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tv   Live on 5  ABC  August 11, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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problems on area roadways. also getting reports that in cuyahoga, we have downed trees and down power lines. the 60 miles per hour winds are already causing major problems. we will show you right now on the radar where that severe thunderstorm cell is. on top of us and soon to be here in cleveland, i think the next 10 minutes we will feel that heavy rainfall picking up in downtown. your severe thunderstorm warning goes until 5:15 pm. expected to continue as it shifts east. also watching, that flash flood warning it goes until 5:45 pm. we are up until -- aware of by 3 inches of rain just this afternoon. this is over cuyahoga. it is about an inch per hour in brooklyn. noted -- notice in parma headed your way, that is 3 inches notice in parma headed your way, that is 3 in./h. that is torrential rainfall. stay off the roads.
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rates have shifted. energy has moved farther south and the heaviest rainfall is moving out from centre city. some very heavy rain when driving here in lakewood. again, headed toward cleveland. it is about 10 to 15 minutes out. also watching some thunderstorms a little farther south in wayne county. a lot of lightning flower -- showers with this. he will fill the thunderstorms pick up any minute now as we continue to watch sales here to the north pick heights, seven hills, willow and this will continue to shift east. the -- severe thunderstorm warning until 5:15 pm. it will likely be expended as that rain is slow going and causing problems even bringing down trees and power lines as it begins its track east. tonight severe weather coming as people are still struggling to clean up the mess caused two nights ago. a microburst uprooted and
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cleveland heights. what does it take to clean up a mess like this?>> reporter: an impressive showing by mother nature on the campus of lutheran east high school. look at this. this is one of two humongous trees to come down on campus. this one, about 110 feet tall. it was 4 feet wide. again, one of two. here is the second one. this is josi munoz of videos landscaping. what you doing out here to get the trees were made? i it will take 2 remove them because of the size. also, we have the huge clump coming up. it is going to be a job. that is okay. so far.>> reporter: the heat and humidity is clearly slowing you down. you have to state ranks -- you have to take breaks to stay hydrated. >> we're giving the guys brakes on and off and a lot of water. take it easy kind of. >> reporter: and what you are saying, josi, what is interesting about these two
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that just shows you the force of went that came through to uproot them the way that they were. >> as you can see right here, that was a very healthy tree. if you look around, most of them look okay. the wind was pretty strong, and that is amazing.>> -- >> reporter: reporting from cleveland heights, burbank, newschannel 5 the cuyahoga county board of health is telling how to keep food safe. the freezer will hold its temperature longer. about 48 hours if it is full. you can move things such as milk, leftovers, and fresh meat to the freezer so it will keep longer. if you'd -- your fruit, veggies, and an opened juices will be fine without refrigeration. if you are not sure about something, do not taste test. when in doubt, throw it out. the mayor of seven hills says free speech is under
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measure that would restrict who can pass around a petition in that city. >> it is all because of a group of firefighters who passed around a petition, even though they work and serve seven hills. not all of them live there. the council does not think that they should be allowed to pass around petitions.>> after talks of budget cuts, the seven hills firefighters took to the streets and collected 1400 signatures. for a ballot measure to the police staff overnight. >> that was a concern for them.>> reporter: they said that the mayor accepted the pretensions and then the council turned around and issued a second separate measure said that non-residents cannot pass petitions in the city. that is because less of the fighters who collected signatures actually live in seven hills. >> that is a concern for the council president.>> reporter: so i asked council president myself.
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people in our city participating in our own process. not outsiders.>> reporter: they said that firefighters are not anything that firefighters in the community that they protect.>> reporter: but they work in seven hills, pay income taxes, and serve seven hills, right? >> that is correct. and at this point, they have every right to do that. the council, as a whole, just in the process. >> there is already a process in plate -- in place. five members are relevant. >> whether that firefighters irrelevant -- resident or nonresident, the issue is still being put in front of you by the committee of five residents.>> reporter: they said the city has already looked into it.>> there is no
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would not be doing this.>> if it makes it to the ballot, folks can vote on them in november. just released, this surveillance video from an atm. a man was entering his pen to get cash on monday night when as you can see someone walked up and pointed a gun at his face. the to fight outside of the head. he spoke with his gentle five about the ordeal on tuesday. >> i feel very fortunate every day anyways. i said my prayers, and i talked to my guardian angels.>> is definitely fortunate.
