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conditions. we are digging for answers. news channel 5 at 11 starts in 30 seconds. live, always investigating, always on your side, news channel 5 starts now.>> we are
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what we put into come in out here. >> someone has to lose their job over this.>> controversy after the pro football hall of fame game was canceled hours before kickoff because of poor field conditions. thanks for joining us. i am tracy carloss. we were there 1000 peoples left -- people left the stadium tonight. kristen, you night.>> reporter: i did. he told me the turf did not feel right. you never thought it was bad enough to cancel the game. the decision to cancel the game has a lot of people unhappy.>> we had to come up here with hotel flights, cars, food, we
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months saving up for this trip.>> i am so mad right now. >> we are angry. they knew long before.>> reporter: ruth and her family drove from four wayne. thomas mccarthy came from indianapolis.>> you of all -- had all summer to get ready for this. >> reporter: tonight's game between the colts and the packers, canceled, reportedly bad logo and in the end zone. that paint cause rubber pellets to form. >> there were hard and soft spots on the field.>> reporter: this contractor told me he removed the plastic from the field last night.>> it's pellets on the field. this is an excavation -- exhibition game.>> just play
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game.>> reporter: jennifer messer already got this refund notice. other fans tell us they expect to get their money back tomorrow. in this case, money back doesn't by much -- buy much happiness. >> it is a letdown for the fans. they play in rain and snow but not right now. i don't understand that. i think we got gypped.>> reporter: this is not the first time a game has at the pro football hall of fame. the last time was 2011 due to a lockout. the nfl sent a statement tonight same they are very disappointed for their fans but player safety is their primary concern. i am kristin volk, newschannel five.>> in 2001, a new surface at veterans stadium was deemed too mac dangerous for the eagles to play the ravens.
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would-be robber and allegedly shoots the suspect in the head outside of a family dollar in lyndale. police say the man opened fire after someone tried to rob empirical woman said her granddaughter's all whole thing.>> we heard gunshots. my grandbaby was standing at the storm. we hear the gunshot. it was very traumatizing and unexpected.>> reporter: robber is in the metrohealth medical center, his condition unknown. new details emerging about police involved shooting in cincinnati. officer shot and killed a robbery suspect this morning. the police chief says the officer opened fire after the suspect pulled out a knife. the incident is under investigation is the third
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teacher critically injured in a rockthrowing incident has died. randy but passed away yesterday at age 55. his death is being investigated as a suicide. he was instrumental in getting odot to install fencing after his wife, sharon, was hit two years ago. the family released a statement thanking everyone for their prayers and support and asking for privacy during this difficult time. a former day care employee accused of injuring a toddler is due in court tomorrow. sarah roberts is expected to be arraigned on child endangering charges. police arrested her on friday night after a baby girl suffered fractures and brain bleed while in her care. step by step, day care release a statement saying it was concerned about the child's welfare and is cooperating a
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jail tonight in connection with a series of overdoses at a music festival. matthew gross faces felony drug charges. police say he passed out drugs laced candy to concert goers. two dozen people got sick after eating the candy. police told us it contain php, the active ingredient in marijuana. the concert goers were treated and released. the number heroin overdoses in ohio continues to climb every day. tonight, the spotlight was put on the epidemic at a festival that celebrates faith and family. 40,000 people, music, dancing, it is a day of fun and family and faith we stumbled upon it driving by. we decided to stop and see what it was.
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have.>> reporter: this year, mixed with the fun, is a serious social issue, the heroin epidemic.>> the families are dealing with devastation of the loss of loved ones.>> reporter: the festival has been going 16 years. >> i think it's churches to come together and identify the struggles in our community, identifying our social struggles. a lot of times we tend to go to church to let the world into our churches.>> reporter: religious and civic leaders came together for a discussion about heroin. this 12-year-old says she learned a lot. >> i think they should use the best judgment, like don't do it.>> reporter: scott caribou
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he knows all too mac well about addiction.>> everybody thought i was hopeless. everybody. today i lead the most beautiful life.>> reporter: a regional coalition will be launched to fight the heroin epidemic soon. a daylong event wrapping up, what a perfect night for the fireworks show. >> it was anyone trying to enjoy a great weekend with the family outdoors. comfortable conditions -- conditions. some cloud cover for us now, 63 in ashtabula. clear skies towards dilbert. high-pressure still raining for us thanks to the canadian high. we're watching a low-pressure
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it is keeping the rain away. our next rain possibility coming in a few days. in the next 24 hours, another fantastic day ahead. hour by hour we expect 60s to move back in. clouds may hold us warmer through the overnight hours. some of us without clouds will dip into the 50s. daytime highs, tomorrow plenty of sunshine to go around. upper 80s. i think akron will start highs around 87. we have one him last day of great weather for rain and hot and humid make a return. we will timeout the rainfall coming up in a few minutes. a traffic alert that could affect your commute for the next month. the sure we will be closed in both directions at lake avenue for 25 days. the mainline will be restricted to one lane in each direction between lake and 73rd.
