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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 6am  ABC  August 12, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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we have about a 4 to 5 hour time span. right now we're sitting under mostly cloudy weather. by the noon hour we're tracking more storms moving across our viewing area. right now our radar is not picking up the moisture, but we are seeing the coverage of the storms well to the south right now already affecting parkersburg. this will continue to lift for the north. also, for the weekend checking our next cold front. this will coolest back down to the lower 80s but that is going to mix in with that tropical moisture sparking up more storms throughout your weekend. hour by hour, right now mostly cloudy weather but by noon as you are headed to lunch, you will start to notice the dark clouds rolling back in. daytime highs begin in the lower 90s. >> it was like an explosion and then we waited a minute and
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it went 3 times it exploded and then the power went out. we will get a check on traffic in just a moment. this morning first we have to talk about so many people who still don't have electricity because of those nasty storms. a lot of power lines are down -- trees too on the west side. >> nick foley is live in one of those hard-hit areas. nick, what is the latest from the power company? >> at last count we have more than 8001st ener county alone. with thousands of customers waiting for power to be restored in the eastern communities, this latest one- two punch now has crews scrambling to help those in the western communities like right here what place try west lake. take a look behind me, you can see this tree snapped in half. this makes it more than difficult for crews trying to get things back to normal.
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saw on first street in columbia -- and columbia road . we are near the entrance of rta park- and-ride. the parking lot to a nearby plaza also covered with debris and then there are those downed power lines as well. this is definitely a powerful storm that passed through with strong winds . this is one of the hardest hit areas that we have seen this morning that will take some time to get t -- the area clear. behind me electricity here. it is lot different from a lot of the areas in the western communities that are still affected as we said just over 8000 still without power this morning. i will take it from there. where you are it is rough. we're talking bay village in the northern part of west lake but mostly bay village and
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he is. he saw the video of trees and wires down. a rough spot in that section is north of 90. that is the spot that is blocked. is just those side streets on the west side that might be a little difficult to navigate the we're looking okay. 71 still not seeing the slowdown and the other highways are looking find. were already starting to see a little more traffic here westbound lanes looking busier but not seeing any accidents on the highway. >> we got a lot of great pictures from our viewers of the storm. one person sent us this one. that is a shelf cloud there. when you see one of those you need to get out of there. this is in cleveland by the way. you can check out all the storm photos sent into us from viewers on our app. some people in cuyahoga county have not had power since tuesday.
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particular area saw 100 and trees come crashing down. this shows you just how strong the winds were. power crews in tree removal services are trying to get the community back to normal but the heat and humidity are helping. >> definitely the weather is slowing us down. it has is taking a lot of breaks. we're trying to keep hydrated. it is deftly a factor in work. >> they say they are also being slow down because alive power line we have to get to a new information overnight. a swat situation on the east side of cleveland -- initial calls were for a possible hostage situation. is what we know: a man was found shot in the chest. he was taken to the medical center. we're working to get you more information. then on the west side there was an overnight house fire. everyone managed to get out
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firefighters giving this cat some tlc and oxygen. the causes being investigated. police arrested a man they say is behind a burghley -- burglary. police say he walked into clear vision and 3 minutes later walked out with more than $6000 worth of designer frames. 5 people are arrested and charged with burning down a 2 adults and 3 teenagers were responsible. all 5 face felony charges. the sheriffs deputy has arrested one man and they are still looking for another behind a rash of shed and barn break-ins. they were allegedly seen breaking into a barn on state route 43. they took only items of high-value. one man turned himself in . we will to facing felony charges. this morning we're learning more about a northeast ohio mom on a mission. this is
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petition demanding the governor take action against ohio's here when epidemic. she lost her 25- year-old son to an overdose last man now she wants to force this state to help out the treatment centers. >> if we are going to lead the country we need to leave them in creating a solution and let >> we just checked the know more petition and it now has more than 7000 signatures. our state is taking steps to fight the epidemic. we have learned the committee of experts were asked to study drug use prevention in the schools. teachers will have a report in 3 months. they will also suggest changes as to how bills -- schools talk about drugs at every grade level. are you ready for football?
