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tv   News Channel 5 at 11pm  ABC  August 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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down the ohio turnpike for hours. a new follow-up from the fake police facebook page. the man behind the post is planning to sue the department. news channel 5 at 11 is brought you by first merit bank. learn more at first merit news channel 5 at 11 is brought you by first merit bank. learn live, always investigating, always on your side. news channel 5 starts now. the wet weekend is wrapping up an hour brk be brief. thanks for joining us. the power of five shows another round of rain heading our way. tera blake is tracking the timing hour by hour.>> reporter: your forecast here tonight starts out -- >> your forecast tonight starts out with a client note -- quiet note. temperatures have dropped off into the lower 70s. even a few 60s as you can see.
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quiet in elyria. 75 for cleveland, 69 woodford. notice all this back west is riding along upfront boundary sitting close to home. that front has shifted justin upton it is trying to keep the rain out of the forecast for now. depending on where the low and front additional rounds of heavy rainfall. we will timet out in a few minutes. in the next few hours, we are quiet. the chances for showers and thunderstorms for monday is possible. full details in minutes. new details tonight are emerging about a horrific accident on the ohio turnpike that close to portion of the highway for several hours and traffic was backed up for miles. the state highway patrol says a little girl was killed and
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attend vehicle pileup near mile marker 110 in erie county. troopers say a semi-was traveling eastbound in a construction zone when it ran into nine vehicles, including a pickup truck and multiple suvs. we're working to confirm the identity of that child who died in the crash. the other victims were taken to nearby hospitals. the erie county prosecutors office will be reviewing possible charges. dozens of senior citizens are displaced after lightning sparked a fire at a retirement home last night in ohio, a half hour north of cincinnati. the blaze caused part of the roof to collapse. ashley zilka reports things have been much worse.>> reporter: saturday night before seven, flames erupt from this monroe retirement community. at least eight people need to be rescued.>> there are people
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hallways and other areas.>> reporter: john center says a lightning strike created a chaotic situation.>> it was a catastrophic failure of the sprinkle system. based on reports we've gotten, witness statements, that lightning strike essentially impaired or completely rendered useless the sprinkler system in that wing.>> reporter: firefighters forced their way into the third-floor apartments. orr i don't want the situation firefighters were in during the rescue attempt. there were components falling on them while they were performing rescues. >> reporter: firefighters were forced to carry people down the stairwell.>> it is a career fire. you're not going to see it very often. there are not going to be that many situations with that many
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god that no one was seriously injured.>> one resident and firefighter were hurt in the blaze. the firefighter is still in the hospital. a new follow-up from a facebook page that blocked a local police department. the man who created the account has been cleared of charges related to the incident but the case isn't over yet. he is going back to court. >> reporter: 27-year-old anthony novak said he fake website as a joke to make his friends laugh and to exercise his right to freedom of speech. police were not laughing and arrested him in march. they also rated his apartment, taking his computers. he was charged with disrupting public service. the case went to trial and he was found not guilty. now he wants his computers back and he wants to sue parma police.>> i didn't do anything wrong.
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maybe not the word regret. i don't like the fact they would be able to arrest me and have no case and i have to go through this entire process. i didn't do anything wrong. i can't say i regret it.>> novak plans to move out of parma for all the trauma he is been put through. new road closures could affect your morning commute starting tomorrow. the eastbound entrance and exit ramps of route two at west 45th will shut down. the ramps are expected to stay closed for repave the road. detours will be posted. if you are used to taking the rta to school or work, make sure you have extra change. the rate went up today. the increase is to help make up a $7 million shortfall. buses and rapid fares jumped a 1:45 dollars 50. all day passes now cost $5.50. a '56 increase in the monthly
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riders were caught offguard by the changes.>> i didn't expect it. i didn't have an extra quarter. it's not easy paying the bus fare. you don't have the money to do little things like that. people are set in a certain pattern and now this is a big adjustment.>> reporter: rta is reducing some of its routes to save money. for a list of service changes, download our free app. new at 11, the just causing problems with power, it is to blame for a huge number of people staying away from an annual summertime tradition. a reflection of this year's cuyahoga county fair can be seen in the puddles dotting the midway. mother nature providing not severe weather to county fairs across northeast ohio. the hot, humid, wet weather has kept many people from taking part in the summertime tradition.>> it's nice because
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away.>> reporter: joy smith and her husband braved the weather to bring their granddaughter to the fairgrounds.>> we said we're just going to come. there -- if there is a downpour we can go inside. in the meantime we have an umbrella over the stroller and we have an umbrella for us. the humidity is here but not as bad as all week.>> reporter: the weather has attended stamp 50% from challenges started off in the beginning, rain each day, the temperatures, combining them, it exceeded 90 degrees. we had huge amounts of high humidity. this -- the heat index was around 102-108 degrees.>> reporter: this year, the midway is lined with umbrellas. it's not just the cuyahoga county fair that is impacted by mother nature.
