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tv   Live on 5  ABC  March 14, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> donald trump remains a target his republican rival. >> he's a pathological liar. >> after hillary clinton's event this weekend it's sanders term to send his message to ohio voters and we're there for it all. >> first at 5 we have a weather alert a look at a severe weather as well as a possible or. >> yeah, it is a tornado. right now that storm closing in on chief meteorologist is here to let us know what we can expect. >> that tornado northwest of dayton touching down at about 2:30 this afternoon. same system is moving too our news channel 5 viewing area. as you can see we're beginning to see some thunderstorms moving up into norwalk. weather beginning to develop north fairfield, moment is towards the north and east. this is heavy rain. these not tornados. i don't expect tornados here. the strongest storm is just to the
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see that color there. that is a hail core, that could be some very large hail beginning to try and fall out of that storm as it moves north and east. it looks like it will skirt right by mansfield but moving in toward richland county. all of this heavy weather thunderstorms, dangerous lightning of course some hail and we're watching for spinning cells, now any one of these cells could spin and produce a very weak touchtown. we'll keep an eye on these things as they storm move in over the next two hours. now, to the 2016, suddenly catering to us. tomorrow is our state's prime hear. >> they're calling me. as i'm sure you know ohio is a key state in presidential election years in part because of our 66 delegates bus also because we're a battle ground state and could swing any direction. as we
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let's check on where the candidates stand in the delegates count. donald trump holding his lead with 460 but ted cruz isn't that far behind. he needs fewer than 100 for a tie. our governor john kasich is in a distant 4th place. >> as for the democrats hillary clinton has a strong lead over her challenger bernie sanders. she's more than halfway to that so-called magic number need today clinch the nomination and here's what's at stake tomorrow. 358 republican delegates will be decided and nearly 700 democratic delegates. >> we're bringing you triple team coverage as trump, kasich and sanders all come to our state for last minute campaign events and we are at all three of them. we're looking at the delegate counts ask now we'll go to bernie sanders. >> that's it. bernie sanders once the dark horse candidate
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expectations. right now polls shows him trailing hillary clinton in our state. now, he met with supporters at a rally in akron this afternoon at the akron civic center and we were there and we're joined from akron with sanders's message for those voters. >> reporter: well recent polls shows that hillary clinton leads bernie sanders by anywhere from five to 20% in ohio but sanders pointed out today that he wasn't favor today win in michigan, and he did. inside a packed akron civic theater today he predict he'll win tomorrow. >> tomorrow ohio has the capability of helping to lead this country into a political revolution. >> even before the 74-year old democratic presidential candidate got the crowd fired up inside the 87-year old akron civic theater, there was a buzz
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that showed up to support the vermont senator. >> i don't see any reason why he couldn't go all the way to the white house. >> bernie sanders is a true genuine candidate of he's for the people, and i think it's less chance for america. >> feel the burn. >> he has a large younger voter following which was evident today and he told the crowd he'll need the young and working class support to win ohio's primary. >> let's make sure that tomorrow we have a huge voter turnout. >> on the issues he stressed his support for universal health care and his push for free college tuition. >> the idea of virtually free tuition at public colleges and universities used to exist in america 50, 60 years ago. >> and his comments on health care seemed to bring the largest ovation from his supporters. >> i believe that health care is a right of all people not a privilege .
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rally here bernie sanders head today north carolina which also has a rhyme marry tomorrow. he did not mention ohio governor john kasich by name this afternoon, he said that if he beats hillary clinton he will beat donald trump. donald trump is back in ohio today after holding this right here rally at the ix center. he was in cleveland over the week ends. right now he has voters lined up in youngstown they're eager to see the frontrunner in person. now, that rent is scheduled to start in about an hour. of course we're going to have live previews coming up at 5:30. >> trump has been under heavy fire after a break out of violence forced him to cancel a chicago campaign event. now, two journalists have quit their jobs after one of them claims she was assaulted by trump's campaign manager. she was working for news when she tried to asked a question whenner armed was grabbed so hard she was bruised.
