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tv   News Channel 5 at 6pm  ABC  August 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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rain, lightning, wind, it's been on and off and back on again throughout the week. some storms are bringing heavy damage to several communities. we're going to see a lot more of it heading into the weekend. meteorologist tara blake is keeping an eye on the power of 5 radar. >> showers and thunderstorms have erupted again, but the intensity is not there in compar seeing yesterday at this time. dark clouds in place over lorain county. just a bit of light rain will be falling. >> we've got an audio problem there. we're going to fix that as she gets rewired with audio, we'll get back to weather in just a moment. right now we press o. megan hick key is talking about the weather -- megan hickey is talking about weather as they start to make their way across the area.
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you right now? >> reporter: it is actually looking very good right now, we are just in regular rush hour traffic. we were in cleveland heights earlier. we showed you that during the now. we are moving west, now we're in lakewood. but much of the debris has been picked up. there were some traffic signals that are out causing a little bit of confusion at intersections. but other than that, it is actually looking very good here. as you head west that there are some clouds, but we are hoping that things will stay dry for now. i know a lot of people are headed to concerts this weekend. and that they are hoping to stay dry. we'll send it back to tara. >> thank you so much, megan -- thank you, megan, here is a look at the rain. it is rather light, though you'll certainly start to see the activity increase, moving
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here is where we have the bulk of thunderstorms and lightning flashes in place. driving on the loop will be moving slower for us. medina with some heavy rainfall for you. one to two inches per hour with this and also bonetta heading towards granger. you may see an increase here as they start to shift east just a little bit more, but some of the heaviest rainfall in medina county moving into summit county. heading towards barberton and the heavy rainfall towards lawrence as well. everybody will be inside with those thunderstorms on the west side and also watching the southern sections of the county cast and just outside their viewing area, pushing into new london. strong thunderstorms here as well. but this weekend flooding potentially is causing some severe problems. we have a flash flood watch starting on saturday afternoon until 8:00 p.m. on sunday. three to five inches, which
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places are upwards of two to three inches in total. here are tonight's showers and thunderstorms that will be possible. but with the latest run we are starting to see the activity not look as intense or as long. so hopefully getting into some of the concerts will be without a problem with rain and storms. over to you. >> we can finally get out of our house, which is just a plus. >> well that saying -- flemming saying that she was trapped in her own after a microburst took out a 200-year-old oak tree on their property. every entryway was blocked by huge branches. neighbors checked in on the couple to make sure they were okay, but navy base could get to them. >> fortunately it wad a good case. an elderly couple trams in
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joe, you asked the fire department with key questions. >> dave freeman told me that with just a staff of 76, covering 40,000 residence wasn't feasible for the emergency personnel to check in on every household that was affected by the storms. while he commends residence on engelwood road for checking on each other that they probably weren't showing the best idea for the flemmings, their mid-70s to stay inside their home trapped inside. and even though that they said that they were okay that they said that the situation could have changed quickly that neighbors should have contacted the department about the situation. and as a safety precaution. >> if they had known that they were trapped in the home that there would be no way out for them. if that was the case and that i have to be honest with you that i wasn't aware of this case. but if it were indeed the case
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>> reporter: the chief says that it will take at least another 24 hours to completely restore power right here in cleveland heights. he said that he does not recommend people staying with their homes if they have young children. reporting live here i'm joe pagonakis. only on 5:00 tonight, one local family's brush with mother nature. after a 100-year-old tree almost fell right on top of them. our mike brookbank h that remains a stomp where a 100-year-old oak tree once stood. it was taken out in that microburst here in cleveland heights. it really lead to a close call for the family that lives in the home right here. michael adams and his family inside their family room watching tv at time that the storm would come through unaware of what was happening outside. the wind and the rain that will be so intense that they would have no idea that the tree came down within feet of crashing
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where it was stopped by an oak tree in our yard with a 45- degree angle. about two feet away from the oldest kid's head. >> reporter: not only was the family lucky that they didn't come crashing through their family room that they would have friends and family in the neighborhood and they have not lost any food because of the power outage. this area has not had power since tuesday night. in cleveland heights mike brookbank news channel 5. th been hit hard by this week's storms. clean up is also happening on the west side and that it is where we would find our paul kiska. some crews you spoke to today said that clean up, i'm here on elmwood in west lake with a --
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trees here. thissage lobing tree came crashing down into the house -- this large oak tree came crashing down into the house. fortunately nobody was hurt, but it's going to be a long weekend of cleaning up around here. teams of power crews are cleaning up, fixing down powerlines throughout the west side suburbs after thursday's powerful storm blew through. the clean up is extensive through west lake and fairview and avon lake. the timber tree service out of lakewood expects to be clearing trees all weekend. >> getting trees off of houses and cars. >> reporter: the calls are still rolling in. >> we are real busy. we've got probably about three days worth of the team of power crews that have been out there in some businesses because of no electricity.
