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tv   News Channel 5 at 11pm  ABC  August 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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at the smash and grab. the crew modified their ride to get in. plus, people are in shock over their utility bills and now a tug of war over the increase. don't go anywhere, the news
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without any notification, it's just unacceptable. >> only on 5:00, sticker shock, tens of thousands of residents are fuming tonight over an increase in their utility bills. they're mayor is blaming on it a computer software issue and the residents are not falling for it and call for a full investigation. we have been dig into this story all day, and joe caused a hike in bills. >> reporter: the city hall here looking for answers here and i sat down with the mayor who said he will solve the problems. >> being a homeowner and a business owner it's doubly hard for us. they have been running salon here for years and now the cost of trash and sewer is downed.
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address the true problems we're having can the major bills and the meters being incorrect in my opinion. >> reporter: and they run all the utility increase here and not through the association. >> i think there needs to be an investigation. >> reporter: they said they should have been notified of th meetings. >> for us not to be told without any notification is unacceptable. >> we found there's errors and they get kicked back and when we have 20,000 customers it will delay the bills going out.
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>> i can't afford this kind of thing, i'm retired. now it's close to 300 coming from 100 it's just crazy. >> reporter: all of the late fees will be eliminated and he's added hours to the service staff and they're working the weekends, the residences still want to hear about well, new information on a story we found about. people fighting back against an increase in prostitution in their neighborhood and posting the activity online. a number of people have reached out to channel 5 since our story aired last night and we took their concerns to the city officials and say they're now taking action.
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how to -- arrest them and if you're looking for this, you're in the wrong neighborhood. >> right now the police are patrolling the area in hopes of cutting down illegal behavior. new information about the criminals smashing and grabbing. today a raid rounded up many of the men behind >> reporter: well this 46 page didn't gives us a indictment has a lot of information how they did it and how long they have gotten away with it. they tear through the walls and shattered glass and within seconds take off with the atm. >> someone in a white van just
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>> reporter: watch closely. and you'll see what they saw, these are all the same guys. >> they're very bold and driving a couple ton vehicle through the front of the store here. >> reporter: a report released today shows it's a complicated crime syndicate. 11 men charged for their roles in multiple location here, including this rite aid. they rounded up these men and others through the day, but this may be the tipping point. two arrests just last week and the last time the authorities
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the results hundreds of thousands of dollars stolen and thousands more in damages. the police and the prosecutor's office are holding a press conference tomorrow to release more details about the case. four ashtaba after a crash. it's not clear if the suspect was killed by the gunfire or the crash,. he was a suspect in a robbery. a woman was in the car at the time and was taken to the
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tonight of a serious crash that involved two ohio state troopers earlier this month. they were trying track down a reckless driver here. one was backing out of a drive way and despite that deafening sound we heard neither one was hurt. well tonight just a underneath my name here, let's zoom in here. here's over towards millers burg and over to new dilly. hhere, some moderate downpours here. nothing severe here. so the hour-by-hour, does show the temperatures falling down
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rush hour. now, the storms are coming tomorrow as well. we'll track the game thursday and tell you if it affects the game. we'll talk about the weekend and which day is best to grill the burgers and dogs. the road to white house once again will go to ohio. >> trump was here today and clinton will >> both sides are work around the clock and putting in extra time to win our state. damage control for the trump camp as the republicans are hoping for. >> well he has my vote and doesn't have my endorsement.
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he keeps the topics of terrorism in the headlines. >> she lacks the stamina to take on isis and all of the manned a ver sayres we face -- in the meantime she pushes a common message. >> we don't want you on side lines in november. this is the motion consequentiallection here --. >> reporter: she is scheduled to speak at the middle school tomorrow. toward helping congressional candidates here,
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that trump's campaign, -- one republican is speaking out about the letter tonight. >> i'll go see if this will play out and if he can earn the support from people like me. >> trump is falling behind in key battle states like ohio. the meetingsconcerning the controversial line, begins tomorrows night. nexxus is the topic tomorrow and they will talk about it from 6 to 10:00 p.m.
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iran has launched airstrikes into syria. russia says they were flying into syria and the officials don't buy it saying they were going after isis. they say they haven't seen concentration there in isis for a long time. we're still negotiating and the u.s. military is skeptical because of the bombings of civilians against the leader instead of isis. california is still burning tonight and the evacuations lifted in the some neighborhoods as other blazes pop up quickly. while the west is on fire the south under water. more deaths are blamed for the flooding there. well, we've seen rain for the last six days or so and we'll track the rain on wednesday next. college is a time for learning and new experiences
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for the best. what dangerous habits have more
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pokimon go is being sued again. a couple of michigan people filed lawsuit against the game and claimed that it illegally
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private property, luring players where they're not wanted. they want some of the revenue and the stops and gyms to halt. the automaker plans to have a car without any steering wheel or pedals on the road in five years. it was be used by ridesharing companies and would be able very people to buy. some companies are adding the capabilities to their cars but ford says they will afford the steppingstone approach. well, two workers were left on scaffolding here that collapsed. the two workers able to climb off and on to a lower builder.
