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tv   News Channel 5 at 6pm  ABC  August 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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now new at 6:00, a news channel 5 investigation. after business after business was smashed and the atms inside grabbed, the thieves leaving a trail of shattered glass and mangled metal around northeast ohio. well today we learned there's a possible break in the case. >> but we also learned the businesses are not taking any chances and they are fighting back. megan hickey has been digging into the security changes. megan, they come in a pretty high cost? >> repte thousands of dollars in repairs skyrocketing insurance costs, and extra security. but the businesses tell me that they are relieved to hear that the suspects are in custody. at the beginning of the summer the dairy mart on west 117th, they would have a much different look. the suspects would cruise through the wall with the minivan and they stole the atm. since then that it has not been replaced. >> and any person that would do
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wasn't worth making him a target. >> thank you. >> the gas station manager, he feels his pain. >> making it hard on us right now. >> installing the cement coals along the outside of his gas station after his business was hit. >> we put the poles upfront to make sure that they will not run to help us out, you know, if it gets any worse that we may need to take away the atms. >> reporter: he's installing extra cameras. the the bulldog diesel has >> we're trying to work together to stop this, you know? >> reporter: news today came to a huge relief as they tell me that -- that several suspects are connected to the string. >> awesome, good, get them out of here, we don't need them around here. >> reporter: he is waiting to hear if his business is one of the ones connected to the raid. but he says that either way that it will be good news for
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going to do before they get caught? >> reporter: now they are planning to release much more information on that raid in a press conference tomorrow morning. stay with news channel 5 and the news net 5 app for more information live in cleveland megan hickey news channel 5. >> all right, while the investigators were tracking down their suspects in the alleged ring, that police, they are looking into a smash and grab this week. look at it right here as they would say that the van was used to thrive and to the side the munson road convenience store on monday as they would find that the atm from inside their store was missing, but the burglars would leave the van behind in the parking lot. as they would say that they were reported stolen from the nearby apartment complex, the investigators are looking to see if -- if this incident is related to the other ones. developing at this hour two teens at the local -- at this hour, two teens at the local
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cleveland police tell us that's not the case. they tell us one of the victims drove both of them to the hospital. when police got there, that is when the teens told police. cleveland police tell us both are in stable condition being treated for their injuries. we also learned of a local school that added extra security after received threatening calls. roxbury first got the call on calls on monday and tuesday and they think that the calls are from the same person. by the way they believe that the calls are a hoax, but more security will be in the school's hall as a precaution. getting a lot of action because it was another day -- day of heavy rain. they also brought in the gusty winds. >> yeah, you'll see it right there. chief meteorologist mark johnson, those storms are moving out now, but the question of more rain in the future?
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future through the weather weekend. but all day long that we have been watching and waiting under the gun for severe thunderstorms, especially east of interstate 71. now, this severe thunderstorm slight risk area has actually been cut back quite a bit -- from earlier today. cut it back all the way folks because we will not have severe weather. they have now moved out into western pa and the cold front appears to be just weakening. we have some brief moderate to heavy rain move western suburbs, lorain county into greater cleveland. just in the last hour or so. but now look at those showers just barely anything there. we've got light scattered rain showers. here is the actual front ahead of it, look, big thunderstorms, columbus, cincinnati, charleston, west virginia, over towards pittsburgh where the heavier weather is. north of those towns for us, not bad at all. isolated showers will be behind the front for the rest of the evening in the overnight.
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their game and their huron county fair. the threat for rain, once this front goes by after about 7:00 is about 2%. 76 in cleveland, 77 in canton. try it again as you'll be in the 70s with the cloudy skies. warm and muggy and the threat for rain will be very slim. overnight lows dropping down to near 67 degrees, mainly cloudy skies. right now, we will be uncovering new details about the deputy-involved shooting in ashtabula questions that will remain. they confirm that the man killed in the incident was michael martin of ashtabula county. we also learned that what started as a robbery investigation today quickly escalated. the sheriff told news channel 5 that martin robbed the juvenile late last night putting a gun to the victim's head. our tara molina picked up the story from there. >> reporter: it starts out as a confrontation.
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obey orders, showed them his gun, and he sped off. we are told that the deputy checked out the street after hearing a robbery suspect's car was parked near. he quickly called back up. >> the subject did not respond to commands. he put his hands up to get out of the car. four deputies went after the robbery suspect in their vehicles and on foot. >> the vehicle drove off. >> reporter: and then? >> there was slamming into the utility poll. >> the subject, he is deceased. >> reporter: the woman in the car with him was fine. taken to the sheriff department for questioning. it is not clear whether that suspect fired at deputies or if he was killed in the gunfire or in the crash. but sheriff johnson said deputies only fire their weapons when they have to. in this case, they knew the suspect was dangerous.