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against the green bay packers. it all begins at 7 tonight. it is a facet for 8:00 . we will have a post game show after it is said and done. hopefully with the wind you can watch it all here on news channel 5. we're tracking more rain. another tribes are playing this evening. we are looking at temperatures in the lower 80s but scattered storms with a southerly wind flow at 5 miles power so possibly a delay. i do think they will call the game tomorrow due to widespread rain across northeast ohio. also people going to luke bryant night. unfortunately for cuyahoga falls our temperatures are in the mid- 80s of the warm air is definitely in place. by 9:00 we're still in the lower 80s. so glad you can join us this morning . we will hope
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this morning investigators are returning to the scene of a deadly apartment explosion and marilyn. >> at and as many as 30 others are hurt. we have learned firefighters and neighbors were working together to reach those trapped and pull them to safety. >> you add on the known injuries and what we know as a fatality it takes her from devastating to unthinkable. the cause still under investigation but officials say residents called 911 weeks ago to report the smell of gas. >> there has been another
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this time a 3-year-old boy fell off a wooden coaster in pennsylvania. it happened yesterday. he was writing with his older brother. he was reportedly conscious and talking before he was flown to the hospital. no word on his condition. this is now the 3rd amusement park accident just this week. new details about the murder case of a google executive in massachusetts. 27-year-old vanessa market was found dead run. investigators believe she fought back against her attacker . police received video footage of a cut and bruised a man they say he turned up at a resort which is just 10 miles away from the murder scene. several countries are warning them citizens about taking trips to the us -- their citizens about taking trips to the us. despite the advisories, a
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remains the first rate tourist destination. if you are planning a trip to disney world you can count the electrical parade out. there pulling the plug on the parade which started back in 1972. it will go dark october 9. they are also continuing another nighttime parade, paint the night. they haven't said what if anything will replace those parades. in northeast ohio we have a concert tonight [ audio playback ] you weather work? >> i wish i could snap my fingers and make the storms go away but we're tracking more storms today, saturday, sunday and even possibly monday afternoon. it is definitely going to be wet conditions for the start of your weekend. minor flooding possible for late tomorrow evening. 80 degrees for greater cleveland . upper 70s across the board. that warm air definitely
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the storms that we have been seeing since tuesday afternoon is the tropical moisture lifting to the north. we have major concerns for baton rouge louisiana to new orleans where they are dealing with the moisture as it lives to the north. these are pop-up showers this afternoon. they become more widely spread, row -- tomorrow due to this cold front that is already causing a severe we and portions of the central plains. this will allow for cooler air but definitely a washout for saturday. as you said, many people have plans tonight. look at the timing. it starts around lunchtime until the 1:00 our. the darker greens and yellows is a little bit of embedded thunder. the atmosphere is really toasty throughout your afternoon hours. lower 90s upper 80s for inland spots.
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even for your evening commute. they will linger throughout your evening. hopefully, by the big night our -- midnight hour we get a slight break before the cold front starts to slide in. we have already seen one 2 -- to 2 inches of floating on our wrote grades -- roadways the. expect that to increase throughout the weekend. tonight will be the last of the through. from your 7-day forecast, we bounce out of the 90s back into the lower 80s with humidity down throughout your saturday and sunday. going into next week we're finally going to get a little bit of relief tuesday afternoon. a couple accidents into the traffic center. just south of buckeye road we have crash at 1/23. just east of downtown we have an accident at franklin boulevard right at 38th street.
