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tv   Good Morning Cleveland  ABC  March 19, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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king overnight, a murder suspect leads canton police on a chase. how it ended ahead. county. more on the issues brought up show. first a lye look outside cleveland, that shot with a look at terminal tower. a little chilly. the chill is back in cleveland. welcome to this saturday cleveland. i'm nick foley alongside janessa webb. some of us got excited. st. patricks day was a little
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>> off to a chilly start. you need the winter coat. people are talking about spring, we want it to be warmer, the calendar says it's spring, temperatures are on the cooler side this morning. not going to see the thermometer go up too much. won't be bouncing out of the 30s. continually 34 for downtown cleveland. that's the warm spot compared to parma, you are at 29 degrees towards bedford in to the upper 20ss as you make your way inland, sitting in to the 30s, wadsworth and barberton, 30 degrees. a look at the 5- live radars, satellite not picking up moisture this morning in our viewing area. as you extend towards the south, towards millersburg, a few isolated flakes moving from
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a little bit of moisture, that's going to be moving well toward the south. winds, they are out of the north west, that's allowing for the cooldown, 15-20 miles per hour, that's going to be prevalent throughout the day, that's what is allowing us to cool off. look at the temperatures, hour by hour, 11:00, at 35 degrees, show you when the spring snow starts to move in for your sunday, nick. breaking news overnight, canton, police have arrested the man is responsible for the murder of a missing man. meg shaw has breaking details about the arrest. >> reporter: canton police tell me lance raken is in custody after leading them on a chase after midnight. the chase ended when ranken crashed in to a state highway
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north in canton, wanted for the murder of a missing man who police found inside his home on worley street before 9:30. just hours later, canton police spotted his car northbound on 77 towards the cleveland avenue south exit. they attempted to stop his car, and that's when the chase began. the highway patrol says they deployed road spikes to stop ranken, he swerved to miss the spikes and hit the cruiser ending the chase, he suffered injuries, police say they are non life threatening. he does have a lengthy criminal history and several other outstanding arrests. the id of the homicide victim has not been released. they are trying to contact all family members. also new this morning, a cleveland police officer arrested for felonious assault it happened yesterday while
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the incident involved a female acquaintance of mans, with the department since november of 2013. cpd suspended him until the investigation is complete. a crash injured two police officers earlier this month. this is body cam footage, you saw the car shake, they were on east 140th, lake shore when an intoxicated driver rear ended them. the driver was arrested for ovi. dash cam showing video of another crash, outside of dayton, police believe an 18- year-old woman stole a car and led police on a dangerous chase. see her crossing the line before she ran a red light and slammed in to another car. the driver died. now the suspect kendra shackleford is facing multiple charges. police found a missing missouri teen hundreds of miles away in a home in stark county.
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bars accused oh of kidnapping that girl. shotwell faces charges of rape, kidnapping and assault. investigators say he held the 14-year-old against her will inside a home. they believe the two chatted for months on a social media app called say hi before he drove 760 miles to missouri to pick her up. >> keep an eye on your kids. stress the importance of being safe with social media. watch your kids. >> the teen was able to text her mom, officers traced social media and found her at the home. shotwell asked for an attorney and was arrested. protesters are planned at the summit county fairgrounds during the gun show. the fair grounds are hosting the ohio gun knife and military show today and in protests, the gun violence prevention issue team of summit county will be protesting starting at 11 this morning, private sales at gun
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background checks. this group poses the law and claims that -- group opposes the law. the gun show runs from 9 to 5:00 and 9 to 4 tomorrow. thank you for starting your saturday here with us. i'm nick foley, coming up this morning, fights caught on camera, clubs staying open until 4:00 and 5:00 in the morningm the east cleveland police are sending a message to club owners, we h share it ahead. amazing video out of russia, a puzzled. for today. i will show you hour by hour on the power of 5, when a little bit of spring snow moves in for
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waking up to cloudy skies and temperatures fallen off the mark. not going to bounce out of the 30s this weekend. can see from this model here, it says 40s towards ashland, worstster, that's pushing it today with the winds picking up out of the northwest, 5-10 miles per hour. 36 for downtown cleveland, definitely a chilly afternoon in store across northeast ohio,
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upper 30s akron and canton, a hint of sunshine throughout your afternoon before you can see that icon, it changes quickly heading in to your sunday. 39 degrees, we are tracking a few light spring snow showers. winter not letting go without a fight. to a 5 on your side investigation in to growing violence at local clubs and night spots. gotten so bad, police in east cleveland have turned to social media, warning club owners get things under control or get shutdown. joe pagonakis has been digging in to this story. >> reporter: video obtained by 5 on your side that shows a huge fight in east cleveland. the type of violence that has residents and neighboring business owners demanding police crackdown and city lawmakers admitting east cleveland's night life spiraled out of control.
