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tv   Live on 5  ABC  March 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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successful uterus transplants, doctors have sad news to deliver about a woman praying for a pregnancy. we also have breaking new details about an arrest in a case police say newschannel5 helped to solve. we were the first to tell you about this break in the case in twinsburg today. police had been trying to track down the person behind a website full of pictures of naked high school girls. >> in a twist mimicking the not cooperating. kristin, tell us what you know about to arrests made. >> reporter: this case had been solved because tumbler was not cooperating. it our 17 victims all are underage and attend twinsburg high school. the suspect is also 17 and also attends twinsburg high school. record. he has been charged on nine counts of distributing the
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but police told me they were concerned tumblr stonewalled them. >> the long they are case is out, the longer that unknown defendants know about this case, they could get rid of a lot of evidence that we're looking for. >> reporter: tumblr did take down the page after the nude photos were discovered, but it took nearly a month for the site to cooperate with police. it the teen could face jail time. live in the newsroom, kristin volk, newschannel5. the first uterus transplant right here in the united states has failed. the procedure took place last month at the cleveland clinic. we're learning late breaking developments tonight about the patient. anchor danita harris is at the live desk. >> the recipient, a 26-year-old woman, developed a serious complication on tuesday. i reached out to the cleveland clinic earlier and they would not go into detail about the complication other than to say
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the operation to remove the transplant. the patient, lindsay, was the first of 10 planned transplants by the cleveland clinic. it is appear experimental program meant to enable women without a uterus to get pregnant and give birth. lindsey was born without a utter the results. she spoke about her struggle earlier this week. >> from that moment on i have prayed that god would allow me the opportunity to experience pregnancy, and here we are today at the beginning of that journey. >> and today lindsey released a statement that says she's doing well and appreciates all the prayers and well wishes she received. right now pathologists are an laying the organ to determine what went wrong. doctors in sweden have performed a number of these transplants. a news alert. police in chagrin falls say a 15-year-old girl who had been reported missing was found safe
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officials told officers that mikayla barratt left school and hadn't been seen. police now say that teen has been found safe. sex offenders can't live within 1,000 feet of a school. we discovered there is nothing stopping them from voting in one on primary day. that's why an elementary school polling site in brac park is osing serious concerns for parents. meagan hickey is live in the newsroom. >> reporter: some states ban sex offenders from voting in schools, others require them to vote absentee. but here unohio sex offenders can walk in and vote in elementary schools like the one in brook park. >> i thought there was a law that they had to be so many feet away from the school. at the school? >> reporter: newschannel5 did the research. there are 20 registered sex offenders in brook park. ten are registered to vote. one was assigned brookview
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he was convicted of internet sex crimes involving a minor. >> i am absolutely consider school. >> reporter: this parent told me sex offenders are not the only threat. >> there's no way they could possibly check every person going in and out of that school. >> reporter: the superintendent concern. the district hired a police officer to monitor the door to the voting room. according to the polling list many schools are used as polling sites across cuyahoga county and have been for decades. the parents tell me times have changed. >> it's a different age now. you don't know what's out there any more. >> how dye know when i send may kids to school that day that they are going to be kept safe? >> the superintendent's office told me they are considering not holding classes on election day in november. the school will be in session on tuesday for the primary. live in the newsroom, megan hick key, newschannel5. that primary now less than a week away for us here in ohio.
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for hillary clinton after a surprise loss to bernie sanders in michigan. >> but on the republican side donald trump continues to show his strength, racking up primary wins. chris flanagan is in the newsroom tracking the candidates on the campaign trail. >> hey frank, lee. the gop presidential front runner secured crucial victories yesterday unmichigan, mississippi, also hawaii. his rival ted cruz won idaho. today the texas senator got boos from former candidate fiorina. >> we need a real conservative who will provide real conservative solutions in people's lives. that is the only way we beat donald trump, and that is the only way we are going to beat hillary clinton, and ted is the man to do it. >> on the democratic side bernie sanders still celebrating that upset victory over hillary clinton in michigan.
