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tv   Live on 5  ABC  August 16, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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the driving conditions along interstate 90 as that heavy weather moves in bringing in heavy rain and thunderstorm. mark johnson tracking this system for us now, mark, how is it looking? >> it is murky downtown. rain showers have arrived. it's the actual cold front moving in. now the big concern all afternoon was most of northern ohio that was in a risk for severe thunderstorms. thankfully the biggest storm cells if you will and it is hard to call themselves storms because there wasn't a lightning and thunder with them moving off to western pa as they did not produce any wind damage. in and out cold front is here moving right into downtown. we've got some brief moderate to heavy rain now shifting over interstate 77 into the eastern suburbs, euclid, bedford, bedford heights into garfield heights, a little slow go down into strongsville and route 82. then behind it not much action. just an isolated brief light rain shower behind the actual
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evening hours. so if you are worried about going to the tribe get, i would say to get down there to cheer on the tribe. if there are any isolated sprinkles that it will be brief. temps will stay in the middle 70s. hopefully enough time for the tribe to get a victory. overnight lows near 70 degrees. it is more rain coming our way tomorrow and into your weekend. it could be soggy. more on that coming up. breaking news now at 5:00. two teenagers cleveland. police say that one 18-year-old victim drove themselves to the hospital. he said that the shooting happened here. a look from air tracker 5. the other victim just 15 years old. both teens in the hospital recovering right now. we are still digging for answers about what happened here. first only news channel 5 told you about one cleveland business owners and their efforts to rid their neighborhood of the high- profile prostitution. by shining a light on the
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>> when we would see something happen, we'll film it and try to get a license plate. >> tonight we're digging into why that man had to go to such lengths in the first place. he called that youtube page hooker on lorain. he's not the only one working along lorain avenue on cleveland's west side, telling us that the police and the city have abandoned them as prostitutes run rampant along the street at all hours of the day and night. today we sent our derick waller to clean up. derick, what are they going to do about this? >> reporter: well lee, i can tell you lee -- tell you that it is a priority, but some neighbors say that they haven't seen it. it's youtube posted on all
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hooker on lorain showing the alleged prostitutes. >> reporter: the-- news channel 5 first told you monday night that his family resorted to youtube videos because he says that the no soliciting cameras, lights, sirens weren't enough. >> everybody knows that the lorain avenue is the place for prostitutes. >> reporter: police have turn add blind eye on this section above west 44th. >> we are fighting a battle here on our own, you know, we're doing it without law enforcement. >> reporter: what are police doing about >> it is priority for this community and myself in particular that i have been wanting the police to go out there to do enforcement. >> reporter: matt zone tells me that police have been quietly making some arrests, but large scale stings have been on hold for legal reasons. >> just because you don't see officers doesn't mean they are necessarily not working. not only on how to arrest the prostitutes, but the johns as well. i'm telling you if you are coming in this neighborhood looking for sex you're in the
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we're going to arrest you. >> reporter: and jackson tells me that they will continue to post those videos on youtube as long as they need to. live in cleveland derick waller news channel 5. right now folks down south are trading cars for bolts of high water that will move down. but tonight, there are concerns about new flooding in the southern part of the state. leon bibb following the latest develops from the live desk. >> hey, the water is receding in the southern part of louisiana, but it is impossible to go anywre majority of the roadways are still impassable. about 30 inches of rain fell in just three days in parts of the state of louisiana. at least ten people have died. more than 30,000 residents have been rescued from the floodwaters. of that number 12,000 are now homeless and packed in shelters. the governor of louisiana said that 40,000 homes have been damaged. today some residents would brave the dangers, what they wanted to see were their homes
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>> what is left if anything, everything that i would have is gone. everything. everything. >> it is like the end of your life and the end of your world, having to start over like that. we worked so hard for it. >> farther to the south it is a race against time. people are filling sandbags along the rivers and the the water will be working their way towards them. nearly 2,000 national guard troops have been called up. that is an almost unheard of call up during the non- hurricane event. in louisiana back to the desk now. >> leon that historic flooding in louisiana has crews stepping in to help folks who desperately need it. >> reporter: they left just this morning to bring much needed relief to the effectives. joining us with more on the
