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tv   Good Morning Cleveland  ABC  March 20, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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it's not just president obama heading to cuba today, a group of local students will leave ohio for havana this morning. the important work they will be doing when they get there. >> and new video of a bad one-a crash that closed down part of the shoreway. the police tell us about the devastation that it's likely caused by -- [ indiscernible ] >> and a live look outside on the first day of spring. overcast skies in downtown cleveland. and winter is not giving up without a fight. and hello, welcome to this sunday edition of good morning cleveland. i'm nick foley and janessa webb.
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another day or two. >> and winter wants to hold grip of this and not get to spring just yet. and we have officially moved into the spring season and our temperatures are about feeling like it and across the board, slightly warmer the last hour at the airport and currently at 33 degrees and that is as you make your way inland into wane county. stark, summit. we're below the freezing mark and temperatures definitely below normal for this time of the year. and you can see from the live 5 radars we're picking up the spring snow across stark, medina, wane county and into summit count. the heavier bands in darker blue. and those are just light flurries into the massileon area and this will move out into late morning and you can see by 11, we should be sitting under mostly cloudy conditions. we're going to have a second round as temperatures move up
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40s into akron and canton. we're transitioning into rain. by 5:00 p.m., we should be a- okay and everybody sitting under mostly cloudy conditions. the overnight lows, they're still on the chilly side, nick. and we're looking at highs into the mid-30s today and lows into the lower 20s. in my seven-day, i will show you when the upper 50s and lower 60s return. and thank you. we want to start with breaking news this morning from vaven -- ravenna. the search for a missing kayaker has become a recovery effort at west branch state park. the spokesperson of the department of natural resources told newschannel 5 that two men in their 20s went missing last night after the kysacks -- kayaks capsized. recovery efforts resume this morning after being suspended last night. and cuba is being ready -- getting ready for a historic visit from the u.s. president today. president obama will be the first sitting president to step foot in cuba in over 90 years. the trick comes after
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between havana and washington, including the easing of travel restrictions and that is why another group of americans is getting a chance to visit cuba as well. meg shaw has more on why some kent state student-- students are heading to havana today. >> i and this is an amazing opportunity for these students. excuse me, and they'll be among the first americans to be able to travel and study in cuba. and they will be working on a flight on havana harbor across from the most historic part of havana and they will spend five days studying the site. in addition, dedicate time to learn more about the cuban culture and historic buildings. one student said this trip is a truly once in a lifetime opportunity. >> i am excited to put myself in that location and enjoy and not take for granted every moment that we have there and realty now, we're -- cuba's an
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not there yet and they're experiencing the genuine rebirth of havana. >> and to also further the relationship with students, they will be looking for ways to redevelop the oil site they'll be studying. the group took off this morning and they will return this friday and the best of luck to nick. >> thank you. sure. and while the relations between the u.s. and cuba are improving, the amount of cubans fleeing the island nation months. yesterday, the coast guard had to rescue a group of migrants after the 30-foot boat was stranded off of the florida coast. nine died during their 22 days at sea and 18 were rescued. they were taken to cozumel, mexico, by a cruise ship in the area. >> and new information about a bad wrong-way crash that shut down parts of the shoreway yesterday and we now know the name of the driver police believe caused that crash. cleveland police tell us 50- year-old frazier sims appeared to be under the influence when
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vehicle and he was going the wrong way near the exit ramp of west 145th and didn't see the other car coming around the curb. it's an all too familiar story for anthony win who was in another alcohol-related wrong- way crash earlier this. >> month. ask. >> and when two people hit head- on and -- [ indiscernible ] fatality. >> luckily for everyone involved, no fatalities in this most recent crash and sims remains hospitalized with critical injuries. the driver and two passengers in the other vehicle sustained serious injuries and are expected to survive. yet. and hudson police identified the two bodies found in a home off of ravena road. the 53-year-old steven byce and his 42-year-old wife christy died from gunshot wounds. investigators are looking into this as a possible murder/suicide, believing he shot his wife and then turned the gun on himself. and it's been over four months since hurricane joaquin
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thousands of homes in south carolina alone. today, around 20 volunteers in conjunction with the united methodist church in doylestown will head to south carolina for a week to rebuild many of the homes in need of work. they will sleep on church floors and et cetera in a church kitchen. the group will pay for its own trip to help. and it's been three months since a richmond heights police officer was shot in the line of duty. this is video from the scene of the shooting that injured the officer in december. he is recovering slowly but his medical bills are quickly stacking up. to help the family out, there is a benefit at the willoughby brewing company. the sea of blue fund raiser starts at noon until 5. there will be a penny social, music, and guest speakers. and people thank you so much. coming up this morning, controversy surrounding donald trump's campaign. and this time because of the actions of his campaign manager. what he did ahead. >> and an ohio woman will be
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her dream of becoming a marine today. her story is next and janessa has weather. >> and we have some spring snow and temperatures on the chilly side and in my seven-day, i will show you the upper 50s and 60s and some rain.
