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tv   News Channel 5 at 6pm  ABC  August 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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hours we have seen a severe thunderstorm warning a flash flood warning across northeast ohio. with those storms, there were some spectacular sights as it moved from the western part of the state toward the east. >> we are keeping an eye on the roads as well as everyone tries to make their way home. meteorologist tera blake keeps an eye on the radar as more heavy rain and lightning moves in. it is looking like more of an organized system right now. this is a live picture from the distance. but some beautiful sunshine shining through as well. it is much better hearing cuyahoga, but lake and geauga, strong showers and thunderstorms. even summit county is finding some very heavy rainfall right now. you are seeing what could potentially be some damaging winds as this continues to stay organized and shift east. it is picked up speed but no warnings in place at this time in our viewing area. focusing in on that heavy rainfall now over eastern lake. it is shifting close to
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northern geauga. heavy rain over thompson and chardon. noticing some heavy rainfall over east munson now. driving is going to certainly be more difficult on 422 -- 422. hydroplaning can happen fast. the windshield wipers cannot keep up. we have had about 2 in./h with these thunderstorms. little bit showing up in middlefield. jumping ahead toward mesopotamia and hunsberger there are 2 in./h headed toward middlefield and burton. just south of chardon, a lot of lightning flashes with this. it is equally as dangerous. everybody inside until the next line shifts east and away from home. now we had to northern summit county. hudson, heavy rain. twinsburg as well. streetsboro driving on 80 is quite difficult. we're noticing an increase in showers and storms soon to be
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tonight. it could be a very dangerous situation if these thunderstorms keep up through the evening hours. poll back at the house for now. a little lighter now over bristol in courtland as this is slowly moving east. it is much lighter hearing cuyahoga. you can now parent -- head out on area roadways. a lot of people are without powers. there are downed trees as well as just more people out on the roads with a lot of rain. use caution. line number two is w no severe components with this as of now. i am watching for what will be round to as it does hit more stable air and it hits a little later in the day. it is still hot and steamy. we will take a look at timing out the storms for the rest of your evening plans coming up in just minutes. guys, back to you. thank you. and just as one storm moved through, tens of thousands of homes remain without power across cuyahoga tonight. at last check, more than 50,000
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are without electric power. crews are working to bring power back as fast as they can. right now, joe patti bacchus is taking a look at some of the damage they are from the storms. joe, what do you see?>> reporter: right here at euclid and superior, rain continues to come down at this intersection. it got so bad at one point that we had to stop driving and go hundred the canopy at the show station in east cleveland. you can see that there is a lot of paddling here. we're trying to deal with heavy rain they came down about 10 minutes ago. it does appear that this section of the gas station completely is covered in standing water. it is not going to get any better as the rain continues here in the city of east cleveland. heavy winds were also a problem. flashing winds causing some drivers to use visibility here on euclid avenue as they were making their way here through the city of east cleveland. we will continue to follow this developing story here on --
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summit cuyahoga county have not had their power turned back on from tuesday's storms. we will hear more from the hardest hit neighborhood.>> reporter: cleveland heights taking the brunt of the wind damage. it is a flurry of activity is both power crews in tree removal services are on-site trying to get this neighborhood back to normal. this come tumbling down. some of them extremely healthy. that just shows you the extent of the wind and the power that came through this area. it is going to take crews several days to get things restore back to normal in terms of getting the trees removed. today's heat and humidity flowing through town. >> definitely the weather is slowing us down. it is keeping us -- taking a lot of breaks and trying to keep hydrated. it is definitely a factor in work.>> reporter: many of these companies slow down and a lot
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lines so they had to wait for those powerlines to be removed before they could come in. reporting from cleveland heights, mike brookbank, leon bibb. -- newschannel 5 accusations that up with three lorain county detection -- detention officers under suspension. >> their job is to keep peace inside of a juvenile counties -- detention home. but tonight, their conduct is being question. we have more about the invest officials told me that three detention officers at the lorain county juvenile detention office has been suspended. they were contacted by children's services because the allegations involve a female juvenile detainee. this report by the lorain county sheriff's department shows the complaint it is 14 years old. it gives very little information. two female and one male detention officer were placed on leave last friday.