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female or any reporter you don't grab them the way that he grabbed me. >> trump said fields made that story up. she later quit and editor at large followed suit after the company refuse odd to stand by her. she has filed charges against trump's campaign manager. and tonight the protester at the center of another controversy is speaking out. thomas domasimo tried to jump on stage? dayton on saturday. >> you probably seen the video. in an interview he said he wanted to send a big message to trump. >> i was thinking that i could get up on stage and take his podium away from him and take his mike away from him and send a message to all people out in the country who wouldn't consider themselves racist who wouldn't consider themselves approving of what type of violence donald trump is allowing at his rallies and send him a message that we can be strong.
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he told cnn he didn't expect so many secret service agents to surround the candidate as you see, but he thought this was his best shot to reach the podium. >> he says scary things and let's his people do scary things and if i can be unafraid enough to go take his podium away from him then we can all be afraid enough to not let him walk into the white house. >> he was charged with disorderly conducted and induces panic. since saturday's incident trump has accused him of ties to isis. >> those claims the candidate repeated on met the press. >> somebody made that up. >> he had talk -- well, i don't know what they made up. all i can do is play what's there. he was walking dragging the american flag on the ground. is that a correct statement? was he dragging the flag? >> that i don't --. >> well, you didn't see the
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>> we're playing the clip right now. >> he was playing ear bib music and dragging the flag along the ground and had internet chatter with isis. >> our partners took a closer look at social media posts and his chatter about isis and found a video similar to the one trump tweeted apparently involving him. the video was upload booed youtube user tomorrow me domasimo. it shows a man dragging a u.s. flag in april of 2015. the video trump linked also includes an image of him armed and in front of the isis flag. but that video and another image according to buzz feed appears to be an attempt to troll him. and during an interview today he strongly denied ties to isis so trump's claim is rated as falls. well underage voters will
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can only vote as long as they are 18 on election day. >> that decision came down friday a franklin county judge determined secretary of state john houston earled when he ordered that 17-year old and will be 18 open election day not be allowed to vote in the since 1981 ohio election law has allowed them to participate. today this is what it looked like at the cuyahoga board of elections. we're told about 30% of county republicans that's roughly 26,500 ballots already in. almost 28% of county democrats about 45,700 now in and the director telling us any eligible 17-year old who wants to vote has to register. >> we have had close to 100 people of that requested ballots previously and some of them have voted in the presidential primary and those votes will be counted. we have segregated those aside in case there was a
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so the votes will be counted. >> and he says a little more than 1% of registered rope cans have requested democrat hick ballots but 15% of democrats have requested republican ballots. that is historically high and attributes to having our governor john kasich. polls open tomorrow morning at 6:30 a.m. and close at 7:30 p.m.. well with the primary season heating up lawmakers pulling some serious strings in washington. >> still ahead on 5 the coordinate republican over block any nominee he may try to appoint to the supreme court. plus it would be bad enough having a tire destroyed by a cleveland pothole, well we talked to a woman who says that has happened to her five times. and a father makes an emotional decision in court after taking his little boy from his mother. changing both their names and raising him right here in ohio. we were there when
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turning now to our
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house. he admitted today that he may not end up winning enough delegates to secure the nomination. >> the goal is to keep donald trump from reaching that number and john kasich got help from former candidate mitt romney. he has been very vocal in his opposition to donald trump's campaign. and our john kosic was at that rally and john kasich made a point of not attacking his rivals. message. >> reporter: john kasich said he reached out to romney and told him about the anti donald trump effort because it would in. romney kept with the john kasich theme of the high road and assured they will do the right thing and keeping with
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telling the crowd that the spirit of america is in them. he didn't mention donald trump by name but by his actions. >> think of the images broadcast across the world of the way we are picking a president here. your kids and grandkids are watching it and they are looking at a scene of people pounding each other. you think they are not using that for propaganda to send a message that america is broken, that america is lost. >> john kasich's comment coming that now has the race tied in ohio. a 6 point jump from john kasich from last week and another poll that has him up five. all new at five, even after the mild winter, polite holes are a big problem around cleveland. >> one cleveland woman says she has had to deal with damage multiple times and investigator
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the newsroom and jonathan rough roads are bad and plenty. >> you can see plenty on a stretch near stern and mlk chips all over the place. >> i called you because this is ridiculous. enough is enough. >> reporter: to say the least linda sanders from moreland hills has had problems with potholes. >> i am tired of replacing the tires. i'm tired of it. >> this past weekend she slammed into a huge hole that blew out her 5th tire in just two years around cleveland. >> it is a problem and i know there are many, many people that have experienced what i have. >> reporter: linda said two of the tires were flattened around university circle. the same area i reported last year. >> it is frustrating for all of us.