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. good morning, everybody. i'm power of 5 meteorologist
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and this is in summit county. we have a bit of accumulation on grassy areas and roadways. they're definitely wet this morning as the system is providing us with a little bit of flurry across northeast ohio and not playing nice this morning are the windchills. look at this. 29 degrees. upper 20s in most locations. we are dealing with that northeast breeze about 10 to 15 miles per hour. 24 so bitter cold and still biting down into northeast ohio. now, the daytime highs today, we're into the upper 30s and lower 40s in most spots and a few flakes flying into the afternoon. we'll transition into a little bit of rain as we head into the 3:00 hour. and 38 degrees toward pebble pike and beachwood, the warm spots into stark and summit county. a high of 41. >> anyone who has been out the last few days knows it's cold and thank you. this morning, a bill that
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senate is stirring up lots -- the lows of controversies. supporters said it protects a lot of civil liberties and others call it discrimination against gays and lesbians. it's to protect faith-based organizations because of their religious beliefs. it's house -- if house bill 757 is signed into law, it could cost georgia big bucks. like indiana and georgia before it, bills often result in boycotts. >> and this legislation stands -- and if it's law, it will have a significant impact on the business and i think it will have significant impact on other businesses in the state. >> and businesses operating in georgia are already taking action. the nfl released a statement saying this could impact atlanta's aboutid for the 2019 super bowl. a local woman determined to become a marine is one step closer to serving our country. and he was first denied the opportunity to -- she was denied the opportunity to join
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she took her case to the white house and has been cleared for training. >> and it's finally right there and i have so many of my supporters that are -- you're going. you're going and there is a lot of reassurance and i'm starting to get really excited because i can finally do what i wanted to do for see long. >> and you bet. she leaves today for the marine corps training in paris island, south carolina and we wish her the best. and as we go to break, this is a look at last night's winning lottery numbers.
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. welcome back. just about 10:15 now. and new this morning out of spain, at least 14 students killed in a bus crash there and it was carrying 57 people, mostly students from the uk on a trip to the fireworks festival and witnesses said it hit highway railings, tried to correct and veered into oncoming traffic. the bus driver is in police custody. and in indiana, another bus crash involving students. all 27 people on this bus were injured, though none seriously, thankfully. most of them were players on a high school basketball team. police say the driver spilled a drink on herself and caused a rollover crash. the team was heading to the
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the indiana high school athletic association said a makeup date will be announced for that game. and there is still no formal claim of responsibility this morning for a deadly suicide blast that killed five people in turkey. the attack happening yesterday in istanbul on a main pedestrian shopping street. among those killed, two dual nationality israeli americans and dozens of others were injured in theplast. and the white house is condemning the attack as many suspect the islamic estate or kurdish militants are behind the bombing. and one day after tracking down europe's most wanted man, the willing jousting to get him back faces charges -- to face charges is underway. salah abdeslam admitted to interrogators yesterday that he backed out of blowing himself up outside of the stawedde france with other -- staadde france. and he's fighting extradition to france. >> and this morning, candidates
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attention on the southwest this weekend. several states in that region are part of the next round of primaries. while in arizona, bernie sanders reflected on his recent loss in ohio. >> disappointing, to be honest with you. and it was in ohio. i had hoped that we had an outside shot at winning ohio and losing there by 15 points was a disappointment. >> sanders ' outlook on the rest of the race was more optimistic saying as the west coast continues to go to the polls in the coming weeks, he expects his delegate count to climb steadily. and more controversy following donald trump and his bid for the republican nomination. and his campaign manager appeared to grab a protestor buthe calor yesterday at a rally in tucson and captured on video. trump's team claims the man was yanked by someone to his left and sources say the protestor was asked twice before to leave.
