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tv   Live on 5  ABC  August 10, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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fo >> if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do folks. >> although the 2nd amend people, maybe there is, i don't know. >> today donald trump faces the consequences of this latest controversy with a phone call from the secret service. northeast ohio and if you stepped outside we are talking about the humidity. >> this round of storms hitting us and people are recovering from powerful thunderstorms that slammed us overnight. the storms leaving a mark. look at the size of these massive trees that got torn down. >> and right now people cleaning up after the trees landed on top of their homes. air tracker 5 gave us an eagle
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keeping up the live team coverage with meteorologist tara blake. some folk still trying to get it together. >> and that's kind of round one. round two is a bit different and it doesn't pack a punch, very heavy rainfall and you and the family need to stay indoors until sunset when the storms will die down. let's take a look at the southern winds leading to the eruption of showers and thunderstorms. on the west side of sandusky, if you know anyone at cedar point call them and make sure they are ago. the lightning flashes close and heaviest rainfall headed east. berlin heights and florence heavy rainfall as well. east siders, we have an actual flood advisory because of
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has greatly diminished. still heavy rainfall in northern sections of twinsburg and aurora and driving on 422 and 322. lighter and moderate pockets on the east side and with that flood advisory until 5:15 and some storms dumping two inches per hour. it is hot and humid. we will take a look with humidity coming up. want to go back outside. air tracker five. over cleveland heights where people are cleaning up. 11,000 families in cuyahoga without power. that means no ac in this hot weather and paul kiska is on the ground in cleveland heights in that mess. what have you learned? >> reporter: that storm came on suddenly last night and left a
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>> dozens of power crews are busy working around the clock after a severe storm ripped through the area. >> picking up and piling up dozens of branches in this front yard after a severe thunderstorm rolled through cleveland heights leaving her and her neighbors and thousands of others without power. >> no, we don't have air- conditioning. >> air tracker five shows the strong winds uprooted huge trees and the storms downed the power lines and keeping power crews racing across the clock before more storms rolled through. this huge tree blocked yellow stone road and it can be cleaned up until the power lines are gone. another view shows this tree on top of a house where residents described the swift moving storm. >> we heard like crash, like the whole house and the glass is shattering.
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like it. the scariest thing. >> now first energy has more than 200 crews working around the clock to restore power. live in cleveland heights, paul kiska, newschannel 5. thousands of sex offenders live among us in northeast ohio and many don't follow the law to register their current address. teams hit the street to follow up. >> summit county has a lot of sex offenders to keep an eye on. >> reporter: they're roughly 1100 sex offenders in summit county. what happened is not a sex offender plea but an investigation and deputies say it is very important for the project of all of our families. >> hi i'm with the sheriff's office and we are out doing our
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>> these deputies spent the day in cuyahoga falls where 33 registered sex offender call home and many were not home had the investigators came knocking. >> if nobody is home we will come back and check periodically. we do this over the course of a few days. >> a few did answer and following the law, that is living at the home where they registered. >> you are go to go. >> and holland says many sex offender are living. on the sheriff's web site we found 29 currently non- compliant and during verification deputies typically find 5 to eight eight percent breaking the law. >> and that is concerning to john simons, a father of three
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from a sex offender tier 2. >> if you do something wrong and you're not following the rules ... >> the team of investigators find evidence that the sex offender is not living where he or she is not supposed to be felony warrants will be issued. >> we try to go the extra mile for registered sex offenders to make sure everyone is in compliance. >> the probation department took part in this operation that will continue for the next co if you want to find out that a fend sex offender is living near you, clip on this app and we will provide a link. bob jones, newschannel 5. >> new development on the campaign trail, donald trump getting several calls from the secret service. >> after yet another controversy yesterday. some said he suggested his supporters target hillary clinton with gun violence. we have the latest. >> reporter: frank and lee the
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he was reminding supporters that the winner of the election will choose the next supreme court justice then ... >> if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the 2nd amend people, maybe there is, i don't know. >> now, trump's campaign told the secret service he did not in ten to encourage 2nd amendment rights but to tell people to go to the polls in november. critics say donald trump was suggesting something else that his supporters use violence or potential supreme court nominee. one senator says this was a question is concerning. >> i think that in many ways the fact that it is interpreted that way reflects the constant stream of inappropriate and reckless comments that donald trump has made. >> now that senator, susan collins from maine announced
