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tv   Good Morning Cleveland  ABC  August 14, 2016 10:00am-11:01am EDT

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after days in the dark power is slowly coming back on for most people in northeast ohio. for those with special needs life without electricity is a lot more difficult than you would expect. >> plus, a i have a preview of the feast of the assumption in little italy. >> first a live look outside from our tower cam. you can see the gray skies above downtown cleveland. a lot more moisture on the way for you as we wrap up the weekend. hello and welcome to this sunday edition of "good morning cleveland." i'm nick foley alongside meteorologist janessa webb to tell us all about the forecast. again, for the second day in a row we have the rains hanging around northeast ohio. >> it has been a rough week
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yesterday that rain came through. right now, starting to make its way across northeast ohio once again. that why we're waking up to cloudy skies and that rain starts to flow here. we have been tracking a cell that has just exited lake county, geauga, northern portions, even ashtabula county. moving pretty slowly north and east from our viewing area. moving into erie, pa. this is where the bulk of the moisture is currently, you're seeing the darker greens and yellow, that could be a heavy downpour but we're not picking up any gusty conditions or hail, this is just definitely rain that is congress down even for wayne -- coming down even for wayne county. the bulk of this moisture, it's elong gated and going to continue to make its way across northeast ohio. this afternoon we're under a slight risk of a few storms
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humidity, still very high. hour by hour, we're in that time frame between now, all the way to about 3:00 as that front starts to make its way through. we're going to be tracking more rainfall unfortunately for your monday and tuesday afternoon. >> umbrellas still needed. with all the moisture today. power outages continue to cause problems across northeast ohio this morning. right now east say emergency lines are down if you live in that area and have an emergency you're asked to call cleveland heights police, the number on the screen, it's believed a blown transformer is the cause of this outage. power outages again causing still a lot of -- a lot of empeople waiting for -- people waiting for power to be turned back on. power just returned to some parts of cleveland last night. for one resident it was a long wait in the dark. gail ward needs power to charge
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>> i said this can't happen buzz i'm in this chair, everything is off, refrigerator is off. >> her power though now back on. there are some -- still some areas though waiting to be serviced. firstenergy tells us workers are pulling 16-hour shifts to make sure the power is returned to everyone as soon as it can be. here's a look at the current outage numbers from firstenergy. right now just under 700 people without power in cuyahoga isolated outages are reported. ohio police officer being commended this morning for helping a little boy found wandering on the streets of downtown franklin. officer steve dunham noticed the 7-year-old trying to sell his stuffed animal in front of a drug store to get money to eat. he had not eaten in days, so the officer took him to subway for a meal and brought him back to the police department. the chief there says the boy got comfort and safety he didn't have at home.
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own kids and that's exactly what law enforcement does in situations like this. and how would we want someone to treat our kids? >> after an investigation police found the boy and brother living in unfit conditions. the parents now charged with 10 counts of child endangerment. the kids are now with other family members. yearly tradition in cleveland scheduled to continue today. the feast of the assumption in little italy rolling on with thousands more expected for the event. that is where we find our own meg shaw with more on what we can expect today. good morning, meg. >> reporter: good morning. as janessa mentioned we have a lot of rain and humidity in the forecast for today. that is not going to stop thousands of people from coming out here to little italy for the annual feast of the assumption. the four-day celebration marks the death of virgin mary. each year the feast draws in nearly 30,000 people so if you
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make sure you bring your appetite with you. from miles of italian sausage to lasagne, spaghetti, you and your stomach will have lots of choices. the event also features carnival rides and live music later today. the feast kicks off in about two hours, starts noon, runs until 11:00 tonight. don't worry, if you can't make it out here today they do have the event also tomorrow noon to 11:00 p.m. as well witfi if you are planning to come down here today, it's going to be a little busy with people making their way down here early. i recommend the rta bus, it's down the road. parking in the area will be tight. live in little italy, meg shaw, newschannel 5. >> finding food never a problem. always plenty of options. thank you for spending part of your sunday morning with us. coming up, the sun is out in
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home. perfect weather expected for the olympic events happening today. we've got a look at the first day of the retirement of michael phelps. violence in milwaukee overnight. we'll show you the aftermath of the protests that got out of hand following a police shooting. >> "power of 5" still tracking widespread rain, we're under that flood watch until 8:00. i'll show you how long the rain
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good morning. waking up to cloud coverage and definitely green across the radar this morning. if you're in mansfield you're seeing a flood advise -- ens cues me, a flood watch in effect for most of northeast ohio for the rest of the afternoon. all the way to 8:00 p.m. so tracking a little bit of rain right now, temperatures across highs, look at this, nick, they are slightly cooler than yesterday afternoon but the front is not going to be crossing over until mid- afternoon. so humidity levels definitely up. 79 for the parma area. lower 80s for greater cleveland. cooler air after a 90-degree day yesterday in akron and canton. we've dropped about 10 degrees. >> heavy hairspray day. >> right. >> thank you.
