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tv   Good Morning Cleveland  ABC  March 5, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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is dead. her father is facing homicide charges. the tragic turn of events. bernie sanders is in cleveland. more later in the hour. a look outside as you begin your saturday. not going to give you that look. starting with janessa webb. we had the cold to deal with earlier. we like the temperatures rising a bit. >> we are going to be in the 30s, tracking the rain-snow
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place here before we start talking about 50s, 60s, going in to next week. >> on the way. >> need to give the weather a little bit of time. a chilly one across northeast ohio. a live look outside. see the clouds are floating, when i was coming in, odot getting prepared as this system starts to turn its way in here, see it's coming from the northwest, already making its way across cuyahoga county in to 71, out towards eerie, huron, dealing with light snowfall. see from the radar, it looks like a big band of moisture, i want to show you the heavy radar detector. it's in the darker purple and it's not a lot of accumulation we are seeing towards stark county. dover, new philly, seeing darker purples in to north
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flurries throughout your morning, eerie, huron, heart land, seeing a little bit of eye cumulation, on grassy areas -- a little bit of accumulation on grassy areas. a half an inch of accumulation. temperatures now, we are still on the cool side. airport 28 degrees. youngs town in to ashtabula county, 25. hour by hour, we will transition in to cloudy skies around 11:00 p.m. before the rain tracks in here for your evening hours in to your overnight. canton father charged with murder after police found his 3- year-old daughter dead inside the home. in a frantic 911 call, matthew was heard saying his daughter is unconscious, stiff and not breathing. they found the 3-year-old dead suffering from blunt force trauma and covered in cuts and bruises. >> there were things that led
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happening over time but a lot of fresh injuries, too. >> his live in girlfriend, jessica bender, is also facing charges of child endangering, a 5-year-old boy is in the custody of child protective services. the boy had no apparent injuries. another child killed, this time in columbus. 3 people were shot at a convenient store yesterday afternoon. a 7 year old was killed. his 5-year-old brother and a 19 year old were hurt. police have two people in custody this morning, that same store was a scene of a shooting in january. only on 5, the 911 call of the moe of a pizza delivery driver robbed outside this house in akron. days later, it happened again. the shaken driver is speaking to chris flanagan. >> reporter: as the 22-year-old mother of two was delivering a
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7:00 last night. she quickly realized the address was an abandoned house and went from bad to worse. she doesn't want to use her last name, she was jumped by three men. >> he grabbed my shirt with my skin, and turned me all around, i felt like i have no words to how i felt. >> reporter: she found words and fearing, screamed as loud as she could. >> help, help me. it seemed like no one head me or came out. they, it got them away from me republican her screams scared them off. the men ran for it empty handed. this is a second marco's pizza delivery driver to be robbed in akron in the past week. >> what going on there? >> i have just been shot. >> reporter: last month a papa
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shortly after making a delivery on akron's south side. >> i cannot fight off three guys but i did. >> police haven't made an robbery. fbi is assisting them trying to crack the unsolved murder of a pizza shop worker shot during a robbery in december. a head on crab we told you about yesterday on good morning cleveland. a drunk one-way driver slams in to a u haul truck. the brothers say the couple in the other car were so drunk, they tried to flee the scene. >> the lady said i just want to go home and leave. >> truck drivers blocked the car until police could arrive. both brothers expected to recover from injuries.
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new this morning, wood mere police want to know if you recognize two suspects wanted for credit card fraud. the pair have been using stolen credit cards to ring up large purchases at several stores in the area including trying to buy two laptops at the apple store. if you know who they are, you are asked to call the detective bureau 216-831-1234. thank you for starting your saturday here with us. i'm nick foley. coming up, oj simpson trial capturing america's interest again. the latest on the knife found at his old residents that could be related to the murders. the list of the best companys to work is out. what ohio companies were ranked this year. janessa webb has the local weather the power of 5 is tracking a little bit of rain in to snow mixture, for your mid afternoon. i will show you my seven-day forecast when the 60s move back in to northeast ohio.
