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tv   News Channel 5 at Noon  ABC  March 21, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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tigating, always on your side. news channel 5 starts now. good afternoon. at the top today we follow a developing story on the cleveland
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inside a garage. officers made the discovery just after 7:00 this morning on fault avenue in cleveland's grenville neighborhood. the victim's name has not yet been released. the corner will determine the exact cause of death. meantime, and not topsy will be performed on an 80-year-old cleveland man found dead in the driveway. officers found john samuels of osceola avenue yesterday morning. police suspect of violence because his body was badly bruised. new information about a man who died at a steel plant in canton. kenny ray junior was a fire technician at the steel plant and was also a police officer in wayne county. was new to its department and was well-liked liked by his peers. photograph of array on its facebook page for with it was a post bearing dozens friends. they say a fire technician was found dead sunday at the fair checking extinguishers. statement
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the loss of a colleague. they will continue to work with local officials in the investigation. osha has cited and ohio window manufacturer for serious violations after a 22-year-old employees right hand was caught in the rollers of a glass press he was cleaning. the workers suffered fractures, nerve and tendon damage, and injury could've been prevented if the vista follow proper safety standards. new video of another smash and grab. this one on the far southeast side. police said someone drove a car store on harvard avenue near east 147th street. that's in the lead harvard neighborhood. it was around 5:30 is mine. police have not said whether look at that weather forecast. there. on the cool side but nice. >> no question. we should be in the mid-40s.
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certainly, a chilly first full day of spring here today. take a look right now. this is downtown cleveland. mostly cloudy skies. other than that, it is a quiet day. we may have a few peaks of sunshine, but for the most part i think the clouds will win out. 37 currently downtown cleveland. temperatures mid to upper 30s, possibly near 40. a few snow showers as well. noticing the downtown area, temperatures near 40. a couple areas of light snow. mostly cloudy skies as well. here you see light snowflakes over the open waters of lake erie, north of avon, north of lakewood. we'll watch for these to rotate a little on shore and as we head toward middlefield into portions of northern colonies, even a little mix happening. we could have a few sprinkles toward youngstown.
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just after midnight. so this is the first full day of spring. look here. notice the snow showers to the north and east toward buffalo and rochester, new york. temperatures in the upper 30s to near 40. we cool things off tonight into the middle 30s. dry for how long? we look at pinpointing your rain will arrive coming up. changes on the way for the underway cutting services. this is just a few of the ideas proposed to offset a $7 million budget deficit. the companies eeo blames the state for part of its offset budget. he says it is not receiving enough money. new at the noon hour, despite all metro health employee has withdrawn a whistleblower lawsuit against the hospital. formal internal audit director simpson huggins had accused metro
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and family members. he now says the claims are not true and has issued an apology. today a community will rally around the surviving victims of a deadly apartment fire. the restaurant in brunswick is donating 100 percent of its proceeds to affected families. several people have been displaced for nearly two weeks now. their clothes, food, and other belongings were just a few things lost when one of two fires one up early this month. killed in the fire was also a four-year-old girl, displaced were more than 20 families, and the community is trying to help any way that it can. >> it's a very given community and wanted to be part of that and support the community we live in. >> there's not a day go by that i don't cry or i think about it. i tried to forget about it. i don't like talking about it, but my family is getting through it.
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is open tonight until midnight. aside from donating its receipts today, bill also accept direct cash donations for the victims. there was a fire yesterday at a restaurant which did considerable damage and has the intent -- has the attention of insurance investigators. burned yesterday was a wendy's restaurant. investigators will view this video sent to us by mark ricker. flames began just before 10:00 sunday morning when firefighters arrived, the wendy's restaurant roof had already collapsed three there were five employees at the time inside but all that out safely. a cleveland police officer has pleaded not guilty to felonious assault charges. we were in court this morning for officer david manns arraignment. he was arrested friday after he allegedly assaulted a woman. he was off duty when the incident occurred, said police. he is currently suspended without pay pending the ruling of his
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a cleveland man behind bars on a million-dollar bond in connection with the deadly shooting in akron. antoine bennett is charged with aggravated murder. police said he fatally shot 25-year-old gabriel real at a party valentine's day. then it was previously convicted for carrying a concealed weapon, drug possession, and breaking and entering. coming up as we continue at the noon hour, update or else. amazon is morning kendall waters to install new software before the internet. political punches. more violence at donald trump rallies. campaign manager for getting involved. and caught on camera, the brawl with customers at a shopping mall. you're watching news channel 5 on the noon hour.
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we're beginning to feel a gasoline pump. average price per gallon of regular gasoline has jumped 17 cents in the past two weeks. the national average hovers around $2.2. gas prices in ohio are just a few cents cheaper averaging $1.98. well drivers in the cleveland
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$1.91. about an hour from now apple will unveil its latest creations. most experts could start to see a smaller version of the iphone. the tech giant is also expected to announce smaller versions of the ipad pro and apple watch models. the watch itself won't change but there are likely going to be brand-new vans for the device. a consumer alert for kindle owners. the device will no longer be able to access the internet if you do not update by tomorrow. amazon says the update affects kindle models made in 2012 and earlier. without the new software, older candles will not be able to download books from the cloud or the kindle store. if you wait until after tomorrow to update, you'll have to manually add the update using a best -- using a desktop computer to regain access. here's jason with your weather forecast. about a day or so into spring. winter is just hanging on, clinging to life.
