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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 6am  ABC  March 10, 2016 6:00am-6:59am EST

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7 victims in just six hours, i've got the latest. and our team is spread out across northeast ohio helping you get ready for your day. we're live where bed bugs have shut done another school. let's get a check on weather and traffic together. good morning. >> you saw the umbrella. it's raining and it's going to be raining as we head throughout the day. it's pooling up from the southwest. here's another round that will be coming through this afternoon. so zooming in how much rain we
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sorry -- one to two inches throughout the next 12 hours. and here you can see where it's coming down a little bit more moderately. you but as the rain continues to shift towards the northeast we will start to see everyone here getting covered with that rain this morning. here's a look at the wet weather chances today high because it is raining, friday it does improve and as we head towards saturday and sunday we'll start to see a steady incline for more rain. we're going to talk temperatures pretty soon. all right. we're still accident free. we were at 11 minutes before now, 10 minutes 71 northbound. our other drive time speeds right where they should be. i am starting to see the slow down on 71 as you approach the city,
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to you guys. 7 people shot on the city's west side in just about six hours. this was the scene of a double shooting at bailey's bar. the two victims had already taken themselves to the hospital when police got there. both with non-life threatening injuries. no word right now on suspects but we'll keep you updated and fire breaks out at an apartment building in brunswick. as you can see multiple crews responding. the buildings evacuated but the fire put out quickly. people back inside and we can tell you no one was hurt. also a club with a violent past is set to reopen. >> club fly high was involved in a heartless felon's case. we're live at the justice center where the gunman will be sentenced today. >> that man is 21-year old lash convicted of aggravated murder
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burton junior back in 2015. a judge has ruled that that club can reopen. now, it is located on east 70th near superior avenue, and it's been witness to two people killed inside since 2013. one man killed outside earlier and seen here convict for murdering a 30-year old. after being shut down for months a judge ruled that the bar's owner can reopen as long as as he changes the name of the bar, has security guards onsite and closes at midnight but despite the conditions some went der how again. >> like i said, i'm thinking they'll be tearing it down, two murders within a year or so, that's crazy. >> reporter: now, the owner told news channel 5 he does plan to reopen something but ads
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of is not cost effective. . also happening today for you cleveland mayor frank jackson set to deliver his state of the city address. it is at noon today at public auditorium. this is the mayor's 11th address. last year the speech focused on improving the police department and dealing with the state budget cuts and crisis. a string of drug over goeses in lorain county. in the last two weeks at least 8 people have died after a heroin or fentanyl overdoses. also happening today a local high school is closed for the day after bed bugs were found in classrooms. tell us what the school is doing to get rid of the bugs. >> reporter: good morning. the door is normally open here at 7:45 but the students will be sleeping in on this rainy morning because the entire
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chemically treated as a precaution. according to district officials there was a company that already came in and through the rooms were four bed bugs were found over the last four days. the superintendent says the bed bugs likely came from outside the school and the health department is confident there is no infestation. he's telling parents and students that although they are a nuisance they do not pose a health risk. the high school will reopen on friday, all other alliance schools open today. back to you. a 17-year old twinsburg high school could spend time behind bars for allegedly posting naked photos of classmates. the pictures were first discovered in january. the teen was arrested and charged with 9 counts of distributes obscene images and has no prior criminal record. developing on the cleveland
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shoot out. after another drive by shooting on tuesday bullet holes now dot the sides of at least five cars and a fence. this is at the addison townhouses. residents say cmha police not doing enough and a person's life could be next. >> i'm really mad and i'm tired. i'm angry and ready to get out of place and it's sad. you know, that you can't sleep because you hear gunshots and you don't know if it's going to come -- the bullet going to come through your house. >> cmha police tell us their investigation is ongoing and anyone with information should give them a call. new developments this morning in a deadly wrong way crash. a grand jury has indicted this brooklyn man on aggravated murder charges. police say he was driving the wrong way on 480 west when he hit and killed a 20-year old. an unusual sentence in summit county an akron man gets
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deadly stabbing. the family pleaded with the judge to keep him out of jail. he pled guilty to killing his brother back in september. according to our partners a fight started when he stormed into his bedroom and it became physical. he will now be on probation for two years. cuyahoga county prosecutors chief financial officer has resigned after a personal purchase ended up on a county credit card. he asked an employee to buy a gas grill for him. after realizing that purchase was made on the card he wrote a check for reimbursement. now, a local woman touching the hearts of so many this morning. >> after more than 7 decades she is proving it is never too late to graduate. >> friends and families agreed
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>> i'm here to present you with your north high school diploma. all right. >> this is the most wonderful gift i've ever had. >> she was expelled before graduating after the school found out she was married and pregnant. well we're so happy you're here with us. >> here's what's come up. 9 firefighters hurt, dozens of businesses damage, what caused an explosion in seattle. >> and remember the debate surrounding the dress, is it blue, white, yellow, well, this morning it's all about the suit.