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clinton won big in mississippi. tonight the two democrats will debate for the second time this week down in florida in miami, the site of next week's biggest primary. more drama chris. governor john kasich back on the campaign trail. he feels so confident about winning our state he left to campaign in illinois. john kosich continues our political team coverage. john, that says something about his strategy. >> reporter: leaving ohio at the expense of everything else is kind of a hollow victory. that is why governor kasich sin illinois. next tuesday is the first of the winner-take-all primaries. but only ohio and florida are true winner take all states. only 15. the rest are divided up into the districts.
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>> we do think there's a momentum out there, john, and there's some surveys that have us very close to second place in illinois. it's all about act calm you lating delegates. everybody says, can you win? i'm going to win ohio, but what else? i might win pennsylvania, what knows. but it's about the accumulation of delegates. in ohio, it's winner take all so there is no proportional contest. it's all going to get back down to ohio. if i win, it's going to be a whole new ball game. >> a poll showed kasich trailing trump by six points with a five-point margin of error. kasich will be traveling to florida tomorrow for yet another debate, the third in three weeks. live in the newsroom, john kosich, newschannel5. >> it is going to be an interesting night. after enjoying a breezy, warm day, jason what are we in for? >> here's what it looked like earlier today. sunshine, temperatures 60s and 70s, back-to-back days here in the 70s, early march.
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we should only be in the lower 40s. notice the cloud cover has thickened up. we have the tournament in town so a lot of folks in from other spots. welcome to our wonderful city of cleveland. inland areas much warmer. we have a lake influence that's keeping things cooler. we're down to 51. 68 in parma. you don't have to travel maybe five, ten miles for the difference in temperature. we have a west wind that is bringing in cold air into downtown cleveland because springtime. it's april-may weather, temperatures near 70. notice we're dry. the closest rain is across the south and west. the farther you two down interstate 7 1, notice here we have some showers moving, mans field and ashland where you guys will get the rain. i think even greater cleveland we're talking after 8:00 or 9:00. so this rain is moving closer and eventually will arrive. after 8:00 or 9:00 we start to track in rain showers,
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back to the desk. a nuisance bar reborn. >> turns out a history of violence and murder not to keep club fly ice down for good, but there are going to be major changes. >> a police officer loses his job over something he posted on facebook. we'll tell you what he wrote that has left him unemployed. it's been described as a minefield of potholes. we sent our investigator out to find out why. it's been called the widow maker. the potentially deadly condition that can appear in a lot of women as a simple flu bug. we'll lay out the differences you need to know.
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(baseball on tv
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always on the rise. symptoms worsen because your heart isn't pumping well. (water filling room) of people die within 5 years of getting diagnosed. but there's something you can do. talk to your doctor about heart failure treatment options. more likely you are...v (dog whimpering) to keep it pumping. now to a major development in the war on isis. today iraqi intelligence confirming u.s. special forces captured the head of an isis unit that was working to develop chemical weapons. this happened during a rand northern iraq we're told three weeks ago. it is the first confirmed success since president obama stepped up efforts against isis
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commando force that's dedicated to capturing and killing isis leaders. after that the u.s. was reportedly able to learn of the location of a chemical weapons facility operated by isis and follow up with air strikes. though the iraqi sources say those strikes did not completely eliminate isis' suspected chemical weapons threat. isis is believed to have only limited chemical abilities. tests confirm mustard gas was used during an attack in august. other reports about isis using chemical agents in the battlefield are unverified. >> that report from iraqi intelligence comes on the heals of an announcement from the pentagon. >> another isis leader is believed to have been killed in a air strike in northern syria. the pentagon says initial assessments show a top
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which chechen was killed. an american is among the victims of a deadly stabbing spree in israel. 28-year-old taylor force was kid in an apparent terror attack in tel aviv. the attacker, a 22-year-old palestinian, was shot to death by police but not before injuring at least 10 others, the violence happening just a mile away from a meeting attended by vice president joe biden. biden criticized palestinian leaders for not condemning attacks against israelis. >> let me zane no uncertain terms, the united states of america condemns these acts. >> and over the past five months, violence has killed 30 israelis and more than 180 palestinians. eight of those deaths happened over the last 24 hours. and there are reports that iran test-fired two ballistic missiles, both capable of reaching israel state media.