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sheriff's department opened an investigation. a sheriff's captain. told me today that detectives are trying to determine if an assault occurred. >> when the lorain county sheriff's officer did those are finished with their report, they will give it to the prosecutor for review. the prosecutor will decide if ml charges should be filed or if the allegations only violate detention home policy. lorain county domestic relations court also confirms that potential officers were suspended while kate -- county agencies conf details surrounding the allegation. no one at the detention home returned our phone calls seeking comment. no charges have been filed at this time as the investigation continues. will stay on top of the story. in lorain county, paul kiska, newschannel 5 in the meantime, we're learning more about a shooting in cleveland last night that left one man dead. they make it happened on partington avenue near east 100 dead. they make it happened on partington avenue near e. 106th
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walked up to their car and attempted to rob them. when the driver tried to drive away, he was shot. he later died at a local hospital. police in akron are looking into the death of a woman as a homicide. she died shortly after two men broke into her home. early this morning on britain road, the man pistol with the woman and three other people inside the home. they then took off with a large amount of money. afterwards, the woman told investigators that she did not feel well and was found unresponsive a short later. in portage county, sheriff deputies there are looking for a man who could be behind a rash of shed and bar break-ins. they said that troy ash of akron in david at clover breaking into a barn on state route 43. investigators said they took only what investigators described as items of value. david reklaw turned himself in. deputies are still looking for troy ash. both days felony and breaking
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arrested for burning down a one- room schoolhouse putting this week. the summit county sheriff's office says brenda mccluskey and matthew swan, both of springfield township, and three underage teenagers, were responsible. on tuesday, they destroyed the building by fire. several trash cans were also placed on fire. all five face felony charges. tonight, more people have overdosed on heroin one in richland county. 13 people were treated between 3 pm and 10 pm last night including three calls where at least two people had overdosed at the same time. as of now, there are no deaths reported. ohio state troopers say that this year alone they have seized as much hair one as they did for all of last year between january and june. they collected more than 53 kg
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million. ohio atty. general. announced a new committee to establish a program to teach kids about drug use prevention and school. the group will take a look at what schools are teaching kids about drug use and how schools may need to change their curriculums. that new committee will then released its findings offering ideas to what needs to be improved. right now, a story that you will see only on 5. there are group of firefighters work in seven hills and protect all of its residents. >> the seven hills city council says firefighters who don't actually live in the city should not be allowed to pass petitions. megan hickey has been looking into the councils measure.>> reporter: less than half of those firefighters who collected the signatures actually live in the city. he told me that the council, as a whole, does not think it is right to people outside of seven hills and dictate what we do in our city. but mayor richard dela quiller
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he says that firefighters are anything but outsiders in the community and argues that there is only -- always a residency requirement for petitions. a five person petition for residents only has to sign off on the petition before it can be circulated. >> it is irrelevant who knocks on your door and asks you to sign it. whether that firefighter is a resident or nonresident, the issue is still being put in front of you by that committee of five residents. >> he argues at the firefighter to a slippery slope. >> other fire departments might get the same idea and the police department, or recreation center may do a similar petition and we would not be able to send -- sustained the city of everyone chose to do this. thunder storms this afternoon leading to severe thunderstorm warnings. the current -- currently no warnings in place but still very heavy rainfall. torrential rainfall racing east. be aware of what is next and
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we are getting new details tonight about a man who was robbed at gunpoint at a bedford atm. take a look at this video. you can see the robert with his hoodie up in tight. he pointed the gun right at the victim and demanded his money. away from the camera, the two fought in the robert shot the victim. police arrested two teenagers in this case. they are still looking for two more. if you know anything about this atm robbery, call police. funeral arrangements for a former congressman, and a memorial service will be held monday at the university and a memorial service will be held monday at the university cir., united methodist church. he died last week after battling pancreatic cancer. he served northeast ohio for nearly 2 decades. he was 62 years old. first, donald trump laid out his economic plan to detroit.>> now hillary clinton
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motor city. hillary clinton also there in detroit today explaining how she would stabilize and improve the economy if she were to win the election. she criticized the plan that trump laid out when it comes to tax breaks. clinton said the trump plan would only benefit millionaires and billionaires.>> then there is trump's tax plan. he would give trillions and tax cuts to big corporations. millionaires and wall street money managers. that would explode our debt.>> she said instead of giving tax breaks, two multimillionaires, she would at a news -- a new tax and close an interest loophole. the thunderstorm move quickly but it packed quite a punch for some residents. >> reporter: a leon, we are right outside the queue where a light pole fell on a -- onto cars damaging pretty badly. we're going to step out of the way take a look.
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cleveland back to kalamazoo, michigan. they just got the pull off of the car in the last 30 seconds. the family had been setting in the car for the last 15, 20 minutes waiting for the power company to get here to turn off electricity before they were able to move out of their cards. that light pole snapped when the strong winds move through downtown about 45 minutes ago. it snapped right at the basin fell into the back of their car. i was talking to that family. their 12-year-old daughter, her head rest -- there is a pole right likely, i'm so happy to tell you that there are no injuries to report here. that will throw daughter is standing there. the back of their windshield is completely shattered. of course they are still going to try to make that dammit -- that drive back to kalamazoo but they are cleaning up the street right now. that light pole snap at the base, falling into the back of this family's car. likely, no injuries to report. another thing that i can tell you, this family telling me they actually ran into a bear back in michigan last week.