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five people shot to death at
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police now searching for at least two gunman. police say it happened at a backyard cook out. people tried to run-ins when someone opened fire on the back porch. four women, one man were killed, three others hurt and in the hospital this morning at this point no one is in custody. let's get to the top stories on your thursday morning. in seattle the clean up beginning in that explosion of tire that devastated an entire neighborhood. >> and the nine firefighters who were injured all out of the hospital this morning. at least 36 businesses were damaged. right now police doing increased patrols in the area. the investigation now centers on what ignited this explosion. well residents in flint aren't getting any more water bills until april. the step is trying to figure out how to
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people have been told not to drink the tape water for months because of elevated led levels. and just look at the water that's coming from the taps in a town in western pennsylvania. it varies from cloudy to yellow to brown and residents have been dealing with it for at least a year now. >> what's really bad is when you do laundry, it ruins all your whites, all your good clothes. i mean, and it stains that won't come out. >> many have spent hundreds of dollars on home filtration systems. the kicker the water bills still going you up. many people getting their water straight from wells. well, more problems this morning for volkswagon. they say ceo michael horn has resigned effective immediately.
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vw's international at parent company to leave. they have been under fire since admitting some of their cars included software that was programmed to cheat emissions test. it seems president obama has narrowed down his list of possible nominees to replace the late justice scalia. all five u.s. court of appeal judges. sow might not be running for president any more but jeb bush still keeping a close eye on the race. the former florida governor expected to meet with all the presidential hopefuls this week except donald trump. he's trying to figure out who ellen endorse. a surprise endorsement fiorina announced she is endorsing ted cruz. it come has he tries to tighten the delegate gap with trump.
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candidates facing off again tonight in florida. one debate that donald trump predicts will be nicer >> it's really up to him. well the last two were rough with marco rubio and trump engaining in incredibly personal attacks. and that debate begins at 8:30. well, let's look at something a little bit nicer today. you see that cleveland skyline looking gorgeous. >> we've got a lot of rain coming down or at least it will be persisting throughout the day. so so let's take a look at that. we've got this change underway and saw some great weather the past few days but now the rain is here. the cold front that we've been talking about all morning is on its way. behind it the cooler air will settle in. let's zoom in. i want to get down to business, middlefield, there's that lighter rain. so it's there now
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up. we'll probably see the most lunchtime. it's not going much it's one of non-stop. the good news only of rain. let's push forward. 9:15 a.m. still raining. you can see we get some of the that around lunchtime. then things start to taper off and improve around 9:30 p.m. the lighter rain is in place if you live out west you'll start to see it gradually clear and dry out. by friday that's when we get you our relief. the rain stops for friday, the clouds begin to clear but like i said, the cool rain. so temperatures not going to be be in the 70s like they were yesterday but rather the upper 30s and mid-40s for your
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58 degrees in cleveland, 56 in medina. your power 5, 7-day forecast is telling a story, it's saying we're going to experience a cool down on friday but don't worry we're going to see things improve by the weekend in terms of temperatures back in the 60s. and don't forget we have to flash forward. our roads looking okay despite the slick spots because of the rain. i'm zooming into the slow go on 71 into the city but look at 77 right now we are in the green not seeing any incident and accident free, trouble fee also on 271, here's your ride on 480, 8 minutes. drive time speeds right where we should be. well, trending it is your favorite story, i tweeted folks to watch it, okay.