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>> reporter: councilman, nathaniel lives across the street from the lounge. he says the club is violating state law, staying open past the state mandated curfew, generating confrontations, too much noise and litter. >> if our police are overburdened. they shut these places down. send somebody under cover. you are want to know what the heck is going on in there at 4:00 and 5:00 in the morning. >> part of the effort is to check the occupancy permits of the various businesss. >> gary norton says the law department is taking action. the police department issued a warning to city night spots on the department's facebook page. posting video of another fight police say took place at stumpies. >> close at a reasonable time, which is 2:30, if you got anything else going on past 3:00s we have a problem with that. >> that was joe pagonakis
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he tells us, east cleveland police pledged to step up surveillance as well. as you might have just heard, some lawmakers asking the cuyahoga county sheriffs to step in to help with enforcement.
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all 62 people on board of a flight are dead after a crash landing. this video which is believed to be of the crash was posted on line early this morning, the boeing 737 took off from dubai and the pilot was attempting to land for a second time when the jet crashed in the southern part of the country at russia's airport. he spent months hunted and ab sa lasala m. . >> reporter: it's been four months since a go up of gunmen and suicide bombers killed 130 350e78 on the streets of paris targeting bars, restaurants, a concert hall and a football
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most of the terrorists involved were french and belgium citizens. several known to have spent anymore syria. most died the attacks or were killed by police. this man got away. the cut of an international man hunt since november. abde sla. he may have been the driver of the car that killed three suicide bombers. his mother is one of those who blew himself up that night. hours after the paris attack he was stopped by police driving with friends towards the belgium border. he was questioned, but not arrested. the day after he and a friend in brussels and he was caught on video at a gas station again near the belgium border. questions remain over his role in the november 13th attacks, investigators say his dna was on a suicide belt found discarded in a paris suburb. he was spotted buying
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shop in paris. authorities have been working under the theory he was supposed to blow himself up but backed out. after the sightings, the trail for him had gone cold. some assumed he fled to syria, he did, now we know he didn't stay long. . another trump rally, another day of protests. this time in salt lake city. hundreds gathered outside the venue the candidate was set to speak with k signs comparing trump to hitler, others supporting other candidates as well. police had to work to shut the door as protesters tried to get inside. demonstrators say trump is causing a dangerous divided society. >> he wouldn't be a good choice for president. he would lead us in terrible decisions. >> cops in riot gear were dispatched. for the most part things remained tense but peaceful.
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primary is tuesday. mitt romney has a lot of pull with utah voters and throwing support behind ted cruz. he posted donald trump repulses tuesday. romney did not use the word endorsement and has encouraged republicans to engage in trump. president obama is urging the republican led senate to consider his supreme court nominee, garland. leaders confirmed not to appoint any nominee and want to wait until there is a new person in the oval office. the president is pushing back saying he is supremely qualified and ready for the public relations war ahead.
