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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 22, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. at least three explosions rocked the capital of brussels this morning. a suicide bomber reportedly ded airport. >> there were explosions in the main building. >> ceilings collapsing.r their lives. another blast rocks a metro station.
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in the paris terror attacks is americans in europe told to shelter in place. nypd set to ramp up security here in new york. the hunt is on right now forlasts. >> announcer: live in times square, this is "good morning america." we are live all across the country and all time zones for the latest on those terror attacks unfolded in brussels, belgium, at 3:00 time during their morning rush hour. this is the scene as it unfolded, terrified passengers running for their lives at the s photo here shows the damage. at least two different attacks across the city this morning. >> here's what we know right now. it is changing. at hit that airport. another rocked a metro station at least 28 people now killed. dozens injured. all airport transportation in brussels now
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there raised to maximum. the u.s. embassy advisings to shelter there in place. >> alert levels raised here in new york as well and other american cities, we have full coverage right now. we'll begin withhe is on the scene at the brussels airport with the latest. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, george. dramatic scenes here at the brussels airport. the edge of the police perimeter told to stop here, passengers talking about scenes of utter pandemonium inside. these twof which we understand was from a suicide bomber coming just after 8:00 at the peak of travel time. you can see here therends of people streaming out from this airport just now a new wave of people with their bags, some clutching those airlinell used. they have their bags with them. this is a calm scene here. but you can see their faces are
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there's a lot of le trying to figure out how to get away from the airport. there are buses lined up taking people away. but the people we spoke toh more dramatic scenes and spoke to an eyewitness checking into the american airlines counter when the first he can explosion went off about 30 yards away fromhought that it took place closer to the delta counter and that's going to be one of the things experts look into now anything specifically was targeted in the airport but eyewitnesses talking about scenes of utter carnage, bodies on the floor of debris ceiling tiles on the floor. absolute chaos. >> okay, alex. the first explosion occurred witnesses describe the ceiling
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blood from the victims.n on top of my girl and there was a second explosion. an american girl next to me. 13 dead. the number of injured still being counted. witnesses described it as a war les in the air, the airplanes. >> thereby explosions in the terminal hall. that's why we don't allow anyone >> reporter: an explosion at the maelbeek subway station. a loud boom heard and first the street with people on stretchers. their clothes badly torn. >> i just stood off the metro when we heard thud. more panic set it.
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capital has been on highg the arrest of salah abdeslam last week. you can see these buses pull ago way with people inside.elers being taken away from the airport. after that attack at the metro station the entire brussels down. we understand 15 people killed in that attack in addition to 1 here.c transit system across brussels including the airport, metro buses and trains has been shut down. icials have been telling us more fronts it was not a question of if but when the next terrorist attack would happen. george. >> okay, alex, thanks very much.t the brussels airport. want to turn to an eyewitness to the attack on the in et tree. zoa, i understand you ran towards the metro when you heard about the did you see?
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around about a dozen to 15 people carried out of theing outside the metro entrance an rue de la roi.on itself, maelbeek is just a few hundred meters from the main scene of eu activity, the european commission and the european council. 200 meters away from my office. so i was already basically there when i heard there had been attacks on maelbeek and i was to see what was going on. >> and a scene of chaos and you were able to see the wounded and casualties being taken out. tell us more about thishood. what is around this neighborhood. >> around maelbeek it's really just the heart of the european quarter.n and council nearby, very close within a few hundred meters,
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quarter and coast to the parliament. probably around a five to te walk. those are the three main ones in brussels and close to the russian embassy around there. several embassies in that arts-loi area and one stop in the opposite direction from schu uchlt schuman. >> zoya hanks for that report. >> we'll talk to christian pore the latest on security.iliar with what happened in the metro station. what is the latest that you can tell us, sir? >> well, the information that i could gather is the facthad an explosion in the metro station called maelbeek.
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several people deceas injured. but i don't have exact figures about the casualties yet now.epartment and medical service and police were deployed on the scene. there is a large security ow so that all those services can work on the scene. nd what exactly are the services doing there right now, the police force doing right now at this hour? >> well, for the policee the past two protect the medical services working there and also to prevent people from entering the securityso that there is no danger for the medical service and the fire departments to work. >> and, sir, there was no imminent
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>> well, normally terrorist attack, they don't they don't say on the forehand that they will commit an attack, of course. >> and the heightened alert that you are under now, can you tell us what taken? >> well, all public transport is shut down in brussels.buses, no trams, no metro and the taken stations are also closed in brussels and the people are off to remain inside so, the police and security forces can work on the scene. >> all right, mr. deconick, please know our thoughts are with everyone there. us. >> thanks. >> want to go to our chief global affairs anchor martha raddatz in washington. martha, we just heard the brussels police spokesman saidndication that this was coming. no specific intelligence but there was a great concern after the takedown of salah abdeslam
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that that couldkind of a follow-on attack? that's exactly right, george. they feared that there was an attack that was planned and when that they might do that attack early because they might have feared that abdeslam would tell authorities something, tell them where it might happen so by allarances, this terror attack was carried out quickly, they coordinated very quickly to get this going today.s planned for today or whether or not it was planned for several months from now we don't know. there's certainly terror cells operating inm by the way is the largest supplier of european countries of foreign fighters in syria and, of course, the fear is always go into syria, they will fight with isis, they will get trained and they will come back out and head for europe to carry out these kinds of martha, one of the biggest
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be carried out in brussels despite the fact there had been such a heavy police presence, ce presence especially in that molenbeek neighborhood where salah abdeslam was found for the four months since these terror attacks in paris. >> reporter: they've beenused on this, george. as you know back in november i was standing in that neighborhood and we were talking about the focus onight after those paris attacks, the city was virtually shut down in lockdown. armored personnel carriers werestreet. you really couldn't go anywhere without seeing that police presence. now, perhaps there was an attack planned for that time andn't carry it out because of that police presence but what happens is they then go dark. they go under ground and don't nother in the typical ways by cell phone or by internet. they can go on encrypted devices and can figure out a way to attack like this
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saw in this one those soft targets, i know people don't think of an airport as aut that part of an airport is indeed a soft target. i'm sure as we all know when we go into airports there is security.y on the outside. don't want you to stop out front in your car but you can get things inside, clearly you can get things inside. if there was a suicide being reported at least one suicide bomber, they will find out how he got in there, where the car was, how they got there, do the forensics on trying to figure out who this person was, who else carried it out, we don't know whether or suspects there were, how many people may have carried this out. whether it was on the tracks there in the subway system, how they got on to thosethere are going to be security video coming out and i'm sure we'll get a lot of questions
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it's very hard to prevent f they want to carry out an attack especially if you're a suicide bomber. >> thanks very much. >> of course, joining us is ray r police commissioner here in new york city and also pierre thomas and you know of course, law officials are monitoring what's closely. what are you hearing from the government? >> top law enforcement officials have been briefed loretta lynch and james comey. no threat to the united states they know of. they don't believe we have the sophisticated terror cells, they have in europe but what they're mosted concern about today is copycats, people who could be inspired by what they're seeing andring rough ly ly 24 people. people who have been radicalized online through social media. that is the big here will react to it here.