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caught on camera, five mini horses were on the run near the florida turnpike. they look like they're in a race. so authorities tried to round them but but the horses kept running away but they eventually ended up in a fenced in area. they are all safe and sound. they got that taste of freedom. all right well, check this out this is video of a solar eclipse. the airlines was convince today delay its flight so passengers could see it. >> oh my god, we're getting close, getting close, there it is. look at that. . >> any way the pilot says they
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just under two minutes. if you follow us on facebook, first thank you, but you probably notice that had we do a post show on facebook live starting at 7:30. a tv station in tennessee used facebook live when their station's power went out. check this out. >> we don't know if that's the cause of this or not. it could have been. we had a couple of strikes in the area but again -- >> the storm cut the power. so the wmc used flashlights and their smart phones to get the news out to their community. cell phone case. last night democratic debate trending online. >> people comparing this to the ago. take a look a lot of folks bernie sanders suit was. they
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brown but then it looks blue or gray on other screens. his campaign eventually weighed and in and said the suit that looks brown is in fact, blue. >> i don't care what you say that suit is brown. >> brown on the tv is, blue on the photos. well glass door just released the list of the 25 highest paying jobs for 2016 and surprise physicians, lawyers and techs top the list. >> the average salary in doctors came in number 1, $180,000, lawyers second with about 145,000, then engineers, software, act techs and it
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120 to 127,000. well, next stopping porch pirates. and a recall are if you shop
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. welcome back. our roads not looking too bad but you're going to want to leave early because of the rain that we're seeing.
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it's typical for this time on 71 into the city and i am getting a report of an accident at 490 eastbound at broadway avenue. as we zoom on out though 77 looking just fine. let's take a look at 71 and west 25th. starting to see that back up for your time 6:24 as we approach 6:30. so that's about right. over to you. let's get a check of the radar. take a look right now some of the heavier rain falling in canton in that darker green as well as outside ashland, wews, along 71. this is the big picture. it's letting us know that we have more rain on the way so this is headed towards us right now and that is why we're going to see rain for your entire thursday. how much rain? 1 to 2 inches throughout the entire event. this will end tonight into tomorrow morning. here's a look at your hour by hour forecast.
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far as temperatures goes upper far as temperatures goes upper 50s, possibly 60 for some of us. you'll notice the rain not wrapping up until late tonight. so it's going to be be a wet day ahead. well, we've got to get to a recall alert this morning for a product you could have in your home. 11 people have been sick kenned from eating these nuts. these the ones with the brand names wonderful, trader joe's and par mount farms all being recalled. illnesses have been reported in 9 states none in ohio. well, are you purchasing a gift card soon? you might have to pay in cash. retailers now responsible. some stores still do not have the card readers so they're asking for cash to be sure your purchase is legit. well an unfortunately situation that's happening all too often packages being stolen off people's front steps. one
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solution. if you cannot stop them by camera he figured scare them with what he calls the package guard. when deliveries placed on top of the device. it sends you a text. you arm it from your phone so the second it is moved there's a very loud alarm and only you can turn it off. >> the minute the alarm goes off they're not going to walk back to the car they're going to run and most likely drop the package. >> he says once they go to mass production they'll sell for about 50 bucks. coming up, a man kidnaps a cleveland teen and tries to sell her. she's talking now only to 5 about how she got away. >> then if you didn't stay up late to see the cavs we've got you covered. >> and you're waking up with good morning cleveland right now. you see it is raining out there. do not forget your umbrella. we'll have the full
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a violent night on the city's west side, three separate shootings announced. and a school shut down after bed bugs discovered in classrooms. let's start with with good morning. >> good morning, everyone.