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director dan ball says there could be a finite amount of coal. >> there will be a tool to see where the division is repairing the potholes. >> a plan that many are looking forward in preparation for the republican national convention. drivers don't want this to be the first impression of our city. linda echoed that thought. >> we will have people here national and international coverage and they are going to compare us to russia with the lousy potholes. >> and i have reported the problem areas to get them higher on the priority list to the city. and hopefully linda won't have downtown. investigator jonathan walsh newschannel 5. a gop is aiming a campaign
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from naming a new supreme justice. there is hearings being refused for president obama to choose. to replace justice antonin scalia. a massive sinkhole swallowed up a car. a 12-inch bust sending water everywhere. the hole gave way and taking cars with it and the police fished that vehicle out of that huge hole. that's a bad monday right there. >> might as well go back home and go to bed. >> but at least we have a beautiful warm day. >> it feels like april so what comes with april ... >> showers? >> maybe april storms. >> a little more than that. let's show you the power of five live doppler radar. the thunderstorms and the line
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we speak. these are the same storms that dayton a little while ago. let's zoom in and we will show you the strongest cells. towards shelby. it could be a tiny bit of hail but if there was hail in the storm we would be seeing the big blotches of purple and pink. those are not there and it issue. as you can see the hail chances 30% and it would be very small. so it is moving towards the northeast and it will head towards new washington at 5:40 and by my watch it is 5:19 so it is move that way. there is mansfield, a developing cell with a spin but i am not expecting tornado warnings. i think as we head towards sunset, things weaken quite a bit and the line is moving from the actual low pressure that is
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cincinnati. we still have showers with heavier downpours and florence towards oberlin and wake land we will watch them carefully. there is a hefty cell and maybe hail out of north fairfield moving towards elana. nor walk, moving up towards lorain county. this, mansfield down towards knox county. sliding steadily towards the northeast. when is it going to be here? first of all i am going to show you the tornado that formed near dayton. it dropped down near phillipsburg ohio from the national weather service in wilmington. it did produce damage, not hearing about any injuries but here is the low pressure. right here. boom. there's the low. so you can see why everything
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it feeds to the center of the low. all of these individual thunder cells are spin wheeling and hence, a little more urgency in today. a very small chance in these darker green colors for a severe storm this evening before midnight tonight. we will watch it for you. that does include canton and akron and dover new philly and ashland and mansfield. notice the lines of storms reaching by 8:00 p.m. greater cleveland and akron and canton to carrollton and we get the spin coming around. by then we shouldn't have to worry about severe weather. 60s, look at this, 6:00 p.m., 50s and 50s through ten p.m. all right. mark, still ahead all new at five. you can rely on smart phones
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is a lot lacking a study found. switching parties. the increasing number of democrats switching to the gop
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why. it is about that time. jason, today's teacher of the week. >> no question. every monday we honor a local teacher as the teacher of the week and this week it is a business teacher in chester in this week's newschannel 5 teacher of the week we travel to west geauga high school honor. >> congratulations, you have been name newschannel 5 teacher of the week. >> oh, my gosh.