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millions of good jobs lost. communities devastated. the jobs moved overseas. only one candidate for president has consistently fought trade deals that ship ohio jobs overseas. bernie sanders. sanders opposed the disastrous
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with china. now he's opposing the trans-pacific trade deal. while others waffle, bernie is fighting hundreds of thousands of new job losses. for jobs. for us. bernie. sanders: i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. waking up to visibility, low this morning, due to the flakes there, flying across northeast ohio. it's going to transition in to more of rain mixture as we head in to your mid afternoon. look at our daytime highs in to
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there is that north breeze, 5- 10 miles per hour. we will transition the winds out of the south in to tomorrow and that's what is going to allow for the gradual warm up. hold on here, after we get over this moisture today, light accumulation, we will be sitting under mostly sunny skies as we head in to tomorrow. out towards summit, stark county, in to the lower 40s today. that's normal for this time of year. look at the great sunshine moving in sunday afternoon. a high of 46. the warm up is on the way. we all know your work environment can have a big impact on whether you like your job or not. if you are looking for change, fortune is out with the ranking of the best companys to work for in the u.s. looking in to what makes them so great. google tops the list for the 7th year in a row. the culture making you feel valid and respect second a big part of this. the company also offers perks like virtual doctor visits and
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four companys in ohio made the list, southern ohio medical center in port smith 29. hiland software in west lake, ohio health 68 lt. 71st, nationwide mutual insurance in columbus. the companies know keeping employees healthy is important, some professions wear us down more than others. the heart associations latest study has interesting findings, 6 8% of those in sales positions, had poor eating habitses as a result unhealthy cholesterol levels. police officers and firefighters keep us safe. they are not safeguarding their own health. 90% were overweight or obese. people working with food often have poor diets.
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. developing this morning, a new twist in the 1994 murder case against disgraced football great oj simpson, police are testing a knife that was allegedly found on his former
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it's coming to the time when lots of renewed interest in the case. >> reporter: a shocking discovery in the murder case involving oj simpson, a knife found more than a decade ago on the football stars former estate. just surfacing after obtained by police in the last month from a retired lapd officer. he claimed that an individual who claimed to be a construction worker provided him with this knife, claiming it was found on the property. the retired officer says the construction worker supposedly worked on the property. this could have been around the time of the demolition in 1998. three years after simpson was acquitted of murdering ex-wife nicole brown and her friend ron goldman. >> i don't have that information, the investigators asked we not be descriptive about the knife.
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say forensic testing is underway for blood, dna and fingerprints. they are holding back details as they vet whether or not this is a hose. they want to know why the officer who says he was given the knife while working security on a movie set waited so long to turn in the knife. >> i would think, if a lapd officer, if the story is accurate, would know any time you come in to contact with evidence, that you should and shall submit that to investigators. >> reporter: the revelation comes as a renewed fascination with all things oj. >> he got away with beating her and not going to get away with killing her. >> reporter: president obama comment odd didn't news today. >> i thought it might be useful to take a small break from the spectacle of the political season, and now i gather oj, to focus on something that really
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>> reporter: for the goldman family, development isn't something they want to address. oj simpson remains in a nevada prison after convicted of kidnapping and armed robbery in las vegas. legal experts say he can never be retried for the two murders. >> there are two verdicts , the verdict of the trial, that can't be reversed because of double jeopardy and the verdict of history, the verdict of history has no statute of limitations, no double jeopardy clause. also right now in flint, michigan, crews are working to remove the lead waterlines causing so many problems for the residents there. work began at the house of a pregnant woman due this month. she was selected as the first of more than 8000 residents who need lead service lines removed from homes, part of mayor karen weaver's fast start program, the program expected to cost $3500, per household.