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get donald trump's back on message following a series of scandals last week, this is yet another black mark trump's ambitions for the white house. the gap is widening giving hillary clinton a greater lead both nationally and in crucial states like here in ohio. mike brookbank newschannel 5. >> libertarians are coming out of the shadows this season supporting 3rd part haven't been seen in decades but will ohioans be able to vote for gary johnson. it turns out maybe not. meggen hickey has been investigating. johnson's campaign filed signatures to get him on the ballot but there is a catch. >> they got the signatures but those positions have another person's name on them. it is an unorthodox move that is risky for the libertian
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>> donald trump and hillary clinton have given libertians a gift. >> or so it seems. take a closer look at the candidate's name. that's actually this man, charlie earls. >> hi, i'm charlie earls i'm the libertian candidate for governor of ohio. >> a candidate for governor with no intention of running for president. it is a strange move. the libertian party of ohio collected the signatures for charlie earls before johnson with the explicit intention of going back and swapping earl's name with johnson. >> this is unprecedented. i can't recall a campaign anywhere in the country where this is happened before. >> michael bowen says the strategy does not usually work like that. >> this or indictment are the only reasons people are thrown
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>> political analysts say that a 3rd party candidate like johnson has an opportunity to impact the race. >> his poll numbers have gone up between 7 and 10%. >> but if the office is not okayed ... then charlie earls will be on the state he filed in which is us. >> the secretary of state's office is investigating whether the swap is legal. as of now, they have filed from gary johnson. yesterday's filing counts for charlie earls. this is atrium tower in manhattan where a man is using a suction cup to scale the buildings. witnesses believe he started it from a roof garden and spotted wearing a backpack carrying papers that appeared to have trump's names on them. the fire department working on a strategy to get that man
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this. >> wow. late breaking tonight. the justice department releases their findings into one of the most scrutinized police departments in the country. >> their findings and what the investigation reveals when it comes to the treatment of minorities and the one thing that officers do that has sparked outrage. some people going to extremes to avoid paying rt afees and it is all caught on camera. find out what happened when started asking questions. female joggers targeted. tonight police moving in on the killer. >> details about the little boy that died on a water slide.
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death. baltimore lieutenant brian rice will receive $26,000 in back pay after being acquitted in the death of freddie gray. it started in may of 2015 and ended last month. rice was one of 6 officers charged after gray suffered a fatal next injury in a police van.
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acquitted. the charges have been dropped against the other officers. today a blistering new report from the justice department after a lengthy investigation into baltimore police behavior. >> a lot of people say it validates what they know. a longstanding pattern of unlawful stops, searches and arrests especially black people in poor neighborhoods. here is discrimination in the baltimore police department and finding officers routinely violated the constitutional rights of citizens especially african- americans made unlawful arrests and regularly used excessive force. >> the violations have deeply erroded trust. essential to effective policing and public safety. >> the justice department
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after an unarmed black man freddie gray suffered in police custody. sparked protests and rioting in baltimore leading an investigation where there was people riding in police. >> everyone knows there needs to be reform. >> agreeing to a court order to police the policies. >> much work remains to be done and change will not happen overnight. but our the necessary process of change and reform in baltimore. >> this following a similar overhaul of the police department in ferguson, missouri after the doj found some of the same discrimination in place there. marcy gonzalez, abc news new york. >> if that sounds familiar that's because the agency reached similar conclusions when it looked into our own city's police department in 2014. >> an investigation found
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fourth amendment through unnecessary and excessive use of deadly force and unnecessary and excessive use of retal latory force like tasers and chemical sprays and people suffering mental illness and tactics putting officers in situation where force is inevitable. >> the department is reviewed by a civilian board facing its own problems like hundreds of unresolved complaints against police. any moment now the city council will vote on whether or not the board needs an overhaul, if they vote yes, the matter will be on the november ballot. we are keeping a close watch on that man using a suction cup to climb trump tower in manhattan.