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>> they are in route helping to bring the emergency response vehicles to louisiana. i caught up with some of the volunteers bright and early this morning. meet volunteers linda taylor and sue wisdom. >> it's going to be about 16 hours. >> reporter: it is her first trip. sue's 26th. >> my husband always says is it worth it? because i come home retire -- really tired and they say yes, i'm re >> snacks in tow. this dynamic dual is fueled up, ready to help those who need it the most. >> probably the the largest operation since hurricane sandy. >> reporter: that was in 2013. regional disaster officer tim o'toole says it happened in 2009. at last check he says 30,000 people have evacuated the state and right now more than 50
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our division, which is made up of five states wants 20 emergency response vehicles or ervs for short gone. and two more are on their way. >> to leave them better off now. >> reporter: something both sue and linda take to heart. >> it is really humbling to be able to help someone. >> reporter: gone for two weeks without any place to help people get back on tim o'toole tells me that things are getting worse. they have no supplies in them. once they are stocked, they will be sent out to the the hardest hit areas. dhomonique ricks news channel 5. well a different storm is brewing in the political world. >> donald trump's campaign hiccups have some political watchers wondering if this white house race could end up
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>> reporter: the latest numbers show hillary clinton up bay commanding lead, even more ominous for trump. hillary clinton could pick off the electoral votes in a series of republican states. that means that clinton could win by a larger percentage than barack obama, bill clinton, and george w. bush if you recall all served two terms. the trump campaign is trying to bounce back by going after hillary clinton and sticking with big issues like isis. >> she also lacks and physical stamina to take on isis, and all of the many adversaries we face. >> going after hillary clinton and focusing on terrorism is the message that would help put trump on the national political stage in the first place. coming up in the next few minutes how they are both trying to win the state of ohio. frank? >> thanks, de. the proposal aimed in prices in
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than being put before voters. they need roughly 10,000 signatures submitted by the drug price relief act. backers of the proposal, they will have until august 35 to collect 25,000 signatures to resubmit the legislation. turns out it's official that the first merit bank and huntington national bank are operating as one company. nearly $3.5 billion deal to require first merit received federal approval this morning. it's unclear how and an undisclosed number of employees at both companies have already received job offers and layoff notices. hillary clinton gearing up for another trip to the buckeye state. >> it is a major advantage that she has over donald trump in our state. a ground game. next all new at 5:00. we'll break down the support of working on the phones and the doors for their candidates here in ohio.
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robbed in rio, we'll show you what is being done to beef up security types. it is being likened to a zombie attack. a man found crouched over his victim's body eating his face. find out which designer drug police think that the the accused cannibal was high on. weather wise once we get rid of this rain this evening are we done for a while? i'll have the the answer for
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all right, this is just in to the newsroom. we learned the name of the man killed during the incident with ashtabula deputies. michael scott martin was a robbery suspect. as police approached him this morning, he chase. during that chase deputies say they heard gunfire. the car carrying martin crashed. it's not clear if he died from the crash or gunshot wounds. also unclear at this hour if martin fired at deputies, but the sheriff told us that they only fired when, "they have to." hillary clinton brings her race to the white house to northeast ohio tomorrow. this after donald trump campaigned in youngstown
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relatively close. john kosich takes a look at it. even though they hold a major advantage in one area? >> reporter: yeah lee, the ground game, donald trump won the nomination pretty much without it. going forward though won't be as easy. ahead of wednesday's visit to cleveland of hillary clinton, the local elected supporters would gather to previously discuss in a sense of what it is that clinton will be discussing. one of the techniques employed by the 21 field offices in the state, they're leaving nothing to chance in ohio. >> our strategy is that the best way to get people to be persuade to not only stick with your candidate and vote. >> reporter: they announced the opening of 15 openings is the difference between a forefront and ground game. >> what you need are people and that the people, it is old fashion campaigning and