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swan song yesterday in the summer games. most honored olympian in history went out on top. powering the u.s. team to a gold which he says will be his last. jim ryan with our report from rio. >> reporter: the end of an era, michael phelps caps his storied olympic career with a final gold medal, the greatest swimmer of all time helping the 4 by 100 medley relay team surge to the win. phelps' third time most decorated olympian ever getting emotional as he says goodbye to competition. the women's team also taking on the 4 by 100 medley relay, americans turn in another gold for the united states. simone manuel was chasing another gold medal in the 50- meter freestyle, so-called splash and dash. she came in second for the silver. she already won gold this week in the 100 meter freestyle. in the men's 1,500 meter freestyle american connor
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olympic medal, a silver. at olympic stadium gold for the world's fastest woman, latest competed in the 100 meters, jamaica's elaine thompson rocketed across the line first getting the gold medal. tory boy from america won't silver. and usa's jeff henderson bounded to a gold medal in the long jump. and fencing, mohammed and u.s. women's team battled to the bronze medal. the first american medalist to compete jim ryan, abc news, rio de janeiro. >> it's one heavy suitcase on the way back for michael phelps. he held a facebook live session confirming that rio will be his last olympics. in response to the hashtag fourmoreyears phelps said no but added he would go to the tokyo games as a visitor, a
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digit lead over the rest of the competition.
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welcome back. 10:15. chaos overnight in milwaukee. protests breaking out after police shot and killed a 23- year-old black man. after midnight protests getting out of hand with fires breaking out at several businesses. police say the man that was killed fled from officers during a traffic stop. he was armed with a gun but it's not immediately clear if he pointed it at officers. as news of his death spread so did those protests with more than the scene. >> as you all saw that, crowds then went over to the gas station and set the station afire. i don't know how many individuals were involved in that. that is going to be part of the investigation as well. >> three people were arrested during those protests. a dangerous situation remains in the south this morning. at least three people are dead and thousands more requiring rescues in louisiana.
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state of emergency as the floodwaters continue to rise. mary maloney reports. >> everybody's saying this is the worst they've ever seen. >> reporter: days of relentless downpours forced residents to take what belongings they could and travel through waist-high waters to safer ground. >> my heart is broken, there's so many elderly people here and people who can't afford to replace their things it's like -- water is like literally to your waist. that means their houses, everything in there is destroyed. rescued more than a thousand people from their cars and homes. help even came from complete strangers. >> i don't live here, i pulled over, saw the kids, i saw some elderly and i was like we needed to help. so me and my fiancee got out, pulled over and came to help. >> reporter: after declaring a state of emergency the louisiana governor asked residents to take all necessary precautions. >> asking everyone to simply -- evacuate if you're supposed to do that.