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are still out. despite all the serious damage we've seen here on the west side that we have not seen any serious injuries. paul kiska news channel 5. a local high school marching band program. it comes as the superintendent says that there are allegations of bullying and hazing rial the the decision to suspend the marching program was -- very difficult one. exactly what happened at band camp isn't being complain. they make up this marching band, but now the the program is under scrutiny and all practices are called off. the superintendent said that
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hazing and bullying during brand cramp earlier this month different rights of passage were mentioned, becoming the focus of the investigation. >> they have been suspended without pay. that it is not clear if the women knew about or if they encouraged that alleged hazing. >> and why suspend them if you don't know if they were involved? >> that is a good question as we actually have enough indication to indicate that some assistant director, in charge of all activities at band camp. >> reporter: the hazing claims have stunned the community including students. >> we need a change that it is below streetsboro, but as a whole and a country that i have seen the twitter posts and the notifications on facebook and stuff like that. >> reporter: both directors have been with the district for more than ten years. we wouldn't be able to reach them for comment today.
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the field. but it's not clear if that will happen before football season. >> a lot of people are very upset. i was upset too a very difficult decision. >> in streetsboro bob bob they will get their jobs the grant from fema will hire them back after they were cut because of a $5 million budget deficit. the union representing the canton fire department 33 firefighters. well, are you ready for some football? the browns are getting ready to kick off in green bay against the packers. a game by the way that you can only see right here on news channel 5. >> the sports director andy -- andy baskin joins us live. the first time that the browns head coach will have a chance to see them close and in action against the other nfl team. >> reporter: yeah, that is
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has been looking toward to. we talked about that at practice the other day. a second chance for hugh jackson. it's a second chance for r -- it is a second chance for the free draft agents. you might need a roster tonight if you're talking about the game. hugh jackson has brought in this infection infection passion. the players like him the new era for hugh jackson and the cleveland browns starts tonight. >> i'm eager to see a different team. obviously watch our quarterback under duress when it is tough. the defensive line and our
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we've got much more in sports. and it is gorgeous here tonight in green bay as they were expecting showers. the rain looks like it is not going to hit here in green bay tonight. they get start to set the pre- season. we'll send it back to you. hopefully that means that we could eliminate the showers and the thunderstorms. the tribes are playing tonight. do you bryant -- luke bryan. i'll have more on your storms in northeast ohio next. plus a federal judge rules on a law that could have affected how planned parenthood would perform their health services. bit way if you see news, text or e-mail us to
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this afternoon a federal judge has blocked an ohio law aimed at keeping public money from going to planned parenthood calling it unconstitutional. >> planned parenthood gets more than 1.4 million in funding
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screenings. but a big signed by the governor in may tried to keep that money from going to the groups that perform or promote abortions. planned parenthood said that the law would allow them to other health services like hiv tests and cancer screen. this afternoon democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton will be releasing her 2016 income taxes. $3.2 million were paid out in federal taxes. donald trump has yet to release his taxes saying that he will not. he is not going to when he is not under audit. he will when he is not under audit. we'll release his taxes says donald trump who wants to get that correct. meteorologist tara blake, following some storms this
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yesterday. >> not nearly as intense, the term rainfall as we would know that there is a lot of moisture in the area. >> the waste of time. have you noticed, leon? >> no, i haven't as well. and it will be another. showers and thunderstorms all but 6:19 at west center to south park. and alexander at 6:35. and again heavy rainfall with a lot of lightning flashes with this, but that's the heaviest rainfall that will be currently shown on the power 5 doppler network. lightning flashes for us here in lorain county as well.