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fair boards that are having their activities, these are in the past week or the same week, they are experiencing the same thing, heavy rains, flooding on midway's, it's the nature of what we have to deal with.>> reporter: last year, roughly 170,000 people attended the fair. the rain did not keep people away from the feast of the assumption in little italy. it is in celebrates the virgin mary. it's also known for its food and delicious dessert. tomorrow night, candlelight procession and fireworks display will in the celebration. a special event this evening, josh cribbs hosted an event focusing on the
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race for the white house making it to southeast ohio. donald trump is scheduled to visit the university tomorrow. his running mate, mike pence is also expected to be there. this is trumps second stop in the buckeye state this month. democratic nominee hillary clinton also comes to ohio this week. she is expected visit john marshall high school wednesday. if you would like app. coming up, deadly police shooting triggers violence in milwaukee has city leaders call for calm. the victims family demands justice. numbers in rio, the swim team attacked at gunpoint. we have more rain, potentially more slow moving heavy rainfall
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returns when we get back. scammers praying on back-to- school shoppers. a new warning if you plan to buy school supplies online. first, here's a look at the lottery numbers. you're watching news channel 5 at 11.
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breaking right now, police are evacuating a terminal at jfk airport in new york. it follows reports of shots fired. this is a live look from the scene. there are no reports of injuries or arrests at this point. we will have the morning. historic flooding in louisiana is blamed for at least four deaths and has left thousands homeless. 7000 people had to be rescued from floodwaters. look at the devastation from the sky. drone footage shows the extent of the emergency and it is not over yet. the region bracing for more rain tonight. the national guard is on alert tonight in
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chaos. protesters set cars and businesses on fire following the police involved shooting. investigators say officers shot at -- and allegedly armed lack man. they fired several shots after the man refused to drop is weapons.>> he had a gun in his hand. the gun at the scene that we are recovering was stolen in a burglary along with 500 rounds of ammunition. >> the sister of the man is calling for charges against the officer who fired the shot. four police officers were injured during the violent protest. a 16-year-old girl was kicked -- hit by a bullet in the chaos. 17 people have now been arrested. we're learning more about a robbie -- robbery involving members of the us swimming team. ryan lockie and three of his teammates were held at gunpoint
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they were in a taxi that was stopped by robbers posing as police. the robbers ordered everyone to get to the ground. initially refuse but one of the robbers put a gun to his forehead. the attackers took wallace and cell phones. no one was injured. the police are trying to track down those responsible. the games must go on. one us olympic gymnast is on a gold street. venus williams has one last chance to medal >> reporter: at olympic stadium, in the women's 400 semifinals -- 400 m semifinals, francis finish first. allyson felix followed suit. americans the chokshi hastings also qualified for the final. in the men's 100 m race to crown the fastest man alive, hussein bolt left the challengers in his desk.
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track : taking gold for the third straight time. no man has done that before. justin gatlin finished before it was over. vaniqa raced his way to gold. leshan derrick finished with the bronze. golden girl simone biles is now three for three. the us gymnast vaulted her way into history. a 19-year-old becoming the first american woman to score a gold medal on the ball. she is also the first us woman to earn three gold medals gymnastics in a single games, adding this one to her finals and all-around title. she still has to know more metal opportunities this week. and gymnastics in the door scored the bronze. at the tennis stadium, the gold- medal match for mixed doubles was all-american. venus williams and her partner settled for silver, losing to
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chinese team and volleyball by 40 points. a man again barely held off their opponents, beating france by three points. jim ryan, abc news, rio de janeiro. two university athletes are making headlines. one will complete in the men's final 800 m race. sean barber will compete in the final pole vault tomorrow. citizenship and is representing team canada -- team canada. a consumer alert about back- to-school shopping. any parents and students are buying products online to save money. john matarese warned some of those discount websites are fake.>> reporter: i don't have to tell you how expensive new gym shoes can be, especially if you have kids heading to school. one bargain shopper is warning
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outlets that you may want to avoid. patrick kelley is an outdoorsy guy who goes through a lot of jim's shoes. -- gym shoes. usan add on facebook for a nike shoe outlet.>> it was a pop-up message. >> reporter: the nike outlet, the solution everywhere, had dozens of shoes at great prices. he ordered a pair with his credit card. when they showed up, he got suspicious.> he grew more concerned.>> the reflective material was blotchy. there was still glue on the side.>> reporter: he figured those were limits is until he wore them. the air bubble in one shoe burst. it was like walking on flip- flops.>> i thought i had something in my dread, but it was the air pocket clicking every time i had some pavement.>> reporter: ordering