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closed through november. drivers can use an alternate route. we have more information on our news at five app. a man was arrested for drunk driving but he was not in his car. he was riding his lawnmower. police say this is not the first time the man has been stop.>> i had to physically lifted into the rear of the vehicle.>> this shows the officer doing so. police say the man's blood- alcohol level was three times the legal limit. the officer told us he was driving his lawnmower because his licenses suspended. this is the six offense, but he will only face misdemeanor charges.>> he still fell within the misdemeanor timeframe. the charges are not going to be nearly as high as they should
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under ohio law, operating a vehicle under the influence is prohibited. coming up, trip to the water park turns tragic. we're learning more about a little boy who died in an accident on a popular waterslide. team usa racking up some metals. we have a breakdown of today's top performers. hot and humid making a return to ohio. i hit 90 degrees coming up next. may i have the stands? hundreds of daughters and their dads have a special evening in style. here are tonight's lottery numbers. you are watching news channel 5
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more tonight about a tragic accident at a water park in kansas city. a 12-year-old was killed on the world's tallest waterslide. he is the son of a state lawmaker. the park shut down following the accident. investigators are working to figure out what went wrong on
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the slide is so risky that writers are red a two-page safety warning. the slide was inspected weeks before it opened this summer.>> safety is our first priority. we have closed our park and the ride and a full investigation will be conducted. our thoughts and prayers are with the family during this time.>> police have boy died. workers at walt disney resort are building a stone wall along the lake of a popular resort where an alligator killed a toddler in june. the barrier is part of a new security plan created after the death of lane graves of nebraska. disney also posted new warning signs in that area. in ohio teenager who went missing on a
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protective custody. jackson cincinnati will be reunited with her parents as early as tomorrow. she disappeared thursday and the grand teton national park. she was found unharmed saturday morning. jackson had cut and dyed her hair and changed close. she also tried to run from police when they approached her. regardless of what happen, her family and friends are glad she is safe.>> our prayers and hearts are with them. we are happy she has been found through the future.>> jackson's disappearance is under investigation. it's unclear whether she will face charges. now all warning, a growing threat in the palm of your hand. identity thieves hijacking your cell phone. it happened to this couple. criminals crafted -- grabbed a fake id and hacked their accounts. they brought three iphones on the couples time. if the crooks get asked -- get
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the damage can go beyond your phone.>> is close to $11,000 in charges i didn't make. they called my cell phone to see if it's actually fraudulent charge are not. thief has my number, he can say, sure, yes.>> there has been more than 2600 hijacking cases since january, more than double january, more than 33 years ago. experts say to call your carrier and set up a special pass code or pokimon go is a no go in a rant. the country's first to ban again because of security concerns. new york officials previously banned sex offenders from playing the game and police officers in indonesia are prohibited from playing pokimon go on duty. team usa is racking up a metals on the second day of compass --
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reporter: katie ledecky hit the water in the semifinals in the women's 400 needle -- meter freestyle. the 19-year-old won a gold medal after picking up the silver saturday. the us women's gymnastics team wrong tone sunday in the qualifying. behind simone miles, the american women finish 10 points in front of a second-place china. files, three-time world champion, finished ahead of her teammates. all five women earned a spot in serena williams was victorious in her match against australia's player. serena and venus, three times doubles gold medalist, lost their first round match for the first time, stunned by the czech republic team. the williams sisters entered sunday's match with a 15-0
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weekend for anyone inspired by the olympics, any little tennis players or swimmers. a great weekend. >> swimming was the main goal over the weekend. weather certainly cooperated. we expect one more day of great weather before hot returns. look at the sunset. hopefully you enjoy this -- joint -- enjoyed it with a drink in hand on your porch or deck. i love it when the clouds mitch -- mix in and up. beautiful if you didn't get a chance to enjoy yourself. the temperatures under dark skies, 70 show up. beautiful if you didn't get a chance to enjoy yourself. the temperatures under dark skies, 74 downtown, 64 in euclid. close to the late, the warmer locations, 75 at cleveland. 69 in or aurora. a little farther east, 63 in
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the temperatures back to lake marblehead, warm at 77. vermilion, a little farther inland at 69. hour by hour, expect it to stay nice and quiet in the overnight. a little more cloud cover, especially close to the lakes. winds picking up a little bit more tomorrow. it's our high starting to shift. that will allow temperatures to be a middle and upper 80s for highs. a great day to make your way to cedar point. tomorrow will be a good cookie day because it's the one dry day in my forecast. we will take a look at the best chance for rain coming up. in sandusky, 83 your high. a great day of golfing today on every single course.