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it. this has been going on around an hour. he has a backpack as you can see and witnesses say it is carrying papers with trump's name on them. the new york police and firefighters on the scene right now doing the best they can to get that man to come down safely. we will be keeping an eye on that. for sure. closer to home. hazy day, right? >> hot, hazy and steamy and stormy on the power of 5 doppler. let's show y happening, if you are noticing the rumbles. it is off of the lake free and the cooler northern lake winds with the strong southern saturated winds and the storms aligned here. the temperatures have dropped because of the recent rainfall and the heaviest rain now in place on the west side. i will say the flood advisory on the east side has been
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expire and no longer expiring. erie and huronian heavy rain towards vermilion and florence. if you know anyone on the lake text them and let them know dangerous thunderstorms headed their way and the potential of 3-inches per hour and that's flooding concerns and wind driving and headed towards cedar point impacting sandusky. two inches per hour has left huron. heavy rainfall with the thunderstorms. twinsburg, you have heavy rainfall and driving on 490 and that drive home could be slower and aurora noticing heavy rainfall and headed towards bane bridge and auburn. good news for the east siders, that loss or advisory, your now seeing lighter rainfall but a few pockets in the wings. i did get a nice tweet letting
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of f and p, two-and-a-half inches you want rain gauge since 3:00. that's why we had this flood advisory in place but because of the lightened rain the advisory has dropped. some of us noticing the thunderstorms in tuscarawas county and no flooding concerns but a few small cells. we have two big events if you are trying to think about here, no problems in cleveland. a lot of clouds but no storms. i will update you when that happens. josh groban concert 8:00, a little light rain and the grass will be wet. the good news we expect this activity to drop off towards sunset. it is at 8:30 and the storms should be out of here at 9 or 10. it shouldn't be a problem as you head out there tonight. saturated air and lots of water
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thunderstorms suck up that rainfall and they written -- ring it out on top of us and the humidity is high and this is a problem over the next couple of days. the hottest feeling, wake county and menner 109 and 94 in cleveland to 96 in nor walk. hour by hour, storms will fade as we move towards 8 or 9:00 hour and we are not there yet. be careful. cause you major problems. we will take a look at your
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we have people
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soupiness. free music. how is it going? >> wonderfully. kevin conwell that will be the band and playing over there. you are with me every wednesday. we got a bunch of boobs. a topless picnic. part of the fatherhood initiative. i will show you something you have never seen. this is al dozier and he runs something called the corvair cooker that is a car grill. >> it is. >> where did you get the idea for this? >> actually leon. too much time on my han. started out as a joke. took it a step further. >> and you got hot dogs and kitchens where the engines would have been. >> yes. >> and on the front he has a fire up there. i want you to know this car does not drive. no gas in there or tanker.
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phrase of a hot car. >> you got it going, brother. that's it for university circle. a tip of the hat, just a hot car. let's go back inside. >> well next on five. we are continuing to keep an eye on that guy in new york. he is climbing the trump tower using the kinds of suction devices there. >> yes, he is and we have new information about how the gathering crowd is to his dangerous venture.
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investigators are going door to door checking in on sex offenders. many sex offenders lie about where they live or fail to register a new address.
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noncompliant. >> an effort to get a 3rd party candidate may backfire. 12,000 people signed the petition to include gary johnson but the listed person was charles earls. they say they collected the situations -- signatures for earls before johnson was picked to be the candidate. th after severe weather rolled through the region overnight. cleveland heights suffered some of the worse damage. high winds down and utility poles and toppled large trees including this one that crashed on coventry road. and tara you are watching storms firing to the west. >> the heaviest rainfall currently in erie county in sandusky. to anyone on the lake you need
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because we have extremely heavy rainfall and strong winds with the thunderstorms. want to show you the rainfall race over sandusky. 3-inches per hour. that's a lot of rainfall in a short amount of time. your darker purples indicating two inches and huron you are seeing an inch. heavy pockets in summit county south of us driving on what will be issues over 480 moving towards the east bay and auburn. be careful for me. a little bit lighter east side. you have lost the flood advisory. one viewer said he had two-and- a-half inches with the next round headed your way. so watch out for the big water way on the roadways and turn around and find a different route.
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everybody inside. here is the damage on the tree from a lightning strike in kindread and i will tell you when the storms are done coming up next. we are keeping an eye on a man using suction cups to climb trump tower. this is happening in manhattan. he has made it to the 16th floor. police and firefighters and a huge crowd of onlookers have gathered. some whistling and egging m at one point the man appeared to slip and the crowds gasped. he keeps going around the windows. we are monitoring the situation and we will bring you the latest in a few moments. now to a story on 5, we caught people red handed hopping on trains without getting tickets.
