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tv   News Channel 5 at 6pm  ABC  August 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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only on 5 tonight, cleveland residents fed up with the city. one neighbor is doing the city's job filling the pothole on his own. >> another force toda from cleveland's east side saying crime has grown so much he felt unsafe in his own home. >> cleveland residents taking matters into their own hands after complaints have gone unacknowledged. >> coverage of both stories. jonathan, you uncovered the city of cleveland a using an out dating survey. some folks are tired of it.
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go years if not decades without having their streets repaved, they get well beyond frustrated. we talked to city leaders who are inside that system and they say not only do the roads need to be redone, but the system itself need repaired. >> it was coming out by chunks. >>reporter: taryl lived on evangeline road for a while. >> it's been 20 years. >>reporter: it was time. >> when i pour it had in we found some makeshift marker so nobody would run over it. >>reporter: this was a big pothole, not filled by city wacker worker but by taryl and another who found concrete lying around. >>reporter: city council members are upset about street repaving, a city service that they're directly a part of. what is the current state of our street repair system in. >> well, i think it's still broken.
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>> the system isn't working. >>reporter: mike is taryl's city council rep.. >> stevey wonder could see the streets in bad condition in this city. that's how bad they are. we've got to figure out how to come up with a game plan. >>reporter: the newest game tieing plan in the last two years is to give different awards different amounts of money based on the worst philosophy. a strategy discredited by a pavement expert >> we cannot afford to continue to build and use the worst first philosophy. >>reporter: in 2015, ward 12 had 19 streets repaved while five other wards in cleveland had a combined 15 streets repaved. is it frustrating if issue you? >> you, yeah. >>reporter: councilman ken johnson is in charge of overseeings this. >>reporter: people that are
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>>reporter: so many city leaders questioning the system, taryl is asking who's doing what especially after the city says not a paver but a street cleaner last week to sweep up his terrible road. >> if i can hold this, it's bad. that's tough to swallow. >>reporter: are you as confused about this street system as i and fill out our feed back form on our broken roads, broken system story. we want to hear from you. back out here live. now the city doesn't want you to fill in these potholes with your own materials but i don't think they'll go after taryl and his neighbor any time soon. reporting live on the east side, investigator jonathan walsh, news channel 5. >> okay. it is not just poll holes frustrating neighbors.
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dangerous, he's being forced to move out of cleveland. christine has been following his story and the change for almost a year. this man lived in the city's most violent area? >>reporter: yeah, it's the fourth district and hydrics a drastic difference than what many experience downtown here. he hears gunshots every day and fears for the life of his own and his family. he says the hundreds of complaints he's made to his councilman have gone unresolved. you can't do anything here. it's dead. it's a dead neighborhood. it's a dead neighborhood because no one wants to do anything to improve the neighborhood. >>reporter: glen thompson tells me this is not what his neighborhood used to look like. there was no abandon homes and bullet holes in his own home was unheard of. this is reality on kings ford
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anymore. it's too dangerous. glen tells me he is complained to his capable man taryl pruitt over and over again about the crime on his street. weave been there as he demanded hang from pruitt and other officials. frustrated his house got broke into and car shot up and nearby homes set on fire. he has not seen any imprem live in fear anymore and moving to the suburb. we earned out to councilman prosecute for an interview and did not return our calls. glen is renting the house because he cannot sell it. new details tonight on the shooting spree a man went on from elyria to south euclid.
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were signs of trouble. >>reporter: he recently ascussed his fiance of heating but never imagined it would end like this. he shot and killed 40 year-old kisha at their home in elyria and drove 40-miles to a south euclid home he used to share with an ex-girlfriend. neighbors saw him shoot hisex- and boyfriend took cover blind a car. he shot himself in the head. >> they've been broken up for years so i don't know why now was coming to do this to them. >> i hope that they're okay and she's gonna pull through and i'm glad they got the guy that did this. >>reporter: at last check. the south euclid couple in serious condition. he does not have an arrest record in northeast ohio.
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homicide where the victim was going after an ex-girlfriend. last night on east 78th street, officers flagged down by the gunman, carlos who says the victim forced his way into the home. that man antonio sanford got into the fight with corbin and shot in the chest. sanford was taken to a hospital where he later died. three men were shot a few hours before after an argument in the middle according to police, a 22 year- old shot in the chest. the other men had gunshot wounds to the foot and the wrist. witnesses say there were a large group of men in the area just before that shooting. new at 6, an akron man pleaded guilty to shooting and killing a man at a bar in january. willie hicks schedule today go on trial today. hicks chose to enter the plea
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-- now police reports show that speeds in that chase at 90 miles per hour. live in strongsville, paul, news channel 5. still ahead on news channel 5 at 6, more than 4 dozen people arrested as part of an undercover investigation. police say it is all drug related. plus, would -- plus donald how he would help boost the economy if he were president. more on the campaign trail
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an update to a saw first on 5, more than 50 people arrested as a result of an undercover investigation. >> that operation focused on heroin related crimes. >>reporter: as the heroin problem continues to get worse, so does the crime associate welcome west division it. here in mentor, they saw a huge spike in theft, addicts stealing to support their habits and police worked quickly to nip that right in the bud.
