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tv   News Channel 5 at 6pm  ABC  August 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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news channel 5 at 6:00 is brought to you by mr. here predicted a stake of americano beall for only $5.99. news channel 5 begins with breaking news. >> we have sad news to pass along tonight. the husband critically injured in a rockthrowing incident has died. there were -- they report that randy budd passed away unexpectedly yesterday at the age of 55. he was instrumental in getting odot to install protective fencing on newbridge overpasses after his wife it was hit in the face by a rocket while driving down a pennsylvania highway 2 years ago. the family released a statement thanking everyone for their prayers and support of a asked for privacy during this very difficult time.
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>> a man arrested for drunk driving but not in his car, but instead on his lawnmower. the police released dashcam video of the incident and they got a good look of it and this is not the first time that the suspect had been driving under the influence. >> reporter: no. it was actually his sixth time according to the police and ohio dui law, this man will once again faced a misdemeanor charge. take a look at how impaired he appeared to be on his lawnmower in this video. was friday night, before 9:30 pm, when this police officer had to help this man off of his lawnmower. he was sitting on it, stalled out near duncan and walnut southwest, and when the officer asked him to want to the patrol car, he could not as you can see, the officer held the men
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the suspect's name has not been released. but the police tell us about his blood alcohol level was three times that of the limit. he also has a suspended license. and he told officers that is why he was on his lawnmower, coming home from a family gathering. police say the suspect will only face a misdemeanor charge because the man's sex offenses fall within a span greater than 20 years. >> he still fell within the misdemeanor timeframe, so subsequently, the charges are not going to be nearly as high as they should be in this case. >> reporter: under ohio law, within a span shorter than 20 years, police say that he would face felony charges and no matter what kind of vehicle, ohio law state that if you are driving under the influence and you get arrested behind the wheel, he will face charges. live in cleveland, kristin volk, news channel 5. a michigan man is locked
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dozen overdoses at a music festival. matthew growth is facing felony drug trafficking charges. police say that he passed out drug laced candy to concertgoers at the ohio dream sports facility. two dozen people got sick after eating the candy and police told us that that it did contain hdc, which is an active ingredient in marijuana. the group was treated and released from a local hospital. new details are emerging about a police involved shooting in cincinnati added officer shot and killed a the suspect took off but he was tracked down by police at a bus stop. officers say that the man pulled a knife on them and that is when they opened fire. >> they struggled. fire by the officers and they had recovered a knife. >> that incident is under investigation. it was the third deadly shooting involving cincinnati
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glendale police are investigating a shooting outside of a family dollar store, that happened on belair road a few hours ago. officers say that a man was shot in the head after allegedly trying to rob someone. the victim was taken to the house will and police around the scene are interviewing witnesses right now. another beautiful day out there today. look at those bright blue skies. i'm loving this with the sun catching what is a great evening. another day of 80s, in august bui chance to enjoy it. it looks like the golf courses across the area were jampacked, so you are listening to that forecast. 82 is the current temperature in cleveland, 80 worcester, 83 on this evening for coshocton, 76 it ashtabula why a few of us are warmer, and akron reached a high of 87. you dropped back to 84 and 84 in midair. the dew points are low and when they are in the 50s, it is wonderful out there and we expect the lower levels for
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system from canada, around that cooler air, to remain the focus of the forecast so for the evening hours, no issues, rainfall staying away, and if you are thinking about going out and enjoying the great weather, the festival can be a great idea for you. you'll be singing in the second, 70s for the evening hours. more details. >> you are right. right now thousands of people are gathering in festival, a family-friendly event designed to bring the community together for fun and music. several activities are planned it does our planned on your great avenue including an outdoor mass that begins tonight at 8:00 followed by a fireworks show that is hosted by the diocese of cleveland. atrophic alerted that could affect your morning commute on monday. the shoreway will be closed in both directions as lake avenue for about one month. the mainline will be restricted
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between wake avenue and west 73rd street and the lake avenue entrance ramp to the eastbound shoreway is closed through late november. drivers can use west boulevard as a dew tour. we have more information on the newsnet5 app. donald trump is in trouble, and a brand-new poll shows hillary clinton taking a larger lead in the race for president. a doping scandal at the olympics for russia is not the only country facing cheating accusations. you are watching news channel 5 at 6:00 and we will be right
