> st responders performing cpr on the boy before he was transported to the hospital in critical condition. >> three minutes that person was was scary. >> reporter: this morning the ntsb is investigating what caused this doors off helicopter to go down. bystanders say the last thing they heard was the choppern two loud bangs before it crashed. now, in addition to that
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this morning, three other people were taken to the hospital. one was released overnight. now this tour was run by genesis point they have no comment. george. >> thanks, kayna. we are joined by christian gardner who jumped in to save those passengers and shawn winrich who caught that rescue on for joining us this morning. chris, let me just begin with you. when did you realize what was going wrong and what did you do? >> i heard the helicopter. i did not see it. i just heard it go into what auto rotation and i saw people running and screaming and -- >> all your instin did you see when you got underwater and how did you guys manage to get the person in the belt free? >> pearl harbor is pretty murky. luckily the helicopter is only in about ten feet of water.y were fortunate to have been flying with the doors off, which is a good thick.
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accessible. everybody had gotten outwas a kid in the back. >> aand you guys had to cut through that seat belt. >> a couple other guys in the water with me, brian who is ae officer and we had a navy sailor and one of them finally got a knife and we were able to slightly cut through and it took a long time. six or seven cut through it. >> and shawn, as you were there, you just happened to be turning in the direction of the helicopter, right? >> i just happened to have, you know, my phone aimed or in thatction and, you know, noticed the helicopter flying awkwardly low and essentially coming straight for us. i wasn'tht it would be cool -- >> why didn't you run? >> at that instant i did have a moment twarry fear for safety of around with
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actually see in the slow motion video where i did actually duck right after the impact. >> and thank goodness now everybody is doing better this morning. chris, you know, did you ever think about the danger you yourself in? you acted so quickly. >> you know, anybody else would have done the same thing and there was multiple people that jumped in the water at the same time, so it's just the way we doii. >> and a lot of people are grateful that you did. thanks very much. thanks for joining us this morning. >> all right. aloha. >> you're welcome. >> allthere. >> that's how they do it there in hawaii and hopefully everybody will make a full recovery. the other big headline this morning. donald trump versus the pope. the two caught in a public war of words as proclaims the gop front-runner is not christian and a new poll out this morning shows trump's lead is shrinking in south carolina. abc's tom llamas has the latest, joins us frommorning, tom. >> reporter: robin, good morning
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that shows the magnitude of donald trump's unorthodox campaign and his controversial on the global stage a world leader condemning trump and that new poll you showed down here in south carolina, the race is ew fight for donald trump, pope francis proclaiming what trump's critics have been whispering, that trump is not christian. >> i didn't think it was a good thing for him to say,eporter: the pope making the statement on a flight back to mexico in his papal plane. a person who thinks only about building walls wherever they may be and not of building bridgesn, the pope said. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> they're using the pope as a pawn and they should be ashamed of themselves. >> reporter: trump, the front-runner blaming mexico for convincing the pope trump's border wall is not humane and his campaign tweeting an image of vatican city showing it's surrounded by walls. >> so, if andan
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everyone knows is isis' trophy, i can promise you that the pope would have only wished and prayedtrump would have been president. >> and trump who just a few days ago said this about senator ted cruz -- >> i have never seen anybody that lied as and he goes around saying he's a christian. >> reporter: trump now saying this. >> no leader, especially a religious leader, should have the right to question another or faith. >> reporter: but in this fight, cruz was trying to stay neutral. >> listen, that's between donald and the pope. i'm not going to get in the middle of think it's unchristian to have a border wall? >> reporter: senator cruz also favors a border wall. >> reporter: do you think it's unchristian to build a border he dodged me as i tried to get his comments. do you think a border wall is unchristian? >> i'll visit with the voters now. thank you.
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>> the pope wasn't speaking about a theological matter but a political matter. i disagree with a lot of things i do think america has a right to secure its borders. >> reporter: donald trump still says he wants to meet the pope and respects his position as head of the this is not your typical donald trump counterpunch, but, again, robin, we are talking about the pope. >> thank you. chief foreign correspondent of that midair news conference on board the papal plane and joins us now from the vatican. terry, that must have been something on the plane like that. did the pope intend too the presidential race? >> reporter: well, good morning, robin. it was a stunning moment and we all looked at each other when he said it. i think the pope is beingoted. he knew exactly what he was doing. he knows who donald trump is. look at his face when he's asked about him and, in fact, he's been saying these things to european leaders here, the of things. also you go back to his time in oregon, argentina he gave a lot
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he knows exactly what he's doing here. >> i've traveled like many of us many types and i'm trying to recall that wall that donald trump is referring to. what is he talking about? >> reporter: well, they're pretty spectacular.h of the vatican, thousand-year-old massive medieval walls to keep out bandits and invading barbarians and such, however, just behind me here,ter's square. you can walk right in. there's no wall. just a little white line on the pavement and millions of people walk in there every year. no police check. nopeople just walk right into the vatican. that's the point. >> quite open to the public. all right, thank you. >> we move on to the democrats and what looks like a dead heat in t polls show hillary clinton and bernie sanders neck and neck and ramping up the attacks ahead of tomorrow's caucuses. cecilia vega is on the sceneod morning, cecilia. >> reporter: hi, george, good morning to you. the attacks are at fever pitch here but bernie sanders is
7:11 am
he says if people showwin this. overnight, hillary clinton firing off on bernie sanders for criticizing the president. >> senator sanders wasn't reallyecided to run for president. you know what, well, it's true. >> reporter: the final forum before saturday's caucuses, the two rivals in this neck and neck race, going there is one of the two democratic candidates here who actually ran against barack obama. it wasn't me. >> i take a backseat to nobody in being very clearll do to make sure wall street never crashes main street again. >> reporter: sanders also saying he is a feminist fact, gloria steinem made years ago. >> reporter: in this fight to the finish both sides fighting to win latino and the silver state. >> i'm not just making speeches or promises free this and free that and free everything. >> reporter: in the process, they nearly came face-to-face on
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just minutes later, sanders right there too. >> so thank you very much for what you are doing. >> reporter: the attacks nevers accusing clinton of cozying up to president obama in an election year. >> and we know what that's about. that's trying to win support from the community where the president is enormously popular. >> reporter: and clinton asked if she's always told the truth caught up on her own answer. >> i've always tried to. always. reporter: and i stop by one of hillary clinton's campaign offices here in las vegas. i can tell you it was packed full of volunteers. they are making thousands of that one office alone every single day. bernie sanders, george, might be feeling of can dent but hillary clinton is not going down without a fight at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. cecilia, thanks very much. let's talk about it with our analyst matt dowd and cokie roberts. let's begin with the comments from the pope.s ambassador to the vatican for several years.