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protestor was accused of assaulting a reporter at a previous rally. and a massachusetts woman is letting it be known that she's no fan of donald trump even after her death. she was against the republican front runner, she sput -- she put it in her obituary. she thought the trump campaign was a new ball game in politics but not in a good way and asked friends and family not to vote for him in her memory. >> and who thought this was her last way to get her vote in. >> she was not the first person whose obituary made an election statement. last year, one for a man in north carolina asked people not to vote for hillary clinton. and back here at home, the city of cleveland is furiously working to get ready for this summer's republican national convention. tens of thousands of out of teeners will descend upon the city for the rnc and they're going to need help finding
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as our own paul kiska found out, cleveland has a plan in place to help them out. >> reporter: big crowds and a party atmosphere downtown for september paddy's day. we're expecting it for rnc in july. thousands of out of up tooers descend on downtown cleveland. >> volunteers are needed to present the city in the best light possible. >> reporter: destination cleveland's jennifer kramer told me that they're looking for thousands of volunteers to be greeters in airports and hotels and they need volunteers to help conventiongoers find their way to landmarks and neighborhoods like ohio city and university circle and volunteers called way finders. [ indiscernible ] >> no. i don't know -- . >> you want to get to little italy? >> absolutely. >> we found people from northeast ohio today. not exactly sure about some locations and imagine out of towners.
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have signed up. and volunteers will have to go to a training seminar. >> we need volunteers to come down and help people understand the new cleveland story and showcase their pride and help them get around and make them feel weekend. >> and looking forward to it. pope francis has been on instagram for less than 24 hours and has gotten more than 1 million followers. the first photo shows him kneeling in prayer. the company message said pray for me in nine languages. the instagram suddenly franciscas. and speaking of the pope, he's having a busy sunday. francis celebrated the beginning of holly week by blessing palm branches in olive square. palm sunday is on the way to chastise world leaders he said are ignoring the is iran refugee crisis and compared the plight of the syrian people to jesus before the crucifixion.
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and with that story. hard to imagine a week from easter. going to be nice weather for easter and we have to get through chilly weather before that and, even though it's the official start of spring. >> and that is not about the start but the finish. and give spring in some time to change over here and winter really wants to keep a grip across northeast ohio this morning. you can see from the weather bug there that that is 35 degrees for downtown cleveland and cooler if you make your way inland into locations. you can see the great webcam here in summit county and that is snow and accumulating on grassy surfaces. the temperatures only into the lower 30s and if you're out and about, probably some slick spots and take your time. and a little bit of warmer air toward the county. and good morning, you're at 36 degrees. making your way up towards the west.
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and into the east. lake geauga, ashtabula county and into portage. into 32 degrees and still below freezing. and that cooler air is tracking in. and this storm system is sagging from southern portions of -- into northeast ohio and light flurries were there and heavier bands can be found into stark and summit county and into massillon and you're seeing a bit of accumulating snow and that should transition out of here into late morning from strongsville, the greater cleveland area and that is on the light side and you can see a dry slot forming into lack county from madison and into geneva on the lake. hour, the temperatures are not going to be bumping up too much and still about 10 to 15 degrees below our normal for this time of the year and under cloudy skies for most of the day. i do think that we start to see
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showing you here on the future cast working in about 3:00 and it's going to transition into some rain. the temperatures bump back into the 40s from rain county and mansfield. you can see from the west, sandusky across the island and elyria and into downtown cleveland. wake, geauga and ashtabula. and you're on the clear. this moisture is confined to inland locations. if you have plans tonight around six, let's step out there and that is a chilly one. all of that moisture are back into there and daytime highs today of 37 degrees and have the winter coat handy. cranking the her again tonight and not feeling like spring and 26 degrees. on that why upward trend, though, i expect more sunshine for monday and who have a front entering on wednesday and.
