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tv   News Channel 5 at 6pm  ABC  August 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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to bring more lightning, heavy rain and damaging winds. the storms popping up all over the region and could create a dangerous situation. >> all of this while it is hazy and hot and humid. all paul kiska in cleveland heights hit hardest and first meteorologist sarah blake is keeping a close watch on the next storm heading our way. >> we do have thunderstorms ongoing through the afternoon dumping as inches on the east side. we go from boston to hudson and north field center as it moves to the northeast. dumping about two inches per hour with lightning, a potential for strong winds. driving on 271 and 480 is going to be stronger with the windshield wipers on that high setting. trying to keep up with the rainfall in place.
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south of eastville's corner there was the potential for rotation and that has not been depicted on radar. heavy rainfall for us. trying to impact cuyahoga. for those over wednesday your rainfall inching closer and closer. i do think within 30 or 45 minutes you will see the thunderstorms getting close to you as well. you see the lightning and hear the thunder indoors even if it not raining at your house. thunderstorm parked on top of you and driving on 480 and a lot slower and barea hitting you soon and brook park you are up next as well. huron with thunderstorms as it moves over lake erie. east sider you got it back. thunderstorms marching through manoway and here in radford and nelson. for the most part this is lighter than what we had for
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lighter further south and still rain is rain and with a lot of it coming in a short amount of time and leading to flooding. no advisories and warnings or watches currently in place and timing, guys, it winds down, past 9 p.m., expect to look better on the power 5 network. thousands without power from last night's storms and as crews try to bring the power back to >> our paul kiska has more on the mess that is still getting picked up this hour. >> the wind is whipping with the rain and we went to close the windows. >> the gusty winds uprooting the tree in cleveland heights. >> i went to close that window and looked out and saw this tree rocking back and forth. pretty strong and it cracked and fellover. >> this large tree fell the other way it would have crushed
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garage and shed there. definitely could have gone much worse. >> as residents clean up, power crews are working nonstop dealing with the downed lines from cleveland heights and menner. air tracker 5 shows the huge trees uprooted and the crews with downed transformers and replacing with new once before power can be turned back on. trees snapped in halves and roads blocked and short of lutheran school. >> it is incredible to see the size of the trees. >> it is a storm that cleveland heights residence lindsey palmer won't forget. >> this wind came through and the water. the garbage cans started to fly and just like that, the transformer sizzled and the lights went out in the neighborhood. >> new details tonight in the case against an east cleveland
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nuisance bar. a spot boarded up and no one allowed inside. >> gary nor ton and a team of city leaders went to court to try to get the nightclub shut down and they succeeded. the remnants of the nightclub are clear. bullet holes in the front wouldn't and broken grass and the police order to stay out. now it is out of business for good. if they had the proper security, things would not have happened people would have somewhere to go and other than that, if they don't have the proper security they should have it opened. >> a judge granted the injunction and the city revoked the occupancy permit and the no one can go inside without police. but police have been shown for shootings and fights.
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camel's back there were fights and we are fortunate there are not more injuries. >> the city will try on block the liquor license for the ownership here. tracy carloss, newschannel 5. akron police have identified the 23-year-old man found shot to death last night. around 7:00 last night, ja won wheems was shot in the head. this was the 3rd time that wheems has been shot in the last five years. police are asking to track down a driver responsible for a hit-skip in the middle of the night. on saturday police say 27-year- old anthony basavini hit on drennic drive. police are reviewing surveillance camera from around the area and the victim is in serious condition and can't talk yet. anyone with information is asked to give police a call.