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as we head throughout the day. it's going to be persistent and consistent. we're going to see it all day long. it's going to be light that's the good news 58 degrees in cleveland. so we talk rain, here's a look at the temperatures is it going to get much warmer today? i can't say that it will. highs in the upper 50s for today. the hour by hour forecast notice the rain not going anywhere probably until around 10, 11 o'clock at night. i think that's when things will start to taper off but it's going to be a damp gloomy day. >> all right. we're starting to see the slow downs on 71 right now. the green indicating that yes, we are blanketed in rain. let's zoom into 71. tracking cars going about 23 miles per hour getting a report of an accident 490 eastbound on
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intersection. let's head outside for our odot look. backed up here. breaking overnight 7 people shot on the city's west side in less than 6 hours. we begin here with the most recent. this was the scene of a double shooting at bailey's bar. the two victims had already taken themselves to the hospital when police got there. both with non-life threatening injuries. and there were two shootings prior to the one you just told us about and right now police investigating two homicides this one happening near west 58th around 9 last night three men were shot, one in his 20s died before he could even make it to the hospital. the other two were taken to metro and an hour before that our crews were the first ones on this scene, two men were shot near here. police only found one of the them when they got there. he was shot
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now, someone else had taken the other guy to the hospital. right now police believe the two shootings not related. this morning a teenager is safe after being kidnaped in cleveland. >> you'll hear how they escaped only on 5. a convicted sex offender grabbed her from the rapid train station and dragged her around town for hours and tried to sell her for sex and tried to force her to take drugs. she got the eye of a restaurant worker who then called 911. >> there's no telling how many more victims will come forward and say hey i ran into him, he did the same thing to me. >> he grabbed me by my hair and pulling me back or wherever he was going. >> well that suspect brown is a 26-year old registered sex offender with 8 convictions. currently on probation for corruption of a minor. he's now facing a new list of charges.
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alliance high and now the school is taking extra precautions. we're live there this morning. what's being done? >> reporter: school officials say the entire building behind me will be inspected and chemically treated just to be extra careful. according to a post on the district's website there were four bed bugs found over the last four school days here. we're told a pest control company has gone through and treated the rooms where the bugs were found. the superintendent said the discoveries does not mean there's an infestation. they likely came from outside the school. he said the bugs do not pose a danger to the students. all other alliance city schools open today but again the high school is closed. certainly a good day to stay inside. back to you. also today students at youngstown east high going back to class. they'll be returning in small groups after a big fight over a pair of shoes.
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called into help even using pepper spray. several were detained and two face charges. a cleveland man who fatally shot another at a bar is set to be sentenced this morning. the 21-year old was found guilty of aggravated murder charges after he shot and killed a 30-year old at club fly high in january of last year. that bar shut down after that and several other violent crimes and the last two years. so the bar where the murder took place is set to reopen. and how neighbors reacting to this news? >> reporter: they're not happy after the string of violence. a judge has ruled that that establishment can reopen but not without some specific conditions but neighbors we spoke to wondering if the conditions will help make a difference at all. now, the club located on east 70th and superior avenue has been witness to two murders since 2013, one man killed outside and then in january of 2015, another murder inside forcing city officials to shut
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but now a judge says the bar's owner can reopen as long as he is change -- changes the name of the bar, hiring security guards and his doors close at midnight. >> it won't change. you know, it might make it a little better, but i don't think too much will change about it. >> reporter: we spoke to the owner who told us he does plan to open, as to what and when he has not decided. coming up our neighbors to the north stopping by for is up supper >> then a lifesaving gift a teacher puts together a special
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all right. i told you to go ahead and ask me your weather questions on twitter, one asked is it just going to be rain. >> yeah, how much rain, one to two inches. so not much but it will last all day long. we're talking temperatures when we come back.
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new flu cases popping up in ohio. it's more than double than the week before but the number of cases this season is way down, 553 since october compared to nearly 8,000 the same time last year. the doctors at the cleveland clinic say their study on uterus transplants will continue. doctors removed the implanted uterus after the woman who received it suffered complications. they're trying to figure out what went wrong. the clinic has nine others planned. a movie moment in wisconsin where a first grade girl was in desperate need of a kidney donor and her teacher realized she was a match and captured all this on camera. >> she decided to arrange a special surprise hiding the message inside a pink box.