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more cooler air and into easter nick? thank you. and the browns continue their so much for a new quarterback by bringing in a former overall pick. >> and the cavs pay a visit to the old stomping grounds and lauren has the details in both report. signal caller ongoing. yesterday, another step in that process. and the redskin quarterback turned agent, rg3 drafted back in 2012. the second overall pick and the impressive rookie season with the redskins going 10-6 and making the play-offs and however, the good times didn't last and injury after injury and had a major impact on the career and until he lost. and the cousin drafted in the sports round and in the 2012 draft.
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and the redskins lost to dallas. the browns clearly looking at as many options as possible at the position. and the cavs in miami last night free to take on the heat, the second of back-to-back road games on friday night. they beat the magic in orlando. the cavs going 2-0 on the start of the road trip and not happening. not close. and i'm not giving -- to lebron and the old teammate wade. lebron to wade and wade gives it back to lebron and cavs by 3. the defense not great last night. late first quarter and right up in richardson and pulls up. at 25 and 17 and overall, having a good night and hitting the loader in the lane and heat up by 21 and the 21st and with 20,000 points. a single franchise and that is big. 101 and -- did try to make sense and what went wrong as
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and that is it for morning sports. and thank you. the other big stories this morning from sports, the upsets happening in this year's ncaa basketball tournament and prompting. that some fans not handling it at all. like this poor kentucky band member as they lost to indiana and the saxophone girl as she is come to known and the meltdown is a result of kentucky losing to five seed indiana and not so bad. try being a 15-seed michigan state. and a two-side and more pain. and the runways dark overnight. the los angeles airport shut off the pylon lights as it celebrated earth hour. the world's wide event with cities to turn out the lights for one hour from 8:30 to 1:30 local time to highlight the global threat from climate change. 350 world landmarks participated this year, includeing the empire state building, eiffel tower and the
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and in cleveland, the terminal tower taking part. the twitter count posted this picture saying, quote, time for earth hour. 2016 and sometimes i don't light up for a good cause, end quote. and coming up, changes could be coming to the way ohioans place their votes. we'll share the lawsuit pending in columbus. >> and president obama will be on the way to cuba. we're looking into relations between the two countries ahead of the historical trip. you're watching the sunday edition of good morning cleveland. since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood with expert eye care. that was dr. stanley pearle's vision and we still proudly carry on his legacy. today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform eye exams that can help detect diabetes. because we care for you... and your eyes.
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in your neighborhood.
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. hello, everybody. 10:29 as we give you a live look at downtown cleveland from our tower camera. chilly conditions and overcast skies await you as you begin today. welcome back to the sunday edition of good morning cleveland. i'm nick foley. we have several developing stories for you, including a group of kent state students leaving ohio's freezing temperatures behind for the sunny skies of cuba. meg shaw is in with more on the important trip. first, a check on weather with meteorologist janessa webb. >> and good morning, everybody. welcome to the first official day of spring. you can see outdoors -- outtoward its wayne county and some flurries, a heavier amount of accumulation is on grassy
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county and show you what is going on here temperaturewise. we're off to a very chilly start across the board. thirty degrees for downtown cleveland and warming up towards lake county. 35. inland locations, this is the perfect recipe for a little bit of snow right now with temperatures sitting at the freezing mark and that moisture currently in place. you can see from our satellite, it's moving in and should be exiting as we head into about the 11:00 hour. and i want to show you hour-by- hour for your first spring day. the temperatures into the mid- to upper 30s and i think towards massillon and home county and killbuck, you're into the lower 40s and stepping out and about tonight. the chilly temperatures and because it's spring, we're not losing the winter coats just yet and by the seven-day, i
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and a story we're learning about. the university of akron football player -- . >> and the doctors tell the partnerships that the 22-year- old andrew propratt will recover and she was shot at the apartment building. pratt entered the apartment about 3:00 a.m. on the and -- saturday and he thought he was a burglar and shot him. the police at this point say no charges will be filed. and as president obama -- prayers for his trip to cuba, students from northeast ohio are as well. a group from kent state's architecture school will spend five days studying cuba. all thanks to the breakthrough in relations between havana and washington. and meg shaw has more on this exciting story. >> reporter: and this is huge for this group of design students. not only will they be the first to visit cuba, but they'll be responsible for creating plans for future development irdevelopment in the area -- development in the area that
10:33 am
