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tv   News Channel 5 at Noon  ABC  August 9, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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. during the overnight hours in akron. the old saying you can't get there from here if the author of the saying was thinking of the central exchange in akron today, he was right. the central exchange was shut down with little notice it could make for a messy commute. meg shaw of our staff has details on how this affects the daily commutes of those travelling this part of akron. >> reporter: this major construction project will affect more than 100,000
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this area, this is what you need to know. take a look at the map. odot crews have closed the ramps from i-77 north to i-76 west. and from state route 8 to i-76 west. the closures are happening crews can widen the interstate, part of a multiyear plane to reduce backups in the central interchange. the project was supposed to start last week, but it was delayed at the last minute do you to a lack of in place until november. now, if you're driving home toward akron tonight, you will still be able to take the interchange. odot crews don't plan to close the ramp to e-76 eastbound i-76 eastbound to 77 sooth until late tonight. and starting tomorrow, you will have to -- from i-76 eastbound to i-77 until later tonight.
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>> thank you, meg. >> and another highway headache, which popped up but is not because of traffic backups. in this case, it's construction noise which is causing the problem. residents and business owners in cleveland veneer west shoreway area over the lake avenue entrance ramp are complaining that construction noise is almost unbearable during the night hours. odot's initial plan was to jackhammer for 24 hours a day the first 25 days of construction and then excessive noise bent and residents looking for quiet nights complained and odot agreed to make minor changes. now, the construction workers' work will be kept to traditional business hours and is set for completion in the fall of 2017. and 10 michigan teenagers were hurt when the van flipped on interstate 75 this morning. troopers say the group was coming from cedar point when the 17-year-old driver tried to swap seats with a passenger while the van was still moving and the driver lost control of
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median. the scene was on i-75 in north word near toledo. the vehicle rolled over ejecting two of the passengers. they're in serious condition. the eight others suffered minor injuries. and the hissitorric -- [ indiscernible ] schoolo house in butler park was destroyed by a fire this morning. the school was the fourth one- room schoolhouse built in green township in 1885 and relocated from mount pleasant road by robert eventually becoming betler park. the administration in the city of green released a statement aing the park was closed today. and let's check in on that weather situation. another blue sky day. here is somara theodore. >> and it's beautiful out there. right now, the humidity is low. the temperatures are 85 degrees and we're seeing winds out of the south-southeast at 8 miles per hour. and it's only going to get warmer from here. we're talking 84 in sullen; 86, peninsula; 84, bedford and
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81, 87 degrees; 84, now london and 82 in vermilion and wellington. we look at the radar, we're dry. now, the rain chances are going up this evening into the afternoon and we could see a industry shower or two but the greater percentage or chance of rain will be overnight into wednesday morning. the highs today are climbing into the upper 80s as you can see here. sandusky, 89 degrees for you and as we head to the lakeshore and also the upper area where we might touch 90. and believe me . >> reporter: thank you, somara. >> a day after a 10-year-old boy was killed on a water park slide in kansas, three girls were thrown from a ferris wheel at a county fair in tennessee. both incidents in kansas and tennessee reman under investigation and both are raising new question about the safety of park rides and how they're regulated. abcs elizabeth handle has the story. >> reporter: i have 30 -- .
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the ferris wheel. >> reporter: a trip to the county fair ended in an emergency girl for three girls in tennessee. >> and they love kids, you know. they screamed a bit and hit the ground and laid there. >> reporter: according to police, the ferris wheel they were in got caught in another below it, turning cart upside down and sending them tumbling between 30 and 45 fight to the ground. >> two children were alert and i can't tell you if the third was or not, but the third child was -- does have a head injury. >> reporter: this morning, an investigation into the incident is underway with all carnivale rides closed until further notice. >> it was a loud boom, bomb and i knew immediately that someone had fallen off. >> reporter: eyewitnesses revealing while riding the tallest water slides in the world 10-year-old caleb swab,
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representative scott sc had, wa, b died from the ride. two others -- with minor injuries and it was just two years ago early safety checks of the ride showed him going airborne and prompting finishes to add seatbelts and safety nets with the ride open. turns out water slides are among the most dangerous attractions at amusement park and that is according to the commission. there were 7200 water slide injuries last year alone. elizabeth herr, abc news, new york. and as we continue, controversy is brewing for hillary clinton while donald starts -- and also, passenger problems continue for the second day in a row for would- be passengers of the airlines. a look at how the second largest airline dentia is try -- delta is trying to ease the
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. travel troubles continue for delta customers tuesday. the latest development comes after cancellations and delays caused by a computer system failure spelled into a second day. the computer system is back up and running, but the after affects are being felt. delta is the world's second
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to cancel 100 quests today and over 200. the computer outage -- and flights for six hours that left hundreds of thousands of passengers stranded. delta is offering refunds to passengers all on cancelled or what it calls significantly delayed flights. delta is investigating what went wrong. >> and hulu is -- the free tv screening service as it looks to create a more episodes won't be gone from the site and will be available through yahoo!. the move by hulu is not a surprise, given the company's efforts to convert more of its free users into paying customers. hulu has been looking to bulk up the offerings with more movies and original shows in an attempt to compete with netflix and amazon. and with trying to help the kittens find a forever home. coming, our pet of the week.