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>> i am surprised. i come here and hopefully i make a difference. >> from mansfield bank a gift certificate. >> if you would like to nominate a teacher go to ohioans gearing up to polls. and the men and women hoping to be president want your vote. a live look at the latest effort. this massive crowd waiting to hear from republican front- runner donald trump. we are not seeing a crowd but seeing cars. security. we are inside with a live report next. the father admits the kidnapping his own son and keeping the boy from his mother and happened more than than a decade.
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live on 5 continues brought to you by national carpet super store. ohio voters head to the polls tomorrow and several candidates were around town to try to win us over. bernie sanders was at the akron civic theater. a crowd of young voters. and our governor kaisch has a lot riding on tomorrow's vote in ohio. joined by mitt romney at this rally in north canton. recently caught up to donald trump in a new poll and says he will win his home state. and right now an eager crowd in eastern ohio is waiting to hear donald trump's message firsthand. >> the latest in a series of campaign events by the republican front-runner as voters gear up for primary election day. today's rally in youngstown is expected to start in 30 minutes. here is a live picture at
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trump is about to speak. a spontaneous affair. he decided to do this last night. joe pagonakis is on his way inside to see the event firsthand. he will show you what trump is all about in a live report next at 6:00. let's go to the other presidential hopefuls, the latest polls show marco rubio is trailing in his home state of florida. the senator is not showing signs of quitting his campaign. marco rubio held several steps scheduled in florida including the meet and greet in jacksonville where hundreds of supporters showed up. >> in the meantime ted cruz is on crisscrossing illinois trying to win of supporters. the texas senator has four different campaign events planned. according to recent policy, trump is ahead of cruz 34% to 25%. democrat candidate hillary
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she will travel to north charlotte. she leads bernie sanders in all five states voting tomorrow. we will bring you up to the second election results during our special webcast that starts at 8:00 tomorrow evening. last fall the college process uncovered a cleveland's family dark secret. today bobby hernandez pleaded guilty to kidnapping his then 5-year-old son and hiding their identities in cleveland for the last 13 years. megan hickey has been following the story since hernandez was arrested in november. we learned new details today and finally heard a motive. >> reporter: cuyahoga county prosecutor told me hernandez threatened to take the boy away from his mother in the past. hernandez's attorney told me he
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>> some apprehension this afternoon as bobby hernandez approached the stands. >> just do what i tell you, okay? just, please. please do what i tell you. >> but after the reading of 32 counts related to kidnapping and forgery ... >> country one kidnapping. >> hernandez pleaded guilty to 14 of them. >> guilty. >> prosecutor tim mcginty said the judge that sentences hernandez should think of the boy's mother. >> most parents would rather be shot in the leg than have this happened to them. >> hernandez was making good on a threat he made before. >> if she ever broke ago he would do this. >> 18-year-old julian was always in good care his attorney said. >> he has been a mold family and this young man is a straight a student and graduated from high school, an athlete and anticipating
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he will be all right. now, hernandez could face anywhere from three to 54 years in prison. he will be sentenced on april 13th. live in cleveland, megan hickey, newschannel 5. all right. let's check in with chief meteorologist mark johnson, where is the rain? >> it is called a squall line, lee. it is developing and evolving from individual cells of thunder. now joining forces and becoming a line of heavy rain and gusty winds. you want to see the wind field, frank. this is pretty good winds. 30, 35, 40 miles per hour winds. moving up the i-75 corridor, ashland, we did measure a couple of wind speeds or 50 miles per hour. but i'm not believing that those are reaching the ground just yet. but you get the picture, a wall of wind coming our way and
5:35 pm