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in this case and are looking for a few more. if you know anything, call police. track in worcester, police have recovered an enormous amount of stolen property. it to -- it could take weeks to find the rightful owner. after more than 100 break-ins this summer, they have made an arrest. an old-fashioned stakeout led to a your.>> reporter: police believe that the same person is responsible for 129 car breaks and -- break-ins and worcester and police believe he used a taxi that ended tonight after a sting. it led to finding cell phones, iphones, gun cases, and even a snowboard. on top of all of that, cops have brownbag after brownback of stolen stuff. much of it taken from unlocked cars. mike white is just one of the victims.>> my girlfriend told me that her car had been broken
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had lost, and so we looked at my car and my stuff had been taken as well. stroke my got his phone back today following the arrest of 28-year-old alexander worse. they got a tip that he was taken cabs to commit crimes. this morning, the cops watched him take a taxi and then set up a sting with an unmarked car in a neighborhood. >> we are following this person. we watched him get in that bait car, and they approached them.>> reporter: detective lemmond debate and ran from the cops and was not arrested until he turned back to his worcester home. and fight -- inside, they found a lot of stolen stuff. this could lead to finding other break-ins. >> when you are having that many break ends, it becomes a concern.>> reporter: work -- police are working hard to find
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can feel safer now. thankfully, he is cut. >> reporter: in worcester, bob jones, newschannel 5 an online petition against drugs in our state is gaining ground. more than 5700 people have signed a petition that demands the governor to declare a state of emergency so that we can access robert funding to fight th it also calls for mandatory recovery camps for addicts who overdose. right now, ohio leads the country in heroin overdoses and deaths. speaking of drugs, new tonight, police in mansfield are in -- investigating a sudden spike in drug overdoses. 13 people overdosed in a seven hour time period. investigators are not saying if they think the drugs are lace was something else. developments in the historic school destroyed earlier this week in a fire. five people are under arrest. two adults and three teens are in custody accused of setting
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investigators linking the group to the fire and another crime. the school was the fourth one room schoolhouse building green township in 1885. ohio first charter school summit kicking off today. the two-day event will provide teachers, administrators, and lawmakers with academic trading. it will follow a revised law that policy transparency requirements for chaer record-keeping and best enrollment practices. we have her some outrageous things from donald trump these past few weeks, but these comments might take the cake. all new at 5, what he said about the president and what his supporters have said. harsh words from the dea about the use of medical marijuana and why no one will be getting a free pass.
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clean. >> how they are prying -- using the kindness of strangers to commit crimes again and again. the ceo of delta is in the hot seat over this week's outages. what he has to say for himself after the problem stranded thousands of people across the nation. the rain is coming down hard we have severe weather we're tracking.
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good afternoon. a severe thunderstorm warning ongoing in cuyahoga it is now -- cuyahoga. this -- severe thunderstorms are downtown warning goes until 515. -- 515. -- 5:15 pm. the heaviest rainfall is coming down right now. we will take you right to the power of five doppler network where we have the heaviest rain on par man newburgh heights as well as cleveland. you are hearing the rumble of thunder. i am showing a lot of lightning
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i want to zoom in on the heavy rainfall in place over cleveland. ohio city, brooklyn, newburgh heights and parma. driving on 77, 90, and 71 is going to be extremely difficult. rainfall rates coming down in buckets. we are talking to inches to 3 in./h. that dark verbal in brooklyn is to inches per hour. and now, just east of ohio city, also to inches per hour there just north of newburgh heights. let's check in now w he has been driving on 90 westbound and is now on 90 eastbound. the roadways are covered in water. we have seen a lot of ponding and peddling. we actually had a flash flood warning in ashtabula county. that was in place until 5:45 pm. they had about 3 inches come down in a short amount of time. i do expect the potential for flooding concerns for us here in cuyahoga as well.
