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tv   News Channel 5 at 6pm  ABC  March 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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tgif. the weekend is finally here. spring is around the correspond. >> mark johnson, you have some news folks may not want to hear about on the first day of spring. >> just as the clock strikes spring, 12:30 a.m. sunday morning, the snow is likely going to begin to fall for many of you across northern ohio all because of this guy here. this is a strong low pressure coming out of the south. the low is just going to graze us. it is going to head toward the east coast. but enough of this moisture here will move in at least to the eastern half of the state to make you notice the snow is falling, could be some accumulation on the grassy surfaces by church time on sunday morning into early afternoon, too. here is the front coming in. that's going to bring in some much cooler air. highs in the 30s through the weekend, lows in the 20s. the cold air is here. so any moisture that does arrive in the form of precipitation, it will be snow. so right now we've got a couple
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cold front barely reaching the ground if at all. i will mention an isolated evening shower four. current temperatures too warm to snow right now. 49 akron, still 50 dover new philly. so your evening is going to be already. notice temperatures in the 40s, into the 30s by 10:00 p.m. so winter coat weather, maybe a sprinkle for the next two hours. the snow arrives in earnest saturday evening. we will track that hour by hour and give you expectations for snowfall totals. frank just loves to shovel. >> you know it. thanks a lot. new developments in a deadly mystery. corey barron died after falling down a garbage chute in 2014. >> investigators say his death was no accident. newschannel5 investigator sarah buduson has more details for us. sarah, they say it was foul play. >> reporter: danita, that is their conclusion. and the investigators tell us the people in these pictures could hold the key to finally
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>> these three photos here are particularly important. >> reporter: richard desperately wants to find the people shown in these to togs. >> our interest in them is to talk with them about others who section. they were among the concert goers seated insection 541 at progressive field curing this 2014. the last place 22-year-old corey barron was seen alive. >> this is an opening to the chute room chute. this is where corey's body, we believe, was dumped. >> reporter: barron's body was found four days later in the lorain county lappedfill. the coroner couldn't identify a cause of death. cleveland police soon closed the case, saying there wasn't enough evidence a crime occurred.
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explain how barron fell five stories down a trash chute inside the stadium. but now after their eight-month investigation, richard and his team are convinced barron's death was not a drunken accident or a they believe he was murdered. there are just a few clues about who could have done it. a witness reportedly saw corey barron arguing with a man in section 541. a man these concert goers must have seen. a man who could help unravel the mystery. barron's family is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to a conviction. if you have information, call investigators at 877-637-6600. we wanted to know if cleveland has any plans to take another look at the case so we reached out to city officials. they say they would consider reopening the case if any new evidence sun covered. on your side, i'm investigator
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been made in the death of five- month-old aavielle wakefield. charles caldwell turned himself in after warrant was issued for his arrest last month. court papers say caldwell was the one who fired a gun at the car wakefield was in last october. sitting in her car seat wakefield was hit with a bullet and died. two other people have been arrested and charged in connection with that shooting. and this just into our newsroom. a cleveland police officer has been arrested for felony saw. police chief calvin williams says officer david mann assaulted a female acquaintance this morning while he was off duty. the 33-year-old has been with the force just over two years and has been suspended without pay pending the investigation. also just in to our newsroom the family of brandon jones, an 18-year-old shot and killed by a cleveland police officer, suing the police department. in march of last year jones was seen breaking into a store.
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jones charged at them, and officer alan burks -- officer alan buford fired his weapon. democracy 2016, back to the campaign for ohio governor john kasich. he was scheduled to hold four town halls in utah today where he is looking to build momentum aves super tuesday win right here at home. kasich and ted cruz will look to take as many delegates as they can as they try to keep one front runner donald trump. do you want to belly up to the bar in the wee hours of the morning? you may be able to during the rnc this summer. bars and restaurants across our area are applying to stay open until 4:00 a.m. during the convention. tara molina has the details. >> reporter: well, guys, it's not just cleveland bars and restaurants looking to stay open late, or early, depending
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14 here in westlake. this major event waiver allows for bars and restaurants to stay open an hour and a half later. the rnc meets all qualifications for the waiver. any business in cuyahoga or the surrounding counties can apply but the hours will only be extended july 17th through the 21st. the cabin club is one of 14 bars and restaurants that have applied for the waiver in westlake. they told me it's all about accommodating the 50,000 expected to travel to northeast ohio. >> we want to make sure we have the longer liquor license so if somebody is starting dinner at 11, 12, it's not that cut-off time. >> reporter: the deadline is coming up march 21st. for a full list of bars and restaurants that have applied check out our app, news net 5. tara molina, newschannel5. >> so it's a call more and more police departments are getting these days. people concerned about spotting coyotes. university heights police is report a couple of folks
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and newschannel5's john kosich learned more and more about the zyings. john, really, it's not all that unusual. >> it's becoming more and more freak went. it's really not cause for alar. coyotes are common throughout all of ohio's counties. if you see them on your property look to remove that which may be attracting them. garbage outside, pet food, and uncleaned gray. they prey primarily on small animals like rodents but they have had run-ins with pets. >> this time of year is their breeding season. and after they breed about 60 days later they're having pups. so they're good parents. and just like a human would be with our children, if they view something as a threat, they may stand their ground. so it's best to usually back up out of the area and let them be. >> wildlife officials say people commonly see coyotes and think wolf. there are no wolves in the wild in ohio.