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is one topic certain to come up. bernie sanders and hilary clinton will meet face to face in flint. both critical of republican governor rick schneider's handling of the disaster. as the water crisis in flint continues, from cleveland state, preparing for a trip to michigan with water with the help of several local companies, they will be loading up two moving trucks. now to an important consumer alert you will want to double check your receipts before tossing them in the trash. a former wal-mart worker is facing theft charges for charging shoppers for gift cards and keeping them for himself. driscoll targeted older customers. >> elderly, generally speaking, are non confrontational, they
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least likely to look at their receipts. >> police say think there could be more victims, check your receipts and credit card statements. driscoll could face 6 months in jail and $5000 for each theft charge. >> always a good habit to check your receipts. janessa webb joining us for a look at weather. we have dealt with the up and down conditions. we had that earlier this week with the lower temperatures, now it seems like we are creeping up. what you have coming next week is fantastic. patient here. we will see a day of wet conditions, it's first starting off as snow. transitioning to a wintery mix in to late afternoon in to tonight. just give the weather, we will see spring-like temperatures moving in to northeast ohio as we head in to next week. you can see visibility, kind of reduced for downtown cleveland, due to the weather maker, this
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across chicago, and it's bringing us the moisture this morning. moving fairly quickly from north to east, but spreading out towards mansfield in to stark, summit county, light flurries. when i was coming in to work, we saw odot and plows already out and about. this is going to be less than an inch of accumulation, but could be picking up for grassy areas. temperatures, we are dealing with cooler air, tracking in from chicago, all the way in to st. louis, that colder air continues to spill in here, we will see a shift in the winds going in to tomorrow out of the south, that's what is going to allow for the gradual warm up. from the live 5 radars, this looks pretty impressive, but it is really just on the light side. heavier bands towards mansfield fairly quickly. temperaturewise, we are off to a cool, chilly start towards
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good morning ashtabula, you are currently 25, greater cleveland, 28. hour by hour, you want to be out and about for the weekend. a lull in the weather as we head in to 10:00 a.m., all the way in to the 12:00 hour. that gives you about 2-3-hour time frame before the pub starts to enter around 2:00 p.m. a look at the future cast, our temperatures not budging too much for lake shore communities. i think you will hit the 40s towards inland areas, by 2:30, that's when the rain starts to drop in. it will be a wintery mix out towards the west, all the way in to lake geauga county. out towards weapon locations, 7 or 8:00, you get a little bit of reprieve, out towards summit, stack county, in to the vavennna area, a -- ravenna and. overnight, high pressure will
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sunny skies for your sunday. 36 for today, slightly below normal for this time of year. still another chilly night, we will go from snow to rain to a wintery mix throughout your afternoon. your seven-day forecast, we are on the upward trend. let's pause for a moment. tuesday, look at it, 68 near 70 degrees, unbelievable, that's spring-like across northeast ohio. >> cannot wait for the warm up. lebron james midweek trip to miami to work out with duane wade causing a stir. duane saying it was a non issue. the kings play backing that up as the calves hosted the wizards. cavaliers getting blown out by washington last week as james sat out. first quarter, picking up this, calves up by 7. second quarter, calves pull away.
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to lebron who drain as 3 pointer from the corner. 19 points, 13 rebounds, 7 assists. third quarter, irving drains the 3-pointer. 21 points. hosting boston tonight. more big changes for the browns and ba ria. plus a few local stars getting top tier training as they set sites on the nfl draft. >> reporter: changes in berea's president, stepping down as of march 31st, serving as a consultant to the team and line backer, bryant, suspended for four games after violating the drug policy. the name george whitfield jr. associated with the quarterback position around the country. it's not what he has done on the center, but who he has
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national recognition. >> i want you to stream it. >> it's break even if he touches one. >> reporter: love, passion, george whitfield, has a special relationship with the quarterback position. >> quarterback is more of an identity than just signing up to go play football. i think the position in and of itself, sit dynamic and rich -- it is dynamic and rich in to many ways. >> reporter: despite coming with a family filled with defensive players -- following his year in uniform, came well known for teaching the position than playing it. >> fourth grader and his mom approached me about working with them. >> reporter: training quarterbacks for the nfl,
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michigan state spartan, cook. resume includes training nflers, newton and luck. his unique technique that led quarterback whisperer. >> we will go in to the beach and the ocean. forcing the guys to get themselves organized. mask. >> reporter: what is it likeworking with jordan. >> it's been amazing. learning his insight from the nfl and doing things coaches want to see a quarterback do. >> he knows the position like the back of his happened and knows how to break down defenses. >> reporter: he knew he felt passion but only when he combined the love with coaching that he truly met his match. >> there is no feeling i have come across when someone is trying to do something, you