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lot are waking up, just after 7 7:00 eastern time. the city. >> i think what you're seeing now is deployment of uniformed officers, the officers that started work at be held into the day tour and see that particularly in thenew york has the busiest subway system arguably in the world, 6 million travel that system every day so you want to increase the what you probably won't see but may happen is a door knocking campaign. >> what do you mean. >> concerned about -- to know that, hey, we're watching you. how are you doing? that sort of thing. now, that may happen, may not happen. it depends on what thef fbi and nypd as to whether or not there's anybody with a tendency to be a copycat. >> and- always on high alert. we're always very vigilant and
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>> you had two major attacksight. >> you had at least 20 terrorist attempts here in new york city. and new york city has responded well and has the unique a lot of uniformed officers on the street. critical response command and overlay of police officers so that's what you'll see deployed in uniform obviously lots o on that you won't be able to see. >> we see more activity here in times square and as you were saying, pierre, what you're alluding to when we seen europe in recent months and the last year or so, as you're alluding to there has to be a concern whyink that that could possibly happen here in the u.s. >> recent history is a guide. think about paris attacks last november. for weeks the united states c credible threat then san bernardino. that is the concern that you would have, that people would be inspired and then take action theno determine
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intelligence beforehand. that's why you have extend tiff campaign by the fbi looking at social media, who might be inspired by isis and one thing that's happened in the last six months or so, the fbi went from seeing people who were simply trying too syria and join isis and planning to do things here they believe they stopped. >> okay, pierre, thanks very much. to jon karl now. traveling with the and the president now has been briefed? >> reporter: that's right. the president was briefed well before dawn and, hasecurity team with him including national security advisers susan rice, secretary of state john kerry. the state department is also issued a warning through therussels to american citizens there that's quite stark, george. it says that american citizens should shelter in place and in belgium that there was a level 4 threat, a level 4 threat which means a
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danger of aent attack so clearly u.s. officials were watching what was happening in belgium and well aware of the danger. now the president has been briefed and has ale here for the rest of the day including later this morning an address televised nationally in cuba to the cuban people and then he's attending. no indication from the white house that there will be any change to the president's schedule. in fact he's leaving from here to go on to argentina but, you well know, george, when the president travels on these trips he has his full national security apparatus with him and all that. >> full expectation he'll continue the trip, complete the trip he's on right now. one thing we heard from the president in recent months is that martha raddatz was talking about that we cannot have perfect security against this kind of threat when people are willing to takewn hands and die in order to kill.
7:18 am
been walking a fine line here talking about taking a tough lineerrorist threat, against isis but also trying to put it in context and saying, that the threat is something that must be contained, must be dealt with, at the threat as something that many people frankly in the view of the president have exaggerated. a very tough argument to make when you in the heart of europe with dozens more killed but the president's view is that there is no such thing as perfect securust contain this threat and deal with it in every way possible but put it in context. >> jon karl, thanks very much. >> we'll go back to alex ave been on the scene there in the brussels airport from the very beginning of all this. what is the latest you're hearing now, alex. people continue to stream out of here. there have been travelers coming
7:19 am
in that departure hall when the explosions went off. just to give the viewers a sense of where this happened when we say departure hall theecurity before you would go through the x-ray machines and take off your shoes where everybody was checking in. convoys of buses watching them now over here that keep going past, packed to the brim with people who were either trying to take off or had just it's worth reiterating that all of the air travel has been stopped. no planes going out or coming back in. people are in various seen lots of emotion, lots of people crying, lots of people hugging. some with blankets wrapped around them. others just confused by what's going on able to actually get inside the airport. but what's clear is now these -- the passengers from inside the terminal are being taken away
7:20 am
hospital has been set up nearby. the latest figure from the is that 13 people were killed inside the airport, there are wounded. we don't have the figure on that.wo explosions was carried out by a suicide bomber. >> 13 there and we're hearing 15 in the metro owe overall dead there. many injured. we'll going to take a short break. for some of you that is your local news and weather next and team coverage of these deadly eturns in just a moment here on "good morning america." this is tecfidera. tecfidera is not an injection. a pill for relapsing ms that has the power to cut relapses in you could do with fewer relapses. p p
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i'm jackie fernandez with terrence lee. >> and we're following investigations into two fires that happened overnighfirst in massillon. an investigation underway. a woman in her 50s found dead in her home. and we're learning she dialed 911 around 10:30 last night and that call came in as n medical call. arrived five minutes later, the officials found the fire at the home on huron road. they were able to pull her out but it was too late. her name is not d another fire breaking overnight on cleveland's west side. it happened on the third floor of the joan apartments on west 10 5th street in building is evacuated. the first crews on scene calling for a second alarm because of the intensity of the flames and they discovered it was a chair next person was hurt here and appeared to suffer minor injuries. and now a check on weather and traffic with somara. >> and it's a cold start out t about that. 43 degrees in cleveland right
7:28 am
and a little bit warmer. 38 degrees in ashland as we the day. the good news is that the highs are going up. the temperatures are going up. the highs in the upper 50s this we settle for sunshine and we give way to more clouds and we are expecting very breezy conditions this evening. the power of 5 anging the way in thursday and overnight into friday, we can see a few flurries. the weekend, though, panning out to be nice. d on the roads, especially our typical trouble spots, 77 and 71 northbound as well and 90 with some issues. i want to alert you to one on the 5 on your side traffic maps here. superior avenue and robert lockwood jr., i am hearing that is cleared and let's show you wns. 71 northbound, tracking stop- and-go speeds here to 5 miles per hour and in some spots as the drive times at 27 -- a 27-de, 77 northbound and this is a life
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rob portman, a job creator everywhere but ohio. welcome back to "gma." you are looking at the brussels dly blasts went off hours ago. one by a suicide bomber. another went off at a metro station. capital. at least 28 people reported dead and we have team coverage of all the latest right now.traight to abc's alex marquardt on the scene there at the brussels airport. good morning, again, to you,, that's right.