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of that. headed outside for our odot view: no issues on the highways . this is 90 and west 84th. on the right you are looking at 90 and west boulevard. . on the right you are looking@90andwestboulevardpeerk reporting gas prices are expected to fall fast after labor day and prices could hit below $2 a gallon this autumn. the average price in the greater cleveland area right now, 2 $2.05 a gallon average ohio prices to all of and $.13. -- $2.19 . several cases of road rage have been reported all across the country. we are going to start in la. a driver apparently upset that an suv's windshield fluid sprayed on his car so he fired a gun. you can see the gun sticking out of the black honda . inside the white vehicle, a woman and child. both
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in gainesville florida, police looking for the 2 women involved in this road rage incident. the black pickup all of the victim into a gas station parking lot. one of the women pulled out a gun and pointed it at the other driver. we're told this incident accelerated from -- escalated from one honking. the 3rd one caught on camera was near st. louis. a man in a minivan got rtl at he tried to open the door even kicked, punched that vehicle. luckily the driver had the doors lock so the angry man couldn't get in. witnesses say the driver of the red car was an elderly man who appeared shaken up by this whole encounter. since 2010 run rate has been the blame for at least 1500 deadly crashes. donald trump is facing another lawsuit. a judges ordering him to pay a small businessman almost $300,000 for a paint job at his
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to at least 60 members of that golf club. that case goes to trial monday. hillary clinton is laying out her economic agenda. into tray she explained how she will try in detroit she explained how she will stabilize the country and also criticize the tax plan. >> then there is his tax plan. he will give trillion to billionaires and wall street money managers. they'll >> she says instead of giving tax breaks to multimillionaires she would add a new tax then
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we have some strange news from around the city pier man escape university hospital yesterday then led police on a foot chase through little italy were vendors were setting up for the feast of the assumption. police managed to corner him and take him back into custody right now they are not saying
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escaped. >> the feast of the assumption kicks off tonight at the clock in historic little italy. a runs through monday night and will end with a fireworks show. it features carnival rides, live music and of course all of the good food. make sure you go hungry. the food is good, but the weather -- i don't know about that . outside. we are off to a pleasant start this morning, hot and hazy weather already entering northeast ohio, but we are looking for 2 more storms unfortunately. this will be a three-day event. washout saturday and storms but the cooler air starts to track in. and set of the 90s we will go mid-80s tomorrow but more storms in store for your sunday. things start to die down by monday afternoon and a lot more
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hopefully dry out from all the stormy weather we have been seeing the last week or so. thank you so much and s appear nearly a couple of accidents right now. we have an accident here on hundred and 23rd at parkview avenue just south of buckeye road. let's had just west of the area. we have an incident at franklin boulevard and 38th street. that is the only -- those are the only 2 accident. the highways look okay. no issues to tell let's talk about ramp closures in the akron area where we can show you this right here. traffic flowing just fine at 71 . the north and southbound lane getting busier. you can make out that we are still drying out from last night's storms. we're making calls and how the lights are interfere few area -- in the fairview area.
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light that is out treated as a four-way stop. the king will continue to reign over cleveland. lebron james is re-signing with the cavaliers. >> he is planning a three-year $100 million deal that is $31 million a year making him the highest-paid player in the league. >> the team is releasing there schedule -- their schedule for the season. they will open at home against the new york knicks. they will play christmas day against golden state the finals . this year the game will be at the q. michael phelps swims to victory again in the men's 200 near individual medley winning his 4 winds the gold medal at the olympic games. >> he is the only swimmer to win for straight gold medals in the swimming events. and he also breaks the more than 2000 near record.
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the last time around of golf was played at the olympics was 1904. yesterday justin roads make sure it didn't go unnoticed. he hit a hole in one and that was the first time it had ever been recorded in us 50 -- history. it is certainly not easy to hit a shot like that when you're dealing with extreme conditions in rio. >> golfers are being warned about possib include boa constrictors, crocodiles, various rodents -- some golfers have reported seeing a large rodent digging near the 5th hole and at least one crocodile has been spotted sunbathing. i am so glad we don't have any video of that. we can't forget to wish good luck to our local athletes. she advanced to the finals
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this morning. we're keeping a close eye on her . right now team usa is still leading the way in rio with 16 gold medals, 38 overall . china is in 2nd with 30 metals, 11 gold. japan, 22, russia 19 and great britain has 16 total metals. looking ahead to the weekend, you're right on rta is about to change . we will tell you what you can roadways forcing the city to shut off some water.
