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tv   News Channel 5 at Noon  ABC  August 8, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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. happening now at noon, the latest on a violent shots rang out as the gunman goes on a shooting spree, killing one person and a home invasion turns deadly on the city's east side. >> and. >> my grandbaby was at the door. >> and this, the robbery victim turns the tables on a robber. how it saved a man's life. first, right now, two people dead and another two hospitalized after a gunman goes on a shooting spree,
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meg shaw following the story. she has the latest information. >> reporter: police tell me the man responsible for a murder in elyria and a double shooting in south euclid has died. the chase with police ended here at east 105th and mlk drive. around 2:30 this morning it ended. that is when he shot him. before this scene unfolded, 42- year-old leonzo buford shot his 40-year-old girlfriend in elyria around 11:00. shwa with several gunshot wounds to the torso, but she later died. buford then drove to south euclid where he shot two more people around 1:20. a couple in their 50s on winston road. both are in the hospital. then, just an hour later, police spot beauford's car near eddie road and i-90 in brattenall when the chase began and ended here at east 10 5th street and mlk.
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himself in the head. in cleveland, meg shaw, newschannel 5. >> and right now, both victims are in serious . police continue to investigate. and the violence continued in our city. cleveland police investigating a homicide after a man was found shot on east 78th street. the 35-year-old antonio sanford was shot in the chest after forcing his way inside a home that the girlfriend was in at the time. he was taken to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead. >> same time, another man was found dead after a home invasion near east 77th and corman in cleveland. police found several bullet casings outside of the home. witnesses said it started after an a with a large group of guys. two other people were taken to the hospital. one is listed in critical condition. and right now, a robbery suspect is fighting for his life at metro health medical center after getting shot in the head by the man he was trying to rob.
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yesterday. the police tell us the man opened fire after someone tried to rob him. a woman told us that her granddaughter saw the whole thing. >> and we heard gunshots. my grandbaby was standing at the door of the family dollar. she comes outside and sees the guys running and the commotion outside and -- [ indiscernible ] the guy on the floor and we hear a gunshot. and this is very, you know, traumatizeing, you know. and up expected. >> and the of the suspected robber is unknown. no word if the shoo face any charges. and right now, police are looking for a third person involved in a smash-and-grab at dp and route 82 in strongsville. the police arresting two people already accused of leading police on a wild 20-mile chase through several suburbs. finally crashing in east 77th street and goodman in cleveland. police found the gas station's atm inside the truck. and all right, light get a check on the forecast now with somara theodore. it's nice and cool out there. >> the temperatures the 80
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because the humidity is low, 43%, it didn't feel any better than this. the sun setting at 8 life totime p.m. tonight. before it does, it's going to get action in right now. the current temperatures of 79 degrees in orange; 77 in parma and we head out toward areas farther west and looking at 81 in new london; 75, ashland and this is a look at the big picture and we're dry. the rain chances are minimal for monday and we should be staying dry al rain moves in and this is a look at the four hor-- the hour- by-hour forecast. and the highs reaching the low to mid-80s and quiet as well and we'll talk the rain chances coming up. for now, back to you. >> all right. and a nightmare at airports across the country. a global computer system outage grounding all delta flights worldwide. the airline taking to social media offering a slu of apologies to frustrated
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lines and cancelled flights today. dominique ricks is live with more to see how things are going now. hey, bill. >> reporter: you said the golden word nightmare and i counted. there are about 70 people in line dealing with cancellations here and out of cleveland hopkins international. not all bad. things are getting back up to be up to speed, so to speak. 300 flights cancelled, 800 are operating acro and out of the nearly 6,000 scheduled and, you know what, we heard a lot of stories. i heard from a guy going to the domen kin republic. he was not happy. he wanted to get on the beach. and then i found mary here. her story is different. it will me what is going on? >> sure, was here for my 85th family reunion and heard about the delays and got to the airport as quick as i could and saw the line and thought o, great, here we go.