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take on whatever unfair or unjust or wildly exaggerated claims that maybe made by those who are just opposed to any nominee that i might make. >> this fight shifts over the next 2 weeks as republican senators head to their home states activists plan to hold rallies on the local level including in ohio to try to shift senate opinions on judge garland. details this morning, about the huge victory in court for former wrestling great hulk hogan, a florida jury awarded him $115 million in his invasion of privacy suit against gawker media. hogan sued gawker for posting two minutes of a sex tape featuring him in 2012. a spokesman for hogan says he is exceptionally happy with the verdict. the court will reconvene on monday. gawkers founder has promised to appeal. a gasoline mix up is causing a nightmare for 100
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the company that fills the tanks at a yakima station put diesel in ton leaded tank. many of the driver whose filled with the wrong type of fuel only got a few yards before their cars stopped. the company says they are doing everything to fix the problem. >> our insurance company has set up with a couple of local garages and towing companies to help get the customers taken care of without money out of their pockets. >> many are asking how did this affect 100 cars before anyone noticed the problem. most of the vehicles were able to make it onto the highway with the regular gasoline still in the tanks before the diesel mixed in and started to cause the problems. we have chill back in the air around us today. if anyone thought that spring was going to come in, no problem. you are in for a rude awaken. >> up and down weather pattern, the good news is in to late
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we will see more spring-like temperatures, unfortunately, going in to tomorrow and this weekend. we will be sitting in to the upper 30s. great shot, a few clouds that are out and about, temperatures they are above the freezing mark in downtown cleveland. currently 34 degrees at the airport. you are at 32, good morning, worstster in to akron, stark and summit county in to the upper 20s, lower 30s. the thermometer not going up too much todays that high pressure has left us from yesterday. sitting in all the bright sunshine. probably in the middle of the day yesterday you noticed a cooldown, cloudy skys that are tracking west in to the east, west to east, that will continue for the rest of your afternoon. you can see a lot of moisture that is sagging well towards our south, this is the storm front that's going to provide us with i think, a trace of amount of snow across northeast
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hour by hour, get out and about today. look at our temperatures, definitely on the cooler side, want you to have the winter coat handy in to 1:00 p.m., sitting at the high of 36 degrees. that brunt of that moisture not causing any winter storm warnings or anything like that. we are watching our models to track on this, very unsure right now, you can see it's towards the south, you are think some locations, you can see from our future cast, going to be dealing with isolated activity. look here, this spring starts at 12:30 tomorrow morning, we will be sitting under cloudy skies. the brunt of the moisture starts to track in mid afternoon around 4:00, right now our models are showing that it's predominantly rain. accumulation totals, they are not impressive, but this is the first day of spring, seeing trace amounts of snow from
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summit, ravenna, i think lake shore communities you are not in the brunt of this storm, a- okay. we are only at 36 degrees for daytime highs for today, 26 as we head in to tonight. that was a wishful thinking. going in to next 7 dayss though, temperatures definitely warming back up to the 60s by thursday. calves stay in the win column. local hoopsters try to keep the dream of a state title alive. one of the browns going on the shl of while a draft possibility ships on pro day. -- shines on pro day. >> reporter: not that anyone thought the cfs would fail to make the playoffs, they removed the possibility of that happening as they visited the magic.
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hits the deep 3 magic up by 4, 45 points, third quarter, finishes a fast break slam, at the other end, magic is cut to one. irving hips the triple from the wing. calves up 96-92. playoff spot. high school hoops yesterday, division 4 seat, semi finals in columbus. corner stone christian, cameron edmond son, down low. tie game, mc queen gets the bucket and the foul, corner stone christian wins 73-67. upsets yesterday in the ncaa tournament.
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to middle tennessee of 15 seed. hawaii, 13 seed beating california of 4 seed. joe hayden undergoing surgery on his left ankle wednesday. he is expected to return to football activities during training camp and should be ready for the regular season. in other news, another chance for scouting coaches to check out prospect, jared. goth is a tremendous young man, poise, accuracy and can make all throws. his hand size was measured 8th of an inch larger than the combine. completed 61 of 69 passes. that's it for morning sports. to our favorite story of the morning, after little investigating, canton police cracked the case and found the girl who donated all of her allowance to help buy
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the police department shared this picture on facebook of allison, meeting officer ryan davis and his new canine. allison sent this letter along with donation saying she was sorry about the death of davis' former partner, jethro. there was no envelope with the letter when davis got it. he was able to track her down and thank her in person. coming up, continuing to follow breaking news from canton, more on how police were able to track down and capture a murder suspect on the run. plus almost a week since the car plunged off of a cincinnati bridge in to the ohio river. investigators don't know who was driving the vehicle. newly released video of the crash.