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leon. 85 degrees right now and it's 12:10 or warming up more and rain chances are on the way. we'll talk about that in the full power of 5 forecast.
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. >> today marks the sick anniversary of the shooting death of michael brown in ferguson, missouri. unarmed 18-year-old man was shot by officer wilson on august 9th, 2014. a grand jury decided not to indict the officer. the death of michael brown two years ago sparked several days of sometimes violent protests in ferguson and earn the country. his death led to a department of justice investigation into policing and court practices in that city. brown's family has foiled a civil -- filed a civil lawsuit against the city of ferguson, missouri. there was a shooting of a 20-year-old man boo a police in harrisburg, pennsylvania, over the weekend, that led protestors over the streets. demonstrators gathered outside of the governor's residence. earl pinkney was holding his mother at knife point at a house sunday night. the district attorney said he was ordered to put down the knife before he was shot in a bedroom with four officers
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disagrees. the family said the police directly contradict an eyewitness account. one officer is placed on leave as police continue to investigate. and those are real principles that will translate into real harm of people. it's not something to be taken lightly and not something that people are willing to just lay down and accept. >> and in iowa, a handful of protestors demonstrated outside presidential government mike pens. they read signs attacking pens and presidential nominee donald trump. they chanted stop the racism, stop the hate. and they urged others to not listen to the message. >> and donald trump continues his campaign to resetta a new round-of-polls -- round of polls -- and after the father of orlando mass murderer omar.
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omar mattine was spotted in the audience. karen traverse picks up the story from there. >> reporter: an unusual controversy brewing for hillary clinton. at a rally south of orlando last night, clinton kept up her attacks on donald trump. >> he gave a speech in detroit trying to change the subject. >> reporter: and on stage behind her, that man with the mustache and red hat is the father of orlando shooter omar matttine. she didn't acknowledge him but mentioned the june attack that left 49 dead. >> we will be with you as you rebuild your lives. >> reporter: campaign rallies are highly produced so how did the father get a prime spot? so close to the candidate? the clinton campaign said in a statement it was a 3,000-person rally. the doors opened to the public. this individual was not invited as a guest and the campaign was unaware of his attendance until after the attack.