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hitting targets 1200 miles away. the other had a range of 1,000 miles. both missiles had israel must be wiped out written on them in hebe brew. this was the second missile test in as many days. north korea also creating a stir today. it published what it claims is a mock-up of a nuclear warhead. leader kim jong-un claims his country now has miniaturized atomic becomes that can be placed on a missile. the images released show him standing by what some say appears to be a molds warhead with a ballistic missile, which may also be a model in the background. it's not clear if the north has a functioning warhead of this size. thousands of migrants living in limbo just suffered a major setback. today macedonia is the latest
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to refugees attempting to flee to western europe. serbia and croatia already made several moves to stem the flow of refugees fleeing the conflict in africa and the middle east. it's horrible. it's sad to walk outside to all of this was very emotional. >> powerful tornadoes. look at that right there. they tore through parts of texas. this trailer park was hit especially hard. you can see debris scattered everywhere including this mattress that got stuck in a tree. the area is expecting more severe weather this evening. and heavy rains are turning roads into rivers. that's in louisiana. this is new video from the west monroe area. rising water inundated roads, covered cars, and came close to seeping into homes. several schools were forced to close because of the severe weather down there. >> and jason, we are definitely getting into severe weather season. >> no question.
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just most likely rain and cooler temperatures. hey, a couple of days in the low 70s. that means spring trying to spring early, and that also, as lee mentioned -- >> turning the correspond. >> it could mean our severe weather season starting earlier. how about a live look right now downtown cleveland? mostly cloudy skies. temperatures have fallen off a bit. downtown readings are in the lower 50s. we're at 51 degrees right now in downtown cleveland. if you don't live in downtown cleveland you're wondering what the heck am i talking about, because outside your window it's in the sick and 70s. look at this. just a thin line of that yellow color indicating mid-50s and lower, because once you head north, the heat is on. we're at 70 degrees. what's happening? we've got a westerly wind that is coming out over the waters of lake erie. we're talking lakewood, ohio city, just west of downtown
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often to the north and east, maybe affecting bratton. but once you head inland only a mail or two, temperatures are a much warmer scenario. how about akron? broke a record today. 72 currently. we're cloudy right now, dry. the five live radars are not finding anything. these radars are going to get busy during the overnight hours and tomorrow. tomorrow is the day to grab the rain gear. i think you will need it all day long. pocket of dre air but for the most part i think it's going to be a wet day. once you head down towards columbus, interstate 270, all the way down into cincinnati, along 71, that rain is really moving in here. southwestern ohio is wet now but the rain showers are inching closer. severe weather in louisiana and texas. for us we're dry. temperatures in the mid-60s. we fall off a bit. notice after 8:00 or 9:00,
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we did break records today. not in cleveland. the old 1878 record still stands. we were two degrees shy of that. we didn't break a record yesterday. akron-canton airport broke a record set back in 2000, 16 years ago. mansfield, same deal. here we go notice a few showers around after 8:00 or 9:00 tonight. the showers continue through the overnight hours, and tomorrow morning, what's new, rain showers are here so grab the ringer. heavy bursts of wet weather lunchtime and through attach, then colder behind it. look at our 6:30 temperatures from. the 50s across the south and east to the 40s along the lakeshore as cold air rushes in. it looks like we're in the 30s as we head through early friday, and we do recover a bit through friday afternoon. then our next batch of rain looks like it comes in just in time for the weekend. we do warm things up a bit. 55, rain arrives, we are staying mild. southwest 10 to 15. tomorrow we're at sit, but by
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into the 50s and even some 40s by, say, 5:00 or 6:00 tomorrow with rain showers. tomorrow definitely a rain gear day. guys. next on 5, the official mourning period begins as the former first lady goes to her resting place. and tonight we know how this wedding dee jay will pay for his crime and pay back his
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this is what i came home for -- turning schools after hours into centers for healthcare and safe spaces for our kids. i'm p.g. sittenfeld. after princeton and a marshall scholarship, i turned down a job at google to work improving education. elected to city council, i've helped create 5,000 new jobs, took on big banks to clean up foreclosed properties. now i'm running for the senate and approve this message to offer bold new leadership
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official memorial events are underway in southern california for former first lady nancy reagan. >> a motorcade carried ms. reagan to her final resting place. her body will lie in repose before her funeral on friday. laura lister reports thousands of people are lining up to pay their respects.