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make sure you got the thicker coats and jackets handy. welcome back to the saturday edition of good morning cleveland. i'm nick foley. we got breaking stories this morning, including a murder
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meg shaw will be in with more on that in a bit. checking on weather with janessa webb. >> off to a chilly start across northeast ohio this morning. i had to break out this graphic, the feel like ts out there, right now, 25 degrees, we have a northeast breeze that's cooling us off across the board, ashland, 30, in most locations we areseying in to the lower 20s, off to a chilly start across northeast ohio. a look at the satellite and radar, the great news, we are not tracking moisture in our viewing area, as you slide more towards the south, you can see some isolated activity from millersburg in to dover, new philly, the storm system we will watch the track to provide us a tad bit of snow stepping in to spring tomorrow. see our winds right now, this is what is cooling us off northwest, 15-20 miles per
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show you your hour by hour, look at this, clouds, not too much sunshine, may get a hint throughout your afternoon, look at the daytime highs, only 36 degrees. >> spring is here only on paper this weekend. a police chase in canton ends with a murder suspect in custody. meg shaw is in the newsroom, she has been following the story all morning long. what do you know now? >> i spoke with police a little bit ago. 36 year old lance ranken is in police custody at the hospital, after he led police on a short chase after midnight. he was wanted for murder of a missing man. police spotted ranken's car northbound on interstate 77. they initiated to stop the car but he took off. ohio state highway patrol got involved. they deployed road spikes near the south exit on 77, ranken swerved to misthe spikes,
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their cruiser on the side of the road. he suffered non life threatening injuries and was taken to the hospital. no one else was hurt. hours before around 9:30, police issued an arrest warrant after they discovered the body of a missing man inside his home in the 1200 block of worley street. police have not released the name of the homicide victim, they are trying to contact all family members. meg shaw, news channel 5. suspect also in custody this morning, charged with firing multiple shots on cleveland's east side and running from police. police tell us they responded to the area of the 3600 block of east 147th street for shots fired before 7:00 last night. investigators add the suspect you see here was caught after a foot pursuit through the neighborhood. police did not identify him. strange case involving
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kelly padlick. indicted for shooting a man with a pellet gun on his property last august. the man says he was helping dig a lake on padlick's home and shot in the head and arm. his attorney says he expects him to be cleared of all charges. the family and friends of a teen shot by police will gather to remember his life. brandon jones was killed at the parkwood grocery store a year ago this week. police say he charged at them with a weapon after breaking in to the store. his mother says otherwise, she is suing the department for a wrongful death. . >> this family has been gracious, and patient, throughout this year, but it does not alleviate the excruciating grieving. >> the officer has been placed on administrative leave.
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of a dramatic multi-vehicle crash that resulted in one car plunging off a kentucky bring in to the ohio river below. the accident happened tuesday in campbell when the crash caused a red grand prix to flip off the bridge in to the river. water rescue officials found the car at the bottom of the river and were able to secure it with a line, but add it will be sometime before drivers can get to the car because of strong currents. >> this river is very unfriendly right now. very unforgiving. we have to have the current, the speed of the current in a certain position before any of the divers can do their work. >> a family contacted county police about a missing person who drives the same type of car, investigators say no conclusions can be made until drivers can get to the vehicle. happening today, a chance for you to take a step closer to earning a job where you spend most of your time on a
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the cleveland metro parks will be holding the job fair today from 1 to 2:00 inside the zoo, at wildlife way in cleveland. the second time this moth that the parks for a numb of seasonal positions from march to october, with most offering 40 hour workweeks. next on good morning cleveland, though snow is in the forecast, lee jordan shows us how our area is celebrating spring. though spring is a day aways it will be plenty chilly for those jumping in to the lake erie today. we will explain why they are taking the plunge. chilly temperatures across northeast, ohio today, i will show you when the spring snow is bound to touchdown across
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slow, building african-style music it's the little moments that make the biggest waves. kalahari resorts & conventions the world's coolest indoor waterparks.