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more than 500 motorcycle riders came together to honor fallen police officers. the group left the rock 'n roll harley-davidson in cleveland this morning and they traveled south to akron for a short ceremony at the police department. they paid tribute to twinsburg police before going to bedford heights to honor police officers there. right now to the race for the white house, a new abc news poll shows that hillary clinton is gaining ground. adding to her lead over rival donald trump in the republican presidential nominee is zeroing in this weekend on her own words. devin dwyer with the latest from the campaign trail. >> reporter: down in the polls, donald trump with a new line of attack. >> the people of this country don't want somebody that is
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clinton's words against her. >> what i told the fbi which he said was truthful is consistent with what i have said publicly. so i may have short-circuited. >> reporter: donald trump ounces as hillary clinton widens her lead in the poll, up 8 points with gains among women and touch consolidating supports among democrats. donald trump struggles to win over republicans like john kasich. >> i wish that i could be fully enthusiastic. i cannot. >> reporter: donald trump mid- -- he is facing strong disapproval. >> hillary's comments do not get the same attention that donald trump deal. >> reporter: a super pac releasing an advertisement featuring a gold star mother talking about her outrage at how donald trump treated the conduct family. >> when i saw donald trump attack another gold star
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trump what it feels like, the sense of emptiness that only losing a child can bring. >> trustworthiness is a problem for both nominees. hillary clinton's running mate trying to reassure americans that their administration would be more transparent. >> the bottom line is this. she made a mistake and she said i made a mistake and i have learned from it and i'm going to fix it and i apologize. >> reporter: devin dwyer, abc news, washington. pokimon it no -- the popular app catches its first national ban and where you can no longer play that game. the weather has cooperated, beautifully for the weekend. we have one more day to enjoy before we go -- we have storms and the heat coming back. will tell you about it in the
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a new scandal and weather problems that the summer games. this is some of the world's top athletes and the best host for the united states in action today. jim ryan is in rio with more. >> reporter: a new doping scandal has the olympics -- that track and field manager settlement facing investigation after a video surfaced of him after is offering to protect cheating athletes and do follow for russia. >> catastrophically failed its athletes. medals over morals mentality disgrace me. >> reporter: after the doping scandal the international paralympic committee announced that all russian paralympic athletes are banned from the september events in rio. and forget the dirty water. events were canceled sunday after strong winds ripped through the city causing delays and ripping off of banners. not even the delay could keep serena williams down. starting her rio journey as the defending gold medalist from the london olympics. london was the best i have ever
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and i can only hope that i get there again. >> reporter: she is on her way, the 22 time grand slam champion winning her opening match today. sister venus williams was stunned in a first-round loss on saturday but she has a path to victory. they also compete in doubles. the latest gymnastics team also is an action today, champion of simona -- and her teammates are trying to qualify for the team and individual competitions. the u.s. women's basketball team is killing the competition, beating sanibel, 121-56 and the action is heating up in the wall, with swimming sensation katy livesque he who already has a silver medal, hitting the water, setting a record while qualifying for the 400 m freestyle the other members of the team moving on, ryan murphy, david plummer, 100 m backstroke, lily king and katie miley in the 100 m breaststroke and that man's 400 freestyle relay team. jim ryan, abc news, rio de
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here is a look at the latest medal count and team usa, china, italy, and japan all have seven medals and australia has five. we are back at home and we have no complaints. it is kind of a gold-medal forecast. >> you are right. that is exactly what it has been an anybody inspired by the olympics going out hard and wanting to play with the kids, the weather has been wonderful. it is a great start of the blues guys on the east side. lake county, loving this one and the clouds -- no rainmakers and
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meeting up we will talk about the rainfall when it returns in a few minutes but right now, 80 degrees is the current temperature, 80 in downtown, 85, warm at the peninsula while already in the 70s. we will see the 70s, 60s, dropping into the overnight hours. 77 for madison, and 78, so hopefully you enjoyed your weekend. 83 jackson township, 78 in fair enough, 83 in ashland, going north, a little warmer air for some of us lucky to be in sandusky, writing the roller coasters, 82 for clinton, 77 in avon lake. it is an exciting night and canton, we have the hall of fame game, the indiana -- the colts taking on the packers, and expected tem yesterday at this time. but it is still clear skies, no humidity and no problems. hour by hour, we think that the weather will cooperate into the overnight and the watch -- watch the temperatures. 60s and 50s further inland thanks to the pressure system and the canadian high will keep away the pesky humidity for