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north and east. and that we will see it staying together if it will impact north homestead. avon lake if we could continue to see the track off to the north and the east. and that as they would shift east just a little bit. an increase of the strong thunderstorms that will be to the north of copley here just south of akron. splitting around akron. now, you're seeing some showers and thunderstorms of the activities north. and that we'll see the thunderstorms, maybe 35 to 40 minutes from now. and also on the west side, a lot more on the west side this afternoon and early evening. new london, southern sections here of huron county, but new london towards wellington into central sections of lorain, that we're seeing the potential for an increase there too. i would focus in on akron.
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storms tonight, another big story as luke bryan is here for their second night of the concerts. we have a 40% chance for rain, having your news net 5 app, the storm shield app that will be very important on nights like this to alert you as fast as we can if there is any lightning flashes or any concerns as you would head out for that concert. but the official fronts, that it will bring us even more rain, that it is not even here. this has been more so of the pop-up showers and thunderstorms each and every day. and that front again will be those southern winds and all that moisture with a flash flood watch that will start on saturday afternoon. and it goes until sunday at 8:00 at night. for the next 48 hours that we will be watching for the flooding concern. turn around, find a different route. because we could see three to five inches. and those numbers, they do not include what we have had over the past four days. your severe weather risk will also be up. the marginal risk.
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chance for seeing damaging winds along with those flooding rains. and let's time it out if you have any weekend plans. continuing to weaken, but that it does make their way to cleveland by 7:00 to 8:00. the beginning of the ball game as we may get wet. looking better here into the evening hours though. the latest run, they are really backing off on the showers and thunderstorms. now a lot of the energy is trying to stay north. on the next front as well, that it will be on saturday afternoon and evening that we will have rounds of showers and thunderstorms. and then that same story for your sunday into the evening. we will finally see it clear out, but on sunday morning that we will be hearing the rumbles of showers and thunderstorms that will be all across the area. that it does look better temperature wise for next week too. but we will start out on the wet side there for monday and tuesday and here this weekend and showers and storms that could lead to flooding. time now to find out what's up next in sports. well football season is upon us. can you feel it in the air? well we certainly can.
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and sports director andy baskin is live in green bay tonight with a look at tonight's game. >> reporter: thanks, guys. plenty of things to watch for as we will bring my partner on thebrowns countdown. what you need to watch in tonight's browns and packers in the first pre-season game of
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kicking off the pre-season tonight here at lambeau field. my partner on the countdown tonight, that i've got to tell you it is the first thing that you have been here too that it will be a little off struck when you walk in here knowing the history of the game. >> it is being in the first place of football, and the way that we feel. this is the epic center of the football in play. >> absolutely. let's talk a little bit more about tonight's games. rgiii tonight will have their first opportunity to be the broncs quarterback. >> he has earned this job and the guy that was suppose to be the starter from day one. he widened that gap between himself. you look at rgiii and what he has been able to do. no turnover in training camp.
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the only person that hasn't is rgiii and the quarterback. i'm excited to see what he would do. >> another name that we would talk about for two seasons now, but he'll get a real opportunity to have an impact on the season. >> the most improved player on the football scene from a year ago. he's got the speed and he has been phenomenal. but i want to see what he could do for a guy of his >> quickly your thoughts? >> i love him that you need to buy in and he's got that from his guys and i'm excited to seat first step in that world order. >> all right, looking forward to seeing that half an hour before the game. and then we'll have all kinds of post games after the show as well. we're here. tonight, the browns and the packers. we'll send it back to you guys. >> okay, thanks. all right, so this evening, we are going to get a lot more rain or not so much?
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it looks like most of the big thunderstorms with the flooding rainfall will come this weekend. so stay alert. >> umbrella time.
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tonight, several breaking stories as we come on the air. the deadly flash floods. vehicles swept away. and now flood alerts from new mexico to new england. and now the heat. it will feel above 100 in much of the country this weekend. also night, a crash on an american highway. a tractor-trailer crashing into a van. a mom driving members of a sports team. the two air emergencies. a deadly plane crash. investigators on the scene right now. and the midair scare -- jetblue passengers hitting severe turbulence. dozens rushed to the hospital. donald trump declaring president obama was the founder of isis. tonight saying he was being sarcastic. hillary clinton releasing her taxes, asking trump where are his? and the new polls out just tonight in the crucial


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