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>> higher i thought i was coming to school because she was naughty. >> after reading it's a match the little girl hug and thanked her teacher. grandma thought she was in trouble. >> beautiful story. next nine firefighters hurt and dozens of businesses damaged, so what caused this massive explosion in seattle. >> and we're gearing up for our after show. you can check us
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good morning cleveland. and welcome to the morning sprint. our team working on two developing stories for you, one where bugs shutting down a high school and in cleveland where a troubled bar is getting a second chance. and breaking overnight a fire breaks out. and our weather and traffic
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>> if you're anything like me boy we already missing sunshine and temperatures in the 70s, it's raining, friday they dip really low we're not going to see any rain friday except early in the morning and saturday they'll go up, sunday that's when we'll see a day very similar to today. here is a look at our current radar. there we go. you can see that cold front continuing to push this way and it's going to push that rain along it. so it's moving up from the southwest and it's going to really just damper our day. this is a light rain. we're starting to see it pick up just a little bit. pushing forward notice the time stamps there, 9:45 a.m. we're still seeing some of the darker greens it looks like we're getting some alleviation but then is is
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it's going to be very wet, 6:45 p.m. still raining, then we take a look at 9:45 p.m. still raining the only difference is it is a little bit lighter and then we get that relief we're looking for. by friday morning no more rain just some clouds and we make way for sunshine. temperatures going to be in the 40s for your friday. today they're starting off in the 50s and going to remain what you're looking at right now. power 5, 7-day forecast we're looking at highs relatively mild today much cooler for friday don't forget sunday it will be raining and we have to leap forward or rather jump forward in time, okay. we're going to do some time traveling. >> that sounds like fun. all right. our maps here covered in green indicating where we are seeing that rain
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and 490 we're seeing an accident at 490 and broadway. 71 four live shots for you, the bottom left is 71 and west 25th. bumper to bumper. fire breaks out at an apartment building, this is the 4,400-block of laurel road. multiple crews responded. the buildings evacuated but the fire put out quickly and people back inside. we can tell you thankfully no one was hurt. >> reporter: good morning. a cleveland nightclub with a troubled past gets aproved to reopen once again but not without some trouble or feedback from neighbors who are wondering if the changes will help make a difference. it is club fly high, it's been witness to two murders since 2013. one man killed outside and then lash convicted for murdering a 30-year old inside the club back
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for months a judge says the bar's owner can reopen as long as as he changes the name of the bar and has security guards onsite and closes at midnight. lash will be sentenced here later this morning. >> reporter: good morning. alliance high will be closed today because of bed bugs. school officials say the entire building will be inspected and chemically treated just as a precaution. according to a statement on the district's website there were four bed bugs days here. we're told a pest control company has already gone through the rooms where the bugs were found. in a letter the superintendent said the discovery does not mean the school is infested. he believes they likely came from outside the school and he said the bugs students.
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alliance city schools open today. the had high school will >> thank you. happening today cleveland mayor frank jackson set to address. today. this is the mayor's 11th address so far and last year his speech focused on improving the with state budget cuts. we are also expecting to learn more about a string of drug overdoses in lorain county. police will have a joint press conference this afternoon and plan to give an update on their investigation. in just the last two weeks at least 8 people have died after overdoses. a 17-year old high school student could spend time behind bars for allegedly posting naked photos of classmates on tumblr. the pictures were discovered in january but it took a month for the website to cooperate with police and help them find the person responsible.
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counts. criminal record. a former akron children's hospital nurse is facing felony charges after she was caught stealing prescription pain-killers while on duty. she admit to stealing fentanyl. it has been in the news lately because dealers making it with heroin. the nurse is out on bond right now and due back in court march a 25th. kent state to make the campus smoke free. the university's current policy limits spoking and tobacco use to at least 20 feet away from buildings and bans it in university vehicles. well this next bit of news has been hot on social media. we have been tweeting about it all morning. so let me know what you think about this. we
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cheese and chocolate lovers out there, reports that grandpa's cheese barn is opening a new location closer to cleveland. it has been a long-time landmark but the new store is going to be on cleveland road in norton in summit county and we want to know what you like to get from there. well getting out of town seems to be good for the cavaliers. they played late last night and focused on getting k love into the mix. the coach blamed himself saying he got lost in the shuffle somehow. they play the lakers tonight. >> my parents in la and so excited about this game.