7:31 am
the belgian authorities and belgian prime minister said this morning the country was struck in as we understand it right now the current death toll, 28. 13 here during the -- from the double explosion this morning at the airport. and 15 more from in the center of brussels, the entire metro system has been shut down along with the rest of the belgian including buses, trams, trains and the airport also shut down, the only way in or out of this country right now is by car, in fact, we are just trying to hire ae told they are all booked because people from here, from across belgium are trying to -- across brussels, rather, are trying to get out of the country. lot of confusion here at the airport. you can see there's a lot of movement. people streaming out by the hundreds, by the thousands from that departure hall wherelace, we've spoken with
7:32 am
scenes of pandemonium, scenes of carnage, one eyewitness due to fly to the states thison american airlines said they saw debris all over the place and saw bodies, roof tiles that had fallen onto the floor, scenes ofs, i should say this is an attack that was expected. this was something that intelligence officials here in belgium and across europe go to sleep every night wake up to. especially in the last few days because after the arrest of salah abdeslam, who is known as eighth paris attacker, onlyrorist from those paris attacks that killed 130 people, after he was arrested on friday in a very dramatic raid after a four-month told by the interior ministry that could likely trigger a new terrorist attack and appears that is what has happened. >> it does appear that was the arrest taking place about four days ago and then the attacks this morning. >> okay, thanks to alex for that
7:33 am
i spoke withage he airport moments ago and asked him what he saw and heard, tao wongbae. >> in terminal b i was to liberia.t passed the security when we saw where the re being rushed and pushed away to the exit so we can evacuate. >> what did you see and what did you hear? >> well, i didn't hear -- >> there was a shattered window. some damages to the police officers and other officers with guns. just making sure everyone is to the exit. >> how extensive was the damage you could see?
7:34 am
the time because they had changed some of the airport. i typically fly to this airportw where the security checkpoints should typically but this time around it was thought it was construction but it was pretty badly damage. >> thanks to taa wongbae for portation shut down, airports, trains, metro. >> what about the airports here in the u.s.? we're going to turn to david kerley. he covers aviation for us at abc news and, david, you have news the tsome a administrator is right now. >> he is in brussels, in fact, robin, he actually landed ind the time of these explosion, it's unclear before or after, we are told he was with a detail taken to in brussels and he is fine but great irony in the fact the man that runs security at our airports was actually landing in brussels at about the time.
7:35 am
brussels. and we have heard from american airlines that none of its employees at the ticket counter were injured. we have not heard from employees one way or the other but both airlines had planes land, one from washington, one from newark land in brussels taken to a secure area to take the passengers off.ght had to divert to amsterdam as it stayed away from the brussels airport. >> you're at reagan airport in what is the situation there and other airports across the country? >> reporter: the washington airports basically said they'reir vigilance. the new york area airports, laguardia, jfk and newark stepped up inquiries and another paige airport tells me that they arers and canine units today. and you will see this across the board at mass transit according todditional presence. a canine working at dca but
7:36 am
ticket counters heading down to the gates to head out on their has happened in brussels. >> that's right, thank you. >> robin, more now from dick clarke olsen. we heard alex marquardt say this was expected especially after the takedown of salah abdeslam. yet it could not be prevented. >> well, george, let's gy, the attack in paris was four months ago and that attack was directly linked to a cell in brussels., a week ago today belgian police raided what they thought was an empty apartment but they found it filled with people who shot at them, woundedice and belgian police a week ago today. that raid gave them clues that led last friday to the arrest of the mastermind of the paris en they raided his apartment, when they captured him, they
7:37 am
knew that there was a much bigger cell network than they and, two, that further attacks were planned. that was friday. the attacks came today. of that four months to find the leader of the paris attacks and they were unable over the course of the weekend and through monday to stop this new cell that they knew was out there.xplain that? >> it's very troubling, what it suggests is two thing, one, that this isis cell had very good capability that probably they were not using phones or internet, probably they were using curriers and all each other, the other thing they were living in this neighborhood outside of brussels, maelbeek which is frankly filled with isiszers, the belgian authorities say they're tracking 800 people in that neighborhood
7:38 am
>> matt olsen, walk us through what would be happening right now sign they'd center to forestall another attack in europe or here at thing, george, that's happen something that the analysts at the national counterterrorism center, cia, fbi, across the u.s.ty are working with their european colleagues in particular, of course, the belgians but the french, the british, the germans to try to understandtelligence everyone has about what's going on in europe in particular what's going on in brussels. the real goal right now is are there follow-on be the primary concern. is there anything in the works do we expect any more attacks, any more coordinated attacks in brussels or paris? of course, there's going to be an investigation that will start with the individuals, the suicide bombers, once thosentified that will provide links to who else may have been involved because certainly these suicide bombers
7:39 am
guys aren't acting part of a cell in brussels and probably part of a broader network linking back to syria. >> okay, matt olsen, dick . >> we'll take a short break and back with our live team coverage of these deadly terror attacks in brussels and the threat level here in the u.s. that as well. sound of faucet turning on sound of water runningunning sound of teeth being brushed sound of teeth being brushed better things than rheumatoid arthritis. before you and your
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as we watch closely what's happening with the terror attacks in belgium an the fbi's battle with apple over the iphone at the center of that san bernardino shooting. the fbi now saying they may not need phone. abc's neal karlinsky has the latest from california. good morning, neal.ood morning. this is a huge development in this case the federal government saying they may not need to take apple to court after all sayinghey can
7:44 am
iphone, something they had been saying they could not do without apple's help. the government putting out aast night before the judge saying an outside party demonstrated to the fbi this weekend a possible method for unlocking the phone but they're test it to be sure it doesn't destroy any important material. this of course critical the fbi says for them to try to learn the operations of ed terrorists, people that they're trying to investigate to see what their plans might be, the encryption on the iphone making it so difficult,s for them to get in, they had said they needed apple's help, now the federal government saying they believe they can hack in on their own, not need it after all their help. all right. >> let's bring in both pierre thomas, our chief justice correspondent and legal what a significant break it could be. we've seen james comey putting so much pressure on apple. >> they want to know what's inside theith one of the san bernardino aing thatters.