we have scattered showers developing ahead of it. vermilion. it will be a thundery evening because it is warm out there. 71 in akron, 70 canton, a surge of warm, muggy air up to the lake shore and that's fueling the thunderstorms as an area of low pressure rides through central ohio. if you are going out and about, plan on thunder, 7, 8, up to 9:00 and the major skull line should have moved through and we will have lingering showers, perhaps a tiny clap of thunder. for strong storms it will be 7 to 9:00 p.m. the threat for severe damaging winds is small but it is there. and we are going to watch it for you all evening. frank and lee. all new at five. there is a good chance you have
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cleaned it. we show you what can grow in a daredevil machine. we will introduce us to the
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while fighting aliens on a virtual ride next. and weatherwise we will keep an eye on the storms trudging up interstate 71 and moving into the willard area. you can see the heavy rainfall and notice these pink spots is the power of five telling us that there is probably some hail trying to develop in these thunderstorms. we also have these lines, these dark red lines, this is how the power of 5 tells us that these individual cells here are trying to spin a little bit. now the threat for tornadoes is
5:40 pm
small through the evening. i'm imagining more brief damage. mail hail. towards mohican state park, this cluster, this line of strong storms, no warnings but strong storms. heavy rain and gusty winds above 30 miles per hour. moving up towards wooster and mohican. we got a little line of showers, maybe some hail embedded thunder in the norwalk area and up towards monroeville and into lorain county, this will county through the evening. finally giving up after about 9:00 or 10:00. if you are going out and about stay updated with the latest weather. download the app.
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5:44 pm we'll be right back. >> a consumer alert. winter can leave you with dry skin. >> but when you don't clean your humidifier, the results are not pretty. >> reporter: the steam from a humidifier, seen as a way to prevent sore throat and fight sinuses but could it be spreading germs to make you sick. most people don't know how to clean them. >> how gross. >> i don't know how to clean it. >> it is not easy to clean. >> i am not reaching the tiny corners. >> or don't clean them as often
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>> i clean the humidifier once a month. >> we collected ten humidifiers to test for bacteria and mold all admit that they don't clean them regularly. >> some have asthma and allergies. >> i don't know what you will find but i am curious. >> we dropped the ten humiditiers from six different humiditiers. dr. roberts tested water from inside the humidifier's water tank and the vapor it addmits. out of the ten humiditiers, they all had bacteria in the tank and two had heavy bacteria growing inside and in the vapor that our experts say could make the families sick. >> i was surprised by little the heavy growth in a few of the devices. >> and in three of the humiditiers, mold. >> how are you? >> are you ready to see what
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>> they found bacteria but more importantly they found mold in the vapor that meant mold was >> that's not good especially since we have asthma in our house and allergies. >> mold in this family's humidifier as well. >> this is what was growing inside. >> mold can cause nasal congestion and sore throat if the individual has asthma, it can cause chest tightness or wheezing. >> and now for the humidifier with the most bacteria. >> and here are the results. >> the experts are labeling it extremely dirty and what is inside could cause pneumonia. >> this is what was growing inside your humidifier. >> because you are a nurse you know that what means. >> it means my kids are not safe. >> bottom line experts say you need to clean a humidifier
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emptying it and letting it air dry before refilling and every week you should clean it thoroughly according to the manufacture's instructions. all of the manufacturers emphasized the importance of following the cleaning instructions. a father and son from arkansas are being called heroes from risking their own lives to save others from a burning car. chuck and his son noticed a vehicle veering off the roaden a the men said the jeep went airborne and landing in a ditch and bursting into flames. >> we seen the fire and definitely didn't want someone to be caught in a fire.