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and when i got to christine, the reservation agent, she said i think we can help you and here i have a flight that gets me home a few minutes earlier than my usual flight, and i was, i was shocked. >> wow. >> and so hopefully many other people, christine, will be able to get home. i was beyond thrilled. the first time i flew delta, i thought oh, boy and i will be back. >> and i love that. it you for sharing the story, mary and are not happy. as you stay with mary there, very happy. she's getting on her flight on time and landing in raleigh on time. and reporting live here at cleveland hopkins, dhomonique ricks, newschannel 5. >> thank you so much. >> and mary's happy. big news out of browns camp today. the team announcing robert griffin 3 as the team's starting quarterback. the redskins released griffin this offseason and cleveland picked him up, hoping to help
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browns head coach hugh jackson. and football fans in canton disappointed after the hall of fame game is cancelled. the problem, bad spray paint. it was used on the logo on the center of the field and in the end zone is any costs some slimey and hard spots on the field. the decision to not play was left of to the teams. fans are getting tech the refunds but the hall said there -- ticket refunds but there is nothing they can do about the thousands people spent on airfare and hotel his focus in the race for the white house. how he's using hillary clinton's own words against her on the campaign trail. >> and michael phelps making a big splash in rio. how he was able to keep his winning streak alive. >> the williams' sisters, that
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. all right, it was a great day of competition for team usa in rio and most of probably feeling the monday blues after binge watching the olympics over the weekend. first, michael phelps keeping his olympic win streak going. he won the 19th gold medal with the men's 4 by 100 free style relay team. he has 23 olympic medals, the most decorated of all time and has three more olympic events this week. the u.s. women's gymnastics team came out in full force behind simone biles.
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front of a second-place china. all five team usa women earned a spot and either the all- around or event finals. and the bad news, our first huge upset for team usa. venus and serena williams lost in doubles for the first time in the olympics. they were knocked out in the first round by a team from the czech republic. before now, the sisters were 15- 0 in the olympics. they won gold in sidney, beijing, and london and venus lost her first singles match on and new developments emerging right now in the deadly balloon crash in texas. what investigators are now saying the pilot tried to do before it went up in flames. . >> and we are going to dig deeper into the prospect of rain returning for our forecast. for now, let's enjoy the sunshine and temperatures about 80 degrees. i'll see you back here in just
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. the world's tallest water slide turns deadly over the weekend. a 10-year-old boy was killed while riding a tower 17-story water slide at slitter ban
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-- schlitterbaun. they go down higher than niagara falls and reaching speeds at 50 miles per hour. the spokesperson said there are still plenty of questions. >> and we don't know what has happened and that is why an investigation, a full investigation is necessary. >> and right now, the park is closed pending a state investigation. and new developments out of texas on the deadliest hot air balloon crash in u.s. history. a source with the think of the investigation said that the pilot of the balloon di him. investigators believed the pilot was trying to descend through a break in the clouds near lockhart and did notice the power lines that the balloon struck before the crash and you may remember that balloon ended up catching on fire and going down killing all 16 people on board. and -- . >> black lives matter! black lives matter! >> and you hear it there? right now, a new round of protests going down in chicago.
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old shot and killed by chicago police last month. officers involved in the deadly shooting have -- [ indiscernible ] their duties, but activists said that is not enough and they're asking for a change in police departments across the country. and now to the race for the white house. donald trump is turning his focus to the economy today giving a speech outlining his plan to boost jobs and cut taxes. abcs karen traverse has the latest from the campaign trail. >> reporter: is this a rese republican nom-- detroit today, the republican nominee revealing an economic plan that has the biggest tax reforms since ronald reagan. he wants to repeel and replace obama care, limit taxes on businesses to 15%, stop using tax dollars for payments for u.n. global warming programs, and end taxes on child care expenses. after a week of constant controversy, it's no surprise
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focus. at new "washington post" poll is brutal for him and hilary clinton extending her lead by 8 points and her support among women is at the highest level yet. 2/3 of americans say trump has the wrong temperament to be president, almost as mania say where's unqualified and up trustworthy. over the weekend, trump using clinton's own words to attack her truthfulness about her e mail server. >> i may have short circuited and for that, i, you know, will try to >> she is a totally unhinged person. she is unbalanceed. >> reporter: remember that never trump movement? it's back. evan mcmullen, a 40-year-old former cia agent and congressional staffer announcing he's running as an independent third party candidate. evan mcmullen told abc news america deserves better than trump or clinton and he offer a conservative choice. it will be tough for him to get