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going to sandusky. if you need a day, it is -- to take off this week, definitely choose tomorrow, with 83 the high, sunny and warm, northeast wind at 5 to 15 so if it starts to feel hot, but northeasterly breeze at times will make it feel even better. if you are making your way to the golf cart for tomorrow, 85, 287 is the high. we are not completely drive for the entire next seven days and that is the good part about the forecast. we have to have the heat and humidity and at least we get rainfall. tuesday night will be the start. you can see showers and thunderstorms west side but for the most part, we're going in and out of rain chances, especially during the daytime. you can see the activity for wednesday morning, another round on wednesday afternoon, and that is going to be the trend over the next several days, starting as early as tuesday night. if we can keep the moisture along with the rain opportunities, the numbers are impressive. i put up a question, rain on the futurecast, but will it make a difference in our yards? and if we can see 1 inch or more, yes, that will certainly help as we are down about 2
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for places like mansfield and richland and ashland county. your we go with the power five seven-day forecast. tomorrow ties anywhere from 85 until 87 and then it is a lot of 90s. storm chances, not a lot, but they are possible each and every day with the most likely next measurable rainfall coming on saturday at 87 degrees. this is a tough day. i love this game. and i love this team. to both. >> indot is not actually say goodbye to the yankees but he will play the final game on friday be released from his contract and become an advisor with the team but he is going to get paid and a whole lot. he has owned about $27 million. rodriguez put up monster
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-- one reason why despite hitting 696 home runs, a ride will never get into cooperstown. the yankees -- a closing out the series and he is a good mentor to the young players. hanging it up on friday march year announced he is retired at the end of the season facing -- with a man on, drive with a left, and he scores to make it 3-0, yankees, and he had nine strikeouts but did not get any run support the yankees starter -- silencing the tribe in the sixth with a man on, he gets too many struck out eight and the top seven, down 3-1, and they come to first and he is diving and so is linda orpik and he just barely beats him to the back. and that begins the unit that is frustrating. and so is there's been a terrible call in the eighth inning. at bad pitches up and mike napoli, not to please, called a strike by land spirit and he gets ejected and mike napoli gives them a little something
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to my house for the last chance -- down for the indians, down a run and he gives a -- to swing an end the game and the yankees hung on to read the indians for the indians were 1 for 8 with runners in scoring position. the tigers lost today's are not making up ground so the indians lead by two games in the division, and cleveland is 10 and 11 at the all-star break. they are off tomorrow, only off day this month and they start a two-game series with the nationals for browns receiver yesterday at ohio state the former buckeye t made and lakewood a native alex boone is not a fan turkey as a guard for the vikings any name came up with the interview in minnesota. >> unfortunately, i -- i could not stand. >> why is that? >> i mean, the kid was so arrogant at the time. i mean, i hated everything about him. >> [ laughter ]
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still playing? oh my gun. >> for the browns. >> wow. strong words there. all right. they put on a show with the orange and brown scrums, 6-4, and he caught two touchdowns, 75 yarder from josh mccown, and this is what he said when he was asked about earning a roster spot. >> i am worried that i'm not worried about that. i am here to do my job and whatever the coach decide is what happens. >> i know he is excited to back. he finished it off, the right way, and he played it really well. >> and you will be able to see him friday night, browns and packers, first pre-season game for the browns, the packers play their first pre-season game tonight and the schedule -- we will have 7:00 p.m., live pregame show from green bay and kickoff at 8:30 pm eastern.
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good luck trying to catch them. that countries the first to ban the popular pokimon go game because of security concerns but the decision was made by group that oversees online activity in iran. the game was previously banned for sex offenders in new york and on-duty police officers in indonesia. time is running out to take advantage of ohio sales tax holiday this weekend. you have until midnight to stock up on back-to-school supplies tax-free and the deal includes clothing and shoes ice up to $75 in school items like pens and paper and folders up to $20 per last year shoppers saved more than $3 million
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forecast, one more day of terrific summer weather, 85 and mostly sunny will be the best cookie day of the point or the golf course. of the golf courses that i drove i -- drove by this morning were packed. >> thank you for watching.
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welcome to "world news tonight." breaking news, tragedy at a major water park. details coming in at this hour. donald trump facing dangerous poll numbers. the republican nominee losing ground. the huge group of voters lining up for hillary clinton. >> honestly, i don't think she's all there. crash course. the frightening wipeout. the cyclist crashing in the middle of a race, rushed to the hospital. and the french gymnast breaking his leg on the mat, then suffering another fall when paramedics drop the stretcher. midair takedown. the crowded cross-country plane forced to divert. a passenger accused of attacking a flight attendant, taken away in cuffs. why are these incidents are the


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