7:45 am
group that could possibly help them get inside the phone. that's preferable and want to n as possible rather than go through the protracted legal battle but law enforcement is nonpublic at the moment so that that group won't face any pressure or potential threats. >> meantime, dan abrams, in the midst of all this you had theserussels as well. how does that factor into the legal case. >> these legal fight also continue no matter whether the government has a work-around ine broadly these legal battles between companies like apple and the government are going to continue. and there's just no you have an environment where the public is feeling the pressure of terror l that pressure, judges feel that pressure. and as a result, you see the impact, now, judges aren't supposed to feel that, right. in theory be interpreting the law. they're human beings and do respond to what's happening in
7:46 am
>> let me ask pierre another all this time, getting into the phone, what could they possibly have in there that would still help them at this y have any support? are there other attacks being plannedy a potential they're concerned about and why it's critical. >> okay, pierre and dan, thanks very much. a short break all the latest on the debtly terror attacks in belgium. that's charmin ultra strong, keeps your underwear cleaner. so could wear them a second day.
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back now with the latest on this deadly terror attacks in belgium. abc's alex marquardt is on the scene there at the airport in the latest, alex? >> reporter: good morning, robin. the keen is calm but not as many people coming out.housands streaming out in the past few hours of this airport after that double suicide bomb or that suicide bombing that took place just after 8 a.m. wee killed inside and 15 at a metro station downtown in the heart of brussels. station. the alert level has been raised to its highest level 4 and the u.s. embassy has sent out a warning to citizens this place meaning they believe
7:51 am
imminent attack. so the fear of another attack is not yet over.right, alex. we'll take a short break and be right back with all the latest on the terror attacks and security measures in the u.s. moment. today' s the day! oh look! creepy gloves for my feet. see when i was a kid there was a handle. and a face. and does it come in a california king? getting roid rage. hemorrhoid. these are the worst, right? i' m gonna buy them. em. impulse buy. ommmmmmmmmmm. american express presents the blue cash everyday card with no annual fee. it' s all happening. . here we go! backed by the service and security of american express. and clean and real and inside jokes and school night. good, clean food pairs well with anything.ings menu.
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. good morning, time now is 756time. i'm terrence lee with jackie fernandez. we have new details about a on, involving a husband and estranged wife. >> and we now know chilling text messages were sent before the tragedy took place. the hudson police ming who sent the messages but each of the couple's three sons were allegedly asked to meet with the father; however, the boys said their dad never e ambushed their mother at the couple's home. and he killed her before you were iting the gun on himself. two months ago, the arrested for domestic violence and that charge eventually
7:57 am
and today, state lawmakers are introducing a bill to keep another tragedy like the one from happening. two are sponsoring the bill. they call for guns to be removed from homes after certain domestic violence d here's somara theodore with the weather. >> it's cold out there but we're certain to see temps rise. freemont up to 30 and still cooler in the lower 30s and in medina. a chilly start leading to a warmer afternoon. and it's going to feel like spring. the highs in the upper 50s a good amount of sun and clouds to start and then clouds take over this evening. we will ultimately see breezes increase and breezy this r of 5 seven-day forecast and this is what happens. thursday evening, a chance of thunderstorms and temperatures drop overnight into urries and rain for your friday morning. that is a look at the forecast. christ jean. and okaying somara. on 90
7:58 am
backed up from rocky river and as we're looking at the backup on 77 from 480 north and into the quick check on the drive time speeds. 26 minutes now to the inner belt, if you're taking 90 -minute ride for you, 77 northbound rockside to downtown and let's go outside and get that for you. 71 and west 25th. we are backed . and we'll see you here in 25 minutes. more news, weather, and
7:59 am
8:00 am
au77 good morning, america. it's 8 deadly terror attacks. explosions ripping through the airport and a subway station.panic. >> at least 28 killed. many more injured. all of europe on high alert. the threat level being raised now here in the u.s. ground right now.
8:01 am
square, this is "good morning >> and good morning, america. we are live across the country right now in all time zones with the latest on those deadly terror attacks in belgium. three explosion, two at a train station during their morning rush hour and we're going to see there passengers running for their lives across the european h we know right now is that at least 28 people are dead, dozens more injured. americans told to shelter in here in the u.s., police are ramping up security as you can imagine. we have team coverage of the latest and right now we are going to turn to abc's who has been there virtually from the very beginning there at the scene at the airport in brussels. good morning, alex. robin. can you see behind me the heavy police presence still around the perimeter around zaventem airport, one of the biggest ines like this ferrying passengers away. there have been thousands of people coming out describing
8:02 am
everywhere. pandemonium with people running across the tarmac running for their lives, smoke billowing out of the terminal. we smelled it ourselves acrid.urring tires. as you noted the terror alert level has been raised to 4, the liest level in brussels. the american embassy telling its sit in place, alert level 4 means there is the possibility of a serious and imminent attack on top of the two attacks we've seen today, double bombing hereairport, one of which was at least a suicide bomber and another bombing at a metro station downtown that claimed the lives of 15 people.ligence offs have been dreading this moment. they have been expecting more attacks to happen ever since those paris attacks that claimed the lives of 130 telligence offs going to bed every night fearing they would be woken up by a call about more terrorist attacks and it appears that is exactly what has happened ins appear that way, all
8:03 am
to an eyewitness. david crunell was in the he heard the first explosion. tell us what you saw and heard. >> about 8 a.m. i was dro luggage near the international departure terminal and i heard the first explosion with a lot of dust and the started to collapse. about two or three seconds after that the second explosion on the other side of the terminal, samee, same people screaming everywhere so in just about a few seconds everybody run out and we quickly saw and a few people laying on the ground near the entrance and we saw a lot of people reallyith a lot of blood and we know it was even worse inside but we could not see anything because
8:04 am
the other side of the terminal. how far separated from what you could tell were the explosions? >> it's not that far. it's maybe meters so basically in the same big room but i heard the first and saw the smoke right next to me two seconds on my right so really close to each other. >> how far were you from the explosions y s ess than 20 meters. that's why one of my ears is a bit damaged and i can't very well on one side but it's okay. i'm very lucky. >> well, thank goodness for describe the extent of the damage you saw in the terminal. >> terminal, the ceiling wasing and a lot of glass around so i saw a lot of people injured because of the glass explosion and there was a lot of blood on their
8:05 am
i saw about 40 people injured around me right next to me but i could n the other side of the terminal. but we quickly heard that people were dead inside. the police told us that maybe 20t happened. >> in those moments immediately after the attack we're seeing some of the video right now. what did they tell you to do? where did you go? us anything. it's like when the first explosion happened, i quickly saw the face --he face of everyone like they were ready for something like that to happen and they were like, oh, my god, now it's happening so let's go out, everybody went out.panic, movement or whatever. everybody was really taking care of each other but people were reallying showed, of course. >> i can imagine. and thank goodness, that you weren't more seriously hurt and thank you for sharing what you saw this morning.