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number again. for power outages? 48,000 people are without power in cuyahoga. those cuyahoga residents because of these 60 mile-per- hour wind speeds. we will show you again. severe thunderstorm warning in cuyahoga. heaviest rain over ohio city, brooklyn, newburgh heights and parma. this is moving east at about 20, 25 miles per hour. i will put it here in brooklyn as heading east, it is 25 miles per hour. i will show you who is going to see this next. parma 509, you are already there. cleveland at 5:14 pm. cleveland heights at 5:41 pm, and shaker heights at 5:33 pm. i will take that off and take a look at the potential for any spin in the atmosphere. in norwalk, i found a faint books -- i found a facebook picture with a little bit of spin in the air where a funnel
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but it did not lower to the ground. we will keep you updated on that. as of right now, not seeing any spin for this activity harris -- here for us. if i can get this pulled up for you. showers and thunderstorms are ongoing with extremely heavy rain. the biggest problem from this activity. your greens and your reds is what we're looking at here. this is of the velocity. we're seeing if there are any greens are reds close to each other. the good part about this is we're seeing gray in between where the heaviest rain is. that is indicating that we should not see too many issues here. there is a little green and red there. you get 60 mile-per-hour winds. it will cause more than enough damage. because we have had rainsoaked roadways in the ground is now situated, that is how this trees get toppled over easily. your power lines come down
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loosened up a little bit. we needed that rain so badly that they rainsoaked it up beautifully. hearing cuyahoga, that is the only severe thunderstorm warning. we have other showers and thunderstorms ongoing. including down south. i've been watching this cell close to worcester. it is now over smithville headed to the north and east. said jackson, you will see an increase in rainfall. worcester is moderate, but here is her heavy rain over smithville. want to show rates for you. it is to inches per hour that can quickly lead to flooding. those low, shallow roads in the country flow first because they do not have the ability to hold all of the water. i want you to keep that in mind as well. let's take a another radar tour a little farther out. we have any pictures that we have gotten in, guys, that we
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those roads are looking like on 90, eastbound. parma is starting to dry out. with a severe thunderstorm warning in cuyahoga. that is what i think has been extended. let me get up there on the radar. i will see where we are when it comes to that. but roadways are certainly full of water. a lot of ponding in peddling as our stormtracker is nearing the city and is hoping to try and drive farther south and east. we are hoping to get find us on facebook and twitter and let us see what the skies are looking like. if you notice any clouds dropping a little bit or if you are seeing any strong went damage, if you are noticing trees it down, we were just getting reports that 48,000 people are without power. and also walking river. a lot of the outs -- a lot of the lights are out. your stoplights are now stop signs.
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as your severe thunderstorm warning goes, the timing of that. heavy rainfall is still in place over cuyahoga. when driving, i want you to take it extra slow. we have a lot of rain in a short amount of time. we do expect that you are going to run into major, major slowdowns. call home. let them know that you will be home late. and that accidents could easily happen with this much rain on the road. it is hard it is getting close again with the radar. we can take a look back at the doppler network. ohio city, brooklyn, newburgh heights as well as parma. up next would be cleveland heights, shaker heights, warrensville heights, garfield heights, and bedford. remember to slow down in weather like this. guys? are you hearing anything about problems out there on the roads? i was just looking at liam to
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information. i think a big note is that the stoplights are out and that we have 48,000 people without power. that is a major, major problem for us out here. we now have a picture. let's take a look at what you are going to be dealing with and what you may find. if we can take a look at that now. showers and thunderstorms, because of a severe thunderstorm warning in cuyahoga, it is likely extended. i'm having trouble getting that for you. if we can take a look at your picture. there we go. while. that is an incredible picture. is is a picture from mark olmsted, i think. certainly this may be over the rock hall. this is that major thunderstorm that was causing problems over the lake as well. we've had marine warnings with 34 to 40 kn winds. backing capsizing boat quick. 3 inches of rainfall. that is some very strong
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lowering in the front a little bit. keep up those pictures from the inside of your house. we have a light of lightning -- we have a lot of lightning strikes. this does look like it is starting to spread out a little bit which will help we can the winds. we will keep you updated as far as the severe thunderstorm warnings are concerned. i am speaking to the producer. say it ai we're back to radar. can we go to break and i'm going to come back to you with your power five doppler network. we are going to timeout the storms and show you when you
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the news, no longer a severe thunderstorm warning for us. we did has some strong
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through northeast ohio. it is been allowed to expire but we're still talking some strong thunderstorms over will be in mayfield. we're seeing wins as high as 60 miles per hour. it is now rainfall rates at 2 inches or less. some very heavy rain for those people trying to head home. some heavy rains near warrensville heights in shaker heights in cleveland, still moderate rain but it is much lighter and no longer a severe thunderstorm warning. the only issues that we will continue to find here is downed power lines, downed trees as well as people without power which could lead to problems when driving home tonight. and that flooding concern. we will continue to see days worth of rainfall. that is going to calls problems through the weekend.