the most important order of business is to spend time researching and collecting data from an old oil site in havana harbor. even though cuba is very different from cleveland, the site has architecture and historical buildings, similar to those of northeast ohio and students going hope this is not the first and last trip. >> and being the first round of people and to have an experience and study, it's interesting and being able to make connections and hopefully future connections and maybe, you know, future job opportunities or anything like that. >> and the interaction. >> and took off early this mother. they will return on friday and of course, we want to wish them the best of luck on their trip. in the newsroom, meg shaw, newschannel 5. >> a trip they will remember for a lifetime. and those students are not
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and president obama and the first lady will make a trip to havana this evening. the first step forward between the two countries. no city visited the isle of nations since 1928. marcy gonzalez is in cuba now with a preview of the historic visit. >> reporter: along with the sounds and sites of cuba today, a touch of americana. signs of optimism and support ahead of president obama's historic trip to the island. >> and -- [ indiscernible ] the wind and a -- america. >> reporter: the president is joined by the first family as he takes steps in trying to normalize relations after decades of tension between u.s. and the aughtitor tearian castro regime. they will focus on trade and business opportunities and along with the meeting with president castro, president
10:35 am
disdense. >> and encourage them to fight for the kinds of human rights we cherish in this country. >> and opponents claim president obama is going back on his road and he won't travel to cuba until after human rights are approved and critics raise concerns over whether the cuban people will benefit from the falling relationship between the two nations. >> and we need to speak to the cuban people and calling for free elections and a more liberal economic system to bring prosperity and which communism has never done anything good for anyone. >> reporter: and president obama will address the cuban people in a nationally televised speech on tuesday and before that much anticipateed baseball game between the tampa bay rays and the cuban national team. a lot being taked into -- packed into the two-day visit. a health alert, this issued four people travelling to and from cuba. the cdc issued a new warning
10:36 am
country reported the first case this week. it's spread by mosquitoes and pregnant with edge are at risk because the virus is believed to cause birth tefects. and people president obama -- defects. and president obama is in cuba and will be getting public support from one of the state's high ranking elected officials. u.s. senator brown will be at the cuyahoga justice center tomorrow at 2 with are the local leaders to urge senate republicans to consider president obama's nomination of garland to the u.s. supreme court. brown plants to point out the last 100 years the senate has taken action on every single candidate nominated in the election year. and some ohio voting rules are under scrutiny ahead of the year's presidential election. a lawsuit filed in columbus is challenging the state's golden week and that is days leading up to the election when they can register and vote at the same time. and advocates for the homeless population said that new regulations are creating hurdles for voters.
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heard in april. >> and ohio lawmakers considering new exceptions to the state's indoor smoking ban. and the proposal would allow the more private cigar clubs even if located to other buildings like the strip mall. the american lung association of ohio is against the idea but the bipartisan group of lawmakers response organization the bill said it would be good for the state's economy. and next on good morning cleveland, violence at another donald trump rally and it was caught on camera and -- . >> plus, cleveland playhouse is releasing next year's schedule and the musicals you can see soon. >> and the power of five is tracking snow this morning.
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. good morning, everybody. spring ahead, kind of sprung in northeast ohio. we're waking up to some spring snow out towards summit county. you can see a little bit of a accumulation on grassy areas. roadways, probably a pretty slick out there and that is as temperatures are on the chilly side. the windchill factor out of the northeast to 15 miles per hour
10:41 am
throughout the day. the bridges and overpasses, pretty slick out there from lake county, geauga and a warm spot. and today, forecasted highs and bouncing back a tad bit. we'll see clouds and flakes in richmond and ashland county. good morning, parma, a high of trench for today and we'll be into the lower 40s toward stark and other counties, most locations into the upper 30s and really not feeling like we're into the new season. but, our temperatures are on the increase into the mid-week. i will show you that coming up. nick. >> thank you. and feels like spring. looking ahead this morning, the cleveland playhouse revealing the 2016-2017 main stage season offerings. the company will bring everything from tony wayne plays like all of the way and
10:42 am
stories like sherlock homes and a christmas story will be back. it kicks off in september and runs through may of next year. the show that will be a part of the broadway series will be announced next saturday. and happening today, the final day of the cleveland home and remodeling expo. you can check out hundreds of exhibitors ranging from realtors to construction companies and there are several speakers planned to help you learn to remodel the home yourself. it's underway and runs through 6 tonight at the first merritt convention center. and the first day of spring as janessa mentioned and they're offering free ice cream, although it doesn't feel like ice cream weather and holds free scoop day every year to welcome in the warmer temperatures and you can stop from noon to 7 to get free. and if you see news happening, let us know. text or e-mail us at
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at the regents hotel base continues to grow as well. john kosich has more in this morning's edition of democracy 2016. good morning and welcome to the first day of spring, which in cleveland is often another day of winter. and this year, promises to be different. if not meteorologically then politically. as things continue to heat up as we're closer to the republican national convention.