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mcmullen and political backers will probably have to sue to get his name added. and somara, you said a word that got much's attention. we desperately need more rain. >> we do. >> is it coming? >> yes. >> i can assure you of that; however, i am loving the sunshine. let's look right now as the current temperature, big time. big temps, 80 degrees and it's 12:18. thank you for joining us in the noon hour and let's get a look now at the current temperatures. eighty is a lot of people. bedford at 83 and orange, same for you. chagrin falls, you're seeing 80. up in euclid, a little slower to move and menner in the upper 70s. we head into neighborhoods a little farther west and we're talking about 81 in new london; 75 in ashland and 78 in wellington and so, about this rain, right? we're dry for now and it's been, it has been a beautiful day and willton know -- continue to be a beautiful day. we need that rain as we were
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though. i want to -- let's talk about the temps though. and i want to point out the highs. we'll get back to the rain shortly. 86 degrees for the high in ashland there and you saw, you still got ways to go climbing out of the 70s. cleveland, how about an 84 for you as well as parma and 85 in strongsville. farther south we head, you can tell the warmer you will get into the mid- and upper 80s in akron, canton and alliance and this is due to the high pressure system dominating. the canadian high pressure right now, sitting over and bringing towards tuesday. this pulls in from the south of the disturbance to the south of us and that is going to bring in the moisture, the warm air and trigger off the rain and thunderstorm chances. and i have pushed through the overnight hours and we still stay dry. the temperatures holding out in the 60s and 70s. and into tuesday by the afternoon, about 4 or 5, we'll start to see the showers pick up and then we head into tuesday overnight into wednesday and we can hear some
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keep your eyes peeled for that and that is a look at the rain. you can see it lasts through thursday morning and going to be a wet one. i'm sorry, wednesday morning, probably going to be a wet one for your wednesday and this is a look at the power of 5 seven- day forecast. we break it down today. staying dry. the threat of rain doesn't return to the forecast until we hit tomorrow. and it will stick around into your wednesday. thursday, the rain chances are minimal but there is still a lingering chance there. the temperatures are going to be in the upper 80 asoverall and a few spots hitting the i think everyone will see the 90s grace their neighborhood by friday. a high of 92 degrees and that is a look at the power of 5 seven-day forecast. remember, you can catch all of your weather updates on cleveland star 105 and 98.5 wncx, cleveland's classic rock. you're watching newschannel 5 at noon. stick around.
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senate it's a cheesy creation here in ohio. xavier university is the home of america's first pizza atm. it's designed specifically to crank out piping hot pizzas at just the push of a button. the college partnered with a french tech company on the cheesy idea. the pies are $10 and takes
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the best part, you're jonessing for a pizza at 3 in the morning, it's 24 hours a day open. and putting it on the college campus, a stroke of marketing genius. >> yeah. >> and i am leary about eating something out of an atm. >> do you know about the cup cakes in l.a.? >> is that out of an atm as well? >> yeah. >> and let's look at the seven- day forecast. and we're going to see rain tomorrow. >> all right. >> and we need it. >> and that is it for newschannel 5 at noon. i'll see you again the now cleveland, until then,
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. hi, i'm sarah carns. scott is here to show us an easy way to take years off of your appearance if your teeth are yellowing from coffee, tea, red wine, or smoking. scott said that he can help you lo it only takes five minutes. welcome, scott. >> thank you. and 13 years, you know, you can look up to 13 years younger with a brighter, whiter smile. i have a birthday coming up. i wouldn't mind substracting the years opposed to adding them. >> i think we all want to know the secret. tell me what do you have? >> this is power swabser a revolutionary product that whitens your teeth in two shades and show everyone how simple this is. the first step is the stain out swab.
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over the two minutes, we do two things. >> yeah. >> we lift the stapes off of our teeth. the other products cover them up and hydrate our enamel. that is important. the biggest thing is minimal to no sensitivity. the other products dehydrate your enamel and we hydrate and moisturize them so you don't experience that and we whiten them like this. and added to the gum loop. no sensitivist and over seven days, six shades. >> that is amazing. >> >> and only seven days. >> that's it. >> how long does why it last? >> results last up to six months. >> and it will work on your caps, crowns, and have an ears. anyone with cosmetic dental procedure will tell you over time their smile goes uneven and there is nothing they can do about it until now. >> and that is amazing. the coffee i'm drinking. >> uh-huh. >> and drink all of the coffee you want and the wine, responsibly, of course and not at work. they will take away the stapes. >> and i love -- the stains. >> i love that it takes away the sensitivity issue as well.
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>> and if they call the 1-800- numberer go to power, they will give you a chance to buy two and get one free, that is 18 months of teeth whitening and we will three in three stains on the go quick sticks
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today, on "right this minute" -- >> we're starting the week with a bold bike hike using a cutting tool, sparks flying, broad daylight in a shopping center. >> what happens when another motorcyclist chases the thieves and saves the bike. >> this is the happy deer to the yard. >> lola, eat that. >> now meet the dude with the deer squad who's come a viral video sensation. >> i did not expect that to happen at all. it just happened overnight, honestly. >> a driver knows he's going to roll -- >> oh -- >> why he didn't know it would be this many times. plus why a bride getting ready is not ready for this.


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