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>> we have been hanging out here all day and some people said they fare jumped and we have watched people hop on the train without tickets. >> some people are bragging saying we get on free. >> you see people getting on without paying. >> sometimes. >> and are the tickets checked. >> no. it is not that big of a deal. don't have a ticket or not. >> not true. the rta is dealing with a 7 million-dollar deficit and attempts to make up this month's service got cut and fares went up for the first time in seven years. i asked the rta about the fare jumpers. a spokeswoman says they estimate three percent of riders scan the system and others may appear to not pay but really have a monly or student pass. >> as for this ... >> it is not many police officers that will stop. >> fare jumpers can be ticketed
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in cleveland, tara molina. newschannel 5. now all new at five, a national spotlight shining on our city. it has nothing to do with a sports championship or political convention. cleveland is one of three cities taking on a 100 day challenge to end youth homelessness. >> our mike brookbank has the story. getting teens off of the street is a lofty goal. >> several organizations they need to make sure every young person has a place to call home. >> unlocking the door is something that michael does not take for granted. >> i was in and out of shelters. >> he aged out of the foster care system at age 18. >> i lived at airport.
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where he looked as a boarding coordinator. >> i was at my job. >> each year 130 teens find themselves without a place to call home and many end up in the system. >> fit is not in the welfare system unfortunately sometimes they end up in the criminal justice system. >> next month cleveland joins austin, texas and los angeles in a 100 day challenge to >> hopefully we can have a different pace. >> this man works for agencies that are tackling the issue. >> tell us what you need to do to make it happen. >> tell us what programs need to be adjusted. tell us locally what support is needed. >> during the process, new partnerships and strategies will be tested out. if something works here in cleveland it will be implemented across the country.
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homes. >> michael ballwear one of the success stories after seeking assistance. he has a message from the homeless youth in cleveland. >> it starts with yourself and you have to know where you want help. >> now a similar 100 day challenge took place in 40 cities and the focus is homeless veterans. after that, getting vets off the street is is that we see similar results at the end of our challenge. all new at five, two joggers gruesomely murdered. residents in two states on edge. what we have learned about the gut-wrenching death. >> another deadly ambush. the chilling discovery found in the killer's home that have let investigators with more unanswered questions.
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lottery numbers.
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another live look at the man using suction cups to climb trump tower in manhattan. it is happening now. he has made it to the 16th floor after starting on floor five. watch his dissent and a gasp could be heard when the man appeared to slip. >> we don't know why this man even made the climb. people who saw him start the journey and with that backpack has papers inside with donald trump's name on them. donald trump is five hundred miles away at a campaign event while this is all happening. police and firefighters have been removing vents and breaking out windows to get the
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but he won't give in. >> 58 stories high. this guy has a ways to go if he is aiming for the top. we will continue to monitor and
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we'll be right back.
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>> developing now. in the northeast. dual investigations under way after two joggers were killed, one in new york and one in massachusetts.
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as lindsey davis reports they don't think the crimes are connected. >> authorities are asking the public for help to catch the person that murdered 27-year- old vanessa marka. >> we want to ask anyone in the vicinity from one to four on sunday that may have been walking. you see the woman walking or driving by to call the tip line. >> this executive murdered is the first homicide in massachusetts in decades. >> a horrible thing. hoping it was a crime of passion and don't have to worry about someone on the streets. >> marka that resided in new york city disappeared in broad daylight sunday after going through a jog. 7 hours later a police canine unit found her remains in a wood area. sources say there were signs that she was sexually assaulted though final autopsy report is
5:46 pm
that her murder could be tied to a new york city woman katrina matanna that was murdered in queens last week. >> we haven't ruled everything out. nothing has been ruled out in regards to the investigation. >> all this as the victim's father tells the boston globe that his daughter was not involved with anyone romantically that says there is nobody in his daughter's life that could be involved. this small town of 3000 people, 65,000 miles from boston not only on high alert but on edge. >> doors unlocked. but not anymore. >> it is a small town. and i feel like her family is our family. >> we have learned that signs that she was strangled. hundreds of tips have come in tip line.