10:47 am
what remains to be seen is what is playing out on the floor of the q and increasing the likelihood of a convention and meaning no canned did the has enough delegates to win on the first ballot. republican, delegates are bound on the first ballot. the free agents after that. ka -- kasich's campaign announcing the hiring of four strategists this week and they'll be involved in the intricate task of picking delegates and identifying ones that they can win over. >> and we're talking about the rules of the game and the selection delegates, the three quarters of them selected not by the candidate but by the parties and each of the states and that is going to be something to influence. and then, of course, going into the convention. the rules can be changed by the gop and right until the day of and into the convention itself. >> reporter: the last republican floor fight was the last reagan battle in 1976. >> and does not include blowing
10:48 am
>> reporter: one of the advisors was the man who advised president ford that year in kansas city. kasich who is 24 at the time is not only there through a series of events and ended up involved helping to run five states for ronald reagan which, we talked about a few years back. >> and was there at the end when reagan said goodbye to his entertainment. i was in -- his inner team. i was in the room and saw grown men cry. he said don't be that upset. there will be another day. >> reporter: a lot of the issues will be debated in cleveland the week before the convention and that is when the spotlight will shine on the city and that is when they filled up. and the hotel internitory. >> reporter: at the new hotel downtown, it's time to polish the floors. and get ready to show the public how crews turned an old board of education building into this. >> and this has a certain character to it. people are interested to see what it's about.
10:49 am
an old library turned into a presidential suite. all of the rooms here booked for the republican national convention. most of them by the host committee. >> and we expect to be open april 28th and 29th. well in advance of the convention. our rooms are contracted, we're 110 rooms and we have given them to the rnc. >> reporter: at the hyatt place in crocker park, they're booked solid, too. >> and to put it in perspective, the one week is almost equal to an entire month. >> reporter: the general manager tells me the nightly rate for the rnc will be at normal rate. >> and they're going higher. we didn't necessarily want to, you know, be price gouging during that time. >> we don't feel it's the right thing to do to price gouge. >> reporter: the jury won't disclose how much the rooms will go for or whether there will be special accommodations for guests. at the hyatt place, they're looking to extend their liquor service past midnight and plus -- . >> if anything, you might have extra security.
10:50 am
and donald trump came to ohio a week ago. and his commends about a protestor and hillary clintons -- make up a back ground of the political fact check. >> it's something senator sanders would delay implementing and making no offense. >> reporter: that is hillary clinton going after bernie sanders in the last democratic debate. he would delay president obama's plan to fight climate change. the polity fact experts say that doesn't check out. >> what we found is that bernie sanders never said he wants to delay implementing the law. he has been supportive of it. >> reporter: sanders ' said he wants the law to go further and experts say that could take longer to put in place but there is no evidence sanders wants to delay the law. politi fact rates hillary clinton's claim as false. meanwhile, the other big winner, donald trump. he took aim at one of the protestors. on meet the press, he said that
10:51 am
in ohio has ties to isis. >> he was playing arabic music and dragging the flag along the ground and. >> and what we did was put out what he had on the internet. >> reporter: a protestor, 22- year-old thomas was arrested by police. and except for the internet postings tie him to isis as trump claims? >> and this is clearly the work of a prankster and somebody not related to him. and we even talked to experts and asked if they thought he had isis ties and they said it's clear they didn't have isis ties or the government would not have released him. >> reporter: politfact ruling trump's claim as false. >> and that protestor was arrested and charged in federal court. for more fact checks, go to i'm john kosi consider, h. enjoy your sunday. and thank you. the hotels will provide a new look for cleveland when they start opening up. >> absolutely. >> and can't wait. if you're waiting for warmer temperatures as part of
10:52 am