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the pope injected himself in this way? >> well, i was a ld but he has been very clear on all kinds of issues where he thinks he's following what jesus said which is what it is to be christian. he backed away when peopleou not vote for donald trump, he said, i'm not going to get into that and he did also say i'll give him the benefit of the doubt. but his basicwhat you're going to do is build walls instead of bridges, it's kind of hard to argue with. >> although that wouldhe other candidates, as well, not just donald trump. meanwhile, matthew dowd, what impact do you think it has on the race? >> this whole story makes me t with the pope and a presidential candidate walk into a bar. in the course of this i think it's an amazing week that we've had. you have a candidate, theor the republicans to get in a fight with the pope. get in fight with the popular governor and the popular
7:14 am
get in fight with a popular us senator and is likely to win the south carolina primary in the course of this. i think this doesn't hurt him at all and in some ways it may help him. if people have to pick between building a wall ande pope, they're going to in the republican primary right now they're going to pick building the wall and you can see every other one of donald trump's opponents have not gone anywhere near this or they'veld trump in this. >> meantime, cokie, you are actually -- >> it's also important to keep -- right in south carolina where the catholic population is 7% might have been a much more difficult moment for donald trump in new hampshire or iowa where the catholic population is 35%, 25%. so this is not a state wheres likely to be terribly popular. >> end of the line for some gop candidates tomorrow? >> yes, i think at best a four-way going forward so 6-4 and could be a after tomorrow. >> matt dowd, cokie roberts, thanks very much. back to robin.
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warm-up heading east and the the plains and rob marciano is tracking it all for us. >> good morning out in times square. it's 25 degrees but we've seen this week we can go from winter to spring, even summer in a t's exactly what we'll do. already happening in the plains. look at this video out of pratt county, missouri, just outside of kansas city, numerous grasp fires yesterday. a firenado or a dust devil in those fires were controlled quickly. some minor evacuations but to danger there. wind warnings up. more the central part of the u.s. and wind watches from california all the way to new york state. temperatures in the 70s and 80s again and that gets to new york city by the end of the week. you. >> thank you. now to the supreme court, the world, of course, remembering justice scalia as his body lies in repose today in the supreme court ent obama and the first lady expected to pay their respects this afternoon ahead of tomorrow's funeral. abc's jon karl is outside the
7:16 am
good morning, good morning, robin. it's a day of history, tradition and remembrance at the supreme court. the casket carrying justice scalia's body will be brought here later carried up thereme court into the great hall where it'll be placed on what is called the lincoln cat that catta cattafalk and lie in row pose till 8:00 tonight. the public can pay its respects. tomorrow the funeral service and at that funeral service tomorrow, robin, the homily given by justice paul scalia, that's justice scalia, that is justice scalia's son. >> and we're told that the obamas will not be attending the funeral tomorrow. do we know why? white house said the president felt the most appropriate place for him to pay his respects would be here. he will be here at the court, as you mentioned later today and ent biden will represent the white house at the service.
7:17 am
will be less disruptive. >> you bring up the vice ame is being mentioned as a possible supreme court -- >> reporter: yeah, possible nominee. i wouldn't really suggest that's. but it's interesting, neither the white house nor biden yesterday refused to rule it out but i would say that would be a ibility, robin. >> i'm sure going to be hearing a lot of names in the near future. have a good weekend. thank you. now to amy with the other top developing stories right now starting with breaking -- in the fight against isis. >> that's right. we are getting word of a u.s. air strike in libya. the target was an isis camp west of the capital city of tripoli. believed to be the location ofr wanted for attacks in nearby tunisia. no word if he was killed but more than 30 isis recruits reportedly have have extra time in its battle against the fbi. bloomberg reporting they've been
7:18 am
respond to ag them to unlock the cell phone that belonged to syed farook. facebook is the latest tech company to support apple in fighting the order citing those priv and some shocking video from south texas. the tap water, look at that, in one city looks more like oil. wow. people in crystal city say they were never warnedr system was being flushed. this all comes as several city offs face corruption charges. the mayor you see there was recently led away in overseas a near-miss at this train station. a man running across the tracks barely escapes with his life. the train came in just as he wasonto the platform but he hurried back with seconds to spare. and finally, this may look like liquid hot magma but it's not. a rare phenomenon at yosemite national park for only a few days each february the sun hits horsetail
7:19 am
water look like a river of fire s is for you, magma. >> thank you. it's been a long time. thank you. >> you held it in for a little h a bang. >> to rob. >> the winds cranking today, george. cold front coming through salt lake city. look at that picture yesterday with some snow and some rain.ow. . take a look right flow. if you live -- right now. if you live in any of these sandusky, richland and ashland.
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from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. this evening, and it's getting windy where you live. the temperatures are on the ng off in the 30s and 40s this morning. headed for a destination of the low 50s. and here's a look at the hour- later on in the evening. we will see sunshine breaking through the clouds. have a great day, everybody. >> and coming up on "gma," of words with the pope. he joins us next. and the pta president framed by fellow parents speaking out next after getting a big $6 come on back. k and choose world. choose, choose, choose. but at bedtime... ...why settle for this? nd the ultimate sleep number event going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. t. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! r only at a sleep number store, p all beds on sale rigte limited edition bed.
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good morning. let's update you on breaking news we're following all morning long.
7:27 am
police custody after an all- night standoff in garfield heights and an 18-year-old is h a gunshot one. >> and let's go to nick foley. what is the latest here? >> this began with calls of shots fired in this area of er road. they were directed by witnesses to a house where hey man, an armed -- where a hap, an armed robbery suspect went into. they were l people from inside the house they say were being uncooperative and a s.w.a.t. team raided the house. assisted by regional s.w.a.t. team and four departments using a flash bank. one person left in the house removed in handcuffs, another 18-year-old brought out by on a stretcher suffering from a gunshot wound and he was alert. as you look now live at the scene, there is a police car still on scene the house. police tell us that a tate -- a total of four people were arrested, including two
7:28 am
and thank you, let's get a check on the forecast with somara. >> and this morning, western counties are waking up to a win to 9:00 p.m. and we're expecting wind gusts at 50 miles per hour and that is going to be a breezy day out there. temperatures, 35 degrees in cleanland and elyria and highs in >> and a couple of thiss to talk about. we have reports of an accident in here and this is 90 eastbound at i-77 and this is blocking taware of that and we have a closure here at canal road. this is from third street to ninth street and due to construction. reports here, you see this bled vehicle 480 westbound and that left lane blocked at route 237 and show you the drive times, 15 minutes rockside to downtown and a live look from 77 and south of east 30th street.
7:29 am
7:30 am
happy friday, everyone. and it is a happy friday looking at ginger zee and look how she looks at her it's a big day for adrian. 2 months old today. where does the time go, ginger? >> where does the time go? >> it just flies by.n with the family. >> can i tell you i saw an instagram picture of ginger doing a backhandspring on a trampoline. the woman is a superhero. >> adrian looks right now. also right now the late justice antonin scalia's body lying in repose at the supreme court ahead of his funeral tomorrow.