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39 degrees, towards mansfield. hoping for sunshine, lake shore communities you are going to feel the breeze today out of the northeast, 15-20 miles per hour, that's going to cool us off, slightly warmer towards
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upper -- locations, upper 30s akron and canton, sheridan k 38 degrees for today. a little bit of sunshine moving through your mid afternoon, before we start to track in sunday. not bringing a lot of heat today. >> also happening today, in mentor, the 11th annual march for meals 8 to 10, participants mall. keep an eye out for mark john zonks he is the mc this year. we told you about the metro parks job fair happening today. parma this afternoon, they are hosting the world water day event at the west creek water center. it will be from noon until 4:00, featuring interactive exhibits, hikes and other activities to showcase the importance of water globally and have food tastings as well. with easter around the corner, easter egg hunts will be front and center.
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by canton parks and regularration. it will be tonight at 7:30, weis park and costs $10 a person. not talking egg prizes, how about a smart tv. that's among the prizes to win at the event. clevelanders will be taking the plunge, the arctic plunge. souls jumping in to lake erie, it's for a good cause, the money raised by the teams will go to organizations researching curing for parkinsons and heart disease. after jumping in to the lake, participants will warm up at the after party, that's held at shaw pizza. text or email us, 5
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president obama will be the first president to visit cuba in 90 years. the first family arrives tomorrow evening, they will meet with president castro and attends an official steak dinner. tuesday the president will present. one of the sites the president will take in, is the el cap toldio building, it is
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u.s. capitol in washington dc. because of anti-american sentiment. it fell in to disrepair until now. over the past five years, a team of preservationists began the task of sitting el cap toldio. >> we had problems in the moment we had to search for the solution. lot of similarities between that building and the capitol. janessa webb joining us for a look at weather. we have been talking about this, this morning. you need the layers. >> people are wanting to be outside, we are looking forward to spring, warmer conditions,
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going to be a chilly one. throughout next week, we start to warm up once again. downtown cleveland, a few clouds out there, this is the best it's going to look a whole day for any hope of a little bit of sunshine. we will go with overcast skies for most of your afternoon. look at our temperatures now, 30 degrees, take note of that windchill, 23, there is that northeast breeze, picking up, 10- 15 miles per hour. across the board, good morning, lake geauga, ashtabula, in to the upper 20s. 29 degrees stark county, off to a cool start. see from the radars, the great news, we are not picking up any moisture not going to track that until late tonight, in to your overnight hours, see the good steady moisture towards sinsey in to the carolinas,
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track is very important, providing southern locations, a little bit of snowfall in to spring. hour by hour, you can see cloudy skies across the board, daytime highs only in to the mid 30s. this is that area of low pressure going to makes its way across the ohio valley, providing southern spots, a few isolated snow showers sunday afternoon, we are watching a low towards the carolinas, it's off sea right now. that's the next northeast, that's going to provide the east coast with snowfall as we head in to tomorrow. you can see from our future cast here, going in to spring, spring starts at 12:30 tomorrow, you can see we are going to be sitting under cloudy skies. from our future cast, throughout your afternoon, 4:00 p.m., that's when the moisture starts to move in heres right now, look at our temperatures, they are in to the lower 40s. it will come in here with probably that rain and snow mix.