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those insurance bills are adding up for them. that storm is moving through here. 45 minutes ago, you can see right now, we still have stormy skies but no rain. live in downtown, newschannel 5 check out this video of the rain is a move through downtown cleveland this afternoon. look at that sky. visibility was poor for a while. outset of our newsroom, as the heaviest portion of that storm the street, and, of course, a highway -- on the highway, a lot of ponding. a lot of water coming down in a short time. 2 to 3 inches predicted. our radar indicated from these thunderstorms that there is so much moisture in our atmosphere. >> a lot -- and a pretty rough looking sky. >> to think about the rough
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-- something bad is coming. with an unfortunate death from a lightning strike, we have to take these thunderstorms very seriously. no current warnings in place right now but strong showers and storms on the east side, especially. when you dive deeper with the doppler radar, it is about an inch of rain in our and ashtabula. the northern sections of lake county also finding heavy ra eagles bill, you are next and alston bird. tremble, moderate to heavy rain. heading for pittsburgh in windsor mills. driving on 322, 422, and six, it has been difficult at times. this is round two. ashtabula county had 3 inches fall in jefferson this afternoon, which, du jour last flood warning. anymore rain -- which prompted
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morning. some wins with this about 30 miles per hour. trees could again be lifted and uprooted because that little bit of wind is on saturated ground. heavier rainfall toward hiram and parkman. twinsburg, you are finally going to exit out of what has been some heavy rain for you. there has been some moderate brain now and much lighter here in cleveland. we just saw homa in downtown a few light sprinkles. much better driving conditions now that our extremes have left the city. showers -- no thunderstorm activity to report an area neuron. watching this little bit of activity heading toward willard with thunderstorms in place. much lighter here over our viewing area. temperatures are back into the 70s. the 70s, 80s, and 90s where the story for today.
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rainfall, is going to be a continued concern not only for your forecast tonight but for your friday before we start to see those temperatures for the cold front. for tonight, those with the loop brian tickets, i know you do not want to hear that we are not done with the rain. we still think that we have the chance for some additional rounds here are the evening and overnight and into that friday forecast as well. he is here for two nights. hopefully, we can dodge it. but still be weather aware. check news app. it is a great tool when you're going to be outside. it will alert you and keep you and the family safe. power fives seven-day forecast, we will enjoy 90s on saturday. we will talk about strong storms and northeast ohio. checkout facebook and twitter. we will be back with more
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i am re-signing with the cleveland cavaliers. the opportunity to defend our crowd. lebron james is getting cleveland excited tonight. many fans are happy to finally hear it from him. abroad is signing a three-year $100 million deal. it is making him the highest- paid player in the league with a $31 million salary this year. is also making it known that he wants his team back together. >> i'm ecstatic. i can't wait to see my guys. i can't wait to get back out the band back together. let's get jr back. it's that time. 2016 brown's take the field tomorrow for the first preseason of the year. they will see how some of the players match up against competition around the league.>> reporter: greetings from green bay wisconsin where the rain was less significant than it was a northeast ohio.
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today. it might rain tomorrow before the first preseason game against the packers. but they are hoping to have clear skies when the kickoff rolls around. as for the browns, when it comes to starters tomorrow, they're going to try to get their work in..expect to see joe thomas playing a lot but you jackson wants his young guys on the field as much as possible. >> i am eager to see the whole football team against a different opponent. obviously, watch our quarterback under duress. when other teams are covering -- coming after you. our defensive line and offense of line, our secondary, our linebackers.>> reporter: john hughes will miss the game for personal reasons. you're looking at two wide receivers now playing with corey coleman and andrew hawkins and joe haden will also sit out tomorrow night's game. that is a latest from green bay. let's send it back to you guys. game tomorrow and it is all right here on newschannel five.
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update? weather alerts and ashtabula county. a severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 7:15 pm. some counties were reporting 60 mile an hour wind gust. it will be at counties were reporting 60 mile an hour wind gust. it will be at 6:47 pm in anderson and be careful. heavy rain.>> we will be here all night.
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tonight, as we come on the air, the deadly explosion. and right now, the search for the missing. a massive fireball rocking that apartment building, and this evening, search teams remain on the scene. the investigation now, into what caused this. also breaking tonight, the new roller coaster accident, this time, a 3-year-old air just the last week. the moment of misfire. the wife and retired librarian shot and killed in a safety exercise, and new tonight here, the moments before it happened. the officer raising a gun, not realizing it was loaded. tonight, authorities want your help after two cases of road rage. the woman, waving her gun, and the other case, a driver firing at a car with a child inside.


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