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we'll tell you where the snow is headed now and how long it will stick around coming
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you scratch your head. new video. an easter bunny giving out more than just eggs. this video has gone viral shows a chaotic scene in the new jersey shopping mall as a man dressed as an easter bunny hopped into a brawl with shoppers right outside the seasonal display. two men were hurt during the fight and taken to the hospital. no word on what started the scuffle involving the easter bunny. now to the race for the white house. donald trump campaign changing the way it handles protests at campaign events. this after more violence at trump rallies over the weekend. one protester in arizona taking a sucker punch says it landed him in the hospital, and trump campaign manager caught on camera appearing to grab a protester by the caller. but donald trump is defending his top aide.
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now, he wasn't -- suggesting the candidate with the most delegates at the republican national convention here in cleveland should get the nomination but the chairman has rejected that it was an historic handshake, and it was in cuba today. president obama meeting with raul castro during president obama's visit to the communist nation. the first from a u.s. president in nearly 90 years. marcy gonzales is in havana, cuba with the latest on the story. >> reporter: an historic first full day and havana. president obama meeting with the cuban president roulo castro, a first step in trying to work past the bitter divide between the u.s. and the communist nation. president obama sharing his optimism in an abc news exclusive interview. >> changes going to happen here, and i think roulo castro understands that.
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cheering crowds, hopeful that this marks the turning point. 11 million residents make an average of $20 per month, well the trade embargo still exists, american businesses starting to take advantage of newly relaxed restrictions bringing more tourism dollars to cuba. but opponents criticize the president actions here, pointing to the ongoing arrest of political dissidents and other human rights issues in cuba. president obama bowing to take a strong stance. >> although we still have significant differences around human rights and individual liberties inside cuba, we felt that coming now would maximize our ability to prompt more change. >> and he'll meet with some of those dissidents and give a nationally televised speech, but first this historic meeting between
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would never see standing side-by- side. abc news, havana, cuba. today, it was a winter blast. this is spring. people walk up to some wintry new season. steady snowfall making a sloppy and slow commute for drivers this morning in the northeast part of the u.s. the national weather service says eastern region could see anywhere between 4 inches to 6 inches of snow throughout the day. yes, spring has begun. >> and we noticed the district spring is on the calendar doesn't mean winter is not lingering. not so much this year though. it >> it's been kind of light. >> 3 feet below normal for snowfall this year. >> we'll take that when we can
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>> that's a lot. >> it's a pretty quiet day. here's a look at downtown cleveland. a mix of clouds and sunshine. it's on the chilly side. only at 37 degrees currently. well into the mid and upper 40s. we've had some warm days, but so far spring 2016 has gotten off to a nifty start. temperatures near 40 as we head to near 40 elsewhere. can't rule out some sunshine breaking through. a few areas of light snow. this little bash north and west of downtown cleveland may affect those folks along the lakeshore from here on to vermillion, lorraine, even toward avon. here are some light snow showers. this is so light it is barely worth mentioning, but it is worth mentioning because it may just fly around here.
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spring snow. yes, welcome to spring. look at the snow here. western pennsylvania and toward lake chautauqua as you head into western new york, western pa, even toward rochester. see her cues getting some snow. for us we are dryer, but we are still chilly. upper 30s falling into the middle 30s later tonight. here's the hour-by-hour. through the afternoon, cause with sunshine. temps in the mid-30s. tonight we cool off. tomorrow we start with clouds. tomorrow are a little better. mid to upper 50s, and we should make drive. bring in our rain chances. notice to start the day, clouds and sun. the rain showers for the most part, at least the newest model, keeping the rain mainly to our north. we forecast afternoon and evening showers potentially for wednesday. right now upper 30s and lower 40s.
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winds continue to blow pretty good. subsiding a bit tomorrow as it will calm down a bit. a little more springlike tomorrow with temperatures back into the 50s. wins out of the northwest 10 to 20. tonight we are in the mid-30s, maybe lower 30s away from the lake and we see dry, cloudy, and cool. mid 50s for tuesday. low 50s for wednesday and thursday. isolated chance of rain on wednesday. check out your chances for thunder on thursday. highs new 60 and tracking of you warning sprinkles on friday. right now easter sunday is 60 and clouds and sun.
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"dancing with the stars" is bad. the competition kicks off tonight at 8:00 here on news channel 5. the 22nd season features meteorologist ginger zee. a full of actors, nfl stars, and super bowl 50 mvp von miller. by jason nicholas was not selected for "dancing with the stars" i will never know. >> she looks fantastic. just had a baby. >> her last name is long, more ethnic sounding. >> comes off the tongue a little
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>> and we can maybe remember it better. >> we'll dance with you tomorrow at
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r knows perfecting a wheelie takes hard work. what goes wrong when rets the road. some guys try to lead a duck family back to the pond. but one -- >> strays away from the rest. >> why toes are more enticing than the water. it's a sure sign of spring


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