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that. stay off the road if you don't have to and if you're going to be on the road be extremely cautious. >> reporter: the families that already evacuated are now forced to tough it out in temporary shelters. >> we woke up, water was all on the bed and everywhere. so we couldn't even get a chance to get nothing packed. we just had to call the fire department to get us. in new york city -- police searching for the man who shot and killed two people mosque. the imam and his friend were wrapping up afternoon prayers yesterday in queens when they were approached from behind and shot. police haven't determined the motive yet but members of the mosque fear this was a hate crime. more than 100 people gathered at a vigil last night to call for justice. this morning police still trying to figure out what happened at a north carolina mall. the incident was first reported as a shooting with several shoppers claiming they heard gunfire. the police have not found any
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casings. eight people had to be taken to the hospital after they were hurt trying to get out of that mall as fast as possible. news around ohio -- five deputies suspended from the franklin county sheriff's office. this after a trainee was injured. his head gear came off while he was playing role of attacker. but the others continued to hit him. he had to be treated for cuts and bruises to his face, suspensions range from three to 30 days. an ohio man wanted for murder is in custody now for a different crime. 38-year-old jesse hanes is accused of shooting and killing a new mexico police officer during a traffic stop friday. he was traveling with 36-year- old james nelson at the time. the two were wanted here in ohio for killing a chillicothe man in july. police arrested the men yesterday after dramatic chase while the department mourns the loss of one of their own the officers vow to bring the killer to justice. >> we lost one of our best,
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these criminals have came into a -- our town, came out and terrorized communities out here. we will proceed to make sure that we take them through the judicial process. we're not going to allow these folks to get away. >> hanes is charged with murder for the officer's death, nelson held on a fugitive of justice being issued in california. many of them in the same area that was evacuated last year because of a fire. the lower lake fire has already burned 7 -- 750 acres. and parts of california are expecting temperatures up to 108 degrees, not helping the firefighters. we've been getting rain here. it looks like that rain is
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longer than first anticipated. >> we're not just going to get over it today as expected but we're going to see lingering showers for monday and even tuesday. so you're waking up to those towering cumulus clouds that are rolling in across greater cleveland. kind of a gloomy start to your day. that gloom is going to stick around for most of your sunday afternoon. we are tracking that front. it's still starting to cross over northeast ohio but still around the greater area. dew points not playing nice this morning. lower 70s so that oppressive air is still in place, as the front moves through. that will tame the dew points just a tad bit. what we're dealing with is heavy moisture that is coming from the tropics, it's mixing in with the cold front that is slicing through, but this moisture is affecting six to seven states now and pretty steady here across the northeast ohio. first let's track a few cells
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heights to willoughby hills. heavy downpour there, no lightning associated with it. it's on the isolated side for geneva-on-the-lake to ashtabula but the bulk of this moisture sitting inland right now from richland county to ashland, as that moisture continues to stream through. could see some heavy downpours at times but definitely this is a lot calmer than yesterday afternoon. lightning associated with it. even though dew points are fairly high this morning. looking at the hour by hour, want to show you so you can plan your afternoon, looks like the bulk of this moisture really starts to sweep out here, the heavy doses by the 2:00 hour. lingering showers from mansfield to the canton area. throughout your afternoon, even into about the 7:00, 8:00 hour we're still tracking a few
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gusty conditions, a few storms in them but definitely on the lighter side. for your overnight we'll still track isolated activity but definitely not as heavy as we have seen it throughout earlier this week. 83 for a forecasted high so yesterday we hit 90 degrees for the 23rd time of 2016. so cooler air throughout your afternoon. tonight we'll go with mostly cloudy but the mugginess is mid-80s for akron and canton and massillon area. as scattered showers continue to flow through. daytime highs by tuesday and more rain showers as a front stalls out here. that is going to provide us monday and tuesday with wet conditions. by wednesday i'm hopeful that we will dry out mid-afternoon. looking at thursday and friday, we'll see a little more sunshine but storms returning by next saturday.
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certainly got it. thank you. the browns have plenty to evaluate after friday's first preseason test. in fact cleveland's newest leader under center says the improvement must begin with him. meantime a few familiar faces making a stop in the community even after their trip to green bay. >> reporter: in case you missed it, outfielder michael brandly has season monday. brantley first injured his shoulder while diving for a ball last september. if you want to be great sometimes it helps to visualize yourself being great. terrell pryor does telling the "akron beacon journal" -- i always think of myself before going to sleep, taking naps, making big plays. he said he thought of making the big 49-yard against the packers.