7:31 am
lady expected to pay theirafternoon. and pope francis and donald trump caught in a war of words about whether or not trump is christian. the gop front-runner joins us next. we have a big story about those hackers targeting y we've got a warning for you. what you should do to protect your private information. really important story coming up, george. but we are going to begin n that exchange with the pope a day ahead of the south carolina primary. i spoke with him just moments ago. mr. trump, thank you for this morning. are you worried at all this confrontation will hurt you in this race? >> you never know, george. with me it's illegal t to have the wall. we have to have the wall. we have to stop the drugs from pouring in and the illegal immigrants from just absolutely pouring into our country and somehow the said that donald trump wants to -- is the front-runner, wants to stop all of this from happening and the pope made mention of it.
7:32 am
than mentioned than the press portrayed after i read a transcript but, you know, it's about illegal immigration, george. we have to have a border or we just don't have a co you were president right now and you had the chance to meet with the pope as president obama did -- has, what would you say to him? >> well, i think i'd explain the problem of the sure he's getting the one side, mexico, we have a tremendous trade deficit, $58 billion trade deficit with mexico. in other words, they're making a united states and, you know, much of it is coming in illegally and i think i would explain the problems of illegal immigration, the tremendous crime that's ensued.nomic burden that we've got and the drug problem. i mean, i just won in a fantastic place called new hampshire.roblem that you wouldn't believe and it's the number one question i got up there, george, all the time. first question is how do we stop the heroin from, you know,
7:33 am
do have it and, you know, more so than most and we have to create a border. we have to have a strong border. the border and everything else and i think i'd explain our side of the picture because our side of the picture is very correct but the mexican officials don't want the strong border because making a fortune with the way the border is right now. >> you know, you have -- you're not afraid to speak your mind praised putin andrawn criticism from pope francis and the british and french prime minister and taken on president bush and governor are you concerned at all? >> i never praised putin. putin said good things about me. >> you said he's tougher and obama. >> no, i said two things. i said he's a stronger leader than president obama but that's not praise. being stronger isn't too toug, i certainly never praised him but i did say
7:34 am
say the war in iraq was a massive mistake. it was one of the great mistakes in the history of our country. we've totally destabilized east. we have nothing out of it. we have wounded warriors who we love and 2 trillion we spent on it and nothing out of it and, you know, right now iran is taking over iraq and i said that this is something that we shouldn't be doing. we have destabilized the middle east. we have gotten nothing out of the war in iraq. >> you have also said many -- >> i never hussein. i did say that saddam hussein killed terrorists. >> you have -- >> now iraq is harbor for terrorists. >> you said many times during the campaign that you were before it began and no evidence turned up to support that and yesterday buzzfeed receive this clip from "the howard stern show" supporting the invasion. >> are you for invading iraq? >> yeah, i guess so. you know, i wish -- i wish the first time
7:35 am
you're the only one against the iraq war before it began? >> no, that was long before the war began and by the time theas saying and i'm on record as saying that we shouldn't go in -- >> but you're not on record at all opposing the war before it began. there's simplysir. >> well, there is evidence and i'll find evidence because i was against the war and you can see the way i said that, that was long before the war startedn interview that was the first time i was ever actually asked that question. >> you said you were for the invasion. >> you could see i was not exactly strongly in favor. that's the first time it was ever asked but before the war started. by the time the war started i was against and in 2003 you have evidence that i was against and i've been against it for it for years, george, and it was a mistake. it's something that we should not have done. >> we look forward to seeing that evidence of you being against it before the war began and thank you again for joining us this thank you very much. and more votes will be cast this weekend. >> uh-huh.
7:36 am
now we'll talk about that california mom and pta president who was framed by fellow s s planting drugs in her car. kelli peters is speaking out for the first time since the jury awarded her nearly $6 million in damages. abc's chris c >> i won my lawsuit and it's basically finally all over.elli peters, vindication after a six-year-long nightmare. a warm-hearted pta mom from irvine, california, framed by scheming vindictive earlier this month awarding her $5.7 million in damages. what does that money represent to you? >> years of hard tress, you know, changes, terrible changes. >> reporter: life altering
7:37 am
this woman, attorneyhurled wild accusations at her after her child was delayed at pickup. in 2011 her thenlso a lawyer made a call to police using an alias. >> i'm concerned one of the parent volunteers there may be under the influence or using drugs.dispatched to the school's parking lot discovering these illicit items in peters' car. >> i'm just thinking the whole world is looking at this right now and i said, please,not mine. >> reporter: tests showed the easters' dna on stuff in peters' car. that phone call, police traced it to this newport beach hot on surveillance kent easter. >> the pieces started to come together. >> reporter: kelli was cleared and the easters charged with false imprisonment for her bogus bust. jill copped a plea kept away for 1 0 days. months later kelli's attorney deposing a defiant kent in this exclusive video.
7:38 am
your wife to frame kelli peters? >> et he'd sing a different tune at the civil trial admitting under oath he planted those drugs. >> he also said kelli didn't do anything to my son. it was all made up. me start crying. >> reporter: you tried to fall on his sword and say i admit it. i did it. i think the jury saw through hard to say when she might see some of that money but for now she's proud to have taken on her one-time accusers. >> all right, chris, thank you. coming up, new threat toht now. hackers holding date that hostage. the big money, how you can protect your private
7:39 am
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if you run everyday, or if you're young or old. no matter who you are a heart attack can happen without warning. if you've had a heart attack, a bayer aspirin regimen other one. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. bayer aspirin. h a big security scare and new warning after that los angeles hospital just paid
7:43 am
records held hostage by ld become a target too. abc's gio benitez explains. >> it didn't occur to me one little bit it was a scam at the r: brandi browsing on her computer at home hit by ransomware. she paid 300 bucks to get her data back. now this week spreading worldwide. >> yesterday alone we saw over 10 million messages go out that had the lockie ransomware can be spread through a simple e-mail message just like this. just look. this is actual ransomware disguised as a word document. you just click it and, boom, there's no going back. then you'll receive this chilling message that your files are encrypted and you'll be told how to pay the ransom and get your files back.f ransomware now goes beyond personal data. >> lockie is just the tip of the iceberg and has the power to
7:44 am
can't do the financial transactions that are required. health care operation, they can't deliver health care. >> reporter: how can you protect experts say don't click on suspicious links or attachments from people you don't know or even attachments you're not expecting and back up all of your data to an drive keeping it unplugged and finally make sure sure computer has updated anti-virus software. by the way, a tennessee school district was hit with a all of their data held hostage but it turns out they have not paid the hacker because they actually backed up all of that data so that's that tip again. up, back up. >> huge. all right. >> gio, thank you. oh, baby, coming up, ginger and baby adrian joining us live with anouncement. but all you do is treat me baby medicare part d prescriptions, walgreens says, carpe med diem.