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you watch them succeed. >> i love it. trending this morning, a canine conspiracy put to rest. all week, rumors had been swirling on the internet the milwaukee brewers dog, hank, the ballpark pup died and replaced bay look alike dog. hank's veterinarian is addressing what has been dubbed hank gate. >> i have been knowledge gnat to spend time with him on a few occasions over the past two years, based on personality alone, i am convinced this is the real hank, by using my scanner with hank a few moments ago, i can confirm his microchip is a match to the one and only hank. >> legit press conference. hank was rescueed by the brewers when he wondered to the vining training grounds two years ago and has become a mascot and raised tens of thousands of dollars for an malt shelters across the --
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knock times doesn't have a lot of nice things to say about cleveland. to cleveland. a preview of his events today when good morning cleveland returns. you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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. we start this morning with
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from our earth cam k across the shores of lake eerie. it's going to get better. welcome back to this saturday edition of good morning cleveland. i'm nick foley. several developing stories, including more on benny sanders trip to cleveland and -- bernie sanders on his trip to cleveland. first here is janessa webb. a dicey start this morning, foggy conditions across northeast ohio as a little bit of snow has started to track in. now, it's going to be one of those days, we start off with snows a little bit of rain, and then, a wintery mix, this is the area of low pressure, that is continuing to slide towards the east, really giving us a good swath of moisture right now. the air is really dry at the surface, it's very light accumulation. want to show you our heavy snow
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it's not heavy bands moving, the darker purposes, north canton, summit county, east fatherly quickly, eerie county, sandusky, a good burst of snow, only thinking about light accumulation near a 10th to an inch of accumulation, throughout your morning, we will transition in to more of a wintery mix as we head in to the 3:00 hour. temperatures across the board, we are off to a chilly start, at the airport 28 geez, dover new filly, the warm spot at 30 degrees. hour by hour, temperature right there, that is not right. we are going to be at 35 to lower 40s today for greater cleveland, akron and canton, sitting at 41. patience is the key for this weekend as it continues to warm up. democracy 2016 news, closer to the ohio primary, more and more
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making appearances in our area. we are helping you keep track of where they are with our campaign tracker. bernie sanders is headed to cleveland. here is a live look where the candidate will speak this afternoon. a few hours, that will change. two appearances set for today in cleveland. the first, a press conference at the downtown campaign headquarters. that starts at 1:00 p.m. after this he heads here to the institutional baptist church for community conversation beginninged at 2:00. his message at the events expected to be his usual message, the need for economic stability. . >> our message speaks to working class people all over the country. there are a lot of issues we can bring people together on. >> this is not senator sanders first time campaigning here in ohio, me made appearance at
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just announced veterans hospital joe vice president joe biden will support strictland. many of the biggest names, republicans are gathering outside of washington dc for the annual conservative political action conference or c-pack, among them the gop candidates except donald trump. the front runner scheduled to speak but canceled saying he wanted to campaign instead. not cancelling his speaking engagement, john kasich who outlined the plan at the conference. >> common sense regulations with an eye on rewarding small businesses secondly, cut the taxes for businesses, that's why they are leaving. secondly, cut individual rates. make it simpler like reagan had. i have the reagan plan. >> another interesting happening at c-pack, ben carson dropping out of the race.
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to the polls. tomorrow, governor kasich is scheduled to return to ohio where he will campaign with a special guest, arnold schwartz neighler be with kasich in botanical gardens. his campaign is raffling off a chance to meet the former california governor, and movie star. schwarzenegger in ohio to endorse and governor and here for the festival that shares his name. arnold sports festival, happening in columbus, features body building, wrestling, modeling, martial arts and more, displays and the latest sports apparel and nutrition. moving to a bizarre story out of cincinnati, a mom pleaded not guilty after accused of falsely reporting the backseat. police say after 28 year old nicole benton triggered a
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child and car, she took a cab to a friend's house and picked up the 18-day old girl and went home. she says the 911 call will clear the client. a national article putting cleveland in a less than favorable light has the city firing back. leaders are not happy about a new york times piece that says cleveland is worse off in the united states when it comes to economic recovery. 5 on your side joe pagonakis went in search on the facts. >> reporter: cleveland economic development shows studies showing cleveland is on an upward trend over the past five years. you wouldn't know it if you read the new york times article that states cleveland is ranked among the worst off when it comes to economic recovery. >> we started to peel back the