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visualizes greatness. he buries the running back for the safety. big play for the parma heights native. first time he ever scored in a game. he spoke with andy baskin. >> it's going good now. nothing guarantees me a job. i bust my butt everyday. a lot of calls. my phone was ringing. valley forge is trending. all the ashland guys were calling me on the phone. >> i love it >> what isn't amazing, this, when robert griffin iii looked for tight end gary barnidge he got intercepted. appeared barnige didn't finish his route though. rg3 said it was his fault. >> you have to get the ball to him and not give db a -- gb a chance to make a play. we're going to watch it on play
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mistake. team flew back to cleveland late friday night. instead of sleeping gary barnidge was up early encouraging kids in the community. for the back to school bash but on my neon. kids getting school supplies and bookbags. barnidge was hanging out with youngsters encouraging them to be healthy. >> people don't realize it's our job to live a healthy i have no problem getting less sleep and doing this, for the kids and giving back to the community. >> up next, preseason game number two thursday against the south, see it here on newschannel 5. that's your morning sports. late start for indians with the angels at progressive, weather not slowing down tribe
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center. chris jimenez shooting one to right. base hit. jimenez out in second but indians still crews to the 5-1 win. in three games of the angels, they've outscored l.a. 32-8, they will go for the four- game sweep later this afternoon. a petition is circulating to change the name of the cincinnati bengals to the harambes, in honor of the gorilla killed in the zoo may. it was killed for fear it would harm a gorilla in the enclosure. it's sparked a lot of memes, hashtags and even street art. it's got nearly 20,000 signatures though, many of them coming from outside the state. if your sunday plans involve taking the rta grab some extra change, you're going to need it. the rates are going up. after last-minute cancellation this is year, cleveland's lgbt community already making plans
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year's pride festival goes on
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it's now 10:29. we start this half-hour with a live look outside from our earth cam across the shores of lake erie. you can see the gray skies
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cleveland. more rain and moisture on the way. welcome back to this sunday edition of "good morning cleveland," i'm nick foley. we've got several developing stories including a roundup of weekend events in our area. meg shaw live in little italy with a preview of the feast of the assumption but first a check of the weather to see what you're dealing with if you head there or other places today. we have a lot going on across northeast ohio. weather not on the sunny side. we're tracking rain right no weather but the good news, it's on the lighter side compared to late afternoon yesterday. the clouds definitely in place for wayne county, want to show you your start -- you're starting to see a little bit of rain for the wooster area but the bulk of the moisture currently sitting in mansfield, moving into the ashland area. you could see heavy downpours, no lightning associated with that cell. also heavy rain from lodi
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county. greater cleveland all the way to medina should start to see the clouds thickening up and tracking a little rain the next 15 to 20 minutes. also that is cleveland heights, pepper pike, you're seeing just a little bit of isolated activity. look at the chunk of this moisture, going to continue to flow in here. the great news as i said today is more on the lighter side and as it shifts towards the east, it's really losing its force. so hour by temperatures and humidity still up there we are tracking the possibility of a few scattered thunderstorms but things should really die down by the 7:00 hour. >> cooler temperatures but still very humid. thank you. breaking news -- from cleveland's east side, a 28- year-old woman is in critical condition now after being shot. it happened just after 5:00 this morning at east 131st street. police say she was shot in the leg and is recovering at
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starting today it will cost you more to ride the rta. the transit agency raising fares 25 cents increasing a regular one way ticket price to $2.50. the cost of an all day pass will go up to $5.50. monthly passes will jump to $95. the rta is also reducing some of its routes. the cuts are needed to make up a nearly $6 million budget shortfall. more storms on the way, several west damage left behind those that came through earlier this week. residents on brookfield road in avon lake dealing with an on and off power issue. a firstenergy spokesperson told us downed branches on a power line were to blame in this neighborhood. at least one resident on this street bought a generator. >> i wasn't happy about buying it. however, it's a good thing to have since we do lose power quite a bit. and with the storms coming this
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it's an investment in the house. >> several other residents also told us they had to toss several items from fridges and freezers because of the outage. here's a look at the current outage numbers from firstenergy. also happening now -- yearly tradition in cleveland the 118th annual feast of the assumption in little italy goes on this afternoon. that is where we find our own meg shaw this morning. i guess there's plenty of italian food to say the least there today. meg? >> reporter: yes, i actually had to walk away because i really just want to go get food. vendors are getting prepared for the annual festival. getting that food ready for the thousands of people they are
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little italy for the annual feast of the assumption. this wrings about 30,000 people a year, for the four-day festival. it's a celebration of the death of virgin mary. if you plan to brave the rain and humidity today, make sure you're hungry. italian sausage, lasagne, spaghetti and meatballs, canoles, safe to say you will have lots of choices. the feast also features live music and quickoff in an hour -- kickoff in an hour and-a-half. it starts at noon. however it's also tomorrow, noon to 11:00 p.m. with a live fireworks show at 9:30 p.m. a word of advice, if you're coming down here take the rta because parking is already hectic in this area. live in little italy, meg shaw, newschannel 5. >> thank you. despite the weather they still had good turnout the first couple of days.