8:06 am
and mallory, what are you seeing at the airport this morning? what kind of heightened security? >> reporter: well, george, just in the last few minutes we're seeing additional police officers here but before that it was pretty much business as usual. if you take a look you can see folks coming and going this morning. say they'll be stepping up security at jfk, laguardia and newark, they'll have heavy weapons and also high visibility atrols at the world trade center. there are a handful of direct flights to brussels that do leave out of jfk, we're told those flights have all been canceled. though, this morning are on time. right now we do know that the nypd is monitoring the situation as far as any further developments. we're told we can expect and law enforcement presence at major new york city locations, subways, major transit spots, we're told this is all out of ann and i have spoken with a number of passengers here this morning.
8:07 am
some level of anxiety when it comes to but they say right now their hears are with the people in brussels. george. back to you. >> mallory, thanks very much. >> ours too andthe former police commissioner ray kelly and also pierre thomas and hearing that report is what you would expect here in the city, taking the>> precisely, you're going to see a lot more uniformed officers at key locations in new york city, obviously in the subway and at the airport, port very competent agency in charge of the airport. they'll beef it up. but, you know, you can only do so much. and i think, you know, is whether or not there's intelligence certainly any intelligence coming from europe that will affect us so a lot of things that you won't see have been put into>> exactly what we won't see which is so key. >> exactly. >> and that's good. we should. you know, sometimes we try and it's good to know that the things are taking place without us knowing about
8:08 am
>> yeah, there are people who they want to talk to and will be talking to. the door in informants and knock on the door that -- let them know they're being watched. that they're aware of them. >> pierre, i've been forth with martha raddatz. she had a good point hearing the video from the metro and you hear those screams and the darkness and the panic and she brought up a she said, you know, this is what terror is all about. the places where we're supposed to feel safe panic like this. >> exactly and they know they will get, you know, a lot of coverage, coverage over and over, moos those images will bet of the terror they're trying to enact. the top law enforcement officials have been briefed. the attorney general, fbi director, homeland security directorry jeh johnson in the office working i'm being told and no specific credible threat tied to
8:09 am
but the concern going forward isgoing to see stepped up security at mass transit throughout the country particularly in major cities today. >> all right. >> okay, pierre, thanks very ng in our chief global affairs anchor martha raddatz. we'll have an increased security heard about terror threat levels being raised across europe. >> reporter: they have been, george and will remain that way until they have caught all members of this terror cell and that certainly is a long way off. the middle of an investigation, in the middle of a terror alert when they feared that athe arrest of abdeslam, the surviving pariser they arrested him they feared that would trigger an attack and, yet, those attackers went to such a high an airport. they clearly wanted to instill terror in everyone to say you are safe nowhere.
8:10 am
particularly when you look at an airport. we are so concerned about security at an airport. we're so concernedts getting on an airplane, so that terrorists go after the area where you don't even really think about it. where you're getting ready toirplane and there's really own so much they can do and how far back to you move thattart securing an airport without it interrupting international, domestic, all the commerce we do every single day. >> meantime, martha raddatll in custody in belgium right now. the question is what can we learn from him. >> reporter: i'm sure over the past several days they've beenrn everything they possibly can. i'm sure the interrogation is ongoing. exactly what he may have known about this. we don't know whatg from him. but we know there was a fear
8:11 am
terror attack, could say to the ere, this is the time to do it because they're going to start looking for anyone in this terror cell, but, of course, george, as youeen looking for people in the terror cell and looking for abdeslam since november when we were there and of brussels because they were so fearful that something would happen then and that likely delayed a terrorist attack withn the street but clearly it didn't stop them. >> amazing that he was able to get from paris to brussels and hide out there for four months as you say.much. >> something we want get to get past but it's four month, four months. terry moran, you're shaken by this. >> reporter: it struck right across europe as so many others have.
8:12 am
federico margari in jordan saying we need an islam of peace praising jordan's efforts in this area and she said today is a difficult day and was overcome intense human reaction just dissolved into tears there and was comforted by the jordanian foreign minister. that captures the sense oferability right across this couldn't nepts. this is obviously not the first time. not the first attack. and cities like london where i am right now are bracing for the next there is a sense of foreboding that europe itself is becoming a battlefield. certainly that is the goal of isis and other yi haddisttions and this sense that there are lone wolves or self-radicalizing cells is
8:13 am
your neighbors, for the thousands of europeans who have gone to fight in jihadista, many of them have returned. this is a problem that europe is going to be facing for years and this is tack in the capital many ways just drives home the emotions you saw there on the eu foreign minister simply overwhelmed. not just with the tragedy of this attack but with what it symbolizes for the future of daily life here in has, seeing her emotion like that and a phrase we don't like to hear but people say the new normal, is this the new normal in europe?>> reporter: no is what one wants to say, certainly what europeans are getting angry about this. not just overwhelmed withdownright angry and that can be a dangerous political reaction but that
8:14 am
accustom themselves toy when they go about their daily business that there's going to be a mass attack in the great cities of europe is something that the will rise or fall on if they cannot take care of that problem and address those fears as these attacks ha your reporting, terry. thank you. the latest on these terror attacks all morning long. we'll be back in just a moment. oking to save money on your medicare part d prescriptions, walgreens says, carpe med diem. out of life and medicare part d. just switch to walgreens for savingshlight of your day. now preview the cost of your copay before you fill. you can even get one-dollar copays on select plans. i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer. my psoriatic arthritis caused joint pain.