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>> manzel is still on the roast at the. wide receiver benjamin is going to san diego. schwartz is heading to kansas city and gibson will move to jacksonville with a deal worth more than $35 million. don't go anywhere. we have another look at weather and traffic together. you can see it is a wet start to your morning. so do not forget your umbrella today. >> or maybe your rain boots too.
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breaking overnight, five people shot to death at a home just east of pittsburgh, police now searching for at least two gunman here. police say it happened at a backyard cook out. the first shots fired from an alley behind the home right into
6:53 am
people then tried to run-ins when someone opened fire on the back porch. four women, one man were killed, three others hurt and in the hospital this morning. and at this point no one is in custody. well now to the top stories in seattle the clean up only just beginning in that explosion and fire that devastated an entire neighborhood. >> and the firefighters who were injured all out of the hospital this morning. at least 36 businesses were damaged in the explosion. police increasing patrols to keep lewders away. >> well the problems condition for volkswagon the top american executive ceo michael horn has resigned effective immediately. in a statement the company says he reached an agreement with the parent company to leave. they've been under fire since admitting some of their cars included software that was programmed to cheat emission tests.
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down his list of possible supreme court nominees. the president will start interviewing five candidates. they're all current u.s. court of appeals judges. republicans still vowing to block any nomination until the next president is in office. hillary clinton and better than these sanders taking the stage last night. sanders is back pedalling his stance on the ongoing erie county mail scandal. tuesday democrats and republicans vote in florida and ohio. and he may not be running for president any more but jeb bush is is still keeping a close eye on the race. he's expected to meet with all the hopefuls this week expect donald trump trying to figure out who ellen endorse. well for the gop the latest fiction news poll sandusky kasich with a five point lead over donald trump in ohio.
6:55 am
has the support of 34% of likely republican voters, trump has 29%, ted cruz is at 19 and marco rubio has 7% and here's an interesting note a quarter of kasich's supporters say they could windup voting for another candidate. and they face off again in tonight's debate. donald trump predicts will be nicer. >> the last two are were rough with marco rubio and trump engaging incredibly personal attacks. and that debate starts at 8:30 on cnn. also canadian prime minister trudeau will be the guest of honor in a white house state dinner. he's tweeted health looking forward to it. it features american and canadian favorites and will feature
6:56 am
nancy reagan is lying in repose for public viewing. thousands have already come out to pay their respects. a private funeral is set for tomorrow before she is buried next to her husband at a hillside tomb. one last check of the weather taking it hour by hour you can see temperatures not going much of anywhere. we're starting off in the 50s and ending in the 50s. a cool down is expected for tomorrow. the rain is not letting up today. one to two inches. it's going to be raining consistently throughout the day. just tracking one accident 490 eastbound at broadway avenue, that right lane is blocked. and you're looking at four live shots, four live pictures of 71, bumper or bumper. we've been moving okay at other times. in the upper
6:57 am
flowing just fine. so for the most part we're okay but extra slick hid row planing always a concerning. coming up two women find out by surprise they are sisters after knowing each other and close by to each other for years. >> so we're going to hear from the two women and they're doing to share their stories. >> don't forget to join us at 7:30 for our post show on facebook live.
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good morning, america. state of a foot of rain drowning the south. devouring homes. sweeping away trucks and buses. nine states now under flood watches as the northeast facestemperatures. >> breaking overnight a deadly rampage. at least five killed after a gunfight breaks out at a backyard barbecue. the massive manhunt for the now. making headlines, hillary clinton and bernie sanders trading blows overnight. >> madam secretary, i will match my record against yours week. >> my dad used to say if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. >> when donald trump dances his way to the gop nominations with his tough talk about muslims.


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