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baby love this is why i came back ginger zee, we're going to check in with ginger. we missed her so much. oh, ginger, along with her husband ben, oh, and their adorable adrian.
7:49 am
>> today we're on his birthday of sorts and obviously he's thrilled. >> he's excited. >> biggest ever he's sleeping. >> he's been so good. every time we take a live shot. oh. >> just in time. >> yeah, but he is very good. boy. >> we miss you and you know the audience has missed you tremendously so you want to let us know when you're coming back. >> please. >> please. >> yes, yes, we will be4th. >> 20 minutes. no, march 14th. >> we miss you so much. >> we didn't anyone to get the wrong idea about the big t happening again. >> we don't think. >> you're not sure, ben. >> it happens pretty quick. you never know. >> this is what we've missed so much and rob andg the best to hold down -- >> the best we can but doesn't even compare. we so badly need you back.
7:50 am
a lot of sleep but what's been of motherhood map? >> yeah, oh, my gosh, you know what, there's a lot of f the rain is the same. >> oh. >> a lot of wind. he breaks a lot of that. >> oh, no, ging. >> i'll be aven't lost your touch, ginger. >> some things never change. >> how big is he now? he looks pretty big. >> he is big. yeah, we haven't gone to the two-month appointment but i'm guessing 12 some pounds and the last -- he had gained a pound per week. >> wow. >> he's going strong. >> ginger, is he smiling a >> he's very long. >> yeah, he is. he's starting to get -- in the morning he cooes. >> there's nothing like that re a doing your part, right, ben? >> my boobs are so sore. i i have to tell you right now. >> now we know where ginger -- >> i'mam totally useless.
7:51 am
look at the time. well, hey -- >> we love you, ging. >> we love you. >> good to see o. i'll see you soon. >> bye, ben. >> one baby there. how about five? or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready.e today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patientsr treatment. it's the one and only cure that's one pill, once a day for 12 weeks. certain patients...just 8 weeks of harvoni. with harvoni, there's no interferon and there are no complex regimens. tell your doctor if you have other liver or kidney problems, hiv, or other medical conditions,l the medicines you take including herbal supplements. taking amiodarone with harvoni may cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. common sude tiredness, headache and weakness. i am ready to put hep c
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7:55 am
7:56 am
ing america" is brought to you by farmers' insurance. . good morning, the time is 7:56. and we're learning new information on two babies who had to be revived with nac -- narcan. >> the mother is charged with child grandmother with permitting drug abuse. the police are still waiting for toxicology reports but they believe the 9-h-old had opiates in their system. the county has custody of the children. and new this morning, a summit county man charges at least a dozen the county. joshua komar was arrested after leading police on a chase in a stolen car. the partnerships at akron-
7:57 am
items, including power tools, d a 2016 wino bago. and light -- winnebago. and let's check in with somara theodore. >> and if you live farther in the west ky and the county, we're seeing a wind advisory take affect at 9 a.m. it's going to be a windy day for you. the temperatures starting off in the 30s this morning and everyone should be reaching the upper 40s and low 50s into the evening. speaking of which here is your hour-by-hour forecast and some sunshine will head into your afternoon. so, that is some good news there and let's take a look at the weekend, for your weekend plans and that is going to be a warm one in the month r sure. rain re-enters the forecast for your sunday and, again, here's a look at the wind speeds, 22 miles an hour in cleveland. >> and the weather, though, not impacted on roadways this have a car broken down at 480 and the berea freeway south this morning, not causing
7:58 am
we have slowdowns on 71 north and drive time speeds, not bad. the only slowing is on rock side and 77 northbound ride. and let's go to er road and we're seeing the traffic building is any accident free over to you guys. we'll be back in 25 minutes with more news, weather, and traffic on your friday morning. >> and remember, you can the news net 5 app.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and caught on camera one school bus is dangerously close encounter. >> we're all going to die. >> the train misses the bus bynow the driver under investigation. angelina jolie's surprising confession. the superstar revealing she never wanted to be a mom. the moment thator the now mother of six. how she's keeping her family with brad pitt strong. wake me up when its all over the brand-new r a third of americans don't get enough sleep. which state suffers the most?
8:01 am
better this morning? you're so beautiful and america's first ever all, happy, healthy and finally fitting into their "gma" onesies. the photo ten months in the making. the whole family joining us live walking on sunshine nd's birthday. celebrating with the stars. we're taking you behind the scenes of the blockbuster birthday party as we say america. you're so beautiful happy fry, everybody.u're donning it. >> i am, of course, i am. there is a reason. >> there is a reason. >> not just because we're happy it's friday but it's a clue to that sleep study, right? >> yes. >> you can sleep better in no. well, there's so much i could say it's treacherous so i'm
8:02 am
also this back time, if you will. if i could turn back time >> any excuse to play the song with three big the hairstyle. take a look at these three women. they're about to take ten years off with one haircut. we're going to explain and show you, we're going to reveallive. >> you are also going to meet the most fun dog at the westminster dog show. didn't win best in show but look at dario the leonberger right ent viral. loves those treats and here he is right now with his trainer and plenty of treats for him. >> not best innitely stole the show. >> yes, he did. lots of fun, looking forward to meeting him. amy with the morning rundown. we begin with new details about a u.s. military air strike in libya today.s camp near tripoli. officials believe an isis leader blamed for attacks in nearby tunisia was likely killed along
8:03 am
are trying to determine what caused a tourist helicopter to crash into pearl harbor in hawaii.ushed in to rescue those five people on board including a teenager who was trapped underwater for several minutes. he is now in critical condition. a new poll findsead over ted cruz in south carolina has now narrowed to just five points. trump has drawn criticism from pope francis over his plan to build a wall along the. the pope saying trump's plan is not christian. the trump campaign responded by pointing out the walls that surround the vatican. meanwhile, with hillary clinton neck and neck ahead of tomorrow's nevada caucuses, clinton was booed last night when she attacked sanders for criticizing president laiming sanders wasn't even a democrat until he decided to run for president. well, evacuations have been ordered in oklahoma where unusually high temperatures and gusting winds are fueling dozens of grass hopes and closing highways and in
8:04 am
fire into the shape of a tornado. well, it was a terrifying ride to school for a group of teens watching their bus was nearly hit by a speeding train. abc's kendis gibson has the story. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: a frightening near miss caught on tape. >> do >> reporter: a school bus filled with students getting past tracks in the nick of time as a train barrels by. >> she stopped in the middle of the rain was coming and she pulled ahead a little bit more. >> it was kind of scary. >> reporter: frightened students recording the whole incident posting it to social media sites where it caught the attention of >> we're going to die. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: the driver telling the school the students were too loud for the bus to be driven safely but on thursday the school releasing a statementnvestigation into the incident revealed that the driver did not follow standard procedures when crossing the railroad track with the train coming in the distance. adding the terminated.