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bringing nancy reagan's body to its final resting place. but before she's buried, days of ceremonious mourning beginning at this l.a. funeral home where family arrived for a short service. the casket, carried out by members of mrs. reagan's secret sassments motorcade transporting that casket to the reagan library in simi valley. fire departments saluting the hearse all along the way, a show of respect. and a dignified entrance to mark her arrival. >> i will give you rest. >> nancy and ronald reagan spent more than five decades by each other's side. >> try and find a picture of them together and not holding hands. it's almost impossible. >> reporter: they will soon be reunited again. >> when her casket is lowered into the ground, she will be as close to him as though they could hold hands. >> she will be buried just inches from president reagan in
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in the making. among the 1,000 invited guests who will now attend her private service friday, former president george w. bush and laura bush, hillary clinton and first lady michelle obama. >> mrs. reagan was a woman of strength and incredible grace. >> reporter: some vips are getting a few moments with% rage tban's casket. the library expects tens of thousands of people to do the same at public viewings over the next few days. lauren lister, abc news, simi valley, california. will they or won't they? the browns are now official allowed to release johnny manziel but haven't pulled the trigger on that move just yet. we will have analysis from sports director andy baskin next. plus, it was a nuisance bar that had neighbors living in fear. we reveal what's going to be
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millions of good jobs lost. communities devastated. the jobs moved overseas. only one candidate for president has consistently fought trade deals that ship ohio jobs overseas. bernie sanders. sanders opposed the disastrous nafta trade deal. opposed special trade status with china. now he's opposing the trans-pacific trade deal. while others waffle, bernie is fighting hundreds of thousands of new job losses. for jobs. for us. bernie. sanders: i'm bernie sanders
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live on 5 continues, brought to you by national carpet mill outlet flooring superstore. our top story with breaking news. newschannel5 was the first to tell you when police arrested a 17-year-old high school student in connection with a tumblr site full of pictures of naked underage girls. there were 17 victims in all, all from twinsburg high school. police say we helped close the case after questioning tumblr about its decision not to hand over information on the person who created that website. sad news today about the nation's first uterus transplant performed at the cleveland clinic. a sudden complication forced doctors to remove the womb. the 26-year-old patient said she is grateful for all of her doctors for act very quickly to ensure her health and safety. doctors say the setback will not impact their clinical study of future transplants. well, today is the day. a lot of browns fans have been waiting for it, too.
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more importantly johnny manziel officially expected to be cut from the team at any moment. >> but as of right now the team quiet on both fronts. sports director andy baskin joins us with the latest news out of berea. >> we were the first ones to tell you that mitchell schwartz is headed to kansas city. that deal wrapped up this afternoon. mitchell schwartz is going to kansas city. as of johnny manziel, i check my e-mail every 30 seconds and see if he's still on the team. it's just a matter of time but the browns have not cut him yet. today they lost free agents mack, benjamin, and schwartz. here's what hue jackson had to say as he talked about trying to keep their own guys. >> i don't want to lose any of our free agents. i will say that again. i really don't. but if we do, then that's a scenario that we have to be ready for. but i'm sure sashi and his
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>> here's the skinny on travis mack and alex benjamin. it he signs a five-year deal and reportedly left money on the table with the browns to go down to atlanta. travis benjamin, sounds like a four-year deal, $24 million. we talked to matt williams who joins us every sunday morning to talk browns football. >> this is truly a ground-up job for hue jackson and sashi brown. to make a splash and spend the time of money is just not in the cards for sashi brown. >> i found out that mitchell schwartz is going to kansas city. he wanted to stay with the browns but the browns pulled the offer off the table so he is now with the kansas city chiefs. and that's been a busy dayne free agency. hopefully more tonight at 6:20. lee. a cleveland nightclub with a violent past will soon be back in business. >> just over a year after