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>> another day on the campaign trail. thank you, tara. that means another day of hillary clinton and donald trump poking at each other. >> pointing out their opponents fallen abilities. -- opponents vulnerabilities.>> when he visited detroit on monday, he talked only a failure, poverty, and crime. he is missing what makes clinton -- what makes michigan great. >> reporter: clinton feels that going second is a benefit.>> he would give trillions to tax cuts to corporations and wall street money managers. that would explode our national debt.>> reporter: trump preaching to the choir, the
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>> i went up as a homebuilder and watch my father negotiate. republican nominee also -- >> reporter: the trump -- trump also continued his attack. >> i think we will give hillary clinton the name of your sports team, most valuable player.>> reporter: team clinton is looking to make a push in at least two of the georgia and arizona. >> we are going to have a national race because the map is so big for hillary clinton now the map has become much smaller for donald trump.>> reporter: patty davis, the daughter of ronald reagan who survived an assassination attempt. words matter.'s comment about the second amendment could inspire violence. karen travers, abc news,
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the new deal, three years, $100 million. he just made the announcement on uninterrupted. he said he is staying right here at home and is ready for another three years at the wine and gold. his final thought, let's get jr
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live on five continues. want to get right back over to sarah blake. you have been tracking -- we want to get back over to tera blake. your been tracking thunderstorms all afternoon. we have the radar producing the potential or indicating the potential of about an inch to an inch and a half of heavy rainfall here toward novelty as well as chester lynn, dayton mills. some heavy rainfall over will
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you missed a lot of the rain yesterday said this could be a concern for flooding as well. you don't have as much of the ground saturated as some of us farther west and farther east have. so watch out for this flooding concerns for us here in lake county as well as western geauga. here's a deeper look into the showers and thunderstorms over east lake and pets corner as well as mayfield heights. driving force through this heavy rain windshields cannot keep up and flooded roadways. many locations in cuyahoga, we are showing big ponds and petals on our roads and that is from the same storm system. it has weakened as it issue -- shifting he's. at one time, 60 mile-per-hour winds but now it is down to 40 or 50. driving on 90 is going to be a concern as well as 322 and 422 as well. please be careful here with your flash flood warning in ashtabula county as we do
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at 3 inches in a short amount of time. it could still cause problems this evening. worcester, was show -- focusing in on you but the storms are now over orville. and washing -- and watching thunderstorms in auburn, strong numbers -- thunderstorms moving toward middle filled with strong windows. here in cleveland, we have really calm -- calm down. but with any of you headed out on major roadways, if you less cautions and issues, it still has a ways to go. just wait it out a little longer . driving should start to get better for us on 71, 77, as well as 90. still some moderate rainfall over cleveland heights. luke bryan is in town for tonight, and many of you have asked if there would be an
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the storms will weaken but still we have rain and storm potential through the evening hours. as temperatures cool down, we still expect those thunderstorms to be an issue. to stay alert and make sure that you prepare for what could be a very wet concert or the later -- or be canceled later. guys, if you have more information about the thunderstorms that hit us here a few minutes ago? there are definitely power outages across the area. first energy is telling that it is now 54,000 people now without power. it also brought down trees and we understand a utility pole has been pulled down. in the 100 block of huron avenue in cleveland, it struck a couple of cars there. >> the windsor strong. they are going to close down the road if they have not already. let me get you some pictures of the problem that was causing all of those issues out there. look at that ominous cloud that
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>> is that a shelf cloud? >> we did not get any indications that there was any rotation with this. it does not look to be either. it could be a guest. we had extremely strong winds 60 miles per hour racing east. the clouds lowering in the front, you always worry about the potential of a wall cloud. the wall cloud can lead to the potential of a funnel cloud or a tornado. we did not hear that it happened with this activity, but, incredible. with special marine warnings for hours over the lake because we were worried about thunderstorms overturning votes. extreme waves. we hope that everyone heeded the warnings and headed inside. will when you see thunderstorms like this, it gives you a good indication that you need to get out quick. >> conditions on the lake can