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8:19 am
dozens injured. threat level rising across europe. here at home, as well. >> we want to go back to abc's who is on the scene at the airport there in brussels where the blasts went off early this morning.rning, robin. yes, the police presence still very strong here. we just saw a rather somber scene of four past our position and understand there were 11 people killed here at the airport in that double bombing, one of which we know now was the suicideat drops the death toll down 26 but it's hard to tell where this is going to go. there are many people who have been wounded so the death toll meanwhile, brussels has raised the alert level. belgium has raise the alert level to 4, thee fearing a possible imminent attack and know there have been
8:20 am
and one at a metro station tral brussels, the entire metro system, the entire public transit system of brussels has been shut down so that includes the buses, trams and the trains. city really that is paralyzed, is panicking and so many people asking whether this was connected to who was the lone surviving terrorist from the paris attacks in november that killed 130 people. we don't know for the moment directly tied to it but we know just yesterday we were told by a senior belgian official that his arrest could attacks. what we're also hoping to discover is what abdeslam is telling investigators, the firsttion that he's told interrogators since he was arrested friday is that he was meant to be among the suicide bombers of those november 13th attacks,ever reason heing baaed out and now given the movements he
8:21 am
four month here in brussels, given what the police have found over the course of hundred raids in terms of ammunition stockpiles, weapons stockpiles, traces of explosive, it's clear more attacks were in the works.foreign minister saying abdeslam was looking to restart something from brussels and what's also very worrying is that they knew that he had anport network. that's the only way that someone like him can hide for four months, the only way someone can hide in the neighborhood where he grew up.500 yards away from his family's home so he had a very strong support network. we knew that but now the authorities are saying that it's bigger than they originally in terms of support but in logistics worrying not discuss for belgian authorities but authorities all across y that's paralyzed age a city considered the capital of europe and you've
8:22 am
>> we'll bring in who was on the metro during the he can explosion. what did you hear? >> yeah, i jumped off the metro just one stop before where took place. i was just walking up the stairs coming to the ground level as there was a loud kind of a large thud and cloud of dust rose up into the air. it was kind of a choked the metro station and that was just as we were walking eople really picked up the pace then but, of course, you have to realize in brussels there's a lot of construction. there's there's lots of noisesl always attribute to a source so still an unease, it was only when we got to the top of the stairs and saw the soldiers eagerly evacuating the that a little bit more panic kicked in. >> to be clear you heard only one thud. there had been some reports of multiple
8:23 am
>> there have been different reports but just to clarify when i first heard this noise it that it was an explosion and only since found out it was afterwards. this is how these situations tend to ure out what's going on a little bit later. at the time there was just mass confusion. there was one loud thud and a that we were quickly -- the station was quickly evacuated. >> you were about a taste away as you say. did you see any of the injured, any of the casualties? >> we sent of the evacuation of the metro stations along the street. the area where we're in, one long main street that runs from the city center towardsuarter where the european commission, the european parliament and whatnot are located so obviously this is an area that is very densely populated with a lot oft the timing of the blast as well is such that there
8:24 am
station at the time so mainly what i tended to do was a lotn the streets, a lot of confusion, some running, some crying, some standing and staring in disbelief and you ons you try at the reaction of the people around you. nobody really knows what's going on so that was the main sort time and since then we've just been trying to piece together what actually happened. >> how would you describe the feeling in brussels right now? >> right what is potential terrorist attacks obviously a high degree of concern and consternation. you know, we have in this area here theter, all the buildings are closed. people have been advised to stay in. initially they were advised to right now. i mean the most important thing for all of us was to get to
8:25 am
and obviously very upsetting to hear about the tragic loss of life that happened this morning, as well. >> we all are. i can only imagine what y right now. thanks for joining us and sharing your story. >> glad he's doing okay. now we got to turn to abc's chief investigative covers isis for us. what does this type of attack, brian, tell us coming on the heels of the terror arrest in belgium? >> well, what it tells usr cell that was directed, supported and organized by isis central command in syria. a part of the trainingperson is captured alive they are told to assume that the cell is compromised and that they will soon be arrested themselves trigger kind of attack we saw this morning, the fact that abdeslam was taken alive and they would assume he would begin to talk and reveal their>> we were talking to pierre thomas about this, you know, we talk about how isis has infiltrated there and in want to know what
8:26 am
what are the chances of something like that happening here on our soil? >> reporter: well, i think of a chance because it's harder for these groups to get in and what we've seen the u.s. is that the attacks that are linked to people say they'rive threatic to isis are essentially self-motivated self-radicalized with a less -- a much less of of a direct connection to the central can't of isis. >> that is true. all right, brian, thank you. >> we'll take a short break right now and we'll continuee kochlg of though deadly terror attacks across belgium, one at the airport, one of the metro and there's theussels. more from the scene all the
8:27 am
bt`n,:$ tt2watu#@m4 "a`n> and we're following into two fires. one fire happened and it was deadly. a 52-year-old woman was found in her home and died about 10:30 last night. it came in says an cal call. ems got there and five minutes later, they pulled her out. it was too late, though. her name has not been fire breaking overnight on cleveland's west side.
8:28 am
of the joan apartments on west 105th street in have been evacuated there. the first crews on scene calling for a second alarm because of the flame's intensity. they later found it was just a chair next to a hurt in this and appear to suffer minor injuries. and all right, we're looking at the teg up. we started off in the upper 20s and low 30s this morning, 38 in cleveland and hanging on to 35, coshockton; 31 degrees in ashtabula. throughout the day, the good news is that the highs are on the rise. the temperatures into the upper 50s and we're going to see a ine in there and before the clouds move in this afternoon. it will be very breezy this afternoon. the wind is coming from the south, meaning it the power of five seven-day forecast, the rain chances going up for your thursday. and that is when we will see the chance of thunderstorms. as far as your it's going to be nice, especially on saturday. >> and we'll get that out of the way for the weekend. and it will look so much, somara.
8:29 am
you don't want to have one. and right here, the right lane is blocked. the shoulder, 490 eastbound at 77 causing big backups there cident, too, on 322 and this is right at 93rd. not too bad, not a lot of people use that and let's go outside for the live odot look and this is 71 . still backed up. make sure you give yourself extra time with that. part of your morning commute.