8:05 am
i don't want any of my friends dying. >> reporter: for "good morning america," kendis gibson, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to kendis for ical news a warning about breast-feeding, especially long term. researchers say breast milk does not provide enough vitamin dthern climates so some period trigs are now recommending children who are breast fed take vitamin d supplements for their first year. and finally some credit a girl's high school basketball team in ohio that suffered what could be the worst loss ever. take a look at the scoreboard. it pretty much says the story, 10he winning team says they did everything they could to slow down the game and then on the other side the team from northeast ohio prep is beingng for their sportsmanship because you know what, despite that scoreboard they never gave up. it was a playoff game. the winning team ranked number ast ohio prep ranked 13, but good for them for sticking
8:06 am
>> wow, i've never seen -- >> ouch. >> something to say. >> so lara. >> thank you so much, george. here's what's coming up on your "gma morning menu." angelina jolie revealing she never thought of herself as a mom until one moment changed herre also turing back time with hairstyles that can make you look ten years younger. wait until you see the results. i'm here with dario, the dog at westminster. saddle up. let's walk on outside and see everybody.d morning america." say hi to dario, everybody. hi. morning menu" is brought to you by advil. fast, powerful and proven relief that makes pain a distant memory. the only rides you'll get taken on at carmaxake yourself.
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this is my heartbeat song. welcome back to "gma." actress angelina jolie making headlines about what she's saying about motherhood never thought of herself as a mom until a 2001 trip to cambodia changed her mind and her life. abc's linsey davis isy. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning to you, robin. prior to that trip she was flying planes and doing her own stunts in movies. she'd yunjong won oscar and been divorced twice.a lot of living all by the age of 25 but it wasn't until then she had a revelation while visiting schoolchildren that she wanted to be a mom.jolie's rough and tumble performance in 2001's "lara craft tomb raider" not only put her on hollywood's hit gun blazing moments also served as a kind of wake-up call. >> angelina first went to cam bodiy and fell in love with the
8:12 am
become a u.n. ador there. >> reporter: causing her maternal instincts to kick into high gear. >> that's when it really came to her that she wanted to become a r: jolie recently told the associated press, it's strange. i never wanted to have a baby. i never wanted to be pregnant. i never baby sat. i never thought of myself as a w, perhaps her most famous role of all is being a mother of six along with leading man/hubbyby brad pitt. it came in 2001 duringssion while visiting a school in cambodia that it was then that, quote, it was suddenly very clear to me that my son was in the country somewhere. >> angelina knew that she was going to find a child to adopt and in 2002 she officially adopted maddox and made sure he's stayed close to his cambodian roots. jolie is back in cambodia directing and producing an adaptation of a
8:13 am
my life is kind of in line. i feel i'm finally where i should be". >> returning to cambodia to work on this film has become a full circle this is where she started on her journey to becoming a mother and now she's got them right is there with her while she's filming. >> reporter: in the 15 years since she first had that she's adopted three children and given birth to three more and has come full circle working on her i think that happens for a lot of women. all of a sudden you feel like this is what i want to do. i'm feeling ready to be a mom. >> thanks for that reminder. >> of how much she had done before. so young. >> before 25. >> yeah. >> thank you, linsey. we move on to a brand-new study about sleep more than a third of americans don't get enough sleep and a big problem in one state. sara haines has the details.
8:14 am
but i can say with cence 100% of the people in this room have not slept enough. a topic near and dear to our hearts. i can assure you i did not get amount of sleep. look at this. i'm in need of coffee and food stat before i can even consider working. >> reporter: a new center fordy reveals more than a third of americans don't get enough sleep and how well you snooze could all depend on where you tuck in at night. according to the survey, the ns tend to be in the southeast, but the home to the worst sleepers, despite the laid back lifestyle, just 56% of ng the recommended seven or more hours of sleep per night. maybe it's all that fresh kauai yi coffee. >> big coffee coffee drinkers. >> reporter: or who can sleep when there's so much surfing to be done. >> you can do stuff fromt. why would you want to sleep.
8:15 am
can count on getting all your zzzs. the number one spot outranking all 50 states plus d.c. soheir secret? the fresh air. something special in the mattresses. >> in south dakota we sleep great because we work hard, we sleep hard and we sleep on comfort eporter: or are south dakotans just plain tuckered out after a hard day on the plains. researchers found being married, having a college degree or having a with healthy sleep. so, what should you do if a solid seven hours a night seems impossible? avoid consuming large meals, alcohol and caffeine beforean even set a pattern going to bed at the same time and getting up at the same time every morning. also, remember to turn off mobile devices or emitting electronic devices. and if that doesn't work, you can always try counting sheep. the counting sheep hasor me.
8:16 am
>> 4:00. >> 4:30. >> 3:30. >> 2:30. >> that's not a night of sleep at all. >> he's very george, that is a nap. what about you? >> 4:30. >> how much do you think you sleep on average at night? >> 5 1/2. >> 5 1/2. >> not e than i would have thought actually i'm impressed. >> how about you? >> i don't sleep at all right now but i'm in a rare condition but i do aim for eight like on to bed super early. >> on the weekends it's very hard to turn it off. >> i will sleep for 11 hours. i know you can't catch it up -- >> you can sleep for 11's a teenage boy. i've said this before. >> we're surprised by hawaii. >> you live in hawaii. who wants to sleep? >> when you could be surfing. >> you're in hawaii. be awake and enjoy it. >> we needed to mention it since we have all this hawaiian. >> coffee. leis, we're not in hawaii.essed. okay. >> thank you, sara.
8:17 am
another family probably not getting a lot of sleep but all for a very good reason, the busbyeset of all girl quintuplets and the babies are doing so great. we'll talk to the family. look at that picture.k back at their journey. a photo we've been waiting ten months for, quintuplets ava, olivia, hazel, riley and parker onesies. it's been a long journey for the quints born in april at 28 weeks at the women's hospital of texas. the first set of allplets born in the united states. >> so sweet and precious. >> reporter: each baby spent some time in the hospital and came home when she was ready. trip home in june. >> this is parker. these yellow. >> and avaaby to
8:18 am
with her identical twin olivia. >> such a relief being able to have them all. >> reporter: from there all the major baby milestones. laughlaughing crawling. teething. and saying da-da much to mom's chagrin. >> thought we were practicing momma. >> reporter: at ten months old this adorable facebook posting. >> adorable. >> oh, joining us now from their texas home mom and adam busby and the quintuplets, big sister blake and, of course, all the little gals there, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> so i have to know. i mean, sara here is really studying that picture. she's about to give birth but what is it -- can you tell us what a typical day is >> ah. >> about to get a glimpse of it in just a second. >> sometimes it glows smooth.