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of story. tuesday night is when the showers and possible thunderstorms make their way back into the forecast. we will see the hot humid air back in place. it will meet big rainfall potentials. storm totals for tuesday night, we will go through rounds of rain. additional chance for us in the wednesday forecast. we still have rain chances for the next several days to come. a lot of rain and a small amount of time. this is showing those thunderstorms margin over the same areas. it will be a little more scattered. luke bryan is going to be here. towable -- toby keith was this weekend. look brine is here thursday and friday. there's a 30% chance of rainfall. this is your thursday forecast.
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steamy. you can't -- if you can, bringing the umbrella and raingear. that is for thursday and friday. luke bryan will be here at blossom. i will keep you updated all weekend long. here tonight, 60s and 50s for overnight lows. look at the highs, a little bit warmer, 87 ashland, 85 and mother dina. 80 westlake, 83 in dolan's. there is locations. 82 in ashtabula for monday afternoon. beautiful warm sunshine. we're back and sticky for tuesday with a high of 90. no scattered storms. we have the best next chance on saturday. hundreds of daz and their daughters strengthening their bonds
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the him and me dance was created to stress the importance of a father's impact on their daughters self-esteem. josh chris and daughter attended the event. he told us is all about memories. >> this is a memory you hope they will take with you and share with their family. we are excited to be here just to share this moment with each other and strengthen our bond>> the event is now in its year and is sponsored by a live on purpose. it will not be long before you are going to one. >> i cannot wait. coming up tonight, a great show on sports sunday. ohio state gets back to work. we will have -- here from head
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5 on your side sports,
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mark. err somebody has to wear this mass. somebody has to lose their job over this. fans came clear across the country to represent their team. they did not get a game. orr perhaps this will prompt the nfl to cut down the number preseason games. of course, it's all about the money. you think there should be enough money to buy the correct paint for bibaud field is ready to go. the preseason game friday at green bay. we have you covered your coverage begins at 7 pm. you can watch it right here on news channel 5. urban meyer, the buckeyes had their basketball camp today. plenty of new faces on the roster. 12 buckeyes were selected in
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jt barrett was one him. here's the buckeyes head coach. err it is exciting. they could be depressing if you walked in here and they weren't very good. we have a chance to be pretty good.>> urban meyer, always helpful. indians and yankees closing out their series. giacobbe elsberry scores, 3-0 yankees. a ball is ripped to first. both players diving to the bag. to share a closely, barely beats him to the bag. that is frustrating, and so is his. a terrible call. a pitch is high. it's called a strike by barrett. barrett gets -- the player gets
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ejected. they still lead the tigers by two games. that was a taste of sports sunday. we will have a break -- complete breakdown of training camp. plus, the segment that is sweeping the nation. what are we doing? you will find out coming up on
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thanks for watching tonight at 11. we appreciate it. we will lead you with a look at the beautiful sunset. sports
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will leave you --
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ford sports sunday begins now. hi, welcome to ford sports sunday. a beautiful day today as we talk about what's going on with the browns. we bring in nathan sugiura and matt wilhelm. the team was at the house that matt scrimmage was really good yesterday. i didn't know what to expect after the intense practice friday night. they basically went through the game, moving the ball. offense looked very good. it was a cool atmosphere, 40,000 people in attendance. what i loved was the opportunity to get on the field and rub elbows with andrew


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