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club fly high on superior avenue, a judge ruled it can reopen. our derick waller tracked down the club's owner. derick, there are some strings attached to this ruling. >> frank, that's why the city and the owner were able to reach a daily but neighbors say it's a bad deal. >> within a year or so, that's crazy. >> that's why brian howard can't believe the club could soon light up again. >> i thought they would be tearing it down and not reopening it. >> reporter: a man killed owns 2013. but a deadly shooting inside last january was the final straw. more than a year later there's still a memorial here on superior avenue for william burton, junior. he is the man found murdered inside the bathroom, where a 23- year-old shot burton. the guilty verdict came down in february. sentencing is on thursday. but in this separate court
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allow owner carlton story to reopen the venue but he has to change the name. the business can't operate as a nightclub. it has to close by midnight. story is required to hire off- duty cleveland police officers for security. and nobody with guns can be allowed, even with a concealed carry per mi. it story also has to install more security cameras outside, and make that video available to police. story declined to speak on camera. but in an e-mail his attorney called this a favorable agreement and said his client is a b person what at all teams means well. but meaning well is not enough for neighbors. >> it won't change nothing. it might make it a little better, bert security, but i don't think too much will change about. >> reporter: i did reach out to the city for comment. they declined. story did speak with me over the phone. he defended himself saying he is an active member of his community. he told me that does he plan to reopen but as what and when, that is unclear.
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requirement that he have off- duty coins order to serve alcohol. he said that was cost- prohibitive. five people injured on a greyhound bus trip that departed from cincinnati have been awarded $6 million. greyhound agreed to settle the lawsuit stemming from a 2013 crash. that bus was on its way to detroit when it rolled over on interstate 75. the lawsuit agreed and alleged the driver fell asleep at the wheel. an ohio police officer is out of a job after making inappropriate comments on facebook. fairborn police fired lee sear for celebrating the life of a black lives matter activist. he tweeted, love a happy ending after the man shot himself. he was off duty at the time but his actions veil late the social media policy. check in with jason
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rain headed our way. >> especially across the south and west. we've add nice day, temperatures in the 70s. mansfield and akron both broke records. cleveland was two degrees shy of a record set back in the 1800s. we're looking at wooster. just a little more structure in the clouds. that means rain is on the way. a little ominous looking. i'm not expecting any sun or any severe weather because certainly you feel the difference in the atmosphere. temperatures are in the upper 60s. 68 chardon, 68 orange, also over towards mentor. temperatures well into the sick. even some 70s here as you move over towards north royal top, chagrin falls. along the lakeshore 51. we're dry currently, mostly cloudy skies. take a look at the wider picture. quiet conditions. as we look to our south and west, there's the rain creeping inalong 7 1. this is going to
5:36 pm
the rain cinching closer. there's a lot of it. take a look. this is our rain for tomorrow. it will be around for much of your day tomorrow. then behind it, it's our cool weather for friday. hour by hour, we're keeping things dry for the most part but after 8:00 or 9:00, that's when the rain showers will increase. it looks like decent rains, especially through the overnight. look at those temperatures. we are mild, only in the 50s all right, jason. new at 5:00, putting on a live newscast every day that can be a challenge. we all know. that but we can't imagine having to do it without any lights or computers. can you believe that? we're going to show you how impressive it was and what exactly happened. that's coming up. numbers. andidate for president has consistently fought that ship ohio jobs
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bernie sanders. sanders opposed the disastrous nafta trade deal. opposed special trade status with china. now he's opposing the trans-pacific trade deal. while others waffle, bernie is fighting hundreds of thousands of new job losses. for jobs. for us. bernie. sanders: i'm bernie sanders
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world of weather. see those individual lightning bolts? that indicates a lightning strike in the last five minutes. we're talking memphis, little rock, along interstate 40. as we head farther south and west more rain as you move through portions of louisiana. see that red color there? that indicates a flood warning. flood watches are out down along the texas coast from houston over towards beaumont, and all this is coming our way from the south and west to the north and east. this is our we had weather tomorrow. we're going break it down for you hour by hour.