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weapon. but when they observed it and he wasn't listening to any commands, i mean you can't take anything for granted these days. you just simply can't. >> the four deputies involved in this case are currently on paid administrative leave. they told me that the suspect has a long criminal history, but they are holding off on sharing his name right now. in ashtabula tara molina news channel 5. new at 6:00 tonight jamal bay is wanted for the death of his girlfriend. she was found dead in their home in february when a police officer received a welfare check call to the home. the death wasn't ruled a homicide until late may. the medical examiner said she died wan acute -- died with an acute injury to her kidney where bay was indicted on
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a cuyahoga county man facing charges in a drive-by shooting has been indicted. handing up the indictment against zachary johnson charged with aggravated murder in the death of mario ayers. johnson pulled up next to ayers who was sitting in a different car and shot him. ayers crashed into a nearby church before he died. porsche harris has also been indicted charged with according to cleveland police, shawnie brevar was riding her bike when she was hit. harris left the scene of the accident, but turned herself into police hours later. she was going through an appeal's process to get her job back with the police department. the west side has neighbors taking action, we first told you last night that the problem was so bad that there is now a youtube page showing the women
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derick, what are they doing about it? >> reporter: well frank, city councilman who is in this area tells me that that is a priority to arrest johns and prostitutes, but some neighbors who live here say they need to see more place. >> just let them know that they will be on youtube. >> reporter: we first showed you this home video on monday night of alleged prostitutes. posted for the world to see on youtube. vi page called hooker on lorain. they say the no soliciting signs, lights, cameras have not stopped the decade's old problem and police need to step up enforcement. >> we are fighting a battle here on our own. they are not here enough. when you do see them, they're not stopping the prostitutes, they're not. >> reporter: city leaders are taking notice. >> it doesn't necessarily mean that police officers are not working just because you don't see them. not only arresting the prostitutes, but the johns as well.
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you're in the wrong neighborhood. >> reporter: jackson says his family will continue posting the videos as long as necessary. derick waller news channel 5. we are getting a look at a serious crash that involved two ohio state troopers earlier this month. take a look at this video. the crash happened earlier this month as they were trying to track down a driver. now one of the officers was driving over a bit of a hill in the road. the other was backing out of the driveway closer to the top. then after the collision, the first car veered off into the left side of the road and then back over on tot right side. the officers retreated for their injure -- were treated for their injuries. they are a group that will
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now they're looking for a little bit of help themselves. plus, donald trump has a huge presence on tv when it comes to his campaign. but when it comes to local campaign offices that, is where he is lagging behind hillary clinton. and remember if you see news happening that you can see or text or e-mail us.
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now a story you'll see only on 5:00, a unique place that will care for those in need and the homeless in their final days. >> the ministry of one priest doesn't stop there. >> reporter: heart of ohio city's house, a priest from the parish that would open up their doors here to help the homeless who were dying and they had no place to go. >> he was witnessing the homeless die on the doorstep, dying under the bridges. >> reporter: they have taken their last breath here surrounded by care, compassion,
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here. he has a terminal illness and he came here the urging of his hospice nurse because his came -- because his family couldn't care for him anymore. >> i would watch them. and now that i'm here, that's all i can do. >> reporter: malaki house runs on donations. some of those donations cannot that is where jonathan gray who started trials for hope comes in. >> we use a lot of leftovers from different agencies. hello? >> reporter: we went along with jonathan and judy today as they searched for the homeless to pass out donations. >> 20 different agencies we work with are more like 20 parts of our family. through our family together we help more people. >> reporter: every day jonathan
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donations from places like malaki house. >> we are going full circle with this. that need is still there. those homeless camps are still there. >> reporter: in cleveland tracy carloss news channel 5. hillary clinton making a stop in philadelphia today just weeks after she won the democratic nomination at the convention center. she'll be making her way here to cleveland tomorrow. she is scheduled to take a tour of and speak high school on west 140th tomorrow morning. as hillary clinton makes her way back to ohio tomorrow, her state campaign working around the clock leading up to the november election. >> the ground game is a huge part of their focus. john kosich joins us. it's an organization that donald trump's team has been slow to build? >> reporter: yeah the trump team announced last week that the 16 offices they opened or will open in the state with more to come, but they included
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full outreach mode. local democratic elected leaders gathered today ahead of hillary clinton's cleveland visit to lay the ground work for her speech tomorrow. that's an example of the advanced work involved in the clinton campaign. in addition to the army volunteer, the staff is bolstered by the union supporters who are also planning their own door-to-door campaign to serve them well in 2008 and 2012. >> that is a part of where the democratic party has been of that, they have a lot of the techniques that social media will offer them as an advantage and that the republicans have been playing catch up since 2004 when they were the masters of this came when he was running the campaign for george bush. >> and now none of the offices are in cuyahoga county, but they are working closely with the other candidates coordinating with the voter outreach efforts. on your side john kosich news channel 5. i'm voting for some