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planning next year's pride parade and festival. the event set for june 24th, 2017. the same group cancelled this month's festival but lgbt community members organized a new event in less than two weeks. yesterday, thousands came out to celebrate. >> i'm so glad that even though it looked like we might not have it that it fell into place and here it is and everybody's here and we're all excited to be here. >> festivi public square with live music and food trucks. new details about sanctions being passed down to massillon washington high schools' football program. the team on probation for three years. this because the ohio high school athletic association found the head coach recruited several student athletes. on top of that probation the program being fined $5,000 and the coach won't be able to take part in the post season if the team qualifies for the playoffs
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business also be celebrated at today's black business expo in warrensville heights. the event will showcase production and services offered by black entrepreneurs in our community. it's parts of an entire weekend called the real black friday. today's expo is -- starts 5:30, at the word church on miles road. expect appearances from the browns josh cricks and transformer player josh cribbs and newschannel 5's newschannel 5 danita harris. a new outdoor play and learning center is set to open in wooster. cornerstone elementary school will open up its play lab, opening up the outdated playground to help with kids with special needs. the playground dedication is set for 3:00 this afternoon. still ahead -- neighbors reporting an unusual string of
10:37 am
political signs. we'll share which candidates' signs seem to go missing more than others. >> with three major amusement park accidents in the last few weeks we're looking at who is in charge of regulating carnival rides. the answer may surprise you. >> we're still tracking rain on the "power of 5", i'll show you
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gray skies and temperatures still toasty. 77, cleveland. lake county seeing a few isolated raindrops still shifting to the north and east. the bulk of the moisture right now hitting richland counties to mansfield. temperatures slightly cooler, lower 70s. so we're under that flood watch until 8:00 p.m. tonight. hopefully that expires, even though we have more rain in the forecast, they that until tuesday afternoon. indians versus the angels, tonight if they played last night nick, they are definitely going to play 1:10 this afternoon as we're only tracking scattered showers throughout the game. there's that west breeze 5 to 10 miles per hour. from bring the ponchos in case. despite the threat of rain once again plenty going on for you today. in parma that means the first
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roll. to cure asexia, it's a neuromuscular disease that is often fatal. today's fundraiser begins 10:00 at the west creek reservation. also a deejay and auction will be there to help raise money. a call to all comic enthusiasts. the second northeast ohio annual comic-con at the holiday inn on royalton road. this is devoted just to comics. there will be vendors there with comics printed as recently as last week to others from the event is from 10:00, already underway, until 4:00 this afternoon. don't forget today's the last day of the cuyahoga county fair. this year marks the 120th annual fair which is amazing in its own right going long and strong for many years. today at noon it goes until 10:00 tonight. call it the last big bash before the kids head back to school. always parking is free on site. if you see news happening let us know. text or e-mail us to
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the campaigning continues for both donald trump and hillary clinton but democrats are being told to be on the lookout for what house minority leader nancy pelosi is calling an electronic watergate break- in. pelosi says the security breach targeted the democratic congressional campaign committee and other party groups. and now the personal information of democratic members and hundreds of staff
10:45 am
pelosi says she herself has received a bunch of harassing calls and messages and warns fellow democrats not to allow family members to answer incoming texts or calls. meantime the race for the white house making another stop in cleveland next week. democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton expected to pay a visit to john marshall high school wednesday afternoon. as part of a campaign event. if you would like to attend we have a link to rsvp on news net 5 and our web site. a visit to ohio. in fact the gop presidential candidate will be in the buckeye state tomorrow. he's scheduled to make a speech at youngstown university tomorrow afternoon. don't expect ohio governor john kasich to be there. kasich still taking shots at trump using the businessman's words against him tweeting "someone said we don't win anymore, must not be watching americans swimming in rio tonight." during the gop debate trump says the u.s. is in big trouble
10:46 am