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from jewelry to electronics to lightbulbs, crab legs, and baby formula. the spike in crime so bad, mentor police received a grant for undercover operation. >> it's one of the most did i have cull things we've faced as a society in a long time. >>reporter: so far, the state made 56 arrests and recovered around $8500 in stolen goods. they can't say exactly what they do but involved undercover officers d >> we don't see as many shoplifts incidents. >>reporter: in the past six months, mentor police have been so successful with this operation, the undercover model they came up with is being implemented in different departments across the state. in mentor, karen, news channel 5. it was back on the campaign trail for donald trump and hillary clinton today. both held rallies talking act the economy. trump was in detroit this
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he would follow if he were to win the presidency in november like making child care more affordable by creating a tax break and wants to cut down the income tax. >> i'm proposing an across the board income tax reduction, especially for middle income americans. this will lead to millions of new and really good paying jobs. >> he also added the rich will quote, pay their fair share but not so much that it will hand was in florida in saint peters burg and took a jab at trump that he stiffs small businesses he did business with. >> be like get a big order from a resort or canzeri see no. that would be -- canzeri see casino and that was would be
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really hard then they'd pay you less than you deserve. the car you're in may not be safe. a jd power and associates study found vehicle recalls have spiked. record 51 million in 2015 alone but not nearly that many drivers have gotten their cars fixed. in ohio, nearly 20 percent of notices go un-repaired. a lot of times car makers covered under the tecata air bag recall they can't all befixed. as soon as you get a recall notice, call your discipleship up and get your name put on the repair list. >> all right, vanessa webb joins us and headed into another pretty steamy week. >> right, if you need relief from the heat. it's just not happening. looking at our long term models so need you to hold on here.
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within derrick henriful shot of -- wonderful shot out toward the lorain theater. two to three inches below our normals for rain fall so mostly in northeast ohio under a moderate draught. even the feels like temperatures, this is combined with the temperature and dew point so steamy conditions 87 for lake county. lower 80s for ashtabula, air pumping in from dover new phillie. 87 and dew points moisture in the air continues to rise tonight to tomorrow afternoon. right now pretty comfortable but could get to that oppressive state tomorrow around noon you're gonna notice the humidity really starting to rise here. i was tracking a gust front that took over southern portions of the county, but
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orange that's starting to die out right now. dealing with west winds 5-10 miles per hour. kind of breezy but otherwise 5 live radar not picking up any moisture. a crystal clear even physician you have outdoor plans and want to be outside still at the 8:00 p.m. hour. in the lower 8 0s. so we have that warm air, southerly track that will move in here tomorrow afternoon. look at the heat, triple digit heat from dallas to portions of into northeast ohio allowing our temperatures to return to the 90s tomorrow afternoon. now, as the front moves to the north it's providing us with scattered storms and some showers. it will not be heavy washout for us but could see some gully washers that we saw last week in portions of rich land county. this is around 2:00 p.m.. start to track in a bit of
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evening commute from mans field, rich land county. look at those toesty temperatures in near 90s. this will continue till around 9:30. it's sagging to more western locations even overnight track more rain. cumulation totals not impressive, under half an inch for most spots. ashtabula along with lake and other areas, not in the mix of that moisture. it's sagged well to 67 for an overnight low but that heat starts to bubble back in tomorrow, lower 90s mostly sunny and track a few rain drops after lunchtime tomorrow. so seven day forecast you go on a heat streak once again back in the 90s finally gonna give you relieves the cold front moves through saturday afternoon. >> thanks, vanessa and time for sports. lauren, unlike recent seasons, this year, no question mark
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>> not anymore. today the team naming their starting quarterback. not much of a surprise. up next the team's starting signal caller reacts to the decision. that and more after the break.
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code difficult travels kuss leroy m both on the roster. a major focus during the offseason. number two overall pick but he had a false report because of not -- offense that did not fit his style. >> take that and expect that and go out and work to get better. >> starting quarterback, throws the ball as good as anybody. you know deep balls beautiful, he has lot of touch on it. knows where to put it.
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christmas is still months away but reasons to be excited. beside all the food friends and family. the cavs and warriors will weapons again play on des 26 in a rematch of this year's nba fines where the calves beat golden state. instead there's some trouble in pair dice. the san diego channelers have yet to sign -- chargers have yet to sign the third oral that hard but the two sides are disagreeing over offset language and bonus referrals. the only first round pick not yet signed. they uncovered a social media report saying she wished her son pulled an eli manning on draft day. eli was drafted by the chargerrings and made it clear hi did not want to play there
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kris matt day. >> lots of people are. >> yeah, right. we'll see you back here tonight
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tonight, the travel chaos. the computer meltdown leaving thousands of passengers strabded. delta canceling hundreds of flights. also tonight, what we have now learned about the tragedy at the water park. after a 10-year-old boy was killed on the world's tallest water slide, right here in the u.s. new trouble for trump? the new poll out tonight, jus tax plan. and this evening, the new letter. 50 republican officials now warning that donald trump would be, in their words, the most reckless president in american history. the jogger discovered dead, the second young woman in less than a week, and tonight, the new warning. and the american athletes take the lead in rio. michael phelps winning gold. tears from his teammate. the stunner for the williams sisters.


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