8:30 am
welcome back to "gma." we are live across the country with the latest on that breaking news this morning. there you see new images inside the airportn explosions set off by a suicide bomber. two explosions went off at 8 a.m. their time several hours losion in the metro of brussels, belgium, as well. right now 26 are dead from those blasts, dozens injured. >> u.s. been told to shelter in place this morning as the terror alert
8:31 am
level. level 4. about possibly more attacks to follow. >> that's right. we want to go right to alex marquardt on the scene at the brussels airport. been there in the momentslosions this morning. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, george. that's right. the belgium authorities have just revised their death toll saying that 11 people were killed here in that double explosion this morning. at least one of those explosions caused by a suicide bomber so as you mentioned the overall death toll, 26t that metro station downtown but with around 90 people wounded that death toll is expected to rise. this is a city that has beend. not just by panic but physically. the entire transit system of the city has been shut down. after that attack on the metro, the, the entire tram system, the entire train station. now, train system, this is not
8:32 am
this is the capital of europet's no exaggeration, a city that is home to some of the biggest institutions, the european union, nato and, of course, all of the embassies, america has thrbassadors here so this is an absolutely crucial country in the way that europe funks and that's why it's so symbolic. now, the u.s. embassy has put out a citizens to shelter in place. that comes in light of the raising of the terror alert level to 4 and until this been a 3 which was the second highest. it is now at its highest level calling belgian a what they're calling a serious and imminent attack. >> thank you. we want to talk to now another eyewitness.rt and saw the bomb itself and the explosion. can you tell us, first of all, how are you and what did you see?
8:33 am
>> can you hear me. >> yes, i can here you. >> now i'm still with thousands of passengers after the explosion we were told to be here and no one knows how long we can stay in the airport in the morning at 7:00 and i saw a lot of police and armed soldiers. than usual, you know, that after the paris attacks and imminent threats about the government members were makingts, there were so many soldiers in the street and in the airport but today it was something more. you know, and i was standing in the on the first floor in front of the brussels airlines ticket office and
8:34 am
less than a meter it was a delta air lines ticket office and first explosion was there, you know, what you remember because everyone were in a state of shock. i saw the black item, big. i don't know, it was a bag, suitcase or something, i don't know what it was, but it has a flame and in a second was in smoke and it was shock and we were standing on the right side and left side and old people were on the floor and in three seconds there was second explosion and each was such terrible, you terrible sound and we didn't see anything around us.or the third one, you know and don't
8:35 am
>> and was there anybody helping you, anybody there? >>y? >> no, no, no, no one was there. we were alone there and you know it was something like we were looking at each others and can't do anything, anything. and then, then this was in front of the armed soldier because we saw them because they were patrolling the hall area and then atately 15 minutes, someone came and told us to leave and we left the we are still in the airport since then back here and nobody knows how long we can be here. >> hopefully that you'll getnd they can tell you where to go but can you
8:36 am
saw a flame coming out of a suitcase. >> yes. >> did it explode. did you see it explode?yes, yes, i saw the explosion -- the sound and this explosion at the same time and then nothing becauseg was in the smoke and can't see. >> and how close were you? you're okay. you're not injured. >> yes, yes, no, no.ryone is doing the best you can to help those who are? >> yes, we were together, some 20 people around uere many dozens and blood and injuries, i'm a journalist walking here -- working here for eight first what i did
8:37 am
took pictures and put on facebook and by my photo, even my colleagues find out what was sels. >> letting your colleagues know and people know as best you can. that's how social media, that's how we're able to determine so on. so you're still there in the airport. >> yes. >> other people are there. >> yes. >> you're not being told when you can leave or how you can no, no, it's something very big hole near thisre airplanes landing. there are a lot of crowd and they came out here blankets and water and coffee and they telling us that we don't know.
8:38 am
>> well, hank you for sharing what you went through today and just please know that we here in the u.s. and around the world we are thinking of you >> thank you so much. >> thank you. you take care. thank you. >> possibly some new information black bag because we heard one of the explosions was caused by a suicide bomber happening in the middle of a paign. tom llamas covering that and already have some candidates weighing in. >> that's right, good morning. with these attacks still so fresh, donald trumpe types of attacks reinforce some of his most popular and some of his most controversial policy proposals, namelyt we need to be tougher on immigration in this country and need to be careful when it comes to syrian immigrants, now he has put out a tweet this morning posting on this morning, do you all remember how
8:39 am
brussels was? not anymore. it is far from a different u.s. must be vigilant and smart. now, he's also calls brussels a total mess even before these attacks, he says it's a total mess because of the immigratione. he's also mentioned abdeslam, the paris attacker now in custody when asked if he would be open to torture. if he were to he would do to abdeslam in custody right now says whatever needs to be done to get information out of him which would include obviously within the laws but says at a'like this when you have a prisoner like abdeslam you have to do whatever you canut of him. not the first time donald trump has used terror attacks overseas to connect him to his policies in the u.s. after the paris attacks heves that more people need guns when those gunmen shot and killed those innocent people at the cafes and restaurants in paris, he said if more people were armed they couldback. he's also rye fused to use the
8:40 am
about terror attacks. he calls these people cowards.sich has weighed in saying we need to redouble our efforts in europe with our allies to take the war on terror closer into theroughout europe and also, george, you know, we need to remind viewers today is a voting day in arizona and utah on the >> and democrats voting in idaho, as well. tom, thanks very much. quick break and come back with
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
we shall's back with live coverage of those terror losions in the belgium airport and explosion in the brussels metro station. at least 26 people reported killed. dozens injured, as well.ntry shut down right now. airport and public transportation. we're joined by an eyewitness evan lamos when it happened. we'll show some of the video you shot early this morning from the subway. tell us what you were able to
8:44 am
in between the arts-loi station tion so we felt a small what is blast of wind and thudding sounds which apparently and the metro stopped and the power turned off, engine turned off and heard announcements over the intercome saying t of disruption on the line, on the metro line working to resolve it. and about two or three minutes later someone came from the front of the metro metro. i was in the last car and they opened the door and installed avacuate on to the tracks where we walked back towards the arts-loi metro station where we had come from and eventually up on to the street and area. >> you said explosions so did you hear more than one thud? >> after the metro stopped we could hear some t distance. it wasn't really clear to us