trump has had a rough two week stretch slipping significantly in several national polls but still getting big turnouts at his rallies. in another area he seems to be leading the way, stolen yard sign. jeannie most explains. >> reporter: you are looking at perhaps the most endangered species of yard signs. >> four signs i had out with donald trump were missing. >> reporter: they tend to be drive by s, someone grabs a sign and so car. and this dainty thief, the most recent theft, a runner in hillsdale, new jersey, jogged past the house, waited for a car to leave and came back, picked up the sign and took off. when a video went public she turned herself in. the sign owner declined to press charges. meanwhile the neighbors' trump sign taken by a masked woman.
10:47 am
>> reporter: this is a giant t created in staten island. someone set it on fire overnight. donald him stef called to commission rate. what is a anivity to do? rebuild. >> it's going to be huge! ! >> reporter: this house in indianapolis had a trump sign stolen, and mostly hillary clinton clients have been alone. and a sign here spray painted "never" over trump. >> we're not going to take them down. >> reporter: partisan tips for protecting yard signs. a pennsylvania man slathers roofing tar on the edges. hard to get off and easy to spread to clothing and car. another person went and bought a giant jar of vic's vapor rub and smeared it over every inch of the sign.
10:48 am
owner reinstalled them on 12- foot poles with surveillance cameras and electric fencing. it may not be easy to stealth an election but an -- steal an election but an election sign? you know there's money that goes into putting up the signs but it still is funny to see the lengths people will go to, to take them away. in the dead of night. janessa webb with a look at we have clouds hanging above us. expect more moisture? >> right. we've already started to see the moisture start to make its way across the northeast ohio. today it's going to be on the lighter side and though we had a severe thunderstorm warning for ashtabula squash last night i saw heavy downpours. so i don't want to you cancel those activities that you have outside today. i just want to you have the poncho and umbrella as scattered showers continue to make its way through. want to show you on the "power
10:49 am
-- i'll take off this lapse and show you now. looking at mansfield, lexington area, moving into ashland. that is why we're seeing the darker greens and yellow. the great news is we are not tracking any lightning associated with that. also around cleveland heights, to chesterland you're seeing some isolated activity. so the ground definitely wet. the rest of that just that ground clot there are but this storm system is tracking north and east so greater cleveland, medina area, you're about to get hit with another deposition of wet conditions. the great news, i think it moves out of here for your early evening. we should be sitting under mostly cloudy conditions. now, the front is still to the north. that's why dew points are
10:50 am
the front moves through. we'll start to see these die down but unfortunately it will stall out, out towards wayne and summit counties, allowing for still that warm air for your monday and tuesday afternoon. i want to show you this model, it's definitely overdone. right now we are seeing the track, it moves north and east all the way to about the 3:00 hour. these are just light showers that will continue to could see a few pop-up storms with humidity this high and temperatures still in the lower 80s. can't rule out that possibility but today we're only under a slight risk. your late evening things really start to dry out. should be dry for the start of your monday before we start to track in more moisture. mid-afternoon all the way to tuesday. so 83 for today. yesterday hitting 90 so about 10 degrees cooler throughout your afternoon. 69 and we're going to go with
10:51 am
evening. 85 for massillon, akron and canton. today, as we track the scattered showers and possibility of just a few storms. now, you won't notice the humidity really going down until about wednesday. we'll track a few more showers. the pick day of the week is friday afternoon. a lot more sunshine before we start to track more heat, humidity and storms once again for saturday. a pennsylvania roller coaster remains closed after the fifth major you a mievment park accident in less than a week. a 3-year-old this time fell from the ride. more questions are coming about how the parks are regulated. the latest incidents following the death of a 10-year-old at a kansas water park on what was billed the world's tallest water slide. a nationwide study revealing every year more than 4,000 churn are taken to hospitals
10:52 am
injuries. regulations from the states, not the federal government. some familiar with the industry say it needs to change. >> children are not well served by the law as it now reads. we have not done enough to make rides safe. and we should do more. amusement parks don't want regulation because it costs money. >> the international association of amusement parks best equipped to regulate the amusement park industry. moving to health news -- could heart disease be related to what your habits were as a kid? if so there's a group that might not be doing enough to cut their risk. with more now here's abc senior medical contributor dr. timothy johnson. >> reporter: physical activity outdoors, healthy balanced meals, what we picture for our kids and also the formula for a healthy heart later in life.