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keeping our kids safe in school: what cleveland is doing taking on the lead problem plaguing the city. as a families trying to get home, a poll comes crashing through the car missing a 12- year-old girl by inches. up after another strong storm. >> people on the west side dealing with quite a bit of damage empower is still out this morning. nick his life for us and west lake. nick, still a lot of trees down out there. >> that is correct. we knew the storms were coming but they caught many are hard. as they have passed through it is still being fat by some -- felt by many here. i'm going
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blocking the access to the rta park-and-ride. you can still get to both locations through this very drive entrance. more than 10,001st energy customers without power in cuyahoga county alone. that is much better than it was at one way last night where it reached nearly 60,000 customers without power. on tuesday night the eastside is that got hit and last night it was the west siders. lots of places on the website. some we spoke to watched it all unfold from inside the cars. >> i was driving down 90 and all of a sudden traffic started slowing down. >> reporter: slowing down because of those storms. last check crews were still out trying to get things back to normal but it will be quite some time before they could do just that. that is a weather permitting for conditions to be ideal for
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power lines. now, let's get a check of the forecast. we're not going to be getting a break from those storms today? >> yes, it is going to be short- lived. right now we're seeing quite weather across northeast ohio. that hot hazy weather definitely in the air but we're tracking more storms right now to the south of there way north allowing for pop-up showers by the noon hour. also checking our next cold front that is going to enter for the weekend, is going to mix in with the tropical moisture and allow us to see a washout saturday afternoon. hour by hour for today, timing is everything. by noon you will start to notice the clouds really thicken up. the sunshine goes away. daytime highs hit the peak and
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strong here allowing for those storms to pop up. this will continue throughout your evening. we are dealing with a lot of different traffic lights that are out this morning, but first let's talk about columbia road. parts of west lake on columbia road is closed. nick foley has been showing you that storm damage all morning long. that is a rough spot but that area is going to be blocked and we don't know how ?? long it is going elsewhere we're looking okay just an accident on side streets . here's a slowdown on 71 as you approach the inner belt bridge. by the way follow me on twitter. i just tweeted out several different intersections in the cleveland area where the traffic signals are out because of the power being out. you have to treated as a four- way stop. these 2 camera shots showing things are starting to get very busy but the good news is there are no accidents at least in these areas. the storms to create a
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visiting our city. a light pole snapped and slammed right into the moving car. this all happened near the q yesterday as the family was getting ready to head back home to michigan. strong gust of wind and a poll crashing through there back windshield. part of it went through the seat where there 12- year-old's head was resting a few seconds before. >> we were just driving. >> i was just on my phone and i see this coming toward me and i'm like oh >> they are okay and if that wasn't enough 2 weeks ago they totaled another car when a black bear crashed into them in michigan. fortunately both times everyone made it out without a scratch. we have details about a swat situation coming into the live desk. this was at least 110th and miles avenue. initial calls for possible hostage situation. at this point we know a man was found
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he was taken to measure house. we are working to get more information and will keep you updated. the district wants to make your children -- make sure your children are all safe. there testing for lead in all 69 building since 2002. there are turning off all classroom faults its and water fountains -- faucets and water fountains they say the kids will use the coolers. if you want to see if your child's school was tested, can find the information on our newsnet 5 app. the money problems keep popping up for east cleveland. our investigation found there $37,000 behind on the water bill forcing there water to be shut off. 3 days later they paid off most of the bill. the councilman says this is how it happened: >> cleveland water found a meter that they didn't know was there. they had this bill just like
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how the water got shut off. >> that payment now means east cleveland won't have enough money to pay other bills and the city is facing another million dollars shortfall. we have new information in the rash of heroin overdose. police and firefighters treated 14 overdoses in just one day. 13 of those were in just a 7 hour period. mixed into the heroine is possibly to blame. so far no one who overdosed has died. just to show you how much they heroin epidemic has grown, ohio state troopers say they have already sees as much heroine this year as they did for all of last year. they say they collected more than 53 kilos value at about -- valued at about $8 million. changes for rta writers. sunday they will raise prices
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routes. the rate will go up $.25 for a single ride. several stops are being eliminated or the hours are being cut back. did you know ohio has a gold medal champion? taylor harrison once her women judo division. she is from middletown just outside of cincinnati. harrison also won gold in the olympic -- london olympics. ronda rousey. illyria getting patriotic as one of its own gets ready to compete. the square will be a sea of red and blue today. they're going to celebrate this woman. this is happening next week. of course we are going to be watching and will let you know how she does. good luck to her. still ahead: another amusement park accident . we
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good morning, we're tracking storms throughout your afternoon. you can see the pretty widespread across southern ohio. they will continue track to the north
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. taking a look at our next cold front that moves and as we head into tomorrow. this will allow us to see cooler weather patterns. unfortunately, the storms are definitely going to be in full effect. it is to our northwest right now causing a severe weather outbreak for chicago. you can see the 70s. instead of the 90s for your saturday, we're talking mid-80s. the highways look okay. we're seeing delays in those us be concerned about those traffic lights that are out because of last night's storm -- storms . let's talk your friday morning help news. it is in the us are not making the grade when it comes to heart health. it could put them at risk later in life. for the 9 out of 10 kids and teens, they have poor diet. half a kid do not get 60
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life putting them at risk for heart disease as adults. >> are you feeling a little burnt out maybe you're not spending enough time with the family. maybe it is time to close the computer and put down the phone. a new study says checking emails 24 7 is putting stress on employees to stay in workload -- work mode which leads to ask auction -- which leads to exhaustion and low productivity. a got so bad that france ha checking your email on weekends . the morning sprint into good morning america's next. everything you need to know before you leave this morning. that is 2 1/2 minutes away.
