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tv   Newschannel 5 Postgame Show  WEWS  August 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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physical division. take a look at the second half of the season. five of those final eight games will be at home. that makes you feel really good. but if you go back to the first half of the season, week five, josh gordon comes back against the >> yes, and josh gordon has had some big games against patriots and pittsburgh and jacksonville. the 2013 season where he caught fire. led the league in receiving. >> he was an all-pro. he was the best receiver in the league. that's also the same week that tom brady will come back.
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the end zone. >> he has three safeties. amazing. >> he has to get rid of that ball. >> watch this, over right here. look at him. he comes right underneath. it is coming right in his face and he has to be able to see that. he has to come right at him. get rid of it. got to find a way to take sacks standing in your end zone. very tough. it happens faster down there than it does up here. >> how many times have you been hit up here. >> i'm undefeated. >> tough night for cody kessler, responsible for two safeties. >> offensive line, they were beaten on the stunt. quarterbacks do have to
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and the guy was at my feet. >> the regular nfl season safeties in a game is three. >> we are there tonight. >> we still have $2.06 left. >> we have a shot at a record. >> three safeties in one game. >> now the browns have a free kick. a real chance to run out the clock. abbrederis abbrederis
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still on his feet, across the 40. mid field. and abbrederis all the way to the browns 45. night return. >> look at that, we talk about being good on special teams, getting the coaches fired up, teammates fired up. that was just all heart and desire by abbrederis. cleveland browns didn't
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with three safeties, 17-11. green bay over the browns under two minutes to go now. a lot of people still here at lambeau field enjoying the packers lead and the browns have only 1:5 a 55 and game. >> without the three safeties, we have a tied ball game. >> yes. >> but one of the safeties caused by the brown's defense. they got two points as a result, right? >> absolutely. thanks to our affiliates for being with us on cleveland browns preseason football. hope you enjoyed the broadcast and i'm sure you will be back thursday night when we resume from cleveland against the falcons.
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another home game. >> in spite of the loss, i thought they were pretty impressive things done. >> oh, there was. first unit on the offensive line looked really good. >> duke johnson ran the have a great feel for the run game, able to pop it through and showed himself, i think, to be pretty good behind that offensive line. obviously, robert looked really good as well. now, i have to do a better job of working out timing and getting in sync with gary barnidge. he knows what he did. it did lead to an interception. but that beautiful rainbow throw down the
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terrelle pryor was something they can hang their hat on and feel good about it. i thought the wide receivers looked good as well. the group of players got open at times in the game. >> nassib also looked great. >> he had a fine ball game. final, green bay 17
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green bay, packers 17, cleveland browns 11. the highlight, solomon wilcots' pick to show how good the browns were early, great throw by griffin, great catch by terrelle pryor. something we hope to see many times. could robert make plays throwing from the pocket, and boy did he deliver 49-yard
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also impressive to see pryor making the transformation from quarterback and receiver. he went and got that one. he can make a play on the football for his quarterback like that, he will have an impressive 2016 season. >> we will be back to say good-bye from green
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on the road and losego
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17-11 here to the packers at lambeau field in green bay. our next telecast will be next thursday, 8 o'clock kicks-off, coverage starts at 7 o'clock. and it will be the atlanta falcons and the cleveland browns. give me one final thought on this ball game is this. >> the night was a learning experience for many of these young players but they continue to fight. we saw some impressive players on the cleveland browns football team. >> thanks for joining us from green bay. we will see you next week from cleveland.
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>> once you get the other wide receiver back on the field you have two big place for -- plays for us. teams to be consistent like this so as a fosmer player being in a preseason game this is just the first preseason game so i don't want to jump ahead of myself. this guy is going to be the next big time star here. i want to give it some time to him make more place -- plays. >> robert grif in the third. what did you see from robert griffin tonight? >> i seen big arm. what i also seen made me kind of suspect so you've got to keep the quarterback clean especially in this league in our conference because it gets wet. it gets muddy outside. guys lows and he's -- lose and
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can he could that. that's what i want to see. >> what did you see from rg iii tonight. >> what i won't -- want to see i saw a couple of plays out there looks like the offensive line broke down a little bit but he stood in the pocket. he didn't get flush, he didn't get scared. he got over his injury but he came out firing. the three of fours four pazzing >> speaking of hue jackson, what do you ntsz about how hea -- hee's running. >> it's got to be a little frustrating. this is a team that's going to go through the ups and downs, have a lot of growing pains. what i like about hue jackson i hugh jackson is a tough coach. he'll be your friend, he'll love you. i'll play you hard, i'm going to coach you hard and i'm going
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>> we're going to go back out to green bay. andy baskin live in green bay. what have you got? >>reporter: all right. i know were you trying to get to there's a reason why that interview didn't happen en. his left hand was wrapped. he was going back for x-rays so kind after continuing story tore take rely prior. we'll see what's happening with his hands. a couple guys shaken up tonight but we bring in dustin fox and your thoughts on tonight's game? the thought the team did some things well. they started to get a little bit after rhythm with rg iii. >> when you get inside the red zone tough capitalize. when you dwot down there obviously the great throw by rg iii to start the ball game out -- off but you've got to finish it off.