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impressive at alls i do not think lake shore communities, towards the wests you will see any snow tomorrow afternoon. trace amounts towards southern spots. today we will remain on the dry side, 36 degrees, that's well below normal for this time of year we should be sitting about 48 for daytime highs. 26 with cloudy skies going in to tonight. it is a chilly go of things. as we step in to spring, yeah, it is chillying look at this, we make the come back here by thursday afternoons we will be sitting at 62 degrees with a little bit of rainfall. got to get through the weekend. as she said spring starting tomorrow, as lee jordan will tell you, it seems to have already sprung, his my ohio serieses he is saying so long to winter and welcome to spring. >> reporter: a page turns every years surely as the sun climbs
6:48 am
melt, streams will start their eager flows again, and the sap in the sugar maple trees will run again. spring in northeast ohio, the seasons foothold, strengthens each daym part of lake farm park. trees abound here, they include maples, planted by no man. nature did the planting and springtime puts its hand on what the maples will give. andy is coaxing sap from a maple and figures sphring time sap will turn in to year around syrup for his breakfast pancakes. >> it takes 40 gallons of sap to make a gallon of maple syrup. required is human work from the syrup, build a fire and cook the sap. lend a happened and boil away the water if the sap so all is
6:49 am
andy and i celebrated and jawed on about starting our own line of maple syrup sales. >> reporter: we will leave andy working over his hot stove and see what spring brought in the barn. newborn animals. they educate city slickers, farm population grows when spring opens its door. >> it means an idea of renewal and that whole cycle of life getting a chance to start over again. >> what did you tell your mom when she brought you here? >> the mother pigs and the mother sheep, they got a full- time job. >> they do. >> all mothers do. >> yes. >> reporter: especially in
6:50 am
farmer in the del, sit probably farm park administrator lee homey ak, he walks the spread of 3500 acres, enjoying spring. >> get away from the cold weather and gray skies and see sun and green and blue and everything that's popping up with the flowers. >> most of us feel that way, i suppose. some capture sites of spring, by painting them on canvas. at the lake metro parks, student art show, breeta teaches art and knows her way around the paint brush well inspired by spring, because it is about -- >> well, earth renewal, regrowth, it's inspiring to me. it makes me feel like you are waking up basically from the long winter. there is usually over types of butter flys that come as well to the bushes. it's just a lot of activity
6:51 am
>> our back garden is all of northeast ohio when spring peeks in celebration walks in with it. nature has put away its winter coat, dawning a lighter jacket. in the lake metro parks, pen tensioniary glenn area, carmon lavon is spokeswoman for spring and promised me spectacular views early in the season. she was right. >> we get to see all kinds of beautiful wild flowers, there is also the amphibians that migrate, you can hear the spring peepers peeping. >> this is called pen tensioniary glenn, -- pen tensioniary glenn. it resembled a prison or penitentiary. all the way up to the top. penitentiary. easy to get in, hard to get out.
6:52 am
we climbed the 141 steps out of the gorge. a spring in our walk of course, this season means newborn babes and their forest dens, barnyard births, too. the sap bucket is back, catching the maple trees offerings, the sweet smell of spring syrup is on the way to sweeten summer pancakes and the stony brook is babbling in its distinctive voice saying a new season has arrived. spring is here, spring is here. maple syrup, always a sweet way to bring in new spring. spring officially starting tomorrow, lasting until june 19th. we'll be right back to wrap up
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from a distance looks like a normal wedding dress. take a closer look, it's made out of recycled bubble wrap on display in the window of a boutique in oregon. not the first time they had dresses made out of unique materials, playing cards and candy maps and recycled college cams as well. the cincinnati zoo welcoming additions, these five cheetah
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section, staying in nursery for 8-12 weeks and get around the clock care before they are put out with the rest of the animals. this could be the future of pizza delivery, dominos pizza developed a self driving robot to deliver hot food and cold drinks, a four wheeled machine dubbed drew for dominos robotic units made the delivery this month. the prototype uses gps and can reach speeds of 12 miles per reach speeds of 12 miles per hour. customers receive a security code by phone to get the pizza from the robot. got to keep the codes handy. the robot shows up and you forgot your coat. you are not going to get your pizza. janessa webb joining was a look at weather. it's looking chilly across northeast ohio, everybody is wanting to be outside, we are going to step in to spring,
6:57 am
continue to see temperatures on the cooler side, look at that 39 degrees for your sunday afternoon. i think the snow it will stay towards southern locations, lake shore communities, you are going to be okay for tomorrow, bringing back the sunshine for monday under mostly sunny skies, the rebound, though of our temperatures, spring, just a little bit delayed, 57 tuesday and back in to the 60s by thursday afternoon. we will be tracking a few rain drops here, late next week. that's a good come back, right? >> next couple of days, keep the layers handy, we got a reprieve coming up later in the week. most of us can deal with that. it's not too bad. >> just a tad bit of moisture, who is going to be complaining when we are in the 60s? >> the news continues next on good morning america, we will follow developing stories as
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net 5 app at as well.
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good morning, america. deadly crash. a boeing 737 explodes while attempting to land. the disaster caught on camera. the plane erupting into a fireball. the investigation this morning, was bad weather to blame or perhaps something else? paris fugitive captured. the terror raid takedown. people running for cover. and europe's most wanted is hauled away for his alleged role in the paris attacks hiding in the same neighborhood police have been searching for months.


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