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problem potholes in cleveland continue causing damage to people's cars. >> if you look at the city's plan you might not know there is an issue. five on your side investigator jonathan walsh joins us. it's been great weather so of course that means a lot of work being done. >> reporter: , some but maybe not a lot. i'm on dupont. this is actually assigned to a city crew today. there are quite a few potholes but get. this as you watch my report i'm going to continue to walk, and at the end of my report, i will have walked the entire section that was on the work order today. take a look. >> i just don't understand it. i'm sorry, i don't. >> reporter: linda robinson is
5:45 pm
>> i don't have the greatest car in the world, but i need it to get back and forth. i have children, i have a disabled sister i care for. >> reporter: she lives on east 53rd where at the intersection of fleet her car hit a major hole blowing the tire and damaging the rim. fleet has been repaved, but then it's a mess at 53rd. >> you can see where they resurfaced everything except for that one area. >> reporter: i checked the schedule of the cleveland pothole filling crew. 11 total were out. but a couple of the assigned less. one crew for each of those streets like east 103rd between rose and buck hill. fill. with a mild winter and warmer temperatures, drivers are wondering what's going on. these streets paved right. >> as a taxpayer and a homeowner, we deserve our streets to be fixed to where we
5:46 pm
the streets are tearing up our car. >> so we're back out here live. i've walked the stretch. here's where it ends, at lure. this is less than 200 yards of a street that was filled with potholes, and they were filled again today. so you've got to wonder what's going on with the city's schedule, because the city told me that after they completed this short stretch they went on to do other things like sweeping out lots and so forth. that got a reaction from the drivers saying, well, there must not be any other cleveland potholes to fill. we know that's not true. live on the east side, investigator jonathan walsh, news channel 56789. >> jonathan putting in work. the cost of one pantry staple jumped 20% in the last year. that could be just the beginning. we're talking about olive oil. the price hike is blamed on a
5:47 pm
40% of the world's olive oil. farmers say this year was the worst harvest in 20 years. italy produces another 20% of the world's olive oil. millions of olive trees have been attacked by a deadly disease. strong storms left a tennessee tv news station in the dark, but that did not stop the station from getting the news to viewers. >> we don't know if that's the cause of this or not. it could have been. we had a couple of strikes in the area. but again -- >> nice drawing there. wmc's meteorologist and anchors found some flashlights, fired up their smartphone, and they finished using facebook's live feature. >> great job there. >> when you don't have video, draw pictures. >> got to get the news out any way possible. >> they will see your animations and draw an illustration. what you got?
5:48 pm
boards, the way they used to do weather with magnets. let's take a look at what's going on. this is beautiful stuff here. this is from alaska airlines. check out this wonderful video. an amazing view of the solar eclipse. this is what passengers saw on an alaska airlines flight after an astronomer convinced the airline to delay the flight and go a little off course to give the folks there this amazing light show so people were able to take those pictures and video. wonder how the astronomer did that? delay your flight. you want to go from honolulu from alaska? delay your flight. good negotiation skills. sky cam overlooking downtown cleveland. mostly cloudy skies. we're dry now but the next few hours we're going to track rain showers. 51 downtown. compare that 20 in land areas well into the 60s, even some
5:49 pm
check it out. 69 bedford, 68 parma, north royalton and solon both at 70 degrees. we've got a west wind at 5 to 10 miles per hour. it's not a lot but it's enough to bring that cooler air along the shoreline. barberton 69. akron broke a record. we will break down those details. to our south and west, rain showers. fur in mansfield, a little drizzle here. interstate 7 1, same deal. rain. more steadier stuff from columbus down to cincinnati. this steadier rain is going to be our weather maker over the next 24 hours. i think by tomorrow night we'll start to dre things out. look, it goes all the way down into the deep south where they're getting severe weather as well as flash flooding and flood watches across portions texas. so friday's cool-off will eventually follow tomorrow. day.