10:53 am
american heart association says there are too few children and teens taking these healthy steps. in fact kids' behavior even worse than we thought. sobering stats. more than half of kids failed to get the 60 minutes of recommended daily physical activity. among teens the picture is even worse with only 5% to 10% hitting that minimum. more than nine in 10 u.s. children and teens have an unhealth nine in 10 with unhealthy diets. all of this while a third of teens admit to having tried cigarettes and increasing numbers say they tried vaping. it's a formula for poor heart health later in life. the solution, teaching kids early, setting an example. getting them in the habit of heart-healthy activities. introducing them to a balanced diet. that also makes it less likely
10:54 am
sure that kids and teens take these healthy messages to heart. with this "medical minute" i'm
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10:56 am
janessa joins me with a final look at weather. we've been talking about the rain and we got it. >> we made up for the drought
10:57 am
will it continue to track more rain? throughout your afternoon? 83 degrees and we'll see more of that moisture for your monday and heavy at times for tuesday afternoon. so we're still under that flood watch until 8:00 p.m. i do think that possibly could be extended throughout the mid- week. wednesday and thursday we'll track just a few showers but friday is the day with lots of sunshine before the heat really starts to return saturday afternoon. >> have to wait a little longer to get that full part of your sunday with us. "building the browns" next followed by our guy was the
10:58 am
million people in the u.s. with over 80% of them being women. why is this such a big problem? why are so maybe people being affected? for answers we go to dr. keith ungar, functional endocrinology of ohio. thank you for being here today. let's start by talking about symptoms. what are the symptoms of hyperthyroidism? >> usually inability to lose weight or fatigue. dry skin, constipation and medications and still have the symptoms. they don't feel like themselves and are frustrated by that. >> you talk about the symptoms. why are so many people feeling these symptoms? but being told their thyroid is fine and the blood tests are normal? >> clinically what i've seen is they have not been properly diagnosed because there's lack of proper testing. it's hard to treat something if you can't properly diagnose it. we look for the key points or issues that are driving their thyroid problem. >> how is your approach different? >> our approach is different
10:59 am
called hashimoto's, 90% of women in adult hypotriedism in united states with the order where the immune system attacks the thyroid gland. we test to determine underlying causes and mechanisms. then set them up on a customized program to balance out their chemistry. >> what are the typical results? >> we get great results. a lot of times their energy will skyrocket, able to lose weight without exercise and sleeping through the night and a lot of time >> great information. thank you so much, dr. ungar. to find out more about thyroid solutions, call dr. ungar, the first 25 callers owho qualify will get a complimentary complement takes. to see if you're a candidate the visit is normally $295, it will be provided at no charge to the first 25 callers who qualify. to schedule your free consultation call 1800-223-205
11:00 am
everybody's slate's clean. whatever is going on is behind us. erase the tape, record a new message. here's the new message. the cleveland browns are going to win. we got to work to win it. we got to work to we've not -- we are not going to get it done by just talking about it. we're going to be have to be gritty and have to rise. you can't win if you don't expect to win. but you sure can win if you


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