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who is behind this. surveillance video the burglars can be seen rummaging through the hall and they broke into game machines and a donation jar. investigators hit the street in summit county looking for sex offenders and want to make sure offenders are not lying about where they are living. only on 5, bob jones went along for the verification investigation. bob. frank, summit county deputies and the probation department and the parole authority are checking up on 250 registered sex offenders over the next couple of days. we are during our random verifications and making sure you are still living here and the information has not changed? >> we spent time with inspector bill holland and deputy katlin brogman in cuyahoga falls that has 33 sex offenders. many cases no one answered that means deputies will check to make sure the offenders required by law to register their addresses are living
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were determined to be in compliance. summit county has 1100 sex offender and keeping track of them is important because some have committed crimes with child pornography and rapes. if the sex offender are lying felony warrants will be issued. >> there is a certain number of people to reoffend and we are holding them accountable and making sure that following the requirements to register. >> holland stressed that you can go online to figure out if a sex offender lives near you in your neighborhood. we have posted a link on our news net 5 app. bob jones, newschannel 5. tonight's controversial comments from the local campaign trail with ted strict
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supreme court justin anthony scolia was good but i don't wish anybody ill but it was good for the labor unions. it happened at a good time. because once that decision was made it would have been tough to reverse. >> the comments made during a campaign awith the afl-cio on monday night in cleveland. the former ohio governor is currently running port man for the democratic ticket. justice scolia was known as a tough conservative but some say it was a tough remark. will gary johnson's name appear on the ballot in ohio. the one of a kind move the
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make. >> vice presidential candidate mike pence on the campaign trail and the comments he made. the weather is not slowing down. we are going to take you to university circle live. if you see news happening
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>> a push by the libertyian party to get serious voters. >> committed 12,000 signatures on behalf of gary johnson but they are written for a different candidate and the person. megan hickey is looking into the unorthodox strategy. whose name is on the petitions if. >> charlie earl. a former libertian candidate with no intention to run in 2016 but the parties say the situations were collected in his name because gary johnson was not picked to be candidate until memorial day and there
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the signatures. the move is unprecedented. it has been used in the rare event of a death but not planned ahead of time. i never seen a nominee purposely file. if i were running the campaign, the first thing i would want to do is get my candidate on the ballot. >> still unclear whether it will work. i checked in with the ohio says johnson has not filed in the state of ohio but they are reviewing charlie's petitions right now. megan hickey, newschannel 5. >> as for the other candidate. continuing to try to win over voters with a close election. >> holding a rally in des moines. speaking about how she plans to improve the economy if she were to win. an agenda that she is expected
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but she also addressed donald trump's 2nd amend comments yesterday and the controversy that has followed. >> if you are running to be president or you are president words can have t donald trump and when he suggested 2nd amendment supporters could stop clinton. >> and choosing a quiet road the nominee was meeting with supporters and coal minding executives. trump is on his way to florida where he will hold a campaign event at 7:00 and breaking away from the trail with vice- presidential nominee mike pence in ohio and rallying up
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hall in lorainne. that's in montgomery county, why they should be voted in the white house. pence says it is because they are taking hits from critics and the media. >> like ohio state football. if for the whole season they had to play every game as away game in front of a hostile crowd with reps but just like the buckeyes donald trump is still standing tall. >> there is a rally at 7:00 in the state. we will give you more on that. as it comes up. >> storms in the area but that's not going to stop the party in university circle. our leon bibb, those people weren't afraid of the weather and you either. we party no matter the water
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can't boogie no more. here at university circle having a great time. want you to meet a friend of mine, al grimes part of a father hood initiative. you have all of the moves around you. >> yes, the father initiative year round fort fathers being involved in their children's lives when they need assistance they can come to us to help with programs to meet the emotional and the financial needs of the children. >> and your telling that story with the moves around you. >> resources and the families can use to help support their children and a couple of vendors over here. local vendors selling the wares. it is about wrapping the community around individuals. >> thank you, al bonds i appreciate. one of the good guys in cleveland the father initiative. we will be here until the sun goes down even if there is no sunset. we will be here having a good time and the music is hot and
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rock on, cleveland. i'm leon bibbs. tara can you said everyone may be returning for cover in 45 minutes. >> getting closer. the good news is that it looks like it is weakening in cuyahoga and inching closer to cleveland and rainfall is real close to the east side. want to show you the map. there is the light rainfall on the east side and it is light. but notice what is waiting in the wings. showers and thunderstorms. it has weakened just now impacting brook park headed east and getting lighter towards brooklyn and parma west like and om sted. hopefully we can make our way out without the thunderstorm activity but if you hear thunder it is close enough to cause problems. head back to your cars and homes even if you wanted to stay and have fun with leon and listen to great music.