8:45 am
it wasn't immediately clear that this was an attack, we just kind of felt this little burst of heard some -- what might sound like thunder in the distance. >> how far were you from the station where the explosions >> so, i was on the metro in between the next station and the one where the explosions occurred. so i was on -- from the one -- if i had taken one metro earlier i would have been on the metro that had the explosions. >> how did people react when all this was going down? >> well, i think there was a lot of nervousness in the beginning. there was an attack this morning at the brussels airport and a lot of people, myself reading about that on our phones as we were commuting to work. so immediately when the metro stopped i think there was some tenseness and nervousness inside of the metro, peoplewhispering and talking about the fact that there had been an
8:46 am
then as we started evacuating it was clear that that was really wrong. that being said everyone stayed pretty calm. there was one person who was jumping over metro seats to getple to evacuate. but for the rest there were passengers helping other passengers to get down the ladder. there were passengers helpingo carry their kids, their strollers, and everyone just kind of calmly and quickly walked towards the was about an hour after an hour or so after the explosions at the airport? >> i believe so. i'm not entirely clear when thepened at the airport. this was a little bit after 9:00 in the morning. >> yeah, that would be about an hour. we were told the explosions in the airport occurred around 8eems -- are you back in your apartment now? >> i'm at my office so i'm -- i'm working for a media brussels and i'm in the international press center here in brussels just behind the european commission. >> and what's the scene like
8:47 am
you? >> i the last few hours, but the immediate reaction after i was evacuated at first no one really knew what to area where there's a lot of office workers. there were a lot of people trying to get to their office and then once it was clear that there was something really were trying to figure out what was happening and what they should do. whether they should try to make their way to their office or whether they should go home so it was kind of city at a ity at panic but standstill then the police quickly locked the area down and evacuated people even fourther safe, evan. thanks for joining us this morning. >> thanks very much. >> i can't imagine being on the metro and then getting a message about the bombing at the oing to turn back to abc's chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz with the latest of what we know about the terror activity there in europe. well, they're still trying to figure out they have gone after
8:48 am
looking for them in brussels, ple that they have since learned were involved in this because of either capturing another suspect or if they identified ther we don't know but imagine, robin, that scene at the airport, right there, can you imagine how many people had there? in many ways that's a perfect target for isis because you can roll in those bags, any of those bags you're looking at could a bomb so, indeed, if it turns out to be a suitcase it wouldn't have been at all hard to get that into that departure area in the i have been to that very place several times and most recently in november right after the city was in lockdown but the destruction you see from bomb or two bombs that we know of is an indication that that was a very, very powerful
8:49 am
i'm sure that's not right next to where the bomb exploded but that smoke a very looking for everyone they can at this point. >> you referred to the suitcases and when we talked to an eyewitness a short time ago talking about seeing what appeared to be a suit.nd thinking that a part of the he can explosion could have come from that. all right. martha, thank you very much. we'll take another short break
8:50 am
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and we're back now with the latest on those deadly terror attacks in europe this morning in belgium. airport and one at a metro station, at least 26 people dead right now. dozens more injured. that is the scene of people evacuating the pened just after 8 a.m. local time in brussels. about 3 a.m. here on the east
8:52 am
terror expert richard clarke, former white house counterterrorism adviser and matt olsen. dick, let me pick up on something i was talking to martha about. custody right now. the europeans have him in custody right now. what more can they be doing to get more information from him about these attacks anday or may not have had to them? >> well, george, i think it's highly likely he was arrested he knew theseeing planned and certainly knew the identities probably of the cell because after he was arrested, the belgian police and interior two things, one, we're anticipating attacks coming in the very near future and, two, the cell network is much bigger than we thought it so he said something or they found materials in the apartment that they raided that indicated
8:53 am
they, of course, like u obama administration they're not going to use torture and torture in my opinion at least doesn't work on you get from it is unreliable. but they are going to try to persuade him in every way they can that he needs to cooperate as clearly a much bigger cell network. they need to find it so there's not another round of these attacks in the very near knew that was planned and see what we know about the attack so far, two attacks, different locations, similarmuch like the paris attacks. >> exactly. almost exactly like the paris attacks, orchestrated, coordinated. this is the concern that we've had for the last several years of af syria that these kind of attacks are quite possible given the flow of fighters and the threat we face. >> okay. matt olsen, dick clarke,ry much. our coverage will continue
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
we have been live all with coverage of this deadly terror attacks in europe. 8:56 right now on the east. we'll stay live across the country to cover this story. >> yes, we'll be back at the continuing our coverage live here on "gma" and abc news.
8:57 am
time now is 8:56. developing new details about a murder/suicide in hudson involving a hudson and his we now know chilling -- chilling text messages were sent to the children before it happened. the police department is not confirming who sent the messages, but each of ree sons were allegedly asked to meet with their father; however, the boys say that their dad never showed up. instead, he ambushed the mother at the couple's road, shooting and killing her before turning the gun on himself. and two months ago, the husband was also arrested for domestic violence that charge ced to disorderly conduct. and today, state lawmakers are introducing a bill to keep another tragedy like the one in hudson from happening again.
8:58 am
from cleveland heights are sponsoring the bill and calls for guns to be removed from home after ence incidents. >> and let's check on the forecast with somara theodore. >> and i have been monitoring the temperatures all morning long. we started off cold in ws is that we're on the rise. 41 degrees in cleveland and picking up some traction in medina at 32 and 40 degrees in throughout the day, i told you highs are in the mid- to upper 50s and a good amount of sunshine and cloud, mixture to start and the clouds take over in u can expect during the timeframe two to four for those winds to really pick up. that is going to be a breezy evening. the power of five seven-day forecast today. and not too bad. the storm tracker the two accidents here and not good. 490s and 77 and look at the backups and not much of a t on the inner shoulder blocked because the crash and here on chester and 93rd, not causing delays like
8:59 am
and let's go outside to the look at 71 and what an improvement.
9:00 am
>> michael." today, from the drama, "mr. selfridge," jeremy piven. plus, film,dway star jane krakowski. and the latest green cars as we continue our "new york auto show week." also, actress joins michael at the co-host desk. all next on "live."


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