8:19 am
>> a little hen they don't cooperate. >> oh, my -- >> they're all dressed. >> most of the day -- every day adam is at work so he gets the >> oh, my goodness. >> there's so many joyful moments, i know and seeing them is just the sweetest picture ever. as you mentioned there are some hectic moments. i have to ask diapers do you go through every day? >> we're still going through a minimum of 30 diapers a day. a guaranteed diaper change per feeding and that's not with your random so i would say 30 to 40 we're still changing. >> do you get out of the house? how do you get them all like to go grocery shopping? do you take them out? >> we 's probably the hardest part yet is just getting out of the house. i mean, it takes -- >> a challenge -- >> takes 20 to 30 minutd into the van.
8:20 am
>> oh. >> one down. >> we're just now starting to experiencel me you all have help. >> there we go. >> yes. >> yeah, we do. we have -- parker wants to show -- we e great friends and family and church family that still comes over and helps regularly throughout the week and then we have super sitter kenzie who comes over a little while and is just another hand with me every day that i know that will be here and she's fabulous. >> i know -- >> e routine help. >> all the little girls have different colored headbands. do you still need those to tell them apart or for those of us who could never everh one is which? >> it's mostly for the others that come over or especially when you get pictures, everyone to kind of
8:21 am
still do, you know, bib, pjs, bows, whatever we can as their color. >> they're allt looks like big sis blake is a lot of help. isn't she? >> yes. >> yep. >> yeah, she treats them her babies and she's so proud of them. whenever we go places she kind of just stands over them and she's so proud to >> good big sister. we see they all fit now into the "gma" onesies. that's pretty exciting and we have something for you. >> we have some shirts for them i guess when they turn know. >> awesome. >> a little jump in size. >> we'll tuck those away. >> don't send them yet because i'll lose them. >> congratulations agak with that beautiful family. the busbyes. >> all right, thank you. >> thank you. >> let's go inside to rob. >> check it out.
8:22 am
these are my quintuplets, right here, names. >> josh. >> s yochlt ondr. >> emily. >> deanne the middle child. let's show you tumbleweeds across southern australia. look at this. this is a farm just down the road that was uncaredry summer got tumbleweeds pouring into a regular old subdivision. the neighbors aren't too happy about that. we have wins but not quite as hot. 92 yesterday in can you believe that? hot in chicago and very, very windy. hold on to your hats and chilly in the northeast for now. it's going to be windy here as well. depending on where you live. the farther in mexico, you're under a wind advisory from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and we're looking at gusts from 35 to 50 miles that into consideration. the power lines could go down out.
8:23 am
ashtabula and not a yesterday and that might be an indicator of where we're headed this afternoon and the highs in the upper 40s and low 50s with sunshine. have a great day, everybody. t. special day today. we are celebrating the 75th anniversary of the u.s. coast guard reserve. thank you so much for being here and for your service. lara, back in to great, great organization and, rob, get in here. "pop news" time and in the world of unliking pairings, jamie foxx and okay. >> isn't that -- it's beautifully incredibly random. two singers revealing they've been recording together.s with the caption, you cannot tell me that my life is not blessed. just finished doing a record with the legendary barbra tty cool. >> and braush brahim apparently feels the same way. jamie is sweet, funny and an excellent singer too.
8:24 am
"climb every mountain" from "the sound of music." >> no word on where to find this song but it is certain to be onee things. >> nicely done. >> thank you. ba-dum-dum. russian security guard by the name of roman is enjoying his 15he run-up to the oscars thanks to his resemblance to a certain oscar nominee. roman has landed a reality series in russia called romance withe'll go on a diet and re-create some of his hottest moments in an effort to become a superstar himself. a moscow tv station invited women to re-create his famous scene with the dicaprio doppelganger and then there's this. >> there's romanstagram showing leo. we'll call them leo's megame.
8:25 am
>> oh, no. >> in "the revenant," of course. you know, we all laugh at this. but we found this story in a profile in none other than ir." >> i don't think leo is laughing about it. >> i don't think leo is but "vanity fair" just profiled roman in a piece. he's become quite a big star in russia. >> he's got 100 pounds on leo.t's why he's doing like a biggest loser type show. >> power over that bear in i'm so glad you said it. he's leo's megame, not >> megame, okay. >> more to love. >> exactly. but there's this big -- i'll stop. i'm sorry but in otherar news as we wait to see which is named best of the year we wanted to take some time to celebrate some not so hot hits. these are lists. we asked our viewers for input on twitter and compiled thethree worst movies we love to watch.
8:26 am
coming in at number three, grease grease may be the one i want but its sequel, number three on the list starring michelle pfeiffer never got its rhythm but she's still a sugary sweet treat. according to our viewers. number two, movie whose title is as bad as 1964 "santa claus conquers the martians." >> missed that one. >> ho, ho, horrible. it's genius and finally we love to watch that's appeared on almost every list of worst movies on line. so many tweeted this to me "the room" not the oscar oscar nominee. this is the 2003 cult classic written, produced and directed by one guy and one review said and i quote, it was like a film that looks like martian. we'll be back. tt0w!t.*(=! %4@-,2( tt0w!t.*(=! el@-&5d tt0w!t.*(=! ed@- 7 tt0w!t.*(=% )8h-@i\
8:27 am
tt0w!t.*(=% n-h-(o, tt0w!t.*(=% 0ph-6(4 tt0w!t.*(=% s"h-&zt tt0w!t.*(=% 7hh-9:p . good morning time now is 8:27. i'm terrence lee and jackie fernandez. >> four people are believed to andoff in parkville heights and an 18- year-old was found inside with a gunshot wound. police were called to shots fired in the area of granger and perry road. the witnesses said that the an armed robbery went into a nearby house. the people or police moved several people from inside who they say were not helping them. a s.w.a.t. house. >> one person was removed in handcuffs and an 18-year-old
8:28 am
brought out by s.w.a.t. medics on the stretcher and was ople taken into custody, including two juveniles and officers saying that house has been a problem for them in the past. >> and now, let's get a check of the friday >> and all morning i have been letting you know if you live in huron and erie, ashland, richville count i says -- you want keys, you're under a visory. and a high-profile is on the highway travelling along 80 and 71. and causing -- [ indiscernible ] as well as power lines. they can go down, too, and that affect until 9:00 p.m. the peak of the wind speeds will reach this afternoon. the highest leaving the 30s like now and head into the upper 40s and low end is shaping up nicely as well. >> and thank you. an accident on 90 and 41st and 9th and prospect. let's look at the drive time slowdown is the 77
8:29 am
40 miles per hour now and at 13 you're looking okay and 90 eastbound. parker to the inner belt, 12, and 271 richmond to 90, a 10- minute ride for you. heading outside taking a look at 71 and this is nilworth. the cars going slow there and nothing too bad. calm for the most part. over to jackie and terrence. and that is the usual slow u. we'll see you here in 25 minutes.