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a network that knows how to contact the community leaders, who you think will support your campaign and who will turn out their people. >> reporter: the county where trump accepted the nomination. while yes, cuyahoga was the county giving barack obama his biggest vote total in 2012, it ? also gave mitt romney his third biggest. >> it's a numbers game. if your metropolitan number is larger, it means that everything else will be larger, even if you're the minority party. yes, democrats are all over cuyahoga county. you've got western part that are strong gop. >> you cannot ignore anything or take anything for granted as they say they are not that it is the first wave of offices that they are opening and coordinating with the ground efforts of county gop organizations and other campaigns. on your side john kosich news channel 5. putting up the viral image to the test is about elections. if you take a look they will make claims about voting in
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it is no surprise that all three came back pants on fire. >> reporter: the image made six claims, three of them specific to ohio. they are both claiming in other states. we want today see if anything was different here in ohio. the answer is no. let's take you through the fact checking process for a second. first they say that in 2012 president obama got 100% of the vote in several wood county precincts. single vote." according to a check of polling numbers from the wood county elections board, president's highest ranking precinct came in about 75%. then in wood county there are more registered voters than residence. that's true, but here is why. college students at bolling green can register to vote there and then they move away. well finally the postings claim
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of the votes. we can only assume they mean in ward county where it was just 51%. in no ohio county did president obama get 108% of the vote. i'm chief investigator ron regan. >> thank you. brazil ramped up security for the olympics. recent violence has prompted new security warnings. sunday morning olympic gold medalist ryan locthe and three u.s. swimmers were pulled police. they have since called for tighter security around athletes. but team australia isn't taking any chances. they are no longer allowed to visit rio's popular beaches at night. tourists say the heavy presence of armed officers makes term had feel safe. -- makes them feel safe.
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be safe as well. >> reporter: make sure you usea- - accredittive taxis. >> it was a messy ride in. >> yes, it was. >> brief, heavy downpours, that's all we need. still just a few out there right now. >> we've got a few pictures from air tracker 5 taken earlier. mark, look at that. >> that's the actual cold front that's coming in from the west you. can see the shore of lake erie. again, it looks like a vail dropping with that sliding in. now, they have tried out for the most part on the west side of town, but there is still some rain east of greater cleveland now. let's show you, storm tracker 5, still some rain coming in. >> it's hard at work. >> yeah, it was heavier a few minutes back, but you notice it has lighten up a bit. you still need the wipe -- wipers. let's go to the power of 5. 80
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greater cleveland just getting into the rain and out of it very quickly. but notice here that we've got some moderate rain showers. this is concord. this is chesterland moving down towards woodmere and walton hills. we'll show you north royalton and strongsville. light to briefly moderate rain. they have not materialized thankfully. no damaging wind gusts reported. lightning and thunder as some of the heavy rainers moved through akron and canton and new philly. now they are into western p.a. cleveland downtown, it is currently, well it's 75. we just dropped downtown thanks to that rain coming in. it was 80 about 15 minutes ago now down to 75. 77 in parma. 79 euclid. still 80 in avon lake.
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front that is right here lining up along interstate 71 now. that's what's stirring up the rain showers. we've got mid-70s canton. 77rivenn -- 77 in rivenn average dew points in the upper 60s and the 70s. it is still very mug muggy. the threat none 7:00 p.m. there you have it drying out. great shot at not having any rain shower activity at all. and even overnight tonight that there could be an isolated sprinkle in a couple of spots into the morning rush there. maybe one or two light rain showers after midnight tonight. that'll do it. lows tonight 67 to about 72. isolated thunder mainly between now and let's say 9:00 p.m.
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brief sprinkle after that. 81 with a few thunderstorms in the afternoon. mainly cloudy skies area wide. 67 to 70 tonight for -- akron and canton with some early cloud mix. want to see the seven-day forecast? let's see if you do. thursday the browns game, one or two storms that there could be a little isolated thundershower for the browns game. we'll need to keep that in. friday one or two 88. a few storms saturday, then sunday looks to be a very wet weather day. we've got 80 degrees with thunderstorms likely. next all new at 5:00, a major car maker is under fire for lying about its emission. now accused of criminal activity. the latest in the case against volkswagen is next. coming up tonight all new at 6:00, two state troopers have the same thought after passing a drunk driver on the road.
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after him.