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strong storms roll through northeast ohio again snapping trees, bringing down power lines and now there is more to clean up. we have everything you need snow including how long it could take to get the power back on . we will start off with another stormy forecast. >> we only have about 6 our before we track more storms across the board. temperatures
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mouth side. upper 70s across the board along with 2 points once again at an oppressive state and they will continue to rise going into midafternoon. let's show you where the storms currently are brewing in southern ohio. they will live to the north allowing us to see scattered storms director afternoon. also, we're tracking a cold front to our northwest, severe weather outbreak for chicago in the central plains. mixing in with that tropical moisture. it is going to be a very what we can across the board. exact timing is everything. i want to show you here on our future cast, we are dry for your commute this morning all the way around 10 to 11:00. around lunchtime we will check those storms lifting from the north first affecting canton to wayne county. a few isolated
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towards us. we're under a marginal risk for severe weather this afternoon for western communities. as these track to the east, they could spark up a severe thunderstorm warning. have your storm shield app. i will be here all afternoon if any of these go to severe status. minor flooding possible throughout your afternoon here but we picked up about 2 inches of accumulation across the board. today another steamy one in the 90s. today will be the last they would talk about 90 degrees temperatures as the front moves through it will allow heat and humidity to really die down for your saturday afternoon back in the 80s. we are looking at at a washout saturday afternoon. indoor activities necessary . we will track more storms sunday before
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>> it has been a rough week. as we zoom in let's take a look at our brief slowdown. typical spots we're seeing it at 71 and 90 eastbound. let's talk about the road closures because of last night's storms. we have columbia road in bay village closed from first-rate all the way to wolf road. the section i is where nick foley joins us live . we will pop out to him to see with that storm debris looks like. >> reporter: another wave of storms added to the thousands of people waking up without power. this time it is the western communities getting the brunt of the damage. large trees and even some branches blocking some of these side streets. we're back up to 10,000
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damage was all when we first got out here. we're at the interest -- entrance to the rta park-and-ride you can see roads are completely blocked. the parking lot to a nearby plaza is also covered with debris and the we have down power lines as well. it was definitely up our storm winds. this is one of the hardest hit areas. it will take some time to get this area cleared. some spots not looking at getting power back until later tonight and maybe beyond that. some people in cleveland heights have been without power for more than 48 hours. nearly 100 foot tall tree came flashing down -- crashing down here . crews have had to wait
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before they could start chopping of trees. we have a lot of great photos coming in from our viewers like this one here. this was in cleveland. you can check out our app for all the storm photos. and overnight house fire at west 43rd street, thankfully everyone inside managed to get out. we get spotted touching moment, firefighters giving this cat cause under investigation. replacing the justice center could cost almost double . it will likely be more like $1 billion rather than 575 million. the estimate was done back in 2014. a look at what it would cost to upgrade the building and replaceable parts. it never looked at how much it would cost to knock down and start from scratch
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taking the nfl in the hall of fame to court. they filed a class-action lawsuit after sunday's game was canceled. there seeking more than $5 million damages. the nfl called off the game because of the pain. they were concerned about the player's safety. after more than 100 break- ins police finally have the man . they say alexander is responsible for the string of car break-ins since police did an old-fashioned stakeout to catch have. a cause of -- recovered dozens of iphones, ipads, laptops -- they are now working to get these things back to there owners. criminals are praying on your kindness to steal cars. it has happened twice this week. 2 women approach one of the victims. they said they were locked out of the home and in trouble so she let them use the vast but that is when they