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cuyahoga and it has been dry so it is a different story. here we go with the heavy rain in boston and headed east towards eastville's corner. 82, 71 and 480 driving with the windshield wipers with full rain and the potential of strong wind gusts. maybe 30 miles per hour with two cells colliding and watching cuyahoga falls because we have the blossom forecast with rain in it. the good news, when the concert starts at activity start to wind down. temperatures though still rather warm and steamy. 78 in cleveland which sounds better but it is still feeling like we are in the 90-degree range and 84 in akron. west side. showers and thunderstorm now continuing to move over the lake and they are dying out as you can see turn to go to darker greens and the yellows. your oranges and the reds, the very heavy rain.
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inches per hour being picked up by radar. east side finding better conditions. a little heavy rain there south head towards windam and two inches at two clock. a little bit more on the light side further south. we have at this point homes and coshocton and tuscarawas and the light rain and maybe a lightning flash. wayne county you had problems. kindread a lightning flash and lightning beautiful and so dangerous. you won't to take pictures and do it inside and find me on facebook and twitter. temperatures hot and steamy. yours is hot and feeling like it is hot is 107 at one time. it starts to feel better and rain cooled air over cleveland, 81 and feeling like we are at
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feels-like temperatures and that's the story for the rest of the week as we battle the thunderstorms in the afternoon and early evening hours. and then they start to taper off once we lose the showers. the sunset at 8:43. saturday the day to be focused on into sunday as we do have the potential for maybe severe storms and the official cold front that looks to but next week 80s, rather than 90s. over to you. time for sports. yes, it is. a kim is in the house. what is up. >> the browns first game and we
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veteran. not going anywhere for a while. >> it is one of the best commercials. fortunately the grounds at lambert will not be using the same paint in canton. we should have a game on friday. one player to watch is defensive line man nick hayden.
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tackle. the browns signed hayden a week before camp started and the first time he is playing in a 3- 4 defense and adjusting well and mass quality veteran presence. i am going to get after each play and play hurt if i got to play hurt and play physical and will just get after them. >> the one running the ball and going after the ball and being the leader and helping the guys out >> first round pick corry cullman will not play dealing with an injury. kickoff at 8:00 p.m. you can watch it on newschannel 5. >> 57 days from the cavaliers opening their schedule. they play october 5th at home against the magic. the cavs final tuneup game
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expected to be released in the next week. >> indian skipper terry francona feeling better. he missed last night's game after chest pains. he was embarrassed but knows it was the right move. he was in good spirits today. indians and nats wrapping up the two game series. top three, indians down 4-1 and francisco lend dora deep to left jose rameriz tied it up with a double and the 5th, dan murphy and almonte can't make the catch and one run scores and the nats score to take a 7-4 lead and that is what we got. indians need to put on the caps. they do. >> all right. you need a rain cap. >> you do. you need one of the hats with the umbrella on top. especially if you are headed
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thunderstorms impacting us close to the airport at 78 degrees. storms ongoing and start to wind down. thanks for watching. have a great evening. newschannel 5 at six brought to you by the ohio explosion game, saturdays at
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tonight, breaking news. tense moments on the campaign trail. the secret service rushes the stage at a hillary clinton rally. as donald trump tonight stands by his words aimed at, quote, second amendment people, that they could do something. and late today, this image. a man climbing trump tower. police watching. also tonight, the police officer who discharged a round during a practice drill, killing a wife, a retired librarian. the news conference late today. severe weather at this hour. a tornado just confirmed here in the northeast. and the flood worries tonight across the south. the webcam warning. parents who thought they were protecting their twin daughters, strangers then hacking into that camera. gold rush. michael phelps, and that moment with his rye value. the zstory behind it. and the mystery solved tonight.


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