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an important consumer alert for you about volkswagen. the car company could be coughing up a lot of money about the cheating scandal. the wall street journal just reported that the justice department has found evidence of criminal wrong doing. last year volkswagen admitted cheating software on 600,000 diesel powered softwares in the united states. federal prosecutors and the automaker are working to reach a settlement before the end of the year. important information if you've got your insurance through a healthcare exchange. and you used etna. the company is withdrawing from 11 of the 15 states where they currently offer obamacare plans. because the loss of $430 million in their individual
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opened. aetna will sell obamacare coverage in delaware, iowa, nebraska, and virginia. coming up next only on news channel 5. >> it is a one of a kind solution to our area's heroin problem. just being able to come out here to have my kids and be a mom again. >> women getting help staying clean by sobering with their children by th traumatic stress disorder is a major problem for our firefighters. why they are so vulnerable to the conditions and what is
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top stories now at 5:30. cleveland officials responding to a 5 on your side investigation about a prostitution problem on the
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people living along lorain avenue started posting videos of prostitutes on youtube. after they say that numerous complaints went unanswered. ward 5 ward president said that police have been making arrests. but large scale stings have been on hold for legal reasons. donald trump's phone -- poll numbers continue to plummet showing hillary clinton up in the double digits. clinton could pick off the electoral votes in a republican states. that means that clinton could win by a larger percentage than previous presidents. the campaign is now trying to bounce back by going after clinton and sticking with big issues. death tolls from flooding in louisiana has risen to ten is starting to recede in some parts of the state. but the other areas downstream are bracing for evacuations. louisiana's governor says that
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water damage. mark, as you have talked about many times, flooding takes a higher toll than any other kind of weather event. >> absolutely. when you get 25 to 30 inches of rain a week you're going to see that type of video. unbelievable. for us, we are watching for severe weather. we have been under a slight risk all day long for severe storms. it has been trimmed back a little bit. i'm telling you that it will be trimmed out of here fo not seeing any type of strong to severe thunderstorm activity. we had pretty good rains move through akron and canton and youngstown. even into downtown cleveland in the last hour. this is the actual front. behind that front, there is not a lot of anything going on. once that front goes by, i don't think that there is any severe weather threat at all. the threat for rain behind the front in the next couple of hours and beyond is slim to none. currently 74 at hopkins.
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elyria. it is still very muggy out there. your evening temps are hovering in the middle 70s that will mention an isolated showers. i think this is way over done as far as thunder is concerned. again, front going by the next few hours, then the threat for rain after that is about 2%. so get out and enjoy the tribe game. frank and lee? here he comes, takes an unconventional approach to combat the heroin epidemic by creating a special sober recovering addicts and their kids. kristin byrne joins us from vermilion. >> what was suppose to be a condo development is now a place for moms in need of help. today we learned it was built to tackle a problem in the way the county was helping addicts. as a result it has been a life- changing experience for a 28- year-old finley native.
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year. >> i had lost my son. i was homeless, i quit my job, and i finally gave up. >> reporter: ten years of drug use lead to a life of despair. that drug use so bad that davis' family took her son eric away from her. >> not being able to get out of bed without heroin, not being able to go outside without heroin. it's not a way hit rock bottom. after two stints at treatment centers, she is now here at genesis by the lake. a long-term sober community just for moms and their kids. >> it is unlike anything i have ever experienced. >> we have a certain amount of people coming back to an environment after they were getting sober and falling right
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it was created by the local health department instead of the county board of a-- county board or agency. >> one of the things that we're trying to do here -- to do here is to get them back together. and they work and pay rent and they attend recovery meetings with their kids. >> it is a healthy part of the recovery process. >> if we came back home to get my own place and then got my son back that it wouldn't have lasted becaus stressful. if i didn't have the help of the people here. i don't know if i would be able to do it. >> reporter: davis tells me that they would plan to move out of genesis here, once they pay off their court fines to get their driver's license back. now the state chipped in $261,000 to get the facility up and running and that private donors would give them the rest that there are plans to expand in this community in the near future. in vermilion i'm kristin bolt news channel 5.
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problem, the one facing the people that protect us. >> a new study finds that firefighters knew their job came with risks that many didn't anticipate the emotional price that they would pay. paul kiska take a closer look at the study that concluded that firefighter's health are being put at risk? >> reporter: it is not a topic that firefighters were comfortable talking about until now, but the study shows that they are being affected emotionally and physically. now they're speaking out >> reporter: dave wescott is convinced that his cancer is caused by being a firefighter. steve left his job after being diagnosed with leukemia. according to a study released by the international association of firefighters, he is not alone. the study found that they have a 14% increase chance of dying from cancer than a general population.