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police have not found the 2 women and they say you should on open your door to the people you don't know. the king will continue to raise over the cle. lebron james signed a three- year deal with the cavaliers worth $100 million. it is not hired -- highs paid player in the nba. we open the season at home againsth and then they will play christmas day against golden state. this year they will be at the q . the indians played into the late evening hours. mother nature can i keep them down. we are keeping our eye on carlos santana. he was hit by a foul ball. he was okay but we will keep an
6:52 am
at the newfield. they are trying to lure customers in. today is catch them all game. they are placing pokimon all around the stadium. today we get our first look at the browns on the field. they take on the packers and the first preseason game. you won't feel one person on the field, corey coleman. it is out with a hamstring issue. everyone else will can watch it right here news channel 5. coverage starts at 7 , kickoff is at 8 and we will have a post game show for you after it is over. the morning
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sprint: severe turbulence injuring nearly 2 dozen people on a jetblue flight. the plane made an emergency landing in south dakota. one passenger says there was a sudden drop and people just went flying out of the seats. you see here medics are on board putting a neck brace on this woman. the rest of the passengers were put on another plane and continued on to sacramento. another child hurt in an accident at an amusement park. this one coaster in western pennsylvania. it happen on a 78-year-old wooden coaster. our affiliate says he had head and chest injuries. the boy is the 5th child hurt on the right just this week. a 10-year-old died on a water slide in kansas sunday and 3 girls fell from a fierce wheel in tennessee monday. this morning, investigators will be back at the scene of a deadly explosion in maryland. 2 people died in
6:55 am
there are still several relevance -- residents unaccounted for . some residents say they actually started smelling gas before the blasts. firefighters went to check it out but couldn't find anything so they left. the details of the murder case of a google employee, the 27-year-old was found dead saturday night after going for a run. the district attorney believes she fought back against her attacker. police seized a cut and bruised man. they say he turned up at a resort which is a 10 minute drive away from the murder scene. we're learning a growing number of countries are now warning there citizens about taking trips here to the us. there concerns include mass shootings, police violence, anti-muslim and anti-lgbt attitudes and also the zika virus. despite the advisories, deputy spokesman said, the united states remains the first
6:56 am
hillary clinton is facing a new controversy this time surrounded her clinton foundation. 3f he i offices wind fbi offices wanted to investigate for corruption. they found suspicious transactions from foreign donors. right now the clinton foundation and the doj are not commenting. those are some of the headlines we're going to be following: jerry sandusky expected to take the stand for the first time as part of an appeals hearing. he says his lawyers trial. he was sentenced to at least 30 years in prison for sexually abusing 10 boys. also, alex rodriguez's last game with the yankees. he asked the manager if he can play 3rd base one last time. he was denied and will be the designated hitter against the rays. after tonight he will become an advisor for the team. team usa still leading the way in rio.
6:57 am
japan, 22, russia 19, team usa looking strong. >> going strong and the weather is still very strong across northeast ohio. we're tracking storms coming in by the noon hour. there will be more widely spread rain for saturday afternoon into sunday, but temperatures are back in the 80s. the heat and humidity, we are going to finally still are picking up the pieces from yesterday and tuesday afternoon. more storms on the way. >> it has been a rough week. our odot views, the highways look good . in the upper left- hand camera you are seeing 77 at 271. for the most part the highways look good. it is just so side streets. you might come across some debris. at traffic lights are out, use them as a four-way stop light.
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weather and traffic for you and about 23 minutes. >> closed captioning is brought to you by:. carpet country flooring and
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good morning, america. >> oh. >> best in the world. simone biles soaring to new heights in rio with the golden touch. her teammate, aly raisman, right by her side with silver as america's golden boy does it again. mi 22nd gold leaving the competition in his wake. >> oh, baby, it's time to come home, michael. >> and simone manuel making history in the pool. >> manuel is going to do it. >> tying for gold this an epic day for team usa. also breaking overnight an emergency landing. at least two dozen rushed to the hospital when a jetblue flight hits severe turbulence. passengers and luggage thrown into the aisle.


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