5:50 pm
we'll end up in the 40s and not make it much out of the 40s for friday. here's your evening timeline. relatively quiet, mild, temperatures in the 50s with rain arriving, mainly after 9:00 or 10:00. will you need the umbrellas tomorrow. here is your record breaker. 7 1. cleveland did not break a record but akron and mansfield. here we go. hour by hour, rain showers around through the overnight as well as during the morning commute tomorrow, the even during the afternoon commute. could have some heavier pocket of rain tomorrow afternoon. there it moves through. this is 7:00 tomorrow. that's when we start to dre things out. our winds shift, we cool things down. temperatures for friday much cooler before our next chance of rain comes in just in time for it looks like saturday morning into the afternoon. so here is your overnight low on the left. vermilion, ashland mid-50s. highs tomorrow near sit, maybe a 61 or a 6 2. clouds will be around. we will see falling temperatures through the afternoon. eventually tomorrow night settling in the 40s, and that will be our temperatures mainly for friday, staying cool into
5:51 pm
we should dry out, though. maybe a morning rain shower. other than that we should be dry. saturday into sunday don't forget to spring forward. highs near 60. we're near 70 monday. 60s again. so hey, mid-march not looking all that bad with temperatures well into the 60s, except for friday. back to the desk. >> thank you jason. here's what's coming up at 6:00. >> more than fifty people were displaced after that massive fire in brunswick. some of those victims came back to a place they once called home to start picking up the pieces. plus, potential voters finding themselves in limbo. here is why. new questions arising over the legality of 17-year-olds voting in primaries. but first, what one woman thought was just a stomach bug turned out to be something far
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back with health news. one woman thought she might have caught the flu but her symptoms were a sign of something far worse. >> her husband was able to
5:55 pm
she says it saved her life. >> reporter: as a hard charging prosecutor sue palm hear seen her share of tragedy, but nothing could have prepared her for the near tragedy that almost took her life. >> i just kind of felt funny. i laid there and thought, that's weird. and after about a minute, i knew thigh was going to be sick. >> reporter: assuming it was a 24-hour virus, she wanted to crawl back into bed. attorney, objected. >> i thought, you know this could be more, and looked at the -- grabbed up my tablet and in west. >> reporter: tim's father had died of a heart attack. his wife, jut 46 at the time, was healthy non spoker who wasn't feeling any of the event. >> he said, i think we should go to the er, and i said, well, why? >> reporter: tim wasn't ready
5:56 pm
he whisked her to the er. once there an ekg revealed a shock. even though she didn't fit the profile, she was having a massive heart a?oofnlgt women are more likely than men to have what we call atypical symptoms of heart disease. she felt like she had the flu. she felt bad. she just knew something wasn't right. >> reporter: later tests showed that 10% of her coronary artery was blocked by a clot, and another artery was 70% clogged. that blockage, sometimes called the widow maker, frequently results in sudden death. in less than 15 minutes, freddie and his team stopped the heart attack. >> my wife is a living, breathing example of the importance of letting the professionals make the decision. >> reporter: grateful to her husband and doctor for saving her life, sue has a message for others. >> don't trust your instinct if your instinct is to go back to bed. i have since heard many stories
5:57 pm
wanted to do, and never woke up. >> let's look at some of the common heart attack symptoms that men experience. chest pain that radiates down your arm, rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath and sweating. but it is the unusual symptoms you usually don't connect with a heart attack that women are more likely to experience. we're talking about fatigue, indigestion, trouble sleeping and pain in your neck, back, or jaw. intuition. if you think something is wrong, get it checked out. that's it for live on 5. >> glad she's okay. chris, what's going on? >> frank, lee, a lot going on. the trail may have gone cold for a killer. >> but a mother is not giving up hope. new tonight at 6:00, police are not giving up looking for her son's killer. and waged dj sentenced for -- and a wedding dj sentenced
5:58 pm
their wedding day.
6:00 pm
it was a crime that shocked a neighborhood. a college student murdered in trendy tremont, and the killer still on the loose. >> a new development in a cold case that many have not forgotten, especially the victim's mother. tracy carloss with the story now that you will see only on 5. >> reporter: it is a mother's crusade that started here nearly five years ago, one that she tells me tonight will not end until a killer is caught. lynn made it her life's mission to help others, but now this nurse and mother is the one who


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