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exhaust from fire trucks, containing the cancer-causing chemical benzine. >> and the carcinogens in the fire mostly synthetic based are causing cancer. >> reporter: repeatedly witnessing tragedy like deadly car crashes and fires take an emotional toll. the study estimates that 20% of firefighters and paramedics suffer from post-there make stress syndrome compare today 3% of post-traumatic stress syndrome compared to 3% of the general population. >> and good news that steve is now cancer free. by the way the ohio senate bill 27 is being considered by state lawmakers to help firefighters diagnosed with cancer. lee? globe, paul. still ahead all new at 5:00, a brutal assault being
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the drug that police think was involved and the eerie similarities to another attack a few years back. plus, when a man came face to face with a burglar inside his home, he grabbed whatever he could to defend himself. what happened when he confronted the man with a pitch fork. but first, your winning
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all right, in my world of weather it is all about you and your world via social media. here is terry, the brown stadium. we'll be there on thursday. thursday, yes. jumbotron racetrack going on. you have these rays, the rays that will filter through the
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sunrise and sunset. this from michelle. take a look at this coming in from christopher of a panoramic shot. sunset over here with those rays, but a very rare phenomenon is when the rays travel to the other side. on this side you'll get anti- rays. say that three times fast. mark j. weather on twitter, like, follow, post your pics, i want to show them on tv.
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want to give you a live look at the blue cut fire, which has now charred 1,000 acres of the san bernardino national forest. just one of several fires burning across the golden state right now. a couple hours north of san francisco. firefighters are gaining ground on collateton fire. in that case though police have also -- ground on clayton fire, in that case damion is accused ofst weekend. several fires of lake county over the past year. but right now the clayton fire has 1,600 firefighters hard at work trying to save the land and homes from the flames. now all new at 5:00 a churning stomach case in florida of a zombie attack. a teenager accused of stabbing a married couple found
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body cannibalizing the corpse. a neighbor called 911 after he says that he tried to pull the teen off and was stab the as well. -- and was stabbed as well. >> the suspect in this case, he was abnormally strong. the kind of drug increase in strength. >> eventually several and arrest him. the attack was random and the couple was sitting in their garage with the door open enjoying the evening when the teen attacked. they are waiting for test results, but they think that he might have been high on the drug called flocca. the 2012 case of the so- called causeway cannibal when a man believed to be high on bath salts was found biting and eating the face of the other man in the miami area. testing found he was not high
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police and that in this case the victim survived. an 80-year-old man uses a pitch fork to chase away an intruder in his house. they called police after finding his house ransacked. that man then heard the burglar whews burglar -- burglar who was still inside his house. so he decided to take matters into his own hand. >> i had a pitch fork. so i took that with me. >> reporter: he caught up with the thief in a nearby alley, but let him go after the guy grabbed a pipe. new at 5:00 taking you back in time. how would you like to own a pricey part of history? >> no, but i can go and see things like that at cleveland museum of natural history. >> a high-end online auction
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the reserved price of $1.8 million. >> whoa. >> will that open a bottle of wine? >> no, it will not. >> a fossil exploration firm found that skull last summer in montana. and it is one of the most complete t-rex skulls ever. the skull is almost 72 million years old. >> wow. >> i say complete and you have your ears perked up. that set is complete. >> that's a on the coffee table. >> ly set up a gofundme page -- i will set up a gofundme page. want to buy this. >> we will start with the flooding down in louisiana, which is still historic. >> a huge problem. >> so when you have a 500 or 1,000-year flood, look at the rain right now on the power of 5. let me show you still heavy rainfall. moving in to louisiana and into texas as well.