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saver compared with going to the mall or sporting good store. you have to know who you are dealing with. patrick's nike outlet had no mailing address, just the contact us form.>> make sure you know where they are coming from.>> reporter: he is not sure if there counterfeits or bad nike rejects. he now has to go shoe shopping again. we have been -- nike has been fighting counterfeit websites for years. be sure to go through knocking -- so you don't waste your money. it has been a soggy saturday and sunday. it looks like monday will fall right in line. >> several days were beyond bad. we just cannot get rid of it yet. if you've been holding off on some school shopping, maybe online is your best bet. you are going to get wet. let's look at what you can expect tonight. it is dark and the lights are
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today as well. some very light rain towards cleveland. schaus and finding the biggest hurdle at an inch. no rainfall to show you now. temperatures are still mild at 75 degrees. dew point up at 67. many of us in the upper 60s. is still a high measure of moisture in the air. southern when around six, but no heat index. we now have a little rain county. you can see a few green dots. that's it. a much different story right now than what we had all throughout the weekend. here is where we stay in the wet pattern. showers and thunderstorms had the potential moving right on him. that front has sag to the
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monday morning, that moisture will be back in place. having a good umbrella or a good jacket with a hood is your best bet to start the week, especially for those kids heading back in school. is going to be a soggy start. dew points are up. the reason i talk about dew points is because we have them up and slow-moving storms. that's where we find bigger rainfall totals. here's what has happened with our front. it will move to the north. it will eventually sweep th we are days out from that. rounds of rain, maybe thunderstorms. for the most part, slow-moving rainfall that causes problems even at 9:00 in the morning tomorrow. we see heavier rain to our south, quickly shift east. round to will move in the tuesday morning. i think some chances are there to the afternoon today, excuse me, here into your monday, but again, tuesday morning looks to
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isolated. an opportunity for rain as we get a chance to dry out towards thursday. if you're worried about severe storms, if the kids are heading out to the last few days of camp, we do not expect severe weather. flooding concerns remain high because we've had a lot of rain in the past week. an additional inch is certainly possible, but north and northwest, see the oranges and reds and purples? that's where the biggest amounts and is expected bigger totals there. trying to head to the ball game, we will keep you updated. check out facebook and twitter so we can let you know if there are any game delays. tonight, 60s and 70s sprinkled in. highs in the lower 80s, a few upper 70s as well. akron is 84. ashtabula, 79. rain is back in the picture.
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but still where we should be in the lower 80s with a break from the rain thursday. we all needed to spill -- still put on a smile from what was a great weekend. i have great pictures to show you to keep it going. look at this one, kids playing soccer in the rain. that used to be my favorite. we have a great picture of the first haircut. that's a way to stay inside. we had family. all headed out to play some bowling. there oldest leaving for college. tracy, a to you.>> thanks for standing in those pictures. sports sunday, monster show coming up on the forced sports -- ford sports sunday. why the indians were carrying jason in the dugout today next at 11.
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now 5 on your side sports. it will be fine. it will be fine. we are also are. i am sore. everybody is a little sore.>> the heat he was talking about is to rural -- terrel wire. at practice, he aggravated it. you heard hugh jackson. he will be fine. as for josh gordon, jackson was asked about him playing thursday. he said that is to be determined. what isn't to be determined is where you can watch the game. join us at the second season game thursday. our coverage begins at 7 pm.
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channel 5. also your home for college football. ohio state return six starter security -- including jp baird. have is the team look week head coach urban meyer.>> i would say we are very average. we are going to find out this week if we cross that edge. that's going determine if we are doing good or not. this week will determine if we will be any good this year.>> the buckeyes first game september 3. the indians going for sweep of the angels. jason tip just write. is the first second baseman with 20 runs in the history of the indian season bottom sticks trot down around and they rallied. tyler nate went off with a man on. jose ramirez scores, 5-4. andrew miller, cody alan shutting the door. cleveland wins at 5-4. the
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a row. that was just a taste of what you'll see on ford sports sunday. tell us what to watch for in the preseason game. we will share the story of carl mastiff in the segment that is sweeping the nation, we will tell you who had himself today.
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tribe fans had some joyous times at weekend.>> thanks for watching. sports sunday is up next.
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ford sports sunday begins now.>> hi, welcome to the ford sports sunday. the browns and the falcon straight ahead, but we look back. matt wilhelm and nathan thoughts on the packers game. >> jackson needed to be more efficient with the football. he had two turnovers. at the end of the day there a lot of things encouraging. roam was not built in a day. this was just step one. i thought the rookies came out, handled themselves very well. it gets you excited about what you are seeing. a defensive guys on the field for 40 minutes.


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