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with more live on five in just
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we're wall-to-wall with severe storm coverage. but are you seeing right now?>> it is looking a lot better. showers and thunderstorms really started firing into the afternoon hours but the more thunderstorm warning where 40 out -- 48,000 people -- we have now heard 54,000 people are without power. it doesn't include west and central. we want you to be careful out there. if you can wait a little longer, we're still noticing some strong showers and thunderstorms. into lake and geauga, we expect the activity to dump an inch to
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in our. we are watching what could be an issue in ashtabula. we're still under a flash flood warning until 5:45 pm. in about five minutes, we will see for gets extended from this activity. we have more rain right behind it and so we will continue to find problems in ashtabula. showers and thunderstorms farther south as well trying to exit out of medina county and into northern summit and in southern cuyahoga. western, both lake and geauga as well as a little bit closer they are to youngstown. here are our rainfall rates. about an inch to an inch and a half. i will update you and show you where the heaviest rain is in time it out for the evening plans coming up in just a few minutes. stick right here with
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to topics evening at the campaign trail. donald trump's remark the some say suggested violence against hillary clinton breaking down issues tonight. >> if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is. i don't know. >> reporter: donald trump igniting a firestorm this week with comments that encouraged second amendment supporters to use violence against hillary clinton to protect their gun rights. the clinton camp immediately
5:46 pm
tribes whole speech to put it into context saying that it is hard to read it with the truth the meter. >> it is hard to pin down what he means. truck trump's campaign releasing a statement that says quote second amendment people are -- have amazement -- have amazing spirit and are tremendously unified. toco that gives them political power. >> it is uncertain whether that was what he meant at the relevant -- at the rally.>> undocumented workers help pad the trust fund. >> they pay $12 million a year into social security.>> reporter: that statement spite of by clinton for the social security administration. >> we also found another estimate the put the specific worker contributions a little lower than $7 billion.>> reporter: they rated the $12
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reporter: i am jamison uhler. we will see you back here with another political act backcheck. we've been checking this -- we have been following the severe storms in downtown cleveland. >> in a northeast ohio, we had a severe thunderstorm warning and cuyahoga. now just light rain to report. but your radar is still showing heavy rainfall and strong winds marching east. mainly on the east -- side. brown to his back on the west side. it is now trying to move into erie in huron county. let's dive deeper into the shower and thunderstorm activity in lake and geauga. rainfall rates at about an inch to 2 inches. that is how much rainfall you are going to get in a very short amount of time with these thunderstorms. there is a very soupy air mass with thunderstorms just overtop
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in munson, some heavy rain for you. as it moves toward claritin, huntsville. you're going to be next. lee roy. activity picking up. it already is or will be very soon. there are some strong shower and thunderstorm activity as well. some heavy rain over twinsburg. i want to take a look now at the power five doppler network. the heaviest rain and where it is currently at. i picked up on south russell and geauga lake, it is about in./h. we're seeing when dust anywhere from 40 to 50 miles per hour. we are expecting the chance for some of those trees that are going to be shifted in this saturated ground with those stronger winds to be toppled over. here toward copley headed toward akron driving on 77 and route 80 is going to be more difficult with this very heavy rainfall, moving the windshield wipers as fast as they can. now, this line is moving to the north. mayfield, or will come in
5:49 pm
for us as well. some heavy rain and -- indicating by the darker green, that is indicating the light rain. widespread has not been the case for us but this has been the most organized activity that we have had over the past couple of days. here is cuyahoga, including cleveland, the lighter side. lighter over newburgh heights. that is the heaviest of the light driving conditio home, you can call your wife or spouse and let them know that it is okay. 90 will be better for you too, but lake and geauga are just starting to see the activity pick up. in addition to the heavy rain, look at the lightning flashes. it is a beautiful site but it is very, very dangerous. flooding is the number one killer of weather related deaths and lightning's number two. indoors when you hear that fender and you see the lightning as this shift east.