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they are using, what we found was a lot of the information is misleading and it's really not accurate. >> reporter: the article is based on data, interpreted by the economic innovation group. the data is 3 years old. >> they need to dig a little bit deeper. >> reporter: community economic development says growth since 2010, health care jobs up by 16%. education service jobs up 24%. company management positions up by 28%. >> we are showing a 14% increase in high school graduation rates. we are doing a lot of the good things, it's upsetting when people don't give you a call to say, we got facts, do you have anything to say about it? >> reporter: mayor frank jackson's office is planning to send its complaint letter to the knock times next week. a chance for parents to meet with teachers from dozens
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all in one place. more on what is happening around the area today when we return. plus, in this week's mile ohio, voting in the democracy, a story every voter needs to see ahead of the upcoming prior primary. rain-snow mixture, the full forecast and we will talk about the big time warm up in to next
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waking up to wet pavement towards summit county. this is not shovable snow. light flurries across the area. the totals are not impressive at all, we are looking at less than an inch of accumulation, equal opportunity for everybody to get a little bit of a dusting before this transitions in to mainly rain, as we step this to the 3:00 hour. daytime highs, slightly better today. we will go mid to upper 30s, 40s, low 40s in spots towards nor walk, in to the madina area. 39 the greater cleveland areas that's pushing it on the high side towards so lynx pepper pike, the warm spot, to akron at 40 degrees, then, nick, this will be kind of a distant memory, i won't be talking
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we will step in to the 40s for your sunday afternoon, show you in a minute when the 50s, 60s and maybe a 70 for your tuesday returns. >> let's hit that fast forward button right now. happening today, a chance for parents to get information on a variety of different schools available in the cleveland area. nearly 50 high quality preschools and public elementary schools at the public hall on lakeside avenue. parents able to meet with educators, ask questions and better understand the application process. the school quality fair runs from 9 this morning to 1:00 p.m. don't miss your chance to discover the dinosaurs this weekend in cleveland. today and tomorrow, the dinos will be coming to life at the first merit convention center and able to see moving, breathing and roaring animatronic dinosaurs from 9:00 a.m. today. looking for something adult to do this weekend, there are several festivals that revolve around alcohol.
6:42 am
fest in the flats. 40 breweries from around ohio will feature seasonal winter beers, there are lye music and food trucks as well. runs from 2 to 6:00 this afternoon, bundle up. it is a little chilly. if wine is your style, head to ab ash county. venn yards taking part in the -- vineyards will be taking place in the ice wine festival. ice wines and appetizers while you watch ice wining, dog sledding and listen to live music. text or email us, 5 or tweet us
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a deadly bacteria outbreak hitting the midwest. contained to wisconsin, after 18 deaths the cdc is stepping in to make sure that number doesn't rise, it's called elizabeth kenya, named for the it. all of those who have been sickened have been elderly hospital patients, symptoms include fever, shortness of breath and chills. new this morning, in alabama, supreme court same-sex marriage ruling is upheld. last night the state supreme court issued a one sentence order dismissing a challenge to the marriage decision.
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other orders barring gay marriage remained. despite that, hundreds of same sex couples have been wed in that state. the u.s. supreme court has temporarily blocked a louisiana law imposing regulations on the doctors that perform abortions, allowing two closed clinics to re-open. the order said the courts action was in line with a decision to block part of a texas abortion law challenged by abortion providers in another high profile case. elsewhere, the most famous sled dog race, getting underways not without some major obstacles. the i did rod begins today. one inch of snow in the last two weeks. had no new snow for a month before that. they had to bring in 7 train carloads of snow from fair banks, alaska. the race will be abreeuated because of -- abbreviated because of the conditions.
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>> in 25 plus years living in anchorage, never have i seen temperatures, 30s in february, i mean, across northeast ohio, a snow deficiency, alaska, snow deficiency, all due to the jet stream that is just producing warmer air. across northeast ohio today, we are contending with rain, and snow mixture, if you are waking up, probably seeing plows out and about, odot is out there, this accumulation, going to remain on the light side, i am looking at visibility, down to a quarter of a mile. increasing in to the day. the system started to brew in the last two days across chicago, providing snow, this is where the low is continually sitting behind it, it's a cold front, it's tracking in a little bit of cooler air. from our live 5 radar, looks impressive.