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after sesk 18 years on the cleveland city council, joe sirkz mperman has picked kerry mccormick to replace him. he resigned from his position earlier this year to take on a new job at global cleveland which is a nineteen profit welcoming new people to the city. he was councilman forward three which represents parts of downtown, ohio city, and tremont. the state released a new job look at the job market as in the employment rate did not change this month. according to the department of job and family services, there were more than 285,000 ohioans who collected unemployment last month. compared to last year the unemployment rate is down .2 of a point. the current unemployment rate matches the national average at 4.9. we have new surveillance
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driving over a bridge near cincinnati. a home security camera caught the car going over the bridge and into a river earlier this week. it all happened as a result of a 12-car crash in the area of the bridge. police believe they have an idea who was in the car after family member contacted them inquiring about a missing person. the description of that person's car matches the car that went into the river. there's still a lot of questions that they will get answers to once divers are able to get into the water. >> the most important aspect of this recovery is the occupants of the vehicle. so we're not going to rush anything that might disturb that. >> and they're in the sure how many people may have been in the car. they say the earliest they will be able to get into the water is next week. screw well, coming up, all new at 6:00 -- >> a super sized movement to down size your home. tiny homes seem to be taking over the nation. and now they are coming to cleveland. leon bibb takes us inside one. plus, caring for a local
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making sure we can protect the an malls. you. and you've almost made it to spring on your calendar. just like clockwork mother nature is switching back to winter. we've got snow to track on the power of 5. >> if you see news happening text or e-mail us. 5 tips at, or
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late break details out of paris. that's where leaders are speak out just hours after an accused terrorist was arrested. police apprehended salah abdeslam. after today's raid french's president said that november's plot was bigger than thought and that we should expect more arrests. if small is what you are looking for in a house we may have the house four. >> he will op bib found a house so small he had to crawl upstairs just to see the
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>> at the cleveland convention center there are houses that are so tiny, eight feet wide, 20 feet long, leon almost could touch all the walls while standing in one place. >> reporter: after a hard day's work there's nothing like coming home to go upstairs and take a nap, if you can get upstairs. and we'll try. you've heard of downsizing, getting the home down to a manageable size. maybe is this is what has meant. so your house has gotten to be too much for you. it's a tiny house you need. at the convention center tiny houses are the big draw. the accent is on tiny. this is a house built by 84 lumber. >> they're just so fascinating to me. >> you're in the dining area. >> yes. >> i'm in the living room. >> yes. >> and the kitchen is right there. >> then the bedroom is upstairs. >> and you're in the bed radio. >> reporter: there was a big line. folks were trying to squeeze
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but don't blink. you might miss it. still, everything fits nicely if you don't have that much stuff. >> they can get so much in there, and it's so cute. >> but there's a tiny house competition. small places cle has squeezed into the business, too. maybe each company is trying to out-small the other. shoulder to shoulder there, stay friendly in a small space. you keep bumping into each other, no matter, karen scott bought this one. >> i don't really like having all the in the my life any more, and i want to live a much more simple, small life. >> her bed is a pull-outer. floor. all tease houses are tight, but they're right, if small is all you want. thanks for stopping by my new placements i would invite you in. i just don't have the room. good night, everybody. >> you said not for you, danita? >> not tore me. >> mark?