8:30 am
you remember this moment from last the stars"? >> uh-huh. >> derek hough, bindi irwin. they swept away the judges. took home the mirror ball we're showing you this because the new season of "dancing with the stars" starts next month. we have a big announcement this going to be revealing the entire cast for the next season of "dancing with the stars" live
8:31 am
you're going to want to tune in. >>en't heard. >> we know something that we can't tell you. >> you have to whisper. >> keep a secret for three g to be hard with us. we will. >> look who is outside. dario the dog that stole so many hearts at westminster with rob right now. we'll meet with dario inhave treats for him. >> off camera i had him underneath the desk. he is giant and so lovable. >> >> i love him. in this last half hour we will turn back time. inject that. turn back time and show you how a simple haircut can take yearsok, our three models, beautiful model gabrielle, nancy and melissa are shedding hair and years with the help of our we'll show you their amazing transformations in a minute but first the famous women who
8:32 am
awards, even the super bowl, it's not just the gowns turning heads, it's the hair. for stars looking to embrace a youthful look, out are severe updos of. in are more natural spontaneous looks, just ask hairstylist to the stars ted gibson. >> in order for a woman to look younger her hair should be a little more sexy, a little tossled, not so overdone and contrived. >> among ted's favorite looks, natural waves like those rocked by tina fey, none other than queen bey herself beyonce in her star turn at the super bowl. also helpful in channeling a youthful vibe, nuanced d jennifer aniston has perfected. the light hair with darker roots traditionally makes faces look younger than straight up blond locks, a final way to channel the fountain of youth loose buns braids like those sported by
8:33 am
all in a day's work for hollywood's a-lister. i guess it is. to help reveal the look. "allure" magazine editor in chief michelle lee. >> hi, everyone. >> just changing your e change. i'm so happy with the befores and afters. we can't wait to show everyone. >> should we go? >> let us start with gabrielle. take a look at gabrielle before and on out here. let's take a look at you. whoa! beautiful. so, tell us, michelle, tell us. >>re, i mean obviously has an amazing face. what was happening with her hair, though, she was dragging everything down so as we get older, you know, we lose some of the plumpness in her was doing by tugging and straightening that hair and going against her natural shape was she was actually aging herself. so what we did was we went back to nature. her natural curl, she's got some bounce and
8:34 am
lift in her face, so instantly years off. >> come on, girl. you look -- you do look ten >> thank you. >> do you like it? >> i love it. >> is it something you can keep up and do? >> that might be a challenge. >> we'll it. >> all right. >> thank you, gabrielle. thank you very much. and now our next look, this is nancy before. and nancy, come on out now. come on out, oh. >> tell us about her. >> nancy looks amazing. so, for nancy it's really about color, so before nancy was kind of this think that's really hard to pull off sometimes. what happens is that when your collection and hair color are too similar you end up looking a what that does is it ages you so what we wanted to do was add more warmth into her face so we gave her a little bit more of a golden glow.
8:35 am
beautiful soft layers which also has a lifting effect. so she looks great. when i saw nancy backstage she was so happy with everything. i love seeing the smile oving this. how about you, nancy. >> i love it. oh, my goodness. >> i know. >> my goodness. >> thank you. thank you, thank you, thank you. last but certainly nothave melissa. this is melissa before. and let's see melissa now. come on out. ooh, the cut. >> big change here. >> yeah, melissa is our showstopper, you know. she is like massive length came off. i think it looks fantastic. in our before what that excessive length to draw the entire face down so it was actually aging her quite a bit so we cut off quite a bit of hair. i think it was about six inches, >> and it gave her this nice bang and i think bangs are really interesting thing.
8:36 am
age of like 16 who are terrified of great and very useful. >> the type of bang too. >> the type of bang makes a big difference. i think when we think of bangs we think of the blunt thing. that actually can age it kind of ends up widening the face which we don't want to do so what we did with melissa we gave her this nice soft wispy bang which helps to kind of like soften her face and to it too. >> were you a little nervous about taking off so much hair. >> not too bad, no. a great change, i really love it. >> it really -- hey, come on out. the other two, nancy, t to see you all here. i got to tell you, we've done these segments over the years and i'm thinking, oh, you got -- you look great before. look wonderful now and are these you're going to stick with. >> oh, absolutely. >> you're going to be able to do. >> absolutely. >> michelle, nice, nice and we
8:37 am
the new issue of "allure" is on newsstands now. let's go outside to rob.>> big georgia contingent. this is lydia from marietta. you have a picture of your grandma on a roller coaster. she doesn't look happy or is excited. >> that's a euphemism. mom, was this your idea? >> not at all. >> a trouble maker like you, i think. hastings, nebraska, it was warm still a little leftover. 77 degrees and it was hotter than that in many spots. fire danger, record warmth with wins getting into chicago. could see temps over 60 and big warm-up for the east coast, as well. it's chilly right now but from the 30s to the 50s, a 30-degree warm-up tomorrow for new york city. sunny in texas. . a warm-up is on the way for us here in northeast ohio, but we're also battling the wind advisory that has been issued for areas west of cleveland. we will be there 9:00 p.m.
8:38 am
making their way into the lower 50s by the end of the friday. >> crowd running away from me it's so cold. thiso you by carmax. george, back inside to you. >> that's great. we're very busy. >> you guys are very busy. >> oscar dresses. i like that one. that's a good one?he dog breaking the internet right now. there's dario the leonberger along with his now but he was not chill out on that floor. >> ah, no. >> does he get points deducted for that. >> he doesn't -- there's no points. that the judge will not -- he couldn't really judge his movement because that was what he was looking at. he was bouncing a bit. >> what was he going for? >> well, i mean his favorite freeze dried chicken hearts. i know it sounds really appealing but i think that's what the trainer -- i mean the
8:39 am
>> look at that face. >> he's a little tired now. >> yes. >> tuckered himself out. he created -- when did you he had become an internet star? >> oh, well, i have to say initially i was very upset and disappointed because i knew that the judge would not give him a second look after that. the next morning that i heard that he had become already an overnight sensation. and i was it. >> is that his personality, just bouncy. >> that actually is. he is a very -- he doesn't look like it right now but he actually is a veryg boy and he's -- >> just 2 1/2. >> 2 1/2 and for this breed it's a very young male. so 3 to 4 would be a mature male so a big puppy. >> yeah, i think he captured our hearts because as dog owners and we're all dog owners, that would be my dog. >> yes. >> that's what it was.
8:40 am
is he's -- he lives in the country. he's used to having space and he had been confined for three days. we were in new york and he saw this big open space there andt, playtime. >> ah. >> is it true he does a mean chewbacca. >> he absolutely does. we've been saying -- we've even listened to the internet and he makes sounds very similar -- >> doesn't seem like he's feeling it right now. >> dario, you're not going to make any chewbacca>> is that when he's sleeping. does he snore? >> no, it's when he greets and just about everyone he meets is instantly his best friend and he just makes this strangestg yodeling woo-woo noises, it's quite unique even at the show when he ran into people he knew he was making his a big future for him perhaps in the movies. >> yes. >> well, thanks for bringing him in. he is a doll.