6:48 am
surface, still pretty dry, these flakes are on the wet heavy shovel. the cooler air still tracking in from green bay all it will the 30s. the cold front will track in here. we will see a shift in to your sunday, high pressure is going to build. it's steady moisture now, it's moving from west to east, here. temperatures, still need you to have the coat handy. akron at 29 degrees, towards lake geauga, portage, ashtabula, in to the mid to lower 20s this morning. hour by hour, we are going to see a lull here, as we head in 10, 12:00, all the way in to the 1:00 hour, the rain starts to move in, a wintery mix throughout your afternoon. future cast shows, we are not
6:49 am
communities all the way in to north ridgeville, avon, elyria, 35 degrees in to the 3:00 hour. it's pretty steady rain from mansfield, 30 corridor, across 77 south, in to akron, canton area, it shifts around 8 or 9:00, more towards canton, we are in the clear as high pressure will build here, as we head in to your overnight in to your sunday, that's going to allow for more sunshine, headed our way. 36 degrees for today, slightly below normal, still a chilly night, going to have the heater cranked up again, we will like get rid of that, because as we head in to your sunday, 46, 44 overnight low, it keeps getting better, 59, 45, i want to pull that cord for 70 on tuesday,
6:50 am
that's more spring like for you, 61, with rain, wednesday in to thursday, little bit of a cooler trend, going in to next weekend, we are still in the 50s. >> almost time to grab the golf clubs, i can't wait. we have just ten days to go until the polls here in ohio for primary election day. you are bound to see candidates working hard for your vote. some of you voted early or by absentee, leon bibb addresses those who think twice about making voices heard. >> reporter: this is the face of ohio, so is this, faces of ohio are around us, features are as varied from one another as can be. each is linked because each lives in this common home of ohio. every candidate wants the support of everyone of those ohioans, each is a potential voter. the system is built on faces
6:51 am
too. being in charge. really, each one ofs possesses something of value. >> everybody's vote counts. >> always vote. >> what our ancestors went throughs it's important we vote. especially on the local level because that has immediate impact on us. >> reporter: candidate crisscross ohio, looking for support, ohio is in the political election primary process now. the road to the white house, has twists and turns, but it is a journey fueled only by the vote. >> even if they think they are one person and doesn't count, it really does, one adds up to 100s gets to 1000 more. >> the only way you are going to get your voice heard is if you get out and vote. >> reporter: as construction workers know, little by little, the job gets done, sit the same with politics. little by little, every vote
6:52 am
engines rumble through ohio, looking for carloads of votes, the candidates engineer the trains but it is only the voters who can put the trains on track. >> the vote is the foundation of a democracy. it means the people rule. that's what the vote is all about. one of our founding fathers of this nation said, this polling place right here, and what it represents, is the most valuable piece of real estate in this country. >> it's the only voice you have in this election. >> i agree. >> you can't get elected president or dogcatcher, >> right. >> very important we get the people behind you. want to say. >> reporter: the next time you face a political ballot on
6:53 am
consider the word of a long ago supreme court justice, the most important political office is that of the private citizen, it is the voter ultimately in charge. >> i think that if you don't stand up and vote, the people that you don't want in office, they get in office then you want to complain. >> don't complain about what happens. if you don't try to have a voice, you can't blame anyone on yourself. >> on march 15th, you plan on being theres don't you. >> with a whole lot of support. >> ohio is an important state in every sense of the word. almost evenly split between republicans and democrats, with a large number of independents. the politicians come here, mining for ohio gold. that gold is every adult citizen, who possesses that political treasure. the vote.
6:54 am
young to vote, has learned in american government. government. if you want a say-so, you have to register to vote. child. -- -- from the mouth of a child. in november in the future unfold, much of some of its house win. no candidate gets to office without the vote. every adult citizen can cast a vote. >> important lessons to remember. early voting is underway at boards of elections and absentee ballots are accepted leading up to the primary on march 15th here in o ohio. we'll be right back for a check
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janessa webb joining us for a final look at the weather. warm up is on the way. a little bit of cold to deal with. >> 36 for today. rain-snow mixture, pushing in by mid afternoon. sunshine monday, tuesday looking nice, tuesday will be the talker, 65 degrees, going in to next week, still tracking rain, temperatures of normal. >> wait for it. >> wait for it. it's on the way. thank you the news continues next on good morning america, following new developments all day long and see us here at
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good morning,ght now the saturday showdown. they're voting in five states today. will it be another trump triumph. >> did you get them out? ugly. the biggest conservative gathering. >> someone told him megyn kelly was going to be here. >> and hillary clinton tries to extend her lead over bernie sanders his his do or die moment? shocking find. the new twist in the infamous o.j. simpson murder case. that knife allegedly found buried in o.j.'s oldts of the case remains an here.


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