longer to go and this week -- . >> holding on? >> and not associated with warm. >> and this week hasn't been nice to us, weather-wise and that colder air currently in place across northeast ohio. and right now, greater cleveland area, we're in the overcast skies. why-from-our cam here in akron, you can see the flakes are flying and accumulation snowwise forming on the grassy areas. temperatures also not playing nice this morning. downtown cleveland, elyria, north ridgeville. you're currently at 33 degrees. the warm spot and as you make your way inland into stark- summit county, wayne county and you're below freezing. the temperatures are definitely below normal and that frigid air wants to stick around here. you can see this storm system from punxsatawney to pittsburgh and into northeast ohio providing us with a little bit of snowfall there. the heavier bands out towards summit county and into canton,
10:53 am
you're seeing a bit of accumulating snow and that is going to transition as we head into your mid-afternoon. and taking a look at the area of low pressure, this is the northeastern area. we'll keep an eye on it and affecting portions of the east coast. i don't think it will touch down across northeast ohio, but waiting for the path of the storm to see how much accumulating snow is going to be affecting the east coast. you can see hour, the temperatures well below normal for this time of the year. 37 degrees for a forecasted high for greater cleveland. we want to show you our future cast here and we'll stay with cloudy skies for most of the day around 1:00 p.m. and you can see isolated activity out towards richland and mansfield. and then, another amount of moisture enters and in the form of rain around 3:00 and really starts tooing is south and look at that -- to sag south and pushes out of here by 6:00 p.m. we're a-okay if you have
10:54 am
we'll see a bit of high pressure build and that will allow for some sunshine as we head into your monday. so, highs today of 37 degrees and you will still crank the heater tonight and overnight low of about 26. you can see from our seven-day forecast, it's not about how you start spring. and we're going to be on the upward trend. look at this by tuesday. we're at 54 and that is into the 60s on wednesday. could see a rumble of thunder into thursday afternoon. and a high of 61. going into easter sunday, we'll
10:55 am
10:56 am
10:57 am
. we want to say happy birthday to janessa webb. you have the five-day forecast. >> and the first day of spring. i am a spring baby. we're seeing temperatures not playing nice and i kind of like the cooler air. 37 degrees. forty as we head into tomorrow and then we'll be more spring- like on wednesday and into thursday. 61 degrees. so, all for you northeast ohio, the weather is coming up. >> and all right, thank you very much. that is all the time we have. get your news and weather updates on the newsnet 5 app all day long. happy birthday, janessa. >> thank you.
10:58 am
. >> i'm sarah carns. they're hosting nursing and healthcare open houses at several campuses on march 22nd. the director of ohio colleges. dr. p is here to tell us more. thank you for being here. >> great to be here. >> and start off by talking about march 22nd open houses. where will they be? >> we have four campuses in ohio. in cleveland, downtown, parma, east lake, and akron. our open houses were specifically -- the healthcare career nursing and ota and medical assistant at the campus and parma campus and east lake location. it's a great day. the whole thing about an open house is to be able to have
10:59 am
a career and what is going on they enter into the nursing program and you have to take the tease exam makes. $60. -- examination. and we're giving that assessment. the ts test for free. in addition to that, if you want to show up, i will give you a tourist campus. i will put your name in for drawings for concert tickets we have coming up. major sporting events and we'll give away all kinds of stuff. i mean a bunch of our business partners and everything in the area have contributed because we need healthcare in northeast ohio. will be available? >> that is the tease voucher. i called it a free thing. a tease voucher and that is a certificate to say you can take this test free of charge. >> and you have prizes you have towards kansas and all kinds of goodies to give away. sounds like a great event. >> uh-huh. >> and thank you so much for
11:00 am
if you would like to rsvp, go to bryant and straton edu or call 440-510-1112. >> announcer: the following paid presentation for cooper chef is brought to you by tristar products incorporated. are your kitchen drawers starting to look like a bad garage sale -- steamers, rice cookers, roasters, slow cookers. and just how many pots and pans does one kitchen really need? and every time you cook, cleanup's a disaster. scraping, scrubbing -- what a chore. what if you could replace all this with one single, nonstick pan? and what if this pan was innovative in design and made of the highest-quality craftsmanship? and what if you could cook with it on the stove and in the oven? introducing copper chef, the


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