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rally and he said he is senting clinton. >> clinton is good -- and versus donald trump. >> reporter: with another poll showing clinton's lead growing, trump is facing more backlash from republicans. senator susan collins of maine writing in a "washington post" oped that she won't vote for the republican in november and writes mr. trump lacks the temperament, self-discipline, and judgement required to be president. and that letter from 50 top officials saying donald trump would put the nation's security at risk, trump dismissed it as plightically motivated from -- mr. itically motivated from the failed washington elite. and after nearly 16 years, the world's longest hunger strike will come to an end today. human rights activists from shamila started the protests in 2,000. the protests after 10 civilians
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indiscernible ] by indian soldiers and better known as the iron lady, she continues to demand the repeel of the armed forces special powers act. that act granted the military emergency powers to use force and to quash insurgency in disturbed areas. and let's check in on what is going on in the area of ohio. and we're looking at a good looking day. >> and yeah, you know, it looks great out there and it's gorgeous. we're expecting a good chunk of the state there is a chance there is some rain, though, lingering especially as you live closer and closer to the evening hours and let's jump to it. the current temperatures now, really, really up there and we're talking 86 in peninsula and sullen, kirtland and chardon. good afternoon, bedford, 84 for you and 87 toward mentor and 86 into euclid. as we head into the west side, we're also seeing numbers in the 80s. ashland, i think, there is a
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couple of days now and i am sure it's warmer there. let's look at the radar. we're-to-ing about how dry it is. the bigger picture shows the rain chances. a big system sitting down near the gulf and spewing up tons of rain into the florida panhandle and they have been suffering from that and we will get some of the moisture pumped into parts of northeast ohio as we head through the next few days and this is a look at the hour- by-hour forecast. so, again, that threat of showers and thunderstorms after lunch as we evening. it will rev up and scattered. not everyone will see the wet weather. on your power of 5 seven-day forecast, the highs are going into the upper 80s and i wouldn't be surprised if there was a spot or two hitting 90. we should be hitting 90 by wednesday. thursday and friday are also looking warm there. the rain chances will be prevalent throughout much of the week and that is a look at the seven-day forecast. you can get your weather update
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pet-of-the-week. my favorite segment. >> hello. >> and i have two of the sweetest, you know, the longer i am sitting here, the longer i am falling in love. they have just been purring. and they're snuggled by my lap and with each other. always recommend if people are thinking about adopting kittens, which you should be, that you adopt 2. they're so good together and they keep each other entertained and snuggled up. they're not anymore work. >> and they're i know you -- the names are named after nuts, right? >> i have almond and chestnut here. pistachio and a corp are at the -- acorn are at the shelter and we have a few available for adoptions. if you're thinking about it, this is a great time. look at the snuggler. >> and they have a very sweet demeanor. and do we have any events coming up? >> we do. we're out and about right now. we're at the 912 shop stop.
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every tuesday from 11:30 to 1:30 at east 9th in st. clair and lots of fun. there is food trucks, music. pop-up trucks and we're there with animals available for adoption. if you're in the area, come on and visit us. hopefully you can adopt. if not, at least you get the animal fixed. so if up. >> yeah. >> and precious. spent that is a look at the pets of the week. remember, you can visit and get all of the information on there. >> thank >> and stick around. leon and i will have a last look of news and weather after
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. what do you think? >> i think it's a beautiful day outside. and i know that rain is on the way in and we need it. >> we do and hope we get rain. and as we take a shot of the two kittens, we'll tell you that chestnut and almond are you. a place to ash don't, no ifs, and, or butts.
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. hey, i'm sarah carps. welcome to legal tuesday brought to you by nuremberg paris where every tuesday legal experts will discuss issues that are important to you. let's go to the office of nuremberg paris for this week's edition of legal tuesday. >> hi, sarah. thank you for having me. my name is bob and i am the worker's compensation administrator for i have been with the firm for over 49 years now. i would like to speak about work-related injuries. unfortunately for most of us, we get up and go to work every day. we come home at the end of the day without incident. on occasion, unfortunate things happen and sometimes people are injured on the job. most injuries, fortunately, are relatively minor and don't acquire much in the way of medical attention; how far, for
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more significant or significantly more than just a minor bump or bruise, medical attention is required. and most employers when you're injured on the job, will direct you for an immediate evaluation or assessment of your injuries at a position of clinical -- of a clinic of their choosing. that is phone for a initial assessment or documenting the injury; how far, what most injured workers don't know and what everyone should know is that in o compensable work-related injury, you can treat with whatever doctor you choose, as long as that doctor is ohio bureau of worker's comp certified. your employer can suggest or where commend the treatment but they can't direct you or force to you treat with any physician you're not comfortable with. to learn more or if you have any questions about the situations regarding worker's comp, look us up on the website
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216-694-52 52. >> thank you for tuning in. for more information about nearemberg paris, log on to their website at
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today, on an all-new "right this minute" -- >> wildlife rescuers tried something we've never seen before. >> you need several people involved to do this. >> the story behind a baby rhino saved by cpr. >> it's one of those things i've never thought about. a fancy ride goes off course. come flying around the corner like that. >> the wipe joud leading to a high dollar pileup. youtuber roman atwood has made a fortune pulling pranks. see where he's taking dad for the birthday gift of a lifetime. >> like whatever he did it's going to have like a flat tire. >> plus a spooky sight that has warehouse workers freaked. and a video at the gas station --


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