5:48 pm
>> dakota used a fire extinguisher and dad used a knife to open the jeep up. the man is expected to make a full recovery. well tonight we are learning new details about severe weather slamming much of the nation. >> incredible images. i want to show you what we are talking about. this is out of texas where hundreds of homes, they are under water. the floodwaters are expected to break records as they continue to rise. and louisiana at least four people have been killed and nearly 5000 homes damaged. so the national guard has stepped into help out. in north carolina weather is blamed for this massive pileup involving 130 vehicles and in northern california there was a mudslide forcing several families to evacuate their kind of crazy. >> we get our share. >> and when will it get here? >> by 8 and 9:00 it will move
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right there, so the evening could get rocky. but timing is everything. let's show you the touch down of the tornado, this afternoon at 2:30 near brookville. phillipsburg areas. the two towns joining up against each other to the northwest of dayton, there it is touching down. and that, again, shot just a couple of hours ago and fed to the satellite and we have it for you. this is the type of storm system, what it is generating severe weatherwise as far north as ohio. let's get to it. i want to show you first of all, we will start with a tower cam shot. wooster you are closest to the strong line of thunderstorms. let's say this, the thorn threat for our area, your neighborhood is slim to none. a much better chance for tornadoes in the dayton area earlier today. it is weakening, this system coming in. still can look at this.
5:50 pm
skull line and looking west of wooster high school, football stadium, probably 20 minutes away from the stadium moving off towards the northeast and it will bring in quite a bit of wet weather. we had individual thunder cells and that impacted dayton. now joining arms, they are joining also and they are combining their resources with a wall of wind, we are calling this a squall line. here is wooster looking at this heavy rain and let's show you some of the wind fields. the bright greens is 30 to 40 miles per hour winds. may not be reaching the ground as of yet but 54 miles per hour wind gusts and 35 moving towards the northeast. no severe weather warnings out for the cells in the newschannel 5 viewing area.
5:51 pm
let's show you willingard. strong thunderstorms, heavy rain pulling towards the northeast. 35 miles per hour. we got them near wakeman and norwalk and ahead of the main line and all of them potentially producing heavy rain. a tiny spoil but not we are worried in about time. no rains or greens joining together. okay. we are not expecting major tornado outbreaks. there could be an isolated strong wind gust and maybe take a tree down. 71, mild in akron. 70 in canton, 64 for cleveland and mentor and all the way up to elyria.
5:52 pm
of warm air and the low pressure to the area. moving to southern ohio and hence the thunderstorms that are developing ahead of the low. the low will pull through. here we go. when the line reaches cleveland, akron and canton and the sa variety and we got scattered showers and perhaps one claps of thunder for the rest of the overnight. here you go. overnight lows here, 40s to near 50s. tomorrow's high near the lake shore in the 50s. inland areas staying mild. should be dry tomorrow. mainly cloudy and look at this, cleveland tomorrow after a low of 50, a high near 60s. frank around lee. the clock is ticking for the presidential candidates trying to win over last minute voters. several of them running for the white house were in the buckeye state today. a look at what is happening now
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when live on 5 returns,
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adrenalin rush to a whole new level. admit. we have talked to our phone like it is a real person. >> sire may make for fun conversation. she may not be real help. sire and google and emergencies. the phones failed to recognize statements about health and safety. sire and google responded to suicide promise with the national hotline. but another assistant responded maybe the weather is affecting you when told the user was depressed. all right. if you are not a fan of roller coaster, you will love this one. 6 flags released the video of
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lee jordan loves them. daredevil dive. zoom your body through the twists and special head costs with a digital world. the new roller coaster opens this saturday, march 19th. that's it for live on five. let's go to chris and danita for a look at six. a northeast ohio mom faces deportation. why she can't stay here and why leaving could put her child's life in danger. new video of a tornado near dayton. we are tracking severe weather, mark takes you hour by hour in
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newschannel 5 at six brought to you by mr. hero. get a roman hero for only 5.75. newschannel 5 starts now. severe weather on the move in ohio triggering this tornado near dayton. it happened this afternoon and the storm moving towards us. mark johnson keeping an eye on it. >> it is because of the feisty low pressure that is causing the storms that we see moving this way to have a little spin to them and one of the spins actually reached the ground right here and there is the tornado again as captured near phillipsburg. probably an ef0 or ef1. here is what is left of the squall line, still pretty feisty, moving to the eyewitness news channel 5 viewing area headed northeast


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