5:49 pm
amount of rain, but they are still having flooding issues near austin, back towards corpus christi. houston all under flood watches. this is the area where the devastation has occurred. and now 25 inches of rain in this area is all moving downstream towards the gulf. so all these communities here will go under the flood warnings over the next couple of days. look, more rain and thunderstorms that have hit all day long in the same area that has been plagued by rainfall. for us we had a brief bust of rain in cleveland. a sprinkle lingering with some rain drops on the old tower cam. but all in all we are drying out with skies remaining cloudy. here is your power of five. a weakening area of rain. remember that we were on a slight risk, damaging wind gust with some hail. and not happening. not going to happen folks. this front, weakening farther east that it will move as far as the rainfall along the front
5:50 pm
draw it in right over interstate 71 right now. the bigger storms down towards columbus and cincinnati with some pretty hefty rains there. on our end the northern side. not happening. but behind it, an isolated shower through the evening and the overnight. that's it. isolated. they will get through and that they will have a great shot of dry weather. 75 in cleveland and medina and 76 in canton. as the front goes by the winds are really going to tame down with a wind gust right now in rivenna. the rest of the area the winds are taming down. so good news that we'll be able to take windy out of the forecast through the evening. so the temps next seven days. you'll watch. 81 tomorrow and then we're in the 80s. look at the upper 80s for your thursday and friday and i'm think thought wettest day of the weekend will be on sunday w the showers and the thunderstorms that are moving
5:51 pm
sunday, with the showers and thunderstorms that are moving our way with the highs neither 80s. just an isolated thunderstorm or two mostly cloudy. frank and lee? >> all right, thank you, mark. here is what's coming up at 6:00. the latest in the deputy- involved shooting in ashtabula county. officials just gave us an update that includes the name of the man who was killed in that incident. plus, it is a special place that not only helps sick and they may spend their final days on the streets. tonight one local organization is trying to help those in need. but first live on 5:00 returns the latest games to rio as another competition in the
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it is day 11 of the summer olympics. simone biles and aly raisman
5:55 pm
field events taking center stage. team u.s.a. is dominating the competition. jim ryan is is in rio with the latest. >> reporter: the gold rush continues as 19-year-old simone biles makes olympic history again, becoming one of the most decorated athletes in rio. the all-around champ earning her fourth gold medal this time in the women's floor exercise. biles becomes the first u.s. women to own four golds in she was the reigning gold medalist in the floor exercise from the london games. the u.s.a. men's gymnastics game delivering big. scoring the silver medal on the parallel bars. only got to come to rio because the teammate was injured and they had to withdraw. and then he did it again and flipped his way into second place in the high bar finals. it was redemption. he fell on the same event during the team competition finals. team u.s.a.
5:56 pm
fourth. a show of dominance in the men's 200 meter all five americans competing in the semifinals advanced. gold medalist usain bolt also hit the tracks and left the competition in the dust winning his heat. more gold for team u.s.a. at the men's triple jump, reigning gold christian also defeating his gold. high drama meter semifinals. team u.s.a. abbey degastino tumbling to the ground after clipping her heel. delgastino hobbling to the finish line. the pair hugging before she is taken away in a wheelchair. she still advances to the finals if she is okay to compete. teammate shelby houlahan also made the cut. finally out of the pool into the bracket, their women's
5:57 pm
jim ryan abc news, rio de janeiro, brazil. >> that's it for live on 5:00. here is danita and frank with a look at 6:00. >> reporter: could it be the break in the major crime ring that local police need? was it the break to put local store owners at ease tonight? several local law enforcement agencies participated in the large raid today that they say is connected to a lot of the smash and grabs in cuyahoga county. we'll have the the storms as they move past the region bringing the heavy rains and the gusty winds. news channel 5 at 6:00 starts
6:00 pm
now new at 6:00, a news channel 5 investigation. after business after business was smashed and the atms inside grabbed, the thieves leaving a trail of shattered glass and mangled metal around northeast ohio. well today we learned there's a possible break in the case. >> but we also learned the businesses are not taking any chances and they are fighting back. megan hickey has been digging into the security changes. megan, they come in a pretty high cost? >> repte thousands of dollars in repairs skyrocketing insurance costs, and extra security. but the businesses tell me that they are relieved to hear that the suspects are in custody. at the beginning of the summer the dairy mart on west 117th, they would have a much different look. the suspects would cruise through the wall with the minivan and they stole the atm. since then that it has not been replaced. >> and any person that would do


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