8:41 am
>> not you go. that'll do it. lyda, thank you. live in south africa at a wildlife preserve as we get
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
we are just four days away from her epic adventure in africa. "gma" on safari. is already there sending back some spectacular images, look at that from our drone video. just incredible. >> wow. >> i'm leaving the other side of the globe to report on a growing crisis unfolding in africa and abc's t.j. holmes is already there in africa in nt lines at a wildlife preserve. t.j., who is that little guy with you? >> reporter: did you say little guy? i want to i friend of mine, this is choba, one of the iconic famed african elephants and don't let the smile on my face or the tonee fool you. this is absolutely terrifying to be standing next to an animal
8:45 am
but choba, as long asut of food we're going to be okay. even though these animals have been on the planet for millions and millions of years we're still just starting to scratch the surface of what they can do.e in the world. but it's not all fun and games for this little guy and the small group of elephants at this private reserve. adventures with elephants in bela-bela, africa. >> for him to reach his full size will more that double this weight. >> he is a full-grown baby.chova is about to be put to the test part of an extensive research and training program to determine if an elephant's incredible sense of smell could be used to save lives. >> the other ones haveside that haven't been in contact with any people. these two specific ones, the guy has been wearing them inside his shirt for the morning so they
8:46 am
here and other jar i'll use to introduce to the elephant and then he has to find this jar using the smell from this ure he doesn't peek. >> yeah, that he doesn't peek. >> reporter: but chova gets a little stage fright. >> he went past it on that r: he misses the correct jar a couple of times. all right. we're going to see how chova does >> that's the one. >> reporter: but chova recoveredd about a 50% success rate. >> we trained them to check people and can check you through the bushes when there's a blood bloodhound. >> have done research with the u.s. military among others to potentially help sniff out explosives, disease and even poachers. >> working on other human ns and the idea can to take what we've learned here and use that to help save elephants and people. >> he's very responsive and does it all for a long as you got treats you're good.
8:47 am
>> reporter: now, unfortunately many of us have heard about the plight of the african elephant. estimates say about maybe 100 aeing poached around the continent of africa. not the case here in south africa necessarily but it's certainly the case. some are thinking it's getting to the brink almost ofhin a couple of decades in some countries in africa so we hate to hear that but chova is doing well flourishing enjoying the treats. chova, shake. shake. chova has stage fright. chova is in good shape here as long as he's got food. a little intimidating but a gentle creature. >> i've been following you living vicariously through you on your instagram feed. so far you've been to so many king about the importance of wildlife conservation. do you have a favorite part so far? t so
8:48 am
to see the baby rhinos the other day. that was great. saw a baby elephant the other day. on the baby rhino part,recently i saw it was because its mother had been poached so that's unfortunate, what's happening to the elephants here has been really unfortunate. not the case here in south africa but, rohrback, where ng to tanzania, the problem has been awful in terms of the numbers of elephants that have been decimated by poachers out there. >> we need to keep these majestic creatures alive and well and populatedt to shine a spotlight on all this. t.j., anything i should pack? >> i'm just enough underwear. i didn't count out righthaving a problem right now. >> oh, no. >> must be friday. >> everybody has such a case of radical honesty this morning. the whole show. >> maybe it's malaria pills. our "gma" safari coming up tuesday. you don't want to miss it.
8:49 am
>> i'll bring some for 60 years of disneyland next.
8:50 am
8:51 am
i want to see you smile boudreau was there for the excitement. >> reporter: stars celebrating disneyland's 60th birthday aret. >> i love your dress. >> oh. >> reporter: dressed up for this sunday's abc special "disneylandt to make sure people enjoy the show. >> reporter: celebrating disney's empire. >> just reaches into all realms of entertainment. >> master of ceremonies. performing with another "dancing with the stars" champion witney carson. 's secrets are
8:52 am
of olaf in "frozen." >> hi, everyone, i'm olaf. >> reporter: josh will show you apartment at disneyland and special guest rooms. >> there is a train going through my bedroom right now. >> reporter: in hollywood, while fallout boy rocks onake my dreams come true >> reporter: other celebrities backstage share disneyland memories. >> i can't believe it's 60 years. you know, i went there when it kids who are now like in their 60s. >> oh. >> i'm a big animation fan. "beauty and the beast." >> were you >> i was ariel. my favorite. >> do you remember your first experience going to disneyland? >> i do. i have memories but i was about 5 or 6. i've always felt like it's the most>> i would have to say my favorite disney memory now is getting to go to the park the way i get to go to the park now versus the way i used -- >> no ut lines? >> oh, yeah.
8:53 am
>> okay. oh, awesome. >> hold on. it'll happen. it'll heck out the home of super fan john stamos and the giant letter from a disneyland sign he bought. >> well, i have the whole sign but i put the "d" in my backyard and got it at an auction andon wanted it. >> you outbid michael jackson. >> how i did that -- >> that is amazing. >> reporter: sharing stories and selfies and smiles. >> "gma," we love you. >> reporter: remarkable duets will be performed this sunday. >> singing with kermit the frog. >> that's like a huge dream comer: disneyland dreams, hollywood is all ears. >> i think they're very chic. >> reporter: for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> those ears are very chic onrren and our audience and be sure to watch the wonderful world of disney
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by milk life. start every day with milk's protein and milk life. >> what was that, lara? >> never haveigure that out. big thanks to dario. we love you, buddy. have a good weekend, everyone.
8:57 am
morning, time now is 8:56. and we're learning new information on two babies who had to be revived with narcan. >> and two people are charged in that case. the mother is charild endangering and the grandmother was permitting drug abuse. the police are waiting for toxicology reports and they believe the 9-month-old and 21- month-old had opiates in the e county has custody of the kids. and new this morning, a summit county man charged with a dozen break-ins across the sted after leading police on a chase in a stolen car. the partners at the beacon journal said deputies recovered a number of stolen items, including power tools and a u-a winnebago camper. and if you're just tuning in and you live in eerie, richland, ashland, or parts under a wind advisory.
8:58 am
about three minutes. we'll see the wins picking up 50 miles an hour and into the afternoon. this is a look at the ures, 38 degrees in elyria; 40 degrees to start in cleveland and that is not bad, especially since we're heading into the lower 50s by the end sunshine will prevail this afternoon. and tracking the accident, 90 eastbound and 41st street. delays not much of an issue and how far, seeing delays on 71 he city and 77 north from about sleet to past 490 this morning. and let's go outside and that and clark. slow and go but no backups. nothing too big, guys. >> all right. and slow and go. i like that. >> that is it for team you bright and early monday morning. >> have a fantastic friday and have a great day.
8:59 am
9:00 am
it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, award-winning actor jeremy irons. and from the series,heart," lori loughlin. plus, chris byrne shows us the best of the 2016 toy fair. also, we'll announce the bigf "live"'s "time to shine movie line contest." all next on "live."


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