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they continued to reiterate that residents need to use an abundance of caution. lindsey davis. abc news. investigators are trying to figure out how a florida police officer killed a woman during a safety demonstration. 73-year-old mary dalton was participating in a commit gorda what it is like for police to make split seconds decisions. the officer fired at the woman with blanks but his mistakingly had one live round in it. >> we want to express our sympathy for the friends of ms. nelson. we are shock the and grieving deeply over mary's passing. >> while mary was rushed to the
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the officer who shot her is on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. right now firefighters making progress against a massive wildfire in southern california, san bernardino mountains. look at this. that blaze, more than 60% contained expected to be fully surrounded by sunday. the wildfire has forced more than 5000 families to flee their homes and concerns about air quality schools in that area. >> bringing life to a halt and so dangerous for everybody. >> wish we could shift our rain. >> quickly getting to shift it over there because they need it and we need it as well. >> a drought here. >> right. >> what did you say earlier? >> the air you can wear. >> sticky. we have dew points up to 75 and
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extreme moisture and leading to problems on the roadways. you can see them drying up because of a lake freeze. not talking 90s and lake freeze with the saturated southern winds and the storms causing problems for us. west side. upwards of 3-inches per hour. and now impacting huron and vermilion and the activity over sandusky as moved lake and watching strong thunderstorms out of north ridge. storms headed to the north and east at about 30 miles per hour. and so i do expect your activity to pick up here in the next hour in cleveland. the rain, darker clouds shown here when it comes to the
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and in a short amount of time. also checking with mark johnson that won't take a day off even though he is officially off. thunderstorms moving to the north and east. north field center watch out for strong wind damage and the potential for it as we do have two thunderstorms potentially colliding close. potential flooding east siders, a flood advisory but allowed to discontinue or end. you have upwards of three inches found near middle field this afternoon and with a little more you are just going to see more and more issues when driving home tonight. watching south much lighter, a thunderstorm now over stone creek when driving on 77 and 4th and tuscarawas county. and much lighter over clark and coshocton. carrollton. a little thunderstorm on top of
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about a half of an inch per hour. i'm watching weather in cleveland. we got your clouds that i told you about. i do think we will start to see the thunderstorms getting closer to you. let's go with almost 7:00 when the action is heating up. cuyahoga falls. josh groban concert. grass will be wet and we got a thunderstorm here. the activity winds down as we lose the day's heating and you will see this hear hour by hour. 8:00 and we start to see the storms pushing out by 9:00, it will be moving out. the problem is humidity is staying. so expect to stay cool with extra water in hand. we will talk more about the power of five seven-day forecast and the storms just ahead. troubled nightclub with a checkered past is closed. we talk to the man that
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the doors close the for good. >> tracking down sex offenders. one department on the hunt. the surprising thing they discovered when they went knocking. another ambush on police have law enforcement on alert.
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about the
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back to new york city. another live look at the man manhattan that appeared to be suction cups. he started on a roof garden by 530 he reached the 16th floor and the man avoided all attempt the by police and firefighters to bring him inside. we will monitor the dissent. one of two arkansas police officers shot responding to a call has died. >> the man in custody after a standoff. we have the latest on the
5:56 pm
commands at all. >> all unit on the scene. take cover. >> today a tense and violent standoff for police. the suspect allegedly shooting a police chief and officer. one of the members of law enforcement dying at the hospital. >> one hit. >> the trooper is down. >> and a manhunt under way. a flood of law enforcement on this arkansas road. also searching from the air. you can hear the shots fired. >> the suspect now identified as billy jones from the small town of green wood arkansas. barricaded in a home and then captured. >> another perfect example of how local law enforcement, every single day comes to work and they leave their family in order to serve and protect. >> that sheriff reporting they found explosives in the home where the suspect was caught and they have very limited
5:57 pm
motive. lauren lister. abc news los angeles. >> that will do it for us. we are keeping an eye on several storms in northeast ohio. >> crews working to bring power back in some of the east side. we will have the latest on how the clean-up is coming. all while another round of heavy
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minutes. >> newschannel 5 at six brought to you by mr. hero. get a blt meal for only 599. >> newschannel 5 starts now. thousands of people left in the dark cleaning up after a strong thunderstorm moved through cleveland. >> last night as crews scramble
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to bring more lightning, heavy rain and damaging winds. the storms popping up all over the region and could create a dangerous situation. >> all of this while it is hazy and hot and humid. all paul kiska in cleveland heights hit hardest and first meteorologist sarah blake is keeping a close watch on the next storm heading our way. >> we do have thunderstorms ongoing through the afternoon dumping as inches on the east side. we go from boston to hudson and north field center as it moves to the northeast. dumping about two inches per hour with lightning, a potential for strong winds. driving on 271 and 480 is going to be stronger with the windshield wipers on that high setting. trying to keep up with the rainfall in place.


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