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>> three nos. airbnb is charging -- or changing its practices ahead of the rnc. here's y. as of april 1st the short-term home rental company will start charging an excise tax for people staying right here in cuyahoga county. they say this will guarantee our community benefits when local people open their homes to visitors. snow after the death of canton canine officer jethro there has been a renewed push to get bulletproof vests for could thine officers. one group of students got together to help protect those that protect them. >> the black river middle school student body gathered today to see what their work accomplished. canine miko was there to show off her equipment. she has been with the sheriff's office the last three years. the vest is used to protect the four-legged officers when they and their handlers end up in
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>> these dogs are selfless. they will give their lives for us, the handlers, as well as may fellow officer, and for the community. and knowing that there's a little extra protection there for her, it helps ease the fear of so many of these situations. >> and officer miko is still getting used to the vest but sergeant kits is grateful for the gesture. i think she looks great. >> she does. perfect fit. >> yep. >> great day. >> tiny house? >> no. >> you're not happy. >> you don't want to sleep the same place you eat, do you. >> i just think i would go crazy. i need some space. i need to stretch. >> i caught that. >> hey, i want to show you something that's kind of tranquil. >> we need it. >> the sun there is set, there it is, coming into downtown cleveland. love this tower cam shot. the sun going down. take pictures, tweet them to
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love seeing that. another pleasant evening. dry for the most part what. we have going on right here is we have a little front, a cold front. i will try and draw that in. here it is. cold front right here. it's going to slide southward overnight. it may stir up an isolated sprinkle. it's stirring up some clouds. we're trying to see a sprinkle or two, but they're really fading. that tells me that most of this is aloft, not reaching the ground. i will mention a sprinkle for the next couple of hours. that would be about it. then we're drying out. we're going to see patchy clouds in and out. chilling down. it's 44 in elyria. yesterday we were in the 50s. the day brin the 60s. so you see the trend here. 42 in mentor, 41 in ash afternoon. we've got 46 in wooster and canton. 50s now still coshocton and dover/new philly. north wind at 15. it's not windy like it's been the past few days but we're still a little breezy.
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sun goes down. humidity mid-50s, dew point of 30 degrees. high today 51. 36 the low. 47 is the average. so slightly above normal. no snowfall yet. but here we have colder air. that's going to slade in and set up over northern ohio. and here we have a developing winter storm. watch what this winter storm does. it heads toward the east coast. but some of the moisture comes back into ohio by sunday morning. just in time for spring to begin. remember, spring begins 12:30 a.m. sunday morning. here is the moment it begins. 12:30. dry. uh-oh, that's scattered snow showers. we're not calling this a major winter storm but you are going to notice sunday morning, a lot of you, anyway, that snow has fallen or is falling on this first day of spring. snowfall totals should be manageable. a trace to an inch, a couple of spots maybe a little more. as far as the amounts go not a huge issue.
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snowfall, ain't nobody got time for that. 28 degrees, a brief sprinkle early on, patchy clouds. tomorrow, let's bring in a cloud/sun mix, staying cold. will you need those coats. 37 for the high. akron and canton overnight, let's drop you down to 26. that's chilly. 38 tomorrow with a cloud/sun mix. the snow arrives after midnight, closer to 2, 3:00 in the morning on sunday. there it is. a trace to one. 39. drying out on monday, near 40. finally warming back up, feeling more like spring by next thursday. showers, 60 degrees. >> ain't nobody got time for no snowflakes. got it? all right. >> sports is in the house. >> the cavs are back. plus, hue jackson shares his thoughts on nfl prospects. we'll have that and more next
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after a short stop at home wednesday when the cavs beat the mavericks the cavaliers are because on the road taking on the magic in orlando. the cavs coming off a win that did not include lebron james. he rested wednesday night and will be back in the lineup tonight. they're taking on a magic team that has a depleted roster with several players nursing injuries. orlando has lost five of the last 70. the cavs remain on top the east
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talking about the importance of everyone stepping up he is special in cases like wednesday night when he sat out to rest. >> myself, i just try to do a little bit of everything. so i guess it affects our team a little bit. but guys have to pick up when i'm not in there. there's going to be probably a few more games i'm not going to be in for the regular season. everybody has to help each other, pick up the pieces. jane high school hoops, the state semifinals in columbus, wellington taking on willoughby. cameron edmondson assists for the bucket. the game is tied. brandon mcqueen drives, gets the bucket plus the foul. willoughby-cornerstone wins to advance. it's no secret that the browns are searching for a quarterback.
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looking for more than one. to be expected, browns head coach hue jackson in attendance at nfl pro day today. he was told goffe has a lot of poise and can run and you throw. he reportedly completed 6169 passes today. meanwhile the indians making some moves signing marlon byrd to a minor league contract, optioning james ramsey to aaa ached reasaning michael choice, jeremy lucas to minor league camp. some good news, michael brantley expected to make his cactus league debut tomorrow. also, joe hey don had surgery and is expected to be back for training camp. >> recovery, g. >> you going to work out the arm? >> yeah, i am. >> hiding your hands now i see, yeah. i figured that story would --
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extended forecast. all right, 38 degrees on saturday. look at. that scattered snow coming in on sunday, first day of spring, 39. we do slowly warm it up into next week. but i think from here on out into at least mid-april, we're look at every five or six days a cold period coming in. as el nio fades, the weather is kind of snapping back to normal. >> we call it the snap-back. meteorological term.
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breaking news this friday night. captured alive. the most wanted man after the paris terror attacks, trapped during a dramatic shootout. how they got him. we take you inside the tense raid. also breaking -- severe weather across the south at this hour. the system then moving right up the east coast. several major cities, up to the two air scares -- the lightning strike. the flight from raleigh to passengers describing the jolt. the drone, the jet -- and the close call.


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