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and the sheriff is calling it inexplicable, a person stabs a couple to death and then eats their face. the student had no criminal record and may have been on drugs when he attacked the couple. a person that tried to save him, was also hurt. he's being guarded at the hospital we're getting an inside look at the wildfire that wiped out blocks in california. evacuation orders were lifted and one man is arrested for setting the fire on purpose. the 41-year-old construction
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fire last year as well. the flames engulfed across the hillside. the brush fire went from 50 acres to 1000 in an hour and burned more than 9000 acres now and0% contained. the louisiana is up to 11 deaths and the latest drownings among the 20,000 people evacuate. some of those forced out are returning to assess the damage. those that survived katrina say it's nothing like they have seen. >> everything i had is gone, everything. everything. >> it's like the end of your life and world and you have to start over like that.
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>> people in southern louisiana still bracing for more evacuations tonight as the swollen rivers send the waters down stream. they're also dealing with historic flooding in indiana. they made rescues and cars are submerged there. mark, not a good weather day country. >> that's right and we have had substantial rains here, two to three inches here certainly not a flooding like other spots but a week ago we were in a severe drought. >> i remember, we made a dent in that? >> well not a total dent but more rain to the weekend as well. >> okay. >> well a power look at the
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tonight and the city is looking good. dry weather across the greater cleveland and skies mainly cloudy. we'll show you our severe weather threat here and we were waiting for strong storms all day, we had yellow and slight risk areas. now it's just an isolated thunder chance when you see the light green. so the severe weather threat is done, thumbs up. we have a few showers the southern portions here and akron, and others are dry. notice that dover, philly and millersberg and stretching out into the viewing area here, and moving to the northeast here. there's no thunder, just some brief, moderate rain and the rest of the region is looking dry. i have to include the smallest
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and 70 in mansfield. we could see a little bit of haze tomorrow in the morning as you get going. we have a southwesterlily breeze and a big gust today -- they have really faded out. now for the flooding issues, look at this wall of water, there's more rain coming northwar rouge area looks to escape it. the rain coming in overnight here and really exacerbating the areas here. now the front is moving south of the area but here we go, see this?? this area of rain and this will trough here and that will slide our way for the afternoon tomorrow watch it move in and
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of a storm here, and mainly during the afternoon. nothing severe and an isolated stuff here. 67 overnight and mainly cloudy, tomorrow let's do 81 degrees and mainly cloudy with a little bit on the thunder here. smallest rain chance on thursday evening and then should be dry for quarters of football. cedar point, 80 tomorrow, mixed with a random storm. thursday, 86 and friday, 87, and isolated storms on saturday and then thunder on sunday, near 80. >> normally we hear about the benefits of going college after high school. those that get the higher level
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others don't have. they found that nearly 60% of full time students used alcohol compared to those not in college. 38% say they binge drink or use cocaine. coming up in sports the browns are talking playoffs and the indians are getting closer the playoffs. all the indians, straight ahead.
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he shoots that one toward right field and a long run here. he doesn't get it and clinton
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news here, and the tribe is starting to grow their lead here with a good night all around. the pride of the white sox here and davis, goes around to score. napoli goes to second but then doesn't go. justin's homer and the only blemish in the sixth here and 7strikeouts and bit of help here. indians win it 3 -- 1. >> we're trying not to do too much and we're having successwith it we're not getting out-of-control here. >> that's all you can do here,
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central standings. the tigers lost tonight, that's good news right? >> well i feel like we can improve every single week and get better. i don't see any reason why we can't be a playoff team. >> he deserves the opportunity to be on a team that challenges and goes for the playoffs and wins the what this is all about. >> well, returning to the team today, john hughes, who has been out for two weeks for personal reasons and ready to contribute. >> well the older you get in the league, the more responsibility happens sometimes and i have a lot of
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on thursday at 7:00 p.m. and building the browns and the countdown followed by our live postgame show. well the buckeyes start on september third hosting bowling green. remember, elliott? well he's gone and there's only 6 returning starters makes for an aire of uncertainty here -- >> well, don't forget season starts on saturday on 7:00
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mark has something to say. >> now well, the folks want to know about if it will be a
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answer is no. so if i had to pick a day, it would be saturday for the better day. the browns look good and just a small chance of showers, 55.2% here. >> so we'll be there. >> the news channel five will be there at the game. >> he won't do it.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- greg kinnear -- from the ufc, dana white -- "this week in unnecessary censorship" -- and comedian dino archie. with cleto and the cletones. and now, hunker down, here's jimmy kimmel! ? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome to you program. thank you for watching.


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