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miss communication between gary ob -- or robert. but you know, listen over all for the first game i thought it was solid. >> both of us have covered ter rely prior since he was in high school. how has he made this transition from a guy that was cut here last year, couldn't figure out where efs as a quarterback and now he finds himself as the number one guy in the depth chart at wide receiver. >> it's remarkable at what we saw him in training camp. we saw him look very raw. a business figure -- physical guy and he's done a really good job working on it during the offseason. >> hugh jackson is at the p odium. he's what he he had to say for his first game as head coach of the cleveland browned -- browns. >> obviously i'm going to sake -- take responsibility for that because i have to do a better job making sure he understands
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better. it's unfortunate he triet to stick a ball in there in that situation. i have to make sure that doesn't happen so again, that's a learning experience for him, that he's got to grow from, especially in that situation where we have a chance to score and doing a great job taking care of the ball. that's on me. i have to do a better job of coaching him putting in that spot so he understands exactly what to do. i think the coverage they thought it was wup thing and it changed at the last second and little bit better and we will. i think those guys will be fine. i think we'll be fine there. >> inceptions in opposing defense, what did you think over call? -- over all? >> i thought he had great
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again like you said maybe not playing or whatever that is, i just think some things that we just got to continue to harp on, not just him our whole offensive football team. we're used to starting fast. so we had a chance to do and -- that and we didn't capture that. i think it's all 11 guys. i thought it was outstanding. i think he's growing each and every day. again, i think as a unit, we we're going to grow from that too. again this is the first opportunity out, it's unfortunate but again, i'm going to take responsibility for all those things. i have to coach this group better and we will. we'll get better. i probably won't know that
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assessment but again, i think just as an offensive unit over all we didn't play the way we think we're capable of playing and we'll go back to work on -- on sunday and get better. dwen, until i guess a chance to watch the tape will i really know. but we can get better and we have to get better and we'll go back to work on sunday and it done. i didn't expect it. i would never expect this, but at the same time we all know these things are capable of happening when you travel and go somewhere else and playing against a different oh pope enter because we had our opportunities to do so -- score and when you do that we build confidence but we didn't get it done so we'll go back and go back to work. >> first play of the game, 49 yards. >> it was a shot play.
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we do. and we're able to do that ut -- but again we just have to be consistent group that can move the ball through the air and through land so we'll go back to work and again i can tell what we need to get done and we'll get it done. >> what's your biggest take a way. >> well i thought the defense, i thought the battle, they gave us a chance. the defensively over all not just the starters, i thought th on the defense is -- one of our goals is to take the ball away. we got one. we want to get more. we understand there's some things i thought we did pretty well and there's some things we need to improve on as we move forward. >> when did you let murray kick the field goal >> just like the guys say we're always looking at different combinations and giving guys different opportunities. i wouldn't read anything into that but again, we're -- we're
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guys chances to get things done. whether it's a young guy or older guy, just mixing and matching and seeing what we can get done. those are the ones that are the ones that are right now i think he has a knee or arching will excuse me he has an ankle and austin has an concussion so we'll just see where they are as we evaluate it further. that's it? thank you very much. hugh jackson post game. browns lows but it neferl -- never really matters. a lot to work on and get back to work on sunday in training camp and get ready for thursday against the cal -- falcons. coming up a lot of rookies made an impact of first preseason game. we'll take a look.
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all right welcome back to lambeau field for boast -- post game rof rage the browns lows tonight to the packers. we bring back in dustin fox and
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camps, you got a lot young guys out there. they just played first preseason game. what's going threw their -- through their mind. >> probably a little bit sore but a legitimators will be out of the way. this is the first opportunity. the a -- lot of these guys they did it in lambeau field. i'm sure they were nervous as all get out before the game and they had a chance to go out and perform a little bit. these have three more of these before the camp is over second team third string guy trying to make the roster and it was every prees -- preseason game is like a super bowl to you and you have to treech it -- treat it as such. a lot of people are leaving and you were like we've got to do these guys are making it about them. this is the most important t hing. every play is graded by coaches and it's gig -- big for them. >> bik -- quickly lets talk about the offensive line 30 seconds. >> it was a struggle from the
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the third streeg -- string. cam irving in the migdz. i thought he was beat a couple of times tonight. the concern to me is robert is a guy who needs to be protected. his injury history is a concern. the offensive line if it doesn't get together it's going to be a big weakness for the time. >> dustin fox makes -- make sure you listen to him. we're back with more of the
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post game coverage on news channel 5 continues. time now for way side furniture rookie of the game.
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preseason game. he's rookie of the game. we're with you ob post game coverage and we're going to go live with robert griffin the third on boast -- post game. >> i have to protect the ball and you know, outside of that i thought the execution was there but there's definitely potential for more big place -- plays out of his -- us and we know that. i just got to throw it to gary, you know. i can't throw made a great play and me and gary will continue to go on the same page just like the rest of the receivers. it's going to come with time but we're all just excited to get back to practice and work on the things that we felt we didn't do good enough tonight. you know, we like to be like every off ebbs you want to be a big playoff ens and tp has done
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translate it into game day and it's go -- good to see him make a play on the ball and really show up on offense. that's all on me. i just got to get the ball to him and not give the db a chance to make a play. so we'll go back and watch it on tape. but i'm the one with the ball in my hands and i'm making the decision. that's not on gary at all, i haven't been hit in a long time, man. i was telling coach and some of the guys, you don't want to get hit. but it feels good to be back with the ball and it's truly a whressing -- blessing. going out there on the field there's no nerves or a nxiousness, he is it's just excitement being back on the


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