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flood warning, the flash flood warning, has been allowed to expire in ashtabula. more rain to come. now temperatures, if you do not have the rain, are still scorching hot. 1034 what it feels like an emitter. -- add emitter. i wish i had better news for those trying to head out to look brian tonight. i want you to be especially cautious as you make your way to this concert. we still have storm chances. last night, they repeatedly expected this to die down. we are watching a slow moving front moving closer to home. we still have several rounds of showers and storms to come. i think that we will continue to find flooding concerns over the next couple of days as well as problems with power and trees coming down with some of these stronger storms. rain chances into the beginning of next week as they temperatures start to drop back off. please be careful. water is on our roadways.
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difference a couple of minutes makes. 30 minutes ago we heard it really coming down in the downtown area. all of that led to more than 50,000 power outages. even a pole fell in the street. is struck a car. two cars, actually. at the 100 block of huron avenue in cleveland. that were disclosed because of that damage. >> let's take a look now at a picture that we have. look at the hazy conditions out there right now. really coming down at route eight and the turnpike. you can see traffic moving very, very slowly as those storms move through.>> that is a clow that they were talking about earlier. this is lake erie. that is ominous. that is a storm picture that someone sent to us. if you see something out there, tweet's. let us know what you were seeing. those clouds pretty much tell the story of the problem that
5:52 pm
the past 45 minutes or so. >> that cloud formation is absolutely incredible as those storms move into the cleveland metro area. remarkable picture. send us your pictures and we will put them on the air.
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you know what time it is. 21 metals and all tonight. some of the best swimmers will be in the water. >> some other sports authority brought home gold today.>> reporter: in the pool, katie ledecky fans had something more to cheer about. she set a new olympic world record. she was seven seconds faster than anyone in the pulpit this hours after she anchored the goal matter -- gold medal for by 200 m relay. michael phelps easily advanced
5:56 pm
consecutive gold medal in the event. he send -- he swims twice tonight. cocaptains, they move into their 50 m free -- freestyles. melissa franklin, she is qualifying third two advance in the back meter backstroke -- 30 m backstroke. coming in the fastest. kayla harrison successfully's -- successfully defended judo gold. she caught the friendship opponents arm and forced her to tap out and submission automatically winning the contest. the next time a count of -- a round of golf was played at the olympics was 1904. rose made sure did not go unnoticed. he had a hole in one. the ,36 making olympic history. a belgian sailor has become ill after racing in the bay.
5:57 pm
sick after sailing in the bay. they said that it is safer sailing. bring home the gold. we will send it over to leon for a look at 6. where looking to keep an eye on a storm that is moving acrossed ohio. >> it moves through downtown cleveland less than an hour ago. the same storm is headed toward ashtabula county right now where they say that a flash --
5:58 pm
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newschannel five begins now it breaking news. it is another night of tracking some severe weather
6:00 pm
hours we have seen a severe thunderstorm warning a flash flood warning across northeast ohio. with those storms, there were some spectacular sights as it moved from the western part of the state toward the east. >> we are keeping an eye on the roads as well as everyone tries to make their way home. meteorologist tera blake keeps an eye on the radar as more heavy rain and lightning moves in. it is looking like more of an organized system right now. this is a live picture from the distance. but some beautiful sunshine shining through as well. it is much better hearing cuyahoga, but lake and geauga, strong showers and thunderstorms. even summit county is finding some very heavy rainfall right now. you are seeing what could potentially be some damaging winds as this continues to stay organized and shift east. it is picked up speed but no warnings in place at this time in our viewing area. focusing in on that heavy rainfall now over eastern lake. it is shifting close to


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