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>> well, just a little bit to get their sunshine. we'll need to see what will be behind door number two, take it away. let's go to the tower cam. oh! thank you for playing. you lose. [ laughter ] >> that is a cloudy murky sky on out there. >> have you been working on that? >> i have been working on it. [ laughter ] >> all right, excellent if you love those clouds you'll get your wish here tonight. that there might be a peak or two of sunshine before they go down, but here is the good news as we have be severe weather all day long, where she been under the gun of the storm prediction center that has had most of our viewing area under at least a small risk for severe weather all day long. not happening. not going to happen. look, the showers with some heavy rain will move through akron and canton and youngstown earlier with a brief downpour -- downpour with cleveland earlier. we have seen this line of
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rivenna getting light rain. you'll about to get some sprinkle on you. akron just some light showers back into copley and barberton along the i-76 corridor. that's really about it. behind the actual front which is here, it is drying out. 76 degrees currently in cleveland and at hopkins. lower to middle 70s in most spots. fremont out to the west, they've had less rain for a while now. and they are actually warming audiotape bit the courtroom warming up a bit the clouds and the ugliness, and you've got the humidity there. the wind gusts are below 20 miles per hour here. that's why you're not seeing anything. we added some windy conditions earlier. 20 to 30 miles per hour winds this morning and early afternoon. but when you see no 20s popping up on the weather map for wind gusts, winds are calming down. great news there. almanac today 81 the high. 85 the average. 76 is the the low and 63 is
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hopkins .16. .16 inches of rainfall. some of you got a little bit more. a good quarter to half an inch of those showers. just a lot of hefty weather out there. look showers and storms are linkup. western new york and western p.a., we missed out. then we'll watch up here as i drew it backwards, but hey, level low right here that will slide down over us tomorrow afternoon, so we cannot totally remove the threat for a rain shower all right? there you have it as we will drop the little trough with the upper level low on top. we will keep the threat for an isolated thunderstorm or two tomorrow afternoon. and then carrying into the weekend, the brown's game that will be a small threat for rain, just small, small andy baskin. mostly cloudy. just an isolated shower chance.
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81 degrees tomorrow mainly cloudy as we will mention a little bit of thunder at 67 for akron tonight. 85 tomorrow with isolated storms. your seven--- seven-day forecast. real quick on thursday, friday, 88 with one or two showers on saturday and sunday and they will look wet. >> real quick. sports is next. john, is that it? [ laughter ] >> they will play the white sox in town and the browns will see a familiar face. see that offensive line? who is missing from year? one of those guys will be back
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the browns will see an old friend on sunday, creating the holes to be filled at the center. joe thomas would have some fun for his old friends. >> i'll probably talk to him a good bit this week when i talk to him. but since started, we'll text. but there's not a whole lot to whisper a whole lot of sweet nothings in their ears. returning to the team this week john hughes, out for two weeks for their personal reasons as he will be very happy to be back and ready to attribute to the defense. >> the older you get in the league the more responsibilities that you'll have in this time and like i said before and their early interview that i learned from a
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of experience. i'm ready. >> all right, now, you know the game plan, let's tell you everything that has happened on thursday night at 7:00 building the browns at 7:30 and their live pre-game show. dustin fox will be with us. the whole crew that will stay. also at 8:00, browns and falcons at 8:00 and then the post-game show follows only here on news channel 5. the indians will be home tonight. mark is keeping the forecast dry with a chance for the pop- up showers. and the indians will start a series against them the central. right up with the pop-up showers. >> about a 2% chance for the shower tonight. >> that is low. >> if it rains, it will be great. >> yes, i did. >> 2-0. why do you need to give us 2%? you are the power of 5. >> because it is a 0% chance. >> do you have the popcorn? i love it, i can just watch you two. >> browns game on thursday
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shower. >> he won't commit. >> 4.5% chance. >> let me give you this advance, it's like a trade either 0% or 100%. >> not in weather. >> well, we will be back tonight for news channel 5 at
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breaking news tonight. bracing for severe storms in several major cities in the east. the system already bringing at least seven tornadoes and dangerous driving. while in the south tonight, the death toll rises, and so do the waters. a state of emergency. we're there. the wildfires tonight. a new fire outside l.a. on the way to vegas. and the other fire, more than 100 homes and businesses lost. tonight, word of an arrest. donald trump defiant this evening, saying, why change what got him this far? and hillary clinton, the fbi turning over e-mail evidence to members of congress who demanded it. the controversial video tonight. pinned by police. the mother dangling, held against a patrol car